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11:35 Topic for
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11:48 <storge> hello hello, quick question: i want to try alpine but i like to compile and patch my own kernels. should i be pulling down the vanilla iso?
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12:13 <_ikke_> storge: yes, the hardened kernel is not supported anymore
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12:41 <mps> why is the libiberty.a removed from binutils-dev-2.30-r4
12:42 <mps> it was in version 2.30-r3 according to https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/main/x86_64/binutils-dev
12:42 <mps> or I don't understand something about it
12:50 <mps> oh, according to this url https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?branch=edge&name=binutils-dev&arch=x86_64&repo=main looks like it is in /usr/lib
12:51 <mps> but 'apk info -L binutils-dev' doesn't show it and it is not there, actually
12:52 <mps> any could help about this, to explain or to clarify situation
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12:54 <mps> s/any/anyone/
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12:59 <mps> maybe this question is better for #alpine-devel ?
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13:32 <_ikke_> mps: It's usually quiet here over the weekend
13:47 <mps> _ikke_: I see :). Tomorrow I'll repeat question about the issue
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14:33 <sy> Hi all
14:37 <sy> I've been having some issues installing alpine on OneProvider these past few weeks
14:37 <sy> I think that's like half of my billing period gone
14:44 <_ikke_> What kind of issues? (not sure that I can help)
14:56 <sy> welp nevermind i just logged in and it worked
14:56 <sy> or i think so anyway
14:57 <sy> welp nope just broke again
14:57 <sy> so i'm trying to use FDE, and need to access the serial console to enter the code
14:57 <sy> if i access the console too early it breaks it and it loops the kernel selection screen
15:00 <sy> i'm not looking forward to setting up the dropbear remote unlock
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16:41 <Nikolay[m]> Hi. In Firefox on x86 I have many gtk.css theme parsing errors and window doesn't appear but I see it in the task list. How can I get Firefox work?
16:43 <Nikolay[m]> Midori is not loading many sites that uses JavaScript
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16:43 <trfl> sy, you could give betterinitramfs a shot, I have generally good experience with it
16:44 <trfl> it'll provide a prompt for the passphrase over its builtin sshd
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16:44 <trfl> only issue I've had is it sometimes fails to unlock the volume (likely a race condition) so you have to type out the luks command yourself
16:45 <trfl> Nikolay[m], are you using firefox or firefox-esr?
16:46 <trfl> (and I'm assuming you are on alpine 3.7)
16:46 <Nikolay[m]> firefox-esr
16:47 <trfl> odd, that runs perfectly here -- maybe it's your theme or window manager... are you using xfce?
16:47 <Nikolay[m]> yes
16:48 <trfl> alright, only thing I can really think of is trying a different theme
16:50 <Nikolay[m]> os-release saying that's I'm on 3.8.0_rc1
16:51 <Nikolay[m]> I installed ISO from the main site then changed repos to edge
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16:53 <Nikolay[m]> Did I do something wrong?
16:55 <trfl> nah, right now in particular that's not an issue since 3.8 is right around the corner
16:56 <trfl> odd though, my 3.8.0_rc1 laptop does firefox-esr just fine, tried with the adwaita, clearlooks and greybird themes
16:59 <zNVxxliww5gP> do you have all the fonts? maybe you need the mscorefonts?
17:00 <Nikolay[m]> with adwaita theme there is no errors now
17:01 <Nikolay[m]> but window still is not appearing
17:01 <Nikolay[m]> Oh I was wrong
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17:02 <Nikolay[m]> Window is invisible
17:02 <trfl> just for the record, I have had a much more pleasant experience running chromium on my laptop - generally better performance, in particular in discord
17:03 <Nikolay[m]> there is no chromium for x86
17:03 <Nikolay[m]> in repos
17:03 <trfl> ...sorry, forgot about that detail :p
17:04 <Nikolay[m]> In the alt tab menu I can see Firefox window
17:05 <trfl> maybe the process never exited so the theme didn't get reloaded? kill -9 $(ps | grep -E '[/]firefox' | awk '{print $1}')
17:05 <* Nikolay[m]> uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-06-10_080509.jpg (430KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/TNusIXbGZOOFMinNiyQijJmJ>
17:07 <trfl> oh one more thing to try... settings » window manager tweaks » compositor » disable display compositing
17:07 <trfl> in case it's a gpu thing
17:08 <Nikolay[m]> oh
17:08 <Nikolay[m]> it works
17:08 <trfl> nice!
17:08 <Nikolay[m]> thanks
17:09 <trfl> np, glad to help o/
17:09 <Nikolay[m]> but there is no fonts
17:09 <trfl> ...lol
17:10 <zNVxxliww5gP> do you have the msttfcorefonts installed?
17:10 <* Nikolay[m]> uploaded an image: VectorImage_2018-06-10_081003.jpg (154KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/gBXJHZBogzdpZFJIAMRHwwzI>
17:10 <zNVxxliww5gP> i think those are kinda universal and might help. otherwise you have to figure out what fonts are missing.
17:14 <trfl> the ones I have installed are font-noto-emoji@test ttf-dejavu ttf-droid
17:15 <trfl> I also have a version of google noto installed, different from the one in the repos
17:16 <Nikolay[m]> Hmm. There is still no fonts
17:17 <Nikolay[m]> I think I can use Firefox like that
17:18 <Nikolay[m]> On the pages fonts are displayed correctly
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17:53 <Nikolay[m]> firefox is too often killing pages
17:54 <Nikolay[m]> even if opened 1 page with youtube
17:55 <Nikolay[m]> and many images in low quality
17:57 <Nikolay[m]> file upload window is all white
17:59 <nsz> unfortunately it's difficult to debug why firefox kills a page..
18:00 <nsz> running firefox with MOZ_DISABLE_CONTENT_SANDBOX=1 makes it not do the seccomp sandbox
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18:01 <Nikolay[m]> ok thanks
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18:08 <sy> trfl: looks cool, is the install involved?
18:10 <trfl> not really, just have to make sure your kernel has everything needed to access the internet + your hard drives compiled in rather than as modules
18:10 <sy> oh
18:10 <sy> so you have to compile a kernel
18:10 <trfl> depends on your setup but yep
18:10 <sy> dont the modules just need to be in the ramfs
18:11 <trfl> actually yeah - maybe i've been overcomplicating it :p
18:11 <sy> like in mkinitfs.cong
18:11 <sy> f
18:11 <sy> features="ata base ide ext2 ext4 keymap scsi usb virtio cryptsetup"
18:13 <sy> right anyway
18:14 <sy> trfl: you got a system currently using that?
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18:14 <trfl> yeah, a couple
18:14 <sy> could i get a fstab + crypttab + mkinitfs + update-extlinux.conf
18:14 <sy> for reference
18:14 <trfl> sure, let's see
18:22 <trfl> sy, https://ocv.me/doc/alpine/var/betterinitramfs-setup.tgz there's a slight chance that /etc/extlinux.conf doesn't configure correctly after a kernel update with this setup :p
18:23 <trfl> got it working by editing it by hand and forgot about it
18:23 <sy> awesome, thanks
18:23 <sy> nice domain
18:24 <trfl> o/
18:25 <sy> :O /boot before / in fstab
18:27 <trfl> ...I can only assume that doesn't actually matter, considering it works heh
18:31 <sy> trfl: whats the difference between enc_root and root?
18:34 <sy> so i've concocted this:
18:34 <sy> default_kernel_opts="console=ttyS1,9600 rescueshell sshd sshd_port=2222 binit_net_if=eth0 binit_net_addr= binit_net_route= binit_net_gw= luks enc_root=/dev/sda2 root=/dev/mapper/crypt rootfstype=ext4 nomodeset"
18:35 <trfl> ah forgot to mention I've got luks inside softraid so enc_root is the assembled softraid (/dev/md0) and root is /dev/mapper/enc_root (the rootfs after decrypting)
18:35 <trfl> yep looks about right
18:36 <sy> oh right
18:36 <sy> so
18:36 <sy> how do i install this thing
18:36 <sy> it's trying to do ebuild
18:40 <trfl> iirc you can download the prebuilt initramfs and copy that over to /boot, you'll get essentially the same thing if you follow the build instructions on the github
18:40 <trfl> that'd be https://bitbucket.org/piotrkarbowski/better-initramfs/downloads/release-x86_64-v0.9.2.tar.bz2
18:40 <sy> ah okay
18:44 <sy> can't find the images in therer
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20:48 <rain1> hi
20:48 <rain1> when i ssh into alpine and do git diff it comes out as garbage instead of colored
20:48 <rain1> like this [[32m+[[m[[32m min-height: 30px;[[m
20:48 <rain1> any tips on how to solve it?
20:49 <rain1> i think it has something to do with TERM, termcap, im not sure how to do anything about it though
20:49 <_ikke_> rain1: install less
20:49 <_ikke_> rain1: the busybox less can't handle it
20:50 <rain1> wow perfect, thank you very much
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