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05:39 <Nikolay[m]> Hi. How can I change timezone?
05:39 <Nikolay[m]> I have only 1 zone in /etc/zoneinfo
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07:16 <mps> Nikolay[m]: setup-timezone maybe
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07:32 <nmeum> Nikolay[m]: you need to install tzdata for more zonefiles. setup-timezone does that for you
07:37 <TBB> let me suggest a radical approach
07:37 <TBB> less $(which setup-timezone)
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08:03 <Nikolay[m]> thanks
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10:37 <Nikolay[m]> about firefox fonts problem
10:37 <Nikolay[m]> https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/issues/4248#note-4
10:38 <Nikolay[m]> this fix helped me
10:43 <Nikolay[m]> there is no language pack for firefox-esr in repos?
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12:08 <Truxx> Why are there people saying "we never really needed grsecurity anyway"? My understanding is that grsec was doing its
12:08 <Truxx> research, sometimes making valid points than it came to a quarrel and now many linux folks don't like them.
12:09 <Truxx> I wonder though about the necessity of those patches for current kernels...
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12:58 <TBB> you're seeing some of grsec features being ported to the mainline kernel now that grsecurity no longer distributes its patch set
12:59 <TBB> but still, grsecurity was several years ahead of mainline
13:01 <zNVxxliww5gP> if you follow @grsecurity on twitter you can also have popcorntime of all fuckups of the porters being pointed out
13:03 <TBB> sounds like the constructive style of grsecurity we've all learned to know and love
13:05 <zNVxxliww5gP> still better than when they only post hashes.
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13:29 <Truxx> TBB: Last year Linus called those patches "garbage" though and it's kind of logical, that making mainline look bad is part of their business model. Still, I'm just curious about the quality resp. necessity of those patches
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14:07 <mijndert> noob question: why doesn't alpine linux offer torrent links to download the iso's? the downloads are small, but it would save a lot of bandwidth costs for all mirrors
14:08 <_ikke_> most businesses shun torrents
14:11 <duncan^> TBB: That's not true. Grsecurity do distribute the patch set, albeit to customers.
14:12 <Wizzup> and testers
14:15 <TBB> semantics, duncan^ - they're no longer in open distribution
14:18 <Truxx> duncan^ I guess it was meant that they don't make the testing patches public - at least this is what I understand why there will be no more hardened kernel alpine
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18:18 <sy> can I hardcode an initrd in update-extlinux.conf ?
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20:23 <thug_b3e> hello ppl, anyone here to guide a RAM setup on the alpine extended edition setup? My goal is to have an system running from ram only and future reboots could bring me to the last state where system was... is it possible?
20:24 <_ikke_> thug_b3e: yes, and very easy to do
20:24 <_ikke_> Have a bootable usb disk (which is writable)
20:24 <_ikke_> run setup-alpine
20:25 <thug_b3e> yep ... boted into it and running the "setup-alpine"
20:26 <_ikke_> ok
20:26 <_ikke_> You don't want the sys install
20:27 <_ikke_> thug_b3e: https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Installation see diskless mode
20:29 <qrvpzvb> and use lbu to backup /etc
20:29 <_ikke_> correct
20:29 <_ikke_> Which setup-alpine will setup
20:29 <_ikke_> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_local_backup
20:39 <thug_b3e> ok... setup-alpine is now finished.... i changed root password ... but when I try to SSH the machine the root password wont apply... u know why?
20:39 <_ikke_> thug_b3e: password login is most likely disabled by default
20:39 <_ikke_> for root
20:40 <thug_b3e> how to enable it?
20:40 <_ikke_> /etc/ssh/sshd_config
20:40 <_ikke_> look for PermitRootLogin
20:42 <thug_b3e> yep found it ... deleted the "#" sign in fron of it ...
20:42 <thug_b3e> now restart sshd service?
20:43 <_ikke_> yes
20:43 <_ikke_> rc-service ssh restart
20:46 <thug_b3e> no joy :(
20:47 <_ikke_> thug_b3e: did you verify that line didn't not contain 'prohibit-password'?
20:47 <_ikke_> it should say: PermitRootLogin yes
20:48 <thug_b3e> now it worked :)
20:54 <thug_b3e> what type of lightweight xserver + do you suggest for a Dell R230 server? it has Matrox G200eW video integrated video in it....
20:54 <_ikke_> No experience with that
20:55 <thug_b3e> ok...
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21:11 <thug_b3e> ok -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 12246 Jun 12 00:08 alpwgun.apkovl.tar.gz with this file on usb it means that when I now reboot I continue where I was? correct?
21:15 <thug_b3e> yep it did :) thx @_ikke_
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22:30 <laskin> Hi. I have a really strange problem with VT switching and X server. It is really slow. VT switch betwenn consoles take up to 20 seconds, and xinit starting for 40 seconds.
22:30 <laskin> Do you have any ideas on how I can debug that situation?
22:35 <laskin> According to Xorg.log it spend 10 seconds trying to "Adding drm device (/dev/dri/card0)"
22:36 <laskin> and then it spends 11 seconds on "intel(0): switch to mode 1600x900@60.0 on eDP1"
22:38 <laskin> I think, it is somehow related to multimonitor setup that I have, but my expirience is unsifficient to diagnose this problem
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22:58 <Zipheir> laskin: What gpu?
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23:00 <laskin> Also I noticed, that all is perfectly fine if I boot my notebook without dock and _then_ put it into dock. But if I boot it in dock, then all those problems arise.
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23:01 <laskin> Archlinux works without problems though, but I want to migrate from it to Alpine
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23:14 <thug_b3e> does somebody know why I cant execute file in alpine x86_x64?
23:15 <thug_b3e> -ash: ./filename: not found
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23:15 <programmerq> thug_b3e▸ probably refers to an interpreter in the #! that doesn't exist.
23:18 <thug_b3e> what can I do to run my file?
23:20 <Zipheir> Fix the shebang link?
23:20 <Zipheir> *line
23:21 <Zipheir> Or install the needed interpreter.
23:21 <laskin> thug_b3e, or maybe executable file is for ARM, for example. Or any other non-x86 architecture
23:27 <thug_b3e> ok ty
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23:29 <zNVxxliww5gP> probably it is linked against glibc, and not musl
23:32 <Zipheir> Or that
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