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03:06 <systmkor> Not sure if this belongs in #alpine-devel but I was curious what others thought of possibly adding a seccomp protections to alpine's busybox package?
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05:43 <laskin> guys, does anyone of you use keepassxc? I tried to integrate it with browser and failed. Need help.
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07:53 <Nikolay[m]> there is no filezilla in repos
07:53 <Nikolay[m]> is there some sftp clients in repos?
07:54 <mijndert> Nikolay[m]: yes, scp :)
07:54 <asyd> lftp ?
07:58 <Nikolay[m]> no gui applications?
08:01 <clandmeter> Nikolay[m], you could mount it with sshfs and use whatever you like.
08:02 <Nikolay[m]> thanks
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10:22 <intcat> hi all, i was looking to install alpine linux on my raspberry pi 3. the wiki page ( https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi ) has a link to a forum discussion, however the forums have been end-of-lifed
10:22 <intcat> is there an archive of the forums somewhere?
10:24 <clandmeter> there is an archive here: http://dev.alpinelinux.org/~clandmeter/other/forum.alpinelinux.org
10:24 <clandmeter> but its a static archive
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10:25 <intcat> that is fine, thank you, i just wanted to make sure i am aware of any issues etc :)
10:27 <intcat> (ps. if someone with wiki access wants to update that link to http://dev.alpinelinux.org/~clandmeter/other/forum.alpinelinux.org/comment/1084.html#comment-1084 i think it would help people)
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10:51 <laskin> I have "[pulseaudio] module-udev-detect.c: Found 0 cards." Alsa works fine, manually added card works fine. But udev fail. Can somebody help me?
10:59 <laskin> Oh, setting up Alpine on desktop is such a PITA ):
11:04 <TBB> it hasn't been given the finish it needs, but then, considering how much "real" desktop distros spend effort into the finishing touches, I don't blame the devs for it
11:06 <laskin> I don't blame devs either. Alpine is my favourite server distro. I just starting to think, it is not meant for desktop.
11:06 <TBB> that statement tends to start interesting conversations here :)
11:07 <laskin> Is there a way I can use bluetooth from non-root user?
11:08 <zNVxxliww5gP> depends maybe on the kernel you use
11:09 <zNVxxliww5gP> re desktop: depends on your expectations, i am very happy with alpine on desktop, and i have zero pulseaudio (probably a reason for my happiness), if you want alpine on desktop look at adelie
11:10 <laskin> I'll remove pulseaudio at the same moment I find a way to use bluetooth audio without it.
11:12 <TBB> of course some enthusiasts could start a desktop task force of some sort, but then the question would be, which desktop to concentrate in, and I'm not a fan of that specific conversation :)
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11:29 <laskin> Pulseaudio works fine if call udevadm trigger _after_ pulseaudio started.
11:29 <laskin> True hotplug, lol.
11:31 <TBB> do you by any chance have all the udev related services enabled at sysinit?
11:33 <ncopa> bluetooth audio would be cool
11:33 <ncopa> i mean, that something i'd like to have om my desktop too
11:33 <ncopa> I just dont have the time to figure it out
11:34 <ncopa> i think there is a theoretical possibility to do it with alsa only
11:37 <laskin> ncopa, theoretically, yes. but in 2018 alsa support for bluetooth devices and bluez support for alsa are obsoleted many years ago
11:37 <laskin> it is hard to swim against mainstream
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11:39 <ncopa> yeah
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12:58 <laskin> pulseaudio can not access device info in /sys, because /sys and all down the tree is readable only for root
12:58 <laskin> does anybody know, where I can change those access rights?
13:01 <Nikolay[m]> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Radeon_Video#Fixing_MESA-LOADER_errors
13:02 <Nikolay[m]> this should help
13:03 <zNVxxliww5gP> laskin: you need to use linux vanilla instead of hardened
13:04 <zNVxxliww5gP> btw alpine i think is pretty good in swimming against mainstream ;)
13:05 <clandmeter> yes we are professional swimmers
13:06 <clandmeter> i have an Alpine certified label on my speedo
13:06 <laskin> zNVxxliww5gP, when I manually mount sysfs on /tmp/sss, then access rights are 777.
13:06 <laskin> so it is not immanent property of used kernel
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13:06 <zNVxxliww5gP> and you use -hardened?
13:07 <laskin> zNVxxliww5gP, yes, 4.9.65-1-hardened
13:08 <zNVxxliww5gP> and the files inside /tmp/sss are accessible by non-root?
13:08 <Nikolay[m]> laskin: https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Radeon_Video#Fixing_MESA-LOADER_errors
13:08 <Nikolay[m]> this will fix access rights to sys
13:08 <laskin> I just look at /etc/init.d/sysfs and there is the same command that I use when manually mount sysfs. But results are different.
13:09 <laskin> Nikolay[m], thank you. But it is not a "solution", it is just masking problem
13:09 <zNVxxliww5gP> well in 3.8 there will be no hardened anymore
13:09 <zNVxxliww5gP> so you might as well switch now and forfeit all the unnecessary struggles.
13:10 <TBB> yup. grsecurity protects /sys on its own and it can't be circumvented
13:10 <clandmeter> it can
13:10 <zNVxxliww5gP> well you can disable it on boot
13:10 <clandmeter> grsec_sysfs_restrict=0 on cmdline
13:11 <mps> zNVxxliww5gP: right, running grsec kernel on the end-user-system always was problematic, unless runner is not really skilled
13:11 <TBB> still rather pointless
13:11 <TBB> hence, ditch -hardened
13:11 <laskin> TBB, then why this protection doesn't work when I mount sysfs manually on different directory?
13:11 <zNVxxliww5gP> i'm actually ok with running a desktop as user with sysfs protections enabled, but then i do not need opengl nor bluetooth audio
13:12 <zNVxxliww5gP> "15:08:20 zNVxxliww5gP | and the files inside /tmp/sss are accessible by non-root?"
13:12 <zNVxxliww5gP> ^^^ lasking you did not answer this
13:14 <TBB> laskin: that you'll have to take to team grsecurity
13:15 <mps> I'm long time user of grsec but nowadays I don't use it anymore, not worth a hassle by my years of experience
13:15 <mps> it's my opinion
13:15 <laskin> zNVxxliww5gP, yes, I can. That is my whole point.
13:16 <TBB> I guess the correct solution would be to disable sysfs protection and then create an access list for /sys but that's a lot of work
13:17 <TBB> access lists in general are a PITA to maintain
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13:20 <luke_66> hi everyone
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13:24 <laskin> So, brave new world of vanilla kernel.
13:24 <laskin> Pulseaudio issues were fixed.
13:25 <TBB> Some of the grsec fixes will eventually land on vanilla. 4.18 should have a couple more of them already.
13:36 <luke_66> from this Dockerfile -> http://dpaste.com/0E1A9RD i'm trying to run a container, but I keep getting those errors -> http://dpaste.com/1J69NRG
13:36 <luke_66> seems some symbols missing, I don't know, anyone have an idea about how to solve it?
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13:39 <luke_66> the strange thing is that on my laptop (docker for mac - Version 18.03.1-ce-mac65 (24312)) it works, but on the company deploy server (Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Docker version 17.12.0-ce, build c97c6d6), the build is succesful, but when the image runs those errors appears
13:55 <luke_66> any help?
13:59 <laskin> luke_66, was this docker image the same on your laptop and deploy server? I mean, you build image once on your laptop, or you build image twice, on laptop and on server
14:00 <luke_66> laskin: it's the same, I modified the docker-compose file to pull the image from the dockerhub repo instead of rebuilding it
14:01 <laskin> hm. that is really strange then.
14:03 <luke_66> laskin: yes, it's a python/django project. so the problem seems to be gunicorn, since running the app with the django dev runserver works fine
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14:11 <mijndert> luke_66: are you 100% sure it's the same image? anyway, I believe this to be an error caused by glibc
14:19 <luke_66> mijndert: it's the same image.
14:20 <luke_66> mijndert: any suggestion about what to do if is a glibc realted error?
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14:27 <iron_houzi> What's the idiomatic way to automatically run a script at after the system has booted? Do I use openRC for this, or are there faster ways?
14:29 <qrvpzvb> sure, you can use OpenRC
14:29 <iron_houzi> qrvpzvb: I get that, but are there quicker ways to achieve the same goal?
14:30 <qrvpzvb> by quicker do you mean easier? like, without having to write an init.d script etc?
14:31 <iron_houzi> I just want to do: `docker start foo` after the machine has booted up.. that's all. Was hoping to avoid learning openRC for that if possible
14:31 <qman__> You could use the crontab @reboot
14:31 <qrvpzvb> oh! from what I've read, you're supposed to use docker restart policies
14:32 <iron_houzi> Ah .. indeed!
14:32 <qman__> Yeah, usong docker's settings would be better
14:32 <iron_houzi> docker run --restart=always
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14:33 <qrvpzvb> yes, and then you just need to start the dockerd
14:33 <qrvpzvb> rc-update add docker
14:33 <iron_houzi> already have that. Thanks!
14:34 <zNVxxliww5gP> iron_houzi: /etc/local.d/README
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15:34 <thug_b3e> hello! It try to install bash but I get following error:
15:34 <thug_b3e> alpwgun:~# apk add bash-4.4.19 ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: bash-4.4.19 (missing): required by: world[bash-4.4.19]
15:36 <TBB> apk add bash
15:37 <thug_b3e> alpwgun:~# apk add bash OK: 455 MiB in 230 packages
15:37 <thug_b3e> and nothing happens
15:45 <intcat> hi all, im running 3.7.0 on a raspberry pi 3, getting the following issue: i can't stop the hwclock service. i enter `service hwclock stop` and it tells me "hwclock: can't open '/dev/misc/rtc': no such file or directory" and then "ERROR: hwclock failed to stop"
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15:48 <intcat> anyone happen to be familiar with this issue? my googling didnt help :/
15:50 <Nikolay[m]> maybe rc-update del hwclock boot
15:50 <Nikolay[m]> then reboot rpi
15:51 <TBB> that error message indicates a missing device which means a missing kernel module (unless it's built in)
15:51 <intcat> well rpi doesn't have a hardware clock thats why i was trying to stop the service :V
15:52 <TBB> in that case, follow Nikolay's advice
15:52 <intcat> yep, did so, thanks
15:52 <TBB> thug_b3e: means it's installed then
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15:53 <thug_b3e> ok
15:53 <TBB> but just in case, apk info | grep bash
15:53 <TBB> (add -v to the first command)
15:56 <thug_b3e> alpwgun:~# apk info -v | grep bash bash-4.4.19-r1
15:56 <thug_b3e> yep tis there ...
15:56 <thug_b3e> thx TBB
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16:04 <MizFit> Hey all.. does anyone know how to get /var/log/messages to be the correct time? it's always one hour off.. (one hour behind..)
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16:07 <mickibm> are you using NTP? i think the daemon is called ntpd... otherwise check your UTC
16:08 <RobbieAB> One hour behind sounds like a BST/GMT issue
16:08 <MizFit> date and time is right.. just logging is wrong..
16:08 <MizFit> (I have about a dozen machines..) some physical and most virtual.. all have this issue..
16:09 <MizFit> alpine172:~# chronyc clients | wc -l
16:09 <MizFit> 903
16:09 <MizFit> I even have one machine as a main ntp.. (so it's got proper time..) and it's logs are one hour off as well..
16:10 <MizFit> s/it\'s/its/g :P
16:11 <mickibm> hwclock maybe?
16:15 <MizFit> hmm, hwlock was weird.. I did some sync'ing.. rebooting it now..
16:19 <mickibm> has anyone ever PXE booted alpine? curious what your kernel boot args were
16:19 <MizFit> /join #voidlinux
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16:43 <_ikke_> isn't busybox syslog always using utc?
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16:54 <laskin> Does anybody have expirience with nvidia cards?
16:55 <laskin> /dev/dri/card0 : No such file or directory
16:55 <laskin> Nouveau module loaded
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18:37 <strfry> are apkovl's restricted to files in /etc ?
18:38 <strfry> i need to deploy something in /boot, but it doesn't appear there after installing the system with setup-disk -o
18:39 <clandmeter> strfry: you can add directories/files with lbu_include
18:49 <strfry> oh, i actually had a problem with dependency checking in the makefile that generate the apkovl
18:49 <strfry> actually it works fine :)
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19:29 <intcat> alpine 3.7 on rpi3: cannot install "shadow" package, even though the package site indicates it should be available
19:30 <intcat> `apk add shadow` -> ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints: shadow (missing): required by: world[shadow]
19:30 <intcat> am i doing something wrong?
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20:03 <intcat> ah... forgot to enable community repo
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