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01:12 <slowbrownfox> i tried building the GPM cli general purpose mouse package but got errors. "syntax error near unexpected token __u32, linux/types. h" and "ITZ_CHECK_TYPE(__u32, linux/types. h) "
01:14 <slowbrownfox> anyone manage to get the mouse working in a console on Alpine?
01:16 <slowbrownfox> i installed autoconf and libtool but for all i know GPM has even more dependencies.
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08:31 <slowbrownfox> tmux select-pane -R
08:31 <slowbrownfox> sorry
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08:59 <mepholic> if slowbrownfox comes back
08:59 <mepholic> someone tell them they probably need linux-headers
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09:59 <slowbrownfox> I am trying to get the frame buffer to work and followed the instructions at https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/uvesafb but the 6th step does not work for me. There is no update-extlinux.conf in /etc.
10:01 <slowbrownfox> My attempt at an x-less Alpine has so far been a huge failure.
10:04 <mepholic> slowbrownfox: did you get gpm working?
10:04 <mepholic> that looked like it just needed linux-headers
10:04 <slowbrownfox> No. I tried to compile it but got errors.
10:04 <slowbrownfox> linux headers?
10:05 <mepholic> yes, the kernel headers package
10:05 <slowbrownfox> I tried to see what void linux did with it, but it is a bit over my head. I couldn't find any source files.
10:05 <slowbrownfox> Is that a package I can apk add?
10:08 <mepholic> yes.
10:08 <mepholic> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=linux-headers&branch=edge
10:09 <slowbrownfox> ok. I just did apk add linux-headers
10:11 <slowbrownfox> I am not entirely new to linux but I am new to compiling on linux. I decompressed gpm-1.20.7 to /root. Probably not a great place for it.
10:12 <slowbrownfox> I will try to build it again.
10:13 <slowbrownfox> btw I just started using dvtm for console windowing and it is soo cool. Easier to use for me than tmux or screen.
10:13 <tya99> anyone feel like making a package for alpinelinux? I was quite surprised to not see https://packages.debian.org/stretch/ndisc6 in a distribution often used on routers
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10:32 <slowbrownfox> Well adding linux-headers did something. I am getting a different errors now.
10:33 <slowbrownfox> The output is:
10:34 <slowbrownfox> make -C src dep
10:34 <slowbrownfox> mamke[1]: entering directory /root/gpm-1.20.7/src
10:35 <slowbrownfox> yacc /root/gpm-1.20.7/src/prog/gpm-root.y && mv y.tab.c prog/gpm-root.c
10:35 <slowbrownfox> /bin/sh: yacc: not found
10:36 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: did you install alpine-sdk / build-base?
10:36 <slowbrownfox> I installed build-base but not alpine-sdk
10:37 <slowbrownfox> I just installed alpine-sdk and rebuilt but it looks like mostly the same errors.
10:37 <_ikke_> I think you need to add bison to makedeps
10:37 <_ikke_> yea, alpine-sdk depends on build-base, which should contain the most used build tools, but bison is not in there
10:38 <_ikke_> so you need to add it yourself
10:38 <_ikke_> though
10:38 <_ikke_> alpine-sdk depends on bison it says
10:38 <_ikke_> So I would expect it to install bison
10:38 <slowbrownfox> Ok. I just added bison.
10:38 <slowbrownfox> Yeah I guess it wasn't installed.
10:39 <_ikke_> so after installing alpine-sdk you didn't see bison being installed?
10:39 <mepholic> _ikke_: it seems to me that slowbrownfox is building this manually without apk-tools
10:39 <mepholic> they mentioned something about extracting a tarball to /root
10:39 <slowbrownfox> Nope. Well I wasn't really looking to see that but bison installed with apk add bison.
10:40 <_ikke_> what alpine release are you using?
10:40 <slowbrownfox> 3.7
10:40 <slowbrownfox> I am just following the instructions for compiling from the GPM site.
10:41 <slowbrownfox> That is ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make
10:41 <mepholic> you would likely be better served by building an alpine package out of this
10:41 <mepholic> instad of manually installing it from source
10:41 <slowbrownfox> But isn't it easier this way?
10:41 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: sorry, I was looking at the wrong package
10:41 <_ikke_> so yeah, bison should be installed manually
10:42 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: building a package is only slightly more difficult than manually building / installing
10:42 <mepholic> slowbrownfox: not in the long run. the way you're building it right now, it may break when the system upgrades.
10:42 <mepholic> and yeah, what _ikke_ said
10:43 <slowbrownfox> Wow. All sorts of weird stuff are happening now when I compile with bison installed.
10:43 <mepholic> slowbrownfox: also, are you only interested in doing what's easier, or are you interested in learning?
10:43 <slowbrownfox> Well both.
10:43 <slowbrownfox> But usually I try the easy way first.
10:43 <mepholic> fair enough
10:44 <mepholic> once you get it building, I suggest you learn how to build alpine packages
10:44 <_ikke_> getting it to build is the first step anyway
10:44 <_ikke_> but I usually do that while making the package
10:44 <_ikke_> starting with specifying the source and adding the build steps
10:44 <mepholic> yeah same, I incrmentally work on the APKBUILD
10:45 <slowbrownfox> Yeah. The only way this is going to work is with a lot of help because this is all quite over my head. So I will definitely try to post a GPM package. The least I could do.
10:45 <mepholic> there's some helpful documentation here
10:45 <mepholic> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Creating_an_Alpine_package
10:45 <_ikke_> Yeah, I provided that link earlier
10:46 <_ikke_> if you do newapkbuild <packagename> you already get a template
10:46 <mepholic> getting the initial environment set up is the "hardest" part
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10:47 <slowbrownfox> I am getting so many errors now I don't even know what to do with the info. Pastebin I guess but I don't think I can do that from here.
10:48 <_ikke_> pipe it to curl tpaste.us -F tpaste=<\-
10:48 <_ikke_> pipe it to curl tpaste.us -F tpaste=\<-
10:49 <slowbrownfox> If I had GPM installed I could copy and paste. Hehe.
10:50 <slowbrownfox> I am running dvtm but I don't know if it has a clipboard.
10:50 <slowbrownfox> I will try to pipe the output.
10:50 <_ikke_> you can also apk add tpaste and then to 'make | tpaste'
10:51 <mepholic> i need to sleep, good night
10:51 <mepholic> good luck slowbrownfox
10:51 <_ikke_> mepholic: nite
10:51 <slowbrownfox> Thanks so much for your help!
10:51 <mepholic> don't give up on the problem, search engines are your friend
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10:52 <mps> mepholic: good night! might the tcsh be with you :)
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10:59 <slowbrownfox> Just checking to see if dvtm has a clipboard but apparently it relies on GPM to do that.
11:00 <slowbrownfox> I installed tpaste, but...
11:03 <slowbrownfox> So I would pipe (with |) the output of the ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make to tpaste?
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11:15 <slowbrownfox> Got tpaste to work. Well sort of. It's pretty cool but it didn't capture the whole output. It did not get teh fatal compilation errors.
11:16 <slowbrownfox> http://tpaste.us/xeND
11:16 <slowbrownfox> it didn't capture this:
11:17 <slowbrownfox> prog/display-coords.c:40:57: fatal eror: gpm.h: No such file or directory #include <gpm.h>
11:18 <slowbrownfox> It looks like it can't find a gpm.h header file.
11:19 <mps> slowbrownfox: right, that means that the autogen.sh or configure doesn't work
11:20 <slowbrownfox> Is there a way to bypass the autogen.sh script?
11:21 <mps> with a manually creating Makefile, yes but a lot of work
11:21 <slowbrownfox> Ah
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11:23 <slowbrownfox> So this is the Gentoo Way? Hehe
11:24 <slowbrownfox> Fist time I've ever tried to compile anything in Linux.
11:25 <slowbrownfox> Alpine is a minimalist distro. I can't have been the first person to try to add console mouse support.
11:29 <slowbrownfox> Thought I should mention that dvtm does seem to have a scrollback buffer. ^g + pgup. It works.
11:33 <mps> slowbrownfox: gpm is 'outdated' package and needs some patches to be built in 'modern' linux distro
11:33 <mps> and that is with standard aka glibc based distro
11:33 <slowbrownfox> As in someone needs to write those patches for each distro?
11:34 <mps> with musl it will probably need more work, tweaks and patches
11:34 <slowbrownfox> Void Linux has it.
11:34 <mps> what is void linux
11:34 <slowbrownfox> a musl distro
11:34 <mps> url?
11:35 <mps> want to look to see
11:35 <slowbrownfox> www.voidlinux.eu
11:36 <mps> tnx
11:39 <mps> https://github.com/voidlinux/void-packages/tree/master/srcpkgs/gpm/patches
11:39 <slowbrownfox> I was just going to post that link.
11:40 <slowbrownfox> Looks like 6 patch files
11:40 <mps> https://github.com/voidlinux/void-packages/blob/master/srcpkgs/gpm/template
11:40 <slowbrownfox> Well 5
11:40 <slowbrownfox> Interesting that there is a gpm_h patch
11:41 <mps> this template looks like it could be useful to create APKBUILD from it
11:42 <mps> about void linux, they could have better repo for their packages than github
11:43 <slowbrownfox> The content under files doesn't look that important.
11:43 <slowbrownfox> gpm.sh looks like something about disablying paste in tty
11:44 <mps> patches should be applied to build gpm
11:44 <TBB> shouldn't be that difficult a task really
11:46 <slowbrownfox> The template refers to ncurses. So I tried installing that but still got the same errors on compile.
11:47 <slowbrownfox> Not difficult if you know what you are doing. I have no idea. I am just groping in the dark.
11:48 <slowbrownfox> The template file looks juicy though.
11:49 <mps> slowbrownfox: just applied all patches and built gpm
11:49 <mps> so it would work
11:49 <slowbrownfox> Wait what? You installed GPM on alpine?
11:49 <mps> apply patches then ./autogen.sh
11:49 <mps> then ./configure --prefix=/usr and finally make
11:50 <slowbrownfox> How do I apply patches?
11:50 <mps> and it builds with some warnings
11:51 <mps> download and patch -p0 < file-name.patch in the gpm build dir
11:51 <TBB> and if you intend to write an APKBUILD for it, I think default_prepare does that
11:53 <slowbrownfox> So patch is a command huh? Could not find a man page on it.
11:53 <mps> slowbrownfox: tried to start it and it works but didn't tuned it because I don't use console a lot
11:54 <slowbrownfox> Wow. That is cool.
11:54 <slowbrownfox> So you executed the patch command 5 times?
11:54 <mps> when I found some time I will test it because I thought to make it to have handy sometimes
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11:56 <mps> I don't start X in boot but by hand when I reboot my machines, which is rare in few last years, thanks to sleep/hibernate subsystem
11:57 <slowbrownfox> That is how I did with Arch Linux.
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12:18 <mps> how to tell abuild to use -p0 instead of -p1 when apply patches
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12:27 <_ikke_> mps: there is a variable you can set in the APKBUILD
12:28 <_ikke_> mps: patch_args
12:28 <_ikke_> https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/abuild/tree/abuild.in#n631
12:31 <slowbrownfox> I am still trying to find a direct link to those patches so that I can download them with wget or curl.
12:31 <slowbrownfox> Ah the console...
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12:36 <mps> _ikke_: should I add prepare function in APKBUILD and put arg there or could I set patch_args env var with '-p0' as value
12:37 <_ikke_> mps: I think you should add it as a global variable
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12:38 <_ikke_> mps: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/iproute2/APKBUILD#n16
12:38 <mps> ah, looks like env var works
12:39 <mps> but your example from iproute2 looks better
12:40 <_ikke_> an env var is not something you can commit :-)
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12:41 <mps> right :)
12:42 <mps> I managed to make APLBUILD for gpm, but just for patching and build
12:42 <_ikke_> package should not be hard then
12:44 <slowbrownfox> I am still wgetting the patches.
12:46 <mps> _ikke_: for simple software, maybe. But gpm needs some splits and texinfo and what not
12:47 <mps> anyway, added package function with just 'make -j1 DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install ' and it worked till arrived to texinfo install
12:48 <mps> enough for today, I have to work at real job now
12:48 <slowbrownfox> Got them. How does patch know which source files to patch?
12:48 <mps> I will continue to work at it tommorow if I find time
12:49 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: it's in the patch itself
12:49 <slowbrownfox> Thanks so much, mps.
12:50 <slowbrownfox> Ok. I will patch p0 the 5 patches.
12:50 <mps> I can post to tpaste unfinished APKBUILD if you want to play with it
12:50 <slowbrownfox> Please. Would be helpful.
12:51 <mps> here it is http://tpaste.us/YvRw
12:51 <slowbrownfox> Thanks.
12:56 <slowbrownfox> Hmm. I can't seem to open the tpaste link in my android browser.
12:57 <slowbrownfox> Ah ok. Nevermind.
12:57 <slowbrownfox> Works now.
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13:08 <slowbrownfox> Should the patch command take a long time to finish? My cpu is not super-old or anything. It's a Haswell I7-4770k.
13:11 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: No, it probably is waiting for input on stdin
13:11 <_ikke_> patch -p1 < file.patch
13:13 <slowbrownfox> I think I am not executing the command properly. Is it patch -p0 < filename.patch? There is a less than sign?
13:13 <_ikke_> yes
13:14 <slowbrownfox> It says only garbage was found in the patch input. Hmm.
13:15 <mps> slowbrownfox: did you downloaded right patch file
13:15 <slowbrownfox> I will check the .patch file with less.
13:15 <slowbrownfox> Well it should be the right file but I never really used wget before.
13:16 <_ikke_> wget <url> should work
13:16 <_ikke_> or curl -O <url>
13:16 <slowbrownfox> I don't know what I downloaded but it isn't a patch. Sigh.
13:17 <slowbrownfox> some kind of html document I think.
13:17 <slowbrownfox> I will see if I can download the actual patches.
13:18 <slowbrownfox> I hope I didn't screw things up by trying to patch with an html file
13:19 <mps> looks like I managed to build gpm apks gpm, gpm-dev and gpm-doc
13:19 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: Look for a 'raw' link
13:22 <slowbrownfox> Thanks, mps. Are you going to upload it somewhere? Will apk add gpm do something?
13:23 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: they probably will just be sharing the APKBUILD
13:23 <slowbrownfox> So there is more work to do in order to make it available.
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13:23 <slowbrownfox> I mean with the package manager.
13:23 <_ikke_> yes
13:23 <slowbrownfox> Ok.
13:24 <_ikke_> it has to be contributed for review
13:24 <mps> no, it is not finished. there should be added init script at least
13:24 <_ikke_> once it's merged in, the builders will build it and upload it to a repo
13:25 <mps> but, I installed gpm-1.20.7-r0.apk locally
13:25 <mps> and it works by starting from cli
13:26 <misterunknown> Hi. I have a weird problem with my Alpine host system. Apparently it looses IPv6 connectivity after some time. I can fix that manually by disabling and reenabling ipv6 in the kernel and reset the address and default route. dmesg does not show any information. Any ideas how to debug this?
13:27 <slowbrownfox> mps, am I going to have to basically redo everything you did to get to that point?
13:28 <_ikke_> slowbrownfox: no, if you have their APKBUILD, you can continue from there
13:28 <mps> yes
13:29 <mps> slowbrownfox: sory, you have to download patches which are in APKBUILD
13:29 <mps> you should install bison and texinfo, also
13:30 <mps> I didn't put texinfo in makedepends
13:30 <slowbrownfox> Already installed bison. Will install texinfo. I find it confusing that there are all of these dependencies that don't seem to be mentioned by the GPM project.
13:30 <slowbrownfox> In order to compile their source you need a lot of extra stuff.
13:31 <mps> then you should run 'abuild checksum' to recreate checksums in APKBUILD
13:31 <slowbrownfox> And they did not feel it important enough to mention.
13:31 <mps> well, that is open/free source ;)
13:32 <mps> you have to learn, make error, learn again and so on
13:32 <slowbrownfox> Haha yeah, but still. If I put all that work into writing the code I'd want to make it easy to use. I guess the people usually compiling it for the big distros really know what they are doing though.
13:33 <mps> slowbrownfox: don't feel bad about yourself. we all could learn that if we are ready to invest some time and energy
13:34 <mps> well, most of us, to be clear ;)
13:35 <slowbrownfox> So the package manager will do something with the APKBUILD info?
13:36 <slowbrownfox> I guess I better read up on APKBUILD.
13:37 <mps> yes, abuild fetch, abuild checksum, abuild prepare, abuild build and so on
13:38 <slowbrownfox> Ok. I will look for the documentation on that.
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13:44 <mps> slowbrownfox: new APKBUILD with makedepends filled is here http://tpaste.us/5Y8M
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13:47 <slowbrownfox> mps, you are going to upload the apkbuild info somewhere though?
13:48 <slowbrownfox> Oh sorry. Didn't see that.
13:48 <slowbrownfox> Thanks so much!
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13:55 <slowbrownfox> android firefox keeps turning my tpaste URL into a google search. Damn. I guess I should try to use tpaste from here.
14:06 <slowbrownfox> Well this is certainly a learning experience. I used wget -O apkbuild.txt http://tpaste.us/5Y8M and it worked beautifully.
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14:19 <slowbrownfox> venturing out into meatspace for a while. Many thanks to mps and ikke. Looks like mousing in the console in Alpine is going to work. Not so sure about the frame buffer and Netsurf or w3m-img etc.
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14:40 <Arcaelyx> Hey does anyone know any command to print out which files/directories are added when installing an alpine package
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14:41 <_ikke_> apk info -L <package>
14:42 <Arcaelyx> tyvm
14:43 <Arcaelyx> @_ikke_: How would I make it print out after an installation?
14:43 <Arcaelyx> Or would I always have to chain it
14:43 <_ikke_> There is nothing that automatically does that after the installation
14:45 <Arcaelyx> I see
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14:56 <laskin> Hi. If I want to propose a systemwide change, like adding i2c group and making all i2c devices belong to that group? what is the procedure?
14:57 <laskin> Hi. If I want to propose a systemwide change, like adding i2c group and making all i2c devices belong to that group, what is the procedure?
15:06 <_ikke_> laskin: perhaps an issue on bugs.alpinelinux.org?
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15:39 <laskin> When I create APKBUILD, what should I write to makedepends? If program requires flex and bison should I write them to makedepends aor should I suppose that they are already present?
15:39 <laskin> What about autotools and automake?
15:40 <TBB> you should -always- add -any- package you need to build the package
15:40 <_ikke_> except whats in build-base
15:40 <TBB> never assume it's already there unless it's in build-base or alpine-base
15:41 <TBB> same for runtime deps
15:42 <laskin> Ok, fine.
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16:50 <strfry> has anyone ever written APKBUILD files that clone from a git and compute a pkgrel from that?
16:50 <strfry> i want to do that for CD purposes
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17:12 <_ikke_> CD?
17:12 <_ikke_> continuous deployment?
17:16 <TBB> that's what your $build_number is for in your builder
17:17 <TBB> easiest that way; otherwise you'll be mapping commit id's to release numbers somehow
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17:41 <_ikke_> or git describe
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18:01 <laskin> what does it mean "Found OpenRC directory (/etc/conf.d or /etc/init.d) but name doesn't end with -openrc" when building a package?
18:01 <laskin> Should I name every package that has init.d-script ending with -openrc?
18:27 <_ikke_> laskin: you should probably create a subpackage for the openrc files
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19:18 <laskin> I've made a pull request here https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/4523 Please review, if you have spare time.
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19:20 <_ikke_> I can review, but I cannot merge
19:21 <laskin> _ikke_, it is ok
19:21 <laskin> I need feedback to learn how to make good APKBUILDS
19:21 <_ikke_> laskin: You are missing a dependency probably, linux/types.h cannot be found
19:22 <_ikke_> linux-headers?
19:22 <_ikke_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents?file=types.h&path=*linux&name=&branch=edge&arch=x86_64
19:26 <laskin> >> cat /etc/apk/world | grep linux-headers >> echo $? 1
19:27 <laskin> I thought linux-headers is part of sdk ):
19:27 <_ikke_> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/package/edge/main/x86_64/build-base
19:28 <_ikke_> not sure why it's working for you
19:28 <_ikke_> you can try apk info -W /usr/include/linux/types.h
19:29 <laskin> Apparently, I just have linux-headers installed as dependency for something else
19:29 <laskin> it _it_ installed, actually. Just not by me ):
19:30 <laskin> *is
19:31 <laskin> fixed, anyway
19:33 <laskin> Also, it seems like nobody uses this tool, as there are no package with it. So, I highly recommend to take a look.
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19:35 <laskin> https://gist.github.com/alex-laskin/32396115558d6466064967e31a8fa48b
19:37 <laskin> Also, if I want to move my package from testing to community, issue on bug.alpinelinux.org again?
19:39 <_ikke_> You can make a separate PR to do that
19:56 <laskin> _ikke_, oh. Indeed. Thank you.
19:57 <TBB> oh, laskin is your last name?
19:58 <TBB> funny how Alpine draws people with misleading nicknames and last names. laskin, in Finnish, means calculator
19:58 <_ikke_> lol
19:58 <TBB> I'll save the rest of the people with such nicknames to protect the innocent
20:06 <laskin> TBB, its funny (8
20:06 <laskin> TBB, I'm from Russia thou, so Finnish nicknames sound strange for me too (;
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21:22 <wkoszek2> clandmeter: I think I discovered what was going on with my index building.
21:22 <wkoszek2> For some reason 'wget' didn't mirror all of the files.
21:22 <wkoszek2> So when I rsync'ed the directory, it fetched the missing pieces and afterwards index worked like a charm.
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22:11 <laskin> travis build for my new package testing/autofs is failing with error 'The command "source .travis/common.sh alpine_run $USER .travis/build-pkgs" exited with 1."
22:11 <laskin> Please, help me understand this error.
22:13 <pardis> Are you sure that's the real error message? That sounds like it's just saying the command to run the build failed
22:15 <pardis> Indeed, the problem is a checksum mismatch
22:15 <pardis> "autofs.initd: FAILED"
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