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00:20 <Thalheim> are package builds done with -hardened or -vanilla kernel?
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00:24 <jn__> Thalheim: depends on the package
00:25 <jn__> Thalheim: or wait— do you mean kernel module packages where it really matters, or other packages?
00:26 <Thalheim> user-level package which bootstraps during build but fails to do so on hardened kernel
00:27 <jn__> ah
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00:31 <Thalheim> jn__: is that acceptable?
00:32 <jn__> i'd consider this problem worth fixing
00:33 <Thalheim> to clarify, the package doesn't yet exist in Alpine repo; I was planning to submit it
00:34 <jn__> ah. new packages go through edge (or master, in git) anyway, and -hardened has been removed there
00:35 <jn__> at least AFAIUI
00:36 <Thalheim> jn__: thanks; is this documented anywhere?
00:37 <jn__> i don't know
00:37 <jn__> maybe in https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux:Contribute
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01:09 <basdb> anyone ever use stlink or libusb related packages on alpine? been running into an issue with no relevant returns for the following: ```Error relocating /usr/lib/libstlink-shared.so.1: libusb_set_option: symbol not found```
01:10 <basdb> stlink package exists in the edge/community branch/repo for anyone who wants to try installing it and running `st-info --version` to see if they run into the same issue
01:10 <basdb> on 3.7.0 fwiw
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04:59 <laskin> pardis, thank you. But I've fixed checksums and still get the same error. Where that information about checksum error was from? I can't see it in build log.
05:05 <laskin> Oh. I missed that 'Raw log' button.
05:19 <laskin> What about parallel builds in APKBUILD? Is it acceptable to put 'make -j4' or 'make -j8' into APKBUILD, if it does not break build?
05:19 <_ikke_> laskin: check /etc/abuild.conf
05:20 <laskin> _ikke_, thank you. I see now.
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12:13 <sy> so
12:14 <sy> my initramfs needs to have drivers for my hard disk, right?
12:15 <sy> i'm trying to use betterinitramfs to unlock my root
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12:25 <duncan^> SCSI drivers are usually built-in
12:26 <sy> there's no /dev/sd*
12:26 <sy> i've ssh'd into the initramfs
12:26 <sy> should they be in there
12:26 <duncan^> Is it some kind of exotic self-encrypting disk?
12:26 <sy> no
12:26 <sy> just plain uh
12:27 <sy> how do i find out what kind of disk it is?
12:27 <duncan^> Did you built the initramfs with support for LUKS and LVM? (I assume that's what you've done)
12:27 <sy> i think its pretty old judging from how much i paidforit
12:27 <sy> i didn't build it at all
12:27 <sy> but i think it has luks
12:27 <sy> i dont use lvm
12:27 <sy> https://github.com/slashbeast/better-initramfs
12:28 <duncan^> Mkinitfs https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/LVM_on_LUKS
12:29 <sy> i just have a initramfs.cpio.gz
12:29 <duncan^> point 2.6
12:29 <sy> which i can't rebuild :S
12:29 <sy> yeah i followed that the first time
12:29 <duncan^> You can use mkinitfs instead. And it will unlock your disk.
12:29 <sy> and it boots fine with the default initramfs
12:29 <duncan^> OK, then go badger BetterInitramfs people for support
12:30 <duncan^> Perhaps their initramfs is not built with support for LUKS
12:30 <sy> maybe
12:30 <sy> do you think there's a better way to unlock the root?
12:30 <duncan^> It doesn't say it supports LUKS, looking at their README
12:31 <duncan^> So I'd assume it doesn't.
12:31 <duncan^> Perhaps it would be useful to make an issue on their github page?
12:31 <TBB> it says dmcrypt luks right in the beginning
12:31 <TBB> literally the first line of text on the github page
12:31 <duncan^> So it does :P whoops
12:31 <TBB> but, that said, yeah, their problem :)
12:32 <sy> so should my kernel have the drivers, or the initramfs?
12:32 <duncan^> The initramfs is loaded by the kernel
12:33 <sy> i see
12:33 <duncan^> Maybe LUKS support is built as a module
12:33 <sy> maybe https://github.com/mk-f/alpine-initramfs-dropbear is a better bet then
12:33 <TBB> my guess, based entirely on what little experience of mkinitfs I have, is they should be on the initramfs
12:33 <sy> since you can rebuild it
12:33 <duncan^> in that case, you'd need to install the module in the initramfs
12:34 <TBB> that's how the mkinitfs features work; and the kernel is probably compiled in a pretty modular fashion
12:34 <TBB> for that reason
12:36 <TBB> judging by the name only, yeah sy, that might be it if you need remote access to the early boot
12:36 <sy> gonna give btrinitfs one more go
12:37 <duncan^> Is there a reason you won't just use mkinitfs, given it worked?
12:37 <sy> mkinitfs doesn't unlock the root remotely
12:37 <sy> which is what i want
12:37 <sy> to ssh into the initramfs and enter the passcode
12:38 <sy> i dont want to use the serial console each time
12:38 <sy> its really bad
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13:02 <yann-kaelig> elo. How am I suppose to prepare an SDCARD with alpine-linux for an installation on ARM cubieboard2 machine ?
13:03 <yann-kaelig> I can't find a documentation for this purpose.
13:09 <yann-kaelig> ok thx
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14:01 <sy> how do i find out what to put for modules= in update-extlinux.conf ?
14:01 <sy> looks like networking in the initramfs aint workin
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16:20 <shhr> Hello :)
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16:23 <shhr> Did someone tried to install alpinelinux 3.7.0 (armgf) on a raspberry pi 3 B+ ?
16:26 <shhr> sorry. I mean alpinelinux 3.7.0 armhf :)
16:28 <_ikke_> I think some people were trying it out, but I don't know what the status was
16:28 <shhr> ok, thank you :) Work in progress I guess.
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16:54 <tmh1999> shhr: try 3.8 ?
16:54 <tmh1999> iirc 3.7 won't work on rpi3+
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16:56 <shhr> alpine linux 3.8 ?
16:58 <_ikke_> yes, but it's not released yet
16:59 <shhr> _ikke: ok, I'll wait :)
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17:29 <TBB> try edge, isn't it practically 3.8 by now?
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17:35 <PureTryOut[m]> at postmarketOS we have a PR open supporting the RPi 3B+. it uses the edge repositories though, which yeah is basically 3.8 at the moment
17:35 <PureTryOut[m]> seems to work fine
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17:40 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], did you fix your rpi wifi issues?
17:44 <mpmc> ROFL!!! https://imgur.com/gallery/yCUTYlr
17:44 <mpmc> oops wrong chat lol
17:45 <PureTryOut[m]> clandmeter: nope
17:45 <PureTryOut[m]> it's not just wifi btw, ethernet is also bad, but just a little bit less
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17:51 <clandmeter> PureTryOut[m], have you tried the latest firmware or did you use alpine fw?
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18:08 <PureTryOut[m]> Alpine fw iirc
18:08 <PureTryOut[m]> actually no that's not true, I'll check
18:08 <PureTryOut[m]> nope we use a different one indeed. https://github.com/postmarketOS/pmbootstrap/blob/master/aports/temp/linux-firmware/APKBUILD
18:12 <clandmeter> ok.
18:13 <clandmeter> if normal network is also affected i guess its soemthing else
18:14 <clandmeter> i think most of the network part is kernel related. maybe its some sysfs setting.
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18:19 <PureTryOut[m]> maybe? we're using the Alpine kernels now though afaik
18:20 <clandmeter> maybe compare it between raspbian and alpine
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19:34 <PureTryOut[m]> it works fine on Raspbian, I ran that before for quite a long time
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19:38 <shhr> TBB: thanks, I'll try :)
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19:41 <shhr> TBB: But I'm not sure 3.8 can be downloaded. Just updated I guess.
19:41 <_ikke_> 3.8 hasn't been released yet, only pre-releases
19:45 <clandmeter> please test our release candidates
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20:34 <mframe> any known bugs in edge relative to rpc.idmapd high CPU usage?
20:43 <mframe> strace shows rpc.idmapd repeating the following calls: https://pastebin.com/JmYgw8ZS
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