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08:04 <aero-224> I need to do a sys install onto a 128MB disk. How do I install onto a single partition (instead of one partition for /boot and one partition for root).
08:05 <aero-224> I think I need to have pre-created a partition (done), mkfs it for ext3 or ext4 (done). Now think I need to point the installer at it?
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08:09 <aero-224> Man I love how tight this distro is. Reading the source of /sbin/setup-alpine now to see if it gives me any hints.
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08:22 <clandmeter> aero-224, check setup-disk
08:22 <ncopa> aero-224: create your partition manually, mount it and run setup-disk with the mount point as arg
08:23 <ncopa> for example, mount it on /mnt and run: setup-disk /mnt
08:24 <clandmeter> morning :)
08:24 <aero-224> OK. Rebooting, re-mkfsing, one moment...
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08:37 <aero-224> Looks like it did the right thing. /boot is no longer a separate partition.
08:37 <aero-224> ncopa: Thanks
08:37 <aero-224> clandmeter: Thanks
08:38 <clandmeter> 👍
08:38 <aero-224> Next problem - 128MB seems too small to install alpine-standard-3.7.0-x86. Suggestions?
08:39 <aero-224> I run out of storage before setup-disk finishes
08:41 <clandmeter> modules and firmware is probably to big.
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08:42 <aero-224> clandmeter: Yep. One of the first things I run out of space for is - lib/firmware/liquidio/lio_210nv_nic.bin
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08:43 <clandmeter> aero-224, i think 3.8 has some function to not pull all fw.
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08:48 <aero-224> clandmeter: I feel like setup-disk replicates the current running config directly onto the new disk. (I.e. If I've apk added vim, vim shows up on the install target).
08:48 <clandmeter> correct
08:49 <aero-224> Is that right? (If it is, I should be able to go nuke the firmware directory before I run setup-disk).
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08:49 <clandmeter> i think firmware is a dependency of the kernel.
08:50 <clandmeter> so when you install it to the target disk it will be pulled in.
08:50 <aero-224> And a df -h of / and /run should be a good indicator of whether setup-disk will succeed.
08:51 <clandmeter> i dont think you can make it work with the 3.7 installer and 128mb.
08:51 <aero-224> :sad_face:
08:52 <ncopa> will not work with 3.7 installer
08:52 <ncopa> but should be possible with 3.8.0_rc4
08:52 <ncopa> aero-224: do i you know if you need any firmware?
08:53 <aero-224> Alright - so the leads to my next question... how do we get security updates / patches?
08:53 <ncopa> apk upgrade
08:53 <ncopa> you should be able to `apk add linux-firmware-none` before you do `setup-disk /mnt`
08:53 <ncopa> at least with the v3.8.0_rc4
08:54 <aero-224> I don't know if I need any firmware. This particular deploy that I'm trying is to a known set of thin clients.
08:54 <ncopa> for 128MB you may need to build a custom kernel
08:54 <ncopa> its the kernel that is big
08:54 <ncopa> or hw drivers to be more specific
08:55 <aero-224> They're all identical, VIA EDEN-based machines (pretty old).
08:56 <aero-224> Mmmm... I should just stop doing this, and drop in a larger storage device - but I needed the pain to force me to understand things a little better.
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08:56 <clandmeter> thats probably much easier, but maybe less fun :)
08:56 <clandmeter> 128mb is a challenge
08:56 <aero-224> clandmeter: totes
08:57 <clandmeter> you could check our kernel config and remove all modules that you dont need.
08:57 <clandmeter> but it takes some work to have a custom kernel.
08:59 <aero-224> I haven't built a custom kernel in soooo long.
09:01 <aero-224> Darn it; setup-disk must be pulling firmware from elsewhere (not the current running OS instance).
09:02 <clandmeter> correct
09:02 <clandmeter> it does 2 things
09:02 <aero-224> There's no lib/firmware/liquidio/ inside the live install
09:02 <clandmeter> it will check the running world and replicate it to the disk.
09:03 <clandmeter> and it will copy your etc changes over it.
09:04 <aero-224> ... and it also pulls firmware from a remote server on the internet?
09:04 <clandmeter> from a repository, could also be local.
09:04 <clandmeter> on media
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09:14 <aero-224> Alright. I'm going to take another run at this tomorrow.
09:14 <aero-224> Any idea what the minimum storage space is?
09:15 <ncopa> depends on what kernel you run
09:15 <ncopa> linux-virt kernel needs less space
09:15 <aero-224> 3.7.0 standard x86
09:16 <aero-224> (I presume I can't run virt on real hardware - or am I making a bad assumption there?)
09:16 <ncopa> likely not
09:16 <ncopa> but i guess it doends on the specific hardwarw
09:17 <aero-224> I'm assuming virt only has the common VM drivers precompiled.
09:17 <ncopa> correct
09:17 <ncopa> which makes it smaller
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09:17 <aero-224> Makes sense to me.
09:17 <aero-224> One way to find out... :)
09:21 <aero-224> Doesn't even try to boot on real hardware - "Missing operating system"
09:21 <aero-224> Thanks for the pointers. Going AFK...
09:21 <ncopa> if you do setup-disk /mnt you also need to install the bootloader to the MBR
09:22 <aero-224> ncopa: go on... :)
09:22 <ncopa> apk add syslinux && dd if /usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX
09:22 <aero-224> Brilliant. Love it.
09:24 <mps> I do that by 'dd if=/mnt/usr/share/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdX', without adding syslinux
09:24 <ncopa> looks like syslinux is already installed by installer
09:25 <ncopa> looks like it is possible to install it on 256MB with linux-vanilla and without firmware
09:25 <ncopa> hum
09:26 <ncopa> theoretically...
09:26 <mps> also, I add 'bs=440 count=1 conv=notrunc' to dd during installing mbr
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09:38 <zava> hey
09:38 <zava> /go alpine-devel
09:40 <zava> hey im new, still arch and still systemd. Im cursed so that I only visit bad communities where someone has more rights than the others. That's why I started these introductions to bait the kings of their country.
09:40 <zava> So i dont put my hopes in something only to realize it's bs behind the grand ideals
09:41 <zava> with your distro so far i've only experienced convenience and effectivity. No fake seriousness like a chat irc channel.
09:41 <zava> and to me it's all about the community
09:45 <zava> so good luck to you and to me. I hope I'm a fruitful addition to your flock.
09:45 <zava> and you to mine
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10:47 <yann-kaelig> elo
10:51 <yann-kaelig> I'm starting alpine linux on my cubieboard2 from sdcard, but something block on the boot as you can see http://dpaste.com/2TGE7BA
10:51 <yann-kaelig> I'm using screen to connect through serial
10:55 <mps> yann-kaelig: it works, you probably need to add getty for ttyS0 in /etc/inittab
11:05 <mepholic> any RAID/storage nerds here?
11:15 <TBB> that's such a loaded question that I feel there's zfs attached to it somehow
11:19 <mepholic> nope
11:19 <mepholic> just trying to decide strip size for my desktop raid
11:20 <mepholic> went with 256K, many people are recommending 64K for server workloads
11:20 <mepholic> it's not too late to change it
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11:25 <azarus> mepholic: defaults are good
11:25 <azarus> mdadm does it perfectly 99% of the time
11:25 <mepholic> this is hardware raid
11:26 <mepholic> the default was 256K in the wizard, the docs claimed the default was 64K
11:26 <mepholic> which is really the only reason why I ask
11:28 <azarus> ah, idk then
11:28 <azarus> never bothered with hardware raid much before :<
11:36 <deebo> mm hardware raid, had a guy buy one raid card from me at like 3am once because i was the only one awake and his had broken
11:37 <deebo> use software unless you're a masochist :)
11:39 <mepholic> or just keep backups and enjoy the speed
11:40 <azarus> hm, modern computers don't profit that much from offloading the work to a dedicated card
11:41 <yann-kaelig> Can I ssh to my cubieboard after a first start of alpine linux ?
11:41 <yann-kaelig> as root it ask me for a password, but I don't know the pass
11:49 <mepholic> azarus: I'm using LSI cachecade with 2 ssd's in raid1
11:49 <azarus> mepholic: cool
11:49 <deebo> you'd probably get more out of a single nvme drive :)
11:49 <mepholic> plus the 1GB oncard DRAM cache
11:50 <mepholic> deebo: and 4TB of space?
11:51 <mps> yann-kaelig: probably not in pristine install. You can mount sdcard on host system and change /etc/ssh/sshd_config to allow root access with password
11:52 <mepholic> gotta love the "it's $currentyear, you're doing it wrong" crowd
11:52 <mepholic> I know _almost_ exactly what I'm doing
11:52 <mepholic> and why I'm doing it
11:53 <azarus> "oh, suggestions that might be helpful? my god, they think I'm wrong!!"
11:55 <mepholic> I was asking for suggestions relevent to my specific situation. Find me a 4TB nvme disk for the $500 I paid for my current solution, and I'll eat my shoe
11:56 <mepholic> I specifically migrated away from bcache and softraid because I was seeing performance problems, I test ran this card in a raid1 situation without caching and it kicked the pants off of the software alternative
11:57 <mepholic> that monetary value includes all disks, controllers, cache licensing key, and bbu
11:57 <zava> azarus ahaha
11:58 <zava> mepholic is it the best solution for everyone or the perfect solution for you?
11:58 <zava> in case of the latter(?) gratz bro
11:59 <zava> but if you want to see the critical crowd it might just be that you are wrong here
11:59 <zava> i don't know I just got here myself mepholic, but this community has shown signs not to be toxic.
11:59 <mepholic> zava: I'm just pointing out that it's irritating when someone asks for advice on a specific thing, and people go on yak shaving about other unrelated things
11:59 <zava> I'm glad when people aren't abusive
11:59 <zava> with their comments
12:00 <zava> which they are once hte im the best shit starts
12:00 <zava> I have no idea what happened here
12:00 <zava> on archlinux being belitteled is payment for getting support
12:00 <azarus> #alpine-linux isn't really the place for discussing hardware raid card defaults, mepholic
12:01 <azarus> because it doesn't really have anything to do with alpine, right?
12:01 <mepholic> azarus: there's a lot of people in here that have different domains of expertise and I figured it was worth a shot
12:01 <azarus> ##hardware might help
12:01 <zava> they odnt take pride in being unrealistically perfect I guess
12:01 <zava> but if azarus doesnt know
12:01 <mepholic> that being said, you're right, and we should stop talking about it
12:01 <zava> he might just talk as if it was in the interests of everybody
12:01 <zava> and it isnt
12:01 <zava> no
12:01 <zava> never stop talking in irc
12:01 <zava> when someone says so
12:01 <zava> and when youre banend for it, good
12:02 <zava> then you jknow where you wouldnt have wanted to be anyway
12:02 <zava> contrary to fearful belief, talking about issues longer doesnt make them bigger
12:02 <zava> if the people doing it have some brains and arent rotten to the core
12:02 <koollman> mepholic: optimal strip size depends on your workload
12:02 <mepholic> koollman: like i said, it's a desktop
12:03 <mepholic> there's lots of music and video files, and I build a lot of code
12:03 <zava> I always say, when you want something, get it
12:03 <koollman> code is small, music/video is large. lets say it would be "mixed-workload" :)
12:03 <mepholic> there's large backups, and a very dynamic array of filesizes that occur
12:04 <zava> who cares if its overkill, its fucking awesome
12:04 <zava> its tech
12:04 <mepholic> koollman: that was sort of my thought
12:04 <azarus> zava: weren't you just banned from #suckless?
12:04 <koollman> mepholic: I would go with 64K, and maybe do some relevant benchmarks if I had time :)
12:04 <zava> yes
12:04 <zava> gladly
12:04 <zava> He insulted me
12:04 <mepholic> koollman: I ended up with 256K
12:04 <zava> i asked for an apology
12:04 <zava> he banned me
12:04 <mepholic> it's not technically too late
12:04 <azarus> zava: maybe spewing incoherently isn't doing you any favors
12:04 <zava> azarus: but that'd you be on the lookout to punish someone
12:05 <azarus> no, just giving you advice
12:05 <zava> azarus: is something i was kinda expecting after you told someone else to shut it for no reason
12:05 <zava> already
12:05 <mepholic> 256K was the default in the raid setup utility, however the docs for the raid setup utility said that 64K was the default
12:05 <zava> yes you are self absorbed and like to tell people what to think
12:05 <mepholic> I was slightly confused by that
12:05 <zava> and what to do
12:05 <zava> youre being highly hostile dude, you should be careful not to show any more of that
12:05 <koollman> mepholic: docs and implementation go in different direction with time :)
12:05 <zava> hf on ignore
12:06 <mepholic> yup :)
12:06 <zava> and be proud but silent member of sucka little less
12:06 <azarus> zava: how much spew you can chuck out per minute isn't a competition
12:06 <zava> Im not going to read your last sentence
12:06 <zava> goodbye good friend
12:06 <mepholic> koollman: anyhow, I was figuring that since standard system block size is 512k, 256k strip size wasn't a bad option
12:06 <mepholic> that way MY rationale for clicking OK on that at least
12:06 <zava> protip: you must abandon your family if you want a shot at happiness
12:07 <zava> thing is I just talk in chats, people lke you look for others to say something so you can comment on it
12:07 <koollman> mepholic: typical block size is 512 or 4k, not 512k
12:08 <azarus> zava: have you considered being on-topic and constructive?
12:08 <mepholic> lmao koollman
12:08 <mepholic> i always screw that up
12:09 <koollman> mepholic: assuming 4k (recent drive), you can reconsider the question as : do I use 16 or 128 blocs as a unit of operation in my card
12:09 <koollman> (or something in-between, too, if that's an option)
12:10 <koollman> there's a given amount of work per unit of operation, but there's a given latency to read or write a larger sized unit. And you want some balance
12:10 <mepholic> ok so to be clear, any operation on a file less than 256k will gt written to it's own strip?
12:10 <mepholic> or something along those lines?
12:11 <mepholic> that's also a good point
12:11 <mepholic> hm
12:12 <mepholic> koollman: do you know what kind of performance damage I'd see when working with large files with a smaller strip size? less latancy for the data from disk -> os, but also less overall throughput?
12:13 <koollman> mepholic: yep. lower latency per access, but lower throughput. Although throughput can be pretty good if the card is fast and the disk is comparatively slow
12:13 <mepholic> i'm thinking about just bumping down to 64k, that seems like the standard recommendation
12:14 <koollman> I would. And if I really doubt or wonder if I could improve ... measure it. This is just guessing, so far ;)
12:14 <mepholic> yeah
12:14 <mepholic> idk how many times I feel like nuking and recreating this array just to test out performance
12:15 <mepholic> especially when I don't have a great idea of what will be optimal for my specific workload anyways
12:16 <mepholic> i feel like I care most about compile speeds
12:16 <mepholic> and that's generally smaller files
12:16 <mepholic> koollman: thank you very much for your insights :D
12:17 <koollman> mepholic: strictly optimal size is stuff like "my database works with 64kB units of data" or "my backup software split operations in 4MB blocks". the rest is mostly a balance of "not too small or I waste computing power, not too large or I waste bandwidth when unneeded/increase latency"
12:17 <mepholic> right
12:18 <mepholic> not really running any super finnicky or perf sensitive software
12:18 <mepholic> since this is all handled on a raid card that's way overspec for the job it's doing, I think 64k should be fine
12:21 <koollman> I'm interested in any benchmark you do on that card, too. I've wondered about paying for cache license for a while :)
12:21 <koollman> (ram is not getting much cheaper, and nvme/ssd drives are slowly decreasing in price... but I want faster access now! ;) )
12:24 <mepholic> koollman: you can buy a cachecade key for LSI cards on ebay for cheap
12:24 <mepholic> i'll keep you in the loop
12:24 <mepholic> once I get this system installed
12:25 <mepholic> thanks again, I really appreciate it
12:25 <koollman> I'm working with nvme at work now ... and it feels really slow using my home hardware :)
12:25 <mepholic> yeah, I understand
12:26 <mepholic> like the first time going back to a spinning rust machine after using SSD's for years
12:26 <mepholic> it's unbearable!
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12:52 <zava> sounds like something you can spend days on planning
12:54 <zava> when someonemoved my computer I spilled water over it. Id like to have my laptop as my storage but its main now :/
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12:54 <zava> so im gonna buy a powered usb hub to connect all the old drives
12:55 <zava> because energypoop during gparted and a rootfs ..
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12:58 <zava> I wouldnt mention that someone moved it had I not asked for that person not to do it 4 times.because i put the pc there so no water/soda would spill into my computer
12:58 <zava> what happens a day later of course
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12:58 <zava> I blocked that person
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13:19 <TBB> by the way... if you buy a powered usb hub, make sure you get one that comes with a power supply that can give it enough power :)
13:20 <TBB> we bought some 10 port hubs here, usb3; the spec says each powered port needs to be able to give out a certain number of mA, but the power supply itself could only give the hub 60% of that
13:21 <TBB> I ended up spending quite some time trying to figure out why I couldn't just plug in 10 drives at once and use them :D
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15:16 <zava> omg good to know
15:16 <zava> it's the only shop in this shopping town that has basic computer supplies. one of the guys that works there is a know it all the other is pretty nice
15:16 <zava> I can only imagine the frustration
15:16 <zava> argh
15:17 <zava> do you have neough power now?
15:21 <TBB> for the usage scenario we had, we just dumped USB solutions entirely and went for Ethernet instead; so yes
15:22 <TBB> it was a lucky incident for me though; I had a workload of maybe six people at that point and was severely at the risk of burning out; that problem finally made project leaders realise we need more people in the team
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16:08 <zava> TBB: so they listen before it's too late?
16:09 <TBB> fortunately yes :)
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17:50 <laskin> Hello. When executing 'git add --patch' I receive error message 'git: 'add--interactive' is not a git command'
17:50 mframe left
17:51 <laskin> Anybody knows in what package it is now?
17:57 <laskin> git-perl. Not the most intuitive name.
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20:02 <smallville7123> does alpine support kernel version 2.6.32
20:04 <nmeum> smallville7123: isn't the 2.6.X series EOL for a few years now?
20:04 <smallville7123> Dunno
20:04 <nmeum> we definitly don't have a 2.6.X kernel package
20:05 <nmeum> 2.6.39 seems to be EOL since August 2011, so maybe you should consider upgrading ;)
20:06 <smallville7123> ;-;
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20:07 <jn__> smallville7123: if you only replace userspace, it might work
20:08 <jn__> smallville7123: but i strongly doubt there's an alpine package that contains kernel 2.6.x
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20:10 <smallville7123> ;-;
20:11 <jn__> why is that sad, though?
20:12 <jn__> https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/packages?name=linux-vanilla&branch=v3.3 <-- alpine 3.3 already had kernel 4.1
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20:18 <laskin> How to compile Vim with x11 support? I tried to replace --without-x to --with-x in APKBUILD to no avail
20:19 <jn__> laskin: how does it fail?
20:20 <jn__> i guess you need to list the right build-dependencies too
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20:22 <laskin> It doesn't fail. It builds fine. But vim --version lists with '-X11'
20:22 <laskin> and clipboard still not working
20:23 <jn__> ah. no idea, then
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20:40 <laskin> libxaw-devel was missing, but configure thought its ok ):
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22:05 <asyd> s/ 1
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