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01:06 <jsgrant> clear
01:06 <jsgrant> Woops, sorry
01:06 <* jsgrant> is in live-session and "can't tmux"
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05:41 <Tahr-user> hi
05:41 <Tahr-user> hola
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05:41 <Tahr-user> alguien escribe en español?
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07:15 <smallville7123> How do i enable networking in alpine armhf miniroot
07:18 <smallville7123> Asi cant find a resolve.conf
07:18 <smallville7123> as i*
07:18 <asyd> create it?
07:18 <smallville7123> resolv.conf*
07:21 <TBB> basic. either use dhcp for networking which takes care of it, or set up a static configuration and create resolv.conf manually
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07:22 <smallville7123> Ok
07:24 <smallville7123> unistd.h no such file or directory
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07:29 <smallville7123> https://dpaste.de/GJeK/raw
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07:32 <kahiru> smallville7123: https://pkgs.alpinelinux.org/contents here you can look for what package provides a needed file
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07:33 <smallville7123> Ok
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07:44 <clandmeter> Linux rpi 4.14.50-1-rpi #2-Alpine SMP PREEMPT Mon Jun 18 22:39:58 UTC 2018 aarch64 Linux
07:44 <clandmeter> we will have aarch64 rpi releases for 3.8 :)
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08:46 <smallville7123> Does anyone know how to decode arm instructions
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09:13 <parazyd> clandmeter: Are you using mainline linux for the arm64 pi3?
09:13 <clandmeter> mainline with rpi patch.
09:13 <parazyd> What kind of patch?
09:14 <parazyd> I know raspberrypi maintains a fork on github.
09:15 <clandmeter> thats the patch
09:15 <parazyd> ack
09:16 <parazyd> In Devuan I used the 4.16 branch, fwiw.
09:16 <parazyd> 4.14 has flaky wifi, I'm unsure if it was fixed.
09:17 <clandmeter> we always stay with longterm.
09:18 <parazyd> :nod:
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12:13 <misterunknown> Hi. I have several Alpine host systems with many containers. What software do you use to manage multiple systems? At work we use puppet but this is a huge monster, which I want to avoid.
12:15 <kahiru> misterunknown: this is not really alpine specific question, but i'd take a look at ansible
12:15 <kahiru> it is probably the "smallest monster"
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12:22 <misterunknown> kahiru: Thanks, I'll take a look.
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12:24 <kahiru> it there a timeline for 3.8?
12:25 <clandmeter> its almost boiling
12:26 <kahiru> awesome, looking forward to it
12:26 <clandmeter> we are late, but thats more of a habbit.
12:27 <tmh1999> late for good purposes :D
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12:58 <bb00bb> hello there; I try to have /dev/disk/by-uuid on my alpine; I did it once in the pass, the awnser was on the forum, somebody know which library I need to install ?
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12:58 <azarus> bb00bb: you probably need udev
12:59 <azarus> (use setup-udev)
13:00 <bb00bb> dah make sense ;)
13:02 <bb00bb> wouah !!!!!!!! yes thank you@ararus
13:03 <azarus> you're welcome
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13:10 <bb00bb> I thought that will fix my md's, but after creating few md like md0, md1, md2 than saving the detail into /etc/mdadm.conf with mdam --detail --scan /etc/mdadm.conf when I reboot my md start at md125
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13:15 <bb00bb> somebody might point to me what i'm doing wrong ?
13:17 <TBB> can't remember exactly but I think it auto-allocates the md number if you don't specifically configure it
13:17 <misterunknown> bb00bb: Did you install Alpine linux via an different live system? I had this problem on a system where I installed Alpine from a Debian Jessie rescue system.
13:17 <bb00bb> in fact it's new hard drive I try to add
13:17 <bb00bb> the md I made a the install are fine
13:20 <misterunknown> bb00bb: Did you recreate the initfs? AFAIK, if you boot from a RAID device the initfs should know of all RAID device names. Otherwise it auto generates them.
13:23 <bb00bb> @misterunknown; initfs ? that's a good question :) I'll look for it
13:25 <bb00bb> is'nt it mkinitfs instead ?
13:26 <misterunknown> bb00bb: Sure, mkinitfs
13:26 <misterunknown> bb00bb: mkinitfs -c /etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf -b /
13:27 <misterunknown> bb00bb: Make sure you activated raid in /etc/mkinitfs/mkinitfs.conf
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13:31 <bb00bb> @misterunknown u rock; i'll go update the wiki for that ;)
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13:33 <talin> hello. is alpine targeted mostly at desktop or server? also, does it have a package manager?
13:34 <azarus> talin: mostly server, but desktop also works good
13:34 <azarus> it does have a package manager, it's apk-tools
13:34 <talin> cool, thank you
13:52 <rwgx1> Hello folks, wvdial is not available to install via apk add. Is there a way to request that it is?
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13:56 <bb00bb> @rwgx1, wvdial still under active maintenance ?
13:57 <bb00bb> because the only ref I found is a archived repo : https://github.com/wlach/wvdial
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14:02 <topcat> hey, I hope someone can help me connect the dots. I've got xfce installed on alpine 3.7 on a raspberrypi(v1). VLc is installed and I've made a non-root user. How can I get vlc to open at the users login as the only shell. no interface at all possible?
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14:06 <bb00bb> @topcat, you means like a kiosk ?
14:06 <bb00bb> https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/350906/simple-kiosk-startx-with-one-application-says-no-protocol-specified
14:07 <bb00bb> I'm not an expert, but I think you need at least a X
14:08 <topcat> yeh pretty much like that I guess. I've got X to run xfce, vlc connects to the stream I want. I'm just not sure how to put these 2 together
14:09 <bb00bb> at the link I sent to you, the person start vlc and connect it to a rtsp source
14:11 <bb00bb> and this one start a stream with VLC without the interface (https://superuser.com/questions/664826/play-vlc-stream-without-interface)
14:24 <topcat> Just been reading that. Looks right. just moving settings around to get it to actually open. it's putting all the right things in the terminal
14:26 <rwgx1> @bb00bb, thank you. Yes it is old but useful - it is in the ubuntu repositories.
14:27 <rwgx1> @bb00bb, the sshuttle package would be a good inclusion - I think.
14:30 <duncan^> rwgx1: Well volunteered
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14:32 <duncan^> rwgx1: you could probably acomplish some of that "single kiosk application" functionality with some Xprofile scripts.
14:32 <rwgx1> @duncan - If anyone can provide a pointer or two, I would do it, or have a go. sshuttle is cool
14:36 <mps> rwgx1: you could fill wishlist request at bugs.alpinelinux.org and explain why this packages is useful (instead of saying it's cool) so maybe someone of developers will package it
14:39 <rwgx1> mps: thanks for the suggestion, will do.
14:40 <mps> rwgx1: sshutle vpn over ssh. right?
14:42 <rwgx1> mps: yes, I do this to access a whole subnet via a 'jumpbox', rather than port forwarding.
14:42 <mps> understand, tnx
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14:49 <topcat> does VLC 3 need qt5 not 4?
14:59 <topcat> Thanks for the advice, seems I have some issue with opening vlc to fix before I can actually answer my question. another time.
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20:28 <johnnyfive> Currently, does the abuild system ever create multiple APKs from a single source?
20:29 <TBB> depends a bit on what you mean by multiple apks
20:30 <TBB> add $pkgname-doc to the subpackages="" and you get a separate -doc.apk; add $pkgname-dbg and you get a debug symbols package, etc
20:32 <johnnyfive> Ah, ok. Outside of 'ancillary' packages then. Does a single source compile to multiple packages that each have their own entry in an APKINDEX? For example in ubuntu, the "klibc" source creates both the libklibc.deb as well as klibc-utils, if that makes sense.
20:33 <johnnyfive> I'm assuming based on your answer that is not the case in alpine
20:33 <TBB> it can do that; the ones I mentioned above are pretty much automatic as long as you specify them, but you can specify in an APKBUILD several packages and then write a packaging function for each
20:35 <johnnyfive> Hrm, ok, ty TBB.
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20:36 <TBB> the project I work for, for example, has certain tools and configs for various use cases in a single git repository and we just form the app APK and config APKs in the same build
20:38 <johnnyfive> Is there a way to determine which source was used for any one apk? Trying to dedupe the building process, right now we do it by output package, however that sometimes means we build the same set of packages multiple times, since they are built from the same source.
20:39 <johnnyfive> That's what i'm ultimately trying to solve
20:40 <TBB> that goes a bit beyond my skills, but abuild has some support for at least git checkouts and it does carry the commit id into the package metadata, if I'm not mistaken
20:40 <johnnyfive> hrm, ok i'll investigate that then. ty again
20:40 <TBB> I would personally use a release manifest of some sort and keep track of what I've built before
20:41 <johnnyfive> yea, that's a possibility, but in the case where a new package gets released, we won't know what it does before we build it, which means at least on "discovery" build is required
20:42 <johnnyfive> and i'd rather not rely on a database that is outside of the packaging system if possible, but that's one avenue to solve this issue for sure
20:43 <TBB> you've probably read the APKBUILD reference by now?
20:43 <johnnyfive> yea
20:44 <johnnyfive> I don't see the information I need in APKINDEX file, so was hoping there was some other tooling I didn't know about, or even better 1source=1package, but that's not the case
20:48 <johnnyfive> I think you're right though, I should be looking at the git repo information, that might have what I need. Cheers
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20:57 <TBB> look at .PKGINFO that's inside the .apk tar package itself... I wish I could remember right away where the git related information was stored exactly
20:58 <* johnnyfive> looking
20:59 <TBB> I remember some of it ends up in the apk installed packages db when you install a package
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21:08 <johnnyfive> TBB, interesting. I see a "provides" field in the .PKGINFO, but it looks like it gives information on installed commands. I was about to search each APKBUILD for the "sub-package" field and see if I can find any that provide extra packages. If you'd like I can update you on progress
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21:28 <johnnyfive> TBB, so the answer is to just parse the APKBUILD files in the source /aports, and just create a collection that way (or parse it for every query, which is probably what we'll do)
21:29 <johnnyfive> Thanks for your help
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