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01:34 <grobe0ba> TBB: thanks for the help the other day. i never did actually figure out what was wrong, but yet another drive wipe and reinstall did the trick. now i just have to get mpv and grsec to play nice with each other!
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07:30 <misterunknown> Hi. I have problems using DHCP with DDNS, because the dhcp clients on my alpine containers start with the parameter "-x hostname:localhost". Where can I change this? I already changed the hostname in /etc/hostname and /etc/conf.d/hostname and /etc/hosts.
07:32 <misterunknown> Nevermind, the problem was in the /etc/network/interfaces (hostname localhost) -.-"
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08:33 <Minty> Hi there. I'm writing a dockerfile that starts with python:3.6-alpine and installs my app. my app has some dependencies that i need to install first and i'm trying to understand how to write that in an optimised way that minimises image creation time and final image size
08:34 <Minty> I need git but only during the build, to clone repo's. I need to do this 3 times. Should I do RUN apk --no-cache --virtual .build add git && git <something> && apk del .build every time or should i install git at the top and then remove at the bottom?
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09:34 <misterunknown> Minty: I would install git once and remove it at the end.
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09:57 <Minty> misterunknown: ok thanks. do i do that with just apk add --no-cache git
09:57 <asyd> 6
09:57 <Minty> misterunknown: or should i do apk --no-cache --virtual .build add git
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10:17 <Minty> https://paste.pound-python.org/show/ADtjLLAw6G6jC9lJmb2u/ what dependency am i missing?
10:17 <asyd> probably some headers
10:18 <asyd> cffi is a C extensions, so you need gcc, musl headers, and so more
10:20 <Minty> asyd: is there a complete list somewhere?
10:20 <asyd> try apk add gcc musl-dev make alpine-sdk
10:21 <Minty> asyd: what about build-base?
10:22 <Minty> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/GCC
10:22 <asyd> oh, also python3-dev (if you're using python3)
10:24 <Minty> asyd: why do i need python3-dev? my base image is python:3.6-alpine
10:24 <opal> anyone having issues with edge/vim-8.1? i tried downgrading to v3.7/vim-8.0 but im getting bad signature, and i dont have a cached package of edge/8.0
10:24 <asyd> Minty: because you need python headers
10:24 <opal> 8.1 seems to have issues loading runtime files for syntax highlighting
10:25 <Minty> asyd: i'm not sure what that means but are you sure that's not included in the python:3.6-alpine base image?
10:26 <asyd> just run apk add python3-dev and check ?
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10:32 <Minty> asyd: i don't understand what i'm checking for
10:35 <mps> opal: no problem here with vim, it works as usual
10:36 <mps> vim-8.1.0026-r0
10:37 <mps> opal: ah, you are using stable, but in stable there weren't problems with vim
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11:08 <opal> 10:37.26 < mps:#alpine-linux> opal: ah, you are using stable, but in stable there weren't problems with vim
11:08 <opal> im on edge but i was looking at stable repo to find version 8.0 of vim
11:09 <mps> opal: in my experience vim works well on stable and on the edge
11:10 <opal> hm alright
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11:10 <mps> and mixing stable and edge is not good idea, although I do ;)
11:12 <opal> i'll try with -u NONE then if that doesnt work ill just delete all vim-related files and clean install it
11:12 <opal> are 3.7 and edge signed by different keys or something
11:13 <mps> opal: maybe you have something in your .vimrc which make a problem
11:22 <Minty> Is anyone able to take a look at this and suggest any changes / optimisations; https://paste.pound-python.org/show/jB7J61lPyjFSJuOHQqwf/? My built image is 430 MB and it takes about 3 minutes to build. This is in part because of the amount of python dependencies that my main app has but wondering if there's anything I can do to improve creation speed or final image size.
11:35 <opal> oh shit mps it's a file in .local/share doing it
11:36 <opal> dunno how it got there but i'll move it somewhere else to see if it fixes it
11:36 <opal> my question about package signing still stands; maybe i can find my answer in the wiki though
11:37 <opal> wait i thought it was .local/share
11:37 <opal> i'll figure it out
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11:48 <mps> 'apk policy vim' could help maybe
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11:51 <opal> oh no i see now, its looking at /usr/share/vim/vim80 not vim81
11:51 <opal> ok
11:51 <opal> idk how that happened
11:52 <opal> ok fixed
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13:28 <aventx> does anyone know if it's possible to get the gencat command on alpine linux?
13:37 <deedubs> Hey alpine people, sorry for the slightly OT message but I'm working on a kubernetes distro using alpine as a host os and I'm in a tight race to win an logo for the project. I'd love if you could give me a thumbsup on this comment https://github.com/arasatasaygin/openlogos/issues/14#issuecomment-398411024
13:38 <deedubs> aventx: is the source available? you could build it
13:38 <deedubs> Minty: you should be doing the build in two stages
13:39 <aventx> @deedubs i'm attempting to build it currently. It's part of glibc
13:39 <deedubs> higher in your dockerfile add requirements.txt and do the install of the deps
13:39 <deedubs> then add the rest of the code AFTER the dep install, this will allow you to cache the result of the dep install unless requirements.txt changes
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13:40 <aventx> i'm not actually doing it in a container. Just need to get a working binary that's compatible with alpine
13:43 <deedubs> Yeah sorry that was for Minty. Have you looked at `libc6-compat`
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13:46 <aventx> deedubs: No I haven't let me give that a look now
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14:16 <tmh1999> Minty: still around ?
14:16 <Minty> tmh1999: yea sorry
14:16 <tmh1999> if you still need help on your Dockerfile, I'm looking in it
14:16 <Minty> tmh1999: thanks, that would help. just looking @ deedubs remarks also
14:16 <Minty> deedubs: what do you mean by 2 stages - 2 separate docker files?
14:17 <Minty> deedubs: but i can't put requirements.txt any higher because it depends on the apk installs...
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14:19 <deedubs> move this to the bottom `ADD . /titan/`
14:19 <tmh1999> your file seems fine, I'm not Docker expert, but I would RUN apk ad --no-cache --virtual .mybuild [list of packages] for all packages in the top of the file for 1 time only, then apk del .mybuild at the end.
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14:22 <deedubs> so docker builds cache layers, so you want to move things that don't change often to earlier in the build
14:23 <deedubs> this is how we often do it in nodejs https://paste.pound-python.org/show/q50mub9Xdj1Zyc5K9Umn/
14:30 <Minty> deedubs: hang on, i'm still not understanding how this will work
14:31 <Minty> deedubs: do you have my pastebin in front of you? can we talk about line numbers etc.?
14:31 <deedubs> yes
14:31 <Minty> deedubs: so line 11 is dependent on line 9 and line 6. line 9 is not dependent on 6
14:31 <Minty> deedubs: but that just means that line 9 and 6 could be swapped which i don't think offers any benefit
14:33 <deedubs> line 6 should be the last thing you do in your dockerfile
14:33 <Minty> deedubs: you're misunderstanding
14:33 <Minty> deedubs: again - LINE 11 is dependent on LINE 6
14:33 <deedubs> no your misunderstanding
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14:33 <Minty> line 11 is installing the files that are added from line 6
14:33 <deedubs> you don't want to add all your code that high up
14:33 <deedubs> you want to add JUST what you need on line 11
14:33 <Minty> deedubs: i need to! it's what i'm installing!
14:33 <deedubs> so requirements.txt
14:34 <Minty> nope, requierments.txt installs the app itself
14:34 <Minty> the second line in requirements.txt is -e .
14:34 <clandmeter> We are having some storage issues (disk full) so some services (like git) are temporary having issues.
14:34 <deedubs> oh, that's my lack of experience with python then
14:34 <deedubs> can you not seperate your dep install from your code?
14:35 <Minty> i guess i could
14:35 <Minty> will that cause the installation of requirements to be cached?
14:35 <deedubs> that's how you'll get 10 second docker builds
14:35 <deedubs> yes
14:35 <Minty> why isn't the current installation being cached?
14:35 <Minty> nothing is changing in my app so why isn't docker cacheing that whole line 11
14:35 <Minty> or line 9 for that matter
14:35 <Minty> line 9 is not cached either - why not?
14:35 <deedubs> becase you add your whole codebase so high up in your dockerfile
14:36 <Minty> but my codebase hasn't changed
14:36 <Minty> so why is docker not cacheing
14:36 <deedubs> anything changes, an atime, anything, it invalidates the whole build
14:36 <Minty> it's doing that with no changes.
14:36 <Minty> i can do docker build . twice in a row and it's identical in what it does and timings both times
14:37 <Minty> the from is cached etc. and the adding of the code is cached, but the installation is not
14:37 <deedubs> Okay then you must have a unicorn docker daemon that doesn't do what the rest of the docker ecosystems leverages for fast builds
14:38 <Minty> great
14:38 <Minty> no idea how / why. i'm just running the regular docker for windows
14:38 <deedubs> I can say with near 100% certainty that your working dir is being mutated in some why between builds and invalidating the cache
14:39 <deedubs> seperate your dep install from your app install, that's the path from madness
14:39 <Minty> were you under the impression that RUN caches?
14:39 <deedubs> it does yes
14:40 <Minty> deedubs: i can prove to you that that's not the case. line 6 IS being cached. it's line 9 and 11 that are not
14:40 <Minty> the two RUN commands are not being cached.
14:40 <Minty> deedubs: here's your proof; https://paste.pound-python.org/show/qFxDqjqZn1Xp608ObEHW/
14:40 <deedubs> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ use golang or nodejs :P I can't help ya
14:42 <Minty> Can anyone help me understand what the "driver name" is for unixODBC for connecting to azure sql
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14:58 <aventx> exit
14:58 <Minty> How do I install the unixodbc driver i need for azure sql, and configure it, all at the command prompt (as this needs to go into a dockerfile)
14:59 <Minty> unixodbc.org directs me here; https://www.devart.com/odbc/sqlazure/docs/linux.htm
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15:02 <Minty> do i use curl to get the tar ball, then tar to unpack it, then how do i accept EULA / do other configuration?
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15:20 <Minty> Please can you help me write this workflow as shell commands? https://www.devart.com/odbc/sqlazure/docs/linux.htm
15:24 <* omniuwo> blinks
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20:18 <rcampo> does anyone know why fmask will not change from 0022 when mounting vfat.
20:18 <rcampo> ?
20:19 <rcampo> /dev/sda1 /media/sda1 vfat ro,relatime,fmask=0027,dmask=0022,errors=remount-ro 0 0
20:19 <rcampo> does nothing
20:19 <rcampo> in fstab
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21:13 <laskin> Hi. Do you have any problems with playing videos in Firefox? I have only youtube playing fine, and all other sites failing ):
21:14 <laskin> Chromium works fine though.
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