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01:54 <zava> I had those once but since I downloaded some specific plugin for firefox it's been flawless
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03:19 <MiggyX> Hi guys, we're looking forward to giving Alpine a go, but we are dependent on the newer kernel that's in the RC. Any idea when it might be released? :)
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05:45 <clandmeter> MiggyX, we only ship longterm kernels
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05:58 <MiggyX> clandmeter: My apologies, I thought 4.14 was in your RC6. Basically anything over 4.13 is fine :)
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10:14 <Zmanu> hello
10:15 <Zmanu> is there anything to install to be abble to use charset cp1252 with zendpdf ?
10:17 <Zmanu> ok my problem is strange but i'm ok to answer
10:22 <Zmanu> we have apache php7 and zend2 on a alpine
10:23 <Zmanu> we try to use zendPdf
10:23 <Zmanu> when we try to create a pdf, we have a problem with text that never appear on pdf file
10:25 <Zmanu> in code i see that there's a iconv on text from UTF-8 to cp1252\\IGNORE
10:25 <Zmanu> if i change cp1252 to iso-8859-1 there's no problem so there's a problem with cp1252 for me
10:26 <Zmanu> i hope it's more clear, so if someone have any idea
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11:25 <markand> hello
11:25 <zava> hello !
11:26 <markand> I'm trying alpine 3.7.0 in qemu, I have install xf86-input-{mouse,keyboard,evdev} but when I startxfce4, I don't have mouse or keyboard even though xfce4 starts correctly
11:27 <markand> of I forgot to add dbus, perhaps it will work better with :P
11:27 <mps> markand: dbus and udev
11:28 <jn__> udev is probably more significant to that problem than dbus
11:28 <markand> thanks I add both
11:29 <markand> hmmm still nothing (udev dbus running)
11:31 <ncopa> maybe xf86-input-libinput?
11:31 <ncopa> how do you start qemu?
11:31 <markand> it is installed from setup-xorg-base
11:31 <ncopa> ok
11:31 <markand> qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 2G -smp 4 -hda ./alpine.img
11:33 <markand> what's weird is that grep -i mouse /var/log/Xorg.0.log does not find anything (same for keyboard)
11:33 <markand> okay it works with Xorg -configure'd file
11:34 <ncopa> alpine-standard or alpine-virt?
11:35 <markand> the standard :)
11:36 <zava> deen i pleh eht teg ot redro ni siht od ot em dlot enoemos
11:37 <opal> zava: no it just makes you look like a bloody dork
11:38 <TBB> takes one etc :)
11:39 <markand> isn't adwaita supposed to be available from gtk+3? I don't see it in Xfce 4 settings
11:39 <opal> haha xD
11:39 <opal> 11:39.37 [freenode] -!- ircname : Oh grow up :)
11:39 <opal> you first TBB
11:40 <TBB> that was a necessity unfortunately
11:40 <TBB> markand, probably in a separate package
11:42 <markand> ah yes it's in adwaita-gtk2-theme since this version of Xfce still use gtk2 though
11:45 <TBB> theming doesn't really work very reliable on XFCE+Alpine though; set an icon theme if you want but don't touch window theming, no matter what you do
11:45 <TBB> because as soon as you do you'll end up in trouble with gtk apps
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11:46 <ncopa> markand: i tried set up xfce in alpine v3.8 iwth alpine-virt
11:46 <ncopa> and mouse works
11:47 <ncopa> what didnt work was setup-udev since eudev was not installed
11:47 <ncopa> so apk add eudev before running setup-xorg-base helped
11:49 <markand> okay :)
11:49 <markand> =(^.^)=
11:50 <ncopa> try run setup-udev
11:50 <ncopa> and reboot or similar
11:51 <markand> I got it working from the Xorg -configure + copied to /etc/X11/xorg.conf :)
11:51 <markand> but let me try evertheless
11:52 <ncopa> i will fix setup-xorg-base
11:54 <mps> setup-udev puts udev in default runlevel, IIRC
11:56 <mps> I had to 'move' it to sysinit
11:59 <zava> opal: I hide behind the dork-identity
12:00 <zava> or rather
12:00 <zava> ytitnedi-krod eht dniheb edih I :lapo
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12:27 <TBB> don't lure his out tho, zava
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12:50 <Zmanu> hello
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12:50 <Zmanu> how can i know if font Helvetica is install on my system ?
12:50 <duncan^> You would look for the font files in the relevant places
12:51 <duncan^> (It probably isn't installed, given you're asking if it's installed, and it's not freely redistributable)
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12:55 <Zmanu> duncan^: have you see my explaination about my problem i write before ?
12:57 <Zmanu> we have apache php7 and zend2 on a alpine we try to use zendPdfwe try to use zendPdf when we try to create a pdf, we have a problem with text that never appear on pdf file in code i see that there's a iconv on text from UTF-8 to cp1252\\IGNOREin code i see that there's a iconv on text from UTF-8 to cp1252\\IGNORE if i change cp1252 to iso-8859-1 there's no problem so there's a problem with cp1252 for
12:57 <Zmanu> me
13:00 <duncan^> How is that related to your question about the Helvetica font?
13:02 <Zmanu> duncan^: i try to know if problem come from cp1252 of from font i try to use
13:03 <Zmanu> before i use ubuntu and we migrate to alpine and config is the same and i have this problem so i try to find why
13:07 <Zmanu> duncan^: do you have any idea about where can come problem
13:09 <duncan^> No, sorry.
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13:10 <Zmanu> thanks, it's a very strange problem
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14:13 <tya99> hmm anyone know how to stop the APKINDEX files being updated on boot
14:13 <tya99> i'm running alpinelinux on a router so my WAN link isn't up yet when it tries to do that
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14:20 <mercury^> Why is GNU acct installed by setup-disk?
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14:43 <tmh1999> tya99: does APKINDEX update on boot? sounds strange.
15:23 <clandmeter> i think apk refreshes index after x time.
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15:32 <tmh1999> interesting. need to find the code segment that does it.
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17:21 <tya99> hmm anyone had any issues with rngd since 3.8?
17:22 <tya99> was working in 3.7 for me but now i notice
17:22 <tya99> * start-stop-daemon: caught an interrupt
17:22 <tya99> * start-stop-daemon: /usr/sbin/rngd died
17:22 <tya99> i am not able to get anything really meaningful from it either
17:22 <tya99> i know it should be working because dmesg shows
17:22 <tya99> [ 0.559749] bcm2835-rng 3f104000.rng: hwrng registered
17:23 <tya99> its no longer a kernel module anymore obviously (another change i noticed from 3.7 to 3.8
17:23 <TBB> I've seen that happen on 3.7 as well
17:23 <tya99> my /etc/conf.d/rngd has RNGD_OPTS="--no-drng=1 --no-tpm=1 -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng"
17:23 <tya99> it's a raspberry pi so i don't have TPM
17:25 <tya99> hmmm i think its because it is trying to load from /dev/tpm0
17:25 <tya99> # rngd -f -d -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng --no-tpm=1
17:26 <tya99> rngd: unrecognized option `--no-tpm=1'
17:26 <tya99> # rngd -f -d -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng
17:26 <tya99> Unable to open file: /dev/tpm0
17:26 <tya99> Failed to init entropy source 1: TPM RNG Device
17:26 <tya99> might be why it's failing
17:27 <tya99> # rngd -f -l
17:27 <tya99> Entropy sources that are available but disabled
17:27 <tya99> None
17:27 <tya99> Initalizing available sources
17:27 <tya99> Available entropy sources:
17:27 <tya99> 0: Hardware RNG Device
17:27 <tya99> hmm
17:29 <TBB> try the short option
17:30 <tya99> there isn't one
17:31 <tya99> its really not very helpful lol
17:31 <tya99> https://dpaste.de/CcRE
17:31 <tya99> ill be fucked if i can figure out how to do that
17:31 <tya99> i looked at x but it doesn't come up as an entropy source
17:32 <tya99> oh maybe -f
17:33 <tya99> hmm no that's foreground
17:33 <tya99> i think they removed it or something
17:33 <tya99> https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/131045/how-to-modify-rngds-default-command-line
17:36 <tya99> https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/3scm3x/created_a_new_wiki_entry_about_rngtools/cww99qj
17:36 <tya99> they must have removed it or some shit
17:38 <tya99> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Rng-tools
17:38 <TBB> -n and -d used to be the ones for TPM and DRNG
17:38 <TBB> version 5
17:38 <tya99> hmm
17:38 <tya99> -d is for debug now lol
17:39 <TBB> oh, oh. remove the options completely.
17:39 <tya99> -n, --include=n Enable the numbered entropy source specified
17:39 <TBB> what version are you running?
17:39 <tya99> ii have rngd 6
17:39 <tya99> what useless idiots
17:39 <tya99> :P
17:40 <tya99> # rngd -V
17:40 <tya99> rngd 6
17:40 <tya99> Copyright 2001-2004 Jeff Garzik
17:40 <tya99> Copyright 2017 Neil Horman
17:40 <tya99> Copyright (c) 2001 by Philipp Rumpf
17:40 <tya99> This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
17:40 <TBB> oh there's a version 6 now, I didn't even know
17:40 <tya99> hmm
17:41 <tya99> yep in 3.8
17:41 <TBB> did running it on the foreground not crash?
17:41 <TBB> because if it didn't then running it without options should be the solution
17:41 <tya99> yeah it just hangs
17:42 <tya99> on the fact it finds no tpm device
17:42 <tya99> i dont think it crashes unless u daemonise it
17:42 <tya99> yeah rngd -b
17:42 <tya99> makes it die
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17:43 <tya99> please paste the options from v5 will you
17:43 <tya99> im curious to see whats changed
17:43 <tya99> https://sourceforge.net/projects/gkernel/files/rng-tools/
17:44 <tya99> no version 6 in there
17:44 <tya99> so i don't know where that comes from
17:44 <tya99> ScrumpyJack: you're the maintainer :)
17:45 <tya99> looks like it is maintained elsewhere
17:45 <tya99> https://github.com/nhorman/rng-tools
17:46 <tya99> https://github.com/nhorman/rng-tools/releases
17:47 <tya99> he hasn't updated ChangeLog lol
17:47 <TBB> okay, first of all the conf.d file is plain wrong
17:47 <tya99> is it?
17:48 <tya99> what is supposed to be in there
17:48 <TBB> and second, the behaviour has changed. it seems to have 3 different entropy sources and you need to enable what you use and disable what you don't
17:48 <tya99> yeah
17:48 <tya99> so the options in /etc/conf.d/rngd need to just be changed i think
17:48 <TBB> the conf.d file has v5 syntax that is no longer used
17:48 <tya99> yup that's what i thought
17:49 <tya99> so now i have to figure out how to tell it to stop looking for TPM
17:49 <tya99> i will update our wiki when i figure it out because nobody seems to be using v6 :P
17:49 <TBB> so when you run it, lists you some devices it tries to use; -x with the index of the tpm should disable it
17:50 <TBB> and that's what you need to put in the rngd_opts of the conf.d file
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17:51 <tya99> yeah that doesn't show the TPM device in rngd -l
17:51 <tya99> Available entropy sources:
17:51 <tya99> 0: Hardware RNG Device
17:51 <tya99> # rngd -e0 -f -d -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng
17:52 <tya99> so i have to figure out how to put -x in there
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17:53 <tya99> maybe -x1
17:53 <TBB> right after -e0 add -x1 and possibly -x2 if it still doesn't work
17:53 <tya99> gateway:~# rngd -e0 -x1 -f -d -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng
17:53 <tya99> Disabling 1: TPM RNG Device
17:53 <tya99> maybe flip it around
17:54 <TBB> not sure how the logic works, it can either disable all and enable the -e ones if you use that option, or enable all and disable the ones with -x
17:54 <TBB> this little emachine has no rng sources so I can't really check
17:54 <tya99> i thnk it is working :D
17:54 <TBB> coolness
17:54 <tya99> # rngd -x1 -e0 -f -d -o /dev/random -r /dev/hwrng
17:54 <tya99> Disabling 1: TPM RNG Device
17:54 <tya99> looks right
17:56 <tya99> w00t
17:56 <algitbot> tya99: congrats!
17:56 <TBB> there's a chance the config wasn't changed because it needs to be configured per hardware and there was no sensible default... who knows
17:56 <tya99> now to document it so other people know!
17:56 <tya99> TBB: yeah well i just didn't expect the switches to be just "changed"
17:56 <TBB> if you have a bugs.a.o account, file a bug report
17:56 <tya99> if i was the author i would have put a warning out to syslog
17:57 <tya99> if old options are used
17:57 <tya99> assuming that they couldn't be put in a deprecated state somehow and then finally removed later down the track
17:57 <tya99> yeah i will do in the morning
17:57 <tya99> better go to bed before it is any later
17:58 <tya99> i need to tidy up that wiki article actually
17:58 <tya99> https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Linux_Router_with_VPN_on_a_Raspberry_Pi
17:58 <tya99> a lot in there that could be in sub articles the rng stuff being one of those things
17:58 <tya99> i will put in bold that the options have changed since version 5
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22:20 <mps> in APKBUILD i have 'makedepends="libmtp-dev libusb-dev fuse-dev"'. Do I need to put 'depends="libmtp libusb fuse"' or will abuild do it automatically
22:22 <_ikke_> You need to put it there afaik
22:24 <mps> I did, and I've got next answer http://tpaste.us/6Dwl to 'apk info -R simple-mtpfs'
22:24 <mps> so:libmtp.so.9 and libmtp
22:24 <_ikke_> right, abuild will trace all the basic so deps indeed
22:25 <mps> and same for libusb and fuse
22:26 <mps> looks like it somehow conclude from makedepends what to put in depends for apk
22:26 <_ikke_> no, not from the makedepends
22:26 <_ikke_> it just looks at the binaries
22:27 <_ikke_> and sees what dynamic libraries are requried
22:27 <mps> ok, I will try now to build without depends to see what will happen
22:29 <mps> with 'depends=""' (empty) I
22:29 <mps> 'sorry
22:30 <mps> with 'depends=""' (empty) I've got next answer http://tpaste.us/VRJ1 to 'apk info -R simple-mtpfs'
22:31 <mps> is that valid for apk which depends on the libmtp, libusb and fuse
22:35 <mps> btw, 'apk info -r libmtp' shows simple-mtpfs in list of package which depends on libmtp
22:36 <mps> anyone could give a hint?
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23:51 <Shiz> mps: that looks fine
23:52 <Shiz> as _ikke_ said, apk automatically determines that stuff, and the libmtp/fuse/libusb packages have entries for those `so:lib*.so` entries