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03:31 <tya99> anyone found the net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle=1 key appears to be unknown
03:31 <tya99> worked in 3.7 doesn't in 3.8 so i'd say it's something to do with the upgraded kernel
03:34 <tya99> i noticed it in https://wiki.alpinelinux.org/wiki/Sysctl.conf
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03:48 <tya99> i think it might have gotten removed
04:47 <katex> removed in linux 4.12
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08:24 <Zmanu> hello
08:25 <Zmanu> how can i see if cron service is activated ?
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08:26 <_ikke_> rc-status cron
08:27 <Zmanu> thanks
08:27 <_ikke_> or whatever the cron service is called
08:27 <Zmanu> rc-status is not found
08:27 <_ikke_> are you in a container?
08:28 <tya99> hmm i noticed dhcpcd seems to be messing up the link local addresses on my ipv6 vlans
08:28 <tya99> if i have it in the default run level
08:28 <_ikke_> and apparently rc-status does not take a service name
08:28 <Zmanu> _ikke_: yes
08:28 <tya99> if i don't and i run it after i get a shell then it seems to work fine
08:28 <tya99> https://i.imgur.com/zlXS437.jpg eg i noticed this while booting
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08:29 <_ikke_> Zmanu: containers typically don't have services running
08:29 <_ikke_> Zmanu: that is, if you are using docker for example
08:29 <_ikke_> You just start a single process
08:29 <tya99> and my interfaces https://dpaste.de/zSvB when i have dhcpcd running in the default run level
08:29 <Zmanu> _ikke_: yes i use docker
08:30 <tya99> if i wait until after the machine is booted and start it i notice they exist for eth0.2 and eth0.3, unlike here https://dpaste.de/zSvB
08:30 <tya99> dhcpcd really should only start after the interfaces are up
08:30 <tya99> so i think that might be a bug in the rc.d script
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08:31 <Zmanu> _ikke_: i'm sure service don't run, but admin don't believe me so i try to have something to tell him it's not running
08:31 <tya99> should i report this on the bug tracker?
08:33 <Zmanu> _ikke_: so where service must be start and how may he do to use the good container ?
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08:37 <_ikke_> docker containers are not virtual machines. You just start a single process which runs isolated from the rest
08:37 <_ikke_> Zmanu: You can however have this single process start other processes again (like crond)
08:38 <_ikke_> Zmanu: so if you do something like docker run .. /bin/process, that process will be the only thing that runs inside this container, unless that process starts other things
08:38 <Zmanu> _ikke_: ok thanks for answer
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08:43 <_ikke_> tya99: https://git.alpinelinux.org/cgit/aports/tree/main/dhcpcd/dhcpcd.initd#n9 here it says it provides net
08:43 <_ikke_> which seems to imply that it would take care of setting up the interfaces as well
08:44 <tya99> mm maybe i shouldn't set any interfaces then in /etc/network/interfaces
08:44 <tya99> and should let dhcpcd set them all
08:44 <tya99> it almost sounds like a race condition of a sorts
08:45 <tya99> the fact that eth0.4 has a scope link and eth0.2 and eth0.3 do not
08:45 <tya99> and they all do if i don't start dhcpcd until after i have sh#
08:45 <tya99> (all do come up) that is
08:45 <_ikke_> tya99: Isn't it enough to set the ip address automatic in /etc/network/interfaces?
08:45 <tya99> well this machine IS a router so they should be static
08:46 <_ikke_> why are you using dhcpcd then?
08:46 <tya99> to delegate prefix routes
08:46 <tya99> to hosts on my LAN side
08:47 <tya99> (ipv6 only)
08:47 <tya99> eg
08:47 <tya99> https://dpaste.de/3ePn
08:47 <_ikke_> dhcpcd is the client daemon
08:47 <_ikke_> not a dhcp server
08:47 <tya99> no that's correct
08:47 <tya99> but apparently you need it for the routes
08:47 <tya99> from the ppp connection
08:48 <tya99> which is why it's only operating on that one interface in ipv6 mode
08:49 <tya99> my interfaces look like so: https://dpaste.de/kbhT
08:49 <tya99> i am only delegating routes to eth0.2
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08:50 <tya99> eth0.3 will be NAT66 out VPN so i'm not worried about configuring that interface
08:51 <tya99> it's used in conjunction with radvd
08:53 <tya99> _ikke_: i suppose dhcpcd providing net is right in some cases
09:01 <tya99> maybe i should use allowinterfaces
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09:23 <ScrumpyJack> tya99: about rng-tools. I've not been active in alpine linux for a while now (which depresses me somewhat)
09:23 <ScrumpyJack> i hope to make time after the summer
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09:43 <tya99> im going to update the doco in a bit
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10:35 <Asgaroth> hi all, i'm new to alpine linux and am thinking of using it to replace our cento's vm's. I have test image (virt image of v3.7), and i'm trying to configure syslog to output the time correctly. syslog appears to output the time 1 hour behind its actual time, i've tried running with "-Z" for the server, my /etc/localtime is pointing to my correct timezone, i've also tried installing the tzdata package and updating /etc/TZ with the correct
10:35 <Asgaroth> timezone, but syslog always logs an hour behind. My timezone has DST and i'm thinking this is the issue, but I cannot, for the life of me, get syslog to log the correct time. date, on the otherhand, prints the correct time. Anyone have any ideas that I could try to get this working?
10:37 <mps> Asgaroth: do you use busybox syslog or some other
10:37 <Asgaroth> its the default alpine syslog, so i'm guessing its the busybox syslog
10:39 <Asgaroth> bear with me on this, i've only been playing with alpine for about a week now, so still getting used to its setup, although i've been working with linux (RH/CentOS) for a couple years, so, if i get some alpine nomenclature wrong, appologies in advance
10:39 <mps> that is the problem, busybox syslog doesn't work out of the box well
10:40 <mps> no problem, we all are were new in some time
10:40 <Diftraku> a lot of things don't work (well) out of the box with busybox
10:40 <Asgaroth> oh, i was hoping to keep the image minimal, is it recommend to switch to rsyslog or something like that?
10:42 <mps> probably, there are few packages so you can select one which best fit your use case
10:42 <Asgaroth> I did see some bugs on the alpine tracker with busybox syslog times, but they all seemed to get it sorted out if the either, disabled the "-Z" startup parameter, or byt installing the tzdata package and updating /etc/TZ, but that doesnt seem to be working for me :(
10:45 <mps> well, looks like the idea is in that that the only valid time is UTC
10:46 <mps> could be that idea is fixed in busybox syslog
10:46 <Asgaroth> on a side note, is busybox syslog able to send messages to a central syslog server over tcp? i see it has a -R option but is that udp only?
10:47 <mps> in my experience busybox applets are just first aid tools and not meant for serious task
10:48 <Asgaroth> yeah, i saw that by default /etc/TZ is set to UTC, but the added "-Z" parameter to syslog is supposed to convert UTC to local timestamps, but my box is still an hour behind my timezone, which, i'm guessing is related to daylight savings time (currently active here)
10:48 <mps> so, I usually install 'full' featured packages
10:49 <Asgaroth> ahh okay, i might need to look at that then, i was hoping to keep the image a slim as possible, i guess it would still be smaller than a minimal centos installation
10:50 <mps> don't know for centos but it is a lot smaller than debian, ime
10:51 <mps> so I presume it will be smaller, and faster, uses less cpu and memory
10:51 <Asgaroth> yeah, i'm trying to cut down on system disk image size (under vmware), currently with our base we're saving a couple gig per vm if we switch to alpine
10:52 <mps> that is why I switched everything I can to Alpine
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10:53 <Asgaroth> i'm in that process now, i just need to get propper logging with stamps going, then i can start looking at applications. i'll take a look at the rsyslog package and see if i can switch busybox syslog out with rsyslog
10:53 <mps> one of my VM uses less than 300MB
10:54 <mps> and works quite well with 256MB RAM
10:54 <Asgaroth> wow, thats small, our company policy so far is a base system disk template of 20GB, for the system disk, i'm currently testing a base alpine system disk of 1GB, add the savings up over a couple hundred vm's and its a big saving
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10:56 <mps> in the end, size depends what you have install and how much data you have to keep on disk, i.e. log history and what not
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10:57 <Asgaroth> yeah, the idea is to have all logs sent to a central system, none stored locally, then its down to app binary size, app data will be on a seperate disk, but yeah, just trying to get the basics sorted so i can create a template and move onto getting actual apps installed.
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10:58 <Asgaroth> the vm you're talking about above, is that a kvm, xen, bhyve, vmware vm?
11:01 <mps> I have xen and kvm
11:03 <mps> mail server - postfix and dovecot, http nginx and xmpp prosody is on KVM with 256MB ram
11:03 <mps> all that on one VM
11:04 <Asgaroth> nice, our mail server is on i want to move over, but i'm running qmail, need to see if there are packages for it in alpine
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11:07 <mps> many years ago I tried qmail, but switched to postfix. less hassle and it is really secure
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