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14:58 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: hi :D
14:58 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: hi mate!
14:58 <BeepDog> so I fixed it
14:58 <aslakhellesoy> I'm reading that link you sent
14:58 <aslakhellesoy> Oh already?
14:58 <BeepDog> I renamed the class in IDEA, copying the class name
14:58 <BeepDog> and pasting it
14:58 <BeepDog> look at the commit diff in github
14:58 <aslakhellesoy> I love the internets!
14:58 <BeepDog> the filename looks different
14:58 <BeepDog> I don't know why, but something must've been off
14:59 <BeepDog> this may also be useful:
14:59 <BeepDog> rename "src/main/java/com/aslakhellesoy/\303\206\303\270a\314\212.java" => "src/main/java/com/aslakhellesoy/\303\206\303\270\303\245.java" (100%)
14:59 <BeepDog> it appears that the actual UTF-8 sequence was different
14:59 <BeepDog> IDEA picked up that the class wasn't the same as the filename
14:59 <BeepDog> at least, it did for me
15:00 <BeepDog> and so I renamed the file, using a copy/paste of the class name, and then it all "just worked"
15:00 <aslakhellesoy> urgh
15:00 <aslakhellesoy> git pull git://github.com/dkowis/maven-utf8-jdk7-woes.git fixes_maybe
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15:00 <aslakhellesoy> error: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by merge:
15:00 <BeepDog> does it still bomb for you?
15:00 <aslakhellesoy> src/main/java/com/aslakhellesoy/Æøå.java
15:00 <aslakhellesoy> Please move or remove them before you can merge.
15:00 <BeepDog> doh!
15:00 <BeepDog> are you on a linux?
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> OS X
15:01 <BeepDog> does "locale" work?
15:01 <BeepDog> like if you run locale in a terminal?
15:01 <BeepDog> http://jonisalonen.com/2012/java-and-file-names-with-invalid-characters/ although, this link gets close
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LANG="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_COLLATE="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_CTYPE="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_MESSAGES="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_MONETARY="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_TIME="en_US.UTF-8"
15:01 <aslakhellesoy> LC_ALL=
15:01 <BeepDog> that's basically the same as mine
15:01 <BeepDog> I'm on a linux though
15:02 <BeepDog> perhaps you're not using a UTF-8 compatible terminal?
15:02 <BeepDog> I know nothing about apply-terminals
15:02 <aslakhellesoy> I'm using the one that comes with the OS
15:02 <aslakhellesoy> Thing is - In Cucumber-JVM - those files are *generated*
15:02 <aslakhellesoy> And the symptom is the same
15:03 <aslakhellesoy> So the terminal encoding shouldn't matter
15:03 <BeepDog> hrm
15:03 <BeepDog> but the system encoding might
15:03 <aslakhellesoy> yep
15:03 <BeepDog> but tha'ts a valid point
15:03 <BeepDog> hrm
15:03 <aslakhellesoy> but that's `locale` right?
15:03 <BeepDog> yeah
15:03 <BeepDog> sadly, unixy locale stuff can be somewhat of a mess
15:04 <BeepDog> perhaps it's not generating UTF-8 but UTF-16 ?
15:04 <BeepDog> since it's generated logic
15:05 <BeepDog> perhaps write a utility based on that ls.java from that one link that barfs out the actual character codes
15:05 <BeepDog> and compare them to a UTF-8/16 chart
15:05 <BeepDog> and make sure that the generation is doing what one expects
15:05 <aslakhellesoy> Could be. I couldn't pull your changes because git crapped itself
15:05 <BeepDog> :(
15:05 <BeepDog> well youc ould clone the repo fresh too
15:05 <BeepDog> it bothers me that git crapt itself
15:05 <aslakhellesoy> Ah sure - let me try that
15:06 <BeepDog> that leads me to believe that it's something more evil
15:06 <aslakhellesoy> They probably didn't test for OS brokenness
15:06 <BeepDog> which repo are these things generated/compiled in (it's been a while since I did cucumber thingies)
15:06 <aslakhellesoy> cucumber-jvm/java for example
15:06 <BeepDog> k
15:06 <aslakhellesoy> try a mvn clean install from the root
15:06 <BeepDog> k
15:07 <aslakhellesoy> if it works for you and not for me it's probably an OS X system encoding thing
15:07 <BeepDog> that's what I'm worried about
15:07 <aslakhellesoy> Although I'm on a bloody US of A bought Mac
15:07 <BeepDog> are UK macs crappier? ;P
15:07 <BeepDog> I run myself some Fedora ;D
15:07 <BeepDog> join the dark side my friend
15:07 <aslakhellesoy> I prefer US keyboard layout
15:07 <BeepDog> ah
15:08 <BeepDog> doing a clean install
15:08 <BeepDog> after fetching the latest head
15:08 <aslakhellesoy> And my job gives us US laptops since they're US based
15:08 <BeepDog> neat
15:08 <BeepDog> Mines an oldish dell, with an nvidia graphics card
15:08 <BeepDog> (which is awesome)
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15:09 <BeepDog> okay, it' generated and compiled the i18n sources, I think
15:09 <BeepDog> where should it have bombed?
15:12 <aslakhellesoy> it should have bombed while compiling the java module
15:12 <aslakhellesoy> (compiling the generated classes)
15:12 <BeepDog> works for me then, I'm int eh scalas
15:12 <aslakhellesoy> oh wows
15:12 <aslakhellesoy> that's good to know
15:12 <BeepDog> I'm on oracle jdk7 too
15:12 <aslakhellesoy> so it's an OS X thing then. Blergh.
15:13 <BeepDog> :(
15:13 <aslakhellesoy> Me too on oracle jdk7
15:13 <BeepDog> $ java -version
15:13 <BeepDog> java version "1.7.0_05"
15:13 <BeepDog> Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_05-b05)
15:13 <BeepDog> Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.1-b03, mixed mode)
15:13 <BeepDog> specifically
15:13 <aslakhellesoy> java version "1.7.0_06-ea"
15:13 <aslakhellesoy> Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_06-ea-b08)
15:13 <aslakhellesoy> Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.0-b21, mixed mode)
15:13 <BeepDog> it's possible there's a bug in _06
15:13 <BeepDog> possible, but not likely (imho)
15:13 <aslakhellesoy> not likely
15:14 <aslakhellesoy> Btw - I ran the Ls.java on that page...
15:14 <aslakhellesoy> Modified the dir it lists to the parent of the java file...
15:15 <aslakhellesoy> output:
15:15 <aslakhellesoy> Æøå.java: true
15:15 <BeepDog> le sad
15:15 <aslakhellesoy> That's on JDK7
15:16 <aslakhellesoy> However - if I do java Ls > tmp.log
15:16 <aslakhellesoy> And look at tmp.log in my editor...
15:17 <BeepDog> FYI: http://pastebin.com/3ccdY3q7
15:18 <aslakhellesoy> I see Æo'.java: true (well not exactly that ' but something similar)
15:18 <aslakhellesoy> Err - Æøa'
15:18 <BeepDog> right
15:18 <BeepDog> hrm
15:18 <BeepDog> lemme run that ls.java
15:19 <aslakhellesoy> Thing is - when I look at its output in the console it looks fine
15:19 <aslakhellesoy> But if I store it to a file it's all messed up
15:19 <aslakhellesoy> Very weird
15:19 <BeepDog> gotta be some kind of system locale madness :(
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15:20 <BeepDog> my IRC isn't utf-8, because this server is old
15:20 <BeepDog> $ java Ls
15:20 <BeepDog> Æøå.java: true
15:20 <BeepDog> oh wait, maybe it is
15:21 <BeepDog> i don't think it is
15:21 <BeepDog> heh
15:21 <BeepDog> but between master, and my fixes branch, the LS output appears to be the same
15:21 <BeepDog> well the java ls output
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> java Ls | hexdump
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> 0000000 ae bf 8c 2e 6a 61 76 61 3a 20 74 72 75 65 0a
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> 000000f
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> That's on JDK 6
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> java Ls | hexdump
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> 0000000 c3 86 c3 b8 61 cc 8a 2e 6a 61 76 61 3a 20 74 72
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> 0000010 75 65 0a
15:21 <aslakhellesoy> 0000013
15:22 <aslakhellesoy> That's on JDK 7
15:22 <BeepDog> whoa
15:22 <BeepDog> lemme pastie mine at you
15:22 <BeepDog> because it's very very interesting
15:22 <aslakhellesoy> Hell yes
15:22 <aslakhellesoy> I'll commit my Ls.java so you can see it
15:22 <BeepDog> I've got it already
15:22 <BeepDog> unless you changed a lot?
15:22 <BeepDog> just the path?
15:23 <BeepDog> http://pastebin.com/NJ4mKA1X
15:23 <BeepDog> look at the output from the hexdump on the master branch
15:23 <BeepDog> on the jdk7
15:27 <aslakhellesoy> https://github.com/aslakhellesoy/maven-utf8-jdk7-woes#digging-deeper
15:28 <aslakhellesoy> https://github.com/aslakhellesoy/maven-utf8-jdk7-woes/commit/71d956d9da5accaaef955dc0d9c65893bd3c6d5c
15:28 <BeepDog> no no
15:28 <BeepDog> lemme test the jdk6 bit
15:28 <BeepDog> look at my jdk7 output compared to yours
15:28 <BeepDog> the bytes are reversed
15:28 <BeepDog> mine on jdk7: 0000000 86c3 b8c3 cc61 2e8a 616a 6176 203a 7274
15:29 <BeepDog> yours on jdk7: 0000000 c3 86 c3 b8 61 cc 8a 2e 6a 61 76 61 3a 20 74 72
15:29 <BeepDog> I declare WAT
15:29 <BeepDog> also, brb, bio
15:30 <aslakhellesoy> Indeed
15:32 <BeepDog> let me see if I have a jdk6 handy
15:33 <BeepDog> hrm I don't
15:33 <BeepDog> I can solve that
15:33 <BeepDog> ewww, I have to visit oracle's website
15:38 <BeepDog> okay
15:40 <BeepDog> $ /opt/jdk6/jdk1.6.0_35/bin/java Ls |hexdump
15:40 <BeepDog> 0000000 86c3 b8c3 cc61 2e8a 616a 6176 203a 7274
15:40 <BeepDog> 0000010 6575 000a
15:40 <BeepDog> 0000013
15:40 <BeepDog> so yeah, my jdk6 and jdk7 outputs appear to be the same
15:40 <BeepDog> and that's with a javac done via jdk6 as well
15:41 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: so I have verified that my jdk6 and jdk7 output are the same, on the master branch
15:41 <aslakhellesoy> ok. can you try to pull my latest and run `javac Ls.java && java Ls hex`
15:41 <BeepDog> sure
15:42 <aslakhellesoy> That prints the file name as hex, to make sure nothing gets garbled in the console
15:42 <BeepDog> in jdk6 and 7 ?
15:42 <aslakhellesoy> sure
15:42 <aslakhellesoy> 7:
15:42 <aslakhellesoy> -0000000000000003c793c479e3375d1959e899f
15:42 <aslakhellesoy> 6:
15:42 <aslakhellesoy> -000000000000000003c793c473c5ad1959e899f
15:43 <BeepDog> it prints it in hex?
15:43 <BeepDog> oh ls jex
15:43 <BeepDog> herpaderp
15:43 <aslakhellesoy> I grabbed this snippet: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/923863/converting-a-string-to-hexadecimal-in-java
15:43 <BeepDog> $ /opt/jdk6/jdk1.6.0_35/bin/java Ls hex
15:43 <BeepDog> -0000000000000003c793c479e3375d1959e899f
15:43 <BeepDog> $ java Ls hex
15:43 <BeepDog> -0000000000000003c793c479e3375d1959e899f
15:44 <BeepDog> some things a bit wierd in your 7
15:44 <BeepDog> you have an extra 37
15:44 <aslakhellesoy> I had expected to see the same as in my 6!
15:44 <BeepDog> yeah
15:44 <aslakhellesoy> This is super weird
15:44 <BeepDog> apparently you lack a 37 in your 6
15:44 <BeepDog> wow
15:45 <aslakhellesoy> I appreciate you helping out. If you don't mind I'll link to this IRC log from the github project
15:45 <BeepDog> sure
15:45 <aslakhellesoy> And I'll close the Maven ticket - not their fault
15:45 <BeepDog> seems to be, yeah
15:46 <BeepDog> er, to not be
15:48 <BeepDog> can you check the hex output on the fixes_maybe branch?
15:49 <BeepDog> $ /opt/jdk6/jdk1.6.0_35/bin/java Ls hex
15:49 <BeepDog> -000000000000000003c793c473c5ad1959e899f
15:49 <BeepDog> $ javac Ls.java && java Ls hex
15:49 <BeepDog> -000000000000000003c793c473c5ad1959e899f
15:56 <BeepDog> hrm, interestingly enough on my fixes_maybe branch everything is the same
15:56 <BeepDog> it's gotta be some kind of locale setting on the apple box
15:56 <aslakhellesoy> Yeah - just not sure what :-/
15:57 <aslakhellesoy> This french dude on the ML failed to build on both JDK 6 and 7. Not sure what OS he's on though.
15:57 <BeepDog> heh
15:57 <BeepDog> did you note that your jdk6 encoding is macRoman?
15:57 <aslakhellesoy> Could be a different reason he can't build it
15:58 <aslakhellesoy> yes I did
15:58 <BeepDog> what if you managed to set that for jdk7?
15:58 <BeepDog> (i have no clue how one sets that heh)
15:58 <aslakhellesoy> me neither :-)
15:58 <aslakhellesoy> Oh actually, I think I do
15:58 tychobrailleur joined
15:59 <BeepDog> was your jdk6 apple java? or oracle java?
15:59 <aslakhellesoy> It's overridden with <project.build.sourceEncoding>UTF-8</project.build.sourceEncoding> in the pom
15:59 <BeepDog> gasp
15:59 <tychobrailleur> aslakhellesoy: seb here
15:59 <BeepDog> yeah apple java was ignoring that stuff
15:59 <BeepDog> big time
15:59 <BeepDog> https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/issues/586 scan the comments here
15:59 <BeepDog> apple's java is being evil at you
15:59 <tychobrailleur> aslakhellesoy: thought might be helpful to discuss this directly
15:59 <aslakhellesoy> tychobrailleur: bienvenu au weird
16:00 <tychobrailleur> aslakhellesoy: I�ve been compiling with jdk7 for a while now
16:00 <BeepDog> ah you must be the "french guy" he was just talking about :)
16:00 <BeepDog> what OS?
16:00 <tychobrailleur> aslakhellesoy: Ubuntu 12.10, 64 bits
16:00 <tychobrailleur> yay
16:00 <BeepDog> interesting
16:00 <aslakhellesoy> what locale?
16:00 <tychobrailleur> I�m just in the process of cloning, and doing a clean build there
16:01 <BeepDog> locale | grep LANG
16:01 <tychobrailleur> fr_FR.UTF-8
16:01 <BeepDog> hrm
16:01 <BeepDog> whats the rest of the output?
16:01 <BeepDog> just all of `locale` without any greps
16:01 <aslakhellesoy> funny - every message you send here has (incompatible encoding) appended :-)
16:01 <aslakhellesoy> that's you tychobrailleur
16:01 <tychobrailleur> LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8
16:01 <tychobrailleur> LANGUAGE=fr:en
16:01 <tychobrailleur> really? odd
16:01 <aslakhellesoy> fr:en - franglais?
16:02 <BeepDog> yeah that's wierd
16:02 <BeepDog> or weird
16:02 <aslakhellesoy> so to sum up:
16:02 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: has it working on 6 and 7
16:02 <BeepDog> I can verify that this locale works for me in linux: http://pastebin.com/Kf4EW8Kr
16:02 <aslakhellesoy> tychobrailleur: on 7 but not 6
16:02 <aslakhellesoy> And I on 6 but not 7
16:02 <BeepDog> nice!
16:03 <aslakhellesoy> That right?
16:03 <BeepDog> I thinmk so
16:03 <tychobrailleur> yes
16:03 <BeepDog> and I think it has to do with your apple box's jdk6 ignoring the locale setting and using macroman
16:03 <tychobrailleur> but I definitely couldn�t compile your sample project because of that character discrepancy
16:03 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: sounds plausible
16:03 <BeepDog> heh, if I search the google for jdk7 macroman your maven-utf8-jdk-woes is on the first page
16:04 <BeepDog> I haven't tried maven running against jdk6, but the output of all the UTF-8 tests are the same
16:04 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: that's cuz google knows you now
16:04 <BeepDog> your repo, not mine (and i turned off the personal results :P)
16:05 <aslakhellesoy> well, since neither of you are on OS X you can't see what I see :-/
16:05 <aslakhellesoy> I guess I'll just install an ubuntu VM then
16:05 <BeepDog> heh
16:06 <BeepDog> well, so far fedora has the biggest winning streak ;P
16:06 <aslakhellesoy> Unless I can figure out how to tell my java to be nice
16:06 imajes joined
16:06 <BeepDog> but I'm sure ubuntu works fine (I just don't care for it)
16:06 <tychobrailleur> still builds ok here.
16:06 <BeepDog> hrm
16:06 <aslakhellesoy> I use Ubuntu at work
16:06 <aslakhellesoy> brb
16:09 <tychobrailleur> so if I understand correctly, there's a different issue to the sample project one, then
16:10 <tychobrailleur> because I do get an error with the sample project, but it can be fixed
16:10 <BeepDog> well
16:10 <BeepDog> I think it has to do with the generation of the files
16:10 <BeepDog> and the one he committed into the sample project is generated on an apple, poorly
16:10 <BeepDog> my linux box, when I check it out and open it in IDEA, shows that the class is indeed named differently than the file
16:11 <tychobrailleur> exactly
16:11 <BeepDog> so I copied/pasted the class name into the file name, and committed that
16:11 <BeepDog> and pushed it to a fixes_maybe branch on my own fork
16:11 <tychobrailleur> that's because they are different unicode character
16:11 <BeepDog> I don't remember if aslakhellesoy tested it or not (I think he did)
16:11 <BeepDog> right
16:11 <tychobrailleur> oh so it's your pull request
16:11 <BeepDog> yep
16:11 <tychobrailleur> ok
16:11 <* BeepDog> == dkowis
16:11 <tychobrailleur> ok. nice to meet you :)
16:12 <tychobrailleur> ok, I'll have a look at how the files are generated, see if I spot stg
16:12 <BeepDog> good luck
16:12 <BeepDog> It has to be something with system locales
16:13 <BeepDog> especially since you're also on a linux
16:13 <aslakhellesoy> I'm back
16:13 <BeepDog> for aslak, it's OSX and apple java (jdk6) and oracle java (jdk7)
16:13 <BeepDog> so it could be how OSX represents UTF-8 stuff
16:13 <BeepDog> there were some interesting differences in the hex dump output
16:14 <aslakhellesoy> So it appears that when I create a file named Æøå.java - whether it's with `touch` or with a script - the file ends up having composite Unicode characters.
16:14 <tychobrailleur> ok
16:16 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: is there an alternative terminal you can use?
16:16 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: Same happens when I run a script that does a cat
16:16 <BeepDog> hrm
16:16 <aslakhellesoy> So it can't be my terminal I think
16:16 <BeepDog> well cat sends things into the shell
16:16 <BeepDog> good point
16:17 <BeepDog> gotta be a locale setting then
16:17 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: are you on OSX Lion?
16:18 <aslakhellesoy> Yesy
16:18 <BeepDog> http://yzisin.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/how-to-fix-locale-issues-in-mac-os-x-lion-terminal/
16:18 <BeepDog> again, a shot in the dark, not having an OSX to test on
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> My script:
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> cat > src/main/java/com/aslakhellesoy/Æøå.java <<-EOF
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> package com.aslakhellesoy;
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> public class Æøå {
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> public static void main(String[] _) {
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> System.out.println("Æøå");
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> }
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> }
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> EOF
16:20 <aslakhellesoy> No shell involved here
16:20 <BeepDog> yeah, but that's locale issues not shell issues
16:21 <BeepDog> I can't remember if you have all the same settings configured or not
16:21 <aslakhellesoy> just saying it's not a terminal issue
16:21 <BeepDog> yeah, I believe you
16:21 <tychobrailleur> yeah and surely both � are entered the same way, so it's when actually created the file something happens
16:22 <BeepDog> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9757843/unicode-encoding-for-filesystem-in-mac-os-x-not-correct-in-python
16:22 <BeepDog> oh god, I wonder if it's your filesystem
16:22 <aslakhellesoy> That's what I'm thinking too
16:22 <BeepDog> "MacOS X uses a special kind of decomposed UTF-8 to store filenames."
16:22 <aslakhellesoy> Uhm WTF
16:22 <BeepDog> damn, the sited link doesn't exist
16:23 <BeepDog> http://www.talisman.org/~erlkonig/misc/python-and-unicode.html#PLAT_OSX
16:23 <jbpros> http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/250x250/27822881.jpg
16:24 <aslakhellesoy> accented character like é, it will decompose this into e plus ' before saving it to the filesystem
16:24 <aslakhellesoy> that's it!
16:24 <BeepDog> that's it indeed
16:24 <aslakhellesoy> bloddy hell
16:24 <BeepDog> jbpros: s/don't udnerstand text encoding/use an apple computer for programming/
16:24 <BeepDog> ;)
16:25 <jbpros> heh
16:25 <aslakhellesoy> jbpros: haha
16:25 <BeepDog> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10281072/git-svn-rebase-file-name-too-long so that has a solution
16:25 <BeepDog> dude created an ExFat dmg-image and does his work on there
16:25 <jbpros> sorry guys, that was probably not helpful (:
16:25 <BeepDog> jbpros: that's okay, I'm normally not helpful :D
16:26 <BeepDog> it's odd that the behavior is defined by the unicode standard, but apparently doesn't translate well
16:26 <aslakhellesoy> an ExFat dmg-image. Whatever.
16:26 <BeepDog> different filesystem :)
16:32 <tychobrailleur> I'm surprised this seems to have never surfaced as a jdk bug
16:32 <tychobrailleur> you could argue that javac should normalize filename and classname to do its check
16:33 <aslakhellesoy> tychobrailleur: combination of jdk7 being new and few people using non-ascii in class names
16:33 <tychobrailleur> but I do get the same problem with jdk6
16:33 <aslakhellesoy> write once run anywhere (but please compile on linux)
16:34 <BeepDog> hah
16:34 <BeepDog> it's probably an artifact of JDK7 being oracle java, whereas Apple had control of it all before
16:35 <tychobrailleur> here's another one: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3610013/file-listfiles-mangles-unicode-names-with-jdk-6-unicode-normalization-issues
16:35 <aslakhellesoy> could be
16:36 <aslakhellesoy> java.text.Normalizer to the rescue?
16:36 <BeepDog> as part of the generated file output?
16:37 <aslakhellesoy> I dunno
16:37 <BeepDog> yikes
16:37 <BeepDog> but that's certainly the solution
16:37 <tychobrailleur> you need the opposite, a decomposer :)
16:37 <BeepDog> somehow
16:38 <BeepDog> So I thik when you generate the class files, use the normalizer on the filenames
16:38 <BeepDog> and the classnames
16:38 <BeepDog> heh
16:38 <BeepDog> that's what I'd do anyway
16:38 <BeepDog> since I think you're using URLEncoder.encode right now?
16:40 <tychobrailleur> so use the decomposed version for both? That sounds like the only way yeah
16:40 <BeepDog> yeah
16:40 <BeepDog> so we need to modify all the <groovy> script fu in the thing
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16:41 <BeepDog> in the entire cucumber-jvm, to take advantage of the normalize things
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16:41 <BeepDog> and if we were to do it smartly, we'd put the groovy code in the root of the project
16:41 <aslakhellesoy> That's what I'm thinking. I'll try that.
16:41 <BeepDog> and pass in the paths
16:42 <aslakhellesoy> Or BeepDog - if you want to try it go ahead
16:42 <BeepDog> and just use <groovy src="${uber_root}/i18n-gen.groovy"/>
16:42 <BeepDog> I might give it a whack
16:42 <aslakhellesoy> I'm flying tomorrow so I need to pack anyway
16:42 <BeepDog> oki, I should be doing regular work, but I can probably get this done real quick :(
16:42 <BeepDog> er:)
16:42 <BeepDog> diversions are fun and stimulating
16:43 <aslakhellesoy> this is definitely a mind bender
16:43 <tychobrailleur> well, I leave you guys to it then. ;)
16:45 <aslakhellesoy> thanks for all the help guys
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16:47 <tychobrailleur> well, glad I could help a bit, even if that wasn't much.
16:47 <tychobrailleur> have a nice trip
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16:50 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: I'm going to note that the jython stuff already normalizes it into NFD format
16:50 <BeepDog> can you run the jython stuff standalone on your mac?
16:51 <aslakhellesoy> It does? Where?
16:51 <BeepDog> in the template
16:51 <aslakhellesoy> And what do you mean by standalone?
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16:52 <BeepDog> like, can you build/compile those parts?
16:52 <BeepDog> not that it would know, because there's nothing to compile!
16:52 <BeepDog> so nevermind
16:52 <BeepDog> that's all in one file, but it normalizes all the jython names to NFD form
16:53 <BeepDog> so I'm going to try to do that in hte javas bit as well
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16:53 <aslakhellesoy> git blame jython/src/main/code_generator/I18n.jython.txt
16:53 <aslakhellesoy> got my name on it
16:53 <aslakhellesoy> I have only a vague recollection of this
16:53 <BeepDog> heh
16:53 <BeepDog> well, lets see if it behaves itself for filenames
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16:55 <BeepDog> well, normalizing it in the cucumber-java stuff and it hasn't blown up yet :)
16:55 <BeepDog> but I don't have a mac :)
16:56 <aslakhellesoy> Let me see, I think I can help
16:56 <aslakhellesoy> There it is
16:56 <BeepDog> heh
16:56 <BeepDog> I'll push it up real quick
16:56 <aslakhellesoy> hokay
16:56 <aslakhellesoy> brb in 10
16:56 <aslakhellesoy> I'll try it out then
16:57 <BeepDog> k
16:57 <BeepDog> https://github.com/dkowis/cucumber-jvm/tree/new_groovy_gen
16:57 <BeepDog> I'll make a pull request
16:59 <BeepDog> I don't know if this will solve tychobrailleur's problem or not
16:59 <griffindy> hi everyone
16:59 <griffindy> I'm using Rails, I seem to be having a problem with my session variable resetting in between steps, is there any way to avoid this?
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17:07 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: my problem?
17:08 <BeepDog> with not being able to compile it
17:08 <BeepDog> since you're not on an apple computer
17:09 <BeepDog> you could check out the branch I linked anyway, and see if it builds for you now
17:09 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: no, I could compile on Ubuntu ok
17:09 <BeepDog> oh
17:09 <BeepDog> just not when using jdk6?
17:10 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: I was saying that the sample project was failing for me for both 6 and 7, not cucumber-jvm
17:10 <BeepDog> ooooh
17:10 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: cucumber-jvm always compiled fine for me, and now we know why :)
17:11 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: sorry, didn't me to confuse everyone.
17:11 <BeepDog> yeah, i get it now
17:11 <BeepDog> yep
17:11 <BeepDog> for some reason I thought you were talkinga bout the original cucumber-jvm
17:11 <tychobrailleur> s/me/mean/
17:11 <tychobrailleur> nope
17:11 <BeepDog> his sample project "maven-jdk7-woes" also bombed for me on the linux
17:12 <tychobrailleur> makes sense
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17:12 <BeepDog> hopefully normalizing the filenames to all be that NFD wierdness format that OSX uses (which is apparently a standard, but only OSX uses it, heh) will get it to behave well
17:12 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: huzza!!!!
17:12 <BeepDog> it works here on the linux, and will probably work fine for you
17:12 <BeepDog> HAPPY TIEMS!
17:12 <aslakhellesoy> That worked!
17:13 <BeepDog> yay!
17:13 <tychobrailleur> yeah makes sense
17:13 <tychobrailleur> cool
17:13 <tychobrailleur> well done
17:13 <aslakhellesoy> I removed .replaceAll("\\p{InCombiningDiacriticalMarks}+", "")
17:13 <BeepDog> I saw that in the pythons, but wasn't sure what it did, so I kept it
17:13 <BeepDog> but if it doesn't need to be there, all the better
17:13 <aslakhellesoy> That was needed only in python, because it doesn't allow non-ascii in code
17:13 <aslakhellesoy> But java does
17:13 <BeepDog> aha
17:13 <aslakhellesoy> Basically it removes accents
17:14 <tychobrailleur> j�ttebra
17:14 <BeepDog> those little dots thingies that other languages use :)
17:14 <* BeepDog> is a lame-o american
17:14 <BeepDog> :)
17:14 <aslakhellesoy> tychobrailleur: ça c'est du suédois ;-)
17:14 <tychobrailleur> aslakhellesoy: indeed, lived there for a while ;)
17:14 <aslakhellesoy> who'd thunk an american would fix unicode issues!
17:15 <BeepDog> hah!
17:15 <tychobrailleur> yep, pretty amazing :)
17:15 <BeepDog> I just have leet google-fu
17:15 <aslakhellesoy> tychobrailleur: oh really? you speak swedish too?
17:15 <tychobrailleur> javisst
17:15 <aslakhellesoy> vafan!
17:15 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: you should totally write up a blag post about this
17:15 <tychobrailleur> jla
17:15 <tychobrailleur> j�vloa
17:15 <BeepDog> I speak English, Java, Ruby, and am learning Scala ;P
17:15 <tychobrailleur> can't type
17:15 <* BeepDog> slinks off to his boring one-language corner
17:16 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: can't be bothered. Now I know the solution. That works for me :-)
17:16 <BeepDog> ha
17:16 <BeepDog> very good then
17:16 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: then you should
17:16 <BeepDog> I might
17:16 <BeepDog> but I'm not popular on the internets, unlike aslakhellesoy ;)
17:16 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: you will be if you write that post!
17:16 <BeepDog> heh
17:16 <aslakhellesoy> I'll tweet it!
17:17 <BeepDog> it's a deal, I'll try to write it up tonight
17:17 <BeepDog> do you want me to update my pull request?
17:17 <tychobrailleur> sounds good!
17:17 <aslakhellesoy> where is your blog btw
17:17 <BeepDog> shlrm.org
17:17 <BeepDog> http://shlrm.org/
17:17 <aslakhellesoy> octopuses. looks nice!
17:18 <BeepDog> yeees :)
17:18 <BeepDog> I'm a huge fan of octopress
17:18 <aslakhellesoy> damn auto correct
17:18 <BeepDog> I used to have the wordpress
17:18 <BeepDog> and then my site got compromised
17:18 <aslakhellesoy> I've finally started to work on a new cukes.info site
17:18 <BeepDog> I saw teh haxxors try to add an SSH user
17:18 <BeepDog> but thankfully my SSH endpoint and my blag were on different hosts
17:18 <BeepDog> so this runs on a rackspace cloud machine, and is just nginx and html files
17:18 <BeepDog> no worries about exploits there :)
17:19 <aslakhellesoy> http://cukes.info/step-definitions.html
17:19 <BeepDog> that's quite pretty
17:19 <aslakhellesoy> It's just bootstrap with some other fonts so far :-)
17:19 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: looks bootstrap-y :)
17:19 <BeepDog> weren't you going to do it in rails-y things?
17:19 <BeepDog> or some non-static?
17:20 <BeepDog> tychobrailleur: I don't think octopress uses bootstrap, but it'd be awesome if it did
17:20 <aslakhellesoy> it's just jekyll and gh-pages
17:20 <BeepDog> I loves me some bootstrap
17:20 <BeepDog> heh, I thought I recommended that a long time ago, and you didn't like that idea :P
17:20 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: I meant the new cukes.info
17:20 <aslakhellesoy> static site with mostly markdown source
17:20 <BeepDog> ah yeah, the cukes.info is definitely bootstrap
17:20 <aslakhellesoy> I need to make it look non-bootstrappy
17:20 <BeepDog> I could've sworn I recommended that, and you didn't like that idea
17:20 <BeepDog> I guess the subliminal messages worked
17:20 <BeepDog> I mean uh
17:21 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: I know, but I finally came round
17:21 <BeepDog> heheh
17:21 <BeepDog> I'm no good at magic css styling
17:21 <aslakhellesoy> I don't like the default bootstrap look (because so many sites use it)
17:21 <BeepDog> I like bootstrap because it makes my site look reasonably pretty without me having to do work :)
17:21 <aslakhellesoy> so if I can make it look original i'm happy
17:21 <BeepDog> cool
17:21 <aslakhellesoy> tinker tinker with css
17:21 <BeepDog> I'm sure it's doable
17:21 <BeepDog> yeah
17:22 <BeepDog> https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/pull/399 aslakhellesoy I updated the pull request, taking out the same thing you took out
17:23 <BeepDog> unless you already magicked it in there or whatever :)
17:23 <BeepDog> does travis build on multiple OS'es ?
17:23 <tychobrailleur> aslakhellesoy: love the way you can see what the syntax is for your favourite language on the new site
17:24 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: doubt it
17:24 <tychobrailleur> travis-ci.org uses 32-bit Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (server edition).
17:24 <tychobrailleur> http://about.travis-ci.org/docs/user/ci-environment/
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17:25 <GitHub99> [cucumber-jvm] aslakhellesoy pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/5yv-Kg
17:25 <GitHub99> [cucumber-jvm/master] The java module (and all other modules) finally compile on JDK 7 and OS X. Thanks to David Kowis and Sébastien Le Callonnec - Aslak Hellesøy
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17:25 <aslakhellesoy> tychobrailleur: the cool thing is that it remembers the tab you selected if you reload the page or go to another one
17:25 <BeepDog> hooray!
17:25 <aslakhellesoy> so the language you pick will follow you around the site
17:25 <BeepDog> that's nifty
17:26 <aslakhellesoy> Hey - try to hit the edit link in the fotter
17:26 <aslakhellesoy> footer
17:26 <BeepDog> it's lots of htmls, but I can edit it I think
17:26 <aslakhellesoy> Try making a change and see if you can send a pull req
17:26 <BeepDog> it wants me to sign in to github
17:26 <aslakhellesoy> do it :-)
17:26 <BeepDog> k
17:27 <BeepDog> it loads awful slow
17:27 <aslakhellesoy> orly?
17:27 <BeepDog> seems to
17:28 <tychobrailleur> BeepDog: yep, awesome. I didn't realise there was a f# impl of cucumber. I'll have to come up with something in Ada :D
17:28 <BeepDog> the rendering of the page is all borked using the "eye" button
17:28 <BeepDog> so I sent a patch
17:28 <BeepDog> tychobrailleur: ha
17:29 <aslakhellesoy> BeepDog: that's because it's rendered with a browser markdown that isn't as fancy as the gh-pages markdown/liquid processor
17:29 <BeepDog> aha
17:29 <BeepDog> well I made a silly patch
17:29 <aslakhellesoy> thanks! https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber.github.com/pulls
17:30 <BeepDog> neat
17:30 <aslakhellesoy> I might not merge that one ;-)
17:30 <BeepDog> that's okay, I won't feel too bad :)
17:30 <tychobrailleur> :)
17:30 <aslakhellesoy> It doesn't compile!
17:30 <BeepDog> ha!
17:35 <BeepDog> aslakhellesoy: so you should update your maven woes repo, with links or something :)
17:35 <BeepDog> or maybe after I blag aboot it
17:36 <aslakhellesoy> I'll update with a link to the diff and the irc log
17:36 <BeepDog> yep
17:39 <aslakhellesoy> done: https://github.com/aslakhellesoy/maven-utf8-jdk7-woes
17:43 <BeepDog> Whoa the log has what we're typing right now in it
17:44 <BeepDog> it's like I'm looking at the future, but with a slight delay that makes it more like the past
17:46 <tychobrailleur> anyway, gotta go. sl�n leat!
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17:48 <GitHub1> [cucumber-jvm] aslakhellesoy pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/2piqGA
17:48 <GitHub1> [cucumber-jvm/master] Normalized groovy and scala generated code as well - Aslak Hellesøy
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17:51 <GitHub137> [cucumber-jvm] aslakhellesoy pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/CDc5vw
17:51 <GitHub137> [cucumber-jvm/master] Make travis build on more JDKs - Aslak Hellesøy
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17:55 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] cucumber/cucumber-jvm#227 (master - 1298878 : Aslak Hellesøy): The build passed.
17:55 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/compare/23417375b45e...1298878e8faa
17:55 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/builds/2669491
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18:08 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] cucumber/cucumber-jvm#228 (master - b5661d4 : Aslak Hellesøy): The build passed.
18:08 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/compare/1298878e8faa...b5661d4a3659
18:08 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/builds/2669736
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18:15 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] cucumber/cucumber-jvm#229 (master - 76311fa : Aslak Hellesøy): The build passed.
18:15 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] Change view : https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/compare/b5661d4a3659...76311fa8aa54
18:15 <travis-ci> [travis-ci] Build details : http://travis-ci.org/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/builds/2669762
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20:23 <GitHub41> [cucumber.github.com] none pushed 3 new commits to master: http://git.io/6m67Lg
20:23 <GitHub41> [cucumber.github.com/master] More styling - Aslak Hellesøy
20:23 <GitHub41> [cucumber.github.com/master] Updated install-cucumber-ruby.md - Aslak Hellesøy
20:23 <GitHub41> [cucumber.github.com/master] Updated install-cucumber-rails.md - Aslak Hellesøy
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