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01:24 <lixmon> Hey Elixir goes
01:25 <lixmon> goers*
01:26 <lixmon> is it possible to parse HTML with PCAP
01:26 <lixmon> using Elixir
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04:45 <targaf> does anyone here use yarn for a phoenix app and deploy it to heroku? I'm getting an error on building around phoenix being referenced to as a local dependency ("phoenix@file:deps/phoenix")
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07:46 <dogweather> Are module defstructs automatically valid for use in typespecs?
07:46 <dogweather> Or must a @type be created for them?
07:47 <Havvy> I think you need to make an @type, if only to give the types of individual fields.
07:47 <dogweather> Havvy: ok, makes sense
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10:03 <fnux> Hello ! String.strip/1 is tagged as deprecated in https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/master/lib/elixir/lib/string.ex#L813. What I am expected to use ?
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10:04 <fnux> I just want to get ride of \n and \r.
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10:21 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13719 (master - 2ef963a : Eksperimental): The build passed.
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11:26 <Nicd-> fnux: String.trim
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12:08 <fnux> Nicd-: thx.
12:09 <fnux> If I use :gen_tcp.accept/1 to accept a connection on a socket, how can I close the connection ?
12:09 <fnux> :gen_tcp.close/1 would close the socket ?
12:10 <damjan> fnux: there's a listening socket and the connection socket
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12:12 <damjan> http://erlang.org/doc/man/gen_tcp.html
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12:31 <egis> Hello. Where should I put code in phoenix which does not belong to framework? I want to query external resources for availability. So I'm thinking writing some "module" to do that. Then call the module from phoenix controller and output available resources.
12:31 <egis> So where should I put that module directory structure wise?
12:31 <egis> Are there any best practices?
12:31 <Nicd-> there are a few ways
12:32 <Nicd-> 1) put in lib/, 2) put in separate app (use umbrella app and put phoenix and your module as child apps)
12:33 <Nicd-> in phoenix 1.3 all code will move to lib/ from web/ and web/ will be removed
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12:35 <egis> Nicd-, thanks! I think I'll go with 2nd approach. Seems like the best way to separate concerns.
12:35 <Nicd-> I have not tried it myself but it seems popular
12:35 <Nicd-> some even split their database connections into another app
12:35 <egis> About phoenix 1.3 - I suppose this move will not be backwards compatible?
12:36 <Nicd-> it's compatible afaik, maybe some renaming to do
12:36 <Nicd-> but the default project structure will change to lib/
12:36 <egis> That's cool.
12:37 <egis> It kinda rubbed me the wrong way a little, this logic in "web" directory.
12:37 <egis> But yeah, naming things is hard.
12:39 <Nicd-> https://gist.github.com/chrismccord/71ab10d433c98b714b75c886eff17357
12:39 <Nicd-> 1.2 -> 1.3 migration instructions
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14:00 <nhooyr> anyone know what colorscheme chris is using on the slides in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMO28ar0lW8 ?
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14:10 <iFire> is 1.3 out yet?
14:11 <iFire> Nicd-: heh there's a typo in the first paragraph
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14:43 <egis> Hmm, how do I start all my applications in umbrella project? I have one phoenix app and one "generic" app inside of it. Not sure how to start them. I think I'm missing something obvious.
14:43 <egis> I would prefer (for now) to start them with `iex -S mix` in umbrella directory.
14:45 <egis> When I do ApplicatinName.start/2 it says "already started".
14:45 <egis> for phoenix app. But it is not listening to 4000 port. :/
14:47 <damjan> egis: afaik https://github.com/bryanjos/example/blob/master/mix.exs#L20
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14:50 <egis> damjan, I have that line in my mix.exs
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14:51 <damjan> I ment, for your first question. add all the apps
14:51 <damjan> for the second. dunno, github?
14:52 <egis> Hmm, what was my second question? :D
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15:08 <renl> hi how do you set cursor position in Elixir? I checked IO.ANSI and couldnt find anything there
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19:06 <sahrizv> iFire: Thanks for pointing out dalmatinerdb! By monitoring, I actually meant either event or polling based health check. Apologies, I did not state it clearly.
19:08 <sahrizv> Can anyone please confirm if ex_aws could be used to deal with Auto Scaling Groups? I couldn't find it in the docs.
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19:08 <lixmon> sahrizv: Hey that DalmatinerDB, is it relational?
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19:11 <sahrizv> lixmon: I got to know of it only yesterday, so not sure.
19:11 <sahrizv> lixmon: I think it is non-relational though, with a SQL like query interface.
19:12 <iFire> lixmon: it's non relational
19:12 <lixmon> oh ok
19:12 <iFire> lixmon: do you need it tobe relational?
19:12 <lixmon> yes actually
19:12 <iFire> I mean there's nothing theoretically stopping you logging to postgresql
19:12 <iFire> using the libs
19:12 <iFire> let me look
19:12 <lixmon> can it hold transact-data, time series data
19:12 <lixmon> yeah i mean postgresql is flawless
19:12 <iFire> lixmon: to be honest Iwould look into something like kafka based stuff
19:12 <lixmon> at the moment
19:13 <lixmon> yeah i feel you
19:14 <iFire> lixmon: I'm trying to work on a cluster based in memory sql database (it has redundency) ecto driver but it's pre-alpha quality :(
19:14 <iFire> if you have to time to dev on it, it would be cool
19:14 <lixmon> iFire: you know whats funny, I work with big data and databases all day, relational or non relational and this DalmatinerDB sounds promising but still early stage
19:15 <iFire> lixmon: so this in memory database is sql and spark merged
19:15 <iFire> it's like a holy grail
19:15 <iFire> D:
19:15 <iFire> and past numbers from 2015 are impressive (before they opensourced)
19:16 <iFire> http://zdatainc.com/2015/02/gemfire-performance-evaluation-aws/ <-
19:16 <iFire> http://www.snappydata.io/
19:16 <iFire> https://github.com/fire/snappyex <- my work on it. Need someone to help me :(
19:18 <iFire> lixmon?
19:18 <lixmon> iFire: woah
19:18 <lixmon> haha
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19:18 <iFire> So if you look at their 2015 numbers they had like 120,000 ops on a 8 machine aws cluster in 2015
19:19 <iFire> http://zdatainc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/GemFireChart.png
19:19 <iFire> I'm not sure how to read it
19:19 <lixmon> what environment
19:19 <lixmon> unix?
19:19 <lixmon> linux?
19:19 <iFire> yeah
19:19 <iFire> this is not my numbers
19:19 <iFire> I have better numbers, but it's not scientific
19:19 <iFire> on my desktop lol
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19:20 <lixmon> iFire: what is your issue
19:20 <lixmon> you mentioned earlier
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19:21 <iFire> So I'm just lacking time.
19:21 <lixmon> iFire: same here
19:21 <iFire> I want to get ecto based decoding of sql data types
19:21 <iFire> I hard coded the decoding of a few types so that I can get a few passes
19:21 <iFire> but that's not really good
19:21 <lixmon> can I see?
19:22 <iFire> it's opensource I linked it
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19:22 <lixmon> yeah got it
19:22 <iFire> https://github.com/fire/snappyex/blob/master/lib/snappyex/protocol.ex#L151 I literally harded a test type
19:22 <iFire> it's pretty funny
19:22 <lixmon> who uses this in production, any big names?
19:23 <iFire> gemfire xd was used by china rail
19:23 <iFire> but they opensoured
19:23 <iFire> so I'll check their customer pages
19:23 <lixmon> what is china rail
19:23 <iFire> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Railway
19:24 <iFire> China Railway or CR, full name China Railway Corporation is the national railway operator of the People's Republic of China.
19:24 <lixmon> got it
19:24 <lixmon> is that where you are based?
19:24 <iFire> http://www.snappydata.io/customers
19:24 <iFire> naw
19:24 <iFire> I'm in Vancouver, Canada.
19:24 <lixmon> oh cool know a few people there
19:24 <lixmon> is SnappyData yours?
19:25 <iFire> no
19:25 <iFire> I mean they opensourced it, so I guess it's communal.
19:25 <lixmon> yeah
19:25 <lixmon> ok cool
19:25 <iFire> That's how I feel about it. That it's open to the public.
19:26 <iFire> lixmon: I want to try using the spark job integration to run machine learning jobs on the sql database
19:26 <iFire> using deep learning for data and sql based data
19:26 <iFire> deep learning for java*
19:26 <iFire> lixmon: pm
19:28 <lixmon> ok
19:30 <iFire> lixmon: Anyways, the snappydata driver is pre-alpha, so it's not really functional, but it's promising. I was able to get database connections and basic sql queries flowing, it's really only lacking the decoding all the types supported by the database. (This means that the protocol is implemented etc.)
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19:58 <wwwd> I'm just starting to learn Elixir and Phoenix. I was reading a tutorial on using RabbitMQ with elixir. In other languages one might send messages to RibbitMQ from an app and then process them with Apache Camel. Are people using Apache Camel in this way in the Elixir landscape or are they just implementing the Camel functionality directly?
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20:14 <iFire> RibbtMQ heh froggy
20:14 <iFire> That should be a name of a message queue system lol
20:15 <iFire> What is apache camel? /me googles
20:15 <iFire> I don't see what value camel gives.
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20:26 <wwwd> iFire: First I will prefice by saying I'm fairly new. Apache is used to emplement Enterprise Integration Patterns, allowing time consuming processes to be off loaded. It is used process messages and preform business processes. As I said I'm very much in a learning phase. It seems to me that their would be a pretty big advantage in building as much functionality in one language so you don't have to task switch so much. But, the camel
20:26 <wwwd> stuff seems to have a fairly broad land scape of functionality.
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20:28 <iFire> wwwd: My thought is abstract it when it becomes a problem? Not sure if you've determined what you want.
20:29 <iFire> wwwd: My personal favourite is kafka, it does roughly what rabbit mq does.
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20:34 <wwwd> I'll take a look at kafka. Thanks!
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20:57 <stevenxl> Hi folks.
20:57 <stevenxl> Wondering how to turn changeset errors into user-friendly messages.
20:57 <stevenxl> For example: `%{title: ["should be at least 3 characters"]}` how does that get transformed into "Title should be at least 3 characters"
20:57 <stevenxl> I can write the function myself but wondering if there's existing functionality.
20:58 <iFire> What does your printing function look like?
20:58 <iFire> phoenix?
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21:05 <stevenxl> iFire: yea eventually
21:05 <stevenxl> I want to convert each row in a csv to a result tuple essentially
21:05 <iFire> the first thought that comes to mind is just use a view or controller
21:05 <stevenxl> ok i can look into that
21:05 <iFire> and just contain the info in a map
21:05 <stevenxl> right
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21:43 <pmarreck> Is Postgres the recommended datastore by default, or mnesia (or something else out of the box with persistence)?
21:44 <pmarreck> I assume that mnesia and the like might get me some performance at the cost of perhaps relational features (joins etc)
21:49 <iFire> pmarreck: what's the problem?
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21:50 <pmarreck> iFire: Finally taking a stab at a production Phoenix app for a client (fairly simple and kind of ideal- a real-estate listing site) and am wondering if there's an advantage to not going postgres
21:50 <pmarreck> It will have about 700-900 users AFAIK
21:50 <iFire> If you're like a distributed messaging service losing the last few messages on a service restart isn't that big of a problem, but for transactional stuff that doesn't need to hyper scale.. I would just use postgres
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21:51 <pmarreck> iFire: Yeah I was going to just do that, just wondering if other alternatives have notable advantages/disadvantages (such as staying native-Elixir/Erlang, in the case of mnesia)
21:52 <iFire> I'm not familiar with any pure erlang/elixir sql databases
21:52 <pmarreck> yeah I know of none that are SQL, but non-SQL stores exist
21:53 <iFire> I'm not sure why you would use riak for this.
21:53 <iFire> or couchdb
21:53 <pmarreck> what [dis]advantages would those have over pg?
21:53 <iFire> would you expect to double from 900 users to 1800 or 9000?
21:54 <iFire> non relation is icky
21:55 <iFire> you'll need to use a schema definition service
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21:55 <iFire> lthere's ones for json or things like protocol buffers
21:56 <iFire> what I'm saying is non relational just means you push the definition of the schema later. So try to do it upfront.
21:58 <pmarreck> iFire: Yeah, that's what I assumed, nice to get confirmation. As far as users I think it would be safe to assume that if I do well the users could jump to double or triple, but pretty sure an elixir/phoenix/postgres combo could still easily handle that
21:59 <pmarreck> scaling being "problem everyone would like to have" and all that. ;)
22:02 <pmarreck> on to my other questions: I found a few pretty good sources of frontend template designs, now I need to know 1) easiest possible no-devops deployment strategy 2) current recommended authentication plugin 3) current recommended file-upload-handling plugin (for image attachments)
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22:02 <pmarreck> ideally the authentication plugin should be able to handle a handful of roles
22:02 <iFire> no-devops deployment strategy <- huh?
22:03 <iFire> so you want a tradtional sysadmin to work on it?
22:03 <pmarreck> iFire: lol. something that would be the least labor-intensive for me. I was looking at https://guides.nanobox.io/elixir/phoenix/ for example
22:03 <iFire> devops for me is when developers integrate as ops - something that's easier...
22:06 <iFire> I'm still working on those points but I've tried uberauth and guardian / guardian_db
22:06 <iFire> I'm playing with kubernetes
22:06 <iFire> and there's a way of just uploading to s3
22:06 <iFire> and fetching the files
22:07 <iFire> of course that's just retrievng files from the filesystem
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22:09 <pmarreck> right. i don't mind storing the images in the db for now if it simplifies the architecture
22:09 <pmarreck> as BLOBs or what have you
22:11 <iFire> leofs is a distributed s3 compatibile filesystem
22:14 <iFire> so both google cloud and aws support s3 protocol
22:14 <iFire> and if you use your own machines there's leofs
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22:38 <bcardarella> Is there a way to get the AST for a given module?
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