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03:39 <proflonghair> bcardarella -> https://www.simonewebdesign.it/how-to-get-the-ast-of-an-elixir-program/
03:42 <proflonghair> `{:ok, ast} = Code.string_to_quoted(File.read!("lib/hello.ex"))`
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08:18 <m_m_> Hi all. This day began with message: http://pastebin.com/2kv188UB any idea where I should start my bug search ?
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08:34 <celyr> it's monday after all (sorry no idea)
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08:45 <m_m_> ok I've found it. It was WX lib from observer....uff...no my app :D
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08:48 <nyaray> m_m_: my (wild) guess is: 1) someone started observer or the debugger (or any other WX app), 2) something crashed, 3) the app started in 1 tries to allocate The Biggest String Ever™ to print the crash stack and finally, 4) good morning :)
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08:59 <nyaray> m_m_: also, http://erlang.org/doc/apps/observer/crashdump_ug.html
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11:04 <nhooyr_> does anyone know why the first answer is faster than the second at http://stackoverflow.com/a/36233169/4283659 ?
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11:13 <celyr> I guess because reversing a list is O(1) and also removing the head is. But removing the tail needs the list to be traversed ?
11:15 <nhooyr_> celyr: why is reversing a list O(1)?
11:15 <nhooyr_> shouldn't you have to traverse the entire list?
11:16 <Nicd-> lists:reverse is O(N), but it is implemented in C rather than in Erlang
11:16 <Nicd-> source: http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2007-October/030027.html
11:17 <nhooyr_> interesting.
11:17 <nhooyr_> thanks!
11:17 <nhooyr_> i'll stick with the second solution though because it's more clear and it only takes 0.1 more microseconds
11:18 <celyr> Nicd-, So list are internally rapresented as single linked list ?
11:18 <Nicd-> yes
11:19 <celyr> Nicd-, why not double ? All those operations would be O(1)
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11:22 <micmus> celyr: an immutable double linked list is impossible
11:23 <micmus> A = [1]; B = [2 | A] - this would require copying whole A
11:25 <celyr> micmus, I'm thinking about it so my reasining may be wrong, I'm pretty sure that if they did this way there are reasons. But I also think that your explanation is only true if A is of 1 element. I think that with double linked list you would need to copy only 1 element more than with single linked list.
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11:27 <Nicd-> celyr: it would also use more memory that would go to waste in many cases
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11:30 <celyr> Nicd-, Idk when I did my Alghoritms class a tradeoff of N pointers in memory for a general purpose algorithm was always considered a good tradeoff to make actually a lot of functions in Enum going from O(n) to O(1) but than it depends on the size of the lists and on how many of those functions are actually used...
11:32 <celyr> micmus, No I was wrong you need actually to copy the whole A you are right
11:33 <celyr> so it doesn't make sense anymore XD
11:33 <micmus> double linked list needs to modify elements in order to link them
11:33 <micmus> single linked list doesn't need to
11:34 <micmus> in general most functional languages have single linked list as the basic data structure
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13:14 <nyaray> micmus: don't immutable doubly linked list just imply that the whole structure needs to be copied when "modifying"? I mean, immutable doesn't imply that it's never copied.. or am I missing something?
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13:15 <micmus> nyaray: yeah, you could implement immutable double linked list if you copied everything with every modification. That doesn't sound practical, though
13:16 <nyaray> mm, not very practical
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13:34 <r00tl3ss> Hallo?
13:34 <r00tl3ss> iex(11)> [7, 8]
13:34 <r00tl3ss> '\a\b'
13:34 <r00tl3ss> What's this?
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13:37 <r00tl3ss> iex(21)> '\a\b' = [7,8]
13:38 <r00tl3ss> Can someone explain what's happening here?
13:38 <r00tl3ss> iex(22)> '\a\b' = [7,0]
13:38 <r00tl3ss> ** (MatchError) no match of right hand side value: [7, 0]
13:38 <r00tl3ss> iex(22)> '\a\b' = [7,8]
13:38 <r00tl3ss> '\a\b'
13:39 <r00tl3ss> Oh, char lists
13:39 <celyr> iex(3)> '\a\b' == [7, 8]
13:39 <celyr> true
13:40 <r00tl3ss> This seems like it might be confusing (in fact it is)
13:40 <r00tl3ss> should lists not be used to store numbers like this?
13:41 <celyr> [79. 79]
13:41 <celyr> [78, 79]
13:41 <celyr> XD
13:41 <r00tl3ss> It's the Ascii
13:41 <celyr> It looks like
13:42 <celyr> I guess that internally strings are lists
13:42 <voltone> r00tl3ss: it still is just a list of numbers, it's just the way iex displays them
13:42 <voltone> you can change it: IEx.configure inspect: [charlists: :as_lists]
13:43 <r00tl3ss> celyr: actually, strings in elixir use "double quotes" I do believe
13:43 <r00tl3ss> voltone: Thanks!
13:43 <laut> see http://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/binaries-strings-and-char-lists.html
13:44 <Nicd-> celyr: elixir strings are binaries, erlang "strings" (charlists) are lists of integers
13:44 <celyr> yeah right
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14:09 <asabil> I am hitting a strange error with ecto sandbox
14:09 <asabil> ** (CaseClauseError) no case clause matching: {:error, :invalid_message}
14:09 <asabil> stacktrace:
14:09 <asabil> (db_connection) lib/db_connection/ownership.ex:58: DBConnection.Ownership.ownership_checkout/2
14:09 <asabil> (ecto) lib/ecto/adapters/sql/sandbox.ex:477: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.checkout/2
14:09 <asabil> any idea?
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14:13 <fishcakez> asabil: it means poolboy is being started instead of sql sandbox
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14:15 <asabil> I found the issue =_=, thanks fishcake, it was a stupid misconfiguration
14:16 <asabil> thanks :)
14:16 <iFire> morning fishcakez
14:16 <fishcakez> iFire: o/
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14:19 <mikebonar> has anyone managed to get nerves running on rpi2?
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14:35 <OliverMT> how do I make a binary from an enumerable?
14:35 <OliverMT> lol
14:35 <OliverMT> I mean how do I make a binary into an enumerable?
14:35 <OliverMT> I have a big binary that I need to hand to a functio that takes an enum
14:36 <benwilson512> OliverMT: the main initial question is, what do you want to iterate by
14:36 <benwilson512> bytes? codepoints?
14:36 <OliverMT> bytes
14:36 <OliverMT> I am using your S3.upload actually
14:37 <OliverMT> but I already have the binary, so no need for the stream wrapper
14:37 <benwilson512> how large is the binary?
14:37 <OliverMT> more than 5mb
14:37 <benwilson512> gotcha
14:37 <OliverMT> that is the only param I go by
14:37 <OliverMT> so I was planning on binary -> to enum -> chunk by 5mb
14:37 <OliverMT> into a stream
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14:40 <OliverMT> actually, you already do Stream.with_index
14:40 <OliverMT> so I just need to give it an enum
14:41 <OliverMT> is this the one I want maybe? http://erlang.org/doc/man/erlang.html#binary_to_list-1
14:41 <harfangk> using binary comprehension to turn it into a list is the simple brutal way
14:41 <OliverMT> isnt that func I pasted a better way? :P
14:42 <harfangk> yeah i think it's the same thing
14:42 <harfangk> but then that whole binary-turned-into-list will be held in memory, right?
14:42 <benwilson512> well
14:42 <benwilson512> the most efficient way to do this is gonna be to compute a sequence of offsets
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14:42 <benwilson512> and then use binary_part to get parts of the binary that correspond to those offsets
14:43 <benwilson512> use the chunk_stream function found in ExAws.S3.Download
14:43 <OliverMT> I am already holding it in memory harfangk
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14:44 <benwilson512> OliverMT: you'd be making a lot of garbage though
14:44 <OliverMT> I could just write it to a tmp file and use your functions
14:44 <benwilson512> if you went byte by byte
14:44 <OliverMT> and be done with it
14:44 <OliverMT> I'll do that instead :p
14:44 <benwilson512> you could but you don't need to
14:44 <benwilson512> so
14:44 <tuacker> I get a base64 encoded HMAC256 form a request. Is there a difference in speed if i do `Base.decode_64(request_sgnature) == :crypto.hmac(…)` OR `request_signature == :crypto.(..) |> Base.encode_64()`
14:45 <benwilson512> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/JqtHlAm0/
14:45 <benwilson512> OliverMT: ^
14:45 <tuacker> url_decode*
14:46 <benwilson512> tuacker: I don't know, you'll likely want to benchmark
14:46 <OliverMT> do I pipe that into .upload as first param then?
14:47 <benwilson512> OliverMT: I think so
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14:53 <quibstar> Has anyone started with Pheonix 1.3 yet?
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15:04 <juhoh> Hi, I installed 1.3.rc0 and when compiling I'm asked if I should install a local copy of rebar3. Will I have problems deploying if I want to use the rc version? Is there a release date for 1.3 already? Should I be developing my app on the rc version or revert to 1.2 and upgrade when 1.3 comes out?
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15:07 <m_m> Hi all. Is there any possibility in elixir to view table in mnesia like tables in pgadmin for postgres ? (less or more). I need it for debug
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15:19 <laut> @juhoh it's ok to install rebar3. rebar3 will be the same no matter if you want to use phoenix 1.2 or 1.3
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15:26 <benwilson512> m_m: pretty sure that :observer provides an :ets table view
15:27 <benwilson512> which is where local mnesia copies will be held
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15:40 <bunzz> good mornin' ladies and gents
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16:03 <iFire> Anyone helpful with phoenix 1.3 questions?
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16:03 <iFire> The problem is:
16:04 <iFire> scope "/admin", ExAdmin do
16:04 <iFire> but ExAdmin isn't on phoenix 1.3
16:04 <iFire> so it gives a
16:04 <iFire> function MyApp.Router.Helpers.admin_path/3 is undefined (module MyApp.Router.Helpers is not available)
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16:11 <ciawal> you probably need to update the router helper module name
16:11 <ciawal> in the config
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16:16 <iFire> I'll wait until 1.3 is more widespread
16:16 <iFire> before i do the /web change
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16:36 <harfangk> in haskell multi-clause functions are just syntactic sugar for case. is this the same for elixir regarding its multi-clause functions and case?
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16:41 <micmus> yes
16:41 codestorm joined
16:42 <harfangk> thank you!
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17:19 <alisdair> sort of, a case clause and a function have different exceptions when they can't match
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17:49 <pmarreck> iFire: if I'm starting a new phoenix project, will I have concerns if using 1.3? (maybe important things aren't yet compatible with it?)
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17:54 <gazler> ericmj: ping
17:57 <gazler> ericmj: unping - I updated the issue on GitHub instead.
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17:58 <vcryan> Hi all, anyone else have issues with phoenix framework serving static assets after upgrading from plug 1.3.0?
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18:03 <OliverMT> I have length: (200 * 1024 * 1024) in my Plug.Parsers, but still getting file too big with a 108mb file
18:03 <OliverMT> anyone got a clue?
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18:07 <OliverMT> length: 200_000_000 doesnt work either for what its worth
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18:08 <fishcakez> it might be that bodies over 64mb dont work, depending how the receive is done
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18:09 <fishcakez> (when using identity transfer encoding)
18:09 <OliverMT> indeed
18:09 <OliverMT> postgresql at 63mb works
18:09 <OliverMT> what is this limit?
18:09 <OliverMT> is it some web standard?
18:09 <fishcakez> its limitation of internals in :gen_tcp
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18:11 <OliverMT> is it non-trivial to increase?
18:12 <fishcakez> no idea if there is something you can change to make it work - except to receive in <64mb chunks, or use 0 as length of receive.
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18:17 <OliverMT> 63mb can do as limit for now
18:17 <OliverMT> not sure if client needs bigger files tbh
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18:18 <fishcakez> using chunked should get around it fwiw
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18:19 <OliverMT> do I orchestrate that in frontend or backend?
18:19 <fishcakez> frontend
18:19 <OliverMT> ok
18:20 <elixir9012> Phoenix question: given that models and thus model tests have been deprecated, what's the preferred way to test resources?
18:21 <fishcakez> OliverMT: as along as individual chunks are < 64mb. other option is to patch cowboy to always use 0 recv - assuming this is actually the issue
18:21 <elixir9012> I see there's one auto-generated context test file, but that can't be right to test all resources...
18:27 <OliverMT> fishcakez: ok, will note it down in a long term issue if its a requirement, thansk!
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18:33 <tuacker> Why does `:hackney.post(url, [{"Content-Type", "application/json"}], body, [])` set the content-type to 'application/json, application/json'? Just wondering if I misunderstand something about hackney/setting the content-type. I expected it to be just 'application/json'
18:36 <benwilson512> it's a bug
18:36 <benwilson512> 1.6.6 has been retired
18:36 <benwilson512> either upgrade to 1.7.X or downgrade to 1.6.5
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18:37 <tuacker> ah thanks :D
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18:48 <mk[]> what's a good way to make text-based user interfaces (like ncurses) in elixir?
18:49 <Ankhers> mk[]: A quick search led me to https://github.com/jfreeze/ex_ncurses. I haven't used it though.
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18:50 <mk[]> oh, NIF for C. interesting
18:50 <mk[]> can C errors crash BEAM?
18:51 <OliverMT> Yes
18:51 <OliverMT> The entire beam
18:51 <OliverMT> Booooom :/
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19:08 <OliverMT> benwilson512: I think you should add a little Logger.warn or something to compile of S3.Parsers or maybe add an else to https://github.com/CargoSense/ex_aws/blob/master/lib/ex_aws/s3/upload.ex#L40
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19:09 <OliverMT> I was debugging so hard before I suddenly saw that there was this Code. thing at the top for compiletime
19:09 <OliverMT> if sweetxml is not loaded, it just passes the {:ok ...} right through the with, which is what S3.upload(..) uses in its with
19:09 <benwilson512> ah
19:09 <OliverMT> making it sort of a false positive
19:10 <OliverMT> I was adding logger statements up the tree and didnt see that the code was not even loaded until I got to the parsers
19:10 <benwilson512> certainly internal functions that require it
19:10 <benwilson512> should make that more obvious
19:10 <OliverMT> I would say its almost a raise situation
19:10 <OliverMT> simply raise in that function if sweetxml is not loaded
19:10 <pmarreck> What do people use to send emails from an app (other than, I guess, talking directly to a mailserver using an account, which I've done in the past...)
19:11 <benwilson512> in that scenario raising is correct
19:11 <OliverMT> that function being the initialize
19:11 <benwilson512> but
19:11 <OliverMT> is the idea that parsers can be overloaded, is that why you did it this way?
19:11 <benwilson512> there are valid scenarios to not have sweet_xml, so I want to only raise when the operation can't continue w/o it
19:11 <benwilson512> if you're just doing like S3 put object or get object
19:11 <OliverMT> yes, thats why I say in the initialize function, that function literally cannot work without a parsed xml body
19:11 <benwilson512> right
19:12 <OliverMT> PR coming up on wednesday
19:17 <barttenbrinke> Am I the only one who frowned when Chris showed off action_fallback last week at lonestar?
19:19 <smeevil> barttenbrinke given that the world population is ~7.4 billion, it's highly probable that there where multiple people in the world frowning at exactly that moment.
19:19 <* smeevil> hids
19:19 <smeevil> hides even
19:20 <smeevil> but yes, i had the same feeling :)
19:20 <benwilson512> it's a limitation on how plug works
19:20 <benwilson512> I think
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19:22 <mk[]> can phoenix be used without plug?
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19:26 <benwilson512> no
19:26 <benwilson512> phoenix is plug
19:26 <benwilson512> phoenix is a collection of plugs
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19:28 <mk[]> and a plug is an OTP application?
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19:35 <benwilson512> yup
19:35 <benwilson512> plug is in essence an HTTP middleware library
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19:40 <mk[]> what about websockets?
19:41 <benwilson512> phoenix talks directly to the underlying http server for that, which is cowboy
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19:47 <Nicd-> usually people ask if they can use Plug without Phoenix :)
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19:53 <pmarreck> pretty much once a day to once a week for sure
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19:53 <pmarreck> "I don't want a humongous API layer like Rails"
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19:54 <Nicd-> it's not a silly question
19:54 <pmarreck> "Imagine if Rails was just a collection of Rack middleware... Now you understand the Phoenix/Plug relationship"
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20:49 <Gringill> When a module implements functions to respect a behaviour it is using, are @specs automatically generated on compilation or is something like dialyzer smart enough to suss out that the function's spec IS the callback definition or neither? The alternative being copypasta'ing the callback definition and using it as the spec for the implemented functions.
20:51 <smeevil> Is it possible to add custom information to the debug log output of ecto, for example include the origin source line ? example : [debug] QUERY OK source="pictures" db=1.2ms decode=0.8ms file="/lib/managers/picture_managers.ex:12" , that would be great for finding out where a potential slow query might originate from
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21:00 <markh> i like httpoison's documentation: "You can also use the HTTPoison.Base module in your modules in order to make cool API clients or something"
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21:22 <sschneider> Is there an elixir version of :erlang.monitor(:port, ...)?
21:22 <alisdair> :erlang.monitor(:port, ...)
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21:24 <sschneider> meant more along the lines of Process.monitor since there doesn't appear to be Port.monitor for some reason :)
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21:29 <superherointj> Hi. I'm new to Elixir/Erlang. And I want to understand better what the philosophy of "Let it fail" means. I'm after a language that offers correctedness (code without or with LESS bugs) and scalability. Erlang offers scalability, but this "let it fail". Does it mean Types ain't that much important? Or something of minor importance / not considered seriously?
21:29 <superherointj> *correctness
21:30 <benwilson512> superherointj: this is a good question, and a common one
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21:30 <benwilson512> there's a very good blog post on the issue that I will try to find
21:30 <benwilson512> superherointj: the short answer is no, the purpose of let it crash is not to enable sloppy code
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21:33 <benwilson512> http://ferd.ca/the-zen-of-erlang.html would definitely be one good resource
21:33 <NobbZ> Hi there! Are there already guides for 1.3 available somewhere?
21:33 <benwilson512> unlikely, as it has not been released yet
21:33 <benwilson512> i assume you mean phoenix 1.3
21:34 <NobbZ> yeah, of course I do. Sorry for missing that this is the general elixir chat.
21:35 <NobbZ> I hoped that there is at least some markdown in a github repo or elsewhere that may get compiled into the guides after release
21:36 <superherointj> Right. How important are Types to Elixir? FP languages like Haskell, Idris that are known for better correctness make extensive and advanced (Dependent Types) use of Types. How important is this sort of thing to Elixir?
21:37 <superherointj> I'm not a very inteligent person and I wish I could shift the burden of thinking properly to the machine.
21:38 <NobbZ> You don't need to think about types that much, at least you have not to declare them. But this doesn't take the burden of thinking off of you
21:39 <superherointj> I have been using FlowType in JS and it has been delightful. I know this is still very simple thing. But I was surprised how many edge cases it caught that I didn't have to hunt for mistakes.
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21:39 <NobbZ> You still need to think about the implementation of the algorithm, which is often much harder than the type
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21:47 <dnorris> ;
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22:00 <tomaz_b> hi guys
22:00 <tomaz_b> anyone using kafka here?
22:01 <icecreamcohen> tomaz_b: We’re not using it directly, but I know someone who is if you need help…
22:02 <tomaz_b> i am pretty new to elixir and need to do some production code with combination to kafka and was just wondering if anybody here would be able to brainstorm with me
22:02 <tomaz_b> :)
22:02 <tomaz_b> but thanks for offer
22:03 <icecreamcohen> tomaz_b: are you on slack /
22:03 <tomaz_b> no?
22:03 <tomaz_b> why?
22:03 <tomaz_b> better there?
22:03 <icecreamcohen> not at all ;)
22:03 <icecreamcohen> but the guy who’s heavily using kafka is on slack.
22:03 <tomaz_b> a ok
22:03 <icecreamcohen> his name is dantswain on the elixir slack, and he’s a very nice guy.
22:04 <tomaz_b> just before I noticed how much RAM slack consumes
22:04 <tomaz_b> omg
22:04 <tomaz_b> ok... i might give him a knock
22:04 <icecreamcohen> mine is taking up 800mb.
22:04 <tomaz_b> f****
22:05 cemilowski joined
22:05 <icecreamcohen> I can only run 20 instances of it on my laptop.
22:06 <tomaz_b> :)
22:06 <tomaz_b> can i ask you some basics from elixir, which are still new to me
22:06 <tomaz_b> ?
22:06 <icecreamcohen> sure
22:06 sfbw joined
22:06 <icecreamcohen> I love answering questions
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22:08 <tomaz_b> so let say I have Kafka filling from Internet with huge amount of JSONs. What I have to do is take each JSON out, modify it a little bit, before that do a pattern maching ... since there are various JSON formats.. and post it with HTTP client to some remote API
22:08 refriedchicken joined
22:08 <tomaz_b> now to question in my head (well questionS) are ... ok. I need something that will run "forever". Probably GenServer
22:09 <icecreamcohen> sure; I’m building a very similar system.
22:09 <tomaz_b> But what then... I should probably grab a JSON... and somehow spawn a process and after that post it?
22:09 <icecreamcohen> the only diff is I don’t use kafka directly.
22:09 <tomaz_b> I still have problems with "to much legacy from OOP"
22:10 <tomaz_b> in my head
22:10 <icecreamcohen> have you considered using GenStage instead?
22:10 <icecreamcohen> (sorry to complicate things)
22:10 <icecreamcohen> but I think GenStage is built for flow processing like this.
22:10 <tomaz_b> No, because this is even less familiar to me
22:10 <icecreamcohen> sure
22:10 <tomaz_b> Ok... you will use it? since you said you are building similar thing?
22:11 <icecreamcohen> have you happened to read “learn you some erlang” ?
22:11 <icecreamcohen> yes, I’m heavily using genstage
22:11 <tomaz_b> no, I bought myself a whole Elixir library :D
22:11 <icecreamcohen> it has a very nice property of responding to demand. So, if the backend system slows down, so does the rest of the system.
22:11 <icecreamcohen> that means that it’s harder to overwhelm the backend system.
22:12 <tomaz_b> ok. let say that Kafka will have something like shared subscribtions... so I could potentialy run more than one service that would consume messages from kafka. Preferably one in each HA zone (AWS)
22:12 <icecreamcohen> Sure, we’re doing that too.
22:12 <tomaz_b> GenStage would be somehow "the main" process?
22:13 <tomaz_b> will this genstage than spawn "workers"
22:13 <icecreamcohen> So, a genstage process can be a producer, a consumer or both.
22:13 <tomaz_b> or will deal all within itself?
22:13 <icecreamcohen> You’d have a producer that reads from kafka, and a producer / consumer that transforms the data, and a consumer that sends it to the HTTP service.
22:14 <tomaz_b> yes this was something that buzzez me a lot. Basically producer in a sense to itself
22:14 <tomaz_b> aha...
22:14 <icecreamcohen> and you combine these three things into a flow
22:14 <tomaz_b> how would you response to high load. lets say that you notice, that can not perform as fast as data is comming to kafka
22:15 <icecreamcohen> In that case, you’d have to spawn more instances
22:15 <icecreamcohen> or increase the number of consumers
22:15 <tomaz_b> of genstage?
22:15 <tomaz_b> number of consumers... you mean parts of genstage?
22:16 <icecreamcohen> in this case, I’m hoping you’d tune your system so it maxes out cpu or network. If that’s true, you’d need to launch another server.
22:16 <icecreamcohen> yes
22:16 <icecreamcohen> so, all producers, consumers and producer/consumer are processes
22:16 <icecreamcohen> in the elixir sense.
22:16 <tomaz_b> ok
22:16 <icecreamcohen> In practice, you’d likely need to launch more servers if you’re not keeping up.
22:17 <icecreamcohen> FYI, our system can process about 40mb/s of data per server.
22:17 <tomaz_b> on aws?
22:17 <icecreamcohen> yes
22:17 <tomaz_b> what type of server do you have
22:17 <icecreamcohen> on c3.2xl
22:17 <tomaz_b> ok
22:18 <icecreamcohen> wer’re bottlenecked by our backends.
22:18 <tomaz_b> and you have this in multiple zones?
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22:18 <icecreamcohen> Yes
22:18 <icecreamcohen> I’m actually reading from SQS
22:18 <icecreamcohen> I suspect reading from kafka would be faster.
22:18 <tomaz_b> do you have this zones "connected" as unbrella app?
22:19 <tomaz_b> or as separate apps?
22:19 <icecreamcohen> I think you’re mixing terms here
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22:19 <tomaz_b> i mean...
22:19 <tomaz_b> english is not my native... so i sometimes write totaly different what i mean
22:20 <tomaz_b> i mean... in each zone, on a server in that zone, you probably have same code.
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22:20 <tomaz_b> you use zones for HA
22:20 <icecreamcohen> yes, each server runs the same code
22:20 <icecreamcohen> but they’re not connected to each other, nor are they umbrella apps.
22:21 <tomaz_b> ok
22:21 <tomaz_b> do you have elixir code deployed on a server ... or you use let say Docker for deploy/
22:21 <tomaz_b> ?
22:21 <icecreamcohen> so, right now we haven’t dockerized our elixir deploys
22:22 <tomaz_b> sorry for asking again... still have some (a lot) of gaps in my head
22:22 <icecreamcohen> no problem
22:22 <tomaz_b> this genstage...
22:22 <icecreamcohen> I’m here to help.
22:22 <tomaz_b> thanks a lot. I really appreciate this
22:22 <icecreamcohen> no problem.
22:22 <tomaz_b> let say you have quite decent server
22:23 <tomaz_b> how does this genstage scale
22:23 <icecreamcohen> honestly, it depends on your bottleneck.
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22:23 <tomaz_b> in a way .... that the throuput is increasing... but still not for new server
22:23 <icecreamcohen> I’ve found that GenStage has _never_ been a bottleneck for us.
22:23 <tomaz_b> but internally
22:24 <tomaz_b> does it creates new processes for handling the workload
22:24 <tomaz_b> or what?
22:24 <tomaz_b> like sidekiq or delayed jobs in ruby?
22:24 <tomaz_b> something like elixir Tasks?
22:25 <icecreamcohen> when you say “processes” do you mean O/S proceses or Elixir processes
22:25 <tomaz_b> can you suggest me any other source for learning GenStage, except that book for Erlang?
22:25 <tomaz_b> elixir proceeses
22:25 <icecreamcohen> I believe in GenStage, you’re in control of how many processes are spawned.
22:25 <tomaz_b> o really
22:25 <icecreamcohen> GenStage is an elixir concept; there’s no erlang equivalent.
22:25 <icecreamcohen> Yes, you size the stages yourself and tune them.
22:25 <tomaz_b> ok... and it is here to stay?
22:26 <icecreamcohen> Yes
22:26 <icecreamcohen> http://elixir-lang.org/blog/2016/07/14/announcing-genstage/
22:26 <tomaz_b> how do you change the sizing... when in production if you find out that you would need to modify it?
22:27 <icecreamcohen> So, the nice property of GenStage is that it responds to the throughput of the backend. I would hope you’d tune it so that each machine is working as hard as it can.
22:27 <icecreamcohen> I don’t have an answer to dynamically resizing workers. It’s possible, but ideally, you’d want them supervised.
22:28 <icecreamcohen> it’s a more advanced topic.
22:28 <tomaz_b> uff
22:28 <tomaz_b> so much to learn :)
22:28 <icecreamcohen> yeah, its a new system.
22:29 <icecreamcohen> we’re getting excellent utilization and efficiency. How much data are you getting?
22:30 <tomaz_b> well, i can't really tell, since we will be performing tests. But currently we serve 200 devices... from internet.... and will be performing tests for cca 15000 devices
22:31 <tomaz_b> the "front" part... or let say my endpoint is done in Go, which I wrote before my journey to Elixir
22:31 <icecreamcohen> Our site is handling events for roughly 180million users a month.
22:31 <tomaz_b> I fall of the chair ;)
22:31 <icecreamcohen> I can process the events easily on a single server
22:32 <icecreamcohen> in fact, a single server can handle 5-6x that traffic.
22:32 <tomaz_b> well... if it is good for you... than for sure it would work for me.
22:32 <icecreamcohen> kind of my point ;)
22:32 <tomaz_b> 5-6x of your traffic or mine
22:32 <icecreamcohen> We’re limited by our backends.
22:32 <tomaz_b> which is written in what?
22:33 <tomaz_b> SQS is XML, right?
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22:33 <icecreamcohen> Yes, which is one of the bottlenecks.
22:33 <icecreamcohen> our backends are written in Elixir, python and Java.
22:33 <tomaz_b> i have one side project, which will use SQS, ... which library / package you would suggest to me?
22:34 <icecreamcohen> I’m using ExAws. I wrote the SQS part of it.
22:34 <icecreamcohen> but I will warn you that for large documents, the parser is incredibly slow. It’s pluggable though, and you should test it.
22:35 <tomaz_b> ok, than it should be fine, since I believe my docs will be really small
22:35 <icecreamcohen> you’ll be fine then.
22:35 <icecreamcohen> our docs are 258k
22:35 <tomaz_b> in which timezone are you?
22:36 <tomaz_b> uf..
22:36 <icecreamcohen> US Pacific
22:36 <icecreamcohen> (256k)
22:36 <tomaz_b> a ok... i am from CET
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22:37 <icecreamcohen> Anyhow, elixir is a good use case for reading from kafka and munging data.
22:37 <tomaz_b> can I get back with you after I jump to GenStage for advice or two, since our cases look pretty simliar
22:37 <tomaz_b> /
22:37 <tomaz_b> ?
22:37 <icecreamcohen> sure
22:37 <tomaz_b> really appreciate
22:38 <icecreamcohen> no problem.
22:38 <tomaz_b> ok, i need to go to horizontal state.... since it is quite late over here
22:38 <icecreamcohen> You’re kind of jumping into the deep end. You should read “learn you some erlang”’s OTP chapters
22:38 <icecreamcohen> to give you an idea of what GenServers are (which will make GenStage more understandable)
22:38 <tomaz_b> thank you again.... and tomorrow I will start with GenStage... need to find some proper tutorials
22:38 <icecreamcohen> —not that GenStage is hard.
22:39 <icecreamcohen> GenStage’s docs are very good as well.
22:39 <tomaz_b> I somehow played with GenServers, but the whole thing is still foggy.... I might really dig into that book.
22:40 <tomaz_b> bye icecreamcohen
22:41 <icecreamcohen> think of them as sort of like objects
22:41 <icecreamcohen> bye!
22:41 <tomaz_b> thanks!
22:41 <icecreamcohen> genservers encapsulate state.
22:41 <tomaz_b> will get back to you!
22:41 <icecreamcohen> np
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23:12 <OliverMT> benwilson512: I am getting raises on http_error for 404 without using request!
23:12 <OliverMT> is that bug or intentional?
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