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00:00 <benwilson512> r00tl3ss: unlikely, the phoenix socket JS is more than just a web socket client
00:00 <benwilson512> not sure why you would want to, there are plenty of other JS websocket clients
00:02 <r00tl3ss> benwilson512: I was hoping I could use the socket to make periodical requests to that remote socket to get updates, for instance
00:02 <r00tl3ss> without having to use another websocket client
00:02 <r00tl3ss> but I kinda had the feeling that phoenix.Socket is meant for use in Phoenix
00:02 <benwilson512> r00tl3ss: You're more than welcome to try, but I would be surprised if it worked out of the box
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00:03 <r00tl3ss> had a look a bit at the source on github, and it doesn't look like it has any input for remote stuff
00:03 <r00tl3ss> Shall I?
00:03 <r00tl3ss> just socket = new Socket("http://remotehost.com:6464", etc) ?
00:03 <benwilson512> likely?
00:04 <r00tl3ss> unlikely, it looks like, though I only glanced at phoenix/socket
00:07 <micmus> phoenix implements a protocol over websockets - your socket service would need to support this protocol
00:07 <micmus> it's used for multiplexing communication over channels, automatic reconnect, etc
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00:09 <r00tl3ss> micmus: So the best bet would be to use a regular websocket client, and let that pass stuff to the Phoenix socket?
00:09 <micmus> yeah, probably
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00:17 <r00tl3ss> Curious: would any of you guys be willing to do some part time work for money that can only materialize in the future?
00:17 <r00tl3ss> We could setup some kind of crypto token/contract on ethereum
00:18 <r00tl3ss> pay you in tokens first, which at some date in the future will transform in to ether?
00:18 <r00tl3ss> (we got no money and we need to finish the thinggy!! waaa)
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01:45 <notriddle> Is it possible for you to create the Etherium token without already having the Ether to spend? Where does the Ether come from if everything flops?
01:46 <* notriddle> isn't actually looking for work, but is curious about how the Etherium network works.
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02:25 <oborot> Hello
02:25 <oborot> Is there any way to embed emulator arguments when running iex or mix test?
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03:14 <benwilson512> notriddle: I believe you're in the wrong place
03:14 <benwilson512> ah my bad, the scrollback didn't include context
03:14 <benwilson512> carry on
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04:52 <r00tl3ss> chris
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05:20 <bambanx> hello
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06:02 <ivan> I keep seeing compile errors like this one ~10% of the time; any idea what it might be? https://gist.github.com/ivan/59b0fbeb436286d5fa11079822809c99
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06:03 <ivan> I don't _think_ I have a circular dependency but maybe I do? it's always that struct
06:04 <ivan> hmm, is it legal to alias something at top-level that's only defined later in the source file?
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06:25 <Nicd-> ivan: can you gist an example of what you mean?
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07:03 <robotika> I'm just starting to look at elixir + phoenix, and have what might be a silly question
07:04 <robotika> i keep seeing references to a slash and then a number - like title/0
07:04 <robotika> i haven't been able to find what the /0 means
07:04 <harfangk> it's called arity
07:04 <harfangk> number of arguments that function takes
07:05 <robotika> ok, I felt that to be the case - cool, thanks
07:05 <harfangk> yup
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07:43 <whodidth1s> how do i get more of the fixture(:mything, params \\ @them_defaults) thingies if i need multiple in a my_context_test.exs
07:44 <ivan> Nicd-: will do if I ever see this again, currently too braindead
07:44 <whodidth1s> am interested in if i can do more without the multiple clauses with defaults -error
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08:40 <asabil> Hi
08:41 <asabil> I have an issue with ecto migrations, if I use ecto.create then ecto.migrate --prefix foo
08:41 <asabil> the migration will fail because the foo schema hasn't been created yet
08:41 <asabil> anyone aware of such an issue?
08:43 <OliverMT> how do I see if a named worker for ranch that I start with worker(..) in my phoenix apps start function is up and accepting stuff without using observer?
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08:46 <Nicd-> asabil: maybe ecto.create just uses the default schema
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08:51 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13754 (master - 03722c1 : Christopher Adams): The build passed.
08:51 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/07dc59d55721...03722c1038aa
08:51 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/208889880
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09:45 <asabil> OliverMT :erlang.whereis(:name)
09:47 <asabil> looks like elixir also has a wrapper for that: Process.whereis(:name)
09:47 <OliverMT> does that give info about the supervisor?
09:47 <asabil> Nicd- the issue is that it tries to create the migrations table, and doesn't ensure that the schema actually exists
09:48 <asabil> OliverMT, Process.info/1 will give you that
09:48 <OliverMT> aha
09:49 <OliverMT> will play around with it
09:49 <OliverMT> I guess this is what the observer uses underneath the hood anyways
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09:52 <Nicd-> asabil: what could it do if the schema did not exist? it was not instructed to create the schema. if the schema doesn't exist, it's probably a programming error and it should crash so the user notices
09:52 <asabil> Nicd- make sense, but still something is missing
09:52 <asabil> ecto.create should maybe allow creation of schema
09:52 <asabil> and ecto.drop should allow specifying a schema in which case only the schema would be dropped not the entire database
09:53 <Nicd-> those are good suggestions
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09:56 <PaReeOhNos> What's the preferred way of handling a gen stage producer failure? I don't want the consumers to die, I want them to wait for the producer to come back online. I'm using the `cancel: :temporary` option, and thought about using a `Process.send_after` call to retry the connection later, but a) is there a better option, and b) how do I know the initial connection failed if it's not online at the very
09:56 <PaReeOhNos> beginning. `handle_cancel` doesn't seem to be called at this point
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10:11 <asabil> is it me or is Mix unable to run two times the same task "run" in an alias?
10:12 <asabil> alias: ["foo.bar": ["run a.exs", "run b.exs"]]
10:12 <asabil> seems like only the 1st one gets executed
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10:16 <gazler> asabil: Each task can only be run once. In code you can use Mix.Task.rerun and Mix.Task.reenable https://hexdocs.pm/mix/master/Mix.Task.html#reenable/1
10:17 <asabil> gazler, any input on how to use in an alias?
10:17 <gazler> asabil: Yeah, gimme a sec
10:17 <asabil> thanks
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10:19 <gazler> asabil: aliases: ["foo.bar": fn _ -> Mix.Task.run(:run, ["a.exs"]); Mix.Task.rerun(:run, ["b.exs"]) end],
10:19 <asabil> awesome, thanks a lot
10:19 <gazler> asabil: I'd use a named function in mix.exs, I only did it inline to show you here.
10:19 <gazler> something like ["foo.bar", &run_foo_bar/1)
10:19 <asabil> yeah I understand the idea now, I will do that
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11:09 <PaReeOhNos> How do you use tagging in gen stag? Docs talk about the subscription_tag but not really how to set it for a subscription?
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11:40 <janhendrik> Hi Everyone, I'm having trouble with the new Phoenix 1.3 generator schaffolds and ecto relationships. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
11:40 <janhendrik> I'm still wrapping my head around the new Context concepts.
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11:41 <janhendrik> mix phx.gen.html TV Series series name:string year:date summary:text -- works fine
11:41 <janhendrik> mix phx.gen.html TV Episode episodes series_id:references:tv_series name:string year:date summary:text -- gives the following error
11:42 <gazler> janhendrik: is https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/issues/2151 related?
11:42 <janhendrik> ** (Mix) Unknown type `tv_series` given to generator
11:42 <janhendrik> yes I think so
11:43 <gazler> janhendrik: Try changing to phoenix master and see if that works.
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11:44 <janhendrik> gazler: I've done, mix archive.install https://github.com/phoenixframework/archives/raw/master/phx_new.ez a few moment ago
11:44 <janhendrik> still the same problem
11:44 <gazler> janhendrik: That's only the new installer, you want to update phoenix in your mix.exs
11:44 <janhendrik> my mix.exs contains {:phoenix, "~> 1.3.0-rc"}
11:44 <gazler> {:phoenix, github: "phoenixframework/phoenix"} instead of {:phoenix, "~> 1.3.0.rc-0"}
11:45 <janhendrik> and then I did a mix deps.get
11:45 <Svenskunganka> Hey guys, I'm trying to grasp how Elixir's Stream module interacts with Erlang's stdlib. We have File.stream! in Elixir's stdlib that allows lazy processing of data. How would you do this with Erlangs zlib functionality?
11:45 <janhendrik> Ah ok thanks I'll try the
11:45 <gazler> janhendrik: Right, so the commit that fixes the issue isn't published to hex yet.
11:46 <janhendrik> gazler: thanks, that makes sense. I'll try master and see if it works now.
11:46 <gazler> janhendrik: I can see how it is confusing. The archive contains the installer which is required for the mix phx.new task. All other tasks are from the phoenix dependency specified in mix.exs
11:47 <janhendrik> gazler: Ah I had not realized that.
11:48 <Svenskunganka> Let's say you want to create a pipeline like this: HTTP Response |> Gzip decompression |> Tar extraction |> Filesystem.
11:48 <Svenskunganka> Using erlang's zlib
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11:51 <gazler> Svenskunganka: I believe you need to implement the Enumerable and Collectable protocols
11:51 <gazler> And create a wrapper for zlib
11:51 <gazler> Svenskunganka: If you have a look at how https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/master/lib/elixir/lib/io/stream.ex and https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/master/lib/elixir/lib/file/stream.ex#L1 are implemented for some idea
11:54 <Svenskunganka> gazler: Ah that makes sense, I'll look into that. Thank you for the pointers!
11:54 <nox> (à§èèè
11:54 <janhendrik> gazler: Thank you so much! After addidng an override: true to my phoenix dep in mix.exs I was able to try out the master branch and now the generators work as expected.
11:55 <gazler> janhendrik: Great. Be sure to change back to the new release candidate when it is released.
11:56 <janhendrik> gazler: sure, will do.
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12:26 <PaReeOhNos> Do supervisors stop restarting processes after a certain number of attempts? or will it just retry indefinitely?
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12:54 <whodidth1s> so what's a noice authentication library on the non-json web token front
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13:00 <gabrielsch> Hi guys does anyone know how to fix it: bad request to GovLaunch.ProductController.create, no matching action clause to process request
13:01 <gabrielsch> I have a "create" method in my ProductController
13:01 <gabrielsch> and it's a resource route
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13:16 <Nicd-> PaReeOhNos: isn't it configurable?
13:17 <Nicd-> gabrielsch: your create function did not match the request
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13:20 <PaReeOhNos> Nicd- well you can set the `restart` option to `:permanent` but wasn't sure if this was really permanent, or if it kept failing repeatedly for a certain number of times it would give up
13:20 <Nicd-> I don't know really, I just thought it was
13:22 <PaReeOhNos> I'll assume it is until I see otherwise :)
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13:46 <whodidth1s> i guess openmaze and coherence are most popular options :thinking:
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14:17 <Ankhers> josevalim, micmus: belongs_to_many / has_one_of_many? Which could eventually lead to has_and_belongs_to_many?
14:18 <josevalim> has_and_belongs_to_many would be confusing given many_to_many
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14:18 <Ankhers> I think the has_and_belongs_to_many is the list of record on both records. At least in mongoid.
14:19 <josevalim> Ankhers: we don't plan to add that because that is inherently unsafe in mongo
14:19 <josevalim> Ankhers: for now, let's go with array_belongs_to / array_has_many and array_has_one
14:20 <josevalim> we will find a better name along the way but no reason to block development pending on the name
14:20 <josevalim> we won't have an array_many_to_many though since it is unsafe
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14:22 <Ankhers> What would a migration path from a Mongoid application look like to Ecto if it doesn't have the has_and_belongs_to_many association?
14:23 <Ankhers> I can imagine people wanting to introduce Elixir / Ecto into their company. But if it doesn't work with their current schema, they wouldn't be allowed to.
14:23 <Ankhers> What if we had an unsafe_has_and_belongs_to_many?
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14:27 <Ankhers> josevalim: ^^
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14:30 <josevalim> Ankhers: if people want to write unsafe code, then they can write a small library or write the unsafe part themselves
14:30 <ciawal> is binary_part using byte indexes?
14:30 <josevalim> we should not allow people to easily port "wrong code"
14:30 <Ankhers> Fair enough.
14:31 <josevalim> and even though it won't be hard. it is a matter of using array_belongs_to on both sides and updating them
14:31 <Ankhers> I'm not sure how "wrong" it is though. Mongoid is an official Mongo project.
14:31 <Ankhers> But I agree that we shouldn't promote unsafe operations.
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15:02 <micmus> It should be fairly easy to build the two-way-mirrored association on top of the array_belongs_to at the application level
15:03 <micmus> even if we decided to support it out of the box, that would be the first step towards implementing it
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15:22 <sulphur27> repo.hex.pm is down ? or is it only me ?
15:23 <ericmj> it’s down for many
15:23 <sulphur27> ah it seems to be DNS issue
15:24 <sulphur27> i removed DNS and it is working again
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15:45 <gabrielsch> hey guys I'm having some trouble here with validate_change
15:45 <gabrielsch> I want this validator to support both "link" and "image" fields
15:45 <gabrielsch> https://gist.github.com/gabrielsch/9e30a094f30fbb200fbb3f48b8187c1d#file-model-ex-L58-L69
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15:45 <gabrielsch> but since it's returning [link: error] it won't work with "image:" field
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15:52 <micmus> gabrielsch: the field name is passed in the first argument
15:53 <micmus> gabrielsch: you can return [{field, error}] using the unsugared keyword syntax
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15:58 <gabrielsch> that's great, thank you micmus:
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16:04 <the_voice_> \o
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16:07 <the_voice_> Anyone here using Elixir in production on a large scale? I have only found 2-3 companies here that are using Elixir, none of them on a large scale and in our meetup at the end of the month we want to talk about Elixir in the wild. I would love some insights from someone who is using it in a large scale application.
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16:08 <PaReeOhNos> the_voice_: How large scale are you talking?
16:08 <benwilson512> the_voice_: as far as elixir itself, Pinterest and Bleacher Report both come to mind
16:09 <benwilson512> and they've both written blog posts on it
16:09 <the_voice_> I have read most of the published articles about how it is being used already. It's important to note that this is one of the first meetups here so it's really just an introduction to Elixir for the community here in the hope of helping the community grow
16:09 <the_voice_> I have read all of those blog posts and seeing the presentation Bleacher Report did a few months ago too :)
16:10 <the_voice_> PaReeOhNos - a site/app/service that is handling enough traffic that it would no longer be able to use something like Rails trivially
16:11 <PaReeOhNos> was gonna suggest the Bleacher report but you've already seen that one. Definitely ticks that box
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16:11 <the_voice_> Yah, if possible I would like to talk to someone from Bleacher Report to ask permission to use some of the info from their slides before I use it
16:12 <the_voice_> And also to see if they have any other information they think might be relevant. I hope we can bring over some rails devs to Elixir and even possibly get some of the startups here that are starting to hit the limits of what rails can do easily to Elixir
16:13 <alxndr> I work for Bleacher Report, and you're free to use whatever info we have put out on slides. There's also some info on what we've done in the little PDF that Erlang Solutions put together about how they helped us out https://www.erlang-solutions.com/resources/case-studies.html
16:14 <the_voice_> Right now nodejs is winning the mindshare here
16:14 <the_voice_> Thanks alxndr!
16:14 <alxndr> (some of the specific language in that case study about our old codebase isn't phrased the best, but the Elixir related stuff is all spot on)
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16:14 <alxndr> IMHO the use case for Elixir is different than Node, they're not interchangeable
16:15 <alxndr> (we use Node as a frontend for some of our Elixir backends)
16:15 <the_voice_> That maybe, but among a lot of companies the problem of "If you have a hammer, everything is a nail" exists
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16:16 <the_voice_> What is your usecase for node vs Elixir?
16:17 <alxndr> all our APIs are in Elixir; we have some single-page applications which are built with Node and talk to the APIs. We're not really Node as a backend... it really truly can't handle concurrency
16:18 <the_voice_> That makes sense.
16:18 <alxndr> loadtesting our Node frontend has shown that we can throw a decent amount of traffic at it... until we hit a magic number, and then everything goes sideways as the GC (?) goes crazy
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16:24 <tristan__> who's going to rewrite rocketchat in phoenix so maybe it doesn't need so many resources :)
16:24 <dch> Is there a Stream function that takes a function and returns a stream by lazily repeatedly evaluating that function?
16:24 <the_voice_> tristan__ go for it :P
16:25 <the_voice_> meteor was never a good platform for chat, but I don't think they realized it at the time which is too bad because it's a really cool project
16:25 <* dch> mumbles … CouchDB …
16:25 <micmus> dch is Stream.repeatedly what you're looking for?
16:25 <tristan__> yea, maybe it is really cool in theory :)
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16:26 <dch> micmus … maybe. I have a function that pops an item of a queue, and I want to Stream this through Stream.dedup/1
16:26 <dch> micmus: yes. I think that is what I need.
16:27 <dch> is that the only generator option micmus ? curious.
16:27 <icecreamcohen> alxndr: Say hi to Ben for me. Did you go to the last elixir / erlang meetup?
16:27 <the_voice_> tristan__ write the same thing in Elixir, you have a start with https://github.com/bnhansn/sling
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16:27 <alxndr> icecreamcohen: shall do! nope I missed it unfortunately
16:27 <dch> imo it should be an Easter Egg in rebar3
16:28 <micmus> dch: there's a lot of generators - repeatedly, iterate & resource are the ones I've used most frequently
16:28 <tristan__> dch: what should
16:28 <dch> this rocketchat phoenix rewrite
16:28 <tristan__> oh, haha
16:30 <tristan__> waiting to find out what ec2 instance we are on with rocket but there are only a few hundred concurrent users. shouldn't be that bad
16:30 <tristan__> but keeps disconnecting
16:31 <tristan__> ah, t2.large
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16:33 <the_voice_> As someone who used Meteor and started to do a bit of digging I can tell you more or less why this is happening. Basically they have a thing called Mergebox, great idea, doomed to fail kind of thing
16:34 <icecreamcohen> tristan__: have you used wireshark to figure out why it’s disconnecting?
16:36 <tristan__> icecreamcohen: na, others are looking more closely. I just like to complain and hope someone else will build a better one for me :)
16:37 <tuacker> tristan__: that's the spirit
16:38 <the_voice_> Meteor tries to keep the same data on the client as on the server in a thing called MiniMongo(Client side). MergeBox is responsible for figuring out what needs to be updated in the client and does this by holding a copy of the data that is also on the client. So when you have a lot of clients, that can be a lot of data. It keeps the data in sync by reading the oplog tail of mongodb. This works great until too much data
16:38 <the_voice_> coems in at once. What used to happen is this would crash all of your app servers because they couldn't handle say 10000 inserts at once, the way they fixed this is by making mergebox stop reading the oplog when it gets too long and resort to pinging mongodb(it originally just pinged)
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16:41 <the_voice_> The only fix when it gets too big is creating another mongodb for the huge tables and not using the meteor "magic". You can read about it here tristan__ https://forums.meteor.com/t/oplog-tailing-too-far-behind-not-helping/2235/3
16:42 <micmus> replicating whole database to the client sounds like the ultimate db coupling
16:42 <dch> So I have this function Carrot.get(chan) which I want to drop into my Stream.repeatedly/2 as a generator, is there a way to capture it with the argument? &Carrot.get(ch) obv is wrong.
16:42 <the_voice_> it's not the whole database, you have a pub/sub system, but in something like a chat that's a lot of data
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16:45 <the_voice_> And if you have a 100 clients with each say a 100 messages that have been loaded into miniMongo that means that your server is now holding and diffying 10K messages with the database all the time - and it only gets bigger.
16:45 <tristan__> the_voice_: hm, looks like rocketchat doesn't use oplog tailing by default tho
16:45 <the_voice_> So it's pinging
16:45 <tristan__> I guess
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16:46 <the_voice_> That could also be because it's in dev, oplog tailing needs to be on a mongo instance with a replica set
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16:48 <edennis> Greetings *.ex! I've got a question regarding multiple phoenix apps in an umbrella: is it possible to run different phoenix versions in two different apps? It seems like it wouldn't be since all deps are in the the top level mix.lock.
16:48 <the_voice_> Anyways tristan__ researching and learning how it worked is what led me to drop it within 6 months and move onto Elixir - so a lot of good came out of it
16:48 <tristan__> don't want to flood this chat with meteor chat :). but I do think a comparison with how an app like this would be done in phoenix and comparison of resources used per-user/message would be interesting
16:48 <tristan__> the_voice_: nice :)
16:49 <the_voice_> tristan__ it wouldn't be close, not really worth it
16:49 <the_voice_> anyways back to Elixir only chat
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16:50 <edennis> I've just updated one of them to 1.3.0-rc but it looks like I'll need to update both if I want the umbrella to work.
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16:51 <micmus> edennis: in a VM there can exist only a single version of a module (outside of hot upgrades) - unbrella applications run all inside a single VM, so it's not possible to have two different copies of an application
16:51 <edennis> micmus: Very concise answer. Thank you! :)
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17:43 <ciawal> anyone know why I'd be getting this error suddenly?
17:43 <ciawal> 17:31:47.064 [error] GenServer :tzdata_release_updater terminating / ** (ArgumentError) argument error / :erlang.hd([])
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17:44 <dch> ^ polymetis knows
17:44 <sahrizv> Hello! How do you folks deal with AWS AutoScalingGroups when using ex_aws?
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17:46 <ciawal> ah I found it
17:47 <edmz> ciawal : what was it?
17:47 <ciawal> https://github.com/lau/tzdata/issues/30
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18:41 <laut> @edmz IANA changed how they host the tz data files. Upgrading the elixir tzdata package to version ~> 0.5.11 solves the problem.
18:41 <edmz> laut : thank you, I saw the issue posted by ciawal
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19:03 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13758 (master - 3f2246b : Robin Saleh-Jan): The build passed.
19:03 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/03722c1038aa...3f2246bd1bc1
19:03 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/209078276
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20:24 <iFire> In ecto, can you tell migrations to copy column contents?
20:24 <iFire> afterwards which you drop the column
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20:33 <ciawal> you can use execute
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20:42 <Zarathu> iFire: copy them where? just curious
20:42 <Zarathu> (but yeah, almost certainly use execute())
20:42 <iFire> trying execute
20:42 <iFire> Zarathu: a new table
20:42 <Zarathu> ah, then yeah, use execute
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21:12 <ericmj> any ideas on how to create an optional path prefix to a bunch of routes in phoenix?
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21:17 <trevoke> Optional path as in "this route could be http://foo.com/bar/baz or http://foo.com/baz" ?
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21:19 <Ankhers> josevalim, micmus: Sorry, but what did we settle on for the association names? Was it belongs_to_many, array_has_one and array_has_many?
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21:19 <josevalim> array_belongs_to, array_has_one and array_has_many as temporary names for now
21:19 <Ankhers> Thanks.
21:20 <josevalim> ericmj: for path <- ["/foo", ]
21:20 <josevalim> for path <- ["/foo", "/foo/bar"] do scope path: path do __ROUTES__ end end
21:20 <josevalim> ?
21:21 <ericmj> neato, i will try that
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21:24 <ericmj> josevalim: it worked, thanks
21:25 <ericmj> i didn’t think i could interpolate in the route string
21:25 <ericmj> but scope also works
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21:38 <micmus> Can we put some more warnings somewhere that included_applications is not what people want and that it should be avoided unless you really know what you're doing?
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21:41 <cs7> what's does a trailing colon signify? As in message:
21:42 <sorentwo> That message is an atom, likely in a keyword list or a map
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21:49 <cs7> don't atoms have a leading colon, not a trailing one?
21:50 <ciawal> it's an alternative syntax for maps/keyword lists with atom keys, cs7
21:50 <ciawal> %{"foo" => 1}, %{foo: 1}
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21:51 <cs7> oh, i see. so message: here is also an atom? render conn, "show.html", messenger: messenger
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21:52 <cs7> (messenger:)
21:52 <ciawal> that's an implicit keyword list at the end there
21:53 <ciawal> it's equivalent to this:
21:53 <ciawal> render conn, "show.html", [messenger: messenger]
21:53 <cs7> ok, thanks ciawal and sorentwo
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21:59 <vans163> is there elixir equivalent to erlangs catch 1/0. ?
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22:10 <ericmj> vans163: no, and that’s by design
22:12 <vans163> case catch(it_can_crash) of ok -> yay; {'EXIT'.. -> crashed; _ -> everything_else end ericmj: any idea what the rationale was to removing it?
22:12 <vans163> without it, it forces you to double scope calls that can crash
22:12 <vans163> case scope_1_sanity_check of ok -> case scope_2...
22:13 <ericmj> it was never implemented so it was never removed
22:13 <vans163> mm any idea why the design does not consider it?
22:13 <ericmj> because there is no distinction between errors and none-errors
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22:13 <vans163> non-error has 'EXIT' as the first tuple member
22:13 <vans163> aka it crashed
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22:14 <vans163> so thats a distinction alreayd
22:14 <ericmj> if you get an exit signal yes, but not for other errors
22:14 <ericmj> also :EXIT is a valid non-error value
22:15 <vans163> you can say the same thing about :undefined
22:15 <ericmj> :undefined is not an error value
22:15 <ericmj> that is exactly what I am saying, by making catch explicit there is 100% distinction between what is an error and what is not
22:16 <vans163> :EXIT is a valid value (non-error) :undefined is a value (not an error non-error) .. x.x
22:16 <vans163> just parsed your sentence :P
22:16 <ericmj> yes, they are both valid values that can be interpreted as not being errors
22:16 <ericmj> that’s why it’s bad when it’s not in explicit
22:16 <ericmj> which is why elixir makes it explicit
22:16 <josevalim> iirc, catch was added to Erlang before it had try/catch
22:17 <ericmj> erlang literally has bugs in its standard library right now because catch hides errors
22:17 <vans163> the result of this good/evil conflict is now you need to double scope things resulting in messier code resulting in more human bugs
22:17 <josevalim> catching errors and exit in Elixir is uncommon and most times not recommended, there is no reason to provide a shortcut syntax for it
22:17 <josevalim> double scope things?
22:18 <vans163> if you need to call a registered pid for example
22:18 <vans163> you can catch gen_server:call(...)
22:18 <vans163> otherwise you need to first scope, check if pid exists, second scope call it
22:18 <josevalim> that doesn't make sense
22:18 <ericmj> you also catch all other reasons why gen_server.call failed
22:19 <josevalim> you can still rescue all errors if you want to
22:19 <ericmj> also, you have different semantics in your example
22:20 <vans163> case GenServer.call({:global, "the_reg_name"}, :hi) do :success -> :yay; :error -> :boo end results in full process crash if global pid not registered
22:20 <vans163> adding a simple catch case catch GenServer.call .... and you can handle the {'EXIT'.. in the case
22:21 <vans163> otherise we need to do case :global.whereis_name("the_reg_name") do :undefined -> :same_as_EXIT; pid -> case GenServer.call(pid, :hi) ...
22:21 <ericmj> No, that’s not the same thing
22:21 <ericmj> elixir still has catch with try do … catch
22:21 <ericmj> your second example has a race condition
22:22 <josevalim> vans163: https://gist.github.com/josevalim/2d1bfee0ce6405a572b080f3d3c365c5
22:22 <vans163> ericmj: hum.. yea it indeed has a race condition. i just wanted to reduce loC
22:22 <ericmj> https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Kernel.SpecialForms.html#try/1-catching-throws-and-exits
22:22 <vans163> i hate having to read through try/catch blocks
22:23 <josevalim> vans163: that's exactly the point for not making it smaller
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22:23 <josevalim> you should hate using them because you are not supposed to use them
22:23 <ericmj> i hate bugs because of catch silently catching all errors
22:23 <vans163> josevalim: hey thanks for that link, thats kinda a try-catch-case all in one!
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22:24 <josevalim> yes, it keeps everything explicit. what is the success, what is failure and what is error, like it should be
22:24 <vans163> pretty clean to read
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22:25 <micmus> I also believe the OTP team considers the bare catch in bad taste
22:25 <micmus> I saw in couple PR requests to remove it and convert to the explicit try-catch
22:25 <ericmj> it will also bubble the error up if you don’t have a catch clause for it instead of raising a function clause error
22:27 <vans163> not seeing errors is really bad, i try to avoid it, but many scopes/nests is bad also for human error bugs
22:27 <vans163> OTP afaik already has deep nests in many functions like try case case catch end etc
22:28 <vans163> i think the sourcecode for the proc_lib gen_server loop is like.. 10 nests deep
22:30 <vans163> but damn.. erlang needs elixirs try catch else now :P
22:31 <vans163> such an elegant solution
22:31 <alisdair> it has it?
22:31 <micmus> to be honest, try is very rare in elixir - e.g. in ecto for 18kLOC there are 14 trys
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22:32 <vans163> alisdair: i never noticed.. try of catch end right?
22:32 <vans163> always something new to learn x.x
22:33 <alisdair> yeah, i just translated jose's example into erlang at the same link
22:35 <vans163> micmus: yea i rarely use try too, but when you need to do like an rpc call, it gets annoying to handle all the corner cases, tho I try to not use RPC calls in the first place.. need to borrow somes ideas from LASP
22:36 <vans163> for example you have N forward facing webservers, who need to call into the core cluster that handles user registration
22:36 <vans163> the core is on seperate nodes from the forward facing webservers
22:37 <vans163> try GenServer.call(:register) catch :the_dc_is_on_fire_return_522 else :email_exists -> 200, user_registered; :ok -> 200, ok end
22:38 <vans163> getting rid of that rpc call would be ideal, but im not sure how atm
22:40 <vans163> in the catch ofcourse log the error, perhaps distinguish between a downed node and a crash
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23:11 <cs7> josevalim and other contributors: Hallmark labs is jumping into elixir in a big way
23:11 <dimitarvp> cs7: Hallmark as the TV?...
23:11 inoas joined
23:13 <cs7> Not exactly, Labs produces e-card, print on demand, and streaming video
23:13 <cs7> e-cards*
23:14 <dimitarvp> oh.... https://www.hallmarkecards.com/ <- this one then?
23:15 <cs7> yes, along with Ink & Main and the feeln streaming service
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23:37 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13760 (master - f800080 : José Valim): The build passed.
23:37 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/3f2246bd1bc1...f80008032ce6
23:37 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/209165599
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