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00:32 <iFire> fishcakez: what are you usually around
00:33 <iFire> when*
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00:33 <fishcakez> iFire: I am here right now
00:33 <iFire> Ah
00:34 <iFire> Yeah it's weird I don't get the data inside of describe until after I encode and I don't know why
00:34 <iFire> there's a travis setup
00:34 <iFire> so if you want to play around
00:35 <iFire> https://travis-ci.org/fire/snappyex
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00:41 <fishcakez> iFire: travis isnt telling me why, it just has a call timeout?
00:41 <iFire> what i mean is you can copy the .travis see I've setup the server
00:41 <iFire> Since the problem is a execution time bug
00:42 <fishcakez> ah ok
00:42 <fishcakez> I will have a look in 10mins
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00:55 <superherointj> hI.
00:55 <superherointj> Hi.
00:56 <superherointj> http://www.unlimitednovelty.com/2011/07/trouble-with-erlang-or-erlang-is-ghetto.html
00:56 <superherointj> What do you guys think of this article?
00:56 <superherointj> I´m interested in knowing the limits of Erlang/Elixir.
00:57 <jhack> superherointj, there is no limits.
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01:01 <ivan> superherointj: we've got structs in elixir so the record problems don't really apply
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01:03 <ivan> superherointj: copying messages to a process is probably not going to be the bottleneck in an erlang system
01:03 <superherointj> I´m mostly concerned about limits of scalability. And understanding the limitations. For managing state. Or doing immutable DevOps pratices.
01:03 <superherointj> Actually I am having a hard time understanding how Erlang/Elixir does persistence.
01:04 <superherointj> And how the process can be killed and restarted without losing data.
01:04 <superherointj> I could save everything to a database. But is that the way I should be doing it?
01:04 <ivan> superherointj: hard to trust someone who writes 'The only facility provided by the language for dealing with shared state in Erlang is called "Erlang Term Storage"' - you can keep state in a process that just recursively calls itself e.g. an elixir Agent
01:05 <ivan> superherointj: that's the way I do it
01:05 <ivan> postgrex and ecto are good libraries
01:06 <superherointj> Ecto is a client library, right?
01:07 <ivan> https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto basically a composable way to write database queries
01:07 <superherointj> So, persistence should be done on database. Not by Erlang own means, right?
01:08 <ivan> e.g. you can write a function that sets up some part of the query and then continue adding more query to it
01:09 <iFire> superherointj: Does anyone actual azul from a pratical point of view?
01:09 <ivan> superherointj: I think some people use mnesia but I have not looked into it
01:09 <iFire> actually use*
01:10 <iFire> it doesn't look to be opensource
01:10 <superherointj> iFire, I don´t know.
01:10 <superherointj> I´ve just started learning Elixir, And I dont want to get into something if not for the long run.
01:10 <ivan> I don't think most applications need an in-memory database unless they're doing tens of thousands of things a second
01:10 <ivan> when I tried DETS it immediately corrupted itself
01:11 <iFire> ivan: I'm playing with inmemory ql databases it's fast
01:11 <iFire> sql*
01:11 <superherointj> But how do you persist it?
01:11 <iFire> superherointj: it's got async writing
01:12 <superherointj> Do you do CI/CD with Elixir?
01:12 <iFire> anyways superherointj I like the community of elixir, if you want pure performance go with c++ or write c/c++ drivers for elixir
01:12 <superherointj> I´m not talking on performance.
01:12 <iFire> superherointj: where are you going with this?
01:13 <superherointj> Sorry?
01:13 <iFire> travis is technically a ci solution
01:14 <iFire> obviously if you know how to shell script you can use jenkins or gocd
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01:17 <iFire> https://github.com/scylladb/seastar <- this is a interesting C++ performance project
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01:22 <superherointj> Actually I think the main doubt I have is related to use an external database or not.
01:22 <superherointj> Where to store state and persist it.
01:23 <superherointj> I was lead to believe I should do everything even database/state persistence on Erlang.
01:23 <superherointj> I could indeed use an external database.
01:25 <superherointj> WhatsApp use Erlang. Anyone knows which database they use? And how they persist data?
01:27 <alisdair> they use freebsd and mysql
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01:32 <fishcakez> iFire: sorry forgot what to look for
01:32 <iFire> fishcakez: you might have to come back to me
01:32 <iFire> I'll try to update travis to 0.8
01:33 <iFire> fishcakez: when are you usually around?
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01:34 <fishcakez> you are describing inside prepare
01:34 <fishcakez> thats fine
01:35 <robotika> I've started playing around with phoenix - just wondering if it's possible to get the model name from a changeset?
01:35 <iFire> robotika: it's the name of the struct right?
01:35 <chrismccord> robotika : %name{} = changeset.data
01:36 <fishcakez> iFire: random when not asleep but now is sleep time
01:36 <robotika> chrismccord: awesome, thanks!
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01:46 <Gringill> Anyone here have an above average understanding of the internals of poison (i.e. hackney)? Got a question regarding recv_timeout.
01:46 <Gringill> httpoison*
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02:54 <asonge> that thing where typespecs and the erlang docs are out of sync :/
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03:26 <ryanwinchester> can I put multiple arguments in a protocol method?
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06:54 <naldi> hi
06:55 <Nicd-> hello
06:55 <naldi> i'm naldi
06:56 <naldi> i wan't ask about elixir & phoenix
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06:59 <Nicd-> this is the place :)
06:59 <naldi> ok, iwant make a chat room in my website
06:59 <naldi> but i'm newbie in elixir and phoenix
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07:00 <naldi> can you give me references? how to make it?
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07:03 <Nicd-> that's a pretty big question
07:03 <Nicd-> have you tried Phoenix at all yet?
07:03 <Nicd-> I think you should start by starting a new project with it and seeing how it works
07:05 <naldi> i'm just search in internet
07:05 <naldi> but i'm confused how to insert my website
07:07 <naldi> i never using phoenix in my program
07:07 <naldi> i'ts the first
07:09 <Nicd-> I think you should start with Elixir then
07:09 <Nicd-> work through the getting started guide and then install Phoenix
07:09 <Nicd-> there's no way to just jump into making stuff if you don't know how
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07:11 <naldi> hemm, i'm ready to install phoenix and elixir
07:12 <naldi> i'm ready too for reading guide in phoenix
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08:11 <OliverMT> anyone ever tried amazon aurora?
08:11 <OliverMT> they are using big nice words
08:11 <OliverMT> wonder if it has much to give over postgres
08:11 <OliverMT> with mysql compability it should work just fine with ecto
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08:16 <celyr> OliverMT, it has also postgreSQL compatibility tho
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08:20 <celyr> OliverMT, also their claims about performances is based upon hw optimization as specified in the documentation
08:20 <celyr> OliverMT, and price is nowhere close to cheap
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08:21 <celyr> OliverMT, well it's not even that expensive after all
08:22 <OliverMT> Yeah not that pricey
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08:22 <OliverMT> Compared to a full redundancy aws rds postgres
08:23 <OliverMT> I am looking at dybamodb as well
08:23 <OliverMT> Need to back a chat engine, not sure if we should just stay on postgres to start
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08:31 <celyr> OliverMT, looks a bit an overkill to use this for a chat :)
08:32 <OliverMT> a chat is incredibly write heavy
08:32 <celyr> OliverMT, I tought you were putting in the database just the "metadata" not the whole flow
08:33 <OliverMT> we're using SIP right now, not storing history
08:34 <celyr> I'm not sure that a RDBMS is suitable to store chat history
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08:35 <OliverMT> my attitude is that you use postgres until it starts to perform worse
08:36 <celyr> Well I guess it depends how many users are you planning to have
08:36 <celyr> on*
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08:43 <OliverMT> that "until" is usually a looooooot more further in time than most people think :p
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09:11 <jadlr> Hi all, is there a way to read the documentation of a function in an erlang library besides opening the source? Really annoying that one cannot do `h Blu.blubber/2`
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09:21 <tuacker> jadlr: I tend to use erl -man in a terminal (ie 'erl -man crypto)
09:21 <tuacker> not sure if there is a better way
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09:23 <jadlr> tuacker: Thanks!
09:24 <hmans> Is there a specific reason why Phoenix doesn't have generators for resources _without_ the actual controller function implementations and .eex templates?
09:25 <gazler> hmans: You mean like https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Mix.Tasks.Phoenix.Gen.Model.html ?
09:26 <hmans> gazler: I'd like a generator that will generate the new 1.3-style context, the controller module, the view module, the template directory, but not fill those with actual implementation/templates/tests/et al.
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09:27 <hmans> When using the available generators, I often end up deleting 95% of the generated code, which has sort of made me stop using generators altogether. Setting things up by hand is not the end of the world, but it is boring cruft that a generator could do for me.
09:27 <hmans> The Phoenix generators are essentially the equivalent to the scaffold generators in you know where
09:27 <gazler> hmans: Oh, I see. Well, the logic with the generators is that they are learning tools. So the are optimized for that use case. I don't really use the generators now.
09:27 <gazler> You can override the templates
09:28 <hmans> Yeah, I know I can -- I was just wondering that the rationale was behind the current implementation. Intended as learning tools, check -- I get that
09:29 <hmans> So I assume most Phoenix developers (who're beyond the point of where they need to learn the structure) just simply don't use generators. Noted.
09:29 <hmans> It's all good, I was just wondering.
09:29 <OliverMT> I use the generators a lot
09:29 <OliverMT> so thast not true
09:30 <gazler> hmans: If you wondered about using your own templates btw https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/pull/1927#issuecomment-280330362
09:30 <gazler> OliverMT: Don't you do that actually?
09:30 <micmus> Generators are meant primarily as a learning resource, not for covering all aspects of building applications
09:31 <OliverMT> gazler: not yet, but I plan to :)
09:31 <micmus> They are intentionally simple
09:31 <tuacker> sanity check: this defines a/the function depending on the mix env at compile time correct? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/44d64650c24cc1d2aa8ad52c8975e91d (is there a better way?, gotchas?)
09:31 <micmus> Oh that was already covered... I should have read the whole backlog first
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09:32 <OliverMT> correct tuacker
09:32 <OliverMT> but that is the wrong way to do it
09:32 <OliverMT> set a config that you get with Application.get/fetch _env
09:32 <OliverMT> instead of using the Mix module in your code
09:32 <gazler> That matters less at compile time. It's more of a documentation thing.
09:33 <gazler> At runtime in a release, you can't be sure that Mix is available.
09:33 <gazler> I'd definitely use config to toggle it though.
09:33 <OliverMT> if Application.get_env(:your_app, :do_other_function, false) do def function(..) do #other stuff end else def function(..) do normal stuff end end
09:33 <OliverMT> etc
09:34 <tuacker> Hah, I actually already have the config set ^^ just need to use it. Thanks OliverMT, gazler
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09:51 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13887 (master - d1babd7 : Eksperimental): The build passed.
09:51 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/b191f6bf1f76...d1babd70e6bb
09:51 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/210877311
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10:01 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13889 (master - cc52fed : Thijs Klaver): The build passed.
10:01 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/d1babd70e6bb...cc52fedcd76c
10:01 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/210877750
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11:15 <ikopico> Hey, I'm browsing the code for `mix` and trying to understand why does `mix` treat `rebar` and `rebar3` the same on some cases? They are two very different build tools
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11:39 <ikopico> Also, for some reason, mix decides to put the rebar3 plugin, which belongs to application A (i.e. under A's rebar.config) in jsx, which is a totally different dependency.
11:39 <ikopico> /private/tmp/<elixir_app>/deps/jsx $ cat rebar.config
11:39 <ikopico> {edoc_opts, [{preprocess, true}]}.
11:39 <ikopico> /private/tmp/<elixir_app>/deps/jsx ✔ $ ls _build/default/plugins/<plugin_name>
11:39 <ikopico> README.md docs include rebar.config src
11:40 <ikopico> mix is too smart
11:40 <ikopico> (and that's where it hangs btw)
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12:09 <DEvil0000> hi there
12:11 <Nicd-> hey DEvil0000
12:11 <DEvil0000> mix release is creating release tars but it also writes the files mtime to the tar. Because of that i can not compare the tar by hash later. Is there a way to tell mix release to create the tar without mtime? Or turn off creating the tar at all?
12:12 <DEvil0000> for creating a tar manually I can do so with the parameter --mtime
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12:13 <DEvil0000> The idea is to get the same tar out of the same code
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12:25 <OliverMT> you need to compile to beam files to make a release
12:25 <OliverMT> so even if the code is the same, the compile will be different
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12:35 <scarfacedeb> Hello everyone, I'm starting a new project in phoenix 1.3 and I'm a bit unsure what's the preferred way to make composable queries using the contexts.
12:35 <scarfacedeb> Specifically, I'm referring to the following way of query composition: https://blog.drewolson.org/composable-queries-ecto/
12:36 <scarfacedeb> It works because functions in Post return queries that can be piped together. And I'm only calling the Repo function at the end. (inside the controller)
12:36 <scarfacedeb> But Phoenix 1.3 got rid of the models and introduced new concept - bounded context. And judging by the examples in a keynote, now I'm supposed to hide most of the business logic inside the context. Therefore I'm not sure how to refactored that code.
12:36 <scarfacedeb> I suppose the cleaner way to compose it would be smth like this: https://gist.github.com/scarfacedeb/41b1a6df747554b73f0ddc39d5d7c929
12:36 <scarfacedeb> That way I can keep it composable and don't have Repo calls in the controller.
12:36 <scarfacedeb> Am I on the right track here?
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12:49 <micmus> scarfacedeb: yes, that's exactly the way
12:49 <micmus> you expose a function per different query/data you need in your controllers
12:49 <micmus> from the context
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12:50 <micmus> inside the context you can compose queries, etc
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12:52 <scarfacedeb> I see. And I can extract common query functions into a separate module and import it in multiple places.
12:52 <scarfacedeb> thank you, I'll try to write it this way
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12:53 <scarfacedeb> Are you aware of any phoenix 1.3 open source application? I'm familiar with firestorm, but it mostly kept the structure the same after the migration to 1.3
12:54 <micmus> hexpm got updated to 1.3 recently
12:57 <OliverMT> am I just damaged from years and years of enterprise java since I feel that "Blog" sounds so wrong as a modulename there
12:57 <OliverMT> BlogService
12:57 <OliverMT> :D
12:57 <scarfacedeb> thanks, I'll take a look
12:57 <scarfacedeb> BlogService looks more like a rails-driven convention to me :)
12:59 <Nicd-> AbstractSingletonBlogFactoryBean
13:00 <scarfacedeb> don't forget about Handler)
13:00 <scarfacedeb> don't forget about Handler
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13:36 <poops> Hey guys, loving the new changes in phoenix 1.3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but was just wondering if my methods that commit to a database should have a ! suffix , like Accounts.register_user!()
13:37 <Nicd-> the ! is a convention that denotes that the function raises on error
13:37 <Nicd-> so register_user() would return either {:ok, value} or {:error, error_value} and register_user!() would just return value and raise on error
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13:37 <poops> ok gotcha, so there’s no convention to denote that a function is not pure?
13:38 <Nicd-> not that I know of
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14:29 <DEvil0000> @OliverMT the compile should result in the same files if the code stays the same (at least in my eyes)
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14:53 <m_m> Hi I have a strange bug and after almost 2 days of fighting I've lost my hope. I'm using exrm for releases. It's quite simple. I have good sys.config with propel values taken from my system enviroment. After myappname console my app take values from ...I dont know...from compiled beams ? from nowhere? from config.exs ? He takes default values from config.exs but not from his sys.config. Why?
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15:13 <Ankhers> m_m: Do you also have a my_app.schema.exs and my_app.conf files?
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15:18 <chrismccord> poops only use ! functions if you intend on raising on failure
15:19 <chrismccord> poops : so bang functions vs non bang are both okay. It depend son what kind of apis you want to expose for your callers
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15:21 <poops> chrismccord: thanks, that makes sense, i just wasn’t sure if impure functions should be marked somehow as well
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15:25 <chrismccord> poops in general we don't use a convention for pure vs impure in eliixr
15:26 <wwwd> Hey all, I'm working on an online class. I found 'Redirect to: "/path" but the author used 'redirect to: context_path(conn, :action). Is the advantage of the helper that it skips the router and directly calls the action from the controler?
15:27 <poops> ok great, thanks chris
15:27 <chrismccord> wwwd : no, it still does the normal http redirect. The benefit is whe you change the path in the router, you don't have to hunt down all the hard-coded "/path" strings and rewrite them
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15:29 <wwwd> Ah! That makes sense. Thanks!
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15:57 <scrogson> what's the best approach for configuring the mnesia directory for a release?
15:58 <scrogson> should the files be stored outside the release so your data doesn't get accidentally destroyed?
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15:59 <scrogson> was thinking about storing it in `/var/data/my_app/`
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16:01 <m_m> Ankhers: no. Why i need them ?
16:01 <Ankhers> m_m: https://exrm.readme.io/docs/release-configuration
16:01 <Ankhers> I'm not entirely sure. I haven't used exrm personally. But I just read some docs and it sounds like you will need it.
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16:04 <iFire> fishcakez: morning
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16:16 <Ankhers> Does Elixir 1.4.x work with Erlang 18? I think I remember a conversation in here that it does not. But would anyone know for sure?
16:16 <josevalim> it does
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16:18 <josevalim> the goal is to always support the last 3 erlang versions. so Erlang 18 should be supported until Erlang 21 is out (which is in a year). unless there are major benefits on 19 that would justify us dropping support for 18 a bit earlier.
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16:19 <iFire> can someone help me with my recursion problem https://gist.github.com/fire/15b6fc77633f4e80d73186c353996851
16:19 <iFire> input is
16:19 <iFire> types: [:integer, :varchar] params [43, "fortythree"]
16:20 <josevalim> don't you want to rathe recurse them side by side?
16:20 <iFire> yah
16:20 <josevalim> def encode_values([type | types], [param | params], acc) do ...
16:20 <josevalim> and the last clause is
16:20 <josevalim> def encode_values([], [], acc) do
16:21 <Ankhers> Thanks.
16:22 <iFire> josevalim: hmm
16:23 <iFire> josevalim: still getting lost :(
16:23 <josevalim> can you update the gist?
16:23 <iFire> https://gist.github.com/fire/15b6fc77633f4e80d73186c353996851
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16:24 <josevalim> you don't need encode_params anymore
16:24 <josevalim> def encode_values([type | types], [param | params], acc),
16:24 <josevalim> do: encode_values(types, params, [encode_field(param, type) | acc])
16:24 <josevalim> def encode_values([], [], acc), do: Enum.reverse(acc)
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16:25 <iFire> \o/
16:26 <iFire> https://gist.github.com/fire/13e062046b8154076fb0dface8c8baca
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16:27 <m_m> Wow. Strange thing. How I can use Application.get_env in my code after compilation ? I mean by change sys.config in exrm release ? In iex console I see value from sys.config but by application have value from compilation time.
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16:29 <iFire> josevalim: thank you so much, now I have the basis for encoding database types by type instead of hard coding. This is the final piece.
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16:30 <fishcakez> iFire: oh so itts working now?
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16:36 <iFire> fishcakez: got the prepare + insert one working, but not the query(SQL, params) one
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16:38 <iFire> so prepare and insert seperately works, but not prepare_execute
16:40 <iFire> https://travis-ci.org/fire/snappyex/builds/211010335
16:41 <iFire> got to go. talk to you later
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16:51 <iFire> fishcakez: any ideas?
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19:25 <iFire> fishcakez: is there a reason prepare_execute doesn't run prepare?
19:26 <fishcakez> iFire: it always runs prepare
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19:27 <iFire> I'm not seeing the prepare part in my code returning the meta data
19:27 <iFire> :|
19:29 <fishcakez> iFire: prepare_execute is equivalent to prepare and execute
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19:42 <iFire> fishcakez: so query("INSERT INTO SNAPPYEX_TEST.TEST_INSERT (id, text) VALUES (?, ?)", [43, "fortythree"]) doesn't prepare the statement correctly :|
19:42 <iFire> even though it calls prepare I wonder why
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19:43 <iFire> prepare should give me metadata
19:43 <fishcakez> iFire: does it work when you prepare and execute separately?
19:43 <iFire> yes
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20:06 <hahuang61> \quit
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20:18 <iFire> fishcakez: so this stack doesn't have a prepare :/ https://gist.github.com/fire/781029c24845ce0448b032b755488b3e
20:18 <iFire> [] is not a valid type for [43, "fortythree"]
20:19 <fishcakez> I dont think prepare would appear in the stacktrace
20:20 <fishcakez> describe_run is only called after a handle_prepae
20:26 <scrogson> having trouble setting columns to NULL with ecto...
20:27 <scrogson> fishcakez: change(struct, %{reserved_at: nil}) |> Repo.update! doesn't persist that change...
20:27 <scrogson> it keeps the previous value
20:29 <iFire> fishcakez: any suggestions on how to debug this?
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20:36 <fishcakez> scrogson: turn on logging, what query is run?
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20:37 <fishcakez> iFire: unsure what he issue could be...is the query already prepared on the connection?
20:38 <iFire> fishcakez: is there any way the prepare statement is ignored
20:39 <iFire> like cached
20:39 <fishcakez> iFire: wdym?
20:39 <iFire> Like is the caching system based on a name?
20:39 <iFire> So it just skips preparing and goes directly using the id and params
20:40 <fishcakez> yes
20:40 <fishcakez> theres a bug in your code on line 178
20:40 <iFire> which source?
20:40 <fishcakez> you set the types to [] when they could already be set
20:41 <micmus> scrogson: have you tried inspecting the changeset before the repo operation? What is the value of changes?
20:41 <fishcakez> f702d67
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20:41 <scrogson> micmus: I have
20:41 <scrogson> I'm using the ecto_mnesia adapter...
20:42 <scrogson> trying to figure out if its ecto or the adapter
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20:42 <fishcakez> mnesia doesnt have columns or NULL :P
20:42 <micmus> if the value is in the changes map of the changeset, it will be passed down to the adapter
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20:43 <scrogson> yeah...the changes show a map of keys with nil as the values
20:43 <scrogson> so I don't understand
20:44 <iFire> hm
20:44 <fishcakez> iFire: but im not usre about the logic there
20:44 <fishcakez> i think you should copy the mariaex logic for your cache
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20:45 <fishcakez> i.e. prepare always does a fresh prepare, and may close an old query with same name
20:45 <fishcakez> execute will prepare unless query with same name and reference exists in cache
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20:46 <fishcakez> Also Ecto will assume query structs are immutable once prepared
20:47 <fishcakez> https://github.com/xerions/mariaex/blob/master/lib/mariaex/protocol.ex#L334-L341 https://github.com/xerions/mariaex/blob/master/lib/mariaex/protocol.ex#L405-L409 https://github.com/xerions/mariaex/blob/master/lib/mariaex/protocol.ex#L448-L458
20:48 <iFire> fishcakez: they are considered immutable at what point?
20:48 <iFire> Say I'm still in the handle_prepare function
20:48 <iFire> Or the handle_execute
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20:49 <iFire> I need to move some data from the server's response into the query struct
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20:51 <iFire> fishcakez: so yes, it goes into a already prepared state
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20:53 <iFire> So if I tell it to prepare even if prepared, there's no error
20:54 <iFire> https://github.com/fire/snappyex/blob/master/lib/snappyex/protocol.ex#L181
20:56 <iFire> https://github.com/fire/snappyex/blob/master/lib/snappyex/protocol.ex#L249 <- I have entirely forgotten how this logic works.
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21:09 <scrogson> k...I found the source of the issue: https://github.com/Nebo15/ecto_mnesia/blob/master/lib/ecto_mnesia/table.ex#L70
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21:14 <fishcakez> iFire: once Ecto sees it
21:14 <fishcakez> i will try a PR to fix your logic
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21:14 <iFire> I updated master.
21:14 <iFire> but I think the logic is that prepare shouldn't do any caching
21:15 <iFire> or inserts to the cache
21:15 <fishcakez> yeah prepare should always replace the any query
21:15 <fishcakez> so you'll want to close the old query if one with same name exists
21:15 <fishcakez> and on success it should insert into the cache
21:16 <fishcakez> then in execute it either executes if it exists, or follows prepare logic, and then executes
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21:16 <iFire> I'll wait for the pr then
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21:20 <fishcakez> iFire: oh you made the changes I suggested about the cache
21:21 <iFire> hmm?
21:21 <fishcakez> iFire: I was looking at old version i think
21:23 <fishcakez> iFire: can you explain what the issue is now?
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21:23 <iFire> It passes my tests, but https://github.com/fire/snappyex/blob/master/lib/snappyex/protocol.ex#L181 <- this logic is wrong. It says if I'm prepared or not prepared, it will always prepare.
21:24 <iFire> which is logically wrong
21:24 <iFire> I don't even know if the cache works D:
21:25 <fishcakez> https://github.com/fire/snappyex/blob/master/lib/snappyex/protocol.ex#L252
21:25 <fishcakez> ah i see
21:25 <fishcakez> this clause should be {:close_prepare, id, query}
21:25 <fishcakez> the :prepare clause from mariaex is when the query is unnamed
21:25 <fishcakez> and that situation doesnt exist here
21:26 <fishcakez> you want to do: https://github.com/xerions/mariaex/blob/master/lib/mariaex/protocol.ex#L337
21:28 <fishcakez> Um I meant the :prepared clause in mariaex is for its LRU cache, and there isn't one in snappyex
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21:32 <iFire> looking the wrong statement:
21:32 <iFire> {:close_prepare, statement_id, query} ->
21:32 <iFire> close_prepare(statement_id, query, state)
21:34 <fishcakez> iFire: yeah
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21:41 <iFire> fishcakez: I need state for the token
21:42 <fishcakez> iFire: the token is stored in the state?
21:42 <iFire> yeah
21:42 <iFire> I think that's the correct place...
21:44 <iFire> oh
21:44 <iFire> hah
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21:45 <iFire> updated
21:45 <iFire> fishcakez: I wonder how postgrex tests all the types
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21:47 <iFire> https://github.com/elixir-ecto/postgrex/blob/master/test/query_test.exs#L442 got it
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22:00 <iFire> added tests for encoding varchar, int and clob
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22:45 <wwwd> Hey all, I am working through a tutorial and getting "function Discuss.TopicController.show/2 is undefined or private". My code is here: https://gist.github.com/johnhitz/0dd527e319c6963ddee6ed1feb788b83. Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?
22:47 <hq1> hey, out of curiosity, where can I read about design decisions leading to elixir not implementing gen_fsm? was it that gen_server in most cases is good enough?
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22:58 <havenwood> hq1: See: https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/commit/455eb4c4ace81ce60b347558f9419fe3c33d8bf7
22:59 <havenwood> hq1: Maybe give the Elixir gen_statem wrapper a try?: https://github.com/antipax/gen_state_machine
22:59 <havenwood> http://erlang.org/doc/man/gen_statem.html
23:01 <fishcakez> hq1: if module exists in erlang, but less pressure to provide it, unless it is definitely required. the function names and callbacks are quite intersting in gen_fsm
23:02 <fishcakez> it seemed likely there could be a nicer solution
23:02 <fishcakez> gen_statem its quite a bit nicer
23:02 <hq1> haha, my question was a consequence of an idea to write an elixir adapter to gen_statem, I didn't find the one you linked :P
23:02 <tristan__> no point in gen-fsm now that gen-statem exists
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23:02 <fishcakez> community provide support for gen_statem
23:02 <fishcakez> why do anything :P
23:02 <hq1> haha
23:03 <iFire> that's so lazy, I like it :)
23:04 <iFire> is this a correct way of casting a float to a int :erlang.float_to_binary(field) ?
23:04 stephen_m joined
23:04 <fishcakez> to an int?
23:04 <iFire> yeah...
23:04 <hq1> fishcakez: could you tell me about db_connection? I'd expect all the DB-connectors / stateful protocol handlers could benefit from gen_fsm
23:04 <fishcakez> thats to binary
23:04 <iFire> http://http.developer.nvidia.com/Cg/floatToRawIntBits.html
23:04 <hq1> or gen_statem for that matter
23:05 <iFire> they pretend a float is a int
23:05 <fishcakez> float to binary isnt going to do what you think it does..
23:05 <fishcakez> or if it does o.O
23:05 <fishcakez> hq1: well Connection lib was more useful to async connect and reconnect cycle
23:06 <fishcakez> but if gen_statem existed in a usable fashion then ofc it would be used instead
23:06 <fishcakez> gen_statem has breaking changes during 19
23:06 <fishcakez> so it'd mean requiring an OTP 20+ lib to handle it
23:06 <fishcakez> er
23:07 <fishcakez> OTP 20+ elixir release
23:07 <iFire> https://github.com/SnappyDataInc/snappy-store/blob/6e18e745094849f72739bbf924a64b777c9fcba7/native/src/snappyclient/headers/Utils.h#L132
23:07 <hq1> so.. "async connect/disconnect cycle" -- hold my hand please, keep reconnecting while still receiving client requests instead of dropping them on the floor immediately?
23:07 <iFire> they literally cast a float to an int...
23:08 <fishcakez> hq1: the first thing is, if uisng poolboy, dont want to block to connect on init/1
23:08 <fishcakez> (or any pool, or no pool)
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23:09 <fishcakez> the Connection lib provides a simple mechanism to do that
23:10 <fishcakez> also if the connection fails to connect it provides a backoff mechanism to retry
23:10 <fishcakez> if the connection disconnects it provides a disconnect callback to handle that and ensure connect is the next call
23:10 <hq1> gotcha, so connection lib proxies client requests to poolboy workers while they manage the connection details?
23:10 <fishcakez> er
23:11 <hq1> ah I think I get it
23:11 <fishcakez> it is much more complex :(
23:11 <fishcakez> but the Connection lib has a GenServer like API
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23:11 <iFire> I attest to connection being complicated :P
23:11 <hq1> yeah I'll dig into the source, this_is_fine
23:11 <fishcakez> and the connection specific details are handle in a nested callback inside the Connection callback module
23:12 <fishcakez> so we have GenServer -> Connection -> DBConnection.Connection -> MyDBConnection
23:12 <fishcakez> a single DBConnection.Connection acts as a pool of 1 in its own right, a pool of a socket+state
23:13 <fishcakez> and it will reconnect//backoff etc
23:13 <hq1> ah2
23:13 <hq1> ah* :)
23:13 <iFire> fishcakez: yeah that chain is pretty fun :)
23:13 <fishcakez> so when using poolboy the pool is checked out from poolboy, and the socket is checked out from the pool
23:13 <iFire> I remember our problems at the connection end breaking the MyDBConnection end
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23:13 <iFire> because of timeouts and reconnections
23:14 <fishcakez> then the socket is stored in the pdict of the caller and accessed locally
23:15 <hq1> oh wow
23:15 <hq1> real world pdict usages never cease to amaze me
23:15 <fishcakez> and when done the socket is sent back to the DBConnection.Connection pool, and then that pool is check into poolboy (if using poolboy)
23:16 <fishcakez> and the pdict entry is deleted
23:16 <hq1> ok, this is quite a bit to digest
23:18 <hq1> thank you for the intro, I hope to get enough spare cycles to dig deeper
23:19 <fishcakez> I think the main thing to understand in DBConnection is that is a pool of socket/state, and not a pool of connection processes
23:19 <iFire> hq1: making anything with it? Understanding helps when you're working through problems.
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23:21 <iFire> curious, what happened to dirty schedulers
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23:22 <hq1> not really no, started sniffing around gen_statem for no good reason and that made me dive into the rabbit hole
23:23 <hq1> I'd like to contribute some day, and lower-level stuff sounds much more appealing ;-)
23:24 <iFire> hq1: for me diving into this is just a sidetrack on my goal :)
23:24 <fishcakez> if i had time again I would only support sbroker'ed connections, and switch alarm_handler for ealarm in sbroker
23:24 <hq1> iFire: what's the goal?
23:24 <fishcakez> it would have made things a lot simpler, even the sandbox pool
23:25 <hq1> oh my, alarm handler
23:25 <iFire> hq1: oh I'm trying built up a tech base for a multiplayer game server in elixir
23:25 <iFire> build up*
23:25 <hq1> gotcha
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23:26 <hq1> there was a nice game server demo, built in erlang, a few years back.. hmm /me browses youtube
23:27 <iFire> yeah
23:27 <iFire> doesn't support unreal engine
23:27 <iFire> the team the ported it there didn't finish
23:27 <iFire> that*
23:28 <hq1> was it some FPP world handling a record value of shit tons of players at the same time?
23:29 <hq1> I vaguely remember a broken record or something
23:29 <iFire> hq1: pm'd you
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23:34 <iFire> https://zdatainc.com/2015/02/gemfire-performance-evaluation-aws/
23:35 <iFire> working on a connector for this
23:37 <iFire> fishcakez: What should I do if the database doesn't fully support quoted identifiers?
23:37 <iFire> for instance it breaks in the index creation syntax
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23:41 <fishcakez> iFire: this is causing issue in Ecto?
23:41 <iFire> Well, not exactly
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23:41 <iFire> I'm just wondering what I should do.
23:41 <iFire> I can upper case everything.
23:41 <iFire> or remove the quoting
23:43 <fishcakez> well the adapter controls quoting, so you can pick what you want
23:43 <fishcakez> i would suggest speaking to jose or michal about this
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23:47 <aeliton> can anybody help me understand the recv_timout option of httpoison? The documentation says ":recv_timeout - timeout used when receiving a connection. Default is 5000". Does that mean the entire request should produce a response in 5 seconds?
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23:48 <alisdair> no
23:48 <alisdair> it means it should be allocated a connection from the internal pool in 5000ms
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23:49 <iFire> fishcakez: are they on irc?
23:49 <iFire> There's also some questions about what to do with the schema definitions
23:50 pHcF joined
23:52 <fishcakez> alisdair: the timeout for that is :infinity, its the time used to recv data from a socket
23:52 <fishcakez> i.e. :gen_tcp.recv
23:52 <fishcakez> iFire: yes but didnt highlight as late for them :)
23:52 <fishcakez> j0s5val1m and m1cmu5 without the numbers :P
23:53 <aeliton> alisdair: I'm asking that because I'm using httpoison to send a 15MB file in a 1Mbit connection and httpoison is returning {:error, %HTTPoison.Error{id: nil, reason: :timeout}} around the 9th minute of the connection. In that case, do you know what would explain the timeout error?
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23:54 <fishcakez> aeliton: it means each time doing a receive on a socket it should get data within 5 seconds
23:55 <alisdair> how come the entire elixir core team is in europe? that's like, continentalism
23:56 <fishcakez> half the core team work for the same company lol
23:56 <aeliton> got it, so :timeout is for the time the connection must be established and :recv_timeout is the frequency the socket must produce data for reading, is that correct?
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23:57 <tristan__> huh, what company?
23:58 <fishcakez> football addicts
23:58 <tristan__> is that wehere you work?
23:58 <fishcakez> thats where aleksei, eric and andrea work
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