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01:50 <espam> Hello?
01:51 <PeregrinePDX> Hello
01:51 <espam> Aha how goes it? I just discovered Elixir and I'm quite curious about it.
01:52 <espam> I read through the entire Guide section. Pretty cool~
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02:04 <benwilson512> espam: welcome! glad you find it interesting
02:06 <espam> I'm probably going to start with some basic demo apps and figure out if it's a good fit for what I usually work with. ~It'll be interesting regardless~
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08:03 <Nicd-> ok, time to learn some macros
08:03 <Nicd-> I have no idea what I am doing
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10:07 <smeevil> o/
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10:19 <harfangk> \o/
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11:35 <jkreeftm1ijer> /HILIGHT nick
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11:56 <smeevil> o.O
11:56 <smeevil> set nick on fire ! \o/
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12:01 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13972 (master - 557d856 : Jeff Kreeftmeijer): The build passed.
12:01 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/0cedfc70d02f...557d856ac74d
12:01 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/212667805
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12:53 <Nicd-> can anyone help me with writing a macro? I'd like to wrap a function to insert code before and after it. like if you wrote `run args do playwith(args) end` it would be turned into `def run(args, opts) do pre(opts); playwith(args); post(opts) end`
12:54 <Nicd-> I don't know how to grab the "args" of the run macro to use in the generated code
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13:00 <ciawal> you just need to unquote no?
13:01 <Nicd-> let me write something and pass it by you
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13:38 <Nicd-> ciawal: this is what I have now: https://gist.github.com/Nicd/2e8ed1fcf78f53d14be79f4827f58d93 and it says "** (CompileError) lib/mix/tasks/frontend.clean.ex:7: undefined function run/2", I don't have the faintest idea if I'm on the right track
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13:57 <ciawal> Nicd-: why not just pass an anonymous function which gets wrapped instead/
13:57 <ciawal> without a macro
13:58 <Nicd-> ciawal: can you elaborate?
13:58 <ciawal> hm I'm not sure what the behavuour here would be since you're trying to make a run/2 macro and a run/2 function
13:59 <ciawal> you didn't import also
13:59 <Nicd-> I can change the name
13:59 <ciawal> so I think the run macro is not available
13:59 <Nicd-> isn't it made available by the `use`? or do I need to import it in the __using__?
13:59 <ciawal> yeah, the latter
14:00 <Nicd-> !!!!!! it did stuff!
14:00 <josevalim> Nicd-: you need to import the mdule inside __using__
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14:00 <Nicd-> I updated the gist and at least it runs! https://gist.github.com/Nicd/2e8ed1fcf78f53d14be79f4827f58d93
14:01 <superherointj> Just seen one thing. at Windows using PowerShell ¨iex¨ conflicts with native ¨Invoke-Expression Cmdlet¨. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee176880.aspx
14:01 <Nicd-> thankyou so much ciawal
14:02 <Nicd-> it's my first ever macro \o/
14:03 <ciawal> o/
14:03 <Nicd-> with this my frontend build tool will be somewhat ready
14:03 <superherointj> I already have an elixir service in production since yesterday. I glued it with tape and it´s running. lol
14:03 <Nicd-> just need to do some cleanup and separate it from my project
14:04 <Nicd-> I have two web services in production but this is the first macro I have written :)
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14:14 <fishcakez> Nicd-: if only others followed closer to your example
14:14 <Nicd-> what example in this case?
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14:23 <superherointj> iex.bat was the solution. :)
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14:28 <drewolson> benwilson512 I'm curious why sometimes in absinthe type is provided directly as an atom as other times as `type: :thing`
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14:35 <drewolson> benwilson512 is it just that any time a field takes a do block and returns a singular type, you use the `type: :thing` style?
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14:39 <Nicd-> hmm, I have `Logger.info` in my code and after it I have `IO.puts`, the IO line is printed first. I guess Logger runs in a separate process and it's a race condition?
14:40 <drewolson> Nicd- yes I believe it is in a separate process
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15:10 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#13979 (master - c042794 : Jeff Kreeftmeijer): The build passed.
15:10 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/557d856ac74d...c0427947e099
15:10 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/212700357
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15:10 <jkreeftmeijer> \o/
15:12 <ciawal> Nicd-: it's also stderr vs stdout
15:12 <ciawal> I think logger always prints to stderr?
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16:12 <gabrielg> Hello all! I need your help guys! I'm trying to deploy a phoenix app on digitalOCean with edeliver, and the build and release commands work without a problem, but when I try to start the application it gives me a "mesg: ttyname failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device" error. Now, from what I've read on internet, it's an old C error and I cannot find the link with my project, to correct the possible bug. Can anyone help me with
16:14 <gabrielg> I have already an app on digitalOcean and it works like a charm, so I really don't know where is the error... I've also tried reinstalling everything 3 times :(
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16:20 <espam> What command causes this error?
16:21 <gabrielg> Hi espam :) This command: "mix edeliver start production --verbose"
16:22 <gabrielg> And "mix edeliver build release --verbose" -> "mix edeliver deploy release to production --verbose" works percetly
16:24 <gabrielg> As I said, I have another app on digital which works, and the other day I've tried to replace it with this one and it worked, so It has to be an error linked to a missing config or a missing lib or a wrong lib version (but I use the same elixir version)
16:24 <espam> gabrielg, Here’s a goofy question, have you tried spinning up a new instance and deploying the app there?
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16:29 <gabrielg> Yep, I've tried spinning a new instance and reinstalling everything 3 times, so I'm missing something, but I cannot figure out what
16:29 <espam> Is this error actually stopping the install or is it just notifying you and proceeding?
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16:31 <gabrielg> It says:
16:31 <gabrielg> -----> starting production servers
16:31 <gabrielg> response: mesg: ttyname failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
16:31 <gabrielg> START DONE!
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16:32 <gabrielg> Maybe the server is starting but it doesn't accept request or the startup is being aborted, either way the server keeps giving me "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"
16:33 <espam> From the man page here: http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man3/ttyname.3.html It sounds like some underlying library or function is trying to obtain the >name of the terminal<, which, if you’re shooting this code over a remote connection, probably doesn’t exist. The “terminal device” that you’re using is likely an unnamed SSH connection. “Edeliver uses ssh and scp to build and deploy the releases.”
16:33 <gabrielg> Btw thanks for helping me!
16:33 <espam> (https://github.com/boldpoker/edeliver#installation)
16:34 <espam> Could you try testing whether or not you can use the app?
16:34 <espam> My guess is that this is a silent warning that can be ignored.
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16:36 <gabrielg> The app is not usable, try visiting: yourself, it continues to give me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
16:37 <espam> Could you try
16:37 <espam> curl http://localhost
16:37 <espam> (from an SSH connection into the server)
16:37 <gabrielg> from server, right?
16:37 <espam> yeah
16:37 <gabrielg> curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 80: Connection refused
16:38 <gabrielg> maybe I'm not even accepting connections on :80?
16:38 <espam> Humph. Have you tried manually copying the code over and running it manually? To me, this sounds more like an issue with the code you’re deploying and not so much the deployment tool.
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16:39 <gabrielg> trying right now
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16:43 <gabrielg> Ok, maybe I've found the error :) I had the ip line in prod.exs pointing to an old ip server
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16:44 <gabrielg> Now I'm trying again to deploy the app, I hope it will work now... Thanks a lot espam ;)
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17:06 <Nicd-> fishcakez: what exampleeee?
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17:07 <fishcakez> 14:04 <Nicd-> I have two web services in production but this is the first macro I have written :)
17:07 <Nicd-> ohh
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17:07 <Nicd-> my stuff is too simple
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17:57 <Nicd-> it seems Keyword.get works with a semi-kw-list such as [1, 2, 3, foo: true, bar: false], but almost none of the others do. :/
17:57 <Nicd-> would be nice if the others worked too
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18:21 <fishcakez> Nicd-: you could propose this to core mailing list - especially to say that many erlang libs support non tuple atom,value pairs in their otherwise keyword list style options
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18:22 <micmus> tbh, I really don't understand why the Keyword module is limited to atom keyed tuples...
18:22 <micmus> having it work on string-keyed ones would be su useful in many cases
18:22 <Nicd-> ehh, I broke my macro :(
18:23 <Nicd-> no idea how
18:23 <espam> Hahaha isn’t that always the case?
18:23 <espam> Do you have a gist of it?
18:25 <OliverMT> bitwalker: tristan__ do you guys use ingress with ur kubernetes? It says its beta but it looks fairly solid
18:26 <Nicd-> espam: https://gist.github.com/Nicd/2e8ed1fcf78f53d14be79f4827f58d93 returns "unbound variable _" -- now I understand it's because I gave _ and it's trying to look for a value inside _ but I hope you get what I'm trying to accomplish
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18:30 <Nicd-> I replaced both `unquote(args)` with just `args` and that may have fixed it?
18:30 <espam> Aaaaah so is it all set now? Pretty interesting Macro. I dig it.
18:30 <espam> Looks like you’re never quoting the args
18:30 <espam> (In
18:30 <espam> task _ do
18:30 <espam> IO.puts("Test")
18:30 <espam> end
18:30 <espam> )
18:31 <Nicd-> where should I quote stuff there? that's where I use the macro
18:31 <Nicd-> it uses _ because it doesn't use the args
18:32 <Nicd-> but if it did use the args it would be `task args do ... foo(args) ... end`
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18:33 <ciawal> Nicd-: perhaps this could be simpler if you just use a different name to "run" for the user-implemented method
18:33 <ciawal> and your `use` will implement run and call the other method
18:33 <ciawal> then no more need for this macro stuff
18:34 <Nicd-> the function must be called run
18:34 <Nicd-> it's a mix task
18:34 <ciawal> no
18:34 <ciawal> you define run
18:34 <ciawal> the user defines my_run
18:34 <ciawal> and you call my_run from run
18:35 <Nicd-> where do I define run? can you write an example?
18:35 <ciawal> in __using__
18:35 <ciawal> in the quote:
18:35 <ciawal> def run(args) do
18:35 <ciawal> # before stuff
18:35 <ciawal> my_run(args)
18:35 <ciawal> # after stuff
18:35 <ciawal> end
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18:35 <ciawal> thus if the user has `use BuildTask` and `def my_run(_)`, they get the wrapper stuff
18:36 <Nicd-> ohhhhh
18:36 <ciawal> and this avoids having to do any macro stuff
18:36 <Nicd-> you mean to say this has all been for nothing?
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18:36 <Nicd-> ;_;
18:36 <ciawal> I am just proposing an alternative ;)
18:38 <espam> Bahahah
18:39 <Nicd-> but if it's complicated, it makes me look wise
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18:39 <ciawal> not if it's overcomplicated ;)
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18:42 <Nicd-> ehh, my logger outputs are coming in the wrong order
18:43 <Nicd-> or just problems in my code
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18:49 <Nicd-> so, anyone used :fs for watching?
18:50 <micmus> Nicd-: why not have a regular mix task, that would call inside it's run function BuildTask.run(fn -> end, deps: []) to get the additional behaviour like logging, etc.
18:50 <micmus> I don't see anything that would inherently require macros in the gist you posted
18:50 <Nicd-> micmus: because then I would have to call it in every task
18:51 <Nicd-> so all tasks would look like `def run(args) do BuildTask.run(fn -> actual_code() end, deps: @deps) end`
18:52 <Nicd-> I don't like how that looks :P
18:54 <micmus> yeah, it's a bit more verbose
18:55 <Nicd-> ciawal: problem with your style is that the @deps is always [] now
18:55 <Nicd-> even if there is a @deps in the using module
18:55 <Nicd-> here's what it looks like now: https://gist.github.com/Nicd/2e8ed1fcf78f53d14be79f4827f58d93
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19:03 <Nicd-> my original dream was that it could have been like a normal mix task, so `def run(args) do ... end` and just adding `use BuildTask` and @deps would do the right thing
19:04 <ciawal> so do that?
19:04 <beatpanic> hi, do you know some open source project that uses swarm coded by bitwalker ? thanks
19:04 <Nicd-> ciawal: I don't know how!
19:04 byte512 joined
19:05 <Nicd-> I'm trying
19:06 <smeevil> what do people use for localizing date / time formats ? as in giving a db utc format, and outputting the correct local time with formatting according to the current country
19:07 <alisdair> smeevil: store time as utc, store time zone for user separately, convert on read
19:07 <alisdair> you can do it all natively in postgres
19:08 <smeevil> yeah already going down that path, but was hoping either gettext or timex had support for it
19:08 <Nicd-> might need to store offset too if dealing with future datetimes
19:10 <smeevil> Countriex contains about all info for a country, except date / time formatting string
19:10 <ciawal> I didn't see what the issue with it was Nicd-
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19:10 <Nicd-> ciawal: your version? @deps is always []m not the one defined in the task
19:11 <ciawal> your goal version I mean
19:11 <Nicd-> the fact that I don't know how to do it :D
19:12 <ciawal> didn't you have it working with the macro?
19:12 <Nicd-> I had `task _ do ... end` with the macro
19:13 <ciawal> it feels a little magic having the def run which is wrapped with stuff honestly…
19:14 <ciawal> what about just having the user call some_function(deps) in the regular mix task run()
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19:15 <Nicd-> I would have to wrap it like micmus suggested which is too ugly IMO
19:15 <ciawal> why?
19:15 <ciawal> it has to do something afterwards?
19:15 <Nicd-> better to settle this macro stuff once to make the tasks look nicer
19:16 <Nicd-> yes, it runs before and after the task
19:16 <ciawal> what will it run after?
19:18 <Nicd-> https://gist.github.com/Nicd/2e8ed1fcf78f53d14be79f4827f58d93#file-buildtask-ex-L32
19:19 <ciawal> I guess the user is manually invoking the task so is it really necessary to tell them it's finished?
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19:23 <micmus> Nicd-: I would go the other way, first build it using a function, and later wrap this in a macro if it's too verbose
19:24 <micmus> building a function is easy, wrapping function with a macro isn't that complex either.
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19:24 <micmus> Doing both things at once in a macro directly, is much harder
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19:41 <Nicd-> ciawal: this is for a build system, the tasks call eachother
19:42 <Nicd-> it's useful to see the execution hierarchy
19:42 <Nicd-> micmus: it was already built with a function and it was inadequate
19:42 <asonge> Nicd-: what kinds of failures were happeneing that threw it off?
19:44 <Nicd-> asonge: no kinds of failures, but you had to write in a verbose style wrapping every run()
19:46 <asonge> Nicd-: so you just want to wrap something that defines a `run` function, but wraps it?
19:46 <Nicd-> gah :D
19:49 <Nicd-> my goal was: `defmodule Mix.Tasks.Foo do \n use BuildTask \n @deps ["frontend.clean", "frontend.build"] \n def run(args) do ... code here ... end \n end` and that would run the tasks in @deps before the code in the run function (unless deps: false was given in args), print "[Started] foo" before the task and then "[Finished] foo" after it
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19:50 <asonge> so...module attributes are funny things.
19:51 <asonge> when you run `use`, the macro runs right the, but the code to define the module attribute runs later.
19:51 <benwilson512> asonge: yeah it's a bit wonky if you ever call Module.put/get_attribute inside the macro as well
19:52 <benwilson512> cause those will fun PRIOR to any of the @ stuff running
19:52 <benwilson512> *run
19:52 <asonge> yep.
19:52 <Nicd-> I wouldn't even know how to replace the run function with my own that has the same name
19:53 <asonge> you could use defoverridable and provide a default run function
19:53 <asonge> but if you want to make it impossible to override the run without your wrapper, you can replace Kernel.def and intercept defining run with 1 arg :)
19:55 <asonge> Nicd-: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Module.html#module-compile-callbacks this might help you somewhat
19:55 <asonge> with macros, you almost have to learn by playing, making enough mistakes that you know the boundaries of where the dragons live
19:56 <Nicd-> oh well, I'll just go with what I have now, it's good enough for me :P
19:56 <Nicd-> now I need to implement a delay to my fs watchers
19:56 <asonge> before_compile runs after all the code in the defmodule do block runs, and you can "have the last word" there
19:56 <Nicd-> they're too eager
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20:12 <manjaro-web|7995> Hi everyone, newbie curious about elixir code lang. Can you explain me some of its strength?
20:13 <manjaro-web|7995> Or better: For what is best used? And why do you use it?
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20:23 <benwilson512> manjaro-web|7995: hey there! The main website and and other introductory literature should give you basic sense of it
20:23 <manjaro-web|7995> ye ye but why this lang and not that?
20:24 <benwilson512> but the two main characteristics of Elixir is the concurrency model it gets from the platform
20:25 <benwilson512> Elixir / Erlang have a very unique concurrency model built on a multitude of small concurrent processes, each with their own memory space
20:26 <manjaro-web|7995> A better way to allocate memory?
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20:28 <benwilson512> well what it gets you is isolation
20:29 <manjaro-web|7995> isolation?
20:29 <benwilson512> if a processes crashes it can never leave any other processes's memory in an invalid state
20:29 <benwilson512> if you run multiple threads in many lanaguages problems in one thread can put memory values accessed by other threads in corrupt states
20:30 <ivan> manjaro-web|7995: what languages do you use now?
20:30 <benwilson512> so for example the Phoenix web framework has a websocket platform that they tested with 600 thousand connections on a 16gb server
20:30 <benwilson512> and each of these connections is nicely isolated from one another
20:30 <benwilson512> this means no blocking for example
20:31 <benwilson512> even if you put one of the processes in an infinite loop, every other process just carries on
20:31 <benwilson512> unblocked
20:31 <iFire> benwilson512: of course this doesn't mean if you run out of the machine's memory the whole elixir system is ok
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21:28 <bcq> does elixir compile to core erlang or erlang?
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21:39 <alisdair> neither
21:39 <alisdair> it compiles the erlang ast
21:39 <alisdair> to erlang ast
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21:44 <bcq> alisdair: http://erlang.org/doc/apps/erts/absform.html ?
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22:06 <termos> i'm trying to cast some types in my ecto queries from datetime to date, as in the following psql expression: select created::timestamp::date from entries;
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22:08 <termos> is there a similar way of doing this in ecto dsl? I tried "from e in entries, select: type(e.created, :date) and similar but it keeps telling me it's not a valid query expression
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22:21 <termos> figured I could do it like so but not sure it's the best way: select: fragment("?::timestamp::date", p.created_at)
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23:22 <liru> Is there an established method for dynamically loading modules/plugins in an application?
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