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00:52 <ivan> advocacy idea: given how similar a lot of Elixir is to Clojure, do an Elixir-for-Clojurists for a function mapping
01:00 <asonge> messing with xmerl is such a PITA...
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01:12 <iFire> what public - opensource projects are you guys working on? I'm looking for complete examples.
01:13 <iFire> Preferably something I can run an a app.
01:13 <iFire> ivan: look into lisp for erlang
01:13 <iFire> theoretically it should be callable from elixir
01:13 <iFire> as erlang functions
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02:07 <ivan> why does this hang forever? does porcelain not close the input? Porcelain.exec("cat", [], in: "hello\n")
02:09 <ivan> (not using the goon driver)
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02:14 <ivan> I am just trying to send some stdin into a program if there is a better way to do that
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02:20 <ivan> oh uh "Caveat: when using Porcelain.Driver.Basic, it is not possible to indicate the end of input. You should stop the process explicitly using stop/1." http://porcelain.readthedocs.io/en/v2.0/index.html#Porcelain.Process.send_input/2
02:20 <ivan> I guess the default in: "" works because of that
02:20 <Radar> iFire: https://github.com/radar/logs.ex
02:20 <ivan> er, nope
02:20 <Radar> iFire: That powers logs.ryanbigg.com
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02:26 <ivan> https://github.com/alco/porcelain/issues/37
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03:08 <alex88> hello everyone, someone has an idea on what could be this error? https://gist.github.com/alex88/5351fe918ef951663ad54e98af5967fe#file-start_log
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03:08 <alex88> basically I run the distillery release using a docker image, then I copy the tar file on a new docker image and build it
03:09 <alex88> however trying to run the newly created image it generates that error
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03:59 <amosbird> hi
03:59 <amosbird> what place in elixir in compared to scala, rust and go?
04:02 <ivan> well, elixir is dynamically typed compared to those, but there are a lot of other things
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04:05 <ivan> amosbird: my super short summary is "very functional with immutable data structures like Clojure, with access to Erlang libraries and its concurrency model"
04:07 <amosbird> ivan: thanks
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04:28 <wickedwil> hello
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05:18 <iFire> How does elixir compare against rust?
05:19 <iFire> Rust seems to be very unstable but I haven't used it.
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05:22 <Havvy> iFire: I think they complement each other.
05:22 <iFire> I mean why not just use a c extension in erlang or use whatever exists for concurrency on rust
05:23 <Havvy> There's no analog for the supervision tree in Rust right now.
05:24 <Havvy> And C has a lot of undefined behaviour that makes using it hard.
05:24 <Havvy> Also, even if there were supervision trees in Rust, they wouldn't be as easy to use as they are in Elixir.
05:25 <Havvy> Rust isn't unstable at all.
05:25 <Havvy> What gave you the idea that it was?
05:28 <iFire> Havvy: They always seem to be changing language mechanics
05:28 <iFire> The gist I got was it got even more convoluted with every revision
05:28 <Havvy> Not in the stable releases, which have been coming since almost two years ago now.
05:29 <iFire> didn't elixir release 3 years ago?
05:29 <* iFire> wikipedias
05:30 <Havvy> iFire: Sounds about right.
05:30 <iFire> First appeared 2011; 6 years ago
05:30 <iFire> oh
05:30 <iFire> First appeared 2010; 7 years ago
05:30 <iFire> for rust
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05:33 <iFire> Havvy: Got any toys in rust? I want to see a rust example.
05:33 <Nicd-> iFire: what sets Elixir apart from others is BEAM. you cannot directly compare any language that doesn't run on BEAM
05:34 <iFire> Nicd-: yeah. I'm already sold on the erlang vm languages.
05:34 <Havvy> iFire: https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep is a good largish example.
05:34 <Havvy> And https://github.com/servo/servo of course.
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05:35 <iFire> ha that critical article is true, you really need to recreate the module import tree in rust
05:36 <iFire> Nicd-: I should try playing with the sdl2 implementation in erlang, I'm sure someone has tried making a game on the BEAM.
05:37 <Havvy> iFire: There's talk about making `mod foo` implicit, but it's controversial.
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05:38 <Havvy> iFire: One of the nice things about Rust though, is that we get documentation that looks like this: https://doc.rust-lang.org/1.4.0/std/primitive.f64.html
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05:39 <iFire> Havvy: I don't see how that's better than https://hexdocs.pm/db_connection/DBConnection.html#functions
05:40 <Havvy> Elixir does just as well.
05:41 <iFire> it's an improvement over c++ though
05:42 <iFire> doxygen is a standard tool there
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07:21 <bcardarella> Is there a way to determine at run-time if a function will pattern match on a given set of args?
07:22 <bcardarella> without calling the function
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07:27 <nyaray> I have this simple app that I've written as elixir scripts that I string together with require and am going to create a phoenix site for it
07:28 <nyaray> basically you have a textarea
07:28 <nyaray> and once you stop writing I imagine using a channel to update some div with the result of processing the content
07:28 <nyaray> .. in the textarea
07:30 <qqwy> bcardarella: I think that's going to be very difficult, unless you write another function that happens to have the same function clauses and call that one
07:31 <qqwy> Maybe that could be done by a macro...? It's not going to be very pretty either way though =/
07:32 <qqwy> The easiest thing to do, if you have access to the original function, is to add an extra boolean parameter that switches between running the function and performing a dry run
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07:36 <nyaray> Wow by description was crap... What are the concepts I should read up on to get a process per connected browser, where the process just receives a long string, runs it through a function and then responds with the result?
07:37 <nyaray> My*
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07:41 <Nicd-> nyaray: phoenix already does that
07:41 <Nicd-> you can just write a JSON API with Phoenix
07:41 <Nicd-> each request is run in its own process
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07:55 <nyaray> For some reason I thought that I needed a websocket between the front end and back end
07:55 <nyaray> Nicd-: thanks for pointing that out :
07:55 <nyaray> :)
07:55 <Nicd-> if you do need, Phoenix has that too
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08:17 <nyaray> yeah, but, as you stated, that's not necessary
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08:18 <nyaray> I must've been watching too many tech talks... haha
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09:52 <lt_kaopude> hello, anyone who known how to use :crypto.sign function with rsa algorithm and sha256 digestType?
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10:09 <voltone> lt_kaopude: use :public_key.sign(msg, :sha256, priv_key)
10:09 <voltone> do yourself a favour and avoid doing public key crypto directly with the primitives in :crypto
10:13 <lt_kaopude> voltone: thank you very much, i am new to elixir, i try but get no function matching in :public_key.sign/3?
10:13 <lt_kaopude> do i need to load any module before using it?
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10:13 <voltone> you probably tried to pass in the key in PEM or DER format
10:13 <voltone> decode it first to an internal Erlang structure
10:14 <voltone> using pem_decode and pem_entry_decode, if your key is in PEM format
10:15 <lt_kaopude> voltone: much thanks, i will try it.
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10:25 <lt_kaopude> voltone: thanks, it works.
10:25 <voltone> yay
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10:43 <sudobangbang> b ink
10:43 <sudobangbang> ups, sorry ;)
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13:35 <jesuis> hee guys, i have a strange thing going on with Phoenix, at random moments i get an error;
13:35 <jesuis> [error] #PID<0.1672.0> running Lisable.Endpoint terminated Server: xxx.dev:4000 (http) Request: GET /projects?page=2 ** (exit) an exception was raised: ** (UndefinedFunctionError) function Xxx.Endpoint.call/2 is undefined (module Xxx.Endpoint is not available)
13:35 <jesuis> the whole server seems to crach
13:35 <jesuis> [error] #PID<0.1672.0> running Xxx.Endpoint terminated
13:36 <jesuis> after a refresh everything is working fine again
13:37 <Nicd-> while you are developing?
13:37 <jesuis> yes
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13:37 <jesuis> many times at random moments
13:37 <Nicd-> maybe you wrote an error to the code and it doesn't compile, then it will crash
13:38 <Nicd-> then it will recompile when you refresh
13:38 <jesuis> most of the time i didn't change anything
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13:41 <jesuis> when i screw things up, phoenix is giving me more polite errors, this one is coming from cowboy or plug i think ..
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13:42 <ciawal> I get this sometimes when I make a syntax error
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13:42 <jesuis> ok
13:42 <ciawal> as Nicd- says I think it's just autocompile causing the endpoint to fail
13:42 <ciawal> just don't make any syntax errors and the problem will stop :P
13:43 <jesuis> :) i was worried that this error can occur in prod
13:43 <jesuis> then i don't make anymore syntax errors ;)
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13:54 <steffkes> now might be a better time to ask a question i've already tried late on friday night to saturday: was anyone able to get a setup running where you recompile a elixir app running in a remote shell? and yes, that would be on docker, but i'm pretty sure it's not fully related to the question
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14:22 <hmans> Hm, is the current context generator in 1.3-rc ignoring config :phoenix, :generators, binary_id: true?
14:23 <gazler> hmans: It is fixed in master I believe.
14:23 <hmans> gazler \o/ thanks
14:24 <barttenbrinke> I am trying to dry up this file. I've created a macro but that makes things completely unreadable. Has anyone got any suggestions?
14:24 <barttenbrinke> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/5zBNu9rR/
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14:25 <gazler> barttenbrinke: move the duplication of the wheres out into functions.
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14:26 <barttenbrinke> gazler: Yeah, but I can't, becaus of the rt naming
14:26 <barttenbrinke> gazler: Yeah, but I can't, because of the item naming, right?
14:26 <gazler> Name isn't relevant, only order.
14:26 <gazler> where([rt], rt.role_id... would also work with where([foobar], foobar.role_id...
14:27 <barttenbrinke> gazler: Yeah, but if you look closely, it is different for each method: role_id, right_id, et cetera
14:27 <gazler> barttenbrinke: https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Query.API.html#field/2
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14:28 <gazler> You dynamically change that if required.
14:28 <barttenbrinke> gazler: Let me try that :)
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14:32 <gazler> You could alias Shield.Backend.Translation.TaskTranslation too.
14:32 <gazler> and alias the Repo.
14:32 <barttenbrinke> gazler: The bigger the project, the less I use Alias. And as this project has 4 repos, I'm not aliassing them :)
14:33 <gazler> You don't have to alias, it is a lot of noise without it imo though.
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14:34 <barttenbrinke> gazler: I get unbound name "table" in where?
14:34 <barttenbrinke> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/bBhFkjJp/
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14:34 <barttenbrinke> So the macro doesn't support dynamic tables I guess?
14:34 <gazler> barttenbrinke: You still need `[table]` as the first arg
14:35 <gazler> The 2nd arg should be an atom though.
14:35 <gazler> I'd pass :task_id instead of "task" as the item arg.
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14:37 <barttenbrinke> gazler: somehow I can't get field to work
14:38 <gazler> Can you gist what you have please?
14:38 <barttenbrinke> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/dwEXMXT2/
14:38 <gazler> What's the error?
14:40 <barttenbrinke> gazler: It is working :)
14:40 <barttenbrinke> gazler: Thanks for the help!
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14:41 <gazler> No problem. I'd still alias. :)
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14:52 <barttenbrinke> gazler: I just renamed 900 modules in this project. Alias is not the solution o_O
14:52 <gazler> barttenbrinke: alias is local to the module.
14:52 <gazler> Well, it is local to the scope actually.
14:53 <gazler> If you put `alias Shield.Backend.CustomerRepo` at the top of your module, you can just do CustomerRepo.one and CustomerRepo.all
14:53 <barttenbrinke> gazler: I know, but stuff is allready in all the wrong places, and now NOT aliassing is helping the other devs see the issue more clearly :)
14:53 <barttenbrinke> gazler: I am consulting on this Elixir project where 4 full time rails devs have learned Elixir :)
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15:38 <m1dnight_> Hey guys. Im playing around with umbrella projects and for some reason my child projects will not start.
15:38 <m1dnight_> I don't get any compilation errors either.
15:39 <m1dnight_> What coul dbe wrong? I followed the tutorial, kind of
15:44 <ciawal> that's really not enough info ;)
15:45 <tristan__> how are you starting the applications
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16:35 <Ankhers> If I have some string, "YYYY-MM-DD", how can I convert that to a DateTime assuming the beginning of the day and in a timezone that I also know?
16:36 <laut> Ankhers: there is no time in that string. Only a date
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16:36 <Ankhers> laut: I know. That is why I said assuming the beginning of the day, I.E., hour: 0, minute: 0, second: 0.
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16:40 <laut> Ankhers: If you use the Calendar library (https://hex.pm/packages/calendar) you can use the function Calendar.DateTime.from_date_and_time_and_zone/3
16:42 <laut> Ankhers: example: Calendar.DateTime.from_date_and_time_and_zone(Date.from_iso8601!("2017-01-01"), {0, 0, 0}, "Etc/UTC")
16:43 <Ankhers> laut: Thanks!
16:43 <laut> Note that in some time zones on some days midnight does not exist!
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16:45 <laut> In future versions of Elixir there will likely be more functionality for creating DateTimes with the standard library.
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16:53 <johnhamelink> Anyone here got much experience with Verk? I'm having a problem where its basically taking my entire website down when I put jobs in it
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17:29 <gabrielsch> hey guys I'm having some trouble to implement many_to_many in ecto/phoenix
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17:29 <gabrielsch> I have "city" and "products"
17:29 <gabrielsch> "city" has_many "products"
17:29 <gabrielsch> and they'll be linked through a relation table
17:29 <gabrielsch> how do I set the ecto relationships to achieve it?
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17:42 <sorentwo> gabrielsch: The docs walk you through it pretty throughly https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Schema.html#many_to_many/3
17:43 <gabrielsch> thanks sorentwo, just figured it out
17:43 <gabrielsch> do I have to use build_assoc/cast_assoc in the changeset?
17:44 <m1dnight_> I'll show the relevant pieces in a minute. Just got home from work.
17:44 <m1dnight_> sorry about the delay
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18:39 <gabrielsch> can I pass an array of ids to a cast_assoc (many_to_many) relation?
18:39 <gabrielsch> I'm having the "products: is invalid" errors
18:39 <gabrielsch> and my input is products: [ 1, 2, 3]
18:39 <josevalim> gabrielsch: no, you need to pass a map of parameters
18:39 <josevalim> if you want to pass structs, use Repo.all(...) to find them and then put_assoc
18:40 <josevalim> the what's new in ecto 2.0 book has many examples on this
18:40 <gabrielsch> I see josevalim, what would be a map of parameter?
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18:40 <josevalim> it could even be
18:40 <josevalim> [%{id: 1}, %{id: 2}, %{id: 3}]
18:40 <gabrielsch> ah, I see
18:40 <josevalim> but that only works for existing data
18:40 <josevalim> i mean, data that is already associated
18:41 <gabrielsch> sure, actually it needs to exist
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18:42 <gabrielsch> josevalim: should it be post_assoc or cast_assoc?
18:43 <gabrielsch> with cast_assoc, it asks to send all of my struct params (which I think it's for creating new associations)
18:43 <gabrielsch> but I just want to associate them
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19:29 <steffkes> hm, i'm filtering a map (which contains a propery date, based on the fact if the given date is after today or not). so after that i'd like to loop over the filtered map .. until there it's fine. what i don't get .. if i'd modified the original map for the elements that are not filtered out .. how to go with this? if i Enum.map over the filtered list .. that's not what i want. iterating over the
19:29 <steffkes> original list isn't really a good thing either .. or is it?
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19:30 <steffkes> i could probably merge them together, after iterating over the filtered map .. no?
19:33 <rschmukler> has anybody run into a "no function clause matching in IO.chardata_to_string/1" when running `mix hex.publish` before? Full stacktrace: https://gist.github.com/rschmukler/dc91e582076647946dcb2d45e8b8bf4e
19:34 <rschmukler> Looks like opts[:sparse] or opts[:dest] are nil....
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19:34 <ericmj> rschmukler: what does your mix.exs file look like?
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19:35 <rschmukler> ericmj: https://github.com/urbint/rox/blob/master/mix.exs
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19:37 <ericmj> rschmukler: does mix deps.get work?
19:37 <rschmukler> ericmj: yessir
19:38 <ericmj> that’s werid
19:38 <rschmukler> I'm on 1.4 so maybe 1.4.1 fixed something... I'll try upgrading first
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19:38 <egis> Hello. When I'm starting a module ExampleModule in Application (with Supervisor.Spec.worker/3) my ExampleModule.start_link should return what exactly? {:ok, pid}? Can't find anything in docs or am reading wrong documentation.
19:38 <ericmj> It looks like you need to set :dest if you need :sparse
19:39 <ericmj> oh
19:39 <ericmj> :dest is not set in this case
19:39 <rschmukler> Oh because I'm using `sparse` for my rustler_mix task?
19:39 <ericmj> nah, it’s a hex bug
19:39 <ericmj> sort of
19:39 <ericmj> rschmukler: but you cant publish packages with git dependencies anyway
19:40 <rschmukler> Ah. I would have thought that perhaps mix.lock kept track of the SHA for you or something
19:40 <rschmukler> I can probably pin it, provided rustler has published lately
19:40 <ericmj> mix.lock keeps track of the SHA. that’s not the issue
19:41 <ericmj> hex only allows you to depend on other hex packages
19:41 <rschmukler> Fair enough. Let me see if I can pin it
19:41 <ericmj> what do you mean by pin it?
19:42 <rschmukler> ie. use a hex-published version
19:42 <rschmukler> I didn't because hansihe hadn't published some fixes that I was relying on
19:42 <rschmukler> But it looks like he has now, so I should be good
19:43 <hansihe> Just ping me if you need anything to be done. Is it fine?
19:43 <rschmukler> It is fine, thank you! Sorry for triggering a notification haha
19:43 <hansihe> No problems :)
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19:49 <schaary> does somebody has some experience with elixir, ssh and the SSHex Package?
19:49 <ericmj> rschmukler: can you open an issue on hex with the error and your mix.exs file?
19:50 <rschmukler> ericmj: The error went away by specifying the hex based dependency instead. If git-based deps aren't allowed in Hex libraries then is the error that there should be a better error message?
19:51 <ciawal> a little, schaary
19:51 <rschmukler> (Happy to open, just want to clarify)
19:51 <ericmj> rschmukler: yes, you are supposed to see a message telling you that git deps are not allowed
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19:51 <ericmj> rschmukler: thank you
19:51 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14015 (master - d3f1fff : Eksperimental): The build passed.
19:51 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/9d8ae7d287b2...d3f1fff8a9d0
19:51 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/213546131
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19:52 <schaary> ciawal: I use SSHex to click some buttons on a remote machine.
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19:53 <schaary> And today - by some accident - I needed to click the button more than 7.000 times
19:54 <schaary> and I got the feeling, that SSHex doesn't close the connection
19:54 <schaary> So I ran out of resources ...
19:55 <schaary> do you know a way to close the connection to a remote machine with SSHex?
19:56 <schaary> I can't find out, how and when SSHex closes the connection to the remote machine
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20:02 <ciawal> I guess you can just use :ssh.close schaary
20:02 <schaary> ciawal:
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20:02 <hahuang62> :q
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20:03 <schaary> ciawal: thank - have you got similar issues?
20:03 <ciawal> no
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20:06 <schaary> ciawal: thank you very much - I'm going to try it out
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20:22 <MarioFlach> Hello, I'm trying to implement my own defdelegate macro to work with a GenServer. Basically, I get another module functions and generate the same function for my server module.
20:22 <MarioFlach> https://github.com/almightycouch/musiccast/blob/master/lib/musiccast/network/entity.ex#L41
20:23 <MarioFlach> Everything works quiet good but I would like to use the same arguments as in the original function.
20:24 <MarioFlach> I have problems with Code.get_docs/2, depending on the compile order, it returns nil or the correct results.
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20:25 <MarioFlach> I also tried with Code.ensure_loaded/1 and Code.ensure_compiled/1 without success.
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20:29 <MarioFlach> The code did work before, but only when the delegated module was compile before the other module.
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20:37 <wwwd> I have "field :disabled, Ecto.DateTime, default: " in my schema. I am trying to set it to a value like epoch() or nil so I can then set it if and when the owener is in fact disabled. I have tried manually setting it to 1970-01-01. I have tried using Timex.Date.epoch(). And a few other things I've found via google. Anyone know how I can do this?
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20:38 <laut> wwwd: which version of Ecto are you using?
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20:41 <wwwd> laut: phoenix_ecto 3.0
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20:46 <micmus> If you're using ecto 2.1, forget about the Ecto.Date* types, unless you're working with a legacy app that uses them
20:46 <laut> wwwd: if you use phoenix_ecto 3.0.1 or higher you can use Ecto 2.1. Ecto 2.1 lets you use the native Elixir types
20:47 <micmus> ^ this means all ecto, elixir stdlib, timex, calendar, ... can freely interoperate
20:48 <wwwd> Actually, I think I am. My declaration is atually "~>3.0" which I believe uses the latest stable above 3...correct?
20:50 <laut> wwwd: check your mix.lock file to see the version used
20:50 <Nicd-> ~> 3.0 basically means 3.x
20:50 <Nicd-> I think
20:50 <micmus> or mix.deps | grep ecto
20:50 <micmus> mix deps | grep ecto
20:53 <wwwd> So I'm using phoenix_ecto 3.2.3.
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20:59 <laut> wwwd: if you look at which Ecto version you are using it is probably 2.1.x then
21:01 <wwwd> Yep, ecto 2.1.4.
21:03 <laut> Ecto.DateTime is deprecated and it sounds like you would want to use utc_datetime instead. See this https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/blob/v2.1.4/CHANGELOG.md#integration-with-elixir-13-calendar-types
21:04 <laut> wwwd: also for your use case using "nil" sounds like a better idea than having 1970-01-01 00:00:00 meaning "not disabled"
21:05 <wwwd> My first attempt was "field :disabled, Ecto.DateTime: default: nil". It threw an error.
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21:06 <laut> because of the comma after Ecto.DateTime?
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21:07 <ciawal> colon
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21:11 <wwwd> Actually, no...thats wrong. it still put "2012-01-01 00:00:00" in the disabled field...and now I am totally confused because I did not even notice the date is 2012.
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21:14 <ciawal> is the field set to non-null in the db?
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22:06 <trevoke> Hi everyone, what are the tradeoffs in running a single Registry (or a few Registries) vs. many Registries? I've found that right now, due to using via_tuples on kinds of processes that each had their set of ids, I've been creating one Registry per kind of process. Now I'm looking at what it would mean for multiple kinds of processes under a single key, for instance, and I'm wondering if I should keep on starting a single Re
22:06 <trevoke> purpose or if "a god Registry" is an acceptable idea... I'm aware this is a strangely open question, so I can provide more details on my specific scenario if you're interested...
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22:19 <wwwd> ciawal: Not null is default isn't it?
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22:56 <asonge> trevoke: this might have as much to do with usage patterns as anything else.
22:56 <asonge> something that gets a lot of traffic and would require partitions to "scale" would be good in its own registry, but if you can't ever envision overloading the registry before other things give out, might as well just share a single registry for that.
22:57 <asonge> given that you can "hide" registry details behind API functions, i don't know if it's that important to solve until you run into a problem
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23:00 <trevoke> I'm building a MUD-style game, so a lot of processes will be going to a Registry to find the processes they need to talk to (e.g. a location has a bunch of ids, I need to send a message to all of these to figure out... Something location-wide)
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23:01 <asonge> i'd be wary of feedback loops if you're splitting up something like game state into actors that can themselves generate events...
23:02 <trevoke> Yeah, already ran into that :p
23:02 <trevoke> I'm following the erlmud document which was instrumental in teaching me about some of the implementation boundaries of sync/async
23:03 <trevoke> Frankly I don't even know what it means to overload the registry, or how quickly I would overload the system with too many registries
23:03 <asonge> this might be a little to vague/SICP-ish, but be aware that you might just be implementing mutation and late name binding in erlang/elixir
23:03 <asonge> oh, so one of the features of the registry is that it allows you to selectively address processes
23:04 <asonge> the default process naming is 1) atoms only 2) only 1 process per name.
23:05 <trevoke> (I'll look into mutation / late name binding)
23:05 <asonge> but if you keep asking the same process for a name->process mapping, you can run out of capacity on the lookup
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23:07 <trevoke> Which means really "there's only so many lookups the registry can do at any given time" ?
23:07 <asonge> yeah
23:07 <asonge> partitions spread that out
23:08 <trevoke> *nod* Okay, that makes sense so far
23:15 <trevoke> If you're referring to mutation in the sense of "data changes" then certainly I have processes who are only responsible for holding data which changes over time... And as far as late / dynamic binding, that might be true, but.. It's all mostly message-passing, I *will* be tying up the system with specs and Behaviours
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23:24 <trevoke> asonge: if you want to take a look at the possibly overcomplicated codebase (simplification is a work in progress), it's over here: https://github.com/trevoke/dwarlixir
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23:29 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/213630412
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