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00:27 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14018 (master - f046508 : Michał Muskała): The build passed.
00:27 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/37896aaa3e7f...f04650849719
00:27 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/213647322
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01:47 <adefa> Hello, when testing plugs that require 'path_params' being set, what's the best way to get them set when testing without a router?
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03:26 <snappy_> Hi everyone, I came across this piece of code while working through a Phoenix tutorial, but it seems awfully inelegant. How would you make this better? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d70af81f87e6294af7066fbb81d09f1d
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07:34 <phansch_> 
07:35 <Nicd->
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07:51 <OliverMT> I was googling amounts of people online concurrently on a wow server
07:52 <OliverMT> just out of curiosity, since its the most famous mmo
07:52 <OliverMT> man... some of these comments :D
07:52 <OliverMT> "Usually between 5000-10000 concurrent users per server is normal depending on hardware and a few other things, beyond those figures requires some fun loving hardware that costs way way to much, and internet and lan infrastructure improvements also. Gets a bit funny after a certain amount of connections.
07:52 <OliverMT> "
07:52 <Nicd-> :D
07:52 <OliverMT> (this is from 2014)
07:52 <OliverMT> if it had been in 2006 then ok
07:53 <OliverMT> I wish Eve Online etc had active engineering blogs
07:53 <OliverMT> I have always been fascinated by the mmo concurrency challenes
07:53 <OliverMT> *challenges
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09:56 <craigp_> hey all
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09:56 <Nicd-> hello craigp_
09:56 <Nicd-> how are you today?
09:57 <craigp_> not bad mate, yourself?
09:57 <Nicd-> doing fine, anxious to get home from work to finish my blog post
09:57 <Nicd-> but work is nice too, refactoring an ES201x application for best practices
09:57 <craigp_> what're you writing about?
09:57 <Nicd-> I wrote my own frontend build tool in Elixir
09:58 <Nicd-> so a post about my motivations and some examples
09:58 <craigp_> nice!
09:58 <craigp_> please send me a link when it's out
09:59 <craigp_> hey, you guys know if there's a way, with Ecto, to tell if a record was actually updated (ie. there were changes that needed applying) when using update or insert_or_update?
09:59 <craigp_> i mean, other than comparing before and after updated_at timestamps
09:59 <craigp_> which i suppose is not the worst thing ever
10:00 <Nicd-> it's a silly thing, here's my blog's watch configuration using it: https://bitbucket.org/vincit/mebe/src/1c15eda4fa3528fc2cd68a7eaa37bd4d6aedfae3/lib/mix/tasks/frontend.watch.ex?at=master&fileviewer=file-view-default
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10:05 <gazler> craigp_: You can check the changes in the changeset before calling update.
10:05 <craigp_> gazler: of course, makes sense :)
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11:05 <OliverMT> I see visual studio code got alchemist support now
11:05 <OliverMT> anyone here using it?
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11:05 <OliverMT> I keep finding super annoying atom bugs, pondering if I should swap
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12:11 <ariejan> Hi! I'm new. :-) Q: I have a string (downloaded with :httpc) and I want to process it with `csv`. However, csv expect a stream (as from `File.stream!`). What's the best way to get the downloaded data into csv? Convert the string to stream? I'm at a loss on how to do so.
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12:15 <ciawal> which csv library ariejan?
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12:16 <ariejan> ciawal the one named "csv", as found at https://github.com/beatrichartz/csv/
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12:17 <ciawal> maybe just split on lines and do the Stream.map shown here https://hexdocs.pm/csv/CSV.html#decode/2
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12:33 <nyaray> I'm trying to build a generated project using the 1.3 rc1 but get errors about redefining existing modules during the build
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12:34 <nyaray> "== Compilation error on file lib/mix/phoenix/context.ex ==" is the first to actually error out
12:35 <nyaray> any pointers?
12:35 <superherointj> When I read Elixir docs, I listen to José´s voice. Quite interesting.
12:35 <ciawal> new project nyaray?
12:35 <josevalim> nyaray: what is your elixir version?
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12:36 <josevalim> superherointj: :P
12:36 <nyaray> 1.4.1
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12:36 <josevalim> nyaray: can you paste the full stacktrace in a gist?
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12:38 <josevalim> ciawal, ariejan: also look at nimble_csv for CSV parsing
12:38 <superherointj> the feeling of world being small never goes away. Worked on a company that served José´s town.
12:38 <superherointj> A local wireless ISP.
12:38 <nyaray> josevalim: https://gist.github.com/nyaray/139da2ebd6f01d6b7f73375210b08c2f
12:39 <josevalim> you have a wrong archive
12:39 <josevalim> you installed the wrong thing as an archive
12:39 <josevalim> do this
12:39 <josevalim> mix archive.uninstall phoenix
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12:40 <josevalim> you should have installed phx_new instead
12:40 <josevalim> inside the installer directory
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12:47 <nyaray> I've run `mix clean` in the top-dir, but also /installer
12:48 <nyaray> now I'll archive.build and archive.install under the installer instead
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12:59 <cfk> hello
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13:04 <Nicd-> hello cfk
13:04 <Nicd-> how is Denmark?
13:04 <cfk> Cold and rainy
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13:09 <Nicd-> well damn, hope it will get nicer soon
13:11 <cfk> hopefully, hm how may one confince his boss to do elixir in company projects?
13:11 <cfk> convince*
13:17 <Nicd-> I haven't done that yet :P
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13:20 <cfk> hehe its impossible. :)
13:20 <nyaray> apologize afterwards
13:20 <Nicd-> :D
13:21 <Nicd-> I'm just trying to get as good at Elixir as I can and convince my coworkers to use it
13:21 <Nicd-> then it's easier to suggest using it in a project
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13:22 <nyaray> you could throw it in on a small/simple/insignificant project :)
13:22 <nyaray> .. done partially on your own time
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13:24 <cfk> Year might try that or the apologize later. :)
13:26 <Nicd-> I'm also setting up an Elixir meetup in my city, hosted at my company
13:27 <Nicd-> so hopefully there's interest internally too
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13:36 <cfk> what city nicd?
13:38 <nyaray> josevalim: thanks <3
13:38 <Nicd-> Tampere, Finland
13:39 <nyaray> Nicd-: that's not too far from stockholm, will you be coming for EUC?
13:39 <* nyaray> is hoping to IRLify some nicks
13:40 <Nicd-> I can't afford that unless my company sponsors
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13:46 <Nicd-> wow these conferences are expensive
13:48 scarfacedeb joined
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13:54 <nyaray> too bad :(
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14:00 <celyr> Nicd-, yeah I was kind of astonished as well when I sawthe price :)
14:00 <celyr> Nicd-, and someone commented it as "cheap"
14:00 <celyr> but hey I guess there are a lot of costs around that kind of event
14:00 <Nicd-> :D
14:00 <Nicd-> it's all relative
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14:02 <celyr> Yeah I mean the blizzcon ticket is 200dollars and it's basically a fair
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14:04 <Nicd-> it would feel ok to me if it was 10 times cheaper :D
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15:09 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14026 (master - b32d37f : Andrea Leopardi): The build passed.
15:09 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/f04650849719...b32d37fbab78
15:09 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/213858814
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15:44 <snappy_> Quick Phoenix question: what is the purpose of calling halt/0 after a redirect?
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15:44 <snappy_> Why wouldn't one just end with the redirect?
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15:45 <Nicd-> to prevent the request from advancing to other plugs
15:48 <snappy_> Nicd-: Gotcha. Would it ever be useful to call halt at the end of a successful request?
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15:49 <Nicd-> you don't call halt for redirect in controllers either
15:49 <Nicd-> you need to call halt if your plug pipeline would continue otherwise
15:49 <Nicd-> if you are in the last one (controller in phoenix), there's no need for halt
15:49 <Nicd-> I think that's the simple explanation
15:51 <whodidth1s> docs have an example when to use halt https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Controller.html (Plug pipeline)
15:52 <nyaray> I forgot to git init before I started working on my phoenix thing... is it safe to 1) mix clean 2) git init, and 3) mix to see what changes so that I know what needs ignoring?
15:53 <snappy_> Ah, gotcha. So in my case, I'm using halt after a redirect which occurs when a controller plug can't find the submitted user. If I didn't halt the pipeline, I would get a double render error, yes?
15:53 <fishcakez> Mix will have setup .gitignore so no need to clesn
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16:00 <tomf_biz> Hello, I am new to phoenix and elixir. I am writing a function to return a random row. Should that function be in the model? Should it return a query or resultset?
16:00 <tomf_biz> I heard that models were going away in phoneix 1.3
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16:05 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14029 (master - 8d3cd32 : Gal Tsubery): The build passed.
16:05 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/b32d37fbab78...8d3cd32bca5d
16:05 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/213890892
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16:34 <benwilson512> tomf_biz: the name model is, but the idea of having a file w/ a schema for a database table is fine
16:35 <benwilson512> and you could have a function in that schema module that returned a query for a random row
16:35 <benwilson512> you would generally just return the query, not the actual result
16:35 <benwilson512> because that way it can be composed with other queries at the callsite if desired
16:41 <nyaray> fishcakez: Hm. strange, I didn't get one with my phx.new-generated umprella app
16:41 <nyaray> oh, derp
16:41 <nyaray> was looking for .git
16:42 <nyaray> I just wanted to make sure that I got the .DS_Store in so I didn't get a bajillion macOS files all over the place.
16:42 <nyaray> thanks!
16:44 <tomf_biz> benwilson512: thanks! I guess I will leave it in the model file for now, and return the query. When is 1.3 expected to be GA, and are there any good guides for it yet?
16:48 <nyaray> should I commit my mix.lock file?
16:48 <nyaray> I'm guessing yes, to keep things locked and secured, but am asking in case there's some argument against it
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16:55 <fishcakez> nyaray: always
16:55 <fishcakez> If you don't commit then there is no locks on deps and so no reproducible builds
16:56 <nyaray> Yeah, been there, done that
16:56 <nyaray> And there was a bug in a dep
16:56 <nyaray> And it was in production
16:57 <nyaray> And github was not working
16:58 <nyaray> But since we had local copies, we could patch things up
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17:38 <wwwd`> I'm struggling with relationships. I have a situation where I have people that can be either a user or a an owner...or both. So I have a persons table. In my owner table I only have a id, person_id, pet_id, and various dates. I have "field :person_id, :integer" in my owner.ex and "has_one :owner, {"person_owner", Owner}, foreign_key: :person_id" in my person.ex. I'm getting a compilation error. Would be very appreciative if someone
17:38 <wwwd`> could look at my error and code and tell me if I am even close to correct in what I am doing! https://gist.github.com/johnhitz/b84495b0eaff41da8d7f493c07ade0d7
17:38 <nyaray> so... another phoenix question. is it an anti-pattern to check if keys exist in assigns? I feel like I probably should write a helper function for "if this assign exists print that thing"
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17:48 <wwwd`> ciderhouse@6090
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19:46 <smeevil> wwwd` you have fied :person_id, :integer, and later belongs_to :person.... the belongs to implicitly requires person_id, so basically its telling you you have it double defined. just remove the field declaration
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19:59 <wwwd`> smeevil: Thanks!
19:59 <smeevil> bit late , but hope it still helps :)
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20:00 <wwwd`> Well, it got me to a new error! For what ever that's worth ;)
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20:00 <smeevil> just let me know if you need help :) and remember, in the life of a programmer, a new error is victory :)
20:01 <smeevil> s/new/different/
20:01 <wwwd`> Correct!
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20:16 <The_Brofessor> Is there a way to express that you want a type cast inside ecto query composition? I have a table where the foreign key is a string, but in the main model its a UUID (and I can't edit the schemas). I'm trying to do something like
20:16 <The_Brofessor> join: user in User, where: ^Ecto.UUID.cast!(o.user_id) == user.user_id
20:16 <The_Brofessor> o.user_id is character varying in this case and user.user_id is an Ecto.UUID
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20:26 <wwwd`> Smeevil: Since you offered. I have resources 'resources "/persons", PersonController' in router.ex but I am getting 'web/controllers/person_controller.ex:23: undefined function person_path/2'. Any idea what might cause that?
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20:27 <smeevil> can you paste the person_path with the params you give ?
20:28 <smeevil> should be something like person_path(@conn, :show, person)
20:29 <smeevil> or person_path(@conn, :index)
20:29 <wwwd`> ' |> redirect(to: person_path(conn, :index))'
20:31 <smeevil> ok and what does a `mix phx.routes` give you ?
20:31 <smeevil> (or mix phoenix.routes depending if you are using an older phoenix version)
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20:33 <wwwd`> smeevil: https://gist.github.com/johnhitz/e050d88400bc07d399abcdc5eb713dcb
20:33 <smeevil> o.O
20:34 <smeevil> did you try turning it off and on again ? :D
20:34 <wwwd`> The server?
20:35 <smeevil> well rather just the phoenix process :)
20:35 <wwwd`> To late...but that seemed to work! How do you turn just the process off?
20:36 <smeevil> good :) if by server you did not mean the physical server , we are on the same page :P
20:36 <wwwd`> No I just stopped with dbl ctl-c.
20:37 <smeevil> sometimes it does not pick up route changes, and then a restart forces an reload of the routes
20:37 <wwwd`> Ah!
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20:43 <wwwd`> I'm totally lost! What am I trying to get done? Now I'm getting a 'relation "abstract table: owners" does not exist. At one point I had a owners table but was not getting a person_id in the foreign key? I have read the docs about 5 times and still don't see the light...
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20:46 <wwwd`> smeevil: What I want to do is have a owners route that lets me enter for example name and phone number. Then checks the db to see if the owner exists in the persons table. If so I want to load the person into the owners template and add posetions...pets, cars, classes, etc. Am I thinking about this correctly?
20:46 <smeevil> if you like i could help a bit over a screenhero session or appear.in ?
20:48 <wwwd`> I would love. I've never used either. Does it matter which?
20:48 <smeevil> i'll send you a link
20:49 <smeevil> just give me a minute to get something to drink and put a shirt on :)
20:49 <smeevil> no tongue on the first date !
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20:54 <* OliverMT> slowly backs away from this conversation
20:54 <smeevil> :P
20:54 <OliverMT> :D
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21:56 <smeevil> o/
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21:58 <smeevil> so, its safe for me to take me shirt off again right :)
21:59 <smeevil> sexy programming time !
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22:11 <OliverMT> is genserver logging treated differently? we have a task bring down our genserver.. and we only see an error in the genserver
22:11 <OliverMT> there is no trace of an error in the genserver itself, it's just dead
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22:14 <alisdair> what do you mean genserver logging?
22:14 <alisdair> sasl reports?
22:17 <Radar> OliverMT: We had something similar and we were able to debug it by adding :sasl to our application list.
22:18 <Radar> It's a bit noisy but it did point the finger at exactly what was wrong.
22:18 <OliverMT> ok, I already know its whats wrong
22:18 <OliverMT> just wondering why it didnt log
22:18 <OliverMT> good to have that confirmed
22:18 <OliverMT> next question is: if we have it as a worker() why isnt our app restarting it?
22:19 <Radar> Do you have any special restart_type configuration?
22:20 <OliverMT> I have literally this: worker(Core.Pexip.CdrService, [[name: Pexip.ParticipantServer]]),
22:20 <OliverMT> haste: ping
22:20 <OliverMT> I should probably read more up on this :D
22:21 <OliverMT> we just needed to get a prototype out asap
22:21 <alisdair> i believe the default supervisor worker type is transient, which means it won't be restarted if the worker shuts down normally
22:21 <OliverMT> now its time to fix bugs like the genserver dying and not restarting while doing customer demos
22:21 <Radar> alisdair: it is?
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22:21 <Radar> OliverMT: Right, that's the child spec. Do you have any options configured on the Supervisor?
22:21 <alisdair> so check that your worker is not returning `:stop` anywhere
22:21 <alisdair> Radar: i think so? yeah
22:21 <OliverMT> no, that is a child on the main phoenix supervisor
22:21 <Radar> [citation needed]
22:22 <OliverMT> so we're doingn it wrong indeed
22:22 <OliverMT> :D
22:22 <Radar> alisdair: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Supervisor.Spec.html#worker/3
22:22 <Radar> On the same page: ":permanent - the child process is always restarted"
22:23 <* OliverMT> hands this conversation to his colleague haste
22:23 <OliverMT> :p
22:23 <* haste> was trying to make breakfast for tomorrow :D
22:23 <OliverMT> I have a crying baby on my chest, I win!
22:23 <OliverMT> hurr hurr
22:24 <OliverMT> but with that default option worker() seems like its right
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22:24 <OliverMT> maybe its our reboot code that sucks
22:24 <haste> damn those baby cards :D
22:24 <OliverMT> we do some recovery from the db when the genserver starts
22:24 <OliverMT> but a node restart uses the same code, just a little later
22:24 <OliverMT> and that doesnt deadlock at all
22:24 <OliverMT> so very confusing
22:24 <Radar> OliverMT: Did you try the sasl reports yet?
22:26 <haste> We haven't
22:27 <Radar> I'd recommend trying that first.
22:27 <haste> how noisy is a bit noisy? :P
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22:27 <Radar> It'll tell you when each process is coming up and when it goes down. That's about it.
22:28 <haste> oh, that should be fine
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22:29 <OliverMT> Does it go trough logger?
22:29 <OliverMT> We are using a filelogger backend
22:29 <OliverMT> Sending to aws
22:30 <OliverMT> Thx for help btw Radar
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22:32 <Radar> It'll go to stdout by default
22:32 <alisdair> there's an option to have logger handle sasl reports
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22:42 <haste> nice, thanks :)
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