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01:03 <pHcF> What would be the best way to nest two Multi if the second Multi depends on an argument that’s computed in the first? Surely Multi.run is an option, but assuming the parameters required by the second Multi are already included in the Multi just because they’re usually nested doesn’t sound like a good idea… But running the entire second Multi inside a Multi.run of the first Multi doesn’t seem right either…
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01:53 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14030 (master - 0e06c36 : Andrea Leopardi): The build passed.
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02:15 <alisdair> has anyone written a mix plugin for common_test? prob not right?
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02:22 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14032 (master - f9354b4 : Andrea Leopardi): The build passed.
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09:02 <Speed> bitwalker: ping, I have some elixir+kubernetes questions for you if that's alright -- saw a bunch of your repos that seem like a good starting point
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09:49 <snuffi> Quick question about 'with', or rather maching, i guess
09:50 <snuffi> I'm trying to write a 'with' that tries to get a user from the database by id. it should match when it gets one and not match when it's nil
09:53 <snuffi> i tried 'with %User{} = user <- Repo.get(User, id)...'
09:53 <snuffi> wait
09:53 <snuffi> nevermind, that seems to work...
09:54 <PaReeOhNos> snuffi: Alternatively, put a guard on it
09:54 <PaReeOhNos> `with user when not is_nil(user) <- Repo.get(User, id)....`
09:54 <snuffi> they work inside with, too?
09:54 <snuffi> that's cool!
09:55 <PaReeOhNos> but yeah your other approach would work as well :)
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09:58 <snuffi> actually, it seems only the guard really works
09:59 <snuffi> my version triggers a MatchError
10:00 <nyaray> did you bind user in an earlier line?
10:00 <snuffi> i did
10:01 <nyaray> do you expect the user you get from Repo to match that one?
10:01 <snuffi> no :)
10:02 <nyaray> Rubber duck, OUT!
10:03 <nyaray> so, without having read too much of the code, I'd suggest naming the user variables by what you intend to use them for :P
10:03 <nyaray> and/or refactoring into smaller functions!
10:03 <snuffi> good ideas :)
10:05 <nyaray> are you doing work stuff or is it non-work?
10:05 <snuffi> non-work
10:06 <nyaray> local time? I've got 11 (note, not 23)
10:06 <nyaray> it's always fun to get a feeling for when people are chatting from
10:06 <nyaray> ... at.
10:06 <PaReeOhNos> wait, you're at 11? Your clocks changed already?
10:06 <snuffi> 11am, too :)
10:07 <nyaray> PaReeOhNos: what do you mean?
10:07 <PaReeOhNos> heh dumb question, guessing you're in Europe :P
10:08 <PaReeOhNos> sorry, brain hasn't woken up. Am in UK and it's 10am, forgot about time zones for a second :D
10:08 <nyaray> correct, Stockholm to be precise
10:08 <PaReeOhNos> ahhh jealous! Was there a few months ago
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10:13 <nyaray> it's nice
10:13 <PaReeOhNos> I loved the place. Expensive, but really nice
10:14 <nyaray> especially where our office is at, but the AC doesn't really work so it's like a cooled down sauna
10:14 <nyaray> a bit like a*
10:14 <PaReeOhNos> haha really? You having a warm spring then? Isn't it still pretty cold there? Though i guess compared to winter it's pretty warm
10:15 <Nicd-> hello my eu friends
10:16 <PaReeOhNos> Morning
10:20 <nyaray> https://www.instagram.com/p/BR-hkuEjVHf/
10:21 <PaReeOhNos> looks so nice :( wouldn't mind that as a view from work
10:21 <nyaray> partially disabled cooling and the first spring sun turns many offices into ovens
10:21 <nyaray> at the very least greenhouses, hah
10:22 <nyaray> well... that's just a small corner, many windows have white IKEA (of course) blinds down
10:22 <PaReeOhNos> heh what else :P Can't you open the windows?
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10:25 <Nicd-> look at my beautiful view: http://i.imgur.com/LmmYiwg.jpg
10:25 <nyaray> some have, still though.. it's a rectangular space with the long side facing the sun
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10:27 <PaReeOhNos> yeah that sucks :(
10:27 <PaReeOhNos> Nicd- heh still better than mine
10:28 <nyaray> Nicd-: nice!
10:28 <nyaray> give me water or forest and I'll be good
10:28 <nyaray> had a brick wall once. 1/5
10:29 <PaReeOhNos> Shoulda stuck a massive scenic picture on it, woulda improved it
10:29 <nyaray> I'd probably have lost that customer.. you know, with the whole vandalizing the neighbouring house like that and all that
10:30 <nyaray> fun idea though :D
10:30 <PaReeOhNos> haha yeah fair point
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10:58 <sivsushruth> hey folks, slightly urgent matter at hand
10:58 <sivsushruth> I try to use binary_id in ecto
10:59 <sivsushruth> and while saving it gives me back the autogenerated ID
10:59 <sivsushruth> however when trying to retrieve again
10:59 <sivsushruth> the value is different
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11:07 <sivsushruth> any idea why ?
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11:16 <PaReeOhNos> sivsushruth: Don't suppose you've got a trigger on the DB generating a new one?
11:16 <sivsushruth> Nope
11:16 <sivsushruth> something to do with coallition and encoding I think
11:16 <sivsushruth> https://elixirforum.com/t/repo-get-not-reliably-working-for-binary-keys-with-ecto-mariaex/3331
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11:16 <sivsushruth> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/elixir-ecto/eMSooNOm2sk/zOLPEXTPEQAJ;context-place=forum/elixir-ecto
11:16 <sivsushruth> mine is mysql though
11:17 <sivsushruth> *collation
11:17 <PaReeOhNos> same problem still applies though I imagine. Are all your tables in UTF-8?
11:23 <sivsushruth> PaReeOhNos: Yes they are
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11:23 <sivsushruth> I fixed collation and charset in config.exs as well
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11:23 <sivsushruth> It is happening in all tables
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11:27 <PaReeOhNos> hmm any issue similar to it is relating to tables being utf8 so if they all are then not sure
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11:35 <Nicd-> also remember mysql's utf8 is not full UTF-8 :P
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11:43 <nox> First time I look at the channel today and it's about mysql,
11:43 <nox> I shouldn't have.
11:48 <Ankhers> nox: But MySQL is "the world's most popular open source database". It has to be amazing. /s
11:50 <nox> Ah ah.
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12:28 <smeevil> try inserting an emoji in mysql....that will keep you busy with coallition
12:30 <Nicd-> collation :)
12:30 <smeevil> lazy c/p :P
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12:30 <smeevil> you and your fancy words...
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12:34 <smeevil> was really happy to see that just works out of the box with postgres
12:37 <nox> smeevil: What do you mean by the collation thing?
12:37 <nox> Or were you just referring to the absence of support of non-MBP code points with the utf8 encoding?
12:39 <smeevil> nox yeah, can remember that in mysql i needed to set tables to CHARACTER SET = utf8mb4 COLLATE = utf8mb4_bin" and the database to CHARACTER SET = utf8 COLLATE = utf8_unicode_ci" to support emoji...which also limits your varchars fields from 255 to 190
12:39 <smeevil> or something along those lines
12:40 <smeevil> anyways , back then it gave me a lot of 💩
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12:43 <sivsushruth> smeevil: checking
12:43 <smeevil> sivsushruth oh i actually thought you already solved it ! sorry , i was just talking i guess :) but let me know if you need help :D
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12:46 <sivsushruth> its still not working
12:46 <sivsushruth> it is however working if i set charset to binary in mariaex
12:46 <smeevil> sivsushruth i just digged around and found an old rails migration of us : https://gist.github.com/smeevil/10f2b86e5916bb49c7f26ceeaa3b7c0c
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12:50 <sivsushruth> smeevil: Awesome, works
12:50 <sivsushruth> thanks a to
12:50 <sivsushruth> *ton
12:50 <smeevil> \o
12:51 <smeevil> good stuff, i know it caused us about a day and headache back then to get it working
12:51 <smeevil> just keep in mind the varchar restriction of 190
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13:14 <Ankhers> Are `and` and `&&` truly interchangable in Elixir, or is there any different behaviour like Ruby's precedent issue?
13:14 <gazler> Ankhers: and only works on booleans.
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13:15 <Ankhers> gazler: That is the only difference?
13:15 <gazler> `true && true` and `true and true`both work. `1 && 1` works, `1 and 1` will fail.
13:16 <gazler> `true and 1` will return 1 too.
13:16 <Ankhers> Awesome. I can deal with that.
13:16 <Ankhers> Thanks!
13:16 <gazler> You can use `and` in guards.
13:17 <gazler> Which I think is probably the main reason for providing both.
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13:27 <m1dnight_> okay, coming back to the umbrella projects. Suppose I want to make something called "runtime" and I want that to be an umbrella projact. I could create that, and add two child applications, namely "network" and "interpreter"
13:27 <m1dnight_> I have done that, without the interpreter. But now when I start my application, (the umbrealla) it does nost automatically start the network application (child)
13:27 <m1dnight_> Is tha tnormal behaviour?
13:28 <m1dnight_> ah wait, my umbrella project iself should be an application as well!
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13:38 <cristianR_> Hi
13:38 <cristianR_> Is it possible to change Logger log level for a specific module?
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13:41 <m1dnight_> Hrm, so the lib/ folder in the actually umbrella can not depend on child projects?
13:41 <m1dnight_> im confused.
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13:42 <micmus> m1dnight_: umbrella cannot have lib folder
13:42 <micmus> it's not an OTP application
13:42 <m1dnight_> it's created by default thogh
13:42 <m1dnight_> though*
13:42 <micmus> it's definitely not
13:42 <m1dnight_> but
13:42 <m1dnight_> are you saying im lying? :<
13:42 <m1dnight_> (let me try again, i have one and I never created it :p)
13:42 <micmus> no, but I use umbrellas extensively :)
13:43 <m1dnight_> yeah
13:43 <m1dnight_> it doesnt idd
13:43 <m1dnight_> how the heck did I end up with all this cruft then
13:43 <m1dnight_> *rabble&
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13:43 <micmus> maybe some confused generator not prepared for use in umbrella created it
13:43 <m1dnight_> so, is an umberalla not fit for what I need it then? I.e., group together some should-be-interchangable-parts?
13:44 <m1dnight_> The way I see it, it should allow me to create a modular set of applications which have a strict API to one another, but where each application its own doesn't really make sense
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13:48 <ciawal> hm I have a test macro which makes get/post functions available, but if it’s used in a conncase there’s conflicts
13:48 <ciawal> can I do anything in the macro to override this?
13:49 <johnhamelink> Hey folks. I've built a supervisor which spawns a bunch of GenServers which have each been initialised with data from the database. I've written code which allows me to get a pid back of any GenServer I want. How do I turn that pid into some sort of reference where I can run the functions I have in the GenServer?
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13:50 <micmus> m1dnight_: umbrellas are more about keeping multiple applications in a single repo, than anything else
13:50 <micmus> the dependencies between them work just like with multiple regular elixir applications
13:50 <nyaray> wait what, I thought they were some sort of intermediate step towards releases
13:51 <* nyaray> bumps up umbrellas on their homework list
13:51 <m1dnight_> oh okay, so there is no hierarchy in an umbrella
13:51 <micmus> nope, releases and umbrellas are completely orthogonal
13:51 <m1dnight_> okay I think i got it. it works now too, btw. I must have done something wrong yesterday.
13:51 <m1dnight_> Thanks for the help, micmus
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13:51 <micmus> np, I'm glad it works now
13:52 <sivsushruth> anyone using ditillery, https://github.com/bitwalker/distillery/pull/229
13:53 <sivsushruth> this seems fine right ?
13:55 <nyaray> micmus: thanks for the clarification!
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13:58 <ciawal> can I check if a module is currently imported?
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14:07 <micmus> ciawal: __ENV__.functions lists all the "bare" functions that are available (and their module of origin)
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14:09 <ciawal> hm, so I could check if ConnTest is imported and unimport get/post if necessary
14:09 <ciawal> but that's pretty nasty
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14:23 <minijackson> hi everyone
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14:26 <minijackson> has someone played with module attributes, macros and Code.eval_quoted at the same time ?
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15:11 <chrismccord> minijackson what are you trying to achieve with eval_quoted?
15:11 <chrismccord> rarely will you need eval_quoted, or string_to_quoted, but if you are injecting code and for some reason have a string of code to inject, Code.string_to_quoted is mostly likely what you want
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15:20 <minijackson> well, my plan was to create a macro that generates a struct and its protocol implementation given some parameters
15:20 <chrismccord> minijackson sounds like that wouldn't require Code.eval/string
15:20 <minijackson> but I found myself unable to pass variables as parameters because macro parameters are quoted
15:20 <chrismccord> minijackson : what do you think you're needing that for?
15:22 <minijackson> I have to process the parameters and inject the result of that processing inside the returned quoted code
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15:23 <minijackson> so my guess was that I needed the value of the quoted parameters, hence the eval_quoted
15:30 <minijackson> chrismccord: for some proper context, here's the piece of code: https://github.com/minijackson/paddle/blob/master/lib/paddle/class.ex#L179-L204
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15:51 <PaReeOhNos> Don't suppose there is a way of using exdoc on a non-elixir project? Just a bunch of markdown files? looking for something nice to generate more of a wiki than strictly code documentation
15:51 <PaReeOhNos> and haven't found anything that looks and feels as nice as ExDoc :(
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15:54 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14042 (master - b8371af : Andrea Leopardi): The build passed.
15:54 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/f9354b4c6d84...b8371afbfbe5
15:54 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/214291316
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15:55 <iFire> PaReeOhNos: what wiki?
15:55 <iFire> if you have the raw html files you can convert them into markdown
15:55 <iFire> confluence has a method of versioning wiki spaces
15:55 <iFire> pandoc should have confluence syntax I think
15:56 <PaReeOhNos> Well we're going to write them from scratch in markdown, but I want a tool that will take that into a nice looking wiki type thing
15:56 <iFire> PaReeOhNos: so you can convert any html file into pandoc
15:56 <iFire> to a list of markdowns
15:56 <iFire> markups*
15:57 <iFire> oh
15:57 <bphogan> You might be able to use jekyll for that too.
15:57 <iFire> you want non elixir code using exdoc :(
15:57 <PaReeOhNos> iFire yeah :( just love the look/feel of ExDoc and think it would work really nicely for non-code documentation as well
15:57 <iFire> PaReeOhNos: is there a specific language you want?
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15:58 <iFire> PaReeOhNos: I think you can make an empty elixir project and use pages
15:58 <PaReeOhNos> Nah, it's not strictly for code. It's a rails app so I know there is rdoc but it's nice that nice. And both rdoc and ExDoc will have the modules on the sidebar. I kinda want those to be categories/folders sort of thing
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16:00 <PaReeOhNos> bphogan: yeah might be able to work with Jekyll. May just have to do something custom
16:00 <iFire> PaReeOhNos: you might be able to take the css
16:01 <PaReeOhNos> iFire: Yeah that's true, may well work
16:01 <bphogan> PaReeOhNos: I built a wiki in Sinatra before and I would imagine it would take me about 15 minutes to modify it to use Kramdown for the content instead of Redcloth :)
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16:03 <PaReeOhNos> bphogan: Ah nice, will take a look and see if I can put something together. Ta
16:09 <bphogan> is there anyone in here doing Elm with Phoenix? I'd love to know how you're doing websockets. So far I've been using ports, but I was wondering if there was a better way that a lot of folks are using
16:10 <bphogan> I've seen a few things on github, but I'd rather trust other devs than readme files :D
16:10 <iFire> isn't elm a javascript dsl?
16:10 <iFire> bphogan: I haven't tried it :(
16:11 <bphogan> not quite a DSL just for JS.... it's more like react+redux+jsx all in a single language. (that's major oversimplification)
16:12 <bphogan> I've been doing html+js for over 20 years, and I really didn't like Elm all that much at first. But spending time with it for a while, I think it really is a great approach for SPAs
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16:12 <Nicd-> I just used WebSockets in JS and call my Elm endpoints
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16:16 <bphogan> Ok ;) so exactly how I did it.
16:16 <bphogan> IDK there's something I really like about doing it that way.
16:17 <bphogan> like I get more control or something. But then I see examples where people used elm libraries to do it, and that looks more... elm-like
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16:18 <micmus> bphogan: I know Josh from dailydrip is implementing an Elixir-backend Elm-frontend forum, and he's using websockets. You might look for ideas there: https://github.com/dailydrip/firestorm
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16:22 <bphogan> micmus: oh yea! I have an elixirsips subscription still and I've been seeing that activity. When I last looked they weren't doing the elm parts yet :) Thanks !
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18:31 <smeevil> o/
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18:33 <Nicd-> hello smeevil!
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18:33 <smeevil> how are you doing this fine evening sir
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18:33 <Nicd-> very good thankyou, and you? I'm ripping CDs to find new music and still 3 to go
18:33 <smeevil> oh shit. i presumed a gender there /me hides
18:34 <smeevil> what are these....c..d... you are talking about ?
18:34 <Nicd-> you presumed correct!
18:34 <Nicd-> "Compact disc (CD) is a digital optical disc data storage format released in 1982 and co-developed by Philips and Sony."
18:35 <smeevil> just reminds me i was 2 back then.... o.O
18:35 <smeevil> time....
18:35 <Nicd-> I loaned 26 of them from my local library
18:35 <Nicd-> to go through
18:36 <smeevil> an other relic...library :P do you own a DeLorean or what ? :)
18:39 <micmus> I often go to the library for audiobooks, they are on CDs :)
18:40 <Nicd-> I also did borrow a book, know what those are?
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18:40 <smeevil> I just bought one! :D
18:40 <Nicd-> libraries here have pretty good music collections
18:40 <smeevil> functional web development with elixir :)
18:40 <Nicd-> and it's free to borrow tons of albums to see what you might like
18:40 <smeevil> but we have something awesome going on at our library actually
18:40 <smeevil> they call it "living books"
18:41 <smeevil> basically its a senior citizen sitting at a table. You buy him coffee, and he tells you stories
18:41 <smeevil> quite awesome. beats lonelyness and stimulates interaction :)
18:42 <Nicd-> last disc to go!
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18:49 <Nicd-> and done, 144 songs from 11 albums
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19:21 <smeevil> ROFL, I just registered beta.af :D
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19:44 <nyaray> smeevil: Daaaamn, nice catch!
19:44 <smeevil> yeah was surprised :P
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19:45 <nyaray> how'd you get that?
19:45 <smeevil> just register it
19:45 <smeevil> apparently eurodns.com allows it
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19:48 <nyaray> sorry, I meant to ask what company you used as the one I'm currently using doesn't register .af
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19:48 <smeevil> eurodns, dnsimple could not register it either
19:49 <nyaray> holy crap... that's expensive :o
19:49 <smeevil> meh :)
19:49 <nyaray> expensive.....af
19:49 <smeevil> let the customer pay for it :)
19:49 <nyaray> man. there's too many puns
19:49 <nyaray> I was thinking of getting basic.af, but it's not worth it.
19:50 <smeevil> haha now thats a nice one to register as well. and then run an exquisite webshop on it
19:50 <nyaray> :'D
19:51 <nyaray> just one item, secret stock
19:51 <nyaray> changes every month
19:51 <nyaray> HipsterWare™
19:51 <smeevil> with an order timer, only 3 minutes left, hurry now !
19:51 <nyaray> always at 3
19:54 <nyaray> maaan... now I'm just thinking of fun domains. THANKS, smeevil
19:54 <smeevil> haha /me hides
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20:00 <Nicd-> my life goal is h.ax
20:05 <nyaray> I've got omg-plz.com, but feel like that could probably be put to better use (currently there's nothing on it :P)
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20:08 <Nicd-> omg plz nyaray
20:08 <Nicd-> step up your game
20:09 <nyaray> hehe, I've had it for ... oh shit. more than 10 years, I guess.
20:09 <okeuday_bak> nyaray: someone recently had their website taken down that allowed you to scratch a picture of Trump with a cat paw, so that might be a quick way to advertise a person or company :-)
20:11 <okeuday_bak> http://consequenceofsound.net/2017/03/trump-threatens-legal-action-against-17-year-old-teen-behind-cat-parody-website/
20:12 <smeevil> hahahaha
20:13 <smeevil> SAD!
20:13 <okeuday_bak> true, but it might be a type of opportunity for "copy cats", pun intended
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20:14 <okeuday_bak> (i am not giving legal advice, don't sue me)
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20:21 <* Nicd-> sues okeuday_bak
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20:59 <Nicd-> so I'm getting a lot of this output into my console with my Phoenix app: "no process: the process is not alive or..."
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21:39 <rawkode1> Evening y'all
21:40 <rawkode> Better
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21:46 <qqwy> Greetings, everyone! :-)
21:46 <rawkode> Hey qqwy
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22:24 <smeevil> Hi :)
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22:36 <Nicd-> strange
22:36 <Nicd-> my app compiles fine in dev mode
22:36 <Nicd-> but in prod mode it says "module FBU.BuildTask is not loaded and could not be found"
22:36 <Nicd-> FBU is a dependency from github
22:38 <Nicd-> ohhhh because I marked it only: :dev, but mix tasks are compiled also in prod mode :)
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