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01:27 <mk[]> why are dependencies have to be specified in both application and deps callbacks in mix.exs?
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01:30 <alisdair> they don't, as of 1.4
01:31 <mk[]> alisdair: I see. let me read the release info for 1.4
01:31 <alisdair> i think it's still good practice to explicitly define your applications though
01:32 <mk[]> why so?
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01:32 <alisdair> it's entirely reasonable to define multiple releases in a mix project with different application sets
01:32 <mk[]> it's confusing to know which dependencies are applications and which ones aren't
01:33 <alisdair> anything you may want to call at runtime should be an application
01:33 <alisdair> deps is anything you may want to call at compile time
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01:33 <mk[]> oh, makes sense now
01:34 <alisdair> applications will often include things not in deps (like if they are defined in your project or are from the standard release)
01:34 <mk[]> alisdair: what's an example of something that's only used at compile time?
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01:35 <alisdair> and deps will often include things not in applications (like a mix plugin)
01:37 <mk[]> alisdair: what is the standard release?
01:37 <mk[]> OTP and some elixir specific stuff?
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01:44 <alisdair> yeah
01:45 <alisdair> stuff like inets, crypto, logger
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02:03 <asonge> mk[]: just btw, technically, all libraries are "applications" (have a .app file that groups modules together with some other properties), like alisdair said, the applications list is just the stuff you're taking with you on a build
02:03 <asonge> (i should really pay attention to timestamps)
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02:06 <mk[]> asonge: still here :)
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02:09 <mk[]> asonge: so an application is a group of modules and some env variables?
02:10 <mk[]> where's the .app file typically located?
02:11 <asonge> .app files are stored in the system library path, which is typically a list of ebin/ folders
02:11 <asonge> (the erlang application path)
02:11 <alisdair> in elixir the .app file is generate from mix.exs
02:11 <mk[]> so it's not supposed to be edited manually?
02:12 <alisdair> no
02:12 <alisdair> not for elixir apps
02:12 <asonge> so, in the past, people edited this stuff manually, but mix's job is to generate that file correctly
02:12 <asonge> so you don't forget to add a module (for instance)
02:12 <alisdair> (built by mix at least, things might be different for alternate build tools)
02:12 <asonge> yeah, rebar has a appname.app.src that turns into a .app in the ebin directory
02:13 <asonge> but i remember doing it by hand before rebar was a thing
02:13 <alisdair> emake
02:13 <asonge> (i never used emake)
02:14 <mk[]> great to have nice build tools
02:15 <asonge> yep
02:16 <asonge> btw, there are tons of hand-editable pieces of config that we now generate that just kinda...tie things together...it's a lot more ad-hoc than the tooling makes it feel
02:16 <mk[]> I just got into OTP, I wrote some Erlang when I was a student, but had little time for it
02:16 <mk[]> and my university taught pig-disgusting Java and C++
02:17 <asonge> learn you some erlang actually walks you through how all the stuff is wired together, if you want to dig into the guts of things like OTP releases or apps
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02:18 <mk[]> yeah, elixir's docs can be sparse, so knowing erlang internals is a must
02:18 <alisdair> i doubt anyone ever wrote a boot script by hand
02:18 <alisdair> i think that's purely a post systools thing
02:20 <mk[]> boot script like an init system?
02:23 <mk[]> I assume that should be handled by the OS
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02:24 <asonge> mk[]: the vm has to boot up, it's almost like its own OS
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02:27 <mk[]> asonge: what exactly happens when BEAM boots up?
02:30 <asonge> i'm not 100% familiar, but aside from starting up the scheduler threads of various kinds, erlang's got a "kernel" that provides some core services (networking ports, file ports, timer support, code and file servers, the portable IO stuff that forwards remote IO to your console if you remsh in, etc)
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02:30 <asonge> different error reporting mechanisms that you can turn on and swap out
02:30 <asonge> defining a specific boot order for different applications is also done
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02:31 <mk[]> how is usually initialized? mix run?
02:32 <asonge> oh, there's some default strategies, mix and iex are shell scripts that wrap erl, which (iirc) is also a shell script for calling the beam executable
02:33 <asonge> yeah, that's right. just ran `less $(which erl)`
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02:33 <mk[]> asonge: so it's one vm handling all applications? or multiple vm instances are possible?
02:34 <mrFrog> dumb question but i'm adding a migration that adds a non null column. since some records already exist, how do i set values for them in the same migration so as to avoid the `not_null_violation` error?
02:34 <mrFrog> (using Ecto)
02:34 <asonge> mk[]: 1 vm handling all applications, clustering is what we call running applications on different vm's, which can message-pass to each other
02:35 <mk[]> asonge: clustering is usually done over tcp?
02:36 <asonge> yeah. it's pluggable, but you usually want tcp or tls
02:36 <asonge> mrFrog: you could add then drop a default value for the not null column
02:37 <asonge> mrFrog: you may need to abandon the dsl, and use up/down and execute some sql
02:37 <mrFrog> asonge: so you think in one migration add column with allowing null / generating value followed by removing allowing null
02:38 <asonge> mrFrog: yeah. i mean, there's no other way around that.
02:38 <asonge> ah, you can use modify/3, i missed that
02:39 <asonge> `modify :field, :text, null: false`
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02:39 <asonge> erm, or add the null true later
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03:03 <johnhamelink> Anyone else getting "Access Denied" when making a call to hex.pm through mix (mix deps.get/deps.update)
03:04 <johnhamelink> https://gist.github.com/johnhamelink/d0658f0114534707891e9bdd001755e2
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03:16 <johnhamelink> ^ nvm, it was an error due to me mistyping a package name. @dpehrson on the slack channel kindly helped me out
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10:11 <tuacker1> what could be the cause that whenever I change a eex template (phoenix) I get 'compiling 33 files' instead of just the one I changed
10:11 <tuacker> could've sworn it usually just recompiled the changed one and be done
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10:18 <asonge> tuacker: one thing that comes to mind is that eex templates are compiled into the view module, and if that view module is in the dependency of some other file, it might recompile more stuff
10:18 <asonge> but, it might happen for some other external reason (maybe your editor is compiling files for linting purposes, etc)
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10:31 <tuacker> asonge: was thinking about that (dependencies) is there a way to make the "compiling xx files" output more verbose? to see which files are affected
10:31 <asonge> oh, yeah. you can definitely make that more verbose
10:33 <asonge> tuacker: try `mix compile --long-compilation-threshold 0`
10:33 <tuacker> will do, after food! thanks asonge
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10:37 <micmus> tuacker: also with mix xref graph you can see the file dependencies
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11:19 <jkreeftmeijer> I’m working on a patch to remove Elixir 1.5 warnings for Poison (https://github.com/devinus/poison/pull/125) that uses String.trim/1 instead of strip/1, but that breaks support for Elixir < 1.3 (because trim/1 didn’t exist back then). What’d be a nice way to handle that?
11:19 <jkreeftmeijer> `Module.defines?/2`?
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11:33 <jkreeftmeijer> Removed it altogether in that patch, btw. It was used to strip the trailing newline from the VERSION file. (would still love to know how you'd do something like this, though)
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11:40 <tuacker> asonge, micmus: that helped a lot thanks. Turns out I am an idiot. Made a helper in layout_view to mark the 'active' menu in my nav. Called it like that in app.html.eex `<%= active_nav(@view_module, :settings) %>` and then pattern mached on `def active_nav(Egginventory.UserView, :settings) do….` and just like that every change resulted in recompiling every View and Controller I had
11:41 <tuacker> fun times
11:41 <tuacker> xref graph is gud
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11:41 <tuacker> (allthough I found mix xref graph —format dot and then opening the file easier to grok than the pretty format :D)
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12:52 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14073 (master - 7034721 : Michał Muskała): The build passed.
12:52 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/6311c0313ea4...7034721ae97e
12:52 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/214962739
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13:13 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14076 (master - efa0588 : Jeff Kreeftmeijer): The build passed.
13:13 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/7034721ae97e...efa05882d02e
13:13 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/214966071
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14:03 <Confiks> Is there any way I can connect to Postgresql on localhost using an UNIX domain socket instead of a TCP connection?
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14:07 <Confiks> Using Ecto, excuse me.
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14:33 <monkeyme> how do you create a new application using an older version of phoenix?
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16:12 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14078 (master - ed1c948 : Andrea Leopardi): The build passed.
16:12 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/efa05882d02e...ed1c9489d40e
16:12 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/214998583
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16:23 <knotty66> Hi guys, does anybody here have any experience with Erlangs :crypto ?
16:23 <knotty66> I am trying to decrypt something encrypted with :aes_cbc256, and a :notsup exception is thrown
16:23 <knotty66> e.g. :crypto.block_decrypt(:aes_cbc256, key, iv, encrypted)
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16:24 <knotty66> But :crypto.supports seems to indicate :aes_cbc256 is supported, as does openssl ciphers -v (I think)
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16:25 <knotty66> And my Ruby installation can encrypt / decrypt aes_cbc256. I am using Arch Linux, with Erlang and Elixir installed from the official Community repos. Any ideas? Newby here.
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16:42 <maaarcocr> Hi everyone! I'm a student in London (UK) and with a group friends we are trying to organise a Hackathon focused on Open Source. We are trying to know which communities would be interested in helping us and also trying to find sponsors! I would also like to know your ideas on this :D
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17:19 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14081 (master - d020b18 : Eksperimental): The build passed.
17:19 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/ed1c9489d40e...d020b187a5ac
17:19 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/215012552
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19:57 <tomfbiz> Hi -- I'm pretty new to Elixir/Phoenix. I'm trying to test out "addict" and I keep getting 403 errors when trying to register a new user. I added IO.inspect statements and IEx.pry statements in the controller, and ran mix deps.compile, but I don't see any change. Does that mean I'm not testing properly or that I'm not reaching the controller method.
19:58 <tomfbiz> Please let me know if I'm in the wrong channel.
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20:01 <griffinbyatt> It may be hitting an error earlier in the request lifetime
20:01 <griffinbyatt> Maybe a CSRF issue
20:02 <griffinbyatt> It's hard to say though w/out more information or logs
20:03 <PaReeOhNos> tomfbiz: Is it an ajax request you're performing? As griffinbyatt said it could be a CSRF token issue, at which point Phoenix itself will be rejecting the request before it hits your controller
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20:04 <PaReeOhNos> 401 is a forbidden response as apposed to an unauthorized so it's not even getting as far as the 'addict' plug
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20:07 <tomfbiz> it is an ajax request. I am not seeing any CSRF errors, either on the server or in the client. Would I? (FYI, I am using the canned templates that come with addict)
20:09 <tomfbiz> All I see in the console output is [info] POST /register [info] \n Sent 403 in 114ms
20:12 <PaReeOhNos> Not personally ever seen the error that Phoenix shows for a CSRF problem, but it certainly sounds like one. Especially if you're not explicitly setting the CSRF token in the request
20:13 <PaReeOhNos> easy way to test though. In your `router.ex` file, in your `pipeline` block, comment out the line `plug :protect_from_forgery` which will disabled the CSRF check altogether. If that succeeds, then you know it's a CSRF issue
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20:20 <tomfbiz> PaReeOhNos -- thanks, that confirmed your suspition. It is a CSRF issue.
20:22 <PaReeOhNos> excellent :)
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