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00:08 <wwwd> Does anyone know, is there any place in the docs that it tells what type of html tag will be generated when a specific type is give as input to the phoenix.gen.html command?
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04:03 <sivsushruth> Is there a way to start node as a hidden node without using command line args
04:03 <sivsushruth> ?
04:08 <asonge> sivsushruth: it's an application setting on the :kernel app, so you can use the config to set the hidden setting (i think you have to do this before the app is started, which config.exs will do)
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04:11 <asonge> oh, there's a :net_kernel.hidden_connect_node() function
04:12 <asonge> erm, :net_kernel.hidden_connect()*
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04:14 <sivsushruth> trying, one sec
04:14 <sivsushruth> thanks
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04:26 <matt___> Hi everyone! I'm a beginner in Elixir, and I'm currently coding a simple module that uses GenServer and ETS to store information, but I have a few questions to make sure that I understand well its behavior, may I ask?
04:30 <alisdair> go for it
04:30 <pandamatt> Thanks. Here are my questions:
04:30 <pandamatt> - A GenServer may run on multiple CPUs, but it can only process one message (be it cast or call) at a time, right?
04:30 <pandamatt> - The data I store in my ETS table is not too complex, but it's complex enough that I can't use update_element to update it. I need to read and write data in an atomic, transactional way, but ETS doesn't provide any way of doing a read then a write in one transaction, right?
04:31 <pandamatt> - Since GenServer can only process one message at a time and it's the owner of the ETS table I'm using, then since only it can write to the table, it means that if I keep the read + update operation that I wish to be transactional in the same handle_call function, it'll indeed be like a transaction, that is, there is no risk of the data to be accessed in the meantime, correct?
04:31 <asonge> a gen_server process is only run by 1 cpu at a time. it might jump on any particular scheduler on any particular CPU.
04:31 <asonge> (all erlang processes run on 1 cpu at a time)
04:31 <alisdair> if you only start a single instance of your GenServer it will process messages sequentially, yes
04:31 <alisdair> you can start multiple instances however, but they will each have their own state
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04:33 <asonge> and to answer the atomicity question, this mostly matters if you're reading outside of the process while writing inside, and issuing multiple related writes. you can update an entire row at once, and if you read, update in-process, then write, the write will be atomic for that 1 value.
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04:34 <asonge> so, in case you didn't get my last message:
04:34 <asonge> and to answer the atomicity question, this mostly matters if you're reading outside of the process while writing inside, and issuing multiple related writes. you can update an entire row at once, and if you read, update in-process, then write, the write will be atomic for that 1 value.
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04:36 <asonge> pandamatt: a lot of this is covered in this very recent talk from erlang and elixir factory from thursday, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3IftRUQgqc
04:36 <pandamatt> ok, thanks! I only intend to read and write from that gen server process (using private when creating the table), so that should be fine
04:36 <pandamatt> thanks a lot! I'll check this video
04:36 <asonge> (it goes through agent, and then ets+gen_server, then other variants of ets+gen_server, depending on what you need)
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06:35 <nahtnam> Hey
06:35 <nahtnam> Im having a weird issue with phoenix
06:35 <nahtnam> in the settings, I set debug_errors: to false
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06:36 <nahtnam> so when I go to a 404 page, I get json instead of the debug page
06:36 <nahtnam> but when i make an xhr request from my spa, I dont get an response other than 404
06:36 <nahtnam> I.e. I dont get any json data in the response
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06:40 <asonge> nahtnam: what are you setting as an Accept header?
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06:40 <asonge> (in the client)
06:40 <nahtnam> Accept:application/json, text/plain, */*
06:41 <nahtnam> content-type:application/json; charset=utf-8
06:41 <nahtnam> ^ response
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06:43 <nahtnam> render_errors: [view: Ludicrous.Web.ErrorView, accepts: ~w(json)],
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06:44 <nahtnam> Thats in my config.exs
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06:52 <hahuang65> is there an easy way in ExUnit to assert that Logger was logged to?
06:59 <hahuang65> ExUnit.CaptureLog ^_^
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13:31 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14089 (master - 24872d9 : evuez): The build passed.
13:31 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/d020b187a5ac...24872d9e4508
13:31 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/215209337
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13:32 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14090 (master - e7db5d8 : Aleksei Magusev): The build passed.
13:32 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/24872d9e4508...e7db5d81c4cd
13:32 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/215209547
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14:00 <Gasher> Hello, I saw the following expression: new_map = %{ map | a: 25} and I have a question - is the | used exclusively for updating a map, or is it some kind of universal operator?
14:00 <craigp> Gasher: only maps afaik
14:00 <Gasher> thanks
14:00 <craigp> but it will not add keys to a map, only update existing keys
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14:04 <ciawal> it's also used for list prepends
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14:10 <Gasher> what about compiling to bytecode? when using elixirc, I get no new files
14:14 <Gasher> compiling normal files, not just modules
14:14 <micmus> only modules can be compiled
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14:19 <Gasher> oh, no other way to do it? is it the same with Erlang?
14:21 <micmus> yes, the compiled artifact - .beam file represents a single module
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14:28 <johnhamelink> Hey guys. I have a GenServer which has a Process.send_after() loop in it to batch up API requests periodically, call them, handle the result and then run Process.send_after() again. I'm trying to figure out how best to write a test for this functionality?
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16:38 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14091 (master - 9711c6f : Eksperimental): The build passed.
16:38 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/e7db5d81c4cd...9711c6ff3a3a
16:38 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/215249183
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18:10 <drewolson> is there a magic trick that i need to make plug.test work with ecto in sandbox mode?
18:11 <drewolson> should i just use :shared mode?
18:15 <drewolson> (that seems to work, manual mode doesn't because my router is spawned by my application, i think? i'm not sure actually)
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18:53 <benwilson512> what are you trying to do, a regular integration style test?
18:53 <benwilson512> you should be able to just use the regular mode and check out a connection
18:53 <benwilson512> assuming that you yourself are not spawning any processes inside the action
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19:03 <fishcakez> drewolson: if you get confused by sandbox ownership try `ownership_log: :warn` in repo config
19:03 <fishcakez> We also have important bug fix in latest dbconnection
19:04 <fishcakez> (for sandbox)
19:11 <fishcakez> ^likely only effects preloads
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19:31 <josevalim> benwilson512:
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19:32 <digiorgi> how can i create a zip of a folder with :zip.create ?
19:32 <digiorgi> is just keep returning {:error, :einval}
19:33 <josevalim> i don't think so. you need to get all of the contents of the folder
19:33 <josevalim> you can't just pass a folder
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19:48 <digiorgi> josevalim, lol yes! xd
19:48 <digiorgi> thanks
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21:38 <drewolson> benwilson512: the tests for this project were failing if i had it in manual mode and did a checkout with the repo in the setup
21:38 <drewolson> https://gitlab.com/drewolson/graphql_example_elixir
21:38 <drewolson> adding https://gitlab.com/drewolson/graphql_example_elixir/blob/master/test/blog/web/router_test.exs#L9 seemed to fix it
21:39 <drewolson> but i was confused why i needed it in the first place
21:39 <drewolson> benwilson512: the project uses absinthe if that makes you any more interested :)
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22:11 <BeerLover> is Ecto.Changeset a struct?
22:14 <fishcakez> drewolson: should work fine with manual
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22:16 <asonge> BeerLover: yes
22:17 <BeerLover> asonge then why is it diplayed differently?
22:17 <BeerLover> in iex
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22:17 <BeerLover> a normal struct that i create is displayed as %Topic
22:17 <BeerLover> but changeset is displayed with a #
22:17 <asonge> structs can control how they show up under inspect
22:18 <BeerLover> how?
22:18 <asonge> this is good for hiding stuff that is internal stuff that should be opaque and only controlled via API
22:18 <asonge> Inspect has a protocol
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22:31 <fishcakez> drewolson: can you run that test only with ownership_log: :warn and manual?
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22:31 <fishcakez> Or :error if need higher lvl
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22:35 <fishcakez> It seems like bug in sandbox
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22:41 <alisdair> can i attach metadata to an ecto query (for use in ecto.logger?)
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22:48 <fishcakez> alisdair: only if you put in pdict
22:48 <fishcakez> Or custom logger
22:49 <alisdair> ecto is really frustrating :(
22:50 <alisdair> there doesn't seem to be anyway to force the sbroker pool without forking either
22:51 <fishcakez> Wdym force?
22:51 <alisdair> the postgres adapter overwrites the pool option even if you pass in DBConnection.Sbroker
22:51 <alisdair> https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/blob/master/lib/ecto/adapters/postgres.ex#L218
22:52 <fishcakez> Overwrites?
22:52 <fishcakez> That's on purpose to run single process
22:52 <fishcakez> It's only for create and drop
22:54 <alisdair> oh ok
22:54 <alisdair> i thought it was used for raw sql queries too
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23:03 <bcinman> is it a good idea to use ETF is a binary protocol to communicate with untrusted clients?
23:10 <cmk_zzz> bcinman: you can use binary_to_term(Bin, [safe]) which is according to documenentation should be used when receiving binaries from untrusted sources
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23:10 <cmk_zzz> under the assumption ETF = erlang term format in serialized binary format (term_to_binary)
23:10 <bcinman> yep thats what i meant
23:12 <bcinman> cmk_zzz: thanks, i think i'll do that
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23:34 <asonge> bcinman cmk_zzz: safe doesn't act *quite* like you think it might. it's still pretty dangerous to use with an untrusted client. safe only guarantees that you won't generate *new* functions, but you can generate a reference to a real function, and that works.
23:35 <mk[]> how can I make worker processes (for Supervisor) talk to each other?
23:35 <asonge> mk[]: give them a name. use the name.
23:35 <asonge> there are other strategies, but most gen_servers are a kind of "singleton" process with a name
23:36 <asonge> or completely anonymous
23:36 <asonge> (for the in-between stuff, Elixir intorduced Registry, which is nice)
23:36 <bcinman> asonge: ah gotcha, might be better to use something like protobuf then
23:37 <mk[]> asonge: so pass a name to genserver's start_link?
23:37 <asonge> bcinman: protobuf is better because it does define an actual protocol, and is probably a bit more portable.
23:37 <asonge> mk[]: yeah, you can do that.
23:37 <asonge> mk[]: their order in the supervisor will be the order in which the supervisor starts the children
23:38 <mk[]> asonge: how can I call a genserver process by name? GenServer.call requires a pid
23:38 <asonge> takes a name
23:38 <mk[]> oh, nice, let me look into it
23:40 <asonge> mk[]: when you see the argument, you might want to use the @spec part more than the name in the function docs (use `s <function>` in iex to get the spec, `t Module.typename` to get the type definition, if a primitive isn't used in the spec)
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23:45 <cmk_zzz> asonge: what do you mean pretty dangerous? What problems might I encounter?
23:46 <asonge> cmk_zzz: so, if you just execute a function that you grab of :binary_to_term with :safe, the safe part is just about the function *reference*, so someone could construct a function reference to shut down the VM
23:46 <asonge> (or *anything*)
23:46 <asonge> it's just that you're not allowed to define *new* functions
23:47 <cmk_zzz> asonge: what is a functional reference in this case?
23:47 <asonge> (you could walk over the entire term and filter this stuff out, but you can't really be naive about it)
23:48 <cmk_zzz> sorry for being daft, I should know this
23:48 <asonge> cmk_zzz: i think &:init.stop/0 would be sufficient?
23:49 <asonge> yeah, just tested it.
23:49 <asonge> cmk_zzz: :erlang.binary_to_term(<<131, 113, 100, 0, 4, 105, 110, 105, 116, 100, 0, 4, 115, 116, 111, 112, 97, 0>>, [:safe])
23:51 <asonge> it's "safe" from creating new code, and you'd still need to execute an arbitrary function reference from the deserialized term to actually be a security issue, but it's there.
23:51 <cmk_zzz> asonge: I see.
23:52 <cmk_zzz> I wonder if BERT has the same problem
23:52 <asonge> it doesn't
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