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00:06 <drewolson> fishcakez: will do now, one sec
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00:09 <drewolson> fishcakez: here's the output https://gist.github.com/drewolson/ad3afc8f125eab9253f2ae2f0a0c459c
00:09 <drewolson> seems like it might be an absinthe batching error?
00:10 <drewolson> perhaps i should open an issue on absinthe /cc benwilson512
00:11 <fishcakez> drewolson: single test please
00:11 <drewolson> one sec
00:13 <drewolson> fishcakez: gist updated with single test output
00:15 <drewolson> fishcakez: this is the test, FYI https://gitlab.com/drewolson/graphql_example_elixir/blob/dd2c551b062b1b844028eaeb633da5bc577c18ec/test/blog/web/router_test.exs#L96-134
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00:41 <griffinbyatt> asonge: You wouldn't necessarily need to execute the function ref for it to be a security issue. Passing whatever value through an Enum function would be enough
00:41 <asonge> yeah, i was pm'd with that info
00:41 <griffinbyatt> Ah :P
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01:02 <fishcakez> drewolson: yeah so Task Y is started by process X
01:02 <fishcakez> and Task Y does not have a sandbox
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01:03 <fishcakez> it should have caller: X in its query options and use X's sandbox
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01:18 <drewolson> fishcakez: I can't tell is this is an issue with my code or the library's. I'm not explicitly starting any tasks.
01:19 <fishcakez> drewolson: the stacktrace says there is a task though
01:19 <fishcakez> under a supervisor
01:21 <fishcakez> drewolson: my guess is that absinthe batching is starting tasks that dont get the caller?
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01:23 <fishcakez> drewolson: here: https://github.com/absinthe-graphql/absinthe/blob/master/lib/absinthe/resolution/plugin/batch.ex#L120
01:24 <fishcakez> so you would need to make sure the [caller: self()] option is passed to the fun there
01:26 <fishcakez> drewolson: so you'd need to pass [caller: pid] to https://gitlab.com/drewolson/graphql_example_elixir/blob/dd2c551b062b1b844028eaeb633da5bc577c18ec/lib/blog/comment/repo.ex#L26
01:26 <fishcakez> but pid must be the plug process
01:26 <fishcakez> i think the easiest way to do that is to add an options argument
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02:27 <benwilson512> drewolson: do what we do for Absinthe.Ecto and include self() as one of the batch keys
02:27 <benwilson512> or rather as part of the batch key
02:27 <benwilson512> drewolson: https://github.com/absinthe-graphql/absinthe_ecto/blob/master/lib/absinthe/ecto.ex#L132
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03:36 <travis-ci> njonsson/elixir#1 (add-multicodepoint-doctests-for-string-at2-and-string-length1 - d846ecf : Nils Jonsson): The build passed.
03:36 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/njonsson/elixir/commit/d846ecf12eff
03:36 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/njonsson/elixir/builds/215373032
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06:05 <linduxed> so it seems like a lot of deployment guides for elixir projects involve using exrm/distillery, which compiles the project
06:06 <linduxed> this means, however, that i can't run mix tasks remotely
06:06 <linduxed> is there a performance difference to "running from source"?
06:06 <linduxed> i mean, i'm assuming it compiles the code anyway, right?
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06:09 <Nicd-> there's no performance difference
06:09 <Nicd-> afaik
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06:56 <smeevil> fino/
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08:05 <nyaray> linduxed: why would you want to run mix tasks remotely?
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08:08 <linduxed> nyaray: migrations
08:08 <gazler> linduxed: https://github.com/bitwalker/distillery/blob/master/docs/Running%20Migrations.md
08:10 <nyaray> gazler: nice
08:11 <gazler> I don't do the seeds part usually. I'd rename the seed function to migrate and delete the seed_script block.
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09:40 <ivan> is there any way to put the first `with` case on its own line?
09:41 <Nicd-> ivan: yes and it looks silly
09:41 <Nicd-> with \
09:41 <ivan> heh thanks that will do
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09:42 <Nicd-> they should have made it a special keyword or something (dunno the specific terms) so it would work without that \
09:43 <ivan> yes the with syntax seems totally wrong now that I have used it
09:43 <ivan> (in a big function where the RHS of <- spans multiple lines)
09:44 <nyaray> why not wrap that big thing in a function?
09:45 <ivan> hmm can you just catch MatchError and get details of the match failure?
09:46 <nyaray> isn't that what the else is for?
09:46 <ivan> I meant as an alternative to the `with` syntax if I really didn't want to use it
09:47 <ivan> and apparently you can
09:47 <ivan> iex(1)> try do {"", 0} = {"hello", 4} rescue e in MatchError -> e end
09:47 <ivan> %MatchError{term: {"hello", 4}}
09:47 <ivan> I am surely missing something but that seems like an argument against needing `with` (other than to avoid the exception-raising-and-catching penalty?)
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09:48 <nyaray> I'm not sure that I'm completely following you now :/
09:49 <ivan> you can just put a bunch of potentially-failing matches in a `try do` block instead of in a series of `with`
09:51 <nyaray> sure, you could skip using that, but if you get a matching error from a nested call you'd confuse that with the one generated in your try-do-wrapped code
09:51 <ivan> indeed I just realized that, thanks :-)
09:53 <nyaray> for a top-level I-DONT-CARE-JUST-CATCH-ERRORS-handler that sort of semantics makes sense, but then it'd be for all sorts of runtime errors
09:55 <nyaray> if with-else isn't enough, I'd look into breaking it down more
09:55 <ivan> it seems to be enough, just a little unwieldy with two \'es
09:56 <nyaray> why not break out the inner multi-line thing into a new function
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09:57 <ivan> it's a series of steps that don't really belong in their own functions
09:58 <nyaray> defp?
09:59 <ivan> https://borg.xyz/tmp/bootstrap.png see it's a bunch of ugly stuff unworthy of being functioned
10:00 <Nicd-> you don't need the second \
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10:00 <Nicd-> I think?
10:00 <Nicd-> I have multiline withs without it
10:00 <Nicd-> with the do on a separate line
10:00 <ciawal> maybe put the command lists into @named_module_attrs
10:00 <ivan> Nicd-: oh huh thanks
10:01 <ciawal> I’d maybe consider just looping this though
10:01 <ciawal> [{:run_on_machine, …}, {:transfer_content, …}, …]
10:02 <nyaray> +1
10:02 <ivan> thanks
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10:08 <* nyaray> is looking (currently, from java-land...) forward to see the cleaned up version
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10:28 <OliverMT> Nicd-: do you work with elixir now?
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10:28 <OliverMT> I wonder how many people in here work with elixir as their day job atm
10:28 <OliverMT> hopefully steadily rising
10:28 <Nicd-> nope
10:28 <Nicd-> only at home
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10:33 <nyaray> I'm building a simple web-based tool that SOAP-integrates with our time reporting tool
10:33 <Nicd-> OliverMT: I just built this: https://blog.nytsoi.net/2017/03/24/fbu-frontend-build-utilities
10:33 <nyaray> no one asked for it but I hate doing math with time. and it's frustrating enough to remember to keep track of context switches
10:33 <Nicd-> best feedback I got on reddit was "pls no" :D
10:34 <OliverMT> I was about to say "whyyy?"
10:34 <OliverMT> :p
10:34 <Nicd-> read the motivations part :)
10:34 <OliverMT> I am joking
10:34 <Nicd-> it's a valid opinion!
10:39 <gazler> I have had that blog post open all weekend to read.
10:39 <gazler> Just starting reading, was half way through linking a relevant xkcd before I scrolled down
10:40 <Nicd-> ah, you have kept it open <3
10:41 <gazler> That's basically as good as reading it.
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10:54 <OliverMT> gazler: do you live in .ph ? or am I mixing you with someone else
10:54 <gazler> OliverMT: You are mixing me up with gjaldon__ probably.
10:54 <OliverMT> yes!
10:58 <Nicd-> gazler: any thoughts on it?
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10:58 <gazler> Nicd-: pls no :)
10:59 <Nicd-> :D
10:59 <Nicd-> can you elaborate?
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10:59 <gazler> Haha, I was joking. I haven't had time to look at the code yet, I assume it shells out a lot?
11:00 <Nicd-> there are a couple of examples in the blog post
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11:00 <Nicd-> but usually you call `exec("some_program", [args])` that starts a program (usually some node CLI)
11:00 <Nicd-> at least when building the frontend
11:01 <Nicd-> but you can just run Elixir too
11:05 <gazler> Oh yeah, I see what it's doing. I think as far as an Elixir build tool for building external things it goes it looks good.
11:07 <Nicd-> thanks :) it seems to work quite well for me but I want to hear people's thoughts
11:08 <Nicd-> and if someone likes it maybe it can be made better to suit their needs too
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11:10 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14095 (master - 7cc6998 : Gal Tsubery): The build passed.
11:10 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/3c8bdfcc2cb8...7cc699836e73
11:10 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/215484558
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11:14 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14096 (master - 8e11aac : Qqwy / Wiebe-Marten): The build passed.
11:14 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/7cc699836e73...8e11aacfcfb6
11:14 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/215484733
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11:34 <dongo> What's the best way to include a specific JavaScript file for a specific page?
11:34 <dongo> In phoenix
11:35 <dongo> Phoenix 1.3*
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11:39 <gazler> dongo: Probably render_existing https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32356096/phoenix-additional-layout-variables-like-inner/32356624#32356624
11:39 <teacup-on-rc> hey guys I am e newbie in elixir and going through pragdave's book trying some examples , but I am hitting some strange behaviour maybe with my elixir/erlang installation
11:40 <teacup-on-rc> I am running a fibonacci server example, and I have more than 4 cores on the machine I am testing, but can't see with htop more than one core being utilized
11:41 <teacup-on-rc> also the iex doesn't show any smp info, saw on the web some examples were displaying smp2:2 or more, but don't get anything like that
11:41 <teacup-on-rc> $ iex
11:41 <teacup-on-rc> Erlang/OTP 18 [erts-7.3] [source] [64-bit] [async-threads:10]
11:41 <teacup-on-rc> Interactive Elixir (1.3.0) - press Ctrl+C to exit (type h() ENTER for help)
11:41 <teacup-on-rc> any ideas ?
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11:42 <gazler> teacup-on-rc: What is the result of `System.schedulers_online` in iex?
11:44 <teacup-on-rc> 1
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11:44 <teacup-on-rc> gazler: which I guess explains why I see such cpu utilization, but how can I change it
11:45 <gazler> teacup-on-rc: What about if you start iex with `iex --erl "+S 2:2"`
11:45 <teacup-on-rc> again I see one online scheduler
11:46 <dongo> gazler: that'd be a nice and dandy solution if it actually worked
11:46 <gazler> teacup-on-rc: One more. Try starting erlang with `erl -smp enable`
11:46 <gazler> See if you get the [smp:x:y] in the output
11:47 <gazler> dongo: In what way does it not work?
11:47 <dongo> I get SyntaxError: import declarations may only appear at the top level of a module for this line: import {Socket} from "phoenix"; in the JS file
11:47 <teacup-on-rc> gazler: Argument '-smp enable' not supported.
11:47 <gazler> teacup-on-rc: Well, I guess that's the issue. What OS are you on?
11:47 <teacup-on-rc> gentoo
11:48 <gazler> dongo: That's a problem with your JS and not render_existing.
11:48 <gazler> dongo: You probably have `import { Socket } ` inside of an if or something.
11:48 <gazler> Which isn't valid JS.
11:48 <gazler> You can use require inside of an if though.
11:48 <dongo> Nope. It's at the top level
11:48 <teacup-on-rc> gazler: thanks I guess I will need to play with some USE flags :)
11:48 <dongo> Not in any scopes whatsoever
11:48 <gazler> dongo: Can you gist your JS please?
11:49 <dongo> Yes
11:49 <gazler> teacup-on-rc: Yeah, I guess it compiled without smp.
11:53 <dongo> gazler: https://ghostbin.com/paste/urudn
11:53 <dongo> Trying to include it on localhost/test/cat
11:54 <dongo> It seems to be included, but it's not executing correctly
11:54 <dongo> My app.js file is basically empty
11:54 <gazler> How are you including it?
11:54 <whodidth1s> what's the error with a regular require("phoenix")
11:55 <dongo> <%= render_existing @view_module, "scripts.html", assigns %> gazler
11:56 <gazler> dongo: The other part. :)
11:56 <gazler> render("scripts.html")...
11:56 <dongo> Oh from the view?
11:56 <gazler> Yeah.
11:57 <dongo> https://ghostbin.com/paste/76xzt
11:57 <Confiks> I'm running Webpack in "watchers", but when I quit "mix phoenix.server" and quit by pressing CTRL+C twice (as the Up and Running guide suggests), Webpack keeps running. Is there any way I can shutdown Phoenix more gracefully so Webpack quits?
11:58 <Confiks> s/I quit/I start/
11:59 <gazler> dongo: Is irc.js being transpiled by brunch?
11:59 <gazler> dongo: You can navigate to http://localhost:4000/js/irc.js to check
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12:01 <gazler> Confiks: I know josevalim added support for this in brunch. Not sure if there is something similar in webpack https://github.com/brunch/brunch/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3Ajosevalim+is%3Aclosed
12:02 <gazler> You can use netstat or lsof to find the pid then kill it manually for now.
12:03 <Confiks> gazler: Thanks. I just found this pull request: https://github.com/webpack/webpack/pull/1311
12:03 <Confiks> Using --watch-stdin works, except for when Webpack is still loading.
12:03 <dongo> gazler: Ok, nevermind what I said about the JS file being included. It was some other experiment where I put the file in assets/static/js/irc.js, and that was being included. Obviously it's not supposed to be there for this situation
12:04 <dongo> It is not being included at all
12:04 <dongo> My JS file is in assets/js/irc.js
12:04 <gazler> dongo: Is it being requested?
12:04 <dongo> I get a 404 on localhost/js/irc.js
12:04 <dongo> It is being requested, yes
12:04 <gazler> dongo: Well, at least render_existing is working.
12:04 <dongo> But the request is just a 404
12:04 <dongo> Yeah
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12:04 <gazler> You'll need to add it to brunch I think.
12:05 <dongo> How would I do this?
12:05 <gazler> Confiks: Good to know, I've been killing it manually for ages out of laziness.
12:05 <gazler> dongo: I think you add it in the joinTo in your config.
12:06 <gazler> dongo: It is commented out in the brunch config file.
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12:08 <dongo> gazler: I have never used brunch before. https://ghostbin.com/paste/2unb3 Is line 7-8 correct or not?
12:08 <dongo> I just look at the comments below those lines
12:08 <dongo> I meant lines 6-9
12:08 <dongo> Line 5 is what it used to be
12:11 <gazler> dongo: https://github.com/brunch/brunch-guide/blob/master/content/en/chapter04-starting-from-scratch.md#split-targets
12:12 <dongo> oh I should just use the name of the files
12:12 <dongo> so "js/irc.js": "js/irc.js"
12:12 <dongo> that seems to work?
12:13 <dongo> >Error: Cannot find module 'phoenix_html' from 'js/app.js' irc.js:61:11
12:13 <gazler> I think so. I can't remember off the top of my head. Been a while since I used brunch.
12:13 <dongo> well I guess no
12:13 <dongo> t
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12:15 <dongo> gazler: well, now I see these errors in my terminal for phoenix https://ghostbin.com/paste/ctatn
12:16 <gazler> You'll need to use a pattern that includes them in your joinTo
12:16 <dongo> got any suggestions for such a pattern?
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12:18 <dongo> actually, nevermind, got it
12:19 <dongo> even after including those three files, I still get Error: Cannot find module 'phoenix_html' from 'js/app.js'
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12:23 <dongo> why is this so incredibly hard
12:24 <Nicd-> Confiks: I have written an apprunner in Elixir to fix that problem
12:24 <Nicd-> Confiks: https://github.com/Nicd/fbu/blob/master/lib/apprunner.exs
12:25 <asonge> Nicd-: that sounds a bit heavyweight?
12:25 <Nicd-> you may need to modify it to suit your use case
12:25 <asonge> like, a whole other copy of the beam running
12:25 <Nicd-> asonge: then write one in another language :P
12:25 <asonge> Nicd-: couldn't you do this in bash?
12:26 <Nicd-> I tried and failed
12:26 <Nicd-> it was a mess
12:26 <asonge> should be like 10 lines of bash
12:26 <Nicd-> I'm only depending on Elixir so adding a bash dependency would be a problem too
12:26 <Nicd-> asonge: please do write it
12:26 <asonge> background process, store off pid, read from stdin, when it falls through, kill pid
12:26 <Nicd-> but if the process dies in the meantime?
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12:27 <Nicd-> you need to listen to both situations at the same time
12:27 <asonge> ah, true
12:27 <Nicd-> that's where bash couldn't cut it, or at least my skills
12:27 <asonge> apparently read has a timeout param, so there's 1 mechanism
12:28 <Nicd-> now you're polling and that's ugly :D I don't care about a small BEAM memory penalty on my dev machine
12:29 <asonge> that kind of polling is not bad :P
12:32 <Nicd-> anyway personally I only have an Elixir dependency so not going to replace with Bash. if you have a ready made solution then you'll probably show it to Confiks :P
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12:36 <Confiks> Nicd-: That looks good, thanks. Webpack still keeps hanging if you close stdin /during/ a build.
12:36 <Confiks> I mean, with the --watch-stdin option. This'll kill it for sure.
12:37 <Nicd-> it should, but I make no guarantees :D
12:37 <Nicd-> please read the code first, it's pretty awful
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12:44 <travis-ci> njonsson/elixir#2 (add-multicodepoint-doctests-for-string-at2-and-string-length1 - 2162f47 : Nils Jonsson): The build passed.
12:44 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/njonsson/elixir/compare/d846ecf12eff...2162f47d6d3d
12:44 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/njonsson/elixir/builds/215513483
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12:51 <Confiks> I'm also having trouble with getting my (webpack generated) static assets to be served by the production server. _build/prod/lib/appname/priv/static contains all manifested files, including a manifest.json.
12:51 <Confiks> And using <%= static_path(@conn, "/bundle-foobar.js") %> produces the correct manifested file in the HTML, but the server throws a 404 on that resource.
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12:59 <Confiks> I also don't see something special being done to route static files in router.ex
12:59 <Nicd-> it's in endpoint.ex
13:00 <Nicd-> look for Plug.Static
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13:03 <Confiks> Right, thanks
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14:51 <sorentwo> micmus: ping
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16:20 <vans163_> is there something similar to a local_import directive? Basically it works as the import but only for the scope its in?
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16:25 <micmus> sorentwo: pong
16:25 <micmus> vans163_: that's exactly how import works
16:25 <vans163_> micmus: really? let me try..
16:27 <vans163_> so I can do inside a def import :lists, only: [keyfind: 3] ? is there a way to also :as the keyfind into a new name like find ?
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16:31 <sorentwo> micmus: I pinged too soon. Was trying to figure out if there was a way to access a specific join on the Query struct, but I've worked around it.
16:32 <snappy_> Hey everyone! Quick question, what's the purpose of the second line here? Wouldn't the first line return the equivalent? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d415358ef4f82879cd14d4572b2c4ac5
16:32 <micmus> vans163_ yes, and no - not that powerful
16:32 <micmus> sorentwo: yeah, there's only by-index access
16:33 <micmus> snappy_: so that you could access the role from the test context under key role
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16:35 <snappy_> micmus: gotcha. could you add the key to the first line so the second line isn't necessary?
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16:36 <micmus> snappy_: the first one pattern matches on the result of the function call, the second one creates a return value for the setup block
16:37 <snappy_> micmus: oh okay. now I get it.
16:38 <snappy_> micmus: I was originally going to ask why https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b6c3537007bb610c9a2885fe28abbd6d wouldn't work, but there's no key to pattern match against.
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16:59 <vans163_> micmus: gotcha
17:02 <vans163_> it seems alias only works for module names
17:02 <vans163_> so 2 lines probably import... , find = :keyfind
17:03 <vans163_> yea you cant do that
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19:43 <drewolson> benwilson512: thanks for the `caller:` tip last night.
19:43 <drewolson> i updated scrivener and scrivener_ecto to allow optionally specifying caller as well
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19:46 <nyaray> so, I've got an `iex -S mix run` session, how would I rebuild from inside iex?
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19:48 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14101 (master - 553c342 : Aleksei Magusev): The build passed.
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19:51 <beatpanic> nyaray: usually I do recompile()
19:53 <nyaray> yeah... of course it'd be something simple like that. thanks!
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21:19 <meh`> is there a chance `warning: this check/guard will always yield the same result` is wrong?
21:20 <meh`> oh wait, it's right, that's the intention mmh
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21:46 <codestorm7> mix is running very slow for me today
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