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00:48 <alisdair> i should reread it now that i actually know how to use ecto
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01:36 <lixmon> yoyo
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01:56 <wsmoak> Wow, I didn't realize the forum wasn't public. :( Just got a "You need to log in to see that topic."
01:58 <wsmoak> no... I've logged out... and I can still see things...
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02:01 <wsmoak> but this "Visit Topic" link from my email archives requires a login: https://elixirforum.com/t/what-do-you-think-is-missing-or-needs-improving-in-elixir/2369/13
02:03 <Radar> wsmoak: I see the same problem. You're not crazy.
02:06 <wsmoak> is it _all_ of the email links? or only some of the categories? I'd say I would investigate further and report it but realistically I am not going to have time so if it annoys anyone else feel free to pursue it and thanks!
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03:46 <wwwd> I'm trying to run a singl test which runs from line # 26 to # 29. I know the next test is broken. When I run it with "mix test test/controllers/post_controller_test.exs:26" I get a an error "** (CompileError) test/controllers/post_controller_test.exs:32: undefined function post_path/2". Line # 32 is in the next test in the file. Am I doing something wroing, or is it expected that it will run all tests from test.exs:[line #] on?
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06:12 <nyaray> What would be a good place to put a big literal used in testing?
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06:21 <OliverMT> somewhere in test folder
06:21 <OliverMT> so it doesnt go into releases :)
06:24 <nyaray> yeah, but a helper just used for providing data or a private function?
06:25 <OliverMT> there is no more correct way than the other
06:26 <OliverMT> is this integration test data, so to say?
06:26 <OliverMT> I always advocate writing fixture data to a database and use it from there when testing :)
06:26 <OliverMT> unless this is a test BLOB for some parsing you are doing or similar
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06:28 <nyaray> yes, it's integration test data, but it's sent to me by a service and I'm going to assume that the json is well-formed, thus allowing myself to skip parsing it.
06:28 <nyaray> doesn't make sense to store this in a database
06:28 <nyaray> thanks for the sound boarding!
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07:51 <cmk_zzz> elixirforums without javascript is ugly as but it is so much quicker it is not even funny.
07:53 <cmk_zzz> imagined how fast it would be without the inlined javascript
07:54 <cmk_zzz> too bad about the mailing list. That was even faster :/
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08:07 <micmus> cmk_zzz: I'm using elixir form primarily as a mailing list - i.e. I read all messages as email, only for writing go to theweb UI
08:07 <micmus> works quite well for me
08:09 <cmk_zzz> micmus: So if you create an account you can get all posts mailed to you?
08:09 <micmus> yup
08:10 <cmk_zzz> Sounds good. To some degree I'm not sure javascript heavy sites actually add any benefits. At least not as a consumer of content
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08:24 <cmk_zzz> /win2
08:24 <cmk_zzz> fail
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08:29 <OliverMT> discourse is pretty shitty for being so popular
08:29 <OliverMT> I wonder if Firestorm will be any success at all
08:29 <OliverMT> it looks slightly stalled
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08:42 <Nicd-> what forum is not pretty shitty? :P discourse is one of the better that I have tried
08:42 <Nicd-> I still run an SMF 2.1 beta forum… now that's a pain
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09:32 <OliverMT> I run an SMF one too lol
09:32 <OliverMT> its private, does discourse cover that-
09:32 <OliverMT> _
09:32 <OliverMT> ?
09:35 <Nicd-> never administrated discourse but I would assume?
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09:35 <Nicd-> kind of a basic feature
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10:08 <celyr> Idk where all this hate about SMF come from but it used to be pretty straightforward
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10:21 <renl> hi for phoenix 1.3 generators it doesnt create the belongs_to schema when we do referencing anymore?
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11:53 <nyaray> I thought the forum-ness attribute was inversely proportional to the shitiness of a site
11:53 <nyaray> s/attribute/property
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14:15 <vans163_> when I have 2 modules in the same file. if the top module imports the bottom module. theres an error. Is there a way to tell the top module the other module is there, its just below it in the file?
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14:19 <ciawal> put them the other way around? :P
14:22 <CvRoques1> If I understand correctly (I have not yet read the source), the compiler just starts compiling all files in parallel and when it blocks on a dependency, it waits until the dependency is available/has been compiled. When this runs into a deadlock (cyclic dependency or your case) it bombs out and you have to fix it. So the simplest way is to split the source file into two.
14:22 <vans163_> gotcha
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14:38 <InternetFriend> c
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15:29 <__vy> there we go.. cancelled my netflix subscription for an irccloud subscription
15:32 <adam12> I hate watching IRC. Never anything good on.
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15:35 <__vy> the resolution is great though
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16:36 <rozap> argh
16:36 <rozap> so i have two stages in gen-stage
16:37 <rozap> and the producer is emitting a list of lists of binaries
16:37 <rozap> and when i measure binary usage in the producer, like this
16:38 <rozap> (memory usage) https://gist.github.com/rozap/a1e170f1058d7e528d0b95b3570c8dee
16:38 <rozap> it says 25mb
16:38 <rozap> and then in the next stage, before anything has happened at all, in the handle_events function, i print the binary usage, and it's 8gb
16:38 <rozap> O_O
16:39 <rozap> anyone have any ideas?
16:39 <rozap> i feel like i'm losing my mind
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16:40 <rozap> (and indeed, observer is saying the app is asking for like 20gb) (and it keeps OOMing in prod)
16:40 <rozap> well not prod, we haven't shipped it yet, but there's something crazy going on..
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16:43 <micmus> rozap: what's the size of the data you're sending?
16:44 <rozap> i'm benchmarking with a test dataset which is filling with many small binaries, like "value 0" "value 1" etc
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16:45 <rozap> the producer is chunking the input stream (from a network socket) into rows and columns and sending them downstream to a consumer
16:45 <micmus> I'm mostly asking about the real size of the data, so it's possible to check what overhead there is
16:46 <rozap> the physical size of the *whole* input file is only 153mb
16:46 <rozap> but the first chunk of roughly 25mbv expands to 8gb, somehow
16:46 <rozap> when it gets passed in between genstages
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16:59 <asonge> rozap: each message copies each binary <64B
17:00 <rozap> but genstage is batching the rows into a single message, so i'd only expect like 2x usage
17:01 <rozap> i did find a bug in that gist i sent - still fiddling with it to get a more accurate reading
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17:27 <jparise> anyone have an idea when Elixir 1.4.2 packages will be available on erlang-solutions.com?
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18:17 <josevalim> jparise: please ping them :) on twitter is usually enough
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18:44 <jesuis> maybe someone can help me out with (I think) phoenix_live_reload
18:45 <jesuis> is I reload a page it's pretty fast, but when I change a file, phoenix_live_reload kicks in and it takes around 10secs to load a page in Chrome :(
18:45 <jesuis> also in FF btw
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18:49 <tuacker> jesuis: what file did you change? and what is the output you get in your iex (the 'compiling files' one)
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18:52 <jesuis> just a /show.html.eex for example
18:52 <jesuis> Compiling 56 files (.ex)
18:52 <jesuis> ha, there is it :)
18:53 <jesuis> it's compiling 56 files when I touch one eex
18:53 <micmus> that shouldn't be happening normally
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18:54 <micmus> do you import the view that uses this template into some other modules?
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18:55 <jesuis> nope, pretty standard
18:57 <tuacker> so I had this same problem a few days ago, the way I solved is was do `mix xref graph --format dot` in your project, then open the resulting xref_graph.dot file in a text editor and check where your view (ex user_view.ex) is on the right side of an "->"
18:57 <asonge> you're saving or touching a file that's causing a lot of other things to compile
18:57 <asonge> ^^^ that.
18:57 <tuacker> meaning "this" -> (depends on) user_view
18:57 <tuacker> found my issue real quick with that
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18:59 <jesuis> I think I found it, you pointed me in the right direction
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18:59 <maxxe> test
18:59 <HendrikPeter> pong back ;)
19:00 <jesuis> Compiling 1 file (.ex)
19:00 <jesuis> ha, I was using a module for rendering a page title which was importing shizzel
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19:02 <jesuis> bam! from 10 sec's down to 600ms (still a bit slow), but know where to look now()
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19:02 <jesuis> thanks guys
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19:03 <HendrikPeter> sounds nice, whatcha building?
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19:09 <asonge> jesuis: referencing modules doesn't usually do that much on their own, but if you start `use`-ing stuff in those modules, that can bring in a few compile dependencies that can slow down compilation
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19:23 <OliverMT> ericmj: does postgrex re-use prepared statements (query cache) ?
19:24 <ericmj> there isn't really a query cache in the driver
19:24 <ericmj> the database handles that if you prepare queries
19:25 <OliverMT> ah ok, so the answer is yes, but not like I ask
19:25 <OliverMT> :p
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19:26 <ericmj> yes :)
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19:45 <bspatafora> I'm trying to migrate up to a new Ecto migration. The new migration gets picked up when I run `MIX_ENV=[env] mix ecto.migrate` when MIX_ENV is "dev" or "test", but is totally ignored when the env is "prod". All the other migrations run except the new one in prod. Any ideas?
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19:50 <barttenbrinke> Did you commit it?
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19:50 <barttenbrinke> Is there a way to convert the string part of this query to something that ecto understands :)?
19:51 <barttenbrinke> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/tUw3xh9e/
19:51 <bspatafora> barttenbrinke: Yes
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19:52 <micmus> bspatafora: is there a chance the migration was already applied on prod? (migrations are identified by the number in the begging of the file name)
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19:53 <bspatafora> micmus: Nope. New app, so I was able to drop the prod database and try again fresh. Migrates everything but the last one. Very strange.
19:54 <micmus> barttenbrinke: from r in Shield.Role, join: p in assoc(r, :permissions), where: not p.id in r.deactivated_parent_permissions, preload: :permissions
19:54 <micmus> you can translate to the pipeline syntax, if you want, but I prefer this one :P
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19:58 <barttenbrinke> @micmus Super! I want to pipe all the things :)
20:01 <barttenbrinke> micmus: I know out of 10 Elixir developers, 9 prefer the piped version. So maybe the documentation needs to change on that part.
20:02 <micmus> it seems they haven't been doing much joins :P
20:02 <micmus> with a lot of joins, the piped syntax becomes really hard to read
20:02 <micmus> (IMO)
20:02 <barttenbrinke> I guess they dislike Macros :)
20:02 <micmus> both are macros ;)
20:03 <barttenbrinke> Yes but the piped version looks like real code :)
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20:03 <barttenbrinke> Hmm, doe Ecto have a .to_query?
20:03 <barttenbrinke> does
20:04 <micmus> Ecto.Adapters.SQL.to_query
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20:04 <micmus> uhg, to_sql
20:05 <micmus> barttenbrinke: were you asking about how to turn into sql? Or maybe something else?
20:05 <barttenbrinke> Thanks :) The query generaeted does not play well with the database :)
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20:08 <dpehrson> Is there a way to make confirm's distillery release plugin use the distillery --env rather than MIX_ENV to figure out which `app.[env].conf` file to use?
20:08 <dpehrson> As far as I can tell doing `MIX_ENV=prod mix release --env=staging` will result in it using `app.prod.conf` still.
20:09 <dpehrson> (I don't have a staging MIX_ENV, it's simply a release environment with a few different config settings related to hostnames, etc.)
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20:09 <bspatafora> micmus: Do you know by chance if there is any special logic around migrating when MIX_ENV is prod? Or where I might look to find such logic?
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20:10 <micmus> bspatafora: no, it should all be the same. If you generate a new migration, does it behave that way as well?
20:10 <tuacker> bspatafora: is your migration file actually present on wherever you run the prod migration?
20:11 <bspatafora> micmus: Yes, I've tried recreating it with a different name. Or do you mean creating a new, new migration on top of the new one, to see what happens?
20:12 <bspatafora> tuacker: It is
20:12 <micmus> bspatafora: check the output of mix ecto.migrations
20:12 <micmus> this should list what ecto thinks is the status of each migration
20:12 <barttenbrinke> micmus: The Rails version of this is unreadable and the Ecto version does not work.. time to quit and refactor tomorrow :)
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20:13 <micmus> barttenbrinke: anything more than "does not work"? :P
20:13 <bspatafora> micmus: List is as it should be in dev and test. But in prod, it does not even list the new migration, only the existing ones.
20:16 <barttenbrinke> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/SKe5KLD1/
20:16 <barttenbrinke> micmus ^^
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20:17 <bspatafora> micmus: Probably a dumb question, but any chance the length of the migration name would matter? Oddly enough, I remember this being a problem in a different system in the past, but I think it was ActiveRecord
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20:17 <barttenbrinke> The NOT IN is different, and so it the roles aliassing in the last part.. which is weird
20:17 <micmus> barttenbrinke: I'd assume the WHERE (false) part is problematic - it's going to reject all rows :P
20:18 <tuacker> bspatafora: this shouldn't be it because that would make it fail in dev/test too..but what is the file ext of the migration? (should be .exs)
20:18 <bspatafora> tuacker: Is .exs
20:18 <bspatafora> Generated with echo
20:18 <bspatafora> echo*
20:18 <barttenbrinke> micmus: That is ont thing, but MySQL does not like the NOT id = ANY part
20:19 <barttenbrinke> micmus: I am not 100% that is actually valid mysql.. I expected it to be a NOT IN.
20:19 <barttenbrinke> micmus: And I don't understand where the WHERE FALSE is coming from
20:20 <micmus> barttenbrinke: x in ^[] will generate false
20:20 <micmus> (the empty list is important)
20:20 <barttenbrinke> Ah :)
20:20 <barttenbrinke> Well that is one part :)
20:20 <tuacker> bspatafora: final idea I have: did you push to prod with a release, are you sure prod is actually running the new code and not mistakenly a previous version of it?
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20:24 <barttenbrinke> micmus: Yeah, the not in is translated incorrectly.
20:24 <barttenbrinke> ((p1.`id` NOT IN (r0.`deactivated_parent_permissions`))) vs (NOT (p1.`id` = ANY(r0.`deactivated_parent_permissions`)));
20:25 <barttenbrinke> Mysql throws a syntax error on that
20:27 <barttenbrinke> Let see if I can pass raw sql to Ecto.Query
20:27 <bspatafora> tuacker: You brilliant motherlover. That was it. I'm doing all this on prod, and I thought that running the ecto commands manually would use the files I'd changed. But it was using the files in my last release, I guess, and building a new one did it. I actually don't understand why this is, but problem solved and lesson learned. Thanks!!
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20:30 <micmus> And I have such a beautiful command for you :P
20:30 <micmus> diff <(mix ecto.migrations | sed -n -e '/---*/,/^$/p' | sed -e '1 d' -e '$ d' | awk '{ print $2"_"$3".exs" }' | sort) <(ls priv/repo/migrations)
20:32 <micmus> barttenbrinke: we should never generate invalid SQL, so this looks like a bug
20:32 <barttenbrinke> micmus: Yes I think it is a bug
20:32 <barttenbrinke> micmus: Though I have to admit the rails version is also super dodgy :)
20:33 <barttenbrinke> micmus: I've used fragment as a workaround for now.
20:34 <barttenbrinke> micmus: I'll try to file a bug on Ecto Tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
20:35 <bspatafora> micmus: Thanks for your help!
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22:01 <bontaq> hiya, I'm wondering if I'm doing something dumb: I'm curling an endpoint w/ posting some json, and when a field has a ":" in it, poison errors out decoding it? like { "html_url": "http://" } will throw malformed request, but { "html_url": "stuff!" } is fine
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22:24 <bontaq> figured it out, just me being doofy and not encoding properly in the curl
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22:45 <mloy> Hi, has anybody here tried writing Erlang/Elixir NIFs in Haskell (compiled to C)?
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23:29 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14111 (master - a0b6612 : Aleksei Magusev): The build passed.
23:29 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/ddd92110a5eb...a0b6612c71d6
23:29 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/216561204
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