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00:33 <vicsy> hi
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00:58 <cmk_zzz> Can I have a different name of the primary_key in ecto and still have autogenerate? I've managed to have a different name but must manually insert the id. my schema has @primary_key{:myid, :id, [autogenerate: true]}
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01:05 <cmk_zzz> I guess I need to fix the migration to insert a sequence and then autoincrement it somehow
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01:18 <cmk_zzz> found it. I had to use type of :serial instead of :id in the migration
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01:39 <wwwd> smeevil: I have a question re: our conversation the other night. Do you have time.
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04:09 <Dakora> chrismccord: so now that we have contexts, the default generators are playing it basic with tables, such as my context of Users having users, which turns into users_users for the table name. how extensive would the changes be to de-duplicate this?
04:09 <chrismccord> Dakora a Users context likely doesn't make sense
04:10 <chrismccord> Users.User is certainly not what you want. I think we actually raise in this case on the latest rc
04:10 <chrismccord> think carefully about that boundary in your system, there is definitely a better name there and scope for that part of your app
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04:10 <Dakora> the way my structure is laid out i actually have a quite a bit under my users' cotnext
04:10 <chrismccord> what is there?
04:11 <chrismccord> I would probably name it `Accounts`
04:11 <Dakora> okay that does sound a bit better for some things
04:12 <Dakora> my system separate emails from physical "accounts" as it were, since they can have multiple addresses per account, and verification is generally done before an account is created
04:12 <Dakora> how should i go about naming the general "account" entry for the account? i.e. what stores their password, name etc?
04:13 <Dakora> Accounts>Details are something?
04:13 <Dakora> or*
04:16 <Dakora> i can't really think of a good root level model name for Accounts come to think of it. Details, Information(s), Logins, just don't seem to *flow* as well as Account
04:16 <Dakora> but that leads me back to Accounts_accounts again
04:17 <Dakora> unfortunately the articles i'm basing off of here about the new update has contexts along the line of Users
04:17 <fishcakez> gazler: i think it makes sense for someone wanting to use cowboy 2 to make a cowboy2 hex package if maintainers of cowboy package won't push prerelease
04:18 <fishcakez> Cowboy 2 is likely to be in pretty release for quite a while and you offer nothing to back up your recommendation
04:20 <fishcakez> It's likely that someone starting to use cowboy in Erlang is going to pick up 2 and ppl will want to try http2
04:20 <Dakora> chrismccord: is there a general name scheme for the root level model in use among the phoenix community?
04:20 <Dakora> i can't seem to find any of the articles discussing 1.3 now
04:20 <chrismccord> Dakora : Account.Identity ?
04:21 <Dakora> hmm
04:22 <Dakora> it seems to be the best fit currently :P thanks chrismccord
04:22 <chrismccord> for idenity based auth, I use that naming
04:22 <chrismccord> it gives you things like multiple identities pointing to the same user, ie authetnicating via email+pass, twitter, fb, random oauth
04:22 <Dakora> chrismccord: would it be taboo to not have the context pluralized? Accounts doesn't flow well with some of the names
04:23 <fishcakez> gazler: i think it is unfortunate not to push the cowboy pretty releases because elixir/erlang is far behind on http2 and not publishing reduces barrier to entry. It doesn't matter for plug because of semver.
04:23 <Dakora> but Account does flow with all of them
04:23 <chrismccord> Dakora : not at all, name it however you like
04:23 <fishcakez> s/pretty/pre
04:23 <chrismccord> Dakora : context is literally just a well-named module so name it the best for your application
04:23 <chrismccord> not conventions to follow there other than "name it well" :D
04:23 <chrismccord> no*
04:24 <Dakora> sounds good to me :D
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04:30 <fishcakez> gazler: (note i have vested interested in publishing package using cowboy 2 pre release​ as dep so would likely publish cowboy2 next week)
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04:33 <Dakora> chrismccord: what about context boundaries for various "tokens" that apps use, like email verification, api login, password resets? i'm generally thinking of these all as "tokens" right now, but it seems kludgy both ways of implementing it (Account>Token or Tokens>Identity)
04:35 <Dakora> having a general Tokens context seems the least kludgy right now, and saves me from having to separate account identities and emails into their own contexts (as well as not needing a kludge for api tokens)
04:35 <chrismccord> Dakora : It's tough to say without a full picture of your app, but something like `Account.reset_password(token, new_pass: ..., new_pass_conf: ...)`
04:36 <chrismccord> Same thing as Account.authenticate(...)
04:36 <Dakora> so instead of having separate tables for tokens, just have a field on the applicable resource?
04:36 <chrismccord> I don't see a need for a sep boundary
04:36 <Dakora> well except for api tokens
04:36 <chrismccord> Dakora : you can have a separate token table
04:36 <Dakora> that's kind of a special case
04:37 <chrismccord> API tokens still are backed by some account, no?
04:37 <Dakora> i originally designed around a unified token table but that ruled out being able to use inter-table references
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04:37 <chrismccord> that's fine, the table is an impl detail
04:37 <Dakora> along the lines of resource id, token type, etc
04:38 <chrismccord> but the api boundaries that access that table should be well defined
04:38 <Dakora> ok i think i've got something here: a seperate tokens thinger in the account context for api tokens, and a field for identities and emails
04:39 <chrismccord> If you feel there is a Tokens boundary, that's fine too, and there's nothing wrong with the Account boundary calling into it
04:39 <Dakora> that would properly couple tokens with their resources without having to unncessarily cross boundaries for related things
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06:39 <nyaray> is there something like erlang's io_lib.format/2 in elixir? I can't find it and would like to have a term printed in a ... eh... recursively readable way. currently, IO.inspect only gives like one or two levels of readability before squashing things together
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08:27 <tonini> Morning :) Alchemist v1.8.2 is OUT! Small Bugfix and Enhancement Version. https://github.com/tonini/alchemist.el/releases/tag/v1.8.2
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08:49 <OliverMT> I am having a GenSever.abcast stall
08:49 <OliverMT> I am calling a genserver in a handle_in
08:49 <OliverMT> and the request times out
08:50 <OliverMT> there is nothing else but the genserver call (which succeeds)
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09:29 <HansTrashy> Hi, can someone help me with cloning a nested structure in ecto?
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09:31 <HansTrashy> When i delete the id in the root element, it gets cloned, but all children are then associated to the new cloned root element and all associations from the old element are gone
09:32 <HansTrashy> Do i need to delete all ids in the nested structure, or is there a better way to achieve this?
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09:45 <asonge> HansTrashy: sooo, you might be confused about what ecto actually is. are you setting the value of the struct of the id to nil?
09:46 <HansTrashy> asonge: i only found this stackoverflow post http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38117448/clone-an-ecto-record-with-embeds-and-associated-records
09:46 <HansTrashy> and tried it that way, that somewhat works, but not for the nested elements
09:47 <HansTrashy> and it doesnt feel right\
09:47 <asonge> HansTrashy: oh, you need to go through and remove all the ids of the associated stuff...
09:47 <asonge> and you're right. it doesn't feel right because it's kinda a semantic violation.
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09:48 <HansTrashy> asonge: yea, i thought there would be a way to achieve this with changesets
09:48 <asonge> i bet what happened was that ecto changed under the hood to use replace into, rather than clearing id's on associated data itself.
09:49 <asonge> (associated data inserts are one of the hackier aspects, imho)
09:49 <asonge> if i knew right off-hand where this logic was, i'd look it up to confirm...
09:49 <* asonge> tries quickly
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10:11 <HansTrashy> asonge: it obiously does not work the way i expected it to https://pastebin.com/ebtiCKnF
10:12 <HansTrashy> still adds the nested elements to the new cloned one
10:13 <asonge> i wonder if there's some internal piece of data in the struct that keeps its relation in order to support ids. you may just want to copy all the relevant fields from each of the preloaded structs.
10:13 <asonge> in order to support changin ids*
10:13 <asonge> *changing
10:14 <asonge> ecto is a really large library, so it's one of the few libraries that you need to be really familiar with in order to poke into :/
10:15 <asonge> an ecto expert will probably be around shortly
10:15 <HansTrashy> asonge: https://pastebin.com/sQkXnyv2
10:15 <HansTrashy> there, thats the struct after if modified it
10:16 <HansTrashy> im just questioning myself if no one else has run into this problem when cloning with ecto
10:17 <HansTrashy> or if there is an obvious way to do it and i just dont see it :)
10:17 <HansTrashy> but thanks for your help anyways
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10:24 <gazler> sasajuric: I'm glad that https://github.com/Aircloak/phoenix_gen_socket_client is adapter based.
10:24 <asonge> HansTrashy: if you're doing a lot of cloning, it is worth questioning whether you should be using an embed instead
10:24 <sasajuric> gazler: Happy to hear :-) Do you have some other ws client you use?
10:24 <gazler> I'll probably make an h2 adapter from https://github.com/VoiceLayer/phoenix_http2_client
10:24 <asonge> (particularly if you can normalize stuff in code, because you can add indexes in postgres on top of json fields...)
10:25 <sasajuric> gazler: Ah, that sounds cool! Let me know if you're missing something in our code.
10:27 <HansTrashy> asonge: nah, its just this one structure i want to copy, maybe i will just end up creating changesets for each nested element and use ecto multi to clone the whole thing in one step
10:29 <gazler> sasajuric: Shame I didn't see your library 16 days ago, though!
10:29 <sasajuric> gazler: haha, did you write your own?
10:30 <gazler> sasajuric: Nah, I just hacked something together quickly on top of chatterbox to test the server implementation.
10:30 <m1dnight_> Is Blake Williams here by any chance? The developer of the slack package.
10:31 <sasajuric> gazler: Are you working on HTTP2 support for phoenix?
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10:32 <gazler> sasajuric: I've made a start https://github.com/VoiceLayer/phoenix_cowboy2/commit/604f6e853716d6227b6945898442998349d6d981
10:32 <gazler> Bidirectional streams won't work in the browser though. :(
10:36 <sasajuric> gazler: Looks cool! You might keep out on changes to the transport abstraction, that has been pending for more than a year. José mentioned he might continue the work on that.
10:37 <sasajuric> https://github.com/sasa1977/phoenix/pull/1
10:37 <gazler> sasajuric: Great! Constant changes from both Phoenix and Cowboy! :)
10:38 <sasajuric> hehe
10:38 <gazler> Oh yeah, I remember this PR.
10:38 <sasajuric> Jose mentioned he'll do that work after 1.3, so you should be fine for a while
10:38 <gazler> It's not even worth considering until Cowboy 2 is out anyway.
10:39 <gazler> https://github.com/elixir-lang/plug/issues/258#issuecomment-274052599 - There's a few things to do for that
10:43 <m1dnight_> Im using an elixir library and i think it has a bug. I would like to fix it but I would like some help to get me started. Is that okay to ask for in an issue?
10:43 <gazler> m1dnight_: Depends on the library.
10:44 <m1dnight_> It's the slack api library. It breaks down every N weeks.
10:44 <m1dnight_> Because I _guess_ it doesn't understand some message coming from slack
10:44 <gazler> If it is an actual bug then you should raise an issue.
10:46 <gazler> Usually the author will specify in the README.md/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md if they want something different (which Elixir, Ecto and Phoenix all do).
10:47 <m1dnight_> hrm its not specified
10:47 <m1dnight_> I'll give it a shot to see if I can discover more information. The tough thing is that it only happens after a few days/weeks
10:47 <gazler> Raising an issue is a good idea so that if anyone else encounters it, then they know they aren't alone.
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10:49 <OliverMT> I am getting timeout event triggered on a message on phoenix
10:49 <OliverMT> even if my network tab webrtc frame overview shows a non timeout message
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10:54 <m1dnight_> the generic error is "State machine #<pid> has terminated" but I have no idea how I can find out which module that state machine is.
10:55 <m1dnight_> https://github.com/BlakeWilliams/Elixir-Slack/issues/120 <- this is the error im talking about currently, btw
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11:27 <OliverMT> m1dnight_: sasl logger
11:27 <OliverMT> it will show you when processes go down and up and often why
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12:17 <HansTrashy> asonge: hey, if you are interested how i solved the whole thing: https://pastebin.com/mmJJkzPK doesnt feel really great, but at least it works
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12:37 <benwilson512> why are you cloning stuff?
12:37 <benwilson512> or is `clone` a noun?
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12:39 <HansTrashy> the protocols are used for weekly meetings
12:39 <HansTrashy> and each week the protocol should only be modified
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12:43 <benwilson512> right I see I guess I'm trying to figure out what the `clone_topics` is doing
12:44 <benwilson512> how does it differ from just `protocol.topics` ?
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12:54 <HansTrashy> benwilson512: its missing the relation stuff thats in protocol.topics
12:55 <benwilson512> I see, so you're doing that to get rid of a key?
13:00 <ciawal> what's the secret to bailing out of an iex instruction when you've messed up the syntax
13:00 <ciawal> without quitting iex
13:01 <micmus> I think #iex:break
13:01 <micmus> but I always forget
13:01 <benwilson512> micmus: likewise.
13:02 <ciawal> seems like it should be one of the ^C options
13:02 <micmus> I tend to go to the Ctrl-G menu and interrupting the shell
13:02 <benwilson512> IIRC that drops down to a low level erlang thing
13:02 <benwilson512> ah yeah ctrl g is super useful
13:02 <micmus> Ctrl-G; i; c; will interrupt the shell and reconnect to it
13:03 <micmus> ; is enter
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13:03 <ciawal> ah nice
13:03 <ciawal> I didn't know about Ctrl-g
13:04 <ciawal> there's no feedback when you use i which is odd
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13:04 <micmus> yeah, it shows when you reconnect, though
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14:15 <gazler> fishcakez: I just stumbled upon your message about cowboy 2, was it related to that github issue?
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14:18 <gazler> Specifically this for those playing along at home https://github.com/ninenines/cowboy/issues/1146
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14:54 <jschneck> fishcakez I just want to make it known that I am present and also question-less
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15:26 <fishcakez> gazler: yes but WiFi wouldn't load github to reply there.
15:30 <gazler> Classic WiFi.
15:31 <gazler> I hadn't really considered the dependency as an issue. Most people who require GitHub dependencies specify it in the readme.
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16:03 <fishcakez> gazler: i want hex dep so i can publish on hex, with cowboy2 as dep of dep
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16:04 <gazler> fishcakez: I understand that. I was just saying that often when that's not possible people specify the github path in the installation instructions.
16:05 <fishcakez> gazler: but versions are released
16:05 <fishcakez> And git dep won't work
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16:06 <fishcakez> For using the lib it will be dep of dep, so if you don't publish, i have no choice but to publish cowboy2
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16:06 <gazler> That's what I mean, most people in that case will specify to include the git dependency in the installation instructions.
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16:08 <gazler> So it'd say add `[{:fishcakez_stuff, "> 0.0.0}, {:cowboy, github: "ninenines/cowboy", tag: "2.0.0-pre.7"}]` to your mix.exs
16:08 <gazler> I'm not saying that's what you should do btw. Just that I have seen others do it.
16:10 <fishcakez> gazler: ok but that doesn't work for hex
16:10 <fishcakez> I don't understand why you won't publish prereleases
16:10 <gazler> fishcakez: I know. That's why it includes the dependency from github.
16:11 <fishcakez> The author of the lib recommends it for new projects
16:11 <fishcakez> Because of semver it will work perfectly
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16:14 <gazler> I don't mind pushing a pre-release if there's a need. Yesterday was the first time someone asked. Your use case is the first without a simple workaround.
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16:18 <gazler> fishcakez: It might not work though.
16:19 <gazler> https://github.com/ninenines/cowboy/blob/master/rebar.config#L2 it depends on cowlib master
16:19 <elixir12932> New to elixir, but I just came across one unexpected thing that makes me so happy: I don't have to require files as one does in ruby in order to use a function defined in another file. Holy shit this is wonderful.
16:19 <elixir12932> Is this simply a benefit of a compiled language?
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16:27 <fishcakez> gazler: ah ffs loic
16:27 <fishcakez> gazler: ok it seemed like you were saying you weren't going to
16:27 <benwilson512> elixir12932: welcome! sorta, `mix` is Elixir's build tool and it's handling a lot of that for you behind the scenes
16:28 <benwilson512> elixir12932: basically in a mix project it knows to just build and load everything inside the `lib` directory
16:28 <benwilson512> fishcakez: what's up?
16:28 <elixir12932> benwilson512: yeah, it's just so much more straightforward than say, ruby
16:29 <benwilson512> elixir12932: I agree, mix is a breeze to use
16:29 <benwilson512> you also never end up with the whole "version BLAH of some gem has been activated, but it says version FOO in gemfile"
16:29 <micmus> I'd say it's primarily thanks to separating the structure of code as source files, from structure of code at runtime
16:29 <micmus> at runtime you have modules - it doesn't matter in which file they are defined
16:30 <fishcakez> benwilson512: i wanted to publish a graphql only webserver that uses cowboy 2 stream handlers to manage phases and only do concurrency with batching
16:31 <benwilson512> fishcakez: oh cool, you going forward with that
16:31 <fishcakez> But it's very much work in progress as only had 4 hour on it so far
16:31 <fishcakez> Just to experiment, it should be much faster than using plug on cowboy2
16:32 <benwilson512> very cool
16:32 <benwilson512> do you know anything about the relative performance of cowboy2 vs elli?
16:33 <gazler> benwilson512: Surely the answer to that is it depends. That's always the answer.
16:33 <fishcakez> Well Elli will be much faster than plug on cowboy2 for http1 but once your plugs do enough work it shouldn't matter
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16:33 <benwilson512> yea fair
16:33 <fishcakez> Plug is way more overhead than elli
16:34 <benwilson512> so what does cowboy2 + graphql get you vs cowboy2 + plug + graphql
16:34 <benwilson512> just the removal of the plug overhead?
16:34 <fishcakez> Plug gives suboptimal concurrency
16:34 <benwilson512> ah interesting
16:34 <fishcakez> If you want to call it overhead yes
16:34 <fishcakez> On cowboy 2
16:35 <shankardevy> trying to follow this official guide on running migrations from a distillery release: https://hexdocs.pm/distillery/running-migrations.html#content
16:35 <micmus> From related things: I'm working on a generic type + validations lib hoping to define a low-level lib that could be later used by ecto, and maybe absinthe too - I don't like it that those libs do very similar things (when it comes to data conformance) in slightly different ways
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16:36 <shankardevy> my release doesn’t have the migration files in priv
16:36 <micmus> and that you have to repeat the definitons over & over again
16:37 <shankardevy> so even thought the migration task says it’s is already up, tables don’t get created. Should I follow additional steps in getting the migrations files into my release?
16:38 <shankardevy> bitwalker: could you pls throw some light if you are available?
16:40 <fishcakez> benwilson512, gazler: ofc cowboy2 is infinitely faster for http2
16:40 <fishcakez> But if you want max performance in cowboy 2 for http1 you need to use different API
16:41 <benwilson512> fishcakez: is that API compatible with how Absinthe works?
16:41 <fishcakez> benwilson512: i think i added one small feature to pipeline phase returns
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16:41 <benwilson512> awesome, I'm excited to see what this looks like
16:42 <fishcakez> But batching doesn't do concurrency yet
16:42 <fishcakez> Er
16:42 <fishcakez> Concurrent streams
16:43 <benwilson512> are you trying to return partial results?
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16:45 <fishcakez> benwilson512: it is more to get plugins controlling concurrency, not cowboy or plug
16:45 <benwilson512> ah interesting
16:45 <bitwalker> shankardevy: if the files are in priv, then they absolutely should be in the release, priv is copied entirely
16:45 <fishcakez> I haven't got that far yet tho
16:46 <fishcakez> And for http1 it won't pay overhead price of http2 that plug has to
16:48 <shankardevy> bitwalker: I see the migration files in my release directory, but not in the .tar.gz compressed file
16:49 <shankardevy> I thought .tar.gz is the only needed file that I can copy to the server
16:50 <bitwalker> it is, what version of distillery are you using? I can do some testing to try and reproduce
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16:51 <shankardevy> bitwalker: version "1.3.1"
16:52 <benwilson512> shankardevy: where are you looking inside the tar.gz?
16:53 <benwilson512> if you start your app in console and do `Path.join([:code.priv_dir(:my_app), "repo", "migrations"]) |> File.ls!` what do you get?
16:55 <shankardevy> bitwalker: sorry to bother. looks like I did something wrong.
16:55 <bitwalker> shankardevy: I checked out 1.3.1 and built a release of a test app with files in priv (including nested directories), and the release tarball contains everything in priv
16:55 <bitwalker> shankardevy: no worries :)
16:55 <shankardevy> I am able to see the priv files
16:55 <shankardevy> benwilson512: thanks for the help. the files are very much there!
16:56 <benwilson512> shankardevy: no worries!
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17:01 <shankardevy> bitwalker: I am able to reproduce the issue again. Maybe it’s not a bug but I wanted to share with you. When I use docker to generate my release, I don’t get the priv directory contents in my release
17:03 <shankardevy> my docker file is: https://gist.github.com/shankardevy/dabaab5cd8347d7875df81ed1f257c0a
17:04 <shankardevy> and I generate the release using the command
17:04 <shankardevy> docker run -v $PWD/releases:/app/releases build-elixir /bin/bash -c "export MIX_ENV=prod && mix release --env=prod"
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17:05 <shankardevy> my .dockerignore file had `priv` in it ;-)
17:06 <bitwalker> ah :) yeah I've done that before, I should've asked!
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17:09 <bitmod_> can someone explain the difference between a traditional ORM and Ecto?
17:15 <benwilson512> bitmod_: well to start with, Elixir does not have objects, so there's some major differences to start with there
17:15 <benwilson512> perhaps more usefully though
17:15 <benwilson512> Ecto functionality can be sort of broadly broken up into two categories: query interface, and changesets
17:16 <benwilson512> querying with Ecto is a lot more like using an SQL DSL than an ORM
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17:16 <benwilson512> the DSL gives you composability that can be difficult to achieve if just doing bare SQL strings
17:16 <asonge> benwilson512: hate to turn this into the spanish inquisition, but also migrations
17:17 <benwilson512> asonge: there's quite a few other categories yea
17:17 <benwilson512> it'd probably be best to say that I'm gonna focus on two categories :p
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17:17 <benwilson512> for the purposes of illustration
17:17 <asonge> yeah
17:18 <asonge> but, i agree with everything so far as well
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17:18 <benwilson512> bitmod_: in any case the querying pattern follows a common functional programming pattern where the DSL is ultimately just about building and transforming a pure data structure: an %Ecto.Query{} struct
17:18 <benwilson512> this query, like SQL itself, can touch multiple tables and return multiple kinds of data
17:19 <benwilson512> you pass that query to your Repo, which is the thing that actually runs it against the database and returns you results
17:19 <micmus> bitmod_: it's a hard question and a bit of a hot topic. But I would personally say that the biggest difference is that the aim of ORMs is to abstract the database, while the aim of Ecto is to make working with your database of choice easier, so it's much harder to use it without knowing your database well, but you can more easily use more advanced database
17:19 <micmus> features. I heard stories about whole apps being built and the decision which database to use was left for the very end (using hiber... cough... nate...) - this is something that sounds completely ridiculous with ecto.
17:20 <benwilson512> micmus: great points
17:20 <bitmod_> benwilson512, micmus: that makes things a little clearer, thanks
17:21 <bitmod_> also, what's the benefit of using Ecto vs native SQL?
17:21 <bitmod_> (better phoenix integratoin i'm assuming, but how exactly?)
17:21 <benwilson512> bitmod_: as I hinted at a bit, raw SQL strings don't compose well cause you just have to string concat
17:21 <benwilson512> and when you're doing a lot of string concat it's easy to accidentally do sql injection
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17:24 <micmus> yeah, using ecto query syntax makes it impossible to introduce sql injection vectors in the generated queries
17:25 <bitmod_> ah ok, understood
17:25 <asonge> there's also type coercion available, and a clean place for database data to convert to elixir-friendly datastructures
17:26 <asonge> (and that can also be extended)
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17:37 <alisdair> bitmod_: i was an ecto hater who is now all in with ecto
17:38 <alisdair> the benefit of using ecto for me is in changesets which present a uniform interface to data validation/input errors
17:38 <shankardevy> bitmod_: for me ORM includes business logic + database records. Ecto is pure management of data inside any storage
17:39 <bitmod_> yeah at the moment due to not understanding it too well i'm annoyed as it seems a lot more complicated than say Django's ORM, but once i understand how it works and perhaps more importantly WHY, i'm sure i'll come to appreciate it
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17:40 <benwilson512> bitmod_: from what I've heard it's a lot more like Django's ORM than say ActiveRecord
17:41 <benwilson512> but I'm not super familiar with Django so I could be wrong
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17:47 <Ioyrie> alisdair: what did you hate about ecto before then?
17:48 <alisdair> Ioyrie: i didn't like how much it abstracted the database
17:48 <alisdair> i wasn't comfortable with letting ecto pick my schema and handle my relations/references
17:48 <alisdair> but then i figured out how schemaless queries work and i learned to like it a lot more
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18:18 <asonge> just to chime in way late here, django's ORM is a lot more complicated if you ever had to deal with using meta classes to tweak things...
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19:27 <elixir-lang541> f
19:27 <elixir-lang541> iex
19:27 <elixir-lang541> iex -S mix
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19:53 <gamache> Does anyone else find Elixir 1.4 compile times to be noticeably longer than 1.2 or 1.3?
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20:04 <micmus> gamache: I experienced slow compiles because of a bad erlang install, but other than that not really
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20:23 <gamache> hm ok, thanks micmus
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20:32 <duane> is there a way to conditionally ignore a plug? i want to ignore a plug if a specific param is included for any action in a controller.
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21:00 <stephen_m> Anyone here know the inner workings of Code.eval_string?
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23:54 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14127 (master - 63cea4f : Michał Muskała): The build passed.
23:54 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/8f78ed51f822...63cea4f396cf
23:54 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/216983676
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