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00:14 <fschuindt> There's any built in function or trick to return the number without signal like -21 -> 21? I can't find it. Where should I look for it?
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00:24 <havenwood> fschuindt: -21 |> abs #=> 21
00:24 <havenwood> fschuindt: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Kernel.html#abs/1
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00:25 <fschuindt> thank you, havenwood
00:25 <havenwood> fschuindt: you're welcome
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03:17 <cevado> is someone using elixir_make? i dont know if i understood it correctly. is it to build anything with a makefile or to build elixir projects with makefile?
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03:36 <josevalim> cevado: it is to invoke a makefile when building a project with c exts
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03:48 <cevado> thanks josevalim. ^^
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04:37 <jamescarr> vim test.py
04:37 <jamescarr> oh
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04:56 <elixir1932> Hi everyone. I'm new to elixir and trying to write a function that does the following: given an integer, flip a coin. If heads, double the integer; if tails, halve it. Repeat for 1000 iterations. What's the best way to write this function?
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05:25 <Reshi> /msg isubasti Yes I am everwhere.
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05:47 <elixir1932> I just wrote this, but it doesn't work as expected: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/46cb826759b01150f449b90cf9beaf62
05:47 <elixir1932> It only seems to work for one iteration, not 500 as it's supposed to. Any help?
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05:57 <elixir1932> Anyone still up?
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12:17 <ivan> TIL raise macro
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13:39 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14136 (master - b311a62 : José Valim): The build passed.
13:39 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/76269ef53526...b311a62d84a3
13:39 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/217520983
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13:48 <the_voice_> \o
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15:04 <DeadTrickster> chrismccord, hi, how to implement dynamic path prefixes (that thing that configured via :path usually I suppose) e.g. via environment variable?
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15:51 <MrFrog> hey i'm working in phoenix and wrote a controller test to cover when someone's password is invalid and they're updating. for some reason when running tests though i get some "warn" level log entry including `message="The password is too short. At least 8 characters."` in it - what's the right way to clean up my test output when something like that is on purpose?
15:52 <MrFrog> the test is passing and correct - it's just annoying to end up with a bunch of warn messages in the middle of my output for tests like the one i'm describing
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15:54 <stephen_m> MrFrog - you can change the level for the log in test... for either compilation time or runtime.
15:54 <MrFrog> stephen_m: makes sense, i'm wondering what the "normal" setting is for a project - do people just keep the warns in there? (i didn't set the project up so i'm not sure how close to "normal" it is)
15:54 <stephen_m> I set it to error
15:55 <stephen_m> but i noticed the default from a generator seems to be :warn.
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15:55 <stephen_m> that doesn't make sense for me though.
15:56 <MrFrog> ok cool that works for me, i'll do that for now, just seemed like a weird default i guess
15:56 <MrFrog> thanks!
15:56 <stephen_m> you can actually change it for one specific test at runtime if you wanted ...
15:57 <stephen_m> I can't remember which function but i think it is https://hexdocs.pm/logger/Logger.html#configure/1
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15:58 <stephen_m> yes, it is ... https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/master/lib/logger/lib/logger.ex#L104
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16:00 <MrFrog> oh cool enough
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16:03 <ejpcmac> Hi, I’m trying to set the default locale for my Phoenix application (like set_locale in PHP) so that Timex.format and Gettext string would be in french, but I don’t find how to do that.
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16:06 <stephen_m> for default locale with gettext -- read here https://github.com/elixir-lang/gettext/blob/v0.13.1/lib/gettext.ex#L98
16:06 <stephen_m> in terms of time and default locale... I'm not sure. not familiar with Timex either. could you not just use UTC on your server?
16:07 <ejpcmac> Thank you for g
16:07 <stephen_m> *meant default timezone*
16:07 <ejpcmac> Gettext*
16:07 <stephen_m> UTC
16:08 <ejpcmac> For Timex, it’s for the string in a human-readable format I talk about
16:09 <ejpcmac> Not the timezone, it’s already in UTC and I have no problems to convert it in the local timezone.
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16:11 <stephen_m> I did implement something of that nature - as a private module inside my application -- if you just mean something like "Thursday, 25th Aug, 5pm" ?
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16:12 <ejpcmac> Yes
16:12 <stephen_m> I'd have thought there would be package for that by now.. It's not hard to write a module for it.
16:13 <elixir1928> Hi everyone. I'm wondering why the following code doesn't work as expected: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/86c848d0032ac046f1778121bf1d7d16 The code should do the following: take an integer, flip a coin and depending on either heads or tails, double the number or halve it. Then repeat 500 iterations.
16:13 <ejpcmac> It’s possible to set the locale with Timex.lformat!, but I think there should be a cleaner way
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16:13 <elixir1928> Right now the code only seems to do one iteration.
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16:15 <elixir1928> Is `Enum.reduce` the right way to do this type of iteration with an accumulator?
16:21 <benwilson512> elixir1928: well, you're reducing over a list of a range
16:21 <stephen_m> elixir1928: what do you want to do with the result of each iteration?
16:21 <benwilson512> which is a bit odd
16:21 <benwilson512> cause it'll run just once
16:21 <benwilson512> not 500 times
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16:22 <elixir1928> stephen_m: I would like to feed the result of each iteration into the helper function that I've defined.
16:23 <stephen_m> you mean sum each iteration?
16:24 <stephen_m> or just use the result from the previous one as the input for the next one ?
16:24 <elixir1928> stephen_m: nope, I'm actually not using anything from the list at all. I'm just using it to iterate 500 times.
16:24 <elixir1928> stephen_m: yup, the latter.
16:24 <elixir1928> Is there a better way to do it?
16:25 <stephen_m> depends on what you want to do... if the next iteration depends on the previous one, then i suppose you need a recursive function and Enum.reduce works there.
16:25 <elixir1928> stephen_m: That's exactly what I'm going for.
16:26 <elixir1928> But I just don't understand why the function is not working as expected.
16:26 <stephen_m> but in your case, you take a random number each time
16:26 <stephen_m> acc is ignored
16:26 <stephen_m> so the accumulator is doing nothing
16:27 <asonge> elixir1928: [1..500] is a list with a range of 1..500 in it, so it only runs once?
16:27 <asonge> if you wanted to run it 500 times, you'd just pass the range in straight (ranges implement the protocol so you can use them with Enum functions)
16:27 <stephen_m> *actually, no, it seems you are using the accumulator to divide by 2.
16:27 <stephen_m> or multiyl
16:28 <stephen_m> Enum.into(1..500, []) = list
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16:29 <elixir1928> asonge: Ah, that's it!
16:29 <elixir1928> Thanks!
16:30 <asonge> i'd like to point out that benwilson512 told you that, you just misunderstood :)
16:30 <asonge> elixir1928: also, that's not 100% the fastest way, but it's certainly idiomatic(-ish)
16:30 <asonge> unless things are really slow, idioms are better *shrug*
16:30 <elixir1928> benwilson512: Thanks! I totally misunderstood what you said until now.
16:31 <elixir1928> asonge: What would be the faster way to do it?
16:31 <stephen_m> i got cut off there. what was your solution?
16:31 <elixir1928> stephen_m: remove the brackets around `[1..500]`
16:31 <asonge> recursive function would be faster, technically. though i don't actually know which one right off the bat (there's a weird thing where tail-call recursive and body recursive functions can be very similarly fast)
16:31 <stephen_m> oh yea,
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16:32 <elixir1928> asonge: oh interesting. why would the recursive function be faster?
16:32 <stephen_m> 1..500 |> Enum.into([]) gives the list.
16:32 <asonge> it's basically how Enum.reduce is implemented in the end.
16:33 <elixir1928> stephen_m: yup, though asonge pointed out that ranges implement the Enum protocol so you can use them straight.
16:34 <asonge> the abstraction isn't free, it just doesn't matter most of the time. plus, writing recursive functions is often not as easily compositional (the logic for recursing is mixed with the logic for transformation, making switching abstractions harder)
16:34 <stephen_m> yea, true
16:34 <elixir1928> asonge: ah, gotcha
16:34 <elixir1928> I've actually got to run, but thanks again for the help. :)
16:34 <asonge> an Enum.reduce function can go into Stream.reduce and Flow.reduce...or anything else.
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16:34 <ejpcmac> stephen_m: Putting `config :timex, default_locale: "fr"` in config.exs works well
16:35 <stephen_m> is it not better to use UTC on the server?
16:35 <asonge> locale isn't the same as timezone...
16:36 <stephen_m> I'm not familiar with timex
16:36 <asonge> a locale is going to control the words that pop out of the datetime functions...
16:37 <ejpcmac> And a timezone the offset with UTC
16:37 <stephen_m> i see...
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17:18 <Nicd-> hmmm: "warning: the :datetime type in migrations is deprecated, please use :utc_datetime or :naive_datetime instead"
17:18 <Nicd-> but neither of those are database types
17:20 <ejpcmac> Nicd-: They are Ecto types : https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Schema.html#module-types-and-casting
17:20 <Nicd-> yes, but in migration files, don't you give database types?
17:20 <ejpcmac> AFAIK, you put Ecto types in migrations, an Elixir types in Schemas
17:21 <Nicd-> like, in my schema I would have "field :sent_at_local, :naive_datetime" and in migration "add :sent_at_local, :datetime"
17:21 <ejpcmac> The Ecto types are converted to native database types by the adapters
17:22 <Nicd-> similarly I have "field :tz_offset, :integer" in my schema but "add :tz_offset, :smallint" in my migration
17:22 <Nicd-> and that's fine for ecto
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17:40 <mk[]> are there any forum frameworks like Discourse for Elixir?
17:41 <molloy> mk[]: josh adams is working on rewriting discourse in elixir iirc
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17:43 <mk[]> molloy: found the kickstarter page
17:43 <mk[]> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003377429/firestorm-an-open-source-forum-in-phoenix-from-eli
17:43 <molloy> yeah!
17:44 <molloy> i wrote a barebones discourse client for elixir
17:45 <mk[]> molloy: I've never used Discourse, but it seems better than a myriad of PHP forums
17:46 <molloy> https://github.com/mmcnellis/discourse_elixir
17:46 <molloy> it only has the functionality i need but tried to write it in a way where it'd be easily extendible
17:46 <molloy> wrapping HTTPoison.Base, which is a great lib
17:47 <molloy> yeah Discourse is great, we use it for the community part of our platform
17:47 <molloy> we use it just as an api and have our own frontend
17:48 <mk[]> REST?
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17:50 <mk[]> it seems like for many forum and chat apps JSON-RPC over websockets makes more sense, as the server needs to send stuff ad-hoc
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17:50 <Nicd-> discourse is long polling I believe
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17:52 <molloy> discourse can serve json
17:52 <molloy> that's what we do
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17:53 <mk[]> yeah, but it probably has to do polling for notifications
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18:16 <zvrk>
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19:48 <nd__> I upgraded my phoenix app to 1.3-rc and now I get the following – did somebody experience the same and has a solution? https://gist.github.com/alappe/bc5011b1410c33e2898f9eebb0521b40
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20:00 <hq1> hi, does anyone know what to replace folsom/folsomite with, to aggregate/send metrics to graphite? I'm running out of ETS :)
20:02 <micmus> hq1: there's a vm switch to have more tables
20:03 <hq1> I know, wondering if I could avoid that by getting a drop-in replacement
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20:27 <cevado> Does anyone know if there is a way to dinamicaly define pattern matching on function call? I'm building a behavior to reduce repeated code.
20:29 <benwilson512> cevado: you can use macros for that purpose
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20:31 <benwilson512> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/KQcfWdY8/
20:31 <benwilson512> by way of example ^
20:33 <cevado> thanks benwilson512, i'm trying that actually using the enum.map
20:33 <benwilson512> both should work yea
20:34 <cevado> i was worried that it wouldn't work
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20:44 <benwilson512> You should check out the meta-programming elixir bok
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21:00 <aeliton> hi all, I'd like to know if what's the recommended way to make Logger outputs to a file on a phoenix application that uses Exrm to run in production?
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22:54 <cevado> is it possible to call a function from other module in a macro expansion?
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23:00 <cevado> i tried it here but it says the function doesnt exist... Code.ensure_compiled/1 can help or its just impossible?
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23:19 <ciawal> cevado: sure it is
23:24 <cevado> ciawal i want to call it inside the macro but outside the code injection. it should be resolved in compilation time, not in runtime.
23:27 <ciawal> gist your code
23:27 <cevado> just a min
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23:35 <cevado> ciawal take a look https://gist.github.com/fcevado/1ffa9451427b9a6a222534d730c6863e
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