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02:32 <sotojuan> I have a very basic Plug server with an EEx file. When I change the EEx template file, I have to restart the server for the changes to be available. With as little complexity as possible, how do I make it so I can hit F5 to see my latest template? Thanks in advance.
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03:04 <sotojuan> nvm I got it ^
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03:08 <Radar> sotojuan: Sharing your answer so that others may learn would be good :)
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07:55 <nyaray> Radar: bonus points would've been given for a gist with a minimal working example
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08:14 <pandamatt> Hi, I have a quick question about type specs, is it possible to define a @type that can be one of several atoms? For instance: @type day :: january | february | march | etc...
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08:26 <Uniaika> pandamatt: I think it's possible yes
08:26 <Uniaika> but then you would use :january instead of plain "january"
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09:12 <pandamatt> thanks, it worked
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14:46 <schaary> I have a legacy database from where I get a field which could be be a string (like "hello"), or an empty string (like " ") or a null value - which is nil in Elixir.
14:47 <schaary> Now I'm looking for a method to find out in a case statement, which kind of my variable is
14:48 <schaary> mhm - I could put it in a function and use pattern matching with the arguments ;)
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14:51 <dpehrson> When using conform with distillery, should the conform config be applied when running custom distillery commands?
14:51 <dpehrson> I've built one for running my phoenix migrations, but when it runs, it seems as though it doesn't have the values from the conform .conf in the release.
14:51 <dpehrson> (There is no database hostname, so it errors immediately)
14:51 <dpehrson> Opening a remote console and executing the MFA works properly.
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15:12 <InternetFriend> ohai jose
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15:34 <dpehrson> On the off chance anyone can help, I have a more detailed description of my issue on conform's github: https://github.com/bitwalker/conform/issues/120
15:35 <dpehrson> I really don't know whether the behavior I'm seeing is a bug, something I configured wrong, or a non-supported feature.
15:35 <dpehrson> Looking for any hints as to what I need to do.
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15:49 <vans163_> is there any tutorials for elixir and/or erlang online where its in the browser and has you type code to proceed?
15:49 <sevenseacat> codeschool has several introductory elixir courses
15:50 <drewolson> this is the one linked from elixir-lang.org https://www.codeschool.com/courses/try-elixir?utm_source=elixir_home&utm_medium=referral
15:52 <Guest67__> Hello is there any way to know from a phoenix application that phoenix server is ready?
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15:53 <vans163_> sevenseascat, drewolson: any idea if theres any not behind a signup?
15:53 <drewolson> vans163_ nope sorry
15:54 <vans163_> anyone bought https://www.learnelixir.tv/ ?
15:54 <sevenseacat> not sure. I know the first codeschool one is free, doesn't require a subscription
15:55 <vans163_> sevenseacat: i might end up signing up if i cant find alternative, its just there seems to only be 3 tutorials, kind of limited
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15:55 <sevenseacat> well yeah, it's very introductory
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16:09 <snappy_> Hey, people! Still an elixir noob, but something I've been wondering is why `use` and `require` are two separate macros. At first glance, it seems like it would be more straightforward to have a single macro, with an option for `__using__`, but I'm likely missing something...
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16:24 <ciawal> snappy_: why not?
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16:25 <ciawal> I think it's good that use is separate, it has a much bigger potential impact than require
16:26 <havenwood> snappy_: `use` it itself a macro and it automatically already does a `require` of the module being used.
16:27 <havenwood> snappy_: `require` is a directive, so it's lexically scoped, and you just use it to get at macros that otherwise wouldn't compile.
16:28 <snappy_> havenwood: what's the difference between a macro and a directive?
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16:32 <snappy_> havenwood: I get that `use` does a `require` followed by calling `__using__` but I was wonderig why use and require are separate directives/macros in the language, rather than having one keyword i.e. require that can take a "using" option?
16:34 <benwilson512> snappy_: if I had to guess it's a matter of `use` expressing intent more clearly
16:34 <benwilson512> they're separate intents
16:35 <havenwood> snappy_: Consider `use` the only thing. Then `require` does less, much less.
16:35 <benwilson512> `use` amounts to "inject stuff into this module"
16:35 <benwilson512> require then can stick with just one meaning
16:35 <benwilson512> given how much macros can do, clear meaning is important
16:38 <alisdair> i think `use`, `import` and `require` should all be merged into `give_me`
16:38 <asonge> lol
16:38 <alisdair> `give_me Ecto`
16:39 <alisdair> `give_me GenServer`
16:39 <alisdair> see how nice that is?
16:39 <asonge> `use` is like, "do anything you want to my module"
16:39 <havenwood> alisdair: gimme Candy
16:39 <alisdair> i'm actually a horrible person who thinks macros should have to be explicitly imported, not required, and defaulting to importing all functions is terrible
16:40 <alisdair> so no one should listen to me
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16:41 <asonge> yeah, i think most libraries should resist the use of `use`
16:41 <asonge> (and many seem to?)
16:41 <benwilson512> yeah its popularity has waned
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17:05 <Nicd-> anyone up for a game of "name my library"?
17:07 <gazler> Ticklefairy
17:07 <Ankhers> Without even knowing what it does, I would include that in every project.
17:08 <Nicd-> :D
17:08 <gazler> That was a short game.
17:08 <Nicd-> it's a bunch of build utilities for Mix as described here: https://blog.nytsoi.net/2017/03/24/fbu-frontend-build-utilities
17:09 <Nicd-> it was planned to be a frontend build tool but people pointed out it could be used for other things as well, so only thing I can think of is "MBU: Mix Build Utilities"
17:09 <gazler> Call it Bob (the builder)
17:09 <Nicd-> haha
17:11 <Nicd-> "Can we build it?" "Uh, I guess? Maybe?"
17:11 <gazler> That's a solid tagline right there.
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17:12 <Nicd-> there's already like a million bob the builders on github though
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17:13 <gazler> Ugh, and there I was, thinking it was such an original idea.
17:13 <Nicd-> one in Elixir by ericmj :D
17:14 <Nicd-> so that's taken
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17:20 <Nicd-> MBU it is
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17:21 <kansi> hi, i am trying to compile the deps of my phoenix app but i keep getting the following error
17:21 <kansi> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/pt7ioeRCgQefeRf5p9A7bF5M1UNdIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
17:22 <kansi> any pointers on what might cause this error
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17:26 <kansi> the above occurs when i try to di `mix deps.compile cache_tab`
17:26 <kansi> *do
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17:31 <Nicd-> how do you usually mark deprecations in Elixir?
17:31 <Nicd-> in your own library
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17:46 <kansi> i figured that mix is using the wrong manager to compile the deps
17:46 <kansi> but these deps and the dependencies of my deps
17:47 <kansi> any pointers to how to change that
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17:56 <Nicd-> how do I typespec a list of lists?
17:57 <Nicd-> ah, I tried to typespec a list of 2-element lists and it doesn't like that. but it makes more sense to change to tuples anyway
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18:20 <ejpcmac> Hi! Is it just me or when you set a default value in an Ecto Migration, if you create a new item via Repo.insert without the field, the returned value for the field is nil and not the default value?
18:21 <benwilson512> so if you want the value to be set from the database
18:21 <benwilson512> you need to set that field as read after write
18:22 <ejpcmac> Yeah, maybe not so efficient, isn’t it? Is there a cleaner way to do that?
18:27 <benwilson512> well, if you want to have the default set by the database that's the only way to do it, in general it should be ok
18:27 <benwilson512> however if it's just a constant
18:27 <benwilson512> you can just use `default: some_value` in your schema
18:28 <hmans> ejpcmac: If you're using Postgres, it will be efficient enough thanks to RETURNING
18:28 <hmans> ie, it will still just be one INSERT/UPDATE query.
18:28 <hmans> If you're not using Postgres, you're funked, though
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18:31 <ejpcmac> benwilson512: They are contstants (false, and []). I’ve put them in my schema and it’s all right, thank you! I’d known for the default in the migration, but not there.
18:32 <ejpcmac> hmans: Yes, now I remember having read about this great feature a year ago or so.
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18:37 <ejpcmac> Since I am here, I have another question: do you encounter sporadic failures with your tests using the database? Sometimes the return value from the insert and the one from the get differs by 1 value in their timestamps’ microseconds. And the results are inconsistent with a same seed.
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20:11 <nbg> Hi. I (sometimes, not always) get the following error when running "mix local.rebar --force": http://sprunge.us/CUFd I'm not quite sure how to decipher that message, so any help is appreciated.
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20:13 <Nicd-> it looks like the TLS connection failed
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20:14 <Nicd-> there were some patches to Erlang's TLS problems lately
20:14 <Nicd-> but can't say in which versions
20:15 <asonge> Nicd-: there are always patches to erlang's TLS, and most of its problems are that a lot of stuff is semi-incomplete
20:16 <asonge> nbg: try to force hex to download again? (mix local.hex --force)
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20:16 <nbg> okay, thanks for your info.
20:17 <ericmj> nbg: it's an error message but not an error
20:17 <ericmj> rebar did install correctly
20:18 <nbg> the problem is that I would like to distribute a package that's installed on a user's machine, someone who doesn't necessarily now erlang. so I don't want the installation process to throw random errors, regardless of whether or not they are important.
20:19 <asonge> nbg: they wouldn't be using mix or rebar, though. if you use distillery or exrm, you can create a "release" that you'd add to the installer.
20:19 <ericmj> nbg: if you think it's an important problem there is an open issue for it on erlangs issue tracker. I think they would love contributions in this area
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20:21 <ericmj> https://bugs.erlang.org/browse/ERL-382
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20:22 <nbg> but still, some people prefer to install stuff from the sources rather than fetching some binary blob, especially if the project comes from an untrusted resource (e.g., the github repository from some unknown guy).
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20:23 <nbg> thanks for referencing the issue, I guess I'll have to wait until it's resolved, or reconsider how my package is distributed and installed.
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20:49 <pHcF> is there any way to globally set a Ecto prefix for a specific postgres schema? like as an option in `config :ledger`
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20:49 <pHcF> ?
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20:54 <rvirding> Is there anyway to simply generate a float from any number? I know about Float.ceil/trunc but they do more.
20:55 <benwilson512> rvirding: as in, given a number that is a float or an integer, make sure it's a float?
20:56 <rvirding> Yes. In erlang there is :erlang.float which does this but couldn't find it in elixir
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20:57 <alisdair> rvirding: it's :erlang.float in elixir ;)
20:57 <cmk_zzz> rvirding: and you can't just use :erlang.float?
20:59 <rvirding> Yes of course :-) but why not this? I can do round and trunc
21:00 <rvirding> Just read a forum entry where a guy suggested 5+0.0 or 5/1.0 which of course works but seems a bit obtuse and not really that clear what is intended
21:00 <rvirding> And no, nothing critical :-)
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21:06 <drewolson> rvirding i've also experienced this in the past. also going from float -> int, i used `round` which felt a little unintuitive as well
21:06 <drewolson> e.g. https://github.com/drewolson/scrivener_ecto/blob/master/lib/scrivener/paginater/ecto/query.ex#L46
21:10 <rvirding> drewolson: round is not too bad as you need to specify how to convert
21:10 <drewolson> yep, true
21:11 <rvirding> But :erlang.ceil is missing and it should probably be there as we have trunc
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21:29 <ericmj> is there an :erlang.ceil?
21:30 <ericmj> elixir has Float.ceil
21:30 <ericmj> and Kernel.trunc
21:31 <ericmj> rvirding: i think elixir doesn't have float/1 because of the very weird guard behaviour
21:31 <ericmj> we could of course check for this and disallow it but maybe it's just better to use :erlang.float then
21:32 <rvirding> no, there isn't but I guess Float.ceil is just round(n + 0.5)
21:33 <rvirding> the differentiation is quite clear but perhaps not easy to understand. It might be better to always make float convert to a float and never be a float test
21:33 <rvirding> can't do that in erlang because of backwards compatibility
21:34 <benwilson512> oh interesting it's a test in guards?
21:34 <benwilson512> equivalent to is_float ?
21:34 <ericmj> rvirding: it is Float.round(n + 0.5) but with less floating point issues
21:35 <ericmj> benwilson512: only on the top-level of a guard
21:35 <rvirding> yes, but ONLY at the top level, not in any expressions. So float(X) is a type test while float(X) =:= 0.5 is a conversion
21:35 <benwilson512> ah yeh that's a bit odd
21:35 <benwilson512> if we were to add a float/1 to kernel my personal preference would be just a conversion
21:36 <rvirding> way back when it used to be clear :-), it was only the test and only allowed in guards
21:36 <ericmj> elixir cannot change or add guard functions though
21:36 <rvirding> then someone came up with this weird idea of having expressions in guards
21:37 <benwilson512> ericmj: it's already a guard though right? and we could prevent using it in a non conversion way via walking the ast in matches right?
21:37 <ericmj> yes, but meh
21:37 <ericmj> just use :erlang.float then
21:37 <benwilson512> fair, I suppose I was emphasizing its use as a converter in general, not in guards
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21:38 <ericmj> yeah, then we should have Integer.to_float
21:38 <benwilson512> well the issue is I'd expect that to only take integers
21:38 <cmk_zzz> Number.to_float
21:38 <ericmj> it should also take floats?
21:39 <benwilson512> not named thusly no
21:39 <rvirding> If you always convert float to :erlang.float then it should only convert
21:39 <ericmj> cmk_zzz: there is no Number module
21:39 <benwilson512> but I see value in a "make a number a float"
21:39 <cmk_zzz> ericmj: I know
21:39 <benwilson512> I'm trying to avoid String.to_integer / String.to_float
21:39 <benwilson512> those are fine until what you want is String.to_number
21:39 <rvirding> there is the Float module with the weirdo ceil and trunc
21:40 <ericmj> why are they weirdo?
21:40 <ericmj> benwilson512: I think it would be strange to have an stdlib function dynamic in the return value
21:41 <rvirding> try Float.ceil(, 2)
21:41 <benwilson512> ericmj: well there's really 2 issues
21:41 <benwilson512> ericmj: "1" |> String.to_float fails
21:41 <drewolson> when i initially used `round`, i was super confused that `Float.round` returned a float.
21:41 <rvirding> LFE got the float always converts by translating float to erlang:float
21:41 <benwilson512> so even if you have a consistent out put type you want
21:41 <benwilson512> you can't reliably use it
21:42 <ericmj> rvirding: syntax error?
21:42 <brohith> hey guys, quick question. I have my own poison encoder for DateTime and NaiveDateTime. When I try to run `mix release` I get errors saying "duplicate_modules"
21:42 <benwilson512> ericmj: the stdlib forces you to write a function with a dynamic output in order to handle strings with numbers
21:42 <ericmj> benwilson512: i think it's better to be strict than non-strict in input
21:42 <brohith> Any way I can use exrm and still override the poison encoders for DateTime and NaiveDateTime?
21:43 <ericmj> drewolson: how would it work otherwise?
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21:43 <drewolson> ericmj: it makes sense in retrospect, i just wasn't easily able to find something to convert my float into an integer. i didn't know to look in Kernel initially.
21:44 <micmus> I guess it would be fine to have a Kernel.float macro that translated to x + 0.0 as a conversion
21:45 <micmus> it would work in guards
21:45 <benwilson512> ericmj: floats and integers are repeatedly treated by built in functions as interchangeable
21:45 <ericmj> benwilson512: in most cases i would rather have integer (exclusive) or float
21:45 <benwilson512> sure but if you're handling input from users
21:45 <benwilson512> requiring that they put ".0" after every number
21:46 <benwilson512> isn't tenable
21:46 <brohith> Anyone know how I can override a poison encode and still build package without the duplicate module error?
21:47 <benwilson512> brohith: I don't know of a way to do so, there is not yet a protocol conflict resolution method as far as I know
21:47 <ericmj> benwilson512: if you expect users to give you floating point values why are you converting it to integers?
21:47 <micmus> ericmj: he wants floats, but there's no built-in function to parse "5" as a float
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21:48 <benwilson512> right, if you give someone a calulator UI or something
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21:48 <ericmj> Float.parse
21:48 <benwilson512> and I just want to get the strings and add them
21:48 <ericmj> micmus: macro guards is a bad idea
21:49 <ericmj> not being able to do &float/1 would be confusing
21:49 <micmus> you can totally do that with macros
21:49 <micmus> &is_nil/1 works
21:49 <ericmj> brohith: you shouldn't implement Poison.Encoder for DateTime and NaiveDateTime
21:49 <micmus> is_nil is a macro that translates to x === nil
21:50 <ericmj> ah, right
21:51 <ericmj> how does function capturing of macros work?
21:52 <micmus> I have no idea :P But it does
21:52 <micmus> probably translates to &is_nil(&1)
21:52 <micmus> and this expands to &(&1 == nil)
21:53 <ericmj> x+0.0 is a hack anyway :P
21:53 <ericmj> so it's better to just use :erlang.float then
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21:56 <micmus> I guess the discoverability isn't the best - I had no idea :erlang.float existed before and was using +0.0, as the only solution, I knew of
21:58 <micmus> it looks like we're getting a new atomic operation on ETS in OTP20
22:01 <ericmj> I think Float.from_number calling :erlang.float without inlining would work
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22:12 <rvirding> As far as I can see calling :erlang.float always does the conversion and never the test
22:13 <rvirding> even in guards
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22:21 <rvirding> Further check agrees with this. So you could always convert float(x) to :erlang.float(x) and you will always get conversion
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