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00:21 <linmark333> about bitwalker/conform, when building a release, it packages up config, so if I was passing in secret via OS_REPLACE_VAR, I would continue to do so? And the value for the prod config would just be like ${DB_HOST}?
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02:32 <tekhneek> I have a quick question on pattern matching deeply nested keyword maps/lists. I have this structure %{"foo": "bar", "a": 1, "dates": [{...},{...}]} I'm trying to pattern match against it but there's a ton of additional key/value pairs. What's the cleanest way to JUST get "dates" out of this via pattern matching? something lke {:ok, list} = keywords would give me everything and I could do list["dates"
02:32 <tekhneek> ] to get it, but is there a better way in one statement?
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02:34 <rl1> guys
02:34 <rl1> macbook 12" or macbook pro 13 or air
02:35 <sevenseacat> all will be fine for elixir dev, if non-guys are also allowed to offer opinions.
02:35 <rl1> thanks
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02:37 <rl1> My 13" air just broke. I don't like the old macbook pro line. I'm not sure about the Core m and the air is just too old to buy today.
02:40 <cevado> tekhneek you can pattern match only one field of the map... something like %{"dates" => dates} = %{"foo" => "bar", "a" => 1, "dates" => [{...},{...}]} will work
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02:43 <tekhneek> cevado: will try that thanks
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04:01 <cmk_zzz> do I need to install phoenix thorugh mix archive.install to get access to mix phoenix.new? I was hoping to get access to it by simply adding phoenix as a dependency to my umbrella app
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04:42 <bkparso> Does anyone know why Phoenix's quoted controller functionality includes a note: ` Do NOT define functions inside the quoted expressions below.`? I feel like there's something I should understand there
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05:48 <mcspud> Hi everyone, if I wanted to learn the basics of spinning up a Phoenix application would this book be a good start? I have an FP background, but no experience in Erlang/OTP etc https://pragprog.com/book/phoenix/programming-phoenix
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08:57 <besc> Is there a way to change the bit order when pattern matching on bitstrings? For example when doing <<b0::4, b1::4>> = <<112>> I need b0 to be 14 instead of 7 (bits: 0111 0000)
08:58 <sevenseacat> you want a little-endian match
08:58 <sevenseacat> try little-4
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09:04 <besc> sevenseacat: endianness only applies to bytes, no? It's still 7 for me
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09:05 <sevenseacat> hmm
09:07 <sevenseacat> odd
09:08 <m1dnight_> Is anyone aware of some efforts for literate elixir?
09:09 <besc> I searched a lot and I either must have been looking for the wrong thing or it's very weird that nobody has ran into this before
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09:09 <gazler> besc: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37638670/parsing-lifx-headers-returns-wrong-protocol-number/37642516#37642516
09:09 <m00dy> Hey
09:09 <gazler> besc: In that answer I had to reverse the bits manually.
09:10 <gazler> besc: Let me know if you find a better solution than <<b1::1, b2::1, b3::1, b4::1, b5::4>> = <<112>>; <<b0 :: 4>> = <<b4::1, b3::1, b2::1, b1::1>>; b0
09:12 <sevenseacat> I went back to look at my code that had done this stuff before - all of mine were multiples of 8, so I guess thats why it worked
09:13 <sevenseacat> I'd already seen that question/answer before too because they were both marked as upvoted lol
09:16 <besc> gazler: So in a scenario where my bitstring isn't actually just one byte but longer with many fields, I should just reverse the entire bitstring and work from the end?
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09:19 <nox> m1dnight_: I've yet to see any project that actually strives as a literate thing.
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09:23 <Nicd-> hello m00dy
09:23 <Nicd-> how is denmark?
09:23 <m00dy> cloudy :)
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09:23 <m00dy> damn, I should hide my hostname next time :D
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09:28 <Nicd-> cloudy here too in Finland
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09:31 <m1dnight_> nox: yeah, true. But I personally am a big fan of it :) Especially when you are doing some complicated stuff
09:31 <m1dnight_> E.g., i mostly write my typecheckers in literate haskell
09:31 <m1dnight_> But okay
09:31 <m1dnight_> I don't think it would be that hard to integrate in the toolchain
09:32 <nox> What I would like to see is tools that can link code and existing prose together.
09:33 <m1dnight_> That would require at least merge points or something, right?
09:34 <m1dnight_> How would you tell your program to merge them?
09:34 <m1dnight_> where program == compiler or something
09:35 <nox> m1dnight_: Links. What I have in mind is some specification and its implementation.
09:35 <m1dnight_> I think I kind of understand what you mean
09:35 <m1dnight_> So you would, in the end, still end up with literate programming
09:36 <m1dnight_> You have a proze of your final version of the code, and then merge it with the actual code
09:36 <nox> m1dnight_: For example https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/syntax.html#parsing-main-inhtml and https://github.com/servo/html5ever/blob/master/src/tree_builder/rules.rs#L50-L1375.
09:36 <m1dnight_> or have some viewer that allows you to see them combined, gotcha
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09:46 <m00dy> I will give you a command
09:46 <m00dy> [11:45]
09:46 <m00dy> a shell command
09:46 <m00dy> [11:46]
09:46 <m00dy> that you will run everyday in the morning
09:46 <m00dy> [11:46]
09:46 <m00dy> git pull origin dev && git merge dev
09:47 <Nicd-> whyyy
09:48 <m00dy> :D
09:49 <m00dy> that's message from my slack
09:49 <m00dy> telling people what to do
09:50 <nicholasruunu> O.O
09:50 <Nicd-> so many merge commits
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09:56 <besc> Reversing my bitstring and simply starting with the fields from the back won't work because a binary without size can only be placed at the end of the match, so <<rest::bitstring, b2::4, b1::4>> doesn't work. I guess I'll need to reverse each matched value manually afterwards
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10:02 <gjaldon__> I have a controller plug which works fine but when I add a guard clause `when action == :create`, I get the ff error:
10:02 <gjaldon__> https://gist.github.com/gjaldon/2dcb76b5f8070cd8349678329d209c25
10:02 <Nicd-> gjaldon__: show the code
10:03 <gjaldon__> here's the plug I'm using https://gist.github.com/gjaldon/1fd2e4c3d96c74d0980157150763a019
10:03 <gjaldon__> Nicd-: ^
10:03 <Nicd-> I mean the usage with the when
10:04 <sevenseacat> where's the guard?
10:04 <gjaldon__> `plug :valid_type, param_field: ["report", "type"] when action == :create`
10:04 <gjaldon__> sevenseacat Nicd- ^
10:05 <Nicd-> you need [] around the kwlist
10:05 <gjaldon__> ahhh yes. thanks Nicd- !
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10:08 <nox> besc: "because a binary without size can only be placed at the end of the match" what?
10:08 <nox> besc: Do you mean in a pattern?
10:08 <besc> nox: Probably, yes. Sorry
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10:49 <OliverMT> long shot: any swedes here? trying to google "uppskattat kapitalbehov" an investor asked for (for an elixir project) :p
10:49 <OliverMT> google gives me mixed results :(
10:50 <Nicd-> "estimated capital"?
10:50 <OliverMT> ok, that was what I was landing on
10:50 <Nicd-> behov is requirement/need it seems
10:50 <Nicd-> uppskatt is estimate
10:50 <OliverMT> ok, google said "appreciated"
10:50 <OliverMT> which has specific meaning in finance
10:50 <Nicd-> disclaimer: I'm not Swedish
10:50 <OliverMT> no, but you were whipped around so much in the old days your swedish should be pretty good :D
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10:51 <OliverMT> its not that long ago they stopped teaching swedish in schools no?
10:51 <OliverMT> at least in some parts of finland
10:51 <Nicd-> they haven't stopped
10:51 <OliverMT> oh
10:51 <OliverMT> damn colonial smörgåssar
10:51 <Nicd-> hus huset hus husen
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10:51 <Nicd-> jag har många nya byxor
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10:55 <nicholasruunu> OliverMT, I'd say Estimated capital needs :P
10:55 <OliverMT> cool, thx
10:55 <nicholasruunu> np
10:55 <OliverMT> we've been prepping this project for a year now
10:56 <Nicd-> I thought Norwegians would know Swedish
10:56 <Nicd-> ;)
10:56 <OliverMT> making a big ERP platform in phoenix, finally we'll get off the consulting yoke
10:57 <OliverMT> Nicd-: yeah, we understand it quite well, but formal language is always something you want to be 100% sure on
10:57 <OliverMT> anyone know if guardian and that other big lib for security/acl handles token caching / invalidation?
10:57 <OliverMT> so you can do "log me out all other places than here" or invalidate all old tokens on pwd change
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11:32 <m00dy> Norwegians can understand swedish
11:32 <m00dy> young swedes go to Norway to get a job though
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11:55 <smeevil_> does anyone know what the current state is for edelivery ? It sort of kinda works with umbrella projects... there are 14 pull requests waiting for merging for some of which are about half a year old. Seems like its not really actively maintained anymore. Is there an other tool that works better ?
11:59 <OliverMT> what do you deploy on?
11:59 <OliverMT> distillery + aws codedeploy works very well
11:59 <smeevil_> linode
11:59 <OliverMT> hmm
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11:59 <OliverMT> we're going to kubernetes once we have time
11:59 <OliverMT> looks extremely promising in cleaning up deploys
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11:59 <smeevil_> i do like how edelivery works and all, but with umbrellas it seems that the rpc calls are borken , which are used for migrations for example
11:59 <elfssv> Hi for all!
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12:00 <smeevil_> OliverMT: hmmm problem is i'm quite allergic to anything docker
12:00 <OliverMT> same here
12:00 <OliverMT> this is a VERY thin docker setup
12:00 <OliverMT> basically just very small config then RUN mix phoenix.server
12:00 <OliverMT> I loathe that everything goes docker, but I am just giving up and going full retard now
12:00 <smeevil_> a tiny piece of peanut can still kill those who are allergic to it :)
12:00 <OliverMT> gonna get docker setup for localdev as well
12:01 <OliverMT> we're a few windows devs in the team
12:01 <OliverMT> so its nice to streamline
12:01 <OliverMT> especially since some of our apps require a few local binaries to work properly, like wkhtmltopdf etc
12:02 <smeevil_> eh, wish you the best :) let me know how you feel in a couple of weeks :)
12:02 <nicholasruunu> I love docker, don't know what you're on about. :P
12:03 <nicholasruunu> Guess the need isn't as big developing on a VM, use it extensively for PHP.
12:04 <smeevil_> i do like the setup of edeliver where you have a build server that you can use to make your binary and assets (node and whatnot) and then just deploy a tarball to the production server with hot code updating... i guess the only realy thing that is now buggin me is the migration rpc calls in umbrellas are not working, and no automatic versioning of the apps
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14:33 <dch> docker is the tar of virtualisation disk formats
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14:41 <bitmod> can someone explain the difference between lists and tuples (technically) and when best to use each?
14:42 <asonge> bitmod: lists are for arbitrary lists of items, and the items are usually/roughly homogenous. tuples are a way of grouping items together...you can use them to "tag" values with an atom (tagged values in a list is literally a keyword list)
14:43 <asonge> tuples are usually not homogenous, (ie, `{:ok, value} = Foo.bar()`) and tuple arity (the number of items in a tuple) is usually significant
14:43 <micmus> the most usual cases are: lists for unknown-size collections of the same type of elements, and tuples for known-size collections with possibly different types of elements
14:44 <asonge> that's a lot better without the jargon
14:45 <micmus> the known/unknown size could be also though of as variable/fixed
14:45 <asonge> you also see tuples when you need to return more than 1 thing from a function. if you're always splitting a list into 2 things, you return them in a tuple. but if you're splitting a string into some arbitrary number of strings, you return a list. you'll build up the intuition pretty quickly when to choose which.
14:48 <bitmod> ok thanks guys
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15:06 <bitmod> also, same questions about best use case for case and cond statements
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15:10 <petecorey> bitmod My understanding is that they just do different things. case will pattern match on values, but cond goes through a set of expressions, looking for the first one that evals to true.
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15:12 <ciawal> consider a switch statement vs a list of ifs/elseifs as a comparsion
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15:46 <bitmod> thanks
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16:12 <bitmod> where's the ebin directory in a new elixir project? (generated with mix)
16:13 <gazler> bitmod: _build/dev/app_name/ebin
16:14 <bitmod> gazler: just to clarify, is that directory created when running mix new? and if so where is it stored?
16:14 <gazler> bitmod: No, it won't be created until you compile
16:14 <bitmod> ok understood
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16:37 <iFire> fishcakez: It's time to break my barely function ecto driver out :)
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16:37 <iFire> how do I do that
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16:43 <fishcakez> iFire: wdym?
16:44 <iFire> I mean I have this ecto driver but I want to extract my changes. You mentioned you could help a few months ago. https://github.com/fire/ecto/tree/mine
16:47 <fishcakez> iFire: you mean you want to do PR to ecto itself?
16:47 <iFire> you said that prs to ecto aren't allowed
16:47 <fishcakez> Or move your driver to own repo?
16:47 <iFire> so I have to break the driver to its own repo
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16:47 <fishcakez> Yeah
16:47 <fishcakez> See sqlite2_ecto
16:47 <fishcakez> Rt
16:48 <fishcakez> Sqlite_ecto2
16:49 <iFire> fishcakez: what do I name it? snappydata_ecto ?
16:52 <fishcakez> iFire: hehe i meant look at how that repo does it
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16:53 <fishcakez> https://github.com/scouten/sqlite_ecto2
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17:13 <iFire> looking
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17:33 <scrogson> anyone have experience making CLI's with subcommands with OptionParser?
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17:58 <iFire> fishcakez: ecto2 uses ecto 1
17:58 <iFire> ..
17:58 <iFire> sqlite_ecto2 uses ecto1?
17:59 <iFire> oh
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18:03 <fishcakez> iFire: its sqlite adapter and depends on ecto2
18:05 <micmus> scrogson: you could take a look at how mix xref works - it has subcommands
18:05 <scrogson> micmus: nice, thanks for the tip
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18:15 <bspatafora> Heya, anyone have experience with testing a Plug route? I need to include a query string in my test GET request to the route, and I'm emulating the GET example in the docs (linked), but when the route gets the conn it doesn't have a query string or query params after fetch https://hexdocs.pm/plug/Plug.Test.html#functions
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18:16 <bspatafora> Basically doing this: `conn = conn(:get, "/route_path", "foo=bar") |> MyRouter.call(SMSReceiver.init([]))`
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18:18 <bspatafora> (Whoops, meant to change `SMSReceiver` to `MyRouter`)
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18:26 <asonge> Hooray Richard Posner https://mobile.twitter.com/mjs_DC/status/849684861321437184
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18:28 <asonge> Wrong channel sorry
18:28 <benwilson512> no worries
18:29 <smeevil_> o/
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18:30 <Nicd-> hullo smeevil_
18:30 <Nicd-> how's it going?
18:31 <smeevil_> pretty good :) how about yourself ?
18:31 <Nicd-> waiting for my game to update...
18:31 <smeevil_> which ?
18:31 <snappy> benwilson512: Hey, just wanted to say that you answered my q from a few days ago and I never got a chance to say thanks. (I logged out before I could see your response)
18:31 <Nicd-> payday 2
18:31 <Nicd-> stupid steam had decided to pause the update :|
18:31 <benwilson512> snappy: oh good! glad I could get you un stuck
18:31 <smeevil_> ah , enjoy :)
18:32 <snappy> benwilson512: (it was regarding why `use` and `require` are separate things in elixir)
18:32 <benwilson512> ah yes I remember now
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18:36 <snappy> I've got another question: Is there a way to see if there are any updates for local mix tasks? e.g. I can run `local.phx` to update phoenix, but it just overwrites with the latest build. It doesn't seem like I can just check and see if I'm running the latest w/o overwriting.
18:37 <benwilson512> well so
18:37 <benwilson512> mix tasks are available for 2 reasons
18:37 <benwilson512> 1) they're part of a mix project you're in right now
18:37 <benwilson512> 2) they're installed via mix archives
18:37 <benwilson512> and globally available
18:38 <benwilson512> in the case of 1) it's as simple as just seeing if the deps themselves are up to date
18:38 <benwilson512> mix hex.outdated
18:38 <snappy> yup
18:38 <benwilson512> archives though aren't installed via hex and don't really have a centralized versioning thing
18:38 <snappy> I was thinking about #2
18:38 <snappy> benwilson512: ah, okay
18:41 <snappy> benwilson512: I guess it's not really a big deal as most libraries are specified for use in the mix.exs file. It's only (for me) phoenix that is installed as an archive.
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19:33 <CafeCafe> FAQ: How can I get IO.puts to print to the console while running mix test?
19:34 <CafeCafe> Or do I need to add a tracing library to my project?
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19:41 <OliverMT> it should be outputting with io puts
19:46 <iFire> Camnora: IO.inspect
19:46 <iFire> hmm
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20:31 <iFire> fishcakez: I'm getting stuck, how do you get the hostname into the database adapter.
20:31 <iFire> config :hello, Hello.Repo,
20:31 <iFire> adapter: Ecto.Adapters.SnappyData,
20:31 <iFire> hostname: "",
20:31 <iFire> For example the hostname is somehow sent to the adapter
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20:31 <fishcakez> iFire: via child_spec iirc
20:31 <iFire> from phoenix_ecto -> ecto -> snappydata_ecto -> snappyex
20:32 <fishcakez> The adapter gets passed it in a child spec call, as part of options
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21:27 <jschneck> does anyone know if there is an env var that can be set for changing the default location of where the cookie file is written
21:28 <jschneck> I think the default is the release dir, which for nerves is read only.
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21:29 <jschneck> so we are in a weird place where you can start in :nodistribution, but when you start the node, it complains about file permissions on the cookie file.
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21:35 <benwilson512> can Repo.stream be used as a collectable?
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22:53 <alisdair> fishcakez: is there any reason ecto couldn't get :adapter (and other compile time options) from a module attribute in repo.ex?
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23:16 <fishcakez> alisdair: there is work to make some bits so that in master iirc
23:16 <fishcakez> Look for recent pr by Michal
23:20 <alisdair> saves me doing it, yay ;)
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