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00:07 <benwilson512> edmz: very strange
00:07 <benwilson512> what are the exact steps that you do to make it happen?
00:08 <edmz> benwilson512 : https://gist.github.com/edmz/0d4cf0f970153ff6671d6beca30bf2b6#file-post-requests-rb
00:08 <edmz> two consecutives posts
00:09 <edmz> i just compiled that app with MIX_ENV=prod on my box and no errors
00:09 <edmz> but on the production server I get that
00:09 <benwilson512> hm very strange, I would consider creating a forum post
00:09 <edmz> yeah, thats my plan
00:10 <edmz> but I need more evidence/data
00:10 <OliverMT> these alternative facts are more than enough for a forum post imo :)
00:10 <edmz> I will try to create a new phoenix project with the minimal code
00:10 <OliverMT> so go for it
00:11 <OliverMT> or if you can do minimmal project to checkout and reproduce thats even better
00:11 <edmz> yeah, that's my plan
00:13 <edmz> If I do HTTP requests instead of HTTPS (and thus skipping a load balancer) I get Status Code 505 instead of 400
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00:13 <edmz> https://github.com/ninenines/cowboy/issues/768
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00:15 <edmz> This comment in particular https://github.com/edgurgel/httpoison/issues/143#issuecomment-229804580
00:15 <edmz> "This may occur if you mix conn structs on Phoenix as well."
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00:16 <edmz> but I don't quite get what he means by "mix conn structs"
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00:17 <edmz> I think I might know what is going on
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00:20 <edmz> (maybe not)
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00:28 <edmz> ok, progress! That comment might have solved it completely. I was calling read_body and then not using the mutated conn
00:28 <edmz> I was using a previous one
00:28 <edmz> (a conn that appeared before read_body)
00:34 <cmk_zzz> the phx.gen.html generates a controller whcih calls a function <%= schema.singular %>_path/3 i.e order_path(...) but this function or macro is never defined anywhere. This is with 1.3.0-rc.1
00:35 <Radar> cmk_zzz: This helper is automatically generated for you.
00:36 <Radar> cmk_zzz: See "helpers" section here: https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Router.html
00:36 <cmk_zzz> Radar: but the code fails to compile with undefined function order_path
00:36 <Radar> ah
00:36 <Radar> never mind me then
00:38 <cmk_zzz> This is from a fresh phoenix project. Just: $ mix phx.new project and $ mix phx.gen.html Sales Order orders ...fields... and $ mix phx.server
00:39 <cmk_zzz> Radar: at least I know then it is supposed to be generated for me
00:40 <edmz> OliverMT , benwilson512: thanks a lot again for your time, help and patience.
00:43 <iFire> fishcakez: are you around? I got one instance working, but I need to generalize it to n elements in a list
00:43 <iFire> recursion hurts :(
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00:47 <iFire> benwilson512: you work on ecto?
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00:54 <alisdair> cmk_zzz: re your earlier question, i strip my ecto structs of the `__struct__` and `__meta__` keys (and sometimes others) before returning them, and i also version them, so if a client requests v1.0 i return one set of fields and if they ask for 2.0 i return a potentially incompatible version
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00:54 <alisdair> but i return maps, because writing getters/setters for everything is a pain
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00:55 <benwilson512> this iFire nah not even a little
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01:00 <iFire> benwilson512: thank you, got it working :)
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01:20 <iFire> How do I repeat something n times and add it to a list every repeat.
01:20 <benwilson512> iFire: example?
01:21 <iFire> fetch a number and a id from the database
01:21 <iFire> encode it as json
01:21 <iFire> ..
01:21 <iFire> fetch the num + id. save the object in a list. repeat saving n times
01:21 <iFire> encode list as json
01:22 <benwilson512> map over the list
01:22 <iFire> Repeat fetching the num + id and save it as a poison json struct list. Write the list to json.
01:23 <benwilson512> I mean obviously lists being immutable we can't append but mapping generally serves the same purpose
01:23 <iFire> they have Enum.map(1..q, fn _ -> ... end) in the example
01:23 <benwilson512> indeed
01:24 <iFire> not sure how to do the adding the things together part
01:24 <* iFire> looks at the return value of Enum.map
01:24 <benwilson512> try flat_map
01:24 <benwilson512> it flattens out a list
01:25 <benwilson512> so if each iteration returns a list
01:25 <benwilson512> you'll get just one list at the end
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01:26 <iFire> I guess the problem is I only get one element
01:27 <iFire> https://gist.github.com/fire/e87a59af3beb61a00ed8647e003e63f6
01:27 <iFire> what i have so far
01:29 <iFire> oh, q apparently was 1
01:29 <iFire> nevermind :)
01:32 <iFire> benwilson512: if you're wondering I'm implementing "Multiple queries test" https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=code&hw=ph&test=fortune
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04:03 <z1mvader> Guys could you answer me a little question that i have on distributed systems?
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04:25 <bbhoss> Hey folks, I'm playing around with phoenix HEAD and am getting the dreaded 23:25:16 - error: Compiling of js/socket.js failed. Error: Couldn't find preset "es2015" relative to directory "/Users/preston.marshall/phoenix" error
04:25 <bbhoss> any ideas? I've tried everything I've seen on GH issues to no avail
04:26 <sevenseacat> what version of npm/node/etc? from memory it was all relating to those
04:26 <bbhoss> I've tried adding that set to devDeps in package.json, updating brunch-babel, and some other things that didn't work
04:26 <bbhoss> whatever is the latest in homebrew
04:27 <bbhoss> node v7.8.0 and npm 4.2.0
04:30 <bbhoss> regular phoenix works fine, just the HEAD doesn't
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07:05 <iFire> morning fishcakez
07:07 <manukall> whatyouhide: ping
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07:09 <gjaldon__> has anyone lookd into adding support for testing multiple Repos in Ecto using Sandbox?
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08:23 <micmus> gjaldon__: in what sense? You should be able to checkout multiple connections from multiple repos
08:23 <micmus> or do you mean multiple repos referring to the same database?
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08:24 <gjaldon__> I mean multiple Repos referring to different dbs micmus
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08:24 <micmus> it should work to duplicate the setup for each repo
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08:26 <gjaldon__> I tried checking out a different Repo in my conn_case (phoenix app) but I get an `{:error, :invalid_message}`. The other Repo is in a separate package
08:26 <gjaldon__> micmus: are you using Ecto sandbox with multiple repos in your tests?
08:27 <micmus> yeah, both need to be configured with the sandbox pool
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08:34 <gjaldon__> I have the ff code in ConnCase setup and in config/test.exs micmus https://gist.github.com/gjaldon/3bc745ff71bf7a3fe3077b8d2a4403bc
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08:35 <gjaldon__> I get an `{:error, :invalid_message}` on 2nd Sandbox.checkout/1 line
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08:39 <m00dy> Nicd-: Good morning
08:39 <micmus> gjaldon__: I also have setting up of the initial mode in test/test_helper.exs for both
08:39 <Nicd-> hello m00dy my Elixir friend
08:39 <Nicd-> what are you working on?
08:39 <micmus> Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.mode(App.Repo, :manual)
08:40 <m00dy> Nicd-: I haven't switched to Elixir yet. I'm still on js
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09:54 <pat_js> Hello, I have a question regarding pattern matching.
09:55 <pat_js> Is there some kind of as-pattern like haskell's ‘@’ or sml's ‘as’?
09:55 <Nicd-> what would that do?
09:57 <pat_js> say you match a tuple, but want the tuple as well in the function. like this ‘tuple@{a,b}’
09:57 <Nicd-> you can do {a,b} = tuple
09:57 <Nicd-> like def foo({a, b} = tuple) do ... end
09:58 <pat_js> instead of fn (tuple) -> {a,b} = tuple; stuff_with(a,b,tuple) end
09:58 <pat_js> ah cool, thanks, that's what I was looking for.
09:58 <pat_js> nice, no new Operator, I like this concept.
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10:52 <de-staat> Why is the abs/1 function in the Kernel module and not anywhere else?
10:53 <de-staat> Same goes for max/2, rem/2 etc.
10:53 <de-staat> Wouldn't it make more sense to have them in a Math module or the likes?
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10:54 <nox> de-staat: Because they are built-ins.
10:55 <de-staat> Ah
10:55 <de-staat> That makes sense I suppose, thanks
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12:04 <josevalim> nox: do you remember how to run the dialyzer test suite?
12:04 <nox> Like any other test suite, no?
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12:24 <jadlr> Hey everyone: GenStage question: what is the best way of writing a finite producer? e.g. emit 10 events and then signal that we're done. Just stop the producer?
12:26 <nox> josevalim: Did you manage?
12:26 <josevalim> yes :)
12:26 <josevalim> it was an issue with the plt building
12:26 <nox> Ok.
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13:51 <josevalim> nox: do you know how to get the line number of a cerl node?
13:52 <nox> josevalim: Ask it gently.
13:52 <sevenseacat> lol
13:52 <nox> josevalim: Joke aside, it's in the attributes as usual.
13:52 <josevalim> we have cerl:get_ann/1 but it doesn't document how to get the line from the annotation
13:52 <nox> Oh.
13:52 <josevalim> it returns [80]
13:52 <nox> Let me check the documentation!
13:52 <josevalim> or [80,generated]
13:52 <nox> (Joking.)
13:52 <josevalim> i couldn't find the docs :(
13:52 <nox> josevalim: There is another function,
13:52 <nox> with arity 2,
13:52 <nox> to which you pass 'line'.
13:52 <nox> josevalim: I'm trolling about a past PR,
13:53 <nox> https://github.com/erlang/otp/pull/363
13:53 <josevalim> that would have helped me so much right now :(
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13:54 <nox> josevalim: Couldn't resist: https://github.com/erlang/otp/pull/363#issuecomment-292542601
13:54 <nox> josevalim: You could have opened the damn file though.
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13:55 <nox> josevalim: Oh stuff changed.
13:56 <josevalim> nox: :P
13:56 <nox> josevalim: Isn't it just the same datatype as the one in the erl_anno module?
13:56 <josevalim> nothing documents it as such so I am unsure to assume so
13:56 <josevalim> :(
13:56 <nox> josevalim: Find it in the code?
13:57 <nox> josevalim: https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/1526eaead833b3bdcd3555a12e2af62c359e7868/lib/compiler/src/core_scan.erl#L59
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13:57 <nox> josevalim: Core Erlang scanner uses the erl_anno module,
13:58 <nox> josevalim: so I think it's pretty safe to assume what I just said.
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13:59 <josevalim> that doesn't make sense though
14:00 <josevalim> cerl:get_ann returns a list
14:00 <josevalim> such as [67]
14:00 <josevalim> and erl_anno is not a list
14:00 <josevalim> it is an int, tuple or list of tuples
14:00 <nox> What do you mean?
14:01 <nox> josevalim: The type annotations are wrong.
14:02 <nox> josevalim: [57] was already a legit annotation when I was doing column numbers and whatnot.
14:02 <josevalim> yes, this is what i see
14:02 <josevalim> {c_literal,[25],record}
14:02 <josevalim> but
14:02 <josevalim> erl_anno:line([25]).
14:03 <josevalim> returns undefined :(
14:03 <nox> Ah.
14:03 <nox> Ok.
14:03 <nox> josevalim: Then you need to find the bits that do the same thing but for cerl.
14:03 <nox> And also file a bug.
14:03 <josevalim> but i also see {var,[1205],'Reason'} in the erlang abstract format
14:03 <josevalim> :(
14:04 <nox> Ok then it's definitely an erl_anno bug.
14:04 <* nox> is a bit pissed off.
14:04 <gazler> nox: Those two statements reminded me of Erlang. (Ah. and Ok.)
14:04 <nox> IIRC some patches I did got postponed forever because "yadda yadda let's make erl_anno first".
14:04 <nox> And it turns out it's broken, great.
14:04 <JEG2> What's the place I should check to see what the current version of Elixir is?
14:05 <gazler> JEG2: You mean the latest release? Or the version you have installed?
14:05 <JEG2> gazler: The latest release.
14:06 <gazler> https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/releases ?
14:06 <JEG2> gazler: Thanks.
14:06 <gazler> You can use https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/releases.atom if you want to do it programatically
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14:07 <gazler> Or this one. https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/tags.atom
14:10 <z1mvader> guys is possible to run a single instance of BEAM over several machines?
14:11 <josevalim> z1mvader: no, that's not possible for anything
14:11 <josevalim> z1mvader: you can't have multiple machines sharing the same memory address by running a single instance
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14:11 <josevalim> each node needs to run its own instance and then they communicate to each other
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14:13 <z1mvader> then if for example you want to spawn several threads over all the machines how would you do it?
14:14 <nox> z1mvader: Just have one Erlang node per machine over the network?
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14:36 <z1mvader> nox: yeah but then how you communicate between machines to work together
14:36 <nox> z1mvader: With the distribution protocol from Erlang. That's like a basic feature of Erlang, so I'm not sure what you are asking about.
14:37 <z1mvader> giving your answer, I'm asking for the basic features of erlang
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14:40 <notriddle> http://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/mix-otp/distributed-tasks-and-configuration.html gives a pretty good overview of that.
14:43 <notriddle> Was this page hard-to-find?
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14:48 <nox> z1mvader: ^
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14:57 <z1mvader> Didn't search it
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15:05 <sevenseacat> lol
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16:00 <iFire> fishcakez: ping!
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16:11 <z1mvader> guyw have you ever checked the handbook of neuroevolution through erlang=
16:11 <z1mvader> ?
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17:21 <bananushka> Hey, I'm new to Elixir. I've done the KV project (from the getting started guide) and now I'm trying to do a different kind of project. I saw a tutorial for writing a simple terminal editor in C, and I was wondering how could I implement something like this in Elixir
17:21 <bananushka> (the tutorial I'm talking about is http://viewsourcecode.org/snaptoken/kilo/02.enteringRawMode.html)
17:22 <bananushka> And I'm having some difficulty understanding how certain low-level C functions map to Elixir
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17:48 <NeverDie> Hey if anyone cares, there's an Elixir Discord server here: https://discord.gg/kceyHgm
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18:52 <Nicd-> so many chat channels
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19:38 <iFire> josevalim: do you know who worked on the ecto dsl parser?
19:38 <iFire> I have many trouble with it
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19:40 <smeevil_> o/
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22:33 <elixir9023> Hi! I've been writing elixir for a little while now and I'm still a little stymied at (what I thought) would be a big difference between functional vs non-functional programming.
22:34 <elixir9023> I came from ruby, but apart from pattern matching and BEAM processes, I can't say that functional programming is much of a revelation. Am I missing something?
22:35 <Nicd-> what did you expect to find?
22:36 <elixir9023> Nicd-: I was expecting it do be more radically different than programming as I was used to.
22:36 <elixir9023> *to be
22:36 <elixir9023> Nicd-: I know, I know that's vague.
22:37 <Nicd-> the difference is kind of big since you don't hide state in classes and objects
22:37 <Nicd-> instead you think in terms of data and functions that apply transformations on it
22:37 <elixir9023> Nicd-: But how's that different from adhering to, say, dependency injection in another language?
22:40 <Nicd-> even if you have DI, you still have state hidden in the object
22:40 <Nicd-> I mean, you can program in a functional style in an OO language but it doesn't come natural and the language may not make it easy
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22:45 <elixir9023> Nicd-: I guess you're right, ruby just seems like a pretty nice language to program in to begin with. It makes writing in a functional style fairly easy, I think.
22:46 <elixir9023> Nicd-: Perhaps I'd have a stronger reaction coming from a language like, say, Java.
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22:46 <Nicd-> I haven't tried Ruby but from what I've heard, magic and hidden state is the prevailing style there :P
22:46 <elixir9023> Nicd-: Pattern matching, on the other hand, holy shit it's awesome.
22:47 <elixir9023> Nicd-: True, too much magic! That's the main thing I love about elixir. It's very easy to reason about.
22:48 <elixir9023> Nicd-: Wait, I guess I'm indirectly discovering the benefits of functional programming :P
22:48 <Nicd-> :)
22:48 <Nicd-> yeah unless you go macro happy, there's usually very little if any magic
22:49 <elixir9023> Nicd-: Yup, I will happily write more explicit code if it means that it's easier to reason about.
22:49 <Nicd-> explicit is better than implicit
22:51 <elixir9023> Nicd-: I think, coming from ruby land, implicit code is more fun to write, like you've solved a hard puzzle. But it sucks for every single person who uses your code.
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22:51 <elixir9023> Nicd-: Hence why framework and library authors don't mind it, but end users pull their hair out in frustration.
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22:54 <dimitarvp> elixir9023: Surprised nobody mentioned immutability yet, that's one of the biggest differences between Ruby and Elixir.
22:55 <dimitarvp> you don't mutate variables in Erlang/Elixir, you get new copies with modifications applied (especially in the case of structures)
22:56 <asonge> there are also network effects from functional programs and pure functions. if a library doesn't maintain hidden state, the composition of your program with that library is far less complex.
22:57 <elixir9023> dimitarvp: True! Though I think elixir does a good job of hiding some of that "under the hood." Elixir makes re-binding seem possible, when in reality you're getting a whole new variable.
22:58 <dimitarvp> elixir9023: Yes and that's a huge advantage in terms of GC. Immutability makes a GC much simpler, more robust and VERY fast.
22:58 <dimitarvp> I wouldn't say Golang level of fast but much faster than Ruby's or Python's (hell, everything is faster than them though...)
22:58 <asonge> (there are also no cycles to figure out because there aren't cyclical references between pieces of data)
22:59 <dimitarvp> asonge: so true, and so liberating
22:59 <dimitarvp> elixir9023: I guess you not being very surprised by Elixir means Jose Valim did a very fine job of aiming the language at Rubyists :P
22:59 <asonge> elixir9023: it's weird, but thumbing through some bits of SICP (Structure and Interpretations of Computer Programming) can be a bit of a mind-shifter for actually seeing the semantic differences between different kinds of programming
23:00 <elixir9023> dimitarvp: Totally agree. The best-designed things rarely smack you with how great they are.
23:00 <asonge> it's MIT's old intro programming book, though it's based on scheme...MIT changed emphasis for beginner programming, so they abandoned the book...but it's a very interesting read.
23:00 <asonge> their take on what the tradeoffs are in OOP are pretty eye-opening.
23:00 <elixir9023> asonge: I have it on my bookshelf next to me! :)
23:00 <elixir9023> asonge: but I haven't read the whole thing yet.
23:00 <asonge> OOP containing an implicit model of time is a pretty interesting point
23:02 <dimitarvp> I think I've read about that, was it that OOP implies a linearly moving ahead time, and FP works with snapshots of moments in time?
23:02 <elixir9023> I did one semester of CS in college and found it pretty uninteresting. It seemed more like "let's jockey java around" but SICP seems actually fascinating.
23:03 <dimitarvp> you'd be lucky with Java, some universities still think PHP is the sh*t.
23:03 <elixir9023> dimitarvp: it could also be that I was 18 and thought I knew everything :P
23:04 <asonge> dimitarvp: yeah, that's some of it. but OOP has a concept of late binding, where a variable contains an object, and the object is the thing at the current time. you can't have an "old object", because the variable always has the current one.
23:05 <asonge> erlang/elixir has the same kind of thing in a process. if i pass you a process, that process's state is independent of time. when you send a message back, all you know is that one message you send arrives after another you send. that's it.
23:05 <asonge> but that said, when you *do* things with a process in elixir/erlang, you expect those semantics
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23:06 <asonge> you don't expect that you can cajole a process into a state where it's ready to react to you properly. people do that with objects by invoking methods in a particular way.
23:07 <asonge> you can think about this every time someone takes a lock to invoke several methods on an object to keep it safe in a multithreaded environment.
23:08 <asonge> you could totally program this way in elixir or erlang, but you'd get funny looks.
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23:39 <iFire> asonge: nice to meet you from somewhere..
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23:48 <iFire> is there another way of writing ?) without breaking syntax hilighters
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23:50 <ciawal> maybe you can use '('
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