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00:08 <dongo> What would be the best way to extract the metadata (ARTIST=*, TITLE=* and so on) from this binary data? https://p.fuwafuwa.moe/jsiixa.png
00:15 <ciawal> use an appropriate format parser
00:16 <dongo> that answer doesn't help me very much
00:16 <ciawal> why not?
00:16 <dongo> gonna have to be a bit more concrete with your answer
00:18 <ciawal> well I guess that's an ogg file since it says Ogg
00:18 <ciawal> so use an Ogg parser
00:18 <ciawal> or just shell out to something
00:18 <ciawal> ffmpeg can read it maybe
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00:19 <dongo> Mh that could work, but I'd prefer to not have any external dependencies like ffmpeg
00:19 <dongo> I'd have to call ffmpeg a lot since the data is coming from a continuous stream
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00:23 <ciawal> best to look for an elixir ogg parser then
00:23 <ciawal> or create one
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00:49 <Ioyrie> create one
00:49 <Ioyrie> yes please, i would love to have one
00:57 <asonge> dongo: if you just care only about ripping out metadata, it will probably only take a few (fun!) hours to make something that can parse ogg headers with binary syntax. it's worth it if you've never written something that reads binary before, and it'll make you less scared about dealing with it.
00:58 <dongo> asonge: yeah I took a quick look at the format specification for ogg comments/header and it doesn't seem to be that hard, and it'll be a nice exercise in elixir I guess
00:58 <asonge> though this might be an issue because you might have to parse ogg *and* vorbis.
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00:59 <asonge> if you want a quick intro to media binary formats, there are containers and codecs, and you might have to decode the container and then decode the vorbis codec (not the bitstream of the codec, just the metadata)
01:01 <dongo> I did hack together a shitty solution with regex and String.split but there's a problem with it, and the problem is that sometimes, there's some random unicode/not unicode character at the end of the field value (field value is the value for ARTIST and such, for example)
01:02 <dongo> and I'm not sure how to determine if there's a random unneeded character at the end so I think I have to write something proper ;_;
01:02 <iFire> dongo: use ffmpeg
01:02 <iFire> someone wrote a complete music indexing system using ffmpeg to index
01:03 <asonge> ugh, vorbis is ugly.
01:04 <dongo> iFire: I'd like to to have to depend on external programs for this, but if I have to then I guess I have to. My first hypothesis of having to use ffmpeg would be that there'd be a lot of overhead since I would have to call ffmpeg a lot since I get small chunks from the continous stream constantly
01:04 <dongo> to not have to*
01:04 <asonge> dongo: this might only be about 20-30 real lines of code to do
01:05 <iFire> https://github.com/andrewrk/groovebasin
01:05 <iFire> you can look at how this person did it
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01:05 <iFire> note nodejs so it should be easy to read
01:06 <iFire> https://github.com/andrewrk/libgroove
01:06 <iFire> he wrote a library to ffmpeg
01:06 <iFire> might be possible to embed this
01:06 <asonge> iFire: yeah, that's introducing a lot of operational overhead.
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01:06 <asonge> fine for a quick project, not good for something you want to ship somewhere.
01:06 <notriddle> https://github.com/RustAudio/lewton ?
01:07 <iFire> dongo: can you restate what you want again
01:07 <iFire> like a paragraph of what the thing does
01:08 <iFire> like if I was using libgroove my purpose would be able to get metadata from any format that has sound and its metadata
01:08 <iFire> and be able to get the data
01:09 <iFire> and stuff like loudness balance it
01:09 <dongo> iFire: the program will just get the metadata of the currently playing song from an internet radio that broadcasts ogg vorbis (icecast2 is used on the server)
01:10 <iFire> so something like a discord bot or an irc bot
01:10 <dongo> Yeah
01:10 <iFire> https://github.com/trestrantham/hedwig_mopidy
01:11 <iFire> google found this
01:11 <iFire> I'
01:11 <iFire> m not sure what it is
01:11 <iFire> somehow it can read icecast urls
01:12 <* asonge> wrote a shoutcast server in erlang about 7 years ago, so is pretty familiar with this stuff
01:12 <iFire> dongo: can you change that radio or is it third party
01:13 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> Hello! I'm doing some research for my team (cross programming language) and would like some inputs: Assuming I have 2 public IPs on my server, is there an easy way to send an email (in Phoenix) from one or the other IP? I was looking at Bamboo_smtp but it looks like config needs to be set upfront
01:13 <dongo> iFire: I can not change the radio
01:14 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: what you mean config needs to be set upfront?
01:14 <iFire> Fire-Dragon-DoL: do you need it to be production level?
01:15 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> asonge: based on what I was reading in the source, and keep in mind my experience with elixir is very low, it requires the configuration of the smtp server upfront, based on: https://github.com/fewlinesco/bamboo_smtp/blob/develop/lib/bamboo/adapters/smtp_adapter.ex#L67
01:16 <iFire> if it was prod, I would use something that sends sendgrid from two ips and a third address for the physical mail server
01:16 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> iFire: I'm not sure what you mean by production level. Do you mean at application level? Yes if possible. I was considering doing it with iptables, but we have a variable number of IPs and would like to route the same email account always through the same ip
01:17 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: so you just want to bind the sending ip, right?
01:17 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> yes asonge
01:17 <iFire> it's not recommended to do your own smtp sending
01:17 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> iFire: in this specific case, it's basically our core business
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01:18 <asonge> (bamboo doesn't handle queueing up failures)
01:18 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> iFire: well wait I said something wrong. We don't do the SMTP sending ourselves, but we have to connect to the SMTP server always with same IP
01:19 <iFire> yeah
01:19 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> I'm getting confused/sidetracked though, let's assume I have 2 public IPs and 2 different Gmail accounts, I need to send an email through SMTP using IP1 for Gmail1, and IP2 for Gmail2
01:19 <iFire> gmail doesn't care if you use any ip
01:19 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> and forgive me, my knowledge of the SMTP protocol sucks :P
01:20 <iFire> since you're logged on
01:20 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: you'll have to handle that yourself. i think bamboo does support having different mailers.
01:20 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> asonge: yes I was thinking about that too, the smtp mailer is relatively simple ~300 lines
01:20 <asonge> i'm looking to see how to make gen smtp bind
01:21 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> asonge: what alternative do you recommend to bamboo since it doesn't handle failures?
01:21 <asonge> it'll handle failures, it just won't persist the email
01:21 <asonge> like, it'll retry once (dunno what the timeout is on that)
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01:22 <asonge> but basically, there aren't any fully fledged "MTAs as an erlang/elixir library" out there afaik.
01:22 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> oh ok that's fine asonge we have the retry logic all implemented on our end already
01:23 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> (it's a ruby app, but in this case the service handling the delivery is completely isolated in a separate executable. And elixir is PERFECT for the job)
01:24 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> as long as it gives me an error, we already handle the retry
01:24 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> (and persistance and everything related to it)
01:24 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: so, you'd need to make 1 module per IP
01:24 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> sounds good, thanks for the input iFire and asonge , gave me good insight
01:25 <asonge> and then you just use that bamboo IP to send with
01:25 <asonge> the bamboo module for that IP*
01:25 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> mhh asonge what if the numbers of IP is actually N? I was thinking about making one module which would just accept the IP
01:26 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: if you want it abstract, you could just make the modules in a loop. to do it some other way, you may have to go dig into the internals of bamboo. bamboo treats the module you use to send email as a kind of "repo" in a repo pattern.
01:27 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> oh, now I get what you mean, good point asonge
01:27 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: you could make your own bamboo mailer thing if you look at how `using` works, and then use that to inject the config you want.
01:27 <asonge> Fire-Dragon-DoL: https://github.com/thoughtbot/bamboo/blob/master/lib/bamboo/mailer.ex#L1
01:28 <asonge> this makes your app possibly break if bamboo upgrades, so you'll just have to look if there are internal API breaks is all.
01:30 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> mh ok I might need to go to the second route, since the number of IPs keep changing (it's based on user input and amount of customers)
01:30 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> and even if it sounds terribly evil, please be aware that it's not! lol
01:30 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> it really feels like I'm making a bot of some kind :\
01:31 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> I definitely need to study the `using` thing
01:31 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> thanks for the input, heading out for some groceries!
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02:49 <ivan> https://hexdocs.pm/eex/EEx.html mentions :trim but I have no idea whether it wants [:trim] or [trim: true]
02:49 <ivan> oh, I see it wasn't working because I didn't use <%%
02:54 <ivan> heh that was not what I wanted
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03:02 <ivan> I came to my senses and used iodata instead of eex
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10:24 <linduxed> in ruby on rails i could consult the `db/sschema.rb` file to see what the latest database schema should be. this file was updated whenever a migration was run. is there an equivalent file for Ecto, or do i always have to run all the migrations? i'm just curious
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10:52 <micmus> linduxed: there are ecto.schema.dump & ecto.schema.load mix tasks - they dump sql
10:52 <linduxed> micmus: oh, i see
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10:53 <micmus> sorry ecto.dump & ecto.load
10:53 <micmus> you could alias ecto.migrate in your app to always dump after
10:53 <linduxed> well, in this case it wasn't really why i asked
10:54 <linduxed> i found a script in our repo that pulled a db dump, dropped the db, created it, restored the db, then ran migrations
10:54 <linduxed> i just thought "hang on... those migrations need to be run before the restore, right?"
10:54 <linduxed> so i was thinking that maybe there's some schema that is applied on create
10:55 <linduxed> but i don't think that is the case, meaning that i need to run the migrations before the restore
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11:02 <mrus> They there. Trying to get my head around "use" and I'm stuck with an issue, maybe someone could help? That is my code: https://pastebin.com/Y8998e1m -> when I `use Unknown.API.Helpers.Response` and try to `conn |> response_json(...)` iex tells me that "(CompileError) lib/unknown.ex:43: undefined function response_json/2". What am I doing wrong?
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11:04 <ivan> mrus: you have a response_json/3 but something is calling response_json/2
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11:04 <ivan> mrus: aka you missed an argument
11:05 <mrus> ivan: oh... damn! Thank you, let me try again
11:05 <mrus> and it's working.
11:06 <mrus> ivan: so I guess I was just blind. Thanks again :)
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12:15 <mrus> Anyone who ever tried cqerl (native CQL Erlang client) with Elixir so far? Getting the following error: ** (Mix) Could not start application cqerl: could not find application file: cqerl.app
12:15 <mrus> Is there something special that needs to be done when including Erlang libraries into Mix/Elixir?
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12:22 <benwilson512> how did you install erlang?
12:22 <benwilson512> mrus: ^
12:23 <mrus> benwilson512: brew install erlang
12:24 <benwilson512> mrus: I don't think cqerl is built into erlang or anything, have you added it as a dependency?
12:25 <benwilson512> you would add {:cqerl, github: "matehat/cqerl"} to your deps list
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12:26 <mrus> benwilson512: yupp, did that: {:cqerl, github: "matehat/cqerl", tag: "v1.0.4", only: :test} inside defp deps do
12:26 <benwilson512> interesting, what do you get if you `mix deps.compile cqerl`
12:27 <mrus> benwilson512: but funny, now that you asked, I just removed the "only: :test" part and it now seems to proceed to compiling, where it breaks again. So, thanks for that :) I'm one step closer now.
12:27 <benwilson512> ah yeah if you want it outside of tests you'll not want only: :test
12:28 <mrus> I see! Thanks :)
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13:24 <micmus> mrus: if you're looking for a cassandra driver, you might consider https://hex.pm/packages/xandra by members of elixir core team and building on the same low-level primitives as ecto
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13:39 <mrus> micmus: interessting. I prepared for using https://hex.pm/packages/cassandra_ecto as it was the most feature-rich integration I found.
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14:11 <iFire> micmus: did you work on the ecto dsl? I have some problems :(
14:13 <iFire> https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/commit/37268b345eaae85b8e3dd8cb710ea6e0889978a7 yes you did lol
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14:17 <iFire> I'm getting "SELECT &(0, p0.\"x\", 1) FROM \"posts\" AS p0" instead of "SELECT p0.\"x\" FROM \"posts\" AS p0"
14:17 <iFire> this is in my custom ecto adapter
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16:08 <mrus> Does anyone here have experience with @derive-ing of an Ecto model through Poison.Encoder? I'm facing an issue where I have an Ecto model with :binary_id (is_binary == true) and Poison throws an exception when trying to @derive it. Do I need to write my own Poison.Encoder, for: binary in order to get this working? The binary id is actually just a uuid.
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16:08 <benwilson512> mrus: you generally want to use JSON views instead of directly implementing the encoding protocol for it
16:08 <benwilson512> see http://www.rokkincat.com/blog/2015/03/17/json-views-in-phoenix
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16:14 <iFire> benwilson512: apparently the order of functions in a file determines the execution order for the same param definitions
16:14 <iFire> who knew
16:15 <iFire> so the catch all function was override the specific function
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16:17 <mrus> benwilson512: I'm not using Phoenix.
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16:19 <mrus> benwilson512: besides, I'm unsure whether Phoenix views would get along with the binary field out-of-the-box anyway.
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17:41 <craigp> gg
17:42 <craigp> whoops, wrong tmux pane :P
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17:50 <z1mvader> hey guys! do you know how could I install erlang with asdf using a custom path for openssl?
17:51 <asonge> z1mvader: any particular reason for targeting the version?
17:52 <z1mvader> asonge: I'm on a cluster with lustre, but i dont have root access, so i had to compile my own openssl because centos6 has a really old version
17:52 raycoll joined
17:52 <asonge> ah, asdf is supposed to hide all the vagueries (i find asdf to have tons of bugs, so i don't use it)
17:53 franco joined
17:53 <z1mvader> should I try using kiex and kerl to get elixir and erlang then?
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18:04 <asonge> that's one way, but why not just use the packages from erlang-solutions?
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18:12 <benwilson512> asonge: what bugs did you find w/ asdf?
18:13 <benwilson512> haven't had any issues w/ it on OS X
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18:13 <asonge> benwilson512: it really didn't deal well with aborts.
18:13 <asonge> asdf keeps its package state separately from the underlying package management system, and when they get out of sync, it gets ugly.
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18:14 <benwilson512> gotcha
18:15 <asonge> but yeah, i had brew fail for some reason, and asdf just like, thought erlang was installed.
18:16 <benwilson512> what were you installing w/ brew?
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18:18 <asonge> i thought it used other package managers? i could just be confused.
18:19 <asonge> yeah, asdf on os x sometimes uses homebrew to install erlang. looking at the install stuff now
18:19 <asonge> but it didn't keep very good track of it was successful or not, and thought it was
18:20 <benwilson512> asonge: hm, I've seen asdf download binaries on OS X but it was my sense it didn't use brew for that. I'm not sure how it would simultaneously use brew AND permit different versions
18:20 <benwilson512> it seems to have its own location for building / storing binaries
18:20 <asonge> oh, brew lets you definitely install multiple versions
18:20 <asonge> you just can't have them all linked in
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18:21 <benwilson512> right now if I brew info erlang I get 19.3 and HEAD
18:21 <benwilson512> you can tap the versions thing but not all releases end up there
18:22 <asonge> yeah
18:22 <benwilson512> I've had MASSIVE issues getting specific versions of postgres installed
18:22 <benwilson512> for example
18:22 <asonge> i've had fun fighting that fight
18:23 <benwilson512> so at least for my purposes (running a few versions of erlang and elixir for different projects) asdf has worked out well
18:23 <benwilson512> and last I checked on linux it compiled erlang from scratch
18:23 <smeevil_> hi all :)
18:23 <benwilson512> \o
18:23 <asonge> kiex/kerl seem to work pretty well though
18:24 <smeevil_> If onyone could spare a minute or two, I could really use some input regarding https://elixirforum.com/t/gettext-msgids-keys-or-strings/4528
18:24 <benwilson512> kerl had that issue where they weren't compiling erlang with optimizations for a while
18:24 <benwilson512> which put me off of using it
18:29 <z1mvader> asonge: jmm i just checked the erlang-solutions packages but i cannot install them neither using rpm or yum
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18:32 <asonge> z1mvader: yeah, i guess use kerl and kiex
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18:50 <iFire> benwilson512: did you try something like pksrc?
18:51 <iFire> it works for when you want a specific version or want to compile postgres from soure
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