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00:50 <dongo> Hi. I'm trying to write a simple ogg vorbis metadata parser and I'm hitting a small issue. There's a variable length value that I'm trying to pattern match on but it doesn't match. If you take a look at the ogg vorbis specification here https://xiph.org/vorbis/doc/Vorbis_I_spec.html#x1-820005 you can see, if you look down a bit, "2) [vendor\_string] = read a UTF-8 vector as [vendor\_length] octets" and
00:50 <dongo> that is what I'm trying to get. Here's my code: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ovmvu Line 74 is the issue. Any ideas on what could be causing the issue?
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01:16 <iFire> dongo: if it helps I've been using a elixir matching lib
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01:17 <dongo> iFire: what's it called?
01:17 <iFire> give me a second
01:18 <iFire> https://github.com/ScrimpyCat/Tonic
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01:19 <iFire> apache license it when you're done :)
01:20 <iFire> it's basically copy and paste, but maybe this abstraction helps
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01:24 <iFire> dongo: I followed the guide on the png example but then i realized I need more abstraction
01:24 <iFire> http://www.zohaib.me/binary-pattern-matching-in-elixir/
01:24 <iFire> so I looked for this lib and the good thing is the two docs are about png
01:25 <iFire> so you can see the difference
01:25 <dongo> Oh yeah I've read that articlwe
01:25 <dongo> article*
01:25 <dongo> The library looks good and I'll take a look at it
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02:48 <iFire> dongo: how did it go?
02:49 <dongo> iFire: gonna take a look at it later, right now I need to sleep
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03:36 <cmhobbs> hello, folks! is there anything builtin that'll allow me to convert a hex string to binary?
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03:44 <iFire> considering we were just talking about turning ogg into a elixir struct, probablyy
03:44 <iFire> the music format binary file
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03:48 <cmhobbs> hm
03:48 <asonge> cmhobbs: see the Base module
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03:59 <cmhobbs> asonge: ok, thanks
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04:16 <kotedo> Howdy! Can I create an escript inside a Phoenix App so that I can start the escript and get access to the Phoenix app? I hope that makes sense ...
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04:19 <kotedo> /?
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10:05 <mrus> It appears to me that either Ecto or Poison.Encode does not function in a correct manner. It seems impossible to work with an :id that's of type :binary_id (UUID) and have Poison.Encode return the correct string representation of it.
10:06 <mrus> I hooked into Poison.Encode and performed an Ecto.UUID.load(value) and it works. But that looks to be rather a very ugly hack.
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13:02 <iFire> mrus: does posion have the equivilent of https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/blob/master/lib/ecto/type.ex#L3
13:02 <iFire> poison*
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15:39 <iFire> http://www.radgametools.com/telemetry.htm
15:39 <iFire> oops
15:39 <iFire> wrong chat
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16:49 <mrus> iFire: the issue was solved. If you're interested about the details: https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/issues/2026 :-)
16:51 <iFire> mrus: My answer is the same as "The implementation seems to be missing the dumpers and loaders for binary_id type:"
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16:51 <iFire> which I linked to at the github link
16:52 <iFire> curiously, it's also what I've been dealing with for the last few hours :)
16:52 <iFire> my code is breaking when I do a select ? [1]
16:53 <iFire> where [1] is a input parameter
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16:57 <mrus> Ah, I understand
16:58 <mrus> Sorry, I'm quite new to all that Elixir stuff :)
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17:38 <bitmod> i'm getting a lot of "deprecated" warnings when running mix ecto.create, any ideas what i'm missing?
17:38 <bitmod> i'm assuming something is out of date, but i haven't got anyway "update" requests
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17:39 <bitmod> *any
17:42 <bitmod> i'm on version 1.4.2-1 (pacman), so i guess it's not elixir itself
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17:45 <Nicd-> what's your phoenix version? what kind of warnings?
17:49 <iFire> micmus: can you explain how the dumper and loader system in ecto works?
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18:02 <josevalim> iFire: what would you like to know?
18:02 <josevalim> the dumper and loader system is for adapters
18:02 <josevalim> are you working on an adapter/
18:02 <josevalim> ?
18:09 <iFire> yes
18:09 <iFire> my adapter is breaking doing prepared queries with parameters for a statement like "SELECT ?" [1]
18:10 <iFire> The actual query is "SELECT w0."id", w0."randomnumber" FROM "world" AS w0 WHERE (w0."id" = ?) [9778]" but it's not so simple
18:10 <iFire> I have a version that is working a version that isn't but I can't determine why
18:10 <bitmod> Nicd-: sorry, had to head out. These are the warnings it gave me: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24349541/. From the looks of it, it seems like ecto is out of date, but isn't ecto a part of the elixir package?
18:11 <iFire> josevalim:
18:11 <josevalim> iFire: the dumpers and loaders are functions that are invoked to cast a given value to the database type
18:11 <josevalim> the problem with "SELECT ?" [1] is that we don't know the type if the parameter
18:11 <josevalim> so we can't cast it in anyway
18:11 <Nicd-> bitmod: ecto is its own library
18:12 <josevalim> unless your database tell you the type, like postgres does
18:12 <iFire> yeah, I gathered that
18:12 <josevalim> which adapter is it?
18:12 <bitmod> Nicd-: is it included with phoenix?
18:13 <iFire> josevalim: I wrote a one from looking at the postgres and mysql adapters. it's called snappydata_ecto and I've only got it functionala in phoenix a few days ago.
18:13 <Nicd-> bitmod: no
18:13 <Nicd-> bitmod: check your mix.exs for the ecto dependency
18:13 <josevalim> phoenix_ecto dependency most likely
18:13 <iFire> josevalim: it's not very complete as a warning
18:14 <iFire> josevalim: anyways in my tests if I create a table the query returns useful info, but somehow that isn't working now
18:14 <bitmod> ah ok, the dependency listed in mix.exs is for v 2.0.0, current is at 2.1.4
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18:16 <bitmod> Nicd-: regarding phoenix, will i have to change dependency versions in mix.exs often? Is there no way of keeping phoenix up to date so all its dependencies are at their latest versions?
18:16 <tristan__> are there docs on how genstage does backpressure
18:18 <tristan__> digging through the docs on hexdocs right now
18:18 <iFire> josevalim: database tell you the type, like postgres does what do you mean?
18:18 <iFire> like the database won't know that 1 is a integer unless we assume that it is a integer 32 numerical or a integer 64
18:19 <tristan__> oh, 'A dispatcher that accumulates demand from all consumers before broadcasting events to all of them.'
18:19 <tristan__> hm
18:22 <bitmod> all sorted, thanks
18:22 <josevalim> tristan__: it is as fast as the slowest consumer
18:22 <josevalim> tristan__: but that's for the broadcast dispatcher
18:23 <josevalim> tristan__: which is designed to work like that
18:23 <josevalim> tristan__: other dispatchers may have different behaviour
18:23 <josevalim> you can have a dispatcher that just drops events for slowest consumers
18:23 <josevalim> iFire: if you do this, "select ?::integer" postgres will tell you it expects an integer there
18:23 <josevalim> so you can do the proper casting
18:24 <josevalim> tristan__: most dispatchers are not broadcasting though, so they will emit to whatever consumer is available
18:24 <iFire> select CAST(1 as integer);
18:24 <iFire> something like that?
18:25 <iFire> I'm going to try that approach again
18:26 <iFire> Anyways the problem is I'm getting DBConnection.Query.Snappyex.Query.encode_values([], [3366], []) where the encoder gives up because it doesn't know that 3366 is a integer in the adpter
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18:26 <tristan__> josevalim: ok. yea, I'm basically implementing a broadcast dispatcher that I want to not be as slow as the slowest consumer but still adjust its polling based on the slowest, to try to keep the required caching of what the slowest is behind on from growing to quickly
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18:26 <iFire> so I have to tell it that because is_integer(1) is valid it's a :integer type
18:27 <tristan__> was hoping to find prior art, hehe
18:27 <josevalim> iFire: so you either need to assume what type it is
18:27 <josevalim> or you need to have the database tell you
18:27 <josevalim> for postgres, the database tells
18:27 <josevalim> for mysql, it doesn't
18:27 <josevalim> so you likely hvae to assume that an integer is should be encoded as a DB integer
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18:28 <josevalim> tristan__: broadcast dispatcher was meant to be a gen event replacement so it keep similarish properties
18:28 <josevalim> except gen event takes TIME = SUM(handlers)
18:28 <josevalim> and gen stage + broadcast is TIME = MAX(handlers)
18:29 <tristan__> makes sense
18:30 <iFire> https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/blob/master/lib/ecto/adapters/mysql/connection.ex#L446 wait what
18:30 <iFire> does that look like the mysql casts integers to a string?
18:32 <josevalim> it is because mariaex is encoding an integer as the string presentation of the integer
18:32 <iFire> actually I'm getting lost, should this be in the ecto adapter or the sql adapter
18:33 <bitmod> what happened with moving /web into /lib for phoenix?
18:33 <iFire> bitmod: whenever the phoenix version is released?
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18:33 <iFire> I think it's in rc stage. Don't remember.
18:34 <bitmod> got it
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18:54 <Exuma> Hey, I saw this thread why ^ is needed in ecto queries and I still dont understand http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40484790/why-are-pin-operators-necessary-in-ecto-queries
18:55 <Exuma> all the answers basically say "its for interpolation" (not really a 'pin')
18:55 <Exuma> but, I still dont understand how username = "x" is any different from ^username (which is still "x") ... in reference to a comparison
18:57 <benwilson512> Exuma: it was an intentional design decision to make it explicit when external values are being used in the query
18:58 <Exuma> sorry if this is dumb, but isnt x = 1; where: u.age == x pretty explicit?
18:58 <benwilson512> here's a good example
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18:58 <benwilson512> where: u.created_at == now
18:58 <benwilson512> is now the postgres function?
18:58 <benwilson512> or a variable?
18:59 <benwilson512> with ^ there's never any ambiguity between DSL delimiters and external variable values
18:59 <Exuma> hmm, I see. is now actually a real ecto method that activates PG's NOW()?
18:59 <benwilson512> ah actually no I thought it was, but the same issue applies with say
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19:00 <benwilson512> count, min or any of the 1 arity functions
19:00 <benwilson512> what if you have a function by that name in the module?
19:00 <Exuma> ahhhh
19:01 <benwilson512> you can safely just where u.age == ^min(blah) and know it'll use a local min function and inject the result in
19:01 <benwilson512> vs using the DSL min
19:01 <Exuma> so, the bottom line is that ^ allows you to explicitly say "this is coming from a variable" rather than some possibly conflicting function by the same name, that might be a part of Ecto itself
19:02 <Exuma> That was a good explanation, thank you
19:02 <Exuma> I'm still wrapping my head around this (coming from rails). I actually hate AR because it's never flexible enough. I end up doing insane things with it, and pushing it to the limit
19:02 <Exuma> Im really liking Ecto, although it's taking me a bit to get up to speed
19:10 <iFire> josevalim: so apparently just putting a prepared statement parameter doesn't work.
19:10 <iFire> if the original statement doesn't have a type
19:11 <iFire> because it's unknown
19:15 <Nicd-> bitmod: you don't really want that
19:15 <bitmod> Nicd-: what's that?
19:15 <Nicd-> bitmod: to always have the latest versions, because that will break things
19:16 <bitmod> Nicd-: fair point, hadn't considered that
19:17 <Nicd-> but you could do it by specifying something like "~> 1" for phoenix version for example
19:17 <Nicd-> it would get any 1.x.x version I think
19:17 <Nicd-> or just ">= 0.0.0"
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20:46 <Vynlar> Hello! I installed phoenix/elixir several months ago, and therefore am on version 1.2.1 of phoenix. I want to create a new phoenix project using the latest version. I re-did the installation directions but it doesn't appear that it actually changed the version I'm using. How can I upgrade my version of Phoenix to create a new project with the latest version?
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20:47 <stephen_m> have a look here https://elixirforum.com/t/phoenix-v1-3-0-rc-0-released/3947
20:49 <Vynlar> Ah, the archive name changed. Thanks for the help stephen
20:49 <stephen_m> you need to download the new archive `mix archive.install https://github.com/phoenixframework/archives/raw/master/phx_new.ez`
20:49 <stephen_m> and also phx.new -- not phoenix.new
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21:35 <mrus> Does anyone have an easy example of how to write a struct like %Plug.Conn{}, that allows piping through own functions? E.g. myStruct |> functionInside. I don't seem to get it working.
21:37 <Uniaika> mrus: what do you mean "own functions"?
21:37 <Uniaika> structs contain data, not functions
21:38 <iFire> well can you do a fn x -> [x] end inside of a struct?
21:38 <iFire> I think you can.,
21:38 <benwilson512> iFire: struct keys can hold arbitrary values sure
21:39 <benwilson512> including anonymous functions
21:39 <benwilson512> but it seems to me more likely that mrus is looking for something like a method and is confused
21:39 <mrus> Uniaika: but the module that "defstruct" that struct contains functions. From what I saw in https://github.com/elixir-lang/plug/blob/91b8f57dcc495735925553bcf6c53a0d0e413d86/lib/plug/conn.ex it is somehow possible to use these methods for the pipeline for "conn", which is only the struct itself, isn't it?
21:41 <Uniaika> uh
21:41 <benwilson512> mrus: structs are not objects, they do not have methods. If you want to pass a struct to a function in the module that the struct was defined you just do so like a regular function call
21:41 <benwilson512> ie
21:41 <benwilson512> conn |> Plug.Conn.some_function
21:41 <Uniaika> mrus: I don't see what you're talking about
21:41 <Uniaika> which line?
21:43 <iFire> conn |> resp(status, body) |> send_resp() ?
21:43 <mrus> benwilson512: hm, I really am confused, yes. Because, look, in my code I can simply write: conn |> put_status(200). And apparently, put_status is a function in :368 ( Uniaika ). How come I don't need to write conn |> Plug.Conn.put_status then?
21:43 <iFire> do you understand how |> works?
21:43 <benwilson512> ah
21:44 <benwilson512> mrus: the Plug.Conn module has been imported
21:44 <Uniaika> yeah
21:44 <benwilson512> mrus: http://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/alias-require-and-import.html#import
21:44 <mrus> ah!
21:44 <mrus> those small details. Thanks, I'll try to import my module then. :)
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