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03:25 <ludat> hi everyone, I want to make a websockets server but I don't think I fit into the phoenix model of sockets, what's the most popular websocket lib for plug?
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03:53 <cmk_zzz> ludat: I don't think you need a library for that. WebSockets are easily handled with the underlying cowboy http server. Here is a gist showing it (which I found and haven't tried). https://gist.github.com/alanpeabody/4fae12b420fb50376af4
03:54 <cmk_zzz> cowboy's own documentation may be useful as well but it is in erlang.
03:57 <ludat> cmk_zzz, thanks! I saw that example but I didn't realize cowboy could handle websockets (it seems so obvious now)
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08:22 <dk001> Hi, is there a way to prevent iex/phoenix server from truncating long error messages? It sometimes is impossible to see the stack trace at the bottom.
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08:39 <stephen_m> dk001 - yes
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08:39 <stephen_m> in the logger config.... truncate: (4096 * 16),
08:41 <stephen_m> config :logger, truncate: (4096 * 16) <-- number of bytes
08:42 <stephen_m> sorry... i thought you meant the logger....
08:42 <stephen_m> the stacktrace - is a different config
08:42 <stephen_m> getting it now
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08:43 <stephen_m> `config :phoenix, :stacktrace_depth, 20`
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09:12 <smeevil_> o/
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10:57 <antipax> anyone familiar with the `erts_code_purger` process and why it might be killing my ExUnit test processes only when running tests in an umbrella?
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10:59 <antipax> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/DycxtDkg/
10:59 <antipax> kinda, uh, weird
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11:00 <antipax> fishcakez: any chance you could take a look at this? maybe you're familiar with the messages/state tuple and know where it could be coming from, I'm totally stuck :(
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11:04 <fishcakez> antipax: if i had to guess the parent of those supervisors is getting killed
11:04 <fishcakez> and that sends a exit signal with reason :killed to the child, which makes the child supervisor exit with reason :killed
11:04 <fishcakez> maybe you have a supervisor set as a worker?
11:05 <fishcakez> or set a non infinity timeout
11:05 <fishcakez> or store an anonymous fun in a supervisor and reload code
11:06 <antipax> ok thanks. the weird thing is I've identified one test case such that if I remove the file it works, and it all runs just fine when you run it from the project directory
11:06 <antipax> so must be something different about how it's run when it's in the umbrella
11:06 <fishcakez> oh this is in tests
11:06 <antipax> yep
11:07 <antipax> and when i traced the kills they came from a process called "erts_code_purger" so I am guessing some module is getting reloaded somewhere, I just can't figure out where or why it only happens in the umbrella
11:07 <fishcakez> so thsoe processes are started by test processes and the test is getting killed?
11:07 <antipax> "mix test" just stops
11:07 <fishcakez> do you have 2 test case modules named the same?
11:07 <antipax> let me check
11:07 <antipax> pretty sure I checked that
11:08 <fishcakez> ugh but that should about redefining
11:08 <antipax> yeah, not the case
11:09 <fishcakez> can't you trace erts_code_purger to see what the mod is?
11:10 <antipax> good idea, let me try that
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11:12 <antipax> fishcakez: this appears relevant: {purge,elixir_compiler_38,<0.36.0>,#Ref<>}
11:14 <antipax> ok, I think I've tracked it down to the fact that some of the tests mock File and it doesn't like that
11:15 <antipax> and it's killing a compiler process which is in the process of reading a source file, presumably
11:15 <antipax> when it un-mocks File
11:15 <antipax> these tests are old and bad, I will rewrite them
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11:15 <antipax> thanks for the suggestion to trace erts_code_purger, didn't think of that :)
11:15 <antipax> once again you save my bacon fishcakez :)
11:18 <fishcakez> antipax: oh it seems like a compiler issue where we think we can purge but we cant :S
11:18 <antipax> fishcakez: so it's not all my fault? :D
11:19 <fishcakez> well I didnt say it wasn't :P
11:19 <antipax> hahaha
11:19 <antipax> would be pretty funny if i wrote bad compiler code that came back and bit me :P
11:20 <fishcakez> tbh if you mock File you deserve what you get
11:23 <fishcakez> antipax: if you can open issue with minimal case then we can either lambaste you or fix the bug ;)
11:23 <antipax> oh... I agree 100%
11:23 <antipax> this is some of the earliest Elixir code I ever wrote
11:23 <antipax> I think finding a minimal case might be tough
11:24 <antipax> it is already kinda heisenbug-y
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11:27 <Henk_> can anybody show some awesome work done on a site with elixir?
11:28 <josevalim> antipax: hrm
11:28 <josevalim> we build modules and clean them up on module definition
11:29 <josevalim> but something seems to be holding to the compiler module
11:29 <josevalim> theoretically the only way to do that is if you are spawning processes while compiling
11:29 <smeevil_> Could someone tell me if this ecto fragment will open a door for sql injection ? where([e], ilike(e.title, ^"%#{query}%")) , i would expect something more along the lines of where([e], ilike(e.title, ["%?%", ^query]))
11:30 <josevalim> smeevil: no, if you are using ^, it cannot
11:30 <josevalim> the worst is that you can have a like injection
11:30 <josevalim> so if the user pass a wildcard *, it will match any character
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11:30 <josevalim> antipax: or you spawn a process during compilation that has a reference to an anoymous function
11:30 <josevalim> something like this
11:30 <smeevil_> josevalim: thanks :) could you point me to some docs that explain why pinning prevents injection ?
11:31 <josevalim> antipax: defmodule Foo do spawn_link(fn -> ... end) end
11:31 <josevalim> and that spawn_link stays around forever
11:31 <josevalim> smeevil_: because we used parameters, that's what we send
11:31 <josevalim> "SELECT * FROM foo WHERE id = ?"
11:31 <josevalim> and then we send the parameters on the side
11:31 <smeevil_> ah ! so its abstracted on a higher lever. thanks !
11:32 <smeevil_> s/lever/level/
11:32 <josevalim> so there is no way to inject anything because we never interpolate anything
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12:01 <m00dy> Nicd-: Hi my friend
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12:05 <antipax> josevalim: hm, I don't think we spawn any processes during compilation
12:05 <antipax> definitely not in the test case that was producing the issue
12:05 <antipax> I think it was due to the mocking of File, I think that's the purged module that is causing the kills
12:06 <antipax> thanks for taking a look :)
12:07 <antipax> I just got back from lunch and finished updating the tests to no longer mock File, and it works just fine now
12:07 <antipax> other than that the file is unchanged
12:07 <antipax> these tests are from before you wrote that article about why mocks are not necessary, btw :D
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12:15 <Nicd-> hello m00dy! :) how are you?
12:15 <m00dy> I'm fine
12:15 <m00dy> what about you ?
12:16 <Nicd-> pretty good, got a new version of my site pushed on the weekend and have a clear path for future development. also LAN party starting on thursday!
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12:16 <ciawal> i60?
12:16 <Nicd-> no, just me and my friends at home :)
12:17 <ciawal> aw
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12:25 <tuacker1> there is no way to generate a public/private key pair in erlang/elixir outside of calling out to something like openssl correct?
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12:59 <PaReeOhNos> am I right in thinking that in order to use gen_tcp to connect to an SSL encrypted endpoint, I need to use :ssl.connect to upgrade the connection after?
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14:06 <m1dnight_> Is anyone aware of libraries in Elixir or Erlang to discover bluetooth LE devices?
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14:37 <drewolson> anyone know if there's an official graphql irc channel on freenode? the obvious guesses don't seem to have many / any users
14:39 <dongo> iFire: alright so I solved my ogg vorbis comment parsing problems. Did not have to use the library you mentioned. I completely missed the fact that some values are to be interpreted as little-endian (big is defaulr)
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14:40 <stephen_m> I'm just in the google groups - is there some way to mark a topic as unread?
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15:00 <asonge> drewolson: i think the graphql community is all on their own slack
15:00 <asonge> the slack channel there was on from day 1.
15:01 <drewolson> asonge yes, so i'm finding. i'm joining it now
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15:25 <micmus> lexmag: it's a long shot but maybe you have the benchmarks from mapset introduction somewhere? https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/pull/3258
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15:32 <lexmag> micmus: do you mean the actual code used in testing?
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15:33 <micmus> lexmag: yeah, that's why I said it's a long shot since it was 2 years ago
15:35 <lexmag> micmus: it still could possibly live in some gist, I'll check
15:36 <lexmag> micmus: seems I don't have it, not in branches, not in gists
15:36 <micmus> lexmag: no worries, thanks anyway :)
15:37 <lexmag> micmus: do you want to resurrect HashSet? :)
15:38 <micmus> lexmag: no, I'm looking for comparisons of MapSet with :ordsets, :sets & :gb_sets and that would give me some baseline to start
15:38 <lexmag> I see
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16:42 <ejpcmac> Hi ! I’m working on a phoenix webapp where users can register to events. Events can have multiple possible dates, so the users must provide their availability for all the dates. I’m storing the availabilities as a map, like %{"2017-04-10 20:00" => "yes", "2017-04-11 18:00" => "no"} and the form asks the users to provide them through a table of radio buttons (one row per possible date, and the yes/maybe/no columns).
16:43 <ejpcmac> I’m trying to figure how to map the radio buttons to the changeset in a clean way.
16:45 <ejpcmac> Currently I can map them with the `name` attribute of radio_button, and set unrevelent radio button ids, but if the form has an error, the values of the buttons are not mapped back.
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17:11 <meh`> with Ecto.Changeset is there a way to validate a value and convert it to some other value if it validates?
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17:22 <chrismccord> meh` you can use prepare_changes
17:22 <chrismccord> and put the value if the received change.valid? is true
17:22 <benwilson512> or possibly a custom type?
17:23 <meh`> I am using a custom type, but I guess I'm doing it wrong
17:23 <meh`> I have a thing that can be either :inactive | :active | :suspended, but it's an integer in the database, but the incoming params would have a string as value instead of an atom
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17:25 <meh`> I'm kind of confused as to what cast/load/dump should do actually
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17:29 <meh`> http://sprunge.us/gBYN does this look correct?
17:29 <chrismccord> meh` For these cases I would use prepare_changes, or a generic function. In the latter case, you'd need to check for validity first, then put_change the the value
17:30 <chrismccord> a custom type should work as well tho
17:30 <meh`> chrismccord, I use that type in quite a few tables, that's why I made a custom type
17:30 <chrismccord> meh` gotcha, sounds reasonable
17:30 <meh`> I'm just not sure I got the differences between cast/load/dump are, correct me if I'm wrong:
17:30 <chrismccord> meh` : looks correct to me at a glance
17:31 <meh`> - cast: kind of like type cohercion when getting the value into the schema
17:31 <meh`> - load: stuff coming from the database, convert back to what you want
17:31 <meh`> - dump: stuff going into the database, convert to native type
17:32 <chrismccord> 👍🏻
17:32 <meh`> cool, thanks :)
17:33 <ciawal> is there an intended way to check if an ecto association is loaded other than using match?(%Ecto.Association.NotLoaded{}, _) ?
17:33 <ciawal> it feels so dirty
17:33 <benwilson512> ciawal: are you loading it if it isn't loaded?
17:33 <ciawal> no
17:33 <benwilson512> what is the logic?
17:34 <ciawal> json encoding of a model
17:34 <ciawal> I include a related model if loaded, and if not I don't
17:35 <benwilson512> ah
17:35 <ciawal> oh https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.html#assoc_loaded?/1
17:35 <ciawal> I swear I've looked before and not found this
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18:02 <meh`> another stupid ecto question, let's say in the params on top of the various fields I have an `"event" => 1` and I have a `belongs_to :event` and 1 is the id of that event, wat do
18:02 <meh`> cast_assoc is whining that I need a changeset/2
18:04 <meh`> but I'm not even sure it would do what I ned
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20:07 <benwilson512> sounds like you really want an "event_id" param and then to just include it in the `cast/3` list
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23:47 <Radar> I have a process which is importing a bunch of "invitation events". These "invitation events" link to segments and to link the invitation to the segment, I'm looking the segment up in the database. The issue is a lot of the invitations have the same segments. I am trying to reduce the amount of database queries by storing the segments in a GenServer.
23:47 <Radar> I am concerned that this approach may lead to a lot of memory being used for a large amount of segments.
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23:50 <Radar> We already do something like this with questions: https://gist.github.com/radar/50deb6beef200a208a3ed880e8ce7e88
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23:51 <Radar> Is this a good approach?
23:54 <asonge> Radar: well, you're doing some unnecessary work, you can return the replies from the case statement, and that way you only run Map.put in the case where there's no value
23:55 <asonge> Radar: and it should work pretty well after that, but an ets table might be better...you can read form an ets table and then call into the gen_server if you miss the cache
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