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02:37 <Exuma> Hey, can someone explain to me when I might use ETS? I'm struggling to figure out how this is different from just storing the state in a GenServer
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02:45 <alisdair> ets can support concurrent reads
02:45 <alisdair> genservers have to serialize reads
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02:46 <Exuma> ahhh
02:46 <Exuma> hmm
02:46 <Exuma> Ok here is a dumb question
02:47 <Exuma> I'm trying to build a fun side project to learn elixir (coming from ruby). I want to build a very basic A/B testing platform
02:47 <Exuma> so you would create an experiment, which each experiment would hold some state (settings about the experiment)
02:47 <Exuma> and then it would run x trials, say 500, where something will happen (a few http requests)
02:47 <Exuma> so... would it be normal to make a new genserver for each experiment?
02:48 <Exuma> Ive watched so many videos and tutorials, and now that it comes time to actually design it with all I know, I'm kind of like durrrrrr uhhhh
02:49 <Exuma> I'm basically going to ask people to rate a few choices, and i want to track their votes for each experiemnt. then output the data on another part of the app
02:52 <alisdair> so one thing that's important to remember is that a gen_server isn't the same as an object
02:53 <alisdair> typically you only use a genserver to atomically update state
02:53 <Exuma> hmm
02:54 <alisdair> or to control access to a limited resource like a tcp connection
02:54 <Exuma> can you give a brief example of an atomic update?
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02:55 <alisdair> sure, so if you wanted a counter for example
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02:56 <alisdair> and you wanted to make sure every read returned the same value or a higher value
02:56 <alisdair> you could put the counter in a gen server
02:56 <kronicdeth> Is there a default Poison encoder for Ecto.UUID columns? I'm getting no function clause matching in Poison.Encoder.BitString.chunk_size/3
02:56 <Exuma> Ohhh I see
02:56 <Exuma> Hmm I see
02:57 <Exuma> So is a Genserver ever used as just like a generic data store?
02:57 <Exuma> I am trying to "think in terms of processes"
02:57 <Exuma> obviously there are multiple experiments, and each experiment might have 500 trials. so that has to get stored somewhere
02:57 <Exuma> also there might be 50 variations, so thats stored somewehre too
02:58 <Exuma> As of right now, I'm kind of thinking of a GenServer as like a generic place to store state, but maybe that is wrong
02:58 <Exuma> (state that persists across web requests)
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02:59 <alisdair> you could use it for that
02:59 <alisdair> you could also use ets for that though
02:59 <alisdair> however, if your workload is write heavy it's probably better to use a gen server
03:00 <alisdair> (not for performance reasons, just because it's easier to write generally)
03:00 <Exuma> Oh, I see
03:01 <Exuma> What would I use workers for, hypothetically
03:01 <alisdair> doing things concurrently
03:01 <Exuma> Would 1 worker be per 1 trial (out of 500)
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03:01 <Exuma> ok, so basically saving things
03:01 <Exuma> to the experiment
03:01 <alisdair> maybe
03:01 <alisdair> a pretty common example is web servers
03:01 <alisdair> you'd have one process per client
03:02 <Exuma> Ok, I see. So a genServer is serial reads, and ETS is concurrent reads
03:02 <alisdair> or if you are writing a thing that makes a bunch of http requests, you'd probably have one process per connection
03:02 <Exuma> what about writes
03:02 <alisdair> writes are serial for both
03:02 <alisdair> basically a gen server can only process a single message at a time
03:02 <alisdair> any messages it receives during processing just sit and wait until it's free
03:03 <alisdair> while an ets table is special and can handle multiple readers at a time
03:03 <Exuma> aahh ok, so if were talking about a very simple operation then, like adding a few numbers, multiple workers wouldnt even be that useful then. its only really useful where an amount of time is involed, like a complicated calculation or http request
03:03 <alisdair> yeah
03:04 <alisdair> if you had a pipeline of tasks you want to perform on an incoming data stream you generally want to perform every task in each process, rather than each task in it's own process
03:05 <alisdair> so you only send a few messages per item in the data stream
03:05 <Exuma> Ok, lets say I use 1 genserver per experiment. Where would I store those names of genservers? do I just create them dynamically with a name based on some sort of unique key or something?
03:05 <Exuma> so that I can "find" it again
03:05 <alisdair> you usually register them with a name or id
03:05 <alisdair> since elixir 1.4 there's a built in registry you can use
03:05 <kronicdeth> You probably want to use the Registry in 1.4, you can have a key that's not an atom then
03:05 <kronicdeth> such as something unique about the experiment
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03:06 <Exuma> I see. Can I also read from the regsitry and just increment to a next ID like a primary key?
03:07 <Exuma> I think I am seeing how this works a lot more now, I appreciate the help by the way
03:09 <Exuma> Also 1 more side question, how is a registry different from ETS? Arent they both key value stores
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03:14 <alisdair> registry is just some nicer interfaces to ets, basically
03:14 <Exuma> Ok cool
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03:24 <Exuma> thanks again!
03:24 <Exuma> time to go read and figure dis out
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08:20 <tuacker> has anyone here recommendations for a lib to parse some xml?
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08:23 <HansTrashy> Hey, quick question, how do i tell distillery to include erlang modules?
08:24 <HansTrashy> I use the eldap module and in dev everything works, but after deploying with edeliver the server fails: function :eldap.open/2 is undefined (module :eldap is not available)
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08:26 <gazler> HansTrashy: What Elixir version?
08:27 <HansTrashy> 1.4.1
08:28 <gazler> HansTrashy: You may need to add it in to your `extra_applications` config
08:28 <gazler> "Applications that are part of Erlang or Elixir that are required at runtime, such as :logger, must be added to the :extra_applications list. All extra applications will be included in the application list."
08:29 <gazler> https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/v1.4/CHANGELOG.md#application-inference
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08:33 <HansTrashy> gazler: im trying right now, ty
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08:35 <HansTrashy> gazler: thank you, its working now :)
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11:40 <hellomika> 1
11:41 <halluxcat> 2
11:41 <hellomika> cat vs keyboard :)
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11:48 <sevenseacat> who won?
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11:50 <hellomika> cat seems pleased with herself, I'd say she won
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14:05 <renl> hi anyone encountered this? when using nerves_uart after building escript it break with :erlang.++({:error, :bad_name}, '/nerves_uart')
14:06 <renl> how does this line executable = :code.priv_dir(:nerves_uart) ++ '/nerves_uart' break when the project is compiled into an escript?
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14:59 <drewolson> benwilson512 is there somewhere i can read about adding to the `errors` key from resolvers in absinthe?
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15:00 <drewolson> benwilson512 does just returning a tuple with `{:error, ...}` do the right thing? if so, can the second item in the tuple be a map?
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15:27 <iFire> so I have a database how should I cache the queries?
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15:27 <iFire> I guess the question is how do I make it faster :)
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15:37 <Exuma> Is there a way to make a phoenix project without all this extra support for channels? I don't use websockets hardly ever, and its so deeply intwined in all this code, I don't even know what to remove (particularly in endpoint file)
15:37 <gazler> bitwalker: I've just encountered something with distillery that may be of note. I have a plugin which generates an escript file, and am also using exrm_deb. Order is significant as my plugin needs to run before exrm_deb. Anyway, the plugins run in reverse order by the looks of things.
15:37 <gazler> Which makes sense because they are probably prepended.
15:39 <bitwalker> gazler: good catch, mind opening an issue? I'll try to get some fixes out today
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15:39 <gazler> bitwalker: Sure, no problem. Just wanted to check it was intentional first.
15:39 <jadlr> Exuma, in the endpoint file there is only line that is specific to the generated channel. Something like "socket "/socket", MyProject.Web.UserSocket"
15:40 <bitwalker> gazler: yeah definitely not intentional, just incidental :)
15:40 <gazler> bitwalker: Do they need reversing here? https://github.com/bitwalker/distillery/blob/master/lib/mix/lib/releases/plugins/plugin.ex#L166
15:40 <Exuma> Are: socket / pubsub / channel all basically different words for the same thing
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15:41 <Exuma> oh crap.... i was looking in the wrong endpoint file. damn
15:41 <Exuma> time to add ignore paths to vim ahhahaha
15:42 <bitwalker> gazler: I'd rather do it in the config handling
15:42 <jadlr> Exuma, i generated a phoenix 1.3 project and there is no pubsub stuff in the endpoint. Only a socket for there generated channel and a socket for the code reloading (you probably wanna keep that)
15:43 <jadlr> Exuma, delete the channel folder in lib/web and test and the channel_case.ex and you should be 'channel-free'
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15:43 <Exuma> thanks! can i delete pubsub out of my mix.exs and deps, or is that used by livereload
15:43 <gazler> bitwalker: You want me to change https://github.com/bitwalker/distillery/blob/master/lib/mix/lib/releases/config/config.ex#L179 (and 186) to ++ []?
15:44 <gazler> bitwalker: If not then I'll just raise an issue!
15:44 <jadlr> Exuma, that I don't know
15:44 <Exuma> ok ill experiment
15:44 <adamkittelson> pubsub is used by channels but it isn't just another name for them, it can be used independently as a way to subscribe processes to messages that may be broadcast from any node in the cluster
15:45 <jadlr> Exuma, you could also delete the function "def channel do" in web.ex
15:45 <Exuma> what about priv/static/js/app.js and web/static/js/socket.js
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15:47 <iFire> bitwalker: what the state of distillery and windows services?
15:47 <iFire> what is*
15:49 <jadlr> Exuma, I'm looking at the 1.3 project layout where that stuff is in assets. You should be safe to delete the socket.js file. The app.js is your JS which will be processed by brunch
15:49 <Exuma> hmm i see
15:49 <Exuma> yeah, I'm looking at app.js and don't really see what this is for yet
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15:49 <bitwalker> iFire: there is support in master for windows, but it has not been released yet
15:49 <bitwalker> on hex that is
15:50 <Exuma> whats the difference between priv/static/css|js and web/static/css|js
15:50 <bitwalker> I'd love to get some feedback from other people though, so if you have time, please give it a shot
15:50 <jadlr> Exuma, priv is the output folder (processed JS) the other is where you write you JS
15:50 <Exuma> ah, I see. now this makes more sense
15:51 <Exuma> ah ha!
15:51 <Exuma> sweet
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15:56 <Exuma> what is all this stuff at the top of the compiled app.js? Inside the closure
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15:57 <chrismccord> Exuma as jadlr said, delete the channels dir, then remove the `socket` mount from your endpoint
15:58 <chrismccord> it's not intwined as you implied
15:58 <Exuma> Ah, thanks Chris. Yeah I was accidentally looking at the wrong endpoint file (in dist)
15:59 <Exuma> So far all of this is great, the only part that I'm still wondering about is where all this js in app.js comes from and what its for. I see a few functions which probably come from phoenix_html to submit delete request forms (i'm guessing), but what is all this stuff above it?
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16:05 <elixir1932> Quick question. What does the pipe character do in the following code: `new_results = [result|results]`?
16:06 <elixir1932> I can't seem to find it in the elixir getting started guide
16:06 <alisdair> on the right side of a match pattern it constructs a list by prepending `result` to the list `results`
16:06 <alisdair> on the left side it would match the first item in the list
16:06 <ciawal> http://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/basic-types.html#lists-or-tuples
16:07 <elixir1932> thanks!
16:07 <alisdair> that's a pretty idiomatic way to collect results in an iterative way in elixir (via prepending to a list of results)
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16:08 <elixir1932> alisdair: so if I want to sort the list in the order in which items were added, it would be most efficient to construct list this way, then reverse?
16:08 <alisdair> yeah, exactly
16:09 <elixir1932> alisdair: cool, got it.
16:09 <alisdair> it's not necessarily most efficient (body recursion can be more efficient for certain operations/meanings of efficient) but it's generally a good approach
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16:10 <elixir1932> alisdair: can you expand on how body recursion would be more efficient? (still learning! :))
16:11 <elixir1932> alisdair: wait, I think I asked another question not too long ago and someone (maybe you?) responded about efficiency of body recersion...
16:11 <alisdair> http://ferd.ca/erlang-s-tail-recursion-is-not-a-silver-bullet.html
16:11 <alisdair> that's a pretty good article, better than i can do ;)
16:12 <Exuma> http://culttt.com/2016/06/06/understanding-recursion-tail-call-optimisation-elixir/
16:12 <Exuma> elixir1932 there is one i read yesterday that was good
16:12 <Exuma> (basic) but good
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16:41 <nox> LCMCO could be a sort of silver bullet.
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16:42 <nox> (Last Call Modulo Cons Optimisation.)
16:42 <nox> This requires some quite heavy changes in BEAM's GC though.
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16:43 <benwilson512> nox: just the man I need
16:44 <benwilson512> (maybe)
16:44 <benwilson512> do you have a sense of what would suite a large tree structure in Elixir better, a tree of Records of a tree of maps? the tree is essentially AST, and processing the tree involves walking the vast majority of nodes in a pass to annotate it with various forms of metadata
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16:45 <benwilson512> there are several dozen such passes
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16:45 <nox> Does it matter if it's slow or not?
16:45 <nox> Is the AST quite formal, or are you experimenting and have no idea how it will look like in the end?
16:45 <benwilson512> the actual context is the graphql implementation I'm one of the co-authors of, and processing trees happens on every HTTP request
16:45 <benwilson512> so faster is better
16:46 <benwilson512> you can cache some of the work, but some of it is unavoidable to do each time
16:48 <wwwd> I'm trying to parse a list of colors from a "colors.json" file to be used in a Phoenix select tag. If I do "File.read("../static/resources/colors.json") in iex I get {:ok, "[\"apricot\"...\"]" which I can then parse with "Code.string_to_qoeted". On the other hand, if I try and use "File.read" in my controler I get an error. What am I doing wrong?
16:48 <ljarvis> what's the error?
16:48 <ciawal> you should use Poison.decode
16:48 <ciawal> not Code.string_to_qoeted!
16:49 <ciawal> but you probably just have the wrong file path?
16:49 <benwilson512> note that it's an `{:ok` tuple
16:49 <wwwd> {:error, :enoent}
16:49 <wwwd>
16:49 <ljarvis> that too, but presumably it's a wrong path issue?
16:49 <benwilson512> yea
16:49 <ciawal> yes, that means the file doesn't exist
16:49 <ciawal> you should use the application root helper
16:49 <ciawal> but I forget where it is
16:50 <ciawal> Mix.Project.app_path
16:50 <micmus> the simples solution would be to put it in priv and use Application.app_dir(app_name, "priv/path/to/file")
16:50 <micmus> always works
16:50 <ciawal> you could consider reading this at compile time also
16:51 <micmus> benwilson512: are the maps with fixed keys or are you adding new keys
16:51 <wwwd> If I open iex in the file my /controllers and past it the exact code it reads it.
16:51 <ljarvis> that's not the same app path
16:51 <ciawal> the working directory is not the controller script's directory
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16:52 <ciawal> you should just do as micmus said, ljarvis
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16:52 <ljarvis> hm?
16:52 <wwwd> Ok! I'll give that a try...thanks!
16:53 <ciawal> whoops, I meant wwwd
16:53 <ciawal> sorry
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16:54 <wwwd> ciawal: Are you asking me about the maps?
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17:12 <benwilson512> micmus: fixed keys
17:12 <benwilson512> micmus: its' basically a question of records vs structs
17:13 <wwwd> micmus: "colors = get_colors(File.read(Application.app_dir(maize, "priv/resources/colors.json")))" is telling giving me "web/controllers/pet_controller.ex:16: undefined function maize/0" Did I miss understand what you were telling me?
17:14 <micmus> benwilson512: up to 32 keys, maps are basically two tuples - one for keys, one for values, so it should be pretty much the same compared to records.
17:14 <ciawal> wwwd: :maize
17:14 <ciawal> if that's your app name…
17:14 <micmus> ^
17:14 <benwilson512> micmus: right, I suppose what I'm wondering is if the records would be a lot more compact since the keys aren't really stored
17:15 <wwwd> Ah! Damn!!!
17:15 <micmus> benwilson512: it might be slightly slower, since you have to find the key instead of having the index right there, but I'm not sure it's significant
17:15 <benwilson512> micmus: I'm sure in isolation it isn't, but I'm wondering if with all the tree walking / pattern matching I'm doing if a tuple wouldn't be faster
17:15 <benwilson512> however rewriting the code to use records would be a massive undertaking
17:15 <micmus> benwilson512: yeah, it might be less memory - though the keys tuple can be reused between different maps
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17:16 <micmus> the one in maps
17:16 <benwilson512> micmus: very good point on reusing the keys tuple w/ maps
17:16 <alisdair> i don't think they can be
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17:16 <alisdair> unless your keys are heap binaries
17:17 <benwilson512> I could probably do a proof of concept and see how it goes
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17:17 <benwilson512> the structures are all 100% internal so I'm not super concerned from an API perspective
17:17 <micmus> alisdair: %{map | :key => new_value} won't allocate a new tuple for keys, it will only copy the values tuple
17:19 <benwilson512> right so that's an overall good question
17:19 <benwilson512> what's the relative memory cost of doing
17:19 <benwilson512> %{small_map | key: value} vs tuple |> set_elem(3, value) or whatever the tuple function is
17:20 <benwilson512> the whole tuple is copied as far as I understand it, how much of the map is copied?
17:24 <micmus> up to 32 keys a map is basically something like {keys, values}, where keys & values are a tuple. Keys are sorted and values are under the index of the appropriate key. The map update (unless adding new keys) will copy the values tuple & allocate a new map value. It's slightly more costly compared to a record - you first need to find the right index in the
17:24 <micmus> values tuple and allocate the additional wrapping structure of the map itself.
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17:25 <benwilson512> ok
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17:25 <benwilson512> I'll spike a version w/ records just to see what it gets me
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17:59 <OliverMT> Is that how large maps were before as well micmus ? Explains why large maps were slow befor
17:59 <OliverMT> E
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18:03 <benwilson512> yea
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18:10 <micmus> OliverMT: yup, that was the only implementation in OTP17 - there was no division for big and small maps
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18:40 <wwwd> So again, trying to return a list of colors from a file to use in a select...This "{:ok, colors} = get_colors(File.read(Application.app_dir(:maize, "priv/resources/colors.json")))" gives me a very attractive list which I am trying t to use in "render(conn, "new.html", changeset: changeset, colors: colors)". However, this gets me "** (ArgumentError) assign @colors not available in eex template." Am I trying to pass colors correctly?
18:40 <wwwd> Or more accurately, what am I doing wrong? ;)
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18:48 <wwwd> It seems like it should go on the conn.assigns but I can't figure out how to get it on there...
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18:56 <ciawal> wwwd: you need to give it to the render call
18:58 <wwwd> ciawal: Like this "render(conn, "new.html", changeset: changeset, colors: colors)"?
18:58 <ciawal> yes
18:58 <wwwd> That was my first try.
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19:01 <ciawal> look at new.html
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19:07 <wwwd> Ah, thank you! I was trying to put it in form.html!
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19:24 <vans163> anyone run into this {badfun,#Fun<Elixir.Gzf.Panel.Ws.1.387643>} (on the erlang side) when the func is declared on the elixir side
19:25 <vans163> (on the elixir side) ** (BadFunctionError) expected a function, got: #Function<1.387643/1 in Gzf.Panel.Ws>
19:25 <vans163> Func(Value) is how its being called on the erlang side, and Func on the elixir side is == fn(v)-> v end
19:26 <vans163> the elixir side func references some scoped variables.. maybe thats why?
19:27 <vans163> scoped_var = another_arg; fn(v)-> scoped_var end
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19:32 <vans163> it seems when i remove that scoped_var the func works fine
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20:21 <Ilyes512> hey guys. why does deleting a row twice result in an error instead of returning an tuple {:error, ?}. https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/getting-started.html#deleting-records
20:22 <Ilyes512> I get this error instead of the expected tuple: (Ecto.StaleEntryError) attempted to delete a stale struct:
20:22 <Nicd-> did you use delete!() with exclamation mark?
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20:23 <Ilyes512> no
20:24 <Nicd-> you're deleting from the same struct twice?
20:24 <Ilyes512> so I first got a struct by doing: user = Acme.Accounts.user |> Acme.Repo.get(1)
20:24 <Ilyes512> yes
20:25 <Ilyes512> I call this twice (with the first one succeeding) Acme.Repo.delete user
20:25 <Nicd-> there's an answer here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/elixir-ecto/Q3xTHVuRCeQ
20:25 <Nicd-> "The issue is that we don't really know if it was deleted. IIRC You could have something in your database that forbade the delete and we would get no results while the entry is still there. We don't know the reason (that's why it is an exception and not a changeset error)."
20:28 <Ilyes512> hmm
20:28 <Ilyes512> "could have something in your database that forbade" how?
20:29 <cmk_zzz> Ilyes512: foreign key constraint for example
20:29 <Ilyes512> like a fk constraint? Would that not throw a mysql error?
20:29 <Ilyes512> (in my case mysql)
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20:30 <Ilyes512> i still find it strange that it throws an error instead of a tuple {:error, msg}
20:31 <Ilyes512> wait... if it was deleted it would return with "No errors; 0 rows affected" that would not be an error hmm
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20:38 <lagbox> good question Ilyes512
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20:46 <vans163> is it just me, or are dynamic functions in elixir not supporting outer scoped variables?
20:46 <vans163> outer=5; dynamic = fn()-> outer end; now call dynamic() from erlang and you get badfun.
20:46 <vans163> but doing the same thing in erlang and calling from erlang no error
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21:00 <OliverMT> are you doing dynamic.() from somewhere where outer is in scope?
21:03 <vans163> OliverMT: outer is not in scope. yes
21:03 <vans163> I tested in erlang shell, unsetting via f/1 everything works, calling it from inside spawn works.
21:03 <vans163> **no, outer is not in scope.
21:05 <vans163> https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ad85682deff2a9ced48d03e6692eb090
21:09 <OliverMT> to me that is more logical
21:09 <OliverMT> lambda functions shouldnt capture outside scope :D
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21:11 <vans163> if the function is immutable, it shoudnt hold refs to things, it makes sense for anything outside the functions scope to be copied into the function itself
21:11 <vans163> im not sure if the way the erlang code is calling the elixir code, it would break on erlang and elixir funcs. or if its an elixir thing
21:12 <vans163> elixir doesnt support (fn()-> :ok end)() so maybe the way it handle these types of funcs is different
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21:28 <iFire> vans163: you can put it inside a struct
21:29 <iFire> and pass the struct
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21:43 <drewolson> benwilson512 have you considering exposing a batch API similar to https://github.com/Shopify/graphql-batch for absinthe? i think it works out quite nicely (in ruby)
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21:48 <sorentwo> drewolson: There has been discussion about it in the past, and it looks like there is some ecto specific work for it underway https://github.com/absinthe-graphql/absinthe_ecto/blob/master/lib/absinthe/ecto.ex
21:48 <drewolson> sorentwo ah, thanks. the current batching mechanism is fine, too, but i enjoyed working with graphql-batch, and it seems that's also similar to facebook's dataloader
21:49 <sorentwo> Within the app I've been working on I built up my own "preload" resolver, but it only works for one "resolution" at a time.
21:50 <drewolson> sorentwo in a ruby example i was working on, i built my own "has many" resolver that uses postgres window functions to efficiently load the first "page" of data for all parent objects. it was nice to work with graphql-batch while doing that.
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21:51 <drewolson> i may do something similar in ecto and elixir
21:51 <sorentwo> drewolson: That sounds pretty great. Is that example public anywhere? I'm a fan big fan of window functions.
21:51 <drewolson> one sec, i'll gist it
21:52 <drewolson> https://gist.github.com/drewolson/12e08e8bb24bdce474b05dc2edcf1826
21:52 <drewolson> the `Page.new` at the end is my light weight "learn as i go" version of relay connections
21:53 <drewolson> purely for learning the concepts
21:53 <drewolson> but you could simply fulfill with the list of models rather than wrapping it in anything
21:53 <drewolson> basically i was trying to figure out how to efficiently load relay connections lazily in batch
21:53 <drewolson> and i think window functions are the answer if you're using postgres
21:53 <Exuma> is there a way i can redirect "/" to some other path, like i can in rails, ?
21:54 <drewolson> the most annoying part of the code is sanitizing the sql :)
21:54 <Exuma> using phoenix
21:54 <sorentwo> Something I've found especially useful in Ecto is that you can specify the preload query, which has helped for joins etc, and is marginally helpful in ordering and limiting.
21:55 <drewolson> would that allow you to limit the number of results per foreign key in a single query, though? i'd guess no?
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21:56 <sorentwo> It lets you limit the number of results total, not per-key. You could use a window function for that, like you were doing though.
21:57 <drewolson> yep. i think i'd probably use the same approach in ecto.
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22:03 <drewolson> Exuma: you'd just have an entry in your router like `get "/", PageController, :index`
22:03 <drewolson> just pick the controller and action you want
22:04 <drewolson> unless you want an actually HTTP redirect
22:04 <Exuma> what I mean is, how would I redirect so that I don't technically have "/"
22:04 <Exuma> so it would redirect
22:04 <Exuma> / to /experiments
22:04 <drewolson> i'd probably just redirect from a controller itself.
22:04 <Exuma> ok, i figured as much
22:04 <drewolson> i'm not sure if you can do that directly in the router
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22:05 <Exuma> thanks for your help
22:05 <drewolson> np
22:06 <Exuma> is there a way i can redirect to a route helper path
22:06 <Exuma> so i can say experiments_path, it seems it only accepts "/path" as a string
22:07 <Exuma> nevermind
22:07 <Exuma> I see, i just pass in conn twice
22:07 <Exuma> to the path() method
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