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01:26 <alisdair> so how come reverse/1 is in Enum?
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01:32 <Raticide> In a phoenix app I have my users as members of an 'account', what's the best way to split channels based on the account? Should I just use a topic of "chat:lobby:${account_id}" ?
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01:57 <iFire> benwilson512: how do I tell the poolboy is working?
01:57 <iFire> I'm getting maxed 1 core and everything is low
01:58 <iFire> with ecto
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02:25 <benwilson512> iFire: I don't understand what you mean
02:25 <benwilson512> nor do I have any context
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06:45 <OliverMT> benwilson512: if I have four pools and I fill them with a garden hose, when is the third one full?
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07:27 <peterpp> is there a way to make this work? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/cd29e8a7c7cbec9ff6888203ddfd7f01
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07:32 <peterpp> I'm trying to use update_in for nested maps and structs
07:32 <peterpp> should I use something else?
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07:49 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> Hello! I have an architecture-wise question which I'm not sure how to handle on Elixir. I have a single queue (AWS SQS) holding various messages divided by group. I want to process the message per group one-by-one, but process N groups in parallel. I was thinking of using new GenStage for fetching messages from SQS, and N GenStage workers based on these groups to digest them. Is it reasonable?
07:50 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> Please note that the operation these workers have to perform is very IO bound, and the number of groups is dynamic, although strictly related to the number of customers (so 1000 customers ~3000 workers), which means I don't think I'll ever hit any CPU limit
07:52 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> My doubt is if I should use a plain GenServer instead of a GenStage since the number of worker is strictly tied to groups and in any case every worker per group can't handle more than one message at a time
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08:49 <embik> hey guys, I'm a bit confused about the workflow when creating models with relationships. When following the docs and adding e.g. belongs_to to the model, I need to modify the migration that creates the underlying table
08:49 <embik> but that changed migration won't be run unless I blank the database and start from new
08:49 <embik> is that how it's supposed to work?
08:49 <Nicd-> no, you create a new migration
08:49 <Nicd-> which docs are you following?
08:50 <embik> should've said I'm using Phoenix, sorry
08:50 <embik> http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/ecto-models
08:51 <embik> whoops, did not copy the anchor. it's http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/ecto-models#section-data-relationship-and-dependencies
08:52 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> embik: you alter a migration only if you have never run it, or if you are in development in which case you can rollback the migration. Otherwise, if you need to deploy a new change to db structure, just create a new migration
08:52 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> by "rollback" I mean that you can destroy the DB locally without destroying your business :P
08:53 <embik> oh well, okay. guess that makes more sense
08:54 <embik> Do I create said migration by hand by creating a new file in priv/repo/migrations?
08:54 <Nicd-> your "phoenix.gen.model" step creates the migration
08:54 <Nicd-> you can see it says "creating priv/repo/migrations/20150611051558_create_video.exs"
08:54 <Nicd-> if you need to create one yourself, use "mix ecto.gen.migration <migration_name>"
08:55 <embik> Nicd-: ah, thanks! :-)
08:57 <embik> oh well I should just read the tasks' documentation, it answers my question.
08:57 <embik> RTFM I guess ...
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09:12 <embik> okay another question, why is ":utc_datetime" an unknown type when using "mix phoenix.gen.html"? :/
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09:21 <Theophane> hohai!
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09:22 <Theophane> I wanted to know if I could reuse a @type definition from a module in another one and how
09:22 <Theophane> like, I just want to import a type def from a module
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09:33 <micmus> Theophane: you can use Module.type to refer to a definition from another module
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09:44 <Theophane> okay, thanks =)
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09:52 <Theophane> micmus: will `alias` work on types as well?
09:53 <Theophane> maybe I'm just too biaised by how haskell manages imports & exports…
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11:10 <micmus> Theophane: on the module part, yes
11:13 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> is mocking or stubbing used in elixir or is it considered a bad practice? I'm writing a module which performs an HTTP call to an AWS service and I don't want to run it during my tests
11:14 <micmus> Fire-Dragon-DoL: the canonical answer to that will be this article http://blog.plataformatec.com.br/2015/10/mocks-and-explicit-contracts/
11:15 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> let me read
11:15 <micmus> Fire-Dragon-DoL: For testing HTTP I like to use https://github.com/PSPDFKit-labs/bypass
11:15 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> I usually know all traps of mocks, I already fell in all of them, but with the new paradigm there might be a good approach :P
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11:25 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> mh micmus but that article shows a very wrong approach... I mean, you need to hit the Twitter API and you are testing your controller... and you mock the whole HTTP Client. That's like saying, I'll mock the entire database because I need to have that User returned
11:27 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> oh ok it moves on :P
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12:36 <Theophane> thanks micmus
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12:50 <iFire> does anyone know if the ecto tests execute on the database?
12:52 <Fire-Dragon-DoL> any convention around test naming scheme? In ruby I was used to put "#methodname do something"
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16:30 <elixir1923> Do any of you use the asdf version manager? If so, how does one update asdf itself?
16:31 <elixir1923> I have v0.2.1 and I would like to upgrade to v.0.3.0
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18:44 <peterpp> why does mix run my program when I do `mix compile`?
18:46 <asonge> peterpp: do you have code that's not in a module?
18:47 <peterpp> oh
18:47 <peterpp> yes
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18:47 <asonge> well, "compiling" actually means "run the code in these files". defmodule actually emits modules which the compiler stores in .beam files
18:48 <asonge> code not in a module will run at compile time, which is just how macros kinda work.
18:49 <peterpp> when I created a new project with mix, I could find something like a main.ex
18:50 <peterpp> couldn't!
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18:53 <peterpp> I guess I should've studied the output of `mix help new` first
18:55 <peterpp> pretty quiet in here, especially given the number of users
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19:02 <lagbox> its saturday
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19:05 <diastack> the sky is blue
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19:06 <lixmon> is it bad practice to make an umbrella app?
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19:16 <asonge> lixmon: imho, "it depends", umbrella support is generally improving over time, but this is an area under active exploration for best practices.
19:17 <lixmon> thanks asponge
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19:31 <peterpp> diastack, good for you! over here the sky's been grey for a week and now it's raining
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19:36 <lixmon> haha
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20:02 <lixmon> how do you read and write metadata from Mp3 file using Elxir?
20:04 <lixmon> everything I see is built in Python
20:04 <Nicd-> lixmon: try: https://hex.pm/packages?_utf8=✓&search=id3&sort=downloads
20:05 <lixmon> Nicd-: Perfecto thanks much
20:05 <Nicd-> always try searching hex :)
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20:08 <ffi_merlin> bind ^] command nicklist scroll +10
20:09 <ffi_merlin> wrong, window haha
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22:35 <LastWhisper____> hey guys im trying to learn a bit more about general application design, and the technology I want to learn on top of that is elixir / phoenix, I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on reading materials for the former, so going from an idea to model/schema design?
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22:37 <LastWhisper____> I guess the proper term for that is Data Modeling ?
22:39 <alisdair> data modelling or domain driven design
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22:40 <asonge> i'd say look at the discussion about the way phoenix currently works and how it will work in the next version (soon to be released, and a huge improvement)
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22:40 <asonge> this is a lot more important than how your database schema looks precisely
22:41 <LastWhisper____> right... even before defining my schema/model mappings I guess I need to do some reading on how to properly gather requirements and define the business processes, so I was looking for some interesting reading materials
22:44 <asonge> i think the best practices for that are just being ironed out, but the basics have been illustrated in a recent talk or two
22:45 <asonge> but the concepts are pretty simple ones, so i don't know if there's ever going to be that much written on it outside of the guides when phoenix 1.3 is released.
22:46 <alisdair> there was a really good blogpost from i thought soundcloud recently about their application design, but i can't find it now
22:47 <LastWhisper____> yeah I'm really just interested in learning more about how people go from an idea to beginning to design their application, obviously phoenix/elixir will be a little different given the functional approach
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22:48 <asonge> basically, business logic takes place in a context module with functions, and contexts also group related schemas together (as far as a namespace goes)
22:48 <alisdair> LastWhisper____: https://getpocket.com/a/read/1664643629
22:48 <alisdair> found it
22:48 <alisdair> wait, sorry
22:48 <alisdair> http://philcalcado.com/2017/03/22/pattern_using_seudo-uris_with_microservices.html
22:48 <asonge> login required D:
22:49 <LastWhisper____> Ive nver used getpocket haha -- alright cool let me add this to my reading queue
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22:50 <alisdair> it's about distributed systems and identifiers, but i think it has a lot of good points about what you do with your data and things you need to be aware of
22:52 <LastWhisper____> that's pretty cool -- yeah I actually created a custom URI parser/manager for one of my company's internal CRM's to point to all the right places when on different apps
22:53 <LastWhisper____> e.g. I can post partner:vendor_link:encrypted_id
22:53 <LastWhisper____> and if you're on the app, it'll know to deep link to it, if you're on the web, it'll find the actual storefront link for 'em
22:53 <alisdair> yeah we are in the process of switching to something like that, "namespace:xxxxxxxx:collection:xxxxxxxx"
22:54 <LastWhisper____> ya it was a fun project
22:54 <LastWhisper____> it was based on overriding some markdown helpers for links
22:54 <alisdair> so instead of ending up with an integer identifier that could be anything, you know the user, the collection type and the object id just from the identity
22:54 <LastWhisper____> thats cool
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23:50 <dimitarvp> Can anybody tell me if I can have a Time / DateTime and calculate a new one in the future, given amount of seconds?
23:50 <dimitarvp> without libraries, I mean.
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