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01:02 <ultra|lazer> Does anyone talk here, or is it mostly a place to stay afk
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01:02 <sevenseacat> people talk when they have stuff to say :)
01:03 <ultra|lazer> I said hello an hour ago and no one was home ;)
01:04 <asonge> ultra|lazer: a lot of the activity is higher during the workday in EU and US
01:04 <ultra|lazer> Ahh, gotcha
01:04 <asonge> if you answer a question that someone knows the answer to, you'll usually get a quick reply
01:04 <asonge> *ask a question
01:04 <asonge> anyone here doing much stuff on google cloud services compared to AWS?
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01:44 <LastWhisper____> evening friends
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02:26 <ultra|lazer> LastWhisper____: hello
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02:29 <ultra|lazer> raycoll: you must be in my neighborhood
02:30 <LastWhisper____> hey there. for the 1.3 phoenix upgrade, im following chris's gist and I'm wondering about something like `alias Tuna.Repo`, do I rename to `alias Tuna.Web.Repo` ?
02:31 <sevenseacat> that would make sense, if thats what your Repo now is
02:31 <LastWhisper____> Tuna.Repo is completely made up name btw haha.
02:31 <LastWhisper____> An elixir distributor for Tuna hahaha
02:31 <chrismccord> LastWhisper____ Repo lives outside of the web namespace
02:31 <chrismccord> so it should remain Tuna.Repo
02:31 <LastWhisper____> ok
02:32 <chrismccord> Web is for the web interface of your app
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02:32 <asonge> chrismccord: weird question i've been meaning to ask for months. do you think phoenix core will be "finished" at some point? not talking about pubsub, but i mean just the core of it and phoenix_html and such.
02:34 <chrismccord> asonge : it will be finished like plug is finished
02:34 <chrismccord> so never finished, but most interesting things will happen outside core
02:34 <asonge> forgot about plug. i can't help but think that plug might have one of the most stable interfaces in the community
02:35 <chrismccord> asonge : yeah indeed. I don't forsee massive changes to our apis anytime soon, so future releases won't go the way of angular 2, if tha'ts what you mean :)
02:36 <asonge> well, mostly i was just remembering what it was like when i first got into erlang. where perfectly good software had like...2-3 years without major commits, and people were still using it in new products
02:36 <chrismccord> asonge : but lots of interesting things to solve under the phoenix umbrella around distributed systems, but of course that won't happen in core
02:37 <chrismccord> asonge : hehe yes if I find a seemingly "abandoned" erlang lib, I treat it much differently compared to other langs
02:37 <sevenseacat> lol, in Ruby if something hasnt been touched in a month 'its abandoned, i can't use it anymore, whats the new shiny'
02:38 <asonge> sevenseacat: i think in a lot of other languages/libs, there's just always something lurking and broken, and often in some nether-region of the API where someone executes something in an unusual order or something.
02:39 <sevenseacat> aye
02:41 <LastWhisper____> another question about the upgrade... in my config.exs -- do I modify Tuna.PubSub to include the .Web. in there or is that really just for Web facing imports, and pub sub is its own lib ?
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02:48 <asonge> LastWhisper____: basically, web is for all the controllers and views
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03:18 <nxtlvl> Is there a variant of elixir that uses symbolic-expr syntax ? i.e ()'s for everything.
03:35 <LastWhisper____> hey guys i'm looking at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42462080/what-is-context-in-elixir-phoenix-html-generator -- and I'm a bit confused, is the context a necessary argument to pass?
03:39 <sevenseacat> yes.
03:40 <LastWhisper____> I'm not sure I follow what my context should be :(
03:40 <LastWhisper____> I should prob watch chris's keynote
03:41 <sevenseacat> :)
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03:44 <asonge> nxtlvl: not really, what are you looking for exactly?
03:45 <asonge> nxtlvl: lisp-flavored erlang is totally a thing though
03:55 <toastytheog> chrismccord: just got your book in the mail today. this is crazy awesome. i remember you talking about starting phoenix in '14
03:55 <sevenseacat> he's written more than one ;)
03:57 <toastytheog> re: programming phoenix
03:57 <toastytheog> crap, i got hosed on amazon, i see there is a 1.3 out
03:58 <sevenseacat> for programming phoenix? no there isnt
03:58 <LastWhisper____> u can pre order
03:58 <toastytheog> ohh, ok *phew*
03:58 <sevenseacat> surprised pragprog isnt advertising it, if thats so
03:59 <sevenseacat> I'd always buy from pragprog anyway, because you get free ebook updates for incremental versions like 1.3 ;)
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04:00 <toastytheog> yeah, will do that for the upgrade, prevent the wife from yelling at me for buying the same book multiple times xD
04:03 <toastytheog> excited to crack open elixir again, found myself using case statements in ruby with tuples for no reason other than missing pattern matching
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04:42 <LastWhisper____> hey guys if I'm creating a migration and I would like to add a field that is in a time format... e.g. "20 seconds", or "60 seconds" should I just treat it as a string and then parse it to a Timex object?
04:42 <LastWhisper____> database wise
04:44 <sevenseacat> I'd use a time field and store the proper value, eg 00:00:20
04:45 <LastWhisper____> where can i find some docs on what symbols .exs migrations accept when passing add :symbol ?
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04:45 <LastWhisper____> sorry -- add :field, :symbol
04:45 <Nicd-> postgresql also has an interval type
04:46 <Nicd-> if that makes more sense for a duration?
04:47 <sevenseacat> ooh I always forget about that one
04:47 <LastWhisper____> hmm i think time without timezone is fine
04:48 <LastWhisper____> i'm creating a "fitness_exercise" table
04:48 <LastWhisper____> and some will have a duration field
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04:51 <Nicd-> try interval then
04:51 <Nicd-> (if pgsql)
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04:52 <LastWhisper____> it is psql!
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04:55 <Nicd-> disclaimer: I have never used interval
04:55 <Nicd-> but it sounds like it would be good
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07:31 <Theophane> o/
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07:32 <Theophane> Am I the only one who can't browse ExDoc pages without internet access?
07:33 <Theophane> I'm using 0.15.1
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08:13 <hq1> Hello, I need the ability to serialize/deserialize %Plug.Conn{} using some human-readable format (term_to_binary/1 is not an option). Has anyone implemented such codec? What would be the recommended approach?
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08:19 <PaReeOhNos> hq1: When you say human readable, what kind of output are you expecting, and how are you wanting to serialize it? You could always implement to `String.Chars` protocol, then just call to_string on in
08:21 <ffi_merlin> Theophane: I can browse the ExDoc without the internet probably you haven't loaded all the doc pages
08:21 <hq1> PaReeOhNos: I want to dump Plug.Conn to a file so it's readable in VCS. And then the ability to load it back for further processing.
08:22 <Theophane> ffi_merlin: I'm talking about exdoc, not hexdocs.pm :P
08:22 <hq1> And I only care about request/response specific attributes, private/assigns/etc. can be omitted
08:22 <Theophane> everything should be local
08:22 <Theophane> I'm seing weird stuff in the debugging console anyway
08:22 <Theophane> might open a PR
08:22 <OliverMT> hq1: use @derive Poison.Encoder and list the fields you want
08:22 <PaReeOhNos> hq1: I'd create a protocol and then implement it on the Plug.Conn module. You can then output whatever you want from it
08:22 <OliverMT> and then serialize to json
08:23 <OliverMT> readable and vcs'able
08:23 <hq1> OliverMT: Yeah, but I believe that won't work for request headers for example since it's a proplist (not a proper Keyword)
08:24 <OliverMT> make a proper defimpl proto then :)
08:24 <hq1> So I guess I'll just be explicit about the keys I need and encode/decode each value separately if needed
08:24 <hq1> hmm
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08:25 <hq1> how would I fall back do default List protocol implementation in case it's not a proplist?
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08:30 <OliverMT> the protocol is for the Conn
08:30 <OliverMT> not for each field, cant you just iterate the keys on the struct and pattern match various functions depending on what the key is?
08:30 <OliverMT> match specifically on the hard ones
08:31 <hq1> yep, can do
08:31 <hq1> thanks
08:32 <OliverMT> :)
08:34 <hq1> I'll look for an example of some custom struct Encoder implementation to make sure it makes sense
08:39 <hq1> I mean the Encoder deals with iolists and that could be a bit too low level for what I need. Perhaps to_map / from_map implementations will be more readable.
08:40 <hq1> unless I'm expected to call Poison.encode! from within Encoder.encode implementation. Then the protocol doesn't get me much, right?
08:41 <Nicd-> Theophane: have you checked with your browser's devtools what happens when you open the docs?
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08:42 <Theophane> yeah I have two errors
08:42 <Theophane> Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.
08:43 <Theophane> :/
08:45 <Nicd-> does it work if you disable javascript?
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08:49 <micmus> hq1: you could use :io.format("~p", [conn]) and read it with :file.consult/1 (or using elixir terms, inspect(conn, limit: :infinity, structs: false) and read with Code.eval_file/2. Not everything in conn is deserialisible, though - it will contain some refs, pids and funs.
08:51 <hq1> micmus: perfect!
08:51 <micmus> the inspect + eval thing is used, for example, for mix.lock
08:52 <hq1> awesome, I was thinking "I wish I had file:consult/1" :P Thanks!
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11:25 <craigp> arg, did a deps clean and upgrade on a project and now it's stuck trying to compile mimerl
11:25 <craigp> cpu is sitting at 100% after downloading the "pc" pkg .. for ages now
11:25 <craigp> is this normal, anyone seen this before?
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11:34 <craigp> I've deleted the deps and _build folder, I've even deleted the cached pc-1.5.0.tar
11:34 <ivan> craigp: that happened to me and then I upgraded rebar3 to master and it stopped happening
11:34 <ivan> I don't know how new rebar3 has to be, sorry
11:35 <craigp> i also reinstalled rebar3 with mix local.rebar .. how did you upgrade to master?
11:35 <craigp> ===> Fetching pc ({pkg,<<"pc">>,<<"1.5.0">>})
11:35 <craigp> ===> Downloaded package, caching at /Users/craig/.cache/rebar3/hex/default/packages/pc-1.5.0.tar
11:35 <craigp> y
11:35 <craigp> that's where i get stuck
11:36 <ivan> I bootstrapped it the hard way
11:36 <ivan> what do you see for rebar3 --version?
11:36 <craigp> rebar 3.3.5 on Erlang/OTP 18 Erts 7.2.1
11:37 <craigp> hmm, that might be the issue
11:37 <craigp> for my other projects I've been working on 19.2
11:37 <micmus> mix doesn't use system rebar
11:38 <micmus> it uses one in ~/.mix/rebar and ~/.mix/rebar3
11:38 <craigp> hmm, once I switched erlang version to 19.2 it worked
11:39 <craigp> thanks for the help .. works fine now and all tests pass
11:39 <craigp> didn't think to look at my .tool-version file
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13:00 <kvbx> Hi is there a function to find out if a given map is a subset of another map?
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13:35 <benwilson512> kvbx: hey there, it depends on what you mean
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13:35 <benwilson512> maps aren't really sets. map keys form a set, but for maps themselves you have to consider values
13:35 <benwilson512> how do you want values to be handled?
13:35 <kvbx> benwilson512: I think I found a way.
13:36 <benwilson512> particularly if they too are maps
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13:37 <kvbx> benwilson512: I do Enum.all?(subset, fn kv -> Enum.member?(superset, kv) end)
13:38 <kvbx> Seems to work for me
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13:39 <kvbx> benwilson512: But thanks!
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13:47 <kvbx> Another question. There's List.delete/2 and List.delete_at/2 but only List.pop_at/2, no List.pop/2. Or am I missing something?
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13:48 <kvbx> Ahhh, that doesn't make any sense. Facepalm. I've already got the value, no need to return it.
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14:50 <m1dnight_> Hey guys, is there some existing bash stuff that allows me to easily start nodes on other machines over ssh?
14:51 <m1dnight_> or, what's a common solution to this problem, starting iex repls on serveral machines
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14:55 <seancribbs> m1dnight_: not sure it will do everything you want but check out the :slave module from Erlang
14:55 <seancribbs> m1dnight_: also, :ct_ssh can be used to spawn nodes on other machines
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15:36 <iFire> would it be worthwhile to stick a protobuffer document as a parameter or just use structs
15:37 <iFire> pros and cons?
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15:46 <stevecohen> iFire: gave up on thrift?
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16:35 <notriddle> iFire: What does the function do, exactly?
16:37 <asonge> iFire: can't say anything about what you're doing specifically, but generally you want to do all your coercion between serialization details and the more natural types at the borders of your system.
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17:08 <iFire> stephen_m: nah
17:08 <iFire> stevecohen that system works like at alpha quality
17:09 <iFire> asonge: well I'm trying to make a distributed hash table that accepts location and returns either struct or protocol buffer documents
17:09 <iFire> like a spatial database
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17:17 <iFire> think gis systems
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17:25 <jleon> hey, I am currently getting introduced with the Plug library, is there an example of sending a 200 response with a json playload i can look at?
17:26 <ivan> replace that send_resp(200, "Hello world") in the README with something that calls Poison.encode!
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17:30 <jleon> You know what, that makes sense. Thanks
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17:35 <ultra|lazer> Does anyone here work as an elixir developer for a company?
17:36 <OliverMT> I run an elixir company, is that good enough? :P
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17:37 <ultra|lazer> No
17:38 <micmus> There are quite of few of us ;)
17:38 <micmus> s/of/a/
17:38 <OliverMT> you work fulltime as a dev now micmus ?
17:38 <OliverMT> thought you had a year left as student
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17:38 <adamkittelson> I've been doing elixir at work full time for a few years now, it's not all that uncommon anymore
17:39 <ultra|lazer> Not talking about startups or single person companies,
17:39 <ultra|lazer> Nice
17:39 <micmus> OliverMT: Yeah, I work as a dev 20-30h/week and go to uni, and some other things
17:39 <ultra|lazer> I graduate in June, mostly java dev but I really am digging elixir/Phoenix
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17:40 <ultra|lazer> Just wondered how common it is to have an actual elixir job, sounds like it's mostly a hobby language
17:40 <OliverMT> huh, we're 7 people
17:40 <micmus> ultra|lazer: if you're looking for who's using elixir there's https://github.com/doomspork/elixir-companies
17:40 <OliverMT> I wonder if I should bother writing up something for that list
17:40 <OliverMT> we've got three separate companies running their entire business on elixir in three completely different markets and businesses now :p
17:42 <ultra|lazer> Is that what you do, olivermt? Switch clients from Ruby to elixir?
17:42 <OliverMT> no, we have two projects migrated from java/groovy and one greenfield (technically a rewrite from a horrible abomination of fast cgi C (not joking))
17:42 <OliverMT> and currently waiting on last round of funding confirmations for a new greenfield ERP
17:43 <OliverMT> I *hate* ruby
17:43 <OliverMT> because I got it showed down my throat when I had to deal with puppet :D
17:43 <ultra|lazer> Wow nice, must be a real challenge to go from java to elixir
17:43 <OliverMT> not at all, I've both had haskell at uni and coded in a sort of functional imperative style for a long time
17:43 <LastWhisper____> wasn't one of the speakers at the orlando conf a guy from mexico who's company ported java to elixir?
17:43 <OliverMT> going from Spring enforced IoC to a functional pipeline is not a lot of a mental leap
17:44 <OliverMT> the biggest mental disconnect was having to gather up everything before you send it down your pipe
17:44 <OliverMT> especially for ACL for a rest api
17:44 <OliverMT> need to think about stuff at different places because the natural boundaries are very different
17:44 <ultra|lazer> Yes
17:45 <OliverMT> you operate on data, so you need all that data readily available
17:45 <OliverMT> instead of just sending a bunch of references down the chain and then every place collects its own data
17:45 <OliverMT> the functional way is orders of magnitude easier to maintain in the long term, I love it
17:45 <OliverMT> even though I am coding less and less these days :<
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17:46 <* notriddle> also points out that not having cross-process references allows BEAM to Never Ever Stop The World.
17:46 <ultra|lazer> I'm still figuring it out, my first project is a restful api using guardian/ueberauth for auth
17:47 <ultra|lazer> Figuring it out slowly but surely
17:47 <OliverMT> I made a udp load balancer in netty that pushed thousands of packets a second for about a year with no downtime, so you can do pretty nice stuff in java as well though notriddle
17:47 <OliverMT> I re-implemented spring security in elixir as a plug, havent had time to release it yet ultra|lazer
17:47 <ultra|lazer> I wish that elixir packages had better documentation, that is my only complaint so far
17:48 <OliverMT> you use module attributes on the controller for declarative acl
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17:49 <ultra|lazer> There's this beautiful and powerful documentation tool that seems to go largely unused
17:50 <notriddle> OliverMT: Did you have to use object pooling?
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17:54 <iFire> Should I be worried about struct's data footprint? Is there anything that describe the various erlang / elixir structures?
17:54 <Nicd-> describe in what way?
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17:57 <OliverMT> struct is a map with one extra field
17:57 <iFire> well I'm basically using a key value store to store a huge stuct
17:57 <OliverMT> __struct__ key
17:57 <iFire> and I'm wondering is that a problem
17:58 <iFire> sometimes the various keys will be empty
17:58 <iFire> https://github.com/basho/riak_ensemble <- this thing
17:58 <OliverMT> notriddle: not sure tbh, netty does the heavy lifting there
17:59 <notriddle> Makes sense.
18:00 <Ankhers> Does anyone know where I can find information on Elixir GSoC? Specifically what projects students have submitted / looking to work on?
18:01 <OliverMT> some crazy dude did mongodb for ecto last year
18:02 <ultra|lazer> How many full time elixir guys you have, OliverMT?
18:06 <icecreamcohen> ultra|lazer: I’ve been working with elixir for a number of years
18:07 <ultra|lazer> That's pretty cool
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18:22 <ciawal> has anyone implemented anything for creating a versioned rest API in phoenix with autogenerated documentation?
18:23 <chrismccord> ciawal : there are a couple projects. One produces api docs from tests
18:23 <chrismccord> names are slipping my mind atm
18:24 <ciawal> do you know of anything offering a nice solution for versioning APIs?
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18:27 <Nicd-> iFire: how huge? structs are just maps
18:30 <micmus> Ankhers: most information is here https://github.com/beamcommunity/beamcommunity.github.com/wiki
18:31 <Ankhers> micmus: So there is no information about which projects people have applied for?
18:31 <micmus> Ankhers: that's available only to org admins/mentors
18:32 <micmus> We're currently waiting for google to allocate slots to the org
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18:39 <Ankhers> Alright, I guess I will hold out until the projects are announced.
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19:10 <Ilyes512> does anyone here use fakers with elixir?
19:10 <Ilyes512> I was wondering how I could prevent the faker from being started once you decide to go live ie https://github.com/GesJeremie/faker-elixir
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19:11 <Ilyes512> Or is it neglectable for production ?
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19:15 <notriddle> You can have dependencies that only show up in prod mode. https://gist.github.com/notriddle/3d7195ef380ceaf446e4b7a56b535a84
19:16 <Ankhers> Ilyes512: What version of Elixir are you using?
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19:18 <Ilyes512> latest
19:18 <Ilyes512> 1.4.2
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19:24 <Ankhers> Ilyes512: Just doing what notriddle showed will work. When using elixir 1.4+, you will not need to tell your project to start the other various applications.
19:25 <iFire> ciawal: well elixir-thrift is good
19:25 <Ilyes512> ow somehow i didn't saw his line
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19:25 <iFire> icecreamcohen: Btw the database driver is working, I'm slowly getting the sql functionality in. Think ecto.
19:26 <iFire> I was able to use phoenix to run the techempower tests
19:26 <Ilyes512> so yes i know about that but what about the application: "def application do [applications: [:faker_elixir_octopus]] end"
19:27 <Ilyes512> wont it error out because the deps wasn't added and you are trying to reference an app that does not exist?
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19:27 <Ilyes512> or is the way to go to add some kind of logic to that function that will return something different in production?
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19:29 <Ankhers> Ilyes512: If you are using Elixir 1.4+, you don't need that line.
19:30 <Ilyes512> ow? hmm i need to do some more research then
19:31 <Ankhers> Ilyes512: https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/v1.4/CHANGELOG.md#application-inference
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19:32 <Ilyes512> ah tnx :)
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20:15 <mfb2> Hello all! Quick dirty question - is there a way to get from ".034" to a proper float without doing a bunch of text parsing?
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20:16 <mfb2> I'd like to be able to do soemthing like this: Decimal.parse(".34")
20:16 <mfb2> I haven't found anything right away in the docs, so I was just curious if anybody knew off-hand
20:17 <adam12> mfb2: How about String.to_float/1
20:17 <mfb2> nope, argument error
20:17 <mfb2> complains at the erlang part
20:17 <dimitarvp> well, I think that method converts a float to a string.
20:17 <adam12> Oh I see. No leading 0.
20:17 <dimitarvp> or that :D
20:17 <mfb2> yep exactly - the lack of a leading zero is throwing it off
20:18 <mfb2> Rather than going through and doing text manipulation, I was hoping that would be natively handled by some parser, as it seems like a very common scenario
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20:19 <OliverMT> the "manipulation" could be done with an extra function head though
20:20 <OliverMT> def your_function_name_here("." <> rest), do: your_function_name_here("0" <> rest)
20:20 <OliverMT> or something similar
20:20 <OliverMT> its a very clean and idiomatic way to clean input
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20:22 <mfb2> oh interesting - I didn't realize you could concatenate in a function head
20:22 <OliverMT> you are not doing it in the function head
20:22 <OliverMT> the first one is a pattern match
20:22 <OliverMT> the second one is simply concatenating in the argument
20:22 <adam12> String.replace_leading(".034", ".", "0.") |> String.to_float
20:23 <OliverMT> oh it should be , do: your_function_name_here("0." <> rest) ofc
20:23 <OliverMT> typo
20:23 <mfb2> OliverMT: gotcha, yeah that's why I was a bit confused :)
20:24 <OliverMT> any service/context that deals with input from REST will have a lot of these
20:24 <mfb2> adam12: looks like that's what I'll need to do... Was hoping to avoid going the string manipulation route, but cest la vide
20:24 <OliverMT> String.to_integer etc
20:25 <adam12> mfb2: Yeah.
20:25 <mfb2> precisely, I'm dealing with a hideous XML endpoint that enrages even the best of us
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20:32 <mfb2> That did the trick! Thank you all!!! (highfive)
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21:06 <iFire> micmus: fishcakez am I running the ecto tests wrong? they're not running on a database, so I broke prepapred statements but 20 tests pass
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21:12 <micmus> iFire: only the integration tests touch the database, the regular tests don't
21:13 <iFire> is it recommended to turn the regular tests into integration tests?
21:14 <iFire> actually I don't know what I was going for there
21:20 <micmus> iFire: the regular tests run on ecto the library without any adapter - so it would be hard to hit a database there - which one would it hit?
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21:36 <OliverMT> whats ~N[datetime stuff]
21:36 <OliverMT> ecto sigil?
21:37 <micmus> OliverMT: it's NaiveDateTime sigil, built-in since 1.4
21:38 <OliverMT> hm
21:38 <OliverMT> ** (FunctionClauseError) no function clause matching in DateTime.to_string/1
21:38 <OliverMT> (elixir) lib/calendar.ex:1753: DateTime.to_string(~N[2017-04-11 16:39:36.139864])
21:38 <OliverMT> oh lol, its literally NaiveDateTime module
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22:07 <Ilyes512> is there an easy way of knowing what the minimal required erlang version is for elixir 1.4?
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22:27 <drewolson> Ilyes512: it's erlang 18.0 or later
22:27 <drewolson> (according to the readme)
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23:10 <fishcakez> iFire: well youd need to link the tests to know but you would likely want to write your own SQL generation tests, integration tests you can call ectos
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