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01:12 <cmk_zzz> I'm trying to use phoenix 1.3 (https://github.com/phoenixframework/archives/raw/master/phx_new.ez of today). $ mix phx.new play $ cd play $ mix phx.gen.html Accounts User users name:string $ mix test -> This fails with lib/play/web/controllers/user_controller.ex:21: undefined function user_path/3
01:12 <cmk_zzz> seems to me all is not well with the generators?
01:13 <cmk_zzz> or am I using the wrong version?
01:14 <laut> @cmk_zzz Did the generator tell you to add something to routes.ex ?
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01:17 <cmk_zzz> laut: it sure did. But I ignored that
01:17 <cmk_zzz> now I am getting further
01:18 <laut> cool, I thought it might be that
01:18 <cmk_zzz> pretty obscure. I've tried searching for the _path function every where. I couldn't quite find where it was generated. I see that the resources macro probably does that
01:24 <laut> @cmk_zzz so did you add it to routes, and did it work?
01:24 <cmk_zzz> laut: Anything else that needs to be done? I run into a runtime error: function UserController.init/1 is undefined (module UserController is not available)
01:24 <cmk_zzz> laut: yes, when I added it to routes.ex it compiles but ^
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01:25 <laut> maybe you need to specify to full name
01:25 <laut> e.g. AppName.UserController
01:26 <cmk_zzz> laut: yes
01:26 <cmk_zzz> I was blindly copy and pasting what the generator told me. Using full name gets me further :)
01:27 <cmk_zzz> still more errors though
01:27 <cmk_zzz> flash not fetched, call fetch_flash/2
01:28 <cmk_zzz> I know I should probably try to understand the error here before asking.
01:30 <chrismccord> cmk_zzz : the generator said to add it to your ":browser scope". Did you add it there?
01:31 <chrismccord> or did you add it as a root-level route outside of a scope?
01:31 <chrismccord> you need to place the `resources "/users", UserController` inside the `scope "/", MyApp, do pipe_through :browser ....`
01:32 <chrismccord> if you place it outside there, or in a different scope, you need to give it the alias
01:33 <cmk_zzz> chrismccord: yes, I failed again. I put it in the wrong place.
01:34 <cmk_zzz> everything is working now (except my reading skills)
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03:01 <Radar> I'm running an event importer which hits the database a lot for the same kind of record (a question with a "survey_id" and a "uuid" field). I was thinking to store these in Elixir processes to speed up lookups, but I don't want these processes hanging around for too long after they're last used. Is there a way to kill / automatically "expire" these processes?
03:05 <Radar> This might be a classic case of Doing It Wrong™
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03:10 <cmk_zzz> Radar: For these thing I generally use ets as a cache. The entry has an expiry field. All writes go through a gen_server (for serialization), all reads directly to ets. The gen_server periodically iterates the entire ets table and removes expired entries. You can use processes as well. If not too many you can use one process per key and simply have a timeout in the process after which you kill the process (This is implemented in Erlang and OTP in act
03:10 <Radar> cmk_zzz: Oh neat :) I will have to take a look at that,.
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03:12 <cmk_zzz> Radar: Doing it in processes is a good example of using lots of components of OTP (supervisors, gen_servers, simple_one_for_one process, lookup-registry)
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03:20 <brohith> bitwalker: Sorry for responding late but I get errors saying "duplicate_modules" when I override poison encoders and compile with exrm
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05:32 <nolan330> hey guys, if two maps are expected to have a large percentage of their keys in common, is the most efficient way to merge them via Maps.merge? or is it worth using Maps.keys |> MapSet.new or something
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06:11 <whodidthis> how does the load_from_system_env thingie work? im trying to `MIX_ENV=prod mix phoenix.server` with no port defined and no error is thrown. Even if I do PORT=4000 it does not appear to use it and i have no idea what port the app is using :thinking:
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06:20 <whodidthis> oh right, using 1.3 template with 1.2 is bad :see_no_evil:
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09:09 <whodidthis> how can i give env variables to distillery-built release? something like `DB_USER=myuser myapp/bin/myapp console`
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09:18 <whodidthis> ook just realized how it works
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09:33 <m1dnight_> hey guys, when I tryu to spawn an iex session with *name* (not sname) it crashes on my linux server
09:34 <m1dnight_> Im guessing it can not resolve my hostname or something? (it works fine on osx)
09:34 <m1dnight_> what exactly should I check to see if it can resolve its own hostname?
09:35 <m1dnight_> so when I run it on my server it shows me hostname.vub.ac.be (which is the domain for my university)
09:35 <m1dnight_> but on the server it crashes with this error:
09:36 <m1dnight_> http://termbin.com/0f44
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10:33 <OliverMT> anyone got a theory why our genserver wont restart after a Task.async_stream times out and crashes it?
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10:51 <* kansi> says hi
10:52 <kansi> i am trying to use elixometer/exometer to gather stats and send them to influxdb
10:53 <kansi> i keep getting the following error ` InfluxDB reporter got trouble when looking [:erlang, :memory] metric's tag: :not_found`
10:54 <kansi> btw this is my subscribers config `{:exometer_report_influxdb, [:erlang, :memory], :total , 1_000, true}`
10:55 <kansi> the error is coming from here https://github.com/travelping/exometer_influxdb/blob/master/src/exometer_report_influxdb.erl#L134
10:55 <kansi> but i don't understand where to add tags so that it can find the same
10:56 <ivan_> TIL you have to pass ecto |> select([m, t, c, u] variables in the same order as the joins (??)
11:00 <ivan_> I thought they would be filled in by variable name or something
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11:22 <ljarvis> can anyone recommend an xml parsing library? seems like there's quite a few, most wrap erlsom or xmerl. Wondering if there's any suggestions from experience
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11:35 <m1dnight_> I keep getting timeouts when I want to start a slave with inet bootloaders
11:35 <m1dnight_> I can ssh from one machine to another, ping eachother and the hostnames all resolve to proper ips
11:35 <m1dnight_> can anyone give me some pointers on troubleshooting this
11:35 <m1dnight_> ?*
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11:51 <benwilson512> ljarvis: sweet_xml has a nice API
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12:27 <m1dnight_> hey guys, if I want to pass an ip to :slave.start, what format does it need to have?
12:27 <m1dnight_> I have tried :"", "", {10,0,0,1}
12:27 <m1dnight_> but none of them work.
12:27 <m1dnight_> I know in Erlang it should be of the form ""
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12:29 <OliverMT> benwilson512: allright, I think I need to go watch that video of your presentation now
12:29 <OliverMT> or... is that the one with the really crappy audio?
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13:19 <asonge> m1dnight_: erlang "foo" is elixir 'foo' (erlang strings are known as character lists in elixir)
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13:27 <m1dnight_> okay, gotcha
13:27 <m1dnight_> thanks
13:27 <m1dnight_> Im still fighting with these damn slaves
13:28 <m1dnight_> epmd: Thu Apr 20 15:19:45 2017: ** sent PORT2_RESP (error) for "slave"
13:28 <m1dnight_> This does mean that the request is not sent, right?
13:28 <m1dnight_> If I'm not mistaken the (error) should be(ok)?
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13:36 <barttenbrinke> Hey, I've got a weird issue. I'm starting a Supervisor with some children and I pass one of them a callback method.
13:37 <barttenbrinke> When I call the method I get "Module not available"
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13:39 <m1dnight_> Are the supervisors on the same machine?
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13:42 <barttenbrinke> yes
13:42 <barttenbrinke> It is an Umbrella app
13:43 <barttenbrinke> I can call the method from the commandline and it is passed to the Genserver from the Supervisor, so it "exists"
13:44 <barttenbrinke> worker(Cortex.Nucleus.HealthCheck, [&Cortex.Endpoint.broadcast_health_change_callback/2]),
13:44 <barttenbrinke>
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13:47 <barttenbrinke> Hmm, do I need to call Apply Or should .call work too?
13:48 <asonge> barttenbrinke: how are you calling the function?
13:48 <asonge> (you shouldn't need apply, and there is no ".call", these aren't objects)
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13:49 <barttenbrinke> I was using callback.(args)
13:50 <barttenbrinke> I am now testing apply(callback, args)
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13:55 <barttenbrinke> The testrun is about 10 mins :(
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14:01 <asonge> you know you can run a specific test file and then run only the tests under a line of code in that file, right?
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14:03 <barttenbrinke> asonge: Yeah, but that doesn't trigger the error :)
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14:18 <ljarvis> benwilson512: thanks, sweet_xml looks decent and it seems like a great example of how easy it is to just directly wrap xmerl
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14:26 <asonge> heh, "how easy it is to just directly wrap xmerl"
14:26 <asonge> xmerl is..."fun".
14:26 <m1dnight_> I've got it working for some reason. I don't know why though :')
14:28 <ljarvis> asonge: I guess I haven't yet had enough exposure to have an opinion yet. You don't like it?
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14:57 <ljarvis> except.. wow it's slow compared to erlsom
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15:05 <asonge> ljarvis: "don't like" is such a weird concept when you've worked with something complicated that you don't want to even try to replace and you can respect the work but still be frustrated with just about...everything.
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15:09 <ljarvis> interesting
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15:11 <ljarvis> I guess it might be a while until there's a pure Elixir XML parsing library :)
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15:29 <Guest67> Hi
15:29 <Guest67> We are trying to implement https://tus.io/protocols/resumable-upload.html
15:29 <Guest67> Whit phoenix
15:30 <Guest67> But we found phoenix router seems it doesn't support HEAD method
15:31 <Nicd-> it should? https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Router.html#head/4
15:31 <Guest67> GET and HEAD methods are pretty similar
15:31 <Nicd-> it even supports arbitrary HTTP verbs
15:32 <Guest67> but very convinient implementing this protocol
15:32 <Guest67> Ummm
15:33 <Guest67> Well it seems it take HEAD as GET
15:33 <Guest67> get "/umedia/:uuid", UppyArc, :head
15:33 <Guest67> this route works
15:33 <Guest67> when browser sends a HEAD method
15:33 <Guest67> head "/umedia/:uuid", UppyArc, :head
15:34 <Guest67> [info] HEAD /pharc/umedia/521847164_b1d9ca7b-056d-46e6-94a4-cb742e1e9244
15:34 <Guest67> [debug] ** (Phoenix.Router.NoRouteError) no route found for GET /pharc/umedia/521847164_b1d9ca7b-056d-46e6-94a4-cb742e1e9244 (Rumbl.Router)
15:35 <Nicd-> can you gist your whole router and the controller?
15:35 <Guest67> Sure, in a minute
15:36 <Guest67> is a test project prtty messy, but public
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15:39 <Guest67> https://github.com/taorg/rumbl/blob/develop/web/router.ex
15:39 <Guest67> https://github.com/taorg/rumbl/blob/develop/web/controllers/uppy_controler.ex
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15:43 <Nicd-> are you sure that output is just from the HEAD request? how do you send it?
15:43 <Nicd-> btw your app is vulnerable to path traversal attacks and you're using _params a bit funnily
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15:44 <Guest67> yea, is a test prj to later integrate
15:44 <Guest67> just testing
15:45 <Nicd-> also I don't think a HEAD request can return content? (the "OK")
15:45 <Guest67> head method is send by a js client
15:45 <Nicd-> or rather it's not allowed
15:46 <Guest67> HEAD does not have content
15:46 <Guest67> yes
15:46 <Guest67> https://uppy.io/examples/dashboard/
15:46 <Guest67> I know
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15:47 <Guest67> But what fails is router
15:48 <Guest67> it doesnt take HEAD
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15:51 <Nicd-> sorry, I don't have any idea :/
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15:56 <Guest67> Thx a lot anyway
15:56 <Guest67> It's weird nobody complains before about it
15:56 <Nicd-> let me test
15:57 <Guest67> Sure
15:57 <Guest67> Please
15:57 <Guest67> :)
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16:09 <Nicd-> aha
16:09 <Nicd-> !
16:09 <Nicd-> it's this: https://hexdocs.pm/plug/Plug.Head.html
16:09 <Nicd-> you have Plug.Head most likely in your endpoint configuration
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16:17 <Guest67> :)
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16:17 <Guest67> Great
16:17 <Guest67> Thanx a lot
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16:19 <Guest67> Thak you Nicd-
16:19 <Guest67> XD
16:19 <Nicd-> np :)
16:21 <Guest67> https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/issues/347
16:21 <Guest67> Bit strange, anyway Ill test it right now
16:21 <Nicd-> it's default because I think most don't need to deal with HEAD requests
16:22 <Guest67> Yea HEAD is not a very common method
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16:24 <targaf> I'm building a phoenix app that is used to launch "jobs" on the server which usually consist of passing parameters to a jar. I'm planning to use a separate module and genserver to spin off System.cmd calls. Does anyone see anything in that plan that they would recommend against?
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16:31 <OliverMT> will jobs run concurrently?
16:32 <OliverMT> just make sure your exec wont bring down the genserver if something goes boo boo
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16:34 <whodidthis> what does "enif_send: called from non-scheduler thread on non-SMP VM, Aborted" mean, am i missing something
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16:41 <whodidthis> ill try with -smp on
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18:00 <loocash> Hi, what's the easiest way to upgrade elixir from version 1.3.3 to 1.4?
18:01 <loocash> on ubuntu
18:01 <OliverMT> either use asdf
18:01 <OliverMT> or erlang solutions (if their 1.4 is out yet)
18:01 <Guest67> https://www.erlang-solutions.com/resources/download.html
18:02 <Guest67> I used this and works great
18:02 <Guest67> elixir -v
18:02 <Guest67> Erlang/OTP 19 [erts-8.3] [source-d5c06c6] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [async-threads:10] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]
18:02 <Guest67> Elixir 1.4.1
18:03 <Guest67> cat /etc/debian_version
18:03 <Guest67> stretch/sid
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18:03 <Nicd-> I build from source :P
18:03 <Guest67> :)
18:03 <loocash> Thanks guys
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18:12 <Gouda> Hey folks o/
18:13 <Nicd-> hello Gouda
18:13 <Nicd-> are you cheese?
18:13 <Gouda> :x Maybe
18:13 <Nicd-> sentient cheese, hmm
18:14 <whodidthis> what's the final answer on how do i get [smp:4:4] happening when running my distillery release
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18:15 <Gouda> So I'm looking at this code sample from Dave Thomas' talk Transforming Programming, and I really want to implement it on my own as I am learning Elixir, but I'm stuck.
18:15 <whodidthis> something like `PLEASE_START_SMP=yes sh my_release.run console`
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18:29 <Gouda> Would anyone be able to help me with that?
18:32 <benwilson512> Gouda: just post the code
18:32 <benwilson512> using gist or pastebin
18:37 <Gouda> https://gist.github.com/jaredmanning/cb0dc86c8d2f63a1414c4a1ca75743c2 I got this from the slide, but I'm not sure where to implement the last part that is outside of the module. I have a separate Lights module that seems to work fine when poking at it in iex.
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18:39 <benwilson512> what is this supposed to do?
18:39 <benwilson512> is this for nerves?
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18:41 <Gouda> it's a model of a keypad lock on a door, and given the correct code 1-3-1 it will unlock the door and turn the Light green. According to Dave Thomas, the last line of the bit that's outside of the module is the whole state machine of the program. The talk can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A76hM3MpEKo
18:41 <benwilson512> hm
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18:43 <Gouda> I don't know if I'm supposed to have the :stdio and on part in a separate module, or if that's something I should put into iex, or what. I'm still learning ':)
18:43 <benwilson512> ah hm yeah without having seen the talk it's a bit hard to advise
18:43 <benwilson512> does dave have the code up in his github maybe?
18:44 <Gouda> I've looked but can't find it anywhere.
18:44 <Gouda> Let me double check
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19:03 <vaultin> i think this should do it: https://gist.github.com/Vaultin/4dfbe7dcc06c0a67bae36a5b61fe27b3
19:04 <vaultin> also still learning, so no guarantee
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19:28 <Ilyes512> is it possible to change the config on runtime?
19:29 <Ilyes512> ie from inside a module in the lib folder
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19:31 <benwilson512> yes
19:31 <benwilson512> Application.put_env(:my_app, :some_key, some_value)
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19:32 <Ilyes512> ow i thought that would change the env and that config is something seperate that loads from config once when the app loads. I will try it out :)
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19:33 <benwilson512> er
19:34 <benwilson512> sorry that is correct
19:34 <benwilson512> all that will do is change the config while the app is running
19:34 <benwilson512> if you stop the app
19:34 <benwilson512> and then start it again
19:34 <benwilson512> it'll load the original config
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19:37 <Ilyes512> i do want a non permanent. I want to set bcrypt to a lower round when I use the seeder module. so it should be temp. I will try it out after eating something :p
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19:40 <brohith> bitwalker ping
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19:41 <brohith> does anyone have tips on how to go about overriding Poison's DateTime and NaiveDateTime encoders?
19:42 <brohith> I need to format the date to ISO extended for an API requirement
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19:50 <Ankhers> brohith: Can you not just re-implement Poison.Encoder for those types?
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19:59 <Exagone313> Hi, why would you recommend me to start to make a small HTTP server (that would run behind nginx) as an Elixir beginner? I don't know if I start to look at Phoenix or if I begin without a framework (this is for testing purpose, not a full project, and I prefer to start from a lower level than a framework to understand more how something is made). Thanks for your help.
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20:03 <chrismccord> Exagone313 if you want to start lower level, knock yourself out
20:04 <chrismccord> you can use cowboy directly (http server), unless you meant implementing an actual http server yourself
20:05 <Exagone313> no, I prefer to use a library, not dealing with sockets
20:05 <Exagone313> ok, I'll one of the HTTP server library
20:06 <Exagone313> use*
20:06 <ultra|lazer> I think Phoenix is pretty newbie friendly
20:06 <ultra|lazer> There's a decent course on udemy about elixir+phoenix
20:06 <Ioyrie> Exagone313: cowboy and plug is probably all you want to play with
20:06 <Exagone313> I will buy the book about Phoenix, but later
20:11 <ultra|lazer> https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-elixir-and-phoenix-bootcamp-and-tutorial/
20:11 <ultra|lazer> Good intro
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20:16 <Exagone313> at that price I prefer to buy an ebook at pragprog
20:17 <ultra|lazer> I got it for 5 dollars, it's udemy, everything is always on sale
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20:20 <ultra|lazer> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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20:23 <brohith> Ankhers: That's what I'm currently doing but then I can't create a release. exrm and distillery both spit out a "Duplicate Modules" error
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20:25 <Ankhers> brohith: I just did with within iex and it only appears to be a warning for me.
20:25 <Ankhers> Could be different for a release though. Do you have the flag that turns warnings into errors enabled?
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20:30 <brohith> yeah it's different for release
20:30 sid_fules joined
20:30 <brohith> I do not have the flag that turns warnings into errors enabled
20:31 <brohith> I really don't want to fork Poisons lol
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21:21 <nolan330> hey everyone! have a question about maps--if I expect two maps to have many overlapping keys, is it best to just Map.merge, or first Map.split, then Map.merge with the remainder?
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21:24 <ljarvis> nolan330: do you want the second map to replace any duplicate keys in the first one?
21:26 <nolan330> its fine if they do replace the keys in the first, but from reading the docs it seems like that would be a lot of copying--I expect that if an object has the same key in both maps, the value is the same
21:26 <nolan330> it is a strange case where the maps are expected to be the same or mostly similar, but may have diverged
21:27 <nolan330> and was wondering if it would make a big difference to handle it specially given that heuristic
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21:29 <nolan330> cant seem to find the right spot in the erlang code where maps.merge is implemented
21:31 dastagg joined
21:31 <nolan330> oh, think i found it
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21:42 <nolan330> anyone have any ideas? It's seeming like Maps.split is O(n) and happens in one pass, but cant really decipher whats happening in the merge bif
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22:01 <asonge> nolan330: i don't think there's a defined or expected complexity for map merges
22:02 <asonge> nolan330: though i can join the hunt with you for a few minutes.
22:02 <asonge> i've been enjoying reading erlang source a lot lately.
22:03 <nolan330> yeah, ive been having some fun
22:03 <nolan330> learning about it
22:03 sid_fules joined
22:03 <nolan330> going to put a question up on SO and try to reason about it. let me know if you guys find, discover, learn anything interesting
22:04 <nolan330> will post a link to the question when I post it
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22:04 <asonge> nolan330: i'm betting it's not documented because it's not yet optimized, so there's no promises.
22:04 <nolan330> i see i see
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22:05 <nolan330> it definitely won't be a huge difference at the scale im working at. but it sparked curiosity
22:05 <nolan330> and now i just want to know
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22:05 <asonge> nolan330: it's in here, though: https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/3202e753383d495bce8008721e94428788d4f400/erts/emulator/beam/erl_map.c
22:05 <nolan330> yeah have been looking at that
22:06 <asonge> looking at hashmap_merge now, that's going to be for the larger maps
22:06 <nolan330> theres just a lot there, haha
22:06 <nolan330> right
22:06 <nolan330> the main question is whether or not the scan to find the difference is worth skipping overwriting the identical entries
22:08 <asonge> what you mean?
22:08 <asonge> oh, deep equality to avoid the merge
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22:10 <asonge> nolan330: https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/3202e753383d495bce8008721e94428788d4f400/erts/emulator/beam/erl_map.c#L1322-L1325 that comment seems relevant?
22:11 <nolan330> yeah that section is totally relevant
22:11 <nolan330> so i think it does compare nodes of the tree before merging
22:11 <nolan330> at least it looks like it per https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/3202e753383d495bce8008721e94428788d4f400/erts/emulator/beam/erl_map.c#L1274
22:13 <asonge> yeah, and i found sp->mix denotes if the subtrees are identical, or A has only unique, or B has only unique, or both sides have unique
22:13 <nolan330> it *feels* like maps does the right thing for merges, and avoids copying
22:13 <asonge> well, i don't think it's going to copy the value ever.
22:13 <nolan330> without first needing to split
22:13 <nolan330> or rather overwrite it unnecessarily
22:13 <asonge> it might have to reconstruct the tree
22:14 <asonge> but the value will never be copied. it's keeping one of them (or the other)
22:14 <nolan330> ok, thats good.
22:14 <nolan330> i think ill just go ahead with a simple Maps.merge
22:14 <asonge> iirc, all erlang terms are pointers into the heap
22:15 <asonge> even shared binaries, which are a pointer into the heap, and that value contains a pointer to the shared binary heap
22:15 <nolan330> yeah, i think im just having trouble reading it meaningfully between the c code and the implications of the dereferencing in beam
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22:15 <nolan330> apologies for the silly questions--new to reading bifs
22:16 <asonge> np
22:16 <asonge> but basically, unless you send a message (or store something in ets or something), the erlang terms don't get copied
22:17 <nolan330> beautiful
22:17 <nolan330> then i think its 100% the right call to just Maps.merge
22:17 <nolan330> which is how one might hope it works, so thats good
22:18 <asonge> (i could be wrong about this, but like, i'm 95% sure)
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22:18 <nolan330> im good with that interval. thanks so much for your help
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