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00:37 <Sgeo__> Weird question has anyone recently spammed any virus signature thing?
00:37 <Sgeo__> Because my AV picked up something in my logs for here and #haskell as malicious, not sure what
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01:04 <ultra|lazer> I haven't seen anything like that in the past few days
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09:41 <linduxed> hey
09:42 <linduxed> hey guys, i just noticed that the new version of pheonix-ecto changes the default time type from :datetime (which is equivalent to :utc_datetime) to :naive_datetime
09:42 <linduxed> i was thinking that it could be good to be in line with the defaults
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09:43 <linduxed> since i don't really feel like having every timestamp() call needing the type: utc_datetime option
09:43 <linduxed> which would be in every migration and every model that has timestamps
09:44 <linduxed> i basically thought "how bad would it be to migrate all the data to naive_datetime?"
09:44 <linduxed> i'm currently unsure
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09:44 <linduxed> or maybe you guys have some good advice on how to handle the situation?
09:45 <linduxed> someone who maybe has already gone through a similar situation?
09:47 <gazler> linduxed: You shouldn't need to change anything, the underlying data type in the database is the same.
09:48 <gazler> The only difference is you might get some warnings in the migrations.
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09:50 <linduxed> well, i want to eliminate all the warnings
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09:53 <gazler> Oh, actually, there is a difference with the microseconds on timestamps. I was using them prior to 2.1 anyway which is why it didn't impact me.
09:55 <linduxed> well, i suspect that our problem will not be with the microseconds, but with the fact that we use :utc_datetime, but :naive_datetime is the default
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09:55 <linduxed> right now, i'm changing every invocation of timestamp to use the :type option, but i was hoping there was a less messy way
09:55 <linduxed> maybe it's not THAT messy, but i was still curious
09:56 <gazler> You can set @timestamp_opts in model/schema.ex
09:56 <linduxed> hmmm, i don't think we have such a file in our project'
09:56 <gazler> https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Schema.html#module-schema-attributes
09:56 <linduxed> is that a new concept?
09:56 <gazler> linduxed: It's in web.ex actually
09:57 <gazler> When you do use MyApp.Web, :model
09:57 <gazler> So you can specify the module attribute in there.
10:00 <linduxed> ah, i see!
10:01 <linduxed> good point!
10:01 <linduxed> but, is there something like this for the migration files too?
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10:05 <gazler> linduxed: Not that I know of. You could probably do something like: find priv/repo/migrations/*.exs -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/:datetime/:utc_datetime/g' {} \;
10:06 <gazler> Since the end result of the migration will be the same, I don't see any issue with modifying them.
10:07 <linduxed> yeah, we did that already
10:07 <linduxed> along with this
10:08 <linduxed> sed -ri 's/timestamps\(\)/timestamps\(type: :utc_datetime\)/' priv/repo/migrations/*
10:08 <gazler> Your use of sed is more pro than mine. :)
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10:20 <Havvy> gazler: Their name has "linux" in it. I would hope so.
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10:40 <linduxed> haha, linduxed is not quite "linux", but it is related
10:40 <linduxed> this is not the forum for story time, however :-P
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11:21 <m1dnight_> What's the best way to resolve a hostname (e.g., .hosts.erlang) to an ip?
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11:30 <OliverMT> I am getting unbound variable a on this query https://gist.github.com/olivermt/4b61d3df64facd1efa7231b5dbabcace
11:30 <OliverMT> cant I select a whole row into a single variable?
11:30 <OliverMT> oh wait
11:30 <OliverMT> I get it on the group by
11:30 <OliverMT> do I need to explicitly list the entire join row when using count maybe?
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13:07 <smeevil_> I'm stuck with a grouped where query, basically i want this : where([c], [c.skill_id == ^skill_id, c.rating >= ^rating]) but it throws that it expects a keyword list at compile time. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here ?
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13:11 <smeevil_> ah, its where([c], c.skill_id == ^skill_id and c.rating >= ^rating)
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13:24 <cristianR_> Hello
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14:08 <m1dnight_> Does `mix test` not start the applicatoin by default?
14:08 <m1dnight_> I read online it does?
14:09 <m1dnight_> (It doesn't for me I think. Veirifed with IO.puts)
14:09 <m1dnight_> oh, no wait debugger. that might be it.
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14:19 <m1dnight_> Hrm. This is weird. I have an application that starts an erlang boot server.
14:19 <m1dnight_> when I fire up the application from the repl it works just fine.
14:20 <m1dnight_> but when I do it with mix test I _think_ the boot server is not online
14:20 <m1dnight_> what could be missing here?
14:20 <m1dnight_> I start the normal application with: iex --cookie foo --name "master@" -S mix run
14:20 <m1dnight_> and the test with iex --cookie foo --name "master@" -S mix test
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14:46 <cristianR_> I'm testing a phoenix application with 2k websockets. I'm gathering metrics using influx. One of the metrics is the number of gen_servers in a process registry. Yesterday, all gen_servers stopped (terminated by the supervisor I guess). The problem the file log stops exactly at that moment, no error reported. However I can see that influx is still receiving metrics from the app.
14:47 <cristianR_> is it possible that the logging mechanism crashes?
14:47 <chrismccord> cristianR_ : have you checked your server logs? Maybe an OOM killer took the app out and it restarted?
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14:50 <cristianR_> chrismccord: in that case the log should contain phoenix startup message after the restart, shouldn't it?
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14:51 <chrismccord> cristianR_ : you would think. If a supervisor was dying and nuking all the children, you'd get that in the error logs
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14:52 <elixir1208> Hi, learning plug now and I don't think I'm understanding the hoopla. Just seems like chainable functions, no?
14:53 <cristianR_> chrismccord: indeed, that's why I'm a bit perplexed by the fact that the output just stops, nothing is logged anymore
14:54 <cemilowski> elixir1208: As I understand it's like chainable functions with "stop here" ability.
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14:54 <elixir1208> cemilowski: yeah, you mean "halt"?
14:54 <chrismccord> elixir1208 : exactly. You actually are understanding 90% of plug if that's where you're at :)
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14:55 <cemilowski> elixir1208: Yeap. I mean, "don't continue", "response now", or "halt"...
14:55 <chrismccord> the other bits are plug's `init` calls are compile time computed
14:55 <elixir1208> chrismccord: omg, so you guys aren't trying to take over the world with another bloated abstraction??!! I actually love it... :D
14:56 <chrismccord> beyond that', that's it! It's a simple, beautiful contract
14:56 <chrismccord> hehe :)
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14:57 <elixir1208> chrismccord: why does this always happen to me? "I don't like it because it's not complicated"....."oh, wait, more of that. I actually like that a lot!"
14:58 <elixir1208> chrismccord: anyway, many thanks to you and jose and the rest of the wonderful elixir community! :)
15:00 <cristianR_> chrismccord: I'll try adding the option handle_sasl_reports: true to :logger, it seems that there are certain errors that happen inside :gen_server that are not logged otherwise.
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15:18 <nox> What's hoopla?
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16:17 <nox> How are things going around here btw?
16:19 <micmus> nox: I broke the erlang compiler
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16:20 <nox> micmus: Nice, how?
16:20 <bitmod> should base case or recursive case be defined first in a module?
16:20 <micmus> nox: I made the optimizer smarter than the sanity check later on
16:20 <nox> Neat.
16:20 <micmus> nox: https://github.com/erlang/otp/commit/0377592dc2238f561291be854d2ce859dd9a5fb1 see the comment below
16:21 <nox> micmus: Failed consistency checks are sad.
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16:23 <nox> micmus: But better than a passing consistency check and then the module segfaults the VM. :P
16:24 <josevalim> micmus: awesome :D
16:24 <micmus> I'm pretty sure the problem here is the check being not smart enough - beam_validate does not see bs_get_float2 will extract a float and not any term from binary
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16:25 <nox> micmus: Oh you managed to optimise integer range checks?
16:25 <nox> That's so long overdue.
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16:25 <micmus> nox: not really
16:25 <josevalim> micmus: it seems it is optimized "only" on binaries, right?
16:25 <bitmod> josevalim, should base case or recursive case be defined first in elixir?
16:26 <josevalim> bitmod: it doesn't matter as long as the clauses do not conflict
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16:26 <micmus> nox: I only tought the optimizer about binary operations, and that getting unicode from binary will return something within unicode bounds
16:26 <micmus> the integer check was already there, though
16:26 <bitmod> thanks
16:27 <nox> micmus: Oh.
16:27 <josevalim> otherwise the subset first, superset later
16:27 <nox> Oh wait yeah, josevalim optimised the integer checks earlier, right?
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16:27 <josevalim> nox: it depends on your definition of optimization
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16:28 <josevalim> i have inlined the code in the vm to have less jumps
16:28 <micmus> nox: but the optimizer was throwing away any type information on any binary operation
16:28 <nox> That's already better than what was before josevalim. :)
16:28 <nox> micmus: Oh!
16:28 <nox> I see.
16:29 <micmus> I was bothered by the example in the commit - <<x::utf8, _::rest>> when x in a..b normally expands to when is_integer(x) and x >= a and x <= b
16:29 <micmus> And the compiler didn't optimize away the is_integer check
16:29 <micmus> that's how it started :D
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16:33 <micmus> josevalim: the struct matching optimization is also pending - but I'm not sure where it should be done
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16:33 <micmus> in elixir AST level, in core erlang or there - at the lowest level
16:34 <nox> micmus++
16:34 <nox> Oops, this is Freenode.
16:34 <micmus> Probably Elixir AST would be nicest, but we don't do any type information analysis in the Elixir compiler
16:34 <nox> Most Moz channels have a karma bot. :)
16:34 <josevalim> micmus: so if the erlang compiler can keep more type information to avoid doing type checks, that would be preferrable
16:34 <josevalim> micmus: the struct analysis though would be straight-forward
16:35 <josevalim> because that's handled by the compiler
16:35 <nox> Struct?
16:35 <micmus> nox: maps with magic key __struct__ - elixir's replacement for records
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16:36 <micmus> josevalim: we would need to track the type probably in the translation pass, is that right?
16:36 <micmus> or would tracking do into expansion, but we would simply generate simpler code during translation?
16:39 <nox> inb4 Insta r- from Erlang team. :P
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16:43 <micmus> One observation I have from playing with OTP directly is that running tests there is a pain :(
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16:47 <benwilson512> micmus: what's the __struct__ related optimization?
16:48 <bitmod> benwilson512, are function clauses reordered when a program is run?
16:48 <micmus> benwilson512: I described it here https://github.com/erlang/otp/pull/1414#issuecomment-295415248
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16:48 <benwilson512> bitmod: likely re-ordered at compile time
16:48 <micmus> bitmod: they might be, but the observable behavior won't change
16:48 <bitmod> benwilson512: do you know how?
16:49 <benwilson512> bitmod: not even a little, but I mean that's pretty normal with compiled languages
16:49 <micmus> i.e. they will appear as if they were matched in order
16:49 <benwilson512> the compiler does all sorts of optimizations
16:49 <benwilson512> micmus: ah nice
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16:50 <benwilson512> micmus: oh man that'd be a big win in absinthe
16:50 <benwilson512> we do that exact example everywhere
16:50 <benwilson512> ah although I guess we generally don't have the inner struct
16:50 <bitmod> i'm curious, jose said it doesn't matter if base or recursive case goes first in a module, e.g. https://paste.ubuntu.com/24427727/, but wouldn't there be a (albeit slight) performance difference between the two? (program 1: the paste.ubuntu link, program 2: same program but the sum clauses are swapped)
16:50 <micmus> benwilson512: yeah, it's pretty common in elixir
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16:50 <benwilson512> bitmod: if the matches were a linear search in the order provided sure
16:51 <benwilson512> but matches can get compiled too all kinds of stuff
16:51 <benwilson512> *to
16:51 <benwilson512> bitmod: as with all microbenchmarks you gotta just measure
16:51 <benwilson512> you could probably try to check the ultimate assembly
16:51 <benwilson512> or rather BEAM bytecod
16:51 sfbw joined
16:51 <benwilson512> micmus is probably up on how to do that
16:52 <bitmod> benwilson512: ah ok. so basically there's no hard and fast rule about whether base or recursive case should be defined first? is there one that elixir prefers?
16:52 <benwilson512> bitmod: personally I prefer base cases
16:52 <z1mvader> \join fedora-admin
16:52 <benwilson512> I think it's useful to consider when the loop terminates
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16:52 <bitmod> benwilson512: if the language doesn't have pattern matching base case must always come first right?
16:53 <benwilson512> bitmod: if the language doesn't have pattern matching you generally don't write multiple functions with the same name
16:53 <benwilson512> they aren't really commensurable situations
16:53 <bitmod> fair point
16:53 <bitmod> thanks for clearing that up at any rate
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16:56 <micmus> bitmod: it sometimes matters, but not in this case
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16:56 <micmus> you effectively have "if empty" check on one clause and "if not empty" on the other
16:56 <micmus> if you had the check only on one clause, it would matter
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17:07 <asonge> as a general rule, i put base cases up top, because there are sometimes multiple non-recursive cases, and sometimes you want to make sure that you don't accidentally recurse forever if a recursive case is not mutex.
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17:07 <asonge> but i find that i don't write all that many recursive functions anymore, or if i do, they're sometimes a code smell (you mix the recursive flow with the logic to transform, so it's harder to refactor)
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17:13 <micmus> bitmod: I just checked your example, and the compiler emits exactly the same bytecode, no matter the order of the clauses
17:14 <bitmod> micmus: ah awesome, thanks for that
17:17 <micmus> bitmod: here's the assembly for it, if you're interested :D https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/33zWdBum/
17:18 <asonge> one day i really want to understand how the pattern matching optimizer works
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18:22 <alisdair> it basically just checks the types of the inputs and then builds a tree
18:22 <alisdair> with some special cases like `[]`
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18:22 <alisdair> it doesn't really reorder clauses
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18:42 <wyzzard_> Does anyone here have experience with multitenancy and migrations in phoenix?
18:43 <wyzzard_> I’m trying to figure out if I can tell if a migration has been run with a prefix passed in
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18:48 <cristianR_> I just ran a test and I got a bad argument from :erlang.binary_to_existing_atom/2, however there is a gen_server that explicitly uses the atom
18:48 <cristianR_> are the atoms created dynamically at runtime?
18:49 <cristianR_> can :erlang.binary_to_existing_atom/2 fail at runtime depending if the code that defines the atom is running or not?
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19:02 <ultra|lazer> I'm kind of planning stages of a rest api, and was wondering if Poison is enough to turn an ecto get into a json object
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19:06 <ljarvis> ultra|lazer: what do you mean an ecto get? the record is just a map, right?
19:06 <ultra|lazer> Yeah
19:07 <ultra|lazer> I should be able to just poison.encode the result and then serve that, right?
19:07 <ljarvis> yeah, give it a shot
19:08 <ultra|lazer> Will do, thanks
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19:16 <mitchellhenke> are dependencies always compiled under production mix env, even if MIX_ENV=dev is specified?
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19:35 <LoverOne> hi
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19:35 <LoverOne> any body here
19:36 <Nicd-> around 583 people
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19:48 <DavidAntaramian> Let's say that I have a GenServer managing billing for my application. The messages it receives manipulate a user's available credit in the system. I'm concerned that if/when the system shuts down, any messages left in the process message box will be left to the ether. I've thought about trying to flush them all with a terminate/2 callback, but I'm not sure
19:48 <DavidAntaramian> if that's a good practice.
19:49 <DavidAntaramian> Has anyone solved that type of problem effectively? Or am I looking at it from the wrong perspective?
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19:51 <sorentwo> DavidAntaramian: That is entirely possible, if there are any messages you may not get them processed. You have the same concerns as a database, where you could get partial writes of data.
19:52 <sorentwo> If the data is critical you should really make it synchronous and ensure it gets into something persistent.
19:52 <sorentwo> That's why databases usually have two forms of storage, something that is written immediately (WAL) and longer term block storage.
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20:04 <DavidAntaramian> Yes, I have it as a synchronous function currently. But there can be long response times to write the billing data to the third party service, and that affects the block its called in.
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20:05 <DavidAntaramian> I'm weighing the trade-offs, but yes, the database comparison is on-point
20:05 <DavidAntaramian> thanks sorentwo
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20:09 <sorentwo> DavidAntaramian: I'm not sure what your environment is, but you may want to use dets to have some protection against restarts or a persistent queue like rabbit/redis to store the data and process async that way.
20:10 <emancu> Hello everyone! I have a question bout phoenix, ecto and nested relationships. Lets say: a Post has_many Comments and the Comment.changelog validates_required([:text, post_id]). The thing is, Ecto fails when I use `cast_assoc(:comments)` from Post because it says the `post_id` is not present (which is true). Should I remove the `post_id` from the validation_require list ?
20:12 <wyzzard_> Is there any way to copy the body of a function from one module but run it in the context of another?
20:13 <icecreamcohen> wyzzard_: is that function using module attributes or something?
20:14 <wyzzard_> I would like to run exactly the same function but override one of the function calls it makes
20:14 <DavidAntaramian> sorentwo: i've thought of that, but I don't know that the benefit - complexity it introduces justifies it. It's designed so that any data loss would be in the client's favor, so at least there that :)
20:14 <wyzzard_> import does not seems to work the way I want it to
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20:15 <wyzzard_> I am trying to write a tenant.migrate mix task for phoenix
20:15 <icecreamcohen> wyzzard_: you could pass in the module where those functions are defined to the function that calls them.
20:15 <wyzzard_> I want to delegate all of the responsibility to the default migrate task from Ecto
20:16 <wyzzard_> icecreamcohen: Can you demonstrate that?
20:16 <icecreamcohen> sure, 1s
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20:18 <sorentwo> DavidAntaramian: It sounds like you're aware of the trade off, I'd go with the lighter weight implementation at first. If any transactions go missing you'll have a good hunch about what happened.
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20:20 <icecreamcohen> wyzzard_: https://gist.github.com/scohen/6c17b724bd1599ef0daf198e22759613
20:27 <wyzzard_> icecreamcohen: https://gist.github.com/tomciopp/4a1fc01d03baffe52c3424d6d6f34874
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20:27 <wyzzard_> That gives a bit more context into the problem I am having
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20:28 <icecreamcohen> warning, i’ve never used ecto / phoenix
20:29 <wyzzard_> I can do this with modules in Ruby, by just including the module into a class
20:29 <wyzzard_> that was what I expected `import` to do
20:29 <icecreamcohen> Modules in elixir are just places to put functions.
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20:33 <icecreamcohen> wyzzard_: what needs to change in this?
20:33 <icecreamcohen> the migrator?
20:34 <wyzzard_> so the migrations_path at the bottom is what I want to use when calling `run`
20:34 <wyzzard_> that replaces the call that is defined in Mix.Ecto
20:34 <wyzzard_> which we do not import
20:35 <icecreamcohen> oh, i see
20:35 <wyzzard_> I expected that to work as written, but I get an error that says “run” is undefined
20:36 <icecreamcohen> so, if you don’t control the run function (it’s defined in Mix.Ecto, most likely) then I don’t think you can do what you want in this way.
20:37 <icecreamcohen> someone else can jump in, but I think I’m right about that.
20:37 <icecreamcohen> is the run method in the gist from ecto’s mix task?
20:38 <icecreamcohen> what you might be able to do is define a migrator function
20:39 <icecreamcohen> that ignores the migrations_path argument
20:39 <icecreamcohen> like migrator = fn (repo, _, direction, opts) -> Ecto.Migrator.run(repo, migrations_path(), direction, opts) end
20:40 <icecreamcohen> and then in your mix task define run and just call Mix.Ecto.run(args, migrator)
20:41 <wyzzard_> hmm… interesting
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20:58 <wyzzard_> icecreamcohen: Thanks for the advice! I’ve got everything up and running
20:58 <icecreamcohen> great, glad it worked.
20:58 <wyzzard_> I should prob write a blog post about all of this
20:59 <icecreamcohen> that might be helpful to others. Especially the change in mentality about what modules do.
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21:03 <wyzzard_> Yeah there’s some cool stuff I’m doing here as well, I’ve got two different directories for migrations
21:04 <wyzzard_> The tenants one will automatically run for all existing tenants, but will also run whenever a new tenant is created in the admin portal
21:04 <wyzzard_> so you don’t have to have a devops person in the loop if you add a new tenant
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21:57 <tuelz> anyone know an erlang term diff library?
21:59 <tuelz> looking to find the diff of deeply nested data structs composed of lists/tuples/strings
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