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00:37 <havenwood> iFire: There's also Stream.interval/1: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Stream.html#interval/1
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00:42 <scythe__> So I figured out my docker issue...but I have one last one. I setup clustering using teamon's guide but in setting it up so that all nodes see each other in the network I had to explicitly set the node to a number other than @ when I do so I'm unable to run my migrations using distillery. I believe it may have something to do with rpc but I have no idea what. Does anyone here have a phoenix cluster setup using distillery and knows
00:42 <scythe__> how rpc is being used in order to run migrations? Since mix isn't available I'm unable to run mix run migrations... which leaves me confused as how to proceed
00:44 <scythe__> I also asked on the distillery github although I'm not sure where the problem really is. https://github.com/bitwalker/distillery/issues/29#issuecomment-296485132
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00:49 <bitwalker> scythe__: I'll try and respond in a little bit
00:50 <scythe__> Thanks bitwalker!
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08:59 <m1dnight_> Hey guys, im writing a library that automatically starts slaves on the hosts in the erlang hosts file
08:59 <m1dnight_> It also allows me to start slaves on any given ip
09:00 <m1dnight_> My question is, from a library point of view, what would be the best way to allow the user how to do this?
09:00 <m1dnight_> E.g., you import th elibrary and want to automatically start slaves on all hosts in the erlang hosts file, you dont want any slaves spawned automatically, or you want to specify your own list
09:00 <m1dnight_> Should I look for an entry in a config file?
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09:20 <OliverMT> I wonder if it would be beneficial to use MQTT as a phoenix channel backend
09:20 <OliverMT> now that aws has the iot service which is basically a managed mqtt broker
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11:14 <vhf> cemilowski: thanks, nope I don't have :serve_endpoints, true in my config
11:14 <vhf> but somehow I fixed my issue
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11:14 <vhf> by removing some processes I was supervising
11:14 <cemilowski> vhf: I see.
11:15 <vhf> I'm still an OTP noob so I don't know exactly
11:15 <vhf> in my app I was putting worker(Some.Agent) in the children list
11:15 <vhf> the app was working well, but this prevented the app from giving control back to the repl ?
11:16 <vhf> now I'm trying to understand how I'm supposed to supervise tasks to have at most one concurrent task, but have it restart when it dies
11:17 <vhf> this doesn't feel that hard, the hard part is that I have different tasks and I want the same behaviour for all of them, except with different implementations
11:17 <vhf> of the actual work being done by the task
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11:21 <cemilowski> vhf: You mean supervising dynamically or as a background task?
11:22 <vhf> cemilowski: background task :)
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11:24 <cemilowski> vhf: I had written this: https://github.com/ertgl/oblservice/blob/master/lib/oblservice/workers/delay_detector.ex P.S: This was my second Phoenix project so please don't disdain. : )
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11:24 <vhf> haha cemilowski I'm really not in a position to judge
11:25 <vhf> thanks, that's the kind of example I wanted to see
11:25 <cemilowski> Neither I.
11:25 <cemilowski> You're welcome vhf. : )
11:27 <gazler> Just so you know, GenServer responses take an optional timeout parameter which will trigger a :timeout message.
11:28 <gazler> So you can do {:noreply, state, 30_000) to trigger the timeout message after 30 seconds.
11:29 <cemilowski> Hmm. This is a very helpful detail. Thanks gazler.
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12:08 <benwilson512> micmus: hey quick question related to your optimizations
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12:08 <benwilson512> if I have some map `foo` and in several places in the code call `foo.bar`
12:08 <benwilson512> without ever rebinding `foo`
12:09 <benwilson512> does it do the equivalent of is_map(foo) checks and has_key(foo, :bar) checks each time?
12:09 <benwilson512> or just the first time?
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12:09 <micmus> benwilson512: unfortunately, every time
12:09 <benwilson512> given immutability and all that you'd think it could at least elide the checks, or even just reuse the result of getting it
12:09 <benwilson512> hm
12:09 <benwilson512> is that an intrinsic limitation?
12:09 <benwilson512> or just how it happens to be at the moment?
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12:10 <micmus> nope, it's just not optimised
12:11 <micmus> benwilson512: the problem I faced with merging all x.foo, x.bar, etc into a single instruction, is that they all emit a different error
12:12 <benwilson512> for different keys I can see that
12:12 <benwilson512> I guess I was referring to when you do the same key multiple times
12:12 <benwilson512> sometimes for example for context it is more readable to do `person.name` in several places
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12:13 <micmus> outside of hot paths, I don't think that matters much, but if we're going for emiting best code possible, there's a lot of opportunities for optimisations
12:13 <micmus> it's a bit better on erlang master, but still could be much better
12:14 <benwilson512> cool
12:14 <benwilson512> good to know
12:15 <micmus> currently the optimizer throws away all information on any map operation :(
12:15 <micmus> so that's probably the biggest improvement on master, right now - it doesn't do that anymore
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16:40 <kronicdeth> With Ecto, how do I do `WHERE primary.foreign_key IN (SELECT id FROM foreign_table WHERE ...)` if I already have `SELECT id FROM foreign_table WHERE ...` in an Ecto.Query? I'm trying to reuse the queries from the foreign table in the primary table this way.
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17:25 <racycle> set irc.look.display_host_quit off
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18:38 <thread> Anyone ever thought about defining some extra data with their router so they could easily build navigation? seems like a good idea if you have a complex sitemap and want to build an elaborate navigation and don't want a maintenance difficulty . .
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19:03 <thread> The big question is ... how can I build a data structure at the same time that I define the routes inside a scope? I would need to remember the data somehow so it could be queried against at runtime.. Not quite sure how I could do this yet.
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19:05 <thread> oh wow, I can define a function right inside a scope and it's available on the router module. I think this might be the ticket. I can make my macro call set up the actual route AND define a function somehow to make the data available to the view.
19:05 <thread> I would simply love any sort of thought on if this is a good approach or if there could be a better one..
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19:14 <Nicd-> thread: you could also look at how phoenix.routes works
19:14 <Nicd-> I don't know if it could help
19:15 <chrismccord> thread : I dont' have full context, but sounds like a bad idea that would be better suited with a plug
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19:15 <thread> Nicd-: thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'm reading router.ex... I'm now thinking maybe I can append to a data structure kept in an @attribute that is built over the course of the router being built, then exposed at the end?
19:16 <chrismccord> defining a function "inside a scope" really has nothing to do with the scope. It would be a plain old function. If you can describe what you're wanting to do I can point yo in the proper direction
19:16 <Nicd-> chrismccord to the rescue!
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19:17 <thread> chrismccord: I basically want to define page titles along with the routes so that a view could iterate over the data structure and build the navigation, setting any "active" classes needed, etc. It's for maintainability -- don't want to have to maintain the router 1:1 with a nest of li's (nav) in another file.
19:18 <thread> I want to capture the router as data (but with a couple extra bits per route) and have this full data structure available.
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19:20 <thread> chrismccord: i'm thinking i want to call a macro from inside the scope and define the matcher, but also "log" everything somewhere so I can get to it. (I imagine I can pull the router data out of the router somehow, but I want to also persist the section title for the nav as well)
19:20 <chrismccord> thread : you can set assigns on the scope, ie
19:20 <thread> ooh! what about each page within the scope, though?
19:20 <chrismccord> `scope "/orders", Foo.Bar, assigns: %{title: ...} do`
19:21 <chrismccord> not per route though
19:22 <thread> so i'd need a different scope per route or something weird... also, while I'm sure I could access that data from the route action, I'm not so sure I could query anywhere for a big list of everything.
19:22 <chrismccord> thread : just kidding, you can indeed do it per route
19:23 <thread> :]
19:23 <chrismccord> get "/orders", OrderController, :index, assigns: %{title: ...}
19:24 <thread> oh awesome. next I think I'd just need a dump of all the routes..
19:24 <chrismccord> thread why do you need. dump of the routes?
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19:25 <thread> because I want to pull out some bits and loop an li block in my template to build some gnarly-long navigation, setting any active classes as needed etc
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19:26 <thread> for maintainability. now, to add a new page, you just set it up in the router and don't have to worry about editing a giant blob of navigation markup.
19:26 <thread> this is my idea, anyway
19:26 <thread> feel free to suggest why it's dumb, too :)
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19:30 <Nicd-> in most cases your navigation probably won't be 1:1 with your routes
19:30 <thread> Nicd-: great point... I'll have to filter out only routes with certain metadata to be included, true. It could be by scope somehow, as well.
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19:33 <thread> ah, seems I can flip through @phoenix_routes ... This plus the route assigns might be all I need!
19:34 <thread> let's see how this works out for me...
19:34 <thread> at any rate, thank you sooo much chrismccord & Nicd-. Really appreciate the help!
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19:50 <rschmukler> Hey all! I have a map (wrapped in a genserver) where I need to dynamically load keys into it at run-time without starting an OTP application. ie. my library allows other libraries to register with the map at compile time to register handlers for keys in the map
19:50 <rschmukler> ie. GenServer has a map of binary => module, I want libraries to register with those maps at runtime without being an OTP application themselves. Alternatively they could also modify the map at compile time (but I'm unaware if that is possible)
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19:53 <rschmukler> alternatively if there's any way to specify runtime code to be called mixfile without it being an OTP application, that'd also be okay...
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19:55 <mloy> out of curiosity, why is it important that it isn't an OTP application?
19:57 <josevalim> it is always an OTP application
19:57 <josevalim> maybe you don't want to have a supervision tree
19:57 <josevalim> but it is still a otp app
19:57 <josevalim> rschmukler: ping me in 1h if nobody replied yet :)
19:57 <josevalim> bbl
19:58 <rschmukler> mloy: apologies, I mean just not an otp application callback module... ie I don't want a supervision tree and start/2
19:59 <mloy> ahh
19:59 <rschmukler> The answer might be that it has to be, but I hope not.
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20:33 <fishcakez> rschmukler: remove the mod: {Mod, _} entry in def applications
20:34 <rschmukler> fishcakez: I know, but I need a way to run some code at BEAM startup. ie. I want to invoke something like the Application.start/2 callback but I don't want to have a PID lingering around (there is no process necessary).
20:35 <rschmukler> I could potentially create a process that shuts itself down normally shortly after startup... but that seems a big hacky
20:35 <fishcakez> rschmukler: ah, then you could do Supervisor.start_link([], strategy: :one_for_one) or potentially do {:ok, self()} but that last one is very hacky and unsure what'll happen
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20:36 <rschmukler> `{:ok, self()}` is clever. Definitely hacky, but it hadn't even occurred to me. Do you know what process `self()` is in that instance?
20:37 <fishcakez> its the process that supervises the application
20:37 <fishcakez> there is one for each application
20:37 <fishcakez> really you shouldnt be worried about starting emty supervisor
20:37 <rschmukler> `Process.monitor(self())` works...
20:38 <rschmukler> It's not that I'm worried about it... I realize it's only 2Kb... but its the semantics / wanting to know if this is possible.
20:39 <fishcakez> then no :)
20:39 <rschmukler> It could potentially happen at compile time... Is that possible?
20:39 <rschmukler> ie. can a library modify a module attribute of its dependencies at compile time?
20:39 <rschmukler> The use case: https://github.com/urbint/cloudfile
20:40 <fishcakez> thats likely private repo?
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20:41 <fishcakez> but a module attribute change would require recompile
20:41 <fishcakez> it is possible to set the default Application.get_env values at compile time
20:41 <rschmukler> https://github.com/urbint/cloudfile
20:41 <fishcakez> e.g. def application(), do: [env: MyApp.generate_env]
20:41 <rschmukler> Try again
20:42 <fishcakez> the readme doesnt make it clear why you need it
20:42 <rschmukler> We want the drivers to be individual libraries (ie. s3, gcs, http, box, etc). There is a DriverRegistry which handles a mapping of protocol (eg. `"s3"`) to module implementing `Driver`.
20:43 <rschmukler> So those are technically all known at compile time and so it'd be nice if the drivers could register themselves with the registry
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20:44 <fishcakez> unfortunately the drivers depend on the main lib so no
20:44 <rschmukler> if they didn't?
20:45 <fishcakez> still no :P
20:45 <rschmukler> :P
20:45 <rschmukler> Alright
20:45 <rschmukler> Thanks for taking a look :)
20:45 <fishcakez> you could look an URI.default_port is very similar issue
20:48 <rschmukler> fishcakez: Might be nice to add an additional response to the Application.start/2 callback that allows something like `:ignore` seen in GenServer. Not sure if Elixir takes such liberties in differing from OTPs `application` callback behaviour...
20:48 <fishcakez> we have to use built for applications
20:48 <rschmukler> built?
20:48 <fishcakez> built in
20:49 <fishcakez> i mean we have to use OTPs implementation
20:49 <rschmukler> Ah, sure...
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20:49 <rschmukler> What about a mix extension then?
20:49 <rschmukler> (Just thinking outloud of how it could be done, not saying it should)
20:49 <fishcakez> unfortunately i dont think it can be achieved without patching OTP
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20:53 <rschmukler> `@on_load` also seemed promising but is evaluated at compile time. Maybe I could match off of naming pattern at run time? ie. Elixir.Cloudfile.Drivers.* get registered?
20:53 <fishcakez> on_load is evaluated when loaded ;)
20:53 <rschmukler> Sure, which in my time is before compile time?
20:53 <rschmukler> my case*
20:54 <fishcakez> it cant be before compile time because the module must be compiled to be loaded
20:54 <fishcakez> on_load is when the beam file is loaded
20:54 <rschmukler> Ah
20:54 <fishcakez> however in a release that wont work as everything is loaded up front
20:54 <fishcakez> well i say wont..
20:55 <rschmukler> It doesn't work in iex, blocking local dev... at the least...
20:55 <rschmukler> Are the functions that Iex uses for tab completion exposed? Can go read the source if you don't know off the top of your head...
20:55 <fishcakez> it depends
20:56 <fishcakez> its functions arent but the functions it uses are
20:56 <fishcakez> well it depends what you try to do on_load :)
20:56 <fishcakez> and its very risky because an error would cause it not to load
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20:58 <rschmukler> Is there a function to get all atoms registered? Then filter those based off the pattern matching?
20:58 <rschmukler> ie. does elixir have it... erlang has some hacky ways to do it
21:00 <fishcakez> well modules might not be loaded
21:01 <fishcakez> any erlang works in elixir
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21:58 <adamkittelson> I see `datetime_add/3` as part of Ecto.Query.API so you can do stuff like query for anything older than 10 minutes ago etc, but if you call it directly outside of a query it raises the error `** (RuntimeError) the functions in Ecto.Query.API should not be invoked directly, they serve for documentation purposes only`, so if one wanted to set a datetime value
21:58 <adamkittelson> to say, 10 minutes in the future in a Repo.update_all would one need to use a library like calendar or timex to adjust the time?
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22:20 <tristan__> https://content.nanobox.io/elixir-app-deployment-with-nanobox/
22:20 <tristan__> another article suggesting you use 'mix phoenix.server'...
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22:20 <tristan__> is there at least a way to configure the vm arguments when people do that?
22:21 <fishcakez> tristan__: elixir --erl " ..." -S mix phoenix.server
22:23 <tristan__> ok. may be good if Phoenix docs mentioned that and some of the usual configs people tend to do when running in production, stuff you'd tend to run into when going to releases anyway but won't if not
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22:24 <tristan__> like the async thread pool size, max number of processes, etc
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