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00:23 <* benwilson512> ericmj: hey, is there documentation for the hexpm web API?
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00:24 <benwilson512> other than the code obviously
00:25 <benwilson512> ah nvm found it https://github.com/hexpm/specifications/blob/master/apiary.apib
00:26 <benwilson512> apologies
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00:34 <nolan330> hey everyone, wondering if there is a idiomatic preference between composing async_stream calls (e.g. Task.async_stream(Mod1, :func1) |> Task.async_stream(Mod2, :func2)) or passing a function to run as an argument to a single async_stream (e.g. Task.async_stream(Mod1, :func1, [&Mod2.func2/N]) and then calling the function parameter within :func1)
00:35 <nolan330> :func1 is a very common function, and sometimes i want to immediately follow it up with a :func2 transformation
00:36 <nolan330> or, more generally, sometimes i want :func1 alone, and sometimes i want to process the results of :func1 concurrently
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00:43 <nolan330> it also might matter that both :func1 and :func2 are (or could be) IO heavy
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01:12 <nolan330> if anyone gets a chance to answer a silly question about Task.async_stream, I just posted a question over here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/43599963/composing-task-async-stream-vs-continuation-passing
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10:22 <ciawal> it seems that specifying a `mix test file:line` referencing a describe block doesn't run the contents of the describe block as I would expect
10:22 <ciawal> which is a shame
10:24 <fishcakez> you'd need to use a describe tag
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11:13 <will_> hey can anyone help with an Ecto query question?
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11:14 <Nicd-> don't ask to ask, just ask :)
11:14 <will_> im trying to do a nearest neighbour search with PostGis, as shown here
11:14 <will_> https://boundlessgeo.com/2011/09/indexed-nearest-neighbour-search-in-postgis/
11:15 <will_> is there a way to do `<#>`
11:15 <will_> trying to do this `order_by: fragment("? <#> ST_SetSRID(ST_PointFromText('POINT(? 123)', -1), 4362)", shop.geom, ^x)`
11:15 <will_> but keep getting the error parameters must be of length 0 for query %Postgrex
11:16 <will_> is there a way to accomplish this better?
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11:16 <micmus> will_: you have ? inside a string - postgres will see it only as a string with the ? character, not a place for a parameter
11:16 <ciawal> yeah, construct that whole string and pass that in instead
11:17 <will_> into the fragment?
11:17 <micmus> or use concatenation in postgres: 'POINT(' || ? || ' 123)'
11:17 <will_> I tried constructing the string above like "? <#> ST_SetSRID(ST_PointFromText('POINT(#{x} #{y})', -1), 4362)"
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11:19 <ciawal> but?
11:19 <will_> ** (Ecto.Query.CompileError) fragment(...) expects the first argument to be a string for SQL fragments, a keyword list, or an interpolated value, got: `query`
11:19 <micmus> will_: that would open you to SQL injection, so ecto won't allow it - query part of fragment has to be a literal
11:19 <will_> yeah I thought so
11:19 <ciawal> you should do as micmus said above instead
11:20 <will_> ok let me try
11:20 <will_> thanks
11:21 <micmus> or interpolate outside of query:
11:21 <micmus> fragment("? <#> ... ST_PointFromTest(?, ...", shop.geom, "POINT(#{x}, #{y})")
11:21 <micmus> sorry, should be ^"POINT...
11:21 <will_> is this what you means? `order_by: fragment("? <#> ST_SetSRID(ST_PointFromText('POINT(" || x || " " || y || ")', -1), 4362)", shop.geom),`
11:22 <ciawal> it should be ?s
11:22 <ciawal> instead of x/y
11:22 <ciawal> you're passing them into fragment
11:23 <ciawal> and not closing the query string
11:23 <ciawal> 'POINT(' || ? || ' ' || ? || ')'
11:23 <ciawal> if you want to pass both in
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11:24 <will_> quick one, why doesn't this work? order_by: fragment("? <#> ST_SetSRID(ST_PointFromText('POINT(? ?)', -1), 4362)", shop.geom, ^x, ^y),
11:25 <fredsir> Is there a good guide for setting up a new phoenix project using 1.3 RC, and things to be aware of an so on?
11:25 <will_> I thought the fragment should just interpolate x and y
11:25 <micmus> will_: the ? are inside a postgres string ''
11:25 <micmus> you can't do that
11:25 <will_> ah ok
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11:27 <will_> woohoo got it workind :D
11:27 <will_> constructed point = "POINT(#{x} #{y})"
11:27 <will_> then used that in the fragment
11:27 <will_> awesome
11:28 <fishcakez> is it simplier to use ST_Point(?, ?), ^x, ^y ?
11:29 <will_> ah yeah guess so, left over from my prev query
11:29 <fishcakez> ecto/postgrex is trying to avoid casting to text and back again
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11:29 <will_> would there be a way to accomplish this without using fragments?
11:33 <micmus> will_: what does the <#> operator do? I can't find it
11:34 <ciawal> https://postgis.net/docs/geometry_distance_box.html
11:34 <nox> micmus: a <#> b tweets "b #a".
11:35 <micmus> the geo library has all the functions encoded as macros, but not operators. It seems there's no function to replace <#>
11:36 <micmus> if there were (you can write it yourself), it could be written as:
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11:39 <micmus> oh, hmm... you probably could use the Geo.Point struct directly
11:40 <ciawal> does it actually matter? should we be trying to avoid using fragment?
11:40 <will_> that's my question
11:41 <micmus> fragments are fine, wrapping them in macros if you use something a lot, can make the code a lot cleaner, though
11:41 <will_> also another, if I wanted to calculate the distance between the x,y passed in and the geom of the shop, would I do that as part of the postgres query, or in elixir itself?
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12:00 <jschneck> Good morning (for me) everyone
12:00 <Nicd-> good evening jschneck
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12:01 <jschneck> I've slumped into a discussion yesterday that I could use some community opinion on.
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12:01 <jschneck> Its regarding a named gen server process that multiple dependencies are interested in running
12:02 <jschneck> Lets say we have apps A, B, and C. A depends on B and A depends on C. In addition, A, B and C each depend on D.
12:03 <jschneck> A, B, and C are all interested to make sure that lets say a specific named Registry is started in D. Therefore, it seams reasonable that they should all declare in their supervision trees that they want Registry [MyScope]
12:04 <josevalim> so they need to declare a registry that is going to be used by D?
12:04 <jschneck> well, I am using Registry as an example here.
12:04 <josevalim> why doesn't D declares the registry? and maybe you can use tuples in the registry to avoid conflicts betweens apps when necessary?
12:05 <jschneck> if I understand that correctly, D would start one big registry and they would use the fist part of a tuple to declare a scope
12:05 <jschneck> *the rest would use...
12:06 <jschneck> This was a choice I was leaning towards, but it got me thinking about apps which share interest in a named process running
12:07 <jschneck> it got me curious if worker/3 could take something like :ensure_started as an arg for situations where :already_started were returned
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12:08 <jschneck> the pratical example of this above is that there are 3 apps which make up Nerves wifi and all of them want to push bits of info to a scope Nerves.Networking.
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12:10 <jschneck> so, in that case someone needs to make sure that registry is started. Its starting to feel that one big Nerves registry is more appropiate and that the sub namespacing happens under it.
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12:16 <fishcakez> jschneck: unfortunately an ensure_started would likely cause circular application dependence
12:16 <fishcakez> because if a crash happens then the supervision trees are all going to rush to try to start that supervisor
12:16 <fishcakez> and then C and depend on A
12:17 <fishcakez> s/start the supervisor/start the worker/
12:17 <fishcakez> but you can implement this feature by doing case start_link do ... {:error, {:already_started, _}} -> :ignore end
12:18 <jschneck> yeah in that case there will still be a rush to start it, but the others should get :ok anyways since someone would've had to get there first
12:20 <fishcakez> it also increase the error kernel for the registry because if A, B or C manage to claim the registry, it possible that a crash in other processes in their tree can propagate up to terminate the regstry, this will cause processes in all the other apps to crash
12:20 <fishcakez> so you have very poor fault tolerance
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12:22 <fishcakez> shutdown of the node also becomes messy I think because the app with the registry might get terminated first
12:22 <jschneck> thats a solid argument.
12:23 <fishcakez> apps are shutdown in the reverse order they are started iirc
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13:31 <flupke> hi, I'm getting an error when trying to compile Elixir on a mac with erlang 19.3 (also tried 19.1): https://www.pastiebin.com/58ff4f7a99745
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13:33 <fishcakez> flupke: likely need to update to newer elixir
13:33 <fishcakez> looks like that source only works on =< OTP 18
13:36 <flupke> fishcakez: I'm compiling an up-to-date elixir master
13:36 <flupke> oh wait, my branch is not up-to-date, so sorry
13:36 <flupke> s/branch/fork/
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14:59 <julienfayad> Hello! Wondering has anyone worked with SSHex ? I’m facing an issue in using public ssh keys to connect
14:59 <ciawal> I have julienfayad
15:00 <julienfayad> Hi ciawal maybe you can give me a hand
15:00 <julienfayad> as I can’t see what I’m doing wrong here and the ssh debug/verbose is quite limited (or at least I don’t know how to get more output).
15:00 <julienfayad> my problem boils down to being asked a password
15:01 <julienfayad> where as if a I ssh into the server from the terminal (same user that is running the elixir app) the connection establishes right away
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15:05 <ciawal> can you show your code?
15:05 <ciawal> and the ssh command you run
15:06 <ciawal> with anything necessary blanked out ofc
15:06 <julienfayad> SSHEx.connect ip: to_charlist(Application.get_env(:sb_api_elixir, :server_ip)), user: to_charlist(Application.get_env(:sb_api_elixir, :server_user))
15:06 <julienfayad> that’s the connect command I use
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15:07 <icecreamcohen> ‘morning peeps. In a monorepo, is it standard practice to include intra-repo deps like this {:dep_name, path: “../other_project”, env: Mix.env, override: true} ?
15:07 <Ankhers> I don't believe you need to call to_charlist/1 yourself.
15:07 <ciawal> you can try specifying user_dir: '/path/to/your/.ssh' julienfayad
15:08 <julienfayad> Hi Ankhers, I wasn’t initially but diggin into the SSHex I noticed there is an example where it’s being done
15:08 <julienfayad> so I gave it a shot
15:08 <gazler> icecreamcohen: I've seen it before. I prefer using an umbrella or a separate git repo.
15:08 <julienfayad> as for the user_dir: option I tried
15:08 <julienfayad> and same result, it asks for a password
15:08 <icecreamcohen> gazler: I don’t have that option ;-/
15:08 <Ankhers> julienfayad: I believe you need to specify the key file you want to use.
15:08 <Ankhers> It just passes the opts down the erlangs ssh module.
15:09 <Ankhers> (by default)
15:09 <gazler> icecreamcohen: Why not?
15:09 <icecreamcohen> because I just started at a new place and this is how they’ve organized their repo. It’s a single monorepo, and it’s been like that for a while.
15:09 <Ankhers> Though, reading the documentation, it doesn't sound like you need to do that.
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15:10 <julienfayad> ok Ankhers I can specify the dir with user_dir and tried that, but that didn’t work
15:10 <julienfayad> by the way ciawal Ankhers I also tried to use SSHEx.ConfigurableClientKeys.get_cb_module
15:10 <ciawal> julienfayad: have you tried specifying the IP/user as literals
15:10 <gazler> icecreamcohen: That's no excuse! What you said is probably the best option then.
15:10 <ciawal> to check it's not a config issue
15:10 <icecreamcohen> lol, gazler
15:10 <ciawal> julienfayad: i.e. copy what you use in your terminal ssh command
15:11 <Ankhers> julienfayad: Do you by chance have a .ssh/config file that specifies a differnt key to use to for the host you are attempting to connect to?
15:11 <julienfayad> yes ciawal, I confirmed it’s not a config issue by putting the values as literals
15:11 <julienfayad> nop Ankhers, I checked that there is no config file for this user
15:14 <benwilson512> icecreamcohen: by new place do you mean no longer pinterest?
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15:14 <icecreamcohen> benwilson512: Yep
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15:14 <benwilson512> icecreamcohen: very cool, where you at now?
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15:14 <icecreamcohen> Discord
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15:14 <benwilson512> NICE
15:14 <icecreamcohen> Yeah; they use elixir a lot1
15:15 <benwilson512> that's what I hear
15:15 <icecreamcohen> :-)
15:15 <gazler> Thanks for reminding me, I haven't logged in in a while!
15:15 <icecreamcohen> There’s an elixir discord
15:16 <ciawal> oh awesome
15:16 <icecreamcohen> and, get this, it’ll keep its history indefinitely.
15:16 <ciawal> I love discord, congrats
15:16 <ciawal> I think all their backend is elixir right?
15:16 <icecreamcohen> https://discord.gg/Shk6E
15:16 <icecreamcohen> Yes!
15:16 <icecreamcohen> large portions of it are.
15:16 <ciawal> that's not all then :D
15:17 <icecreamcohen> hmm… not all; most. The lion’s share.
15:17 <ciawal> what's the remainder in?
15:17 <gazler> C++
15:17 <icecreamcohen> There’s a couple python services and a couple go ones.
15:18 <ciawal> I imagine they're the biggest elixir user atm
15:18 <icecreamcohen> Well, it depends on how you define "biggest"
15:19 <icecreamcohen> They’re probably company with the most users who are most dependent on elixir
15:19 <ciawal> sure, I mean company using elixir most, rather than biggest company using elixir
15:19 <icecreamcohen> I’d wager that Pinterest puts the most QPS through elixir.
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15:54 <julienfayad> ciawal, Ankhers, no idea ?
15:55 <ciawal> not sure, sorry
15:55 <ciawal> does sshex provide any debug logging?
15:57 <Ankhers> julienfayad: Sorry, I looked at the ssh module a little bit, but had to get back to work :(
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15:58 <Ankhers> I was having issues connecting to one of my servers because of timeout.
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16:02 <julienfayad> ciawal, I was looking for that but reading the connect method I can’t see anything related to debug
16:03 <julienfayad> Ankhers, thanks :-) my issue is different though, as I can ssh from the terminal, but when it’s the elixir script that tries to connect it prompts for a password (running the elixir script with the same user)
16:06 <Ankhers> julienfayad: What if you just tried passing your arguments to the ssh module, since that is what is being used?
16:07 <julienfayad> what do you mean Ankhers ?
16:07 <Ankhers> :shh.connect('hostname', 22, ssh_options)
16:07 <Ankhers> That is all SSHEx is doing.
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17:26 <bitmod_> what's the deal with the send() function, and why does send(self(), :ping) display in the terminal, even if you don't receive/flush self()?
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17:28 <Ankhers> bitmod_: Because `send/2` returns the message that was sent. If you were to send to a different process, it would still return the message.
17:28 <Ankhers> If you receive or flush now, you will still see the message.
17:28 <Ankhers> https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Kernel.html#send/2
17:29 <bitmod_> Ankhers: i see, thanks
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17:57 <codestorm7> benwilson512: hi, we're deciding on camel vs snake case for REST and also GraphQL. I noticed that Absinthe does a translation back and forth. Is that a standard for GraphQL in general?
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18:13 <notriddle> graphql-ruby has it, too.
18:14 <fredsir> When running a phoenix project with mix phx.server, I'm getting this repeatedly: `warning: mtime (modified time) for "lib/umbrella_web/templates/page/index.html.eex" was set to the future, resetting to now", what is up with that?
18:15 <notriddle> Actually, graphql-ruby camelization is still WIP: https://github.com/rmosolgo/graphql-ruby/pull/555
18:16 <ivan> fredsir: are your files on a remote computer?
18:16 <fredsir> ivan: inside a docker container
18:16 <benwilson512> codestorm7: I'm not sure, I think ruby is the other major implementation that would consider snake case language normal
18:16 <benwilson512> javascript and scala would both use camelcase internally
18:17 <benwilson512> codestorm7: it's actually super low overhead for us
18:17 <benwilson512> since we just re-use the camelcase strings that are given to us
18:17 <benwilson512> instead of calling a camelization function on every output key
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18:18 <benwilson512> we do have to snake case incoming document field names but that isn't particularly expensive, and scales with merely the size of the document, vs the size of the results
18:18 <benwilson512> we
18:18 <benwilson512> *we've considered an optimization where we precompute camelized field names on all the schema types at compile time
18:18 <benwilson512> and then do lookups off of those, but I don't think that would be a huge win
18:20 <benwilson512> codestorm7: what's cool actually is that you could have different endpoints have different conventions, but with the same schema
18:20 <benwilson512> so you could have like /api/web that used the camelcase stuff and your schema for JS clients, and then /api/whatever that didn't
18:20 <benwilson512> and used snake case for snake case clients
18:20 <benwilson512> hell, I'm pretty sure you could make it header based if you wanted to, we're pretty flexible
18:21 <bitmod_> what were the primary factors in making brunch the official asset management tool, as opposed to webpack?
18:22 <benwilson512> bitmod_: it might be more accurate to call it the default, phoenix itself is happy to work with any asset management tool
18:22 <benwilson512> IIRC it was seen as simpler
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18:33 <codestorm7> sorry, benwilson512, I disconnected and lost the scroll,
18:33 <codestorm7> I'm not sure I follow you as far as what would be a win, so let me rephrase a little. When I In Elixir, I'm using all snake case. When I make GQL requests, the field names (even from autocomplete) are camel case
18:33 <codestorm7> so something is doing a translation now
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18:53 <bitmod_> benwilson512: ah ok, thanks
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19:09 <kronicdeth> With ecto, if I want to do `where: c.expires_on + 1 > type(^iso8601_formatted_date_time, :date)`, is the only way to +1 the date is to drop into a fragment? I'm getting `(Ecto.Query.CompileError) `c.expires_on() + 1` is not a valid query expression.`
19:09 <kronicdeth> wait, nvm, fround date_dat
19:09 <ivan> kronicdeth: you could do math on the date instead?
19:10 <kronicdeth> *date_add
19:10 <ivan> ah
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19:21 <bitmod_> what is Application.Endpoint?
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20:16 <devbug> Mix won't let me override a dependency?
20:16 <devbug> https://gist.github.com/anonymous/23909de54c8c56142d6815392da6e2d4
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20:38 <fredsir> Does `phx.gen in 1.3 have an understanding of umbrella apps, so say I run `phx.gen.html`, will it put the views and templates and so into the xxx_web app and the "rest" into the "core" app?
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20:38 <fredsir> And when I say umbrella apps, I mean umbrellas created with `mix phx.new --umbrella`
20:44 <fredsir> seems not so
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21:28 <wpcarro> Hey all. Is there a preferred way to override a project's dependency's config variable?
21:29 <wpcarro> I'm using a dependency that reads a credentials file when starting up the application. I'd like to instead have that variable be defined by my project instead of leaking my dependency's variable through to the end consumer... is this possible?
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21:33 <wpcarro> I think I could resolve the issue if I could prevent one of my dependencies, which is an application, from starting automatically. Does this seem reasonable to anyone?
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22:00 <myronmarston> bitwalker: I’m upgrading our app from exrm to distillery and have run into an issue I haven’t been able to solve. Do you have a few minutes to chat?
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22:07 <benwilson512> wpcarro: the dependency hard codes the file?
22:07 <benwilson512> what exactly does it do with it, can you link to the code?
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23:13 <bitmod> benwilson512: is something to do with models chaning in phoenix 1.3?
23:13 <bitmod> changing*
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23:21 <benwilson512> bitmod: the brunch stuff?
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23:22 <bitmod> benwilson512: ecto models
23:22 <benwilson512> bitmod: what's the context?
23:22 <benwilson512> oh
23:22 <benwilson512> sorry I get what you're saying
23:22 <benwilson512> yes
23:23 <benwilson512> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMO28ar0lW8
23:23 <bitmod> benwilson512: that's the one, thanks
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23:34 <Radar> >> DateAttr = Struct.new(:day, :foo); attrs = [DateAttr.new(1,2), DateAttr.new(3,4)]; attrs.detect { |a| a.foo == 4 }
23:34 <Radar> Whoops.
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