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04:04 <bcardarella> with edeliver if I made a bad deploy can I just deploy over that same version?
04:04 <bcardarella> or am I required to bump the version?
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04:52 <Radar> I have some supervisors setup in my application which are responsible for starting processes that fetch events. These events are typically noisy. How can I make it so that during the tests these supervisors are not started automatically?
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07:08 <landongn_> hey all, qq. I'm a bit of a novice still; I'm trying to render a view in phoenix where the structure is %{foo: bar, baz: [a: b, c: d]}. I need to strip some of the metadata from the struct returned by ecto before I can serialize it, since it's throwing an exception. What's the appropriate way to handle this? My thought was to create a List, and use foo = [foo | baz] while enumerating, but nothing is being appended into the list.
07:09 <landongn_> relevant gist: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ff9d09f3c2c79d0bc8ef5249bb15b61c
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07:42 <bcardarella> @josevalim ping
07:42 <josevalim> bcardarella: hey!
07:42 <josevalim> whats up?
07:44 <bcardarella> do applications have to be loaded in order to access their config var in prod?
07:44 <bcardarella> with Application.get_env
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07:48 <bcardarella> @josevalim this is for an app that has been compiled and deployed. I am running into an issue with sys.config values not available at that point but available local
07:49 <josevalim> yes the application has to be loaded
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07:49 <josevalim> although I think sys.config values will be there since the beginning
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07:53 <bcardarella> I've been using a config var for an application that doesn't exist. I have some libs that I am going to extract out. It hasn't been an issue but those specific config vars aren't available after deploy
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08:12 <OliverMT> ecto outputs this (verbatim) "must be greater than %{number}"
08:12 <OliverMT> is it my changeset view that isnt doing the right thing or what?
08:12 <OliverMT> using validate_number
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08:17 <bcardarella> OliverMT: what is it you want?
08:17 <OliverMT> it should say the number specified in my greater_than
08:17 <OliverMT> |> validate_number(:lithostrat_order, greater_than: 0)
08:18 <OliverMT> lithostrat_order":[ "must be greater than %{number}" ]
08:18 <sevenseacat> you're not formatting the errors correctly
08:18 <sevenseacat> when you output them
08:18 <sevenseacat> see Ecto.Changeset.traverse_errors/2
08:19 <OliverMT> aha, as I suspected
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08:22 <OliverMT> this codebase is phoenix 1.0 or even earlier I think
08:22 <OliverMT> havent used a validator relying on translation of errors until now :D
08:23 <OliverMT> we use error_code_strings_like_this_bla_bla and do i18n of errors clientside in most our projects
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09:32 <nox> How are things going here?
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09:39 <Nicd-> very well, nox, how about you?
09:39 <nox> Nicd-: You judge. https://github.com/servo/servo/pull/16609
09:40 <Nicd-> I have no idea what's going on
09:41 <nox> Nicd-: Supporting height: 3 on rainy Tuesdays.
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09:41 <Nicd-> then make it render as height: 3vw >:)
09:42 <nox> Nicd-: Nah, as 3px.
09:42 <Nicd-> boring
09:42 <nox> Nicd-: What if I told you a dimension token (i.e. <number><unit>) was a color?
09:42 <nox> Nicd-: https://quirks.spec.whatwg.org/#the-hashless-hex-color-quirk
09:43 <nox> color: 34ab
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09:44 <Nicd-> but what color is 34ab? it's not 3/6 long
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09:46 <nox> Nicd-: It's #0034ab
09:47 <Nicd-> nooooooo
09:48 <micmus> That's why we can't have nice things :P
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09:53 <nox> micmus: It's that or the Web breaks, unfortunately. :(
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10:32 <OliverMT> benwilson512: have you guys toyed around with aws iot (managed mqtt) yet?
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10:44 <OliverMT> is there a way to "optionally" construct a map literal?
10:44 <OliverMT> ideally I'd be able to do if foo = "something" do foo: "bar", baz: "boo" end
10:44 <OliverMT> and end up with a map that has the extra keys foo and bar with those values
10:44 <OliverMT> its for optional selects based on query type in ecto
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10:45 <OliverMT> in hibernate it was great to be able to send the query delegate down into an if and get a optional return
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10:47 <ciawal> not sure what you mean that's different there
10:47 <ciawal> you'd just return %{foo: … baz: }
10:47 <ciawal> no?
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10:49 <OliverMT> I mean inside the literal
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10:49 <OliverMT> dynamic ecto is... not where it needs to be yet
10:50 <OliverMT> because its so hard to reference stuff back and forth if you use the api piping
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10:53 <OliverMT> ok, not hard, but its very hard once you have optional joins as well
10:53 <OliverMT> since if you need an optional where you need to know (and write out the permutations for) all the various combos of where in the query list the thing you want the where on
10:53 <nox> Do you people use 2FA?
10:53 <OliverMT> nox: about to start using AWS Cognito
10:53 <nox> I've just switched to using Duo Mobile instead of SMS or my Yubikey,
10:53 <nox> best decision.
10:53 <OliverMT> just because 2FA
10:53 <OliverMT> oh, you mean as a consumer
10:54 <nox> Yes.
10:54 <nox> OliverMT: I had a iPhone 4 until last week.
10:54 <OliverMT> only on my master accounts, google, apple and microsoft :D
10:54 <nox> Finally bought a new one, so many differences.
10:54 <nox> OliverMT: Started using 2FA as a consumer because it's mandatory at Mozilla,
10:54 <OliverMT> 7?
10:54 <nox> so then I went like "why not everywhere".
10:54 <nox> OliverMT: Yeah, red.
10:55 <OliverMT> I think the samples on ecto macro api are a bit lightweight
10:55 <OliverMT> the sample code
10:55 <OliverMT> "users"
10:55 <OliverMT> |> where([u], u.age > 18)
10:55 <OliverMT> |> select([:name])
10:55 <OliverMT> will only work in the very most trivial case of just a single binding
10:56 <OliverMT> if you try that with two bindings in the list it will just read .name from the first one without saying anything
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10:58 <ivan_> https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Query.html#select/3-expressions-examples
10:58 <OliverMT> they also show just a single binding :)
10:58 <OliverMT> this has changed around in ecto 2 I think
10:58 <ivan_> you can just pass in all the bindings in the same order as the joins, right?
10:58 <OliverMT> this is looking a lot more promising than the last time I looked
10:58 <OliverMT> yes but what if you have varying amount of bindings ivan
10:58 <ivan_> I guess you're hosed then
10:58 <OliverMT> like you optionally join 3,4 or 5 tables
10:59 <OliverMT> you'd have to set up a pattern matcher or something for all three permutations
10:59 <ivan_> that behavior surprised me, I was hoping Ecto would pass in tables by the names of the variables
10:59 <OliverMT> actually, that wont work either, unless the [c] has any kind of atom you can match on
11:00 <OliverMT> I am still hand building postgresql queries using postgrex directly in a large query builder part of this ap
11:00 <OliverMT> p
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11:00 <OliverMT> https://gist.github.com/olivermt/0b45ae7ca52f145ceffca21c00e7f899
11:00 <OliverMT> I have a long term goal of translating that to ecto queries, but it's a ways off yet
11:01 <nox> OliverMT: I'm pissed off at the absence of a jack plug,
11:01 <OliverMT> nox: I'm pure BT all the way
11:01 <nox> OliverMT: but OTOH I'm happy I'll have security updates for years.
11:01 <OliverMT> and I use the lightning earplugs that came with if I need it
11:01 <nox> OliverMT: I've been told BT doesn't work very well in transports.
11:02 <OliverMT> which transports?
11:02 <nox> Crowded subways and buses.
11:02 <OliverMT> aha
11:02 <OliverMT> I havent noticed, but I dont really live any where metropolic though
11:02 <nox> If that's not true, I think I'll try to get a QC35 from Moz,
11:02 <OliverMT> used my bose qc35s just fine on the airplane though
11:02 <OliverMT> and airport
11:02 <OliverMT> got three trips coming up, one of which to italy next months
11:02 <nox> though with Bose apparently eavesdropping...
11:03 <OliverMT> I'll let you know if I notice any tomfoolery
11:03 <OliverMT> only if you install the app :P
11:03 <nox> Oh.
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12:10 <benwilson512> OliverMT: nah none of our stuff uses mqtt
12:10 <benwilson512> we do relatively little live data actually
12:11 <benwilson512> and as little actual hardware as possible
12:11 <benwilson512> we're more on the data management and analytics side
12:11 <OliverMT> ok
12:11 <benwilson512> we are moving to ECS though
12:11 <OliverMT> this aws iot thing looks super great as a managed HA mqtt
12:11 <benwilson512> honestly I'd do K8 but I don't want to manage that on AWS, and GCE doesn't have a production ready RDS yet
12:11 <OliverMT> making a chat engine on top of this to power something like discord is almost easy
12:12 <OliverMT> benwilson512: we're hiring someone to set it up for us :D
12:12 <OliverMT> we can most likely sell all the templating and documentation on to you guys for a symbolic sum if you want to, if we dont just opensource the whole thing
12:13 <OliverMT> basically setting up a forward rolling blue/green deploy
12:13 <benwilson512> oh very cool, I might take you up on that at some point later this year
12:13 <OliverMT> I started looking at it and quickly realized that my time would be a lot more worth doing other stuff
12:13 <benwilson512> yeah
12:13 <OliverMT> K8 on aws is great btw
12:13 <OliverMT> coreos supports it directly
12:13 <OliverMT> just need to have a bit of know-how to get the initial cluster up
12:14 <benwilson512> yeah USING kubernetes is fine, setting up kubernetes clusters can be a nightmare
12:14 <OliverMT> thats what coreos does
12:14 <benwilson512> last time I tried it on AWS I was having to reason through subnet ip routing rules
12:14 <OliverMT> using one of the two aws libs
12:14 <benwilson512> and was like ".... no"
12:14 <OliverMT> you just grant it IAM roles and they do the rest
12:14 <OliverMT> more or less
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12:14 <OliverMT> BUT I want someone who knows their shit to set it up properly
12:14 <benwilson512> yea
12:14 <OliverMT> instead of getting up a template and then run around like headless chicken when something fails
12:14 <OliverMT> D
12:14 <OliverMT> :D
12:14 <benwilson512> ECS is good enough for us for now
12:14 <benwilson512> OliverMT: yup that's precisely where I ended up
12:15 <OliverMT> ECS is great if you dont do websockets
12:15 <OliverMT> with connection draining before moving to next host etc
12:15 <benwilson512> it doesn't support websockets?
12:15 <OliverMT> we dont want to simply just shut down all sockets and make the herd thunder on
12:15 <benwilson512> ahhhh connection draining
12:15 <benwilson512> yeah for us that's fine
12:15 <OliverMT> we want to mark a host as soon to go down
12:15 <OliverMT> then programmatically disconnect people to make them reconnect on newer nodes
12:15 <benwilson512> kubernetes makes that easy eh?
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12:16 <OliverMT> they take care of marking nodes at least
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12:16 <OliverMT> still need to solve some stuff on the phoenix end
12:16 <OliverMT> but tbh, I'm looking into ditching phoenix channels in its entirety and just going straight up mqtt on aws iot
12:16 <benwilson512> gotcha
12:16 <OliverMT> we're hitting a lot of bugs and it is stuff you need to do correct
12:16 <OliverMT> I love phoenix for crud and non-standard stuff like mocking LDAP
12:17 <benwilson512> our use of websockets is mostly just to live update some content on certain web pages
12:17 <benwilson512> so disconnects and reconnects are fine
12:17 <benwilson512> graphql subscriptions style
12:17 <OliverMT> yeah, we have to have distributed state and all such
12:17 <OliverMT> then its a lot easier to just use mqtt where you can have information about amount of subscribers on a topic and whatnot
12:17 <OliverMT> we are/were planning to use phoenix.presence
12:17 <benwilson512> interesting, I don't honestly know a lot about mqtt
12:17 <benwilson512> any good resources?
12:18 <OliverMT> its basically just phoenix channels
12:18 <OliverMT> topics and subscriptions
12:18 <OliverMT> but there is a sql like layer on top in aws iot
12:18 <OliverMT> where you can call other services
12:18 <OliverMT> using aws lambda etc
12:18 <OliverMT> and you POST to a rest interface from phoenix
12:18 <OliverMT> to send messages
12:18 <OliverMT> so phoenix gets reduced to a house keeper, leaving aws iot to do the heavy lifting on the realtime
12:19 <OliverMT> the numero uno sole reason for us: nodes go back to being stateless
12:19 <benwilson512> interesting, i'll take a look. what state were you handling before, just the presence stuff or more?
12:19 <OliverMT> after 3 years of java stateful crap we finally made the leap to stateless infrastructure.. then one year after moving to elixir I end up having to worry about cluster state :D
12:19 <OliverMT> we have stuff like for a given video URI you can only have one listener active at a given time
12:19 <OliverMT> that listener spreads information out to subscribers on websockets
12:20 <OliverMT> the listener is a web connection to a commercial service
12:20 <OliverMT> so basically aggregation to save connections to the commercial platform
12:20 <benwilson512> gotcha
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12:21 <benwilson512> we're pretty stateless ourselves, although we've got some genservers w/ timers that go off if we haven't heard from certain things in X amount of time. they're expendable though because the data itself is off node, so we can always rebuild from that
12:22 <OliverMT> we can reset our state as well
12:22 <OliverMT> but its a lot of work keeping track of all this
12:22 <benwilson512> makes sense
12:22 <benwilson512> my concern with lambda is difficulty testing or running in dev
12:22 <OliverMT> yeah
12:22 <OliverMT> lambda is purely a pass-through to rest for us
12:23 <OliverMT> I'm looking at hooking mqtt up directly in the phoenix nodes as well
12:23 <OliverMT> to not need lambda
12:23 <OliverMT> for non-time-sensitive stuff the very best thing is mqtt -> sqs -> poll from elixir
12:23 <OliverMT> with fifo and read-exactly-once semantics
12:23 <OliverMT> more or less bullet proof
12:24 <benwilson512> yeah I've been looking into CQRS / ES stuff
12:24 <benwilson512> push events into queues, pulling them off, that kinda thing
12:25 <benwilson512> SQS API is a but crufty but
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12:25 <benwilson512> the service has reasonably nice properties.
12:25 <benwilson512> gotta run, chat later!
12:30 <OliverMT> benwilson512: allright, see you later :
12:30 <OliverMT> :)
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14:04 <kansi> hi, can anybody suggest the a suitable way to store phoenix logs to files ? something other than the file backend plugin for Logger module
14:05 <chrismccord> kansi what issues are you having with the logger file backend?
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14:08 <kansi> they project says it doesn't handle log rotation, so wondering what people use in production
14:10 <gazler> https://github.com/bleacherreport/plug_logger_json and some sort of logstash/kibana is good (logz.io or https://logit.io/)
14:10 <gazler> It becomes even more useful if you have more than 1 server.
14:12 <kansi> this seems promising, thx
14:13 <gazler> https://github.com/bitwalker/exrm/issues/221 is worth reading if you are using releases too.
14:14 <gazler> run_erl (used in releases) does log rotation.
14:15 <benwilson512> kansi: alternatively, use releases and run your application under Systemd
14:16 <benwilson512> then it's just a totally ordinary system log
14:16 <benwilson512> and can be handled via any number of the gazillion system log options
14:16 <benwilson512> I suppose you could use systemd w/o releases but, always use releases ;)
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14:22 <kansi> benwilson512: i do use releases for deploying, i am new to this so don't know much about configuring logs
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15:30 <elixir1298> Hey quick question. Does ecto process joins in-db or in-application?
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15:32 <ivan> elixir1298: it generates SQL with the right JOINs, of course
15:32 <elixir1298> ivan: cool, just double checking!
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15:33 <MoRaLeS> ciaoo
15:33 <MoRaLeS> 8-)
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15:59 <cfreeze> What could cause :gen_tcp to deliver a result as a charlist when I set in options to deliver as a binary and for most other types of packets it receives a binary?
16:00 <cfreeze> The specific use case is I am sending "i0" and it is receiving 'i0'
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16:36 <cfreeze> Also, what could cause :inet.setopts to permanently block?
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17:31 <jer> does it make sense to write something like: with {:error, reason} <- Thing.do_stuff(), do: Logger.error("Some error: #{inspect reason}") or is there a more idiomatic way i should write this, if i only care about the error case and want to ignore the ok case?
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17:49 <asonge> micmus: ping
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18:09 <micmus> asonge: pong
18:09 <asonge> micmus: don't really like to participate in mailing lists, but have a suggestion on migrating erlang sets
18:09 <micmus> asonge: shoot :)
18:10 <asonge> micmus: whatever datatype you take in, you spit that same one back out. make a function to create a new set dict, and then make the old set emit a deprecation warning for a year, then eventually make the branch for old sets emit warnings on every call...
18:10 <asonge> so no implicit conversion at first
18:10 <asonge> then implicit conversion
18:11 <asonge> then again, i don't know if you can runtime emit deprecation warnings
18:11 <micmus> I'm not sure what's the erlang policy on deprecations :( I don't think it's stated explicitly anywhere
18:12 <asonge> sticking a 2 on the end doesn't always denote very well how easy it is to transition to a "new api" :/
18:12 <micmus> But that could work. The least disruptive would be to provide a separate module and eventually deprecate the old one, but having 5 set modules seems ridiculous
18:12 <asonge> i completely agree
18:13 <asonge> i bet the only reason people might rely on inner structure for sets would be guard functions :/
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18:13 <asonge> erm, guards on functions*
18:15 <asonge> micmus: but also, it might still be useful to have enough of the old sets code to do a transparent upgrade to mapsets for data at rest. that's just plain convenient. it makes it clear that it's a successor.
18:15 <asonge> even if you do "sets2" and eventually delete sets in 2 years.
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18:22 <asonge> micmus: here's where stuff gets deprecated in the compiler, i believe https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/746e7ac3262747204c2d26bac94d748c38c16076/lib/stdlib/src/otp_internal.erl
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18:48 <josevalim> does anyone know which tools we have in otp related to documentation?
18:49 <josevalim> i know about edoc. but there is something else that converts the .xml in otp itself to multiple formats. is it something exclusive to OTP itself or is it general purpose?
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19:49 <vhf> I spent a bunch of time figuring out basic stuff: using supervised tasks with agents for background jobs in a phoenix 1.3 app.
19:49 <vhf> So I documented what I did, since it took me a while and it's only a few lines of code.
19:50 <vhf> I'd be super grateful if someone would tell me if it's the right approach.
19:50 <dch_> vhf: share away
19:50 <vhf> Here's the example https://github.com/vhf/foo-supervised-task-agent
19:50 <vhf> only one relevant commit, this one https://github.com/vhf/foo-supervised-task-agent/commit/4f14d1f2f3e3397316f6631dc12f85cc7e864c4f
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20:12 <Ankhers> vhf: Despite the fact that Foo.Task.PlusTwo and Foo.Task.TimesTwo depend on Foo.Task, they are not linked in any way. Foo.Task dies for any reason, it will start another set of PlusTwo and TimesTwo.
20:13 <Ankhers> I doubt that was your intention.
20:13 <Ankhers> I think anyways. I admit that I haven't used the task supervisor.
20:15 <vhf> Interesting, let me try
20:16 <vhf> Haha you're right Ankhers
20:16 <vhf> that's absolutely not the expect behaviour
20:16 <vhf> expected*
20:16 <vhf> How would you recommend to solve this?
20:17 <Ankhers> Create a proper supervision tree.
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20:18 <vhf> Ankhers: using genserver?
20:18 <Ankhers> The dynamic supervision tree doesn't buy you anything in this specific case.
20:18 <Ankhers> You don't really need to use a genserver if you don't want to.
20:19 <vhf> Ok, then could you nudge me towards the right direction to create a proper supervision tree?
20:19 <Ankhers> Let me try to draw something out real quick.
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20:23 <OliverMT> where do I find documentation for the restart: keyword of supervisors?
20:23 <Ankhers> https://gist.github.com/ankhers/f52ada1e394739a9ddd1609e7d34d1e6 -- Something a little more like this.
20:24 <vhf> OliverMT: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Supervisor.Spec.html
20:24 <OliverMT> just found it
20:24 <OliverMT> as you linked
20:24 <OliverMT> hehe
20:25 <vhf> thanks Ankhers
20:25 <vhf> looks good
20:25 <vhf> let me try to implement this
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20:27 <vhf> Ankhers: what would Foo.Task be?
20:27 <vhf> in your example
20:27 <Ankhers> Your current Foo.Task module.
20:28 <Ankhers> Minus the calls to Foo.Task.PlusTwo and Foo.Task.TimesTwo
20:28 <vhf> I seee
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20:31 <Ankhers> vhf: Let me know if you can't get it. I will try to throw a project up that does it.
20:35 <vhf> I tried Ankhers here's where I am so far https://github.com/vhf/foo-supervised-task-agent/commit/c24379935d230d97363741face725d05375f39b7
20:36 <vhf> it doesn't work yet, I'm pretty sure I'm missing some changes in the actual tasks, e.g. Task.PlusTwo
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20:41 <Ankhers> vhf: You need to call the function start_link/0, not start/0.
20:42 <vhf> hmm yes Ankhers
20:42 <vhf> that raises this: (RuntimeError) attempted to call GenServer Foo.Task but no handle_call/3 clause was provided
20:44 <Ankhers> I would probably use a genserver instead of a Task for the TimesTwo and PlusTwo.
20:45 <Ankhers> Using a task doesn't buy you anything here.
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20:45 <vhf> right
20:46 <OliverMT> I'd say that as a general rule, a genserver is better than agent
20:46 <OliverMT> unless you are doing a tutorial and just want to pass off some state
20:47 <vhf> I'm not doing a tutorial, I'm trying to learn and Agent seemed like a good way of keeping state somewhere
20:47 <vhf> I'm having a hard time understanding, tbh
20:48 <Ankhers> Which part?
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20:49 <vhf> Ankhers: the boilerplate, mostly
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20:49 <vhf> I mean, I don't know when I need a start_child or a start_link, etc
20:49 <vhf> I'm sure implementing what you showed here https://gist.github.com/ankhers/f52ada1e394739a9ddd1609e7d34d1e6 is easy when you're used to OTP
20:50 <vhf> and I'm trying to get there :)
20:50 <Ankhers> Do you want me to throw a quick project together that does what you are attempting to do?
20:51 <vhf> I'd love to, Ankhers !
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21:28 <Ankhers> vhf: https://github.com/ankhers/supervisor_training -- This is similar to what you were after.
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21:29 <mk[]> hey, everyone, websocket server suggestions?
21:29 <vhf> Thanks Ankhers !
21:30 <vhf> let me compare and understand now :)
21:30 <pramsky> hello everyone, any docs on backing up mnesia and restoring it to another node ?
21:31 <pramsky> just doing :mnesia.backup("/path/to/backup") fails
21:32 <mloy> mk[]: nginx + phoenix channels?
21:33 <mk[]> mloy: I'd prefer something that runs on BEAM, and avoid pheonix
21:34 <Ankhers> mk[]: https://github.com/ninenines/cowboy/tree/master/examples/websocket ?
21:34 <mk[]> I tried "socket" package (hex.pm), but it's unfinished, and client code didn't work
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21:36 <mk[]> Ankhers: https://hex.pm/packages/web_socket looks good
21:37 <Ankhers> Any particular reason to avoid Phoenix though?
21:37 <mk[]> Ankhers: it's an overkill, I'm trying to build a backup tool similar to duplicity/rsync
21:37 <Ankhers> Fair enough.
21:38 <mk[]> I can use plain TCP, but websockets have nice extra goodies
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21:47 <vhf> Ankhers: this is amazing
21:47 <vhf> very good example
21:47 <vhf> thanks a bunch!
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21:48 <vhf> I had issues with Foo.Supervisor though, the init matches [] and the caller never passed this
21:48 <vhf> had to init(_) instead
21:49 <vhf> hmm nope never mind, it works with [], what did I do
21:49 <Ankhers> That should be the second argument from the start_link function in the same module.
21:50 <vhf> yes and that's the case!
21:50 <vhf> Weird, I don't know what I did
21:50 <vhf> long day I guess
21:51 <vhf> it's really interesting to learn from this kind of examples
21:51 <vhf> time to sleep though, thanks again :)
21:52 <Ankhers> No problem
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22:38 <drincruz> exit
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23:07 <rozap> what are the circumstances that a channel will exit in phoenix?
23:07 <rozap> 1) when the channel crashes 2) when the client leaves
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23:08 <rozap> i'm seeing a super weird behavior in our production env, where the phoenix.js is joining/leaving channels over and over, except it's never sending a leave message
23:09 <rozap> and i traced the erlang side and saw that the websocket process is doing a (<0.7095.1>) <0.21893.2> ! {'$gen_cast',close}
23:09 <rozap> so it's actually closing the channel, but the websocket process (0.7095.1 in this case) is never receiving a message that is telling it to close the channel
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23:10 <alxzu> hi there, I'm facing a problem with postgres config
23:11 <rozap> the other thing is that i'm only seeing this behavior when a client has many many channels (like 500 of them) open
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