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00:11 <chatter29> hey guys
00:11 <chatter29> allah is doing
00:11 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
00:12 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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01:03 <LW123__> hey guys im reading through the programming elixir book and i've got a question here on one part. Under chapter 8 on maps, they talk about how you cant bind a value to a key during pattern matching. so you can do %{ 2 => state } = %{ 1 => :ok, 2 => :error }, but you can't do %{ item => :ok } = %{ 1 => :ok, 2 => :error }
01:03 <LW123__> is this because 2 is interpreted as an integer and not a variable?
01:04 <LW123__> and item has no type/variable assigned?
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01:15 <asonge> LW123__: no
01:16 <asonge> LW123__: you can't pattern match on keys because of the complexity of the match. matching complexity has to be very well-bounded to behave well in the erlang ecosystem. imagine if you had a 60 element map and you were trying to pattern match 3 different elements out on the left hand side by value. best case complexity is O(n)
01:17 <asonge> it might actually be more than that.
01:17 <asonge> grabbing something by key is O(n log n) worst case, but very often O(log n)
01:18 <asonge> you just hash the key, and then you only have to iterate over how much the hashes collided (which in practice is very low)
01:18 <LW123__> sorry i wasn't questioning the design of it really, I just didn't understand what was happening under the hood -> So when the left side says %{ 2 => state }
01:19 <LW123__> what exactly is that doing in that scenario? Just stating index 2 will be the "state" ? or that state is an arbitrary value on the index 2 of the right side
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01:19 <asonge> so, the compiler turns that into all the imperative instructions you're used to, and then "fails" the match if the key doesn't exist.
01:20 <LW123__> in the 1st scenario, the key is 2, which represents :error , yes?
01:21 <LW123__> I think I understand it better now after re-reading it and thinking more about how you would use this practically
01:21 <asonge> right, the key is 2. what the pattern match means is that 1) the right side is a map 2) the map has a key of 2 with some value called "state" 3) bind "state" to the value of the key 2.
01:22 <LW123__> gotcha
01:22 <LW123__> thank you so much asonge :) that helped tremendously
01:22 <LW123__> still green over here
01:22 <asonge> the thing about pattern matches is that the construction and destruction of a term have roughly the same shape, so there's a lot of symmetry
01:22 <asonge> but it's not total symmetry
01:23 <asonge> (also, if it's not clear, the "left hand side" of a match follows the same rules as the function head in a parameter, or the patterns being matched in case statements and receive statements)
01:23 <asonge> and a failed match just tries the next pattern in those other 2 cases, instead of raising and error and crashing
01:24 <LW123__> yeah that actually became clear when you explained it just now haha
01:24 <LW123__> it wasn't until i saw that that it clicked
01:24 <asonge> awesome
01:24 <asonge> it's a simple model that's amazingly expressive, but it doesn't have all the power that a normal expression has
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04:05 <ryanwinchester> does this make sense, or is it something that already has a good solution that i couldn't find on the googles? https://ryanwinchester.ca/posts/yielding-to-content-in-phoenix-templates
04:05 <ryanwinchester> feedback mucho appreciated
04:06 <ryanwinchester> couldn't think of a good thing to call it, went with yield =/
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09:50 <smeevil_> o/
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11:22 <OliverMT> micmus: ping
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13:00 <meh`> http://sprunge.us/XGjD I'm getting this error `(ArgumentError) parameters must be of length 0 for query`, any advice on how to make that work?
13:00 <meh`> ^ with ecto
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13:29 <micmus> meh`: postgres doesn't see parameters inside strings - it just becomes a string with char ?
13:29 <micmus> OliverMT: pong
13:29 <meh`> micmus, welp, thanks
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15:43 <soud> Hi all, I have an Ecto/Phoenix related question. I have a Post and a Like model. A posts has a has_many relationship to likes. What's the best way to embed the _amount_ of likes in a post query? I'm struggeling to embed it in the returned struct
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16:03 <ciawal> soud: use select
16:03 <ciawal> with a fragment
16:03 <ciawal> select: {model, fragment("SELECT COUNT…")}
16:03 <soud> I just realized I'm asking the wrong question, what I'm trying to achieve is "select count(likes.id) as likes, posts.*" using select
16:03 <soud> ah yes, that will work
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16:06 <chatter29> hey guys
16:06 <chatter29> allah is doing
16:06 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
16:06 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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16:25 <soud> I'm struggeling to make this work, I got this now: https://bpaste.net/show/33366dea3bb3
16:25 <soud> which it doesn't like: ** (Postgrex.Error) ERROR 42P01 (undefined_table): missing FROM-clause entry for table "l"
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16:32 <Nicd-> could we ban chatter29!*@*kiwiirc*?
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16:39 <mrus> Is there a way to match on a struct inside a case ... do?
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16:39 <mrus> e.g. case myfunction do\n %mystruct{} -> ...
16:39 <jer> mrus, sure; case thing do %{key1: value} ->
16:40 <mrus> jer: and without the actual content?
16:40 <mrus> I want to match on a specific struct
16:40 <jer> sure %mystruct{} -> will work
16:40 <mrus> oh hm
16:40 <mrus> So what would be the variable that I can use further on then?
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16:41 <Nicd-> case %Struct{} = struct ->
16:41 <Nicd-> now it is in variable struct
16:41 <Nicd-> ehh, case blah blah do of course. then that match
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16:42 <jer> you can do case struct do foo = %mystruct{} -> # use foo in here
16:42 <jer> or what Nicd- said :)
16:42 <mrus> oh, that is really nice! Thank you two for helping.
16:42 <jer> mrus, just fyi though; that's rather superfluous (what i posted anyway); as you could just use `struct` inside the match
16:43 <Nicd-> unless it's a function call
16:43 <jer> fair
16:45 <mrus> hm, so you mean like struct -> call_function(struct) ?
16:47 <Nicd-> I mean `case ... do %Struct{} = struct -> <now you can use struct here> end`
16:50 <mrus> ah yes, alright, then I got you right.
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16:57 <mrus> just another question maybe someone could explain: `bla = Ecto.Changeset.change mystruct, data\n bla |> Repo.update` works perfectly. `Ecto.Changeset.change mystruct, data |> Repo.update` does not. How come?
17:01 <Nicd-> you need () with pipes
17:02 <Nicd-> it is parsed as Ecto.Changeset.change(mystruct, data |> Repo.update)
17:02 <mrus> interesting
17:02 <Nicd-> it is good practice to use () when you have arguments
17:02 <Nicd-> and I would suggest even when you don't
17:02 <mrus> ok
17:03 <Nicd-> like, foo() instead of foo and foo(1, 2) instead of foo 1, 2
17:03 <Nicd-> it helps with ambiguities
17:03 <Nicd-> (and readability)
17:03 <mrus> I like parantheses, I just tried to adjust my style to the examples I've seen in the Elixir community so far.
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19:20 <qmm> someone mentioned they have three resources that they fetch from their web api and then combine them to be displayed to the user. instead of asynchronously sending three separate requests to the backend, wouldn't it make sense to create a single route for fetching what you need and then allowing the server to combine the data?
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19:23 <Nicd-> it depends on the situation. if it's not necessary to combine them in the backend (to optimize speed or bandwidth) it would make it simpler to send three requests
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19:34 <micmus> soud: if you have a virtual field in the schema to store the value, you could do something like:
19:34 <micmus> from p in Post, left_join: l in assoc(p, :likes), select: %{p | like_count: count(l.id)}
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19:35 <benwilson512> micmus: I swear the more graphql I do w/ ecto the more I feel like I'm gonna end up writting like a meta-query planner
19:36 <micmus> benwilson512: something similar is on my todo list as well :P
19:36 <micmus> A low level query builder library that could be leveraged by ecto, but would be a bit more powerful
19:37 <benwilson512> yeah at a theoretical level you basically want a monadic
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19:37 <benwilson512> "here's various data things to get, and then functions to run after you have that data, GO"
19:37 <micmus> It becomes harder and harder to extend ecto itself further to things like subqueries, etc
19:37 <soud> micmus: thanks, I figured out a similiar solution by abusing the fact that there's a unloaded `likes` field and used that instead
19:37 <soud> might want to keep track of the likes by saving an integer in the post table as well
19:42 <soud> ah, the virtual field is a way better solution as it won't mess with my tests, nice thanks
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21:28 <josevalim_> MononcQc: "I agree with @vladdu in that if the bigger issue at hand is that it's not easy to move from gen_server to gen_statem when you need it, then we probably need a gen_server interface closer to gen_statem."
21:28 <josevalim_> MononcQc: isn't this basically what you have been proposing all along?
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21:35 <josevalim_> I mean, your proposal is definitely walking in that direction
21:52 <OliverMT> is this something new in ecto 2.0?
21:52 <OliverMT> trying to use Ecto.DateTime.utc in a query
21:52 <OliverMT> value `#Ecto.DateTime<2017-04-30 21:50:30>` in `where` cannot be cast to type :naive_datetime in
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21:58 <MononcQc> josevalim_, kind of yeah. I'm mostly worrying about keeping all behaviours fairly consistent in their approach
21:59 <MononcQc> so if you do that then of course a move from one to the other is simpler
21:59 <alisdair> josevalim_: can you explain why you think genstage isn't a state machine? it seems obvious to me that it is
21:59 <josevalim_> OliverMT: Ecto 2.1, you need to use the new types
21:59 <MononcQc> like ideally you don't need to teach new fancy shit, but you can add in states, state_timeout and postpone
21:59 <MononcQc> and then you got the whole thing
22:00 <josevalim_> alisdair: it is a state machine, i don't think it would be better with gen_statem though
22:00 <josevalim_> there is no moment i want to handle different messages for example based on my state
22:00 <alisdair> i think what is probably actually needed is a way to transition from a gen_statem to a gen_server or vice versa
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22:00 <alisdair> so a gen_server interface to gen_statem, not the opposite (which i think is what is being proposed, but it's hard for me to follow)
22:00 <MononcQc> handle_event(Type, Msg, _, Data) -> {next_state, smug_as_hell, Data}
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22:01 <alisdair> josevalim_: not wanting to handle any messages is wanting to handle different messages based on state tho?
22:01 <josevalim_> alisdair: i can't think where this happens though
22:02 <alisdair> your core concern is that you want to do post-init work before accepting any messages, right?
22:03 <josevalim_> alisdair: no
22:03 <josevalim_> most concern is making sure we check point the state between callbacks
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22:04 <alisdair> okay, so you want to temporarily stop accepting messages while you transition state?
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22:05 <alisdair> transactional message sets, basically?
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22:14 <micmus> alisdair: no, it's for when one message triggest multiple user callbacks
22:14 <micmus> and you want to preserve the state one of them returns if the later one errors
22:15 <micmus> so that it's properly preserved for logs, crash reports, etc
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22:17 <alisdair> right i get that, but i think that's analogous to transactional multiple message sets or a state machine that limits messages in certain states
22:18 <micmus> but there's only a single message
22:19 <OliverMT> josevalim_: I remembered I am using timex in this app and just used that instead :)
22:21 <josevalim_> alisdair: it is a single message
22:21 <josevalim_> we have an atomic cancel_and_subscribe, we need to call handle_cancel and handle_subscribe
22:21 <josevalim_> there aren't multiple states, it just happens that one calls leads to two user callbacks being invoked
22:21 <josevalim_> everything is sync
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22:22 <josevalim_> we never reach for th einbox
22:23 <micmus> josevalim_: would be great if you pitched in on https://github.com/ferd/erlang-history/issues/32 if you had some time - it's going to be important for Elixir if we get shell history into OTP, but I'm not 100% what would be the desired interface
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22:51 <MononcQc> micmus, I don't get why the ability to put the path you want is not something you think is good enough
22:52 <MononcQc> like anything else I do is constricting it further
22:52 <micmus> MononcQc: it's good enough for the end user, but not for the tool
22:52 <micmus> the end user should have the ability to override anything that is set
22:53 <micmus> but a tool should be able to give a sane default
22:53 <MononcQc> it is an arbitrary path. Like it is literally the most flexible setting there can be
22:53 <MononcQc> anything else I do restrains it further
22:54 <MononcQc> I don't get what more there can be than "put it wherever you want"
22:54 <MononcQc> I don't understand
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22:55 <micmus> It can be fine, but IMHO what I'm looking for is "put it where it needs to go on your own"
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22:56 <MononcQc> and where is that?
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22:58 <micmus> right now, the code will put the logs in USER_CACHE/erlang-history, I'd like to be able to say that when you launch iex, the default is USER_CACHE/iex-history or similar
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22:58 <MononcQc> I don't get why you can't just wrap that logic yourself and put the whole path in
22:59 <MononcQc> like why is that unfathomable
22:59 jkreeftmeijer joined
22:59 <micmus> It totally is possible - it's just that logic of finding USER_CACHE is quite complex. I don't want to replicate it in bash
22:59 <MononcQc> (also we've had people yet at us in rebar3 before for putting stuff in .cache)
22:59 <MononcQc> (there is no such thing as "the right place")
23:00 <micmus> yeah, that's also true. On the other hand my home dir is 93 dotfiles right now :(
23:01 <micmus> dotfiles/dotdirs
23:01 <MononcQc> micmus, you → erl -eval 'io:format("~s~n", [filename:basedir(user_cache, "iex-history")]), halt(0).' -noshell
23:01 <MononcQc> /home/ferd/.cache/iex-history
23:02 <micmus> that would double the start time of the shell
23:02 <MononcQc> generate it at compile time when building the tool?
23:03 <micmus> I mean, the global config can used to deliver that or something good enough, so it would be fine. But it won't be great :P
23:05 <MononcQc> yeah. It's just that I find it hard to anticipate the needs of 3+ other communities
23:05 <MononcQc> elixir, lfe, alpaca, efene, erlang, etc.
23:08 <tristan__> whoa, user_cache
23:09 <MononcQc> it's new, can't be used in rebar3 :(
23:09 <tristan__> when was that added so we can stop doing manual ".cache"
23:09 <tristan__> :(
23:09 <tristan__> has user_config too!
23:09 <MononcQc> yes
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23:16 <micmus> It's there since 19
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