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00:09 <zealsham_> is worthwile to read "introducing elixir" as a beginner in 2017
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00:20 <Ankhers> If I am building an abstract schema, is it possible to somehow pass in the type of the assoc field?
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00:24 <notriddle> zealsham_: Personally, I only read the Getting Started guide, and have been picking up the rest by soliciting feedback from other people, so that doesn't really help much.
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00:33 <zodiak> Howdy, so, in python there is a pep8 tool to check/enforce the "approved" style guidelines, is there such a tool in elixir ?
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00:36 <Ankhers> zodiak: There isn't anything like pep8 for the Elixir community. I know there are a handful of styleguides out there though.
00:37 <zodiak> roger roger. I was jst planning on having it sort of hooked into the git checkin as we did with the pep8 tool.. but if it's not there, then I will have to rely on peeps to perform code checks :)
00:44 <Ankhers> zodiak: Actually, I'm not entirely sure if it is the *same* thing as pep8, but there are linters like dogma and credo.
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01:21 <jer> is there an accepted way to delay restarting a worker after it's crashed? i want to back off after a crash
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01:50 <vans163> is there a 1 command way to say mix deps.get && mix deps.update --all && iex -S mix ?
01:53 <cmk_zzz> vans163: mix aliases perhaps?
01:54 <cmk_zzz> no
01:55 <vans163> cmk_zzz: gotcha
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02:38 <nolan330> hey team, wondering what the idiomatic way to typespec genservers is--do you spec the api, callbacks, or both? probably both?
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02:47 <okeuday_bak> nolan330: its normal to do all the exports that are not callbacks
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02:48 <okeuday_bak> the behaviour callback functions already have typespecs defined, due to being a behaviour
02:49 <nolan330> ah ok
02:50 <nolan330> so typically it only matters to typespec the api being defined
02:54 <okeuday_bak> yeah
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07:33 <Reshi> Hey, is anyone using the mongodb driver with Mongo Atlas. I am getting an error in trying to determine the wire_version and the connection is failing (ssl)
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07:40 <Reshi> Nevermind, I think using the master branch from git works, rather than hex
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07:43 <smeevil_> o/
07:43 <Nicd-> hello smeevil_
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07:49 <smeevil> how is it going Nicd- ?
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07:51 <Nicd-> going fine, working slooowly on my web service and I'm now the admin of the #elixirlang:matrix.org Matrix channel
07:51 <Nicd-> how about you?
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08:01 <smeevil> what kind of service are you making ?
08:01 <smeevil> going fine here ;) finally getting a firm grip on webpack, and closing in on a rewrite of my marketplace site.
08:02 <OliverMT> is this something you get paid for?
08:02 <OliverMT> the marketplace thing
08:02 <smeevil> no thats my own sandbox
08:03 <smeevil> how so ?
08:03 <Nicd-> smeevil: my coding statistics website
08:04 <Nicd-> making a big update fori t
08:04 <smeevil> nice :) something like wakatime ?
08:04 <Nicd-> yes, but free and more for fun
08:04 <OliverMT> just curious
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08:05 <Nicd-> https://codestats.net/users/Nicd
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08:09 <smeevil> \o/ jetbrains plugin :)
08:09 <celyr> Nicd-, javascript is the language of the future after all
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08:10 <Nicd-> celyr: my work programming is mostly AngularJS :)
08:10 <Nicd-> smeevil: limited time offer only for you, account 0 € monthly, normally free
08:11 <smeevil> :P
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09:30 <snuffi> Hello :)
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09:30 <snuffi> anyone have any ideas how to pretty print xml in elixir / erlang?
09:31 <snuffi> I'm using xmerl to generate some xml
09:31 <snuffi> works fine, but is unreadable for humans
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09:41 <ljarvis> snuffi: you could write a recursive function that includes a "padding" value that increments as you receive new elements
09:43 <snuffi> i could, but i don't want to :)
09:43 <snuffi> was wondering if there's an existing solution already
09:44 <ljarvis> fair enough, i don't know of anything that already exists. I remember xmerl doesn't have anything (export_simple just exports verbatim, including any (or not) whitespace)
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09:58 <snuffi> also, what's the best way to do phoenix deploys at the moment?
09:58 <snuffi> i want to get beyond the "tmux and mix phx.server" level
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10:09 <Nicd-> move it from tmux to an init script / service ;)
10:09 <Nicd-> on a serious note, I think distillery is now the preferred way
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10:38 <snuffi> thanks!
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10:42 <OliverMT> are you on aws snuffi ?
10:42 <OliverMT> distillery + docker + aws ecs = good stuff
10:43 <Nicd-> I will nevar stop my mix phoenix.server
10:44 <snuffi> no, i try to do deploys without docker / cloud
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10:57 <OliverMT> but the cloud is so fluffy and airy
10:57 <snuffi> old_man_yells_at_cloud.png
11:08 <smeevil> still using edelivery with quite some hacks around it
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11:35 <OliverMT> hah, I have been lamenting how to run a global cronjob
11:35 <OliverMT> on only one node at the time
11:36 <OliverMT> doing all sorts of things to make it sure it runs exactly on one node
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11:36 <OliverMT> the solution? I set up a scheduled aws lambda event that runs every 5 min
11:36 <OliverMT> that simply POSTs with api key back to phoenix
11:36 <OliverMT> and the aws load balancer will take care of picking a single node to do the work
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14:02 <Ankhers> OliverMT: What is the point of using distillery in docker?
14:03 <Ankhers> (legitimately wondering. I'm currently using docker to deploy my application too)
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14:07 <Siyo> what should happen when two Phoenix.Tracker nodes connect, when both are already tracking presences and have never been connected before?
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14:10 <Siyo> I tried the following: track N presences on node1, track N presences on node2, connect the nodes
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14:11 <Siyo> with N=10 everything worked fine, I got 20 presences, and logged "falling back to sending entire crdt"
14:12 <Siyo> with N=100, presences didn't merge correctly, and logged "sending delta generation 1"
14:13 <Siyo> which is odd, how can it send a delta to a node that it has never connected to before
14:13 <Siyo> node 1 had 200 presences, node 2 only 100 (only it's local ones)
14:14 <Siyo> (after connecting them)
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14:18 <OliverMT> Ankhers remote console
14:18 <Ankhers> That is a really good point. I should probably start doing that myself...
14:18 <OliverMT> I guess you could connect to localhost with iex
14:19 <OliverMT> I havent looked into it
14:19 <OliverMT> remote_console works very well though
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14:20 <smeevil> wouldn't it be nice is there was a verbose human readable regex library :)
14:20 <Ankhers> Like a parser?
14:22 <smeevil> something like https://changelog.com/posts/stop-writing-regular-expressions-express-them-with-verbal-expressions
14:22 <OliverMT> smeevil: its called a tokenizer
14:22 <OliverMT> :p
14:22 <OliverMT> so easy to recurse in elixir I rarely use regex anymore
14:22 <OliverMT> much more readable with patterns and an accumulator
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14:23 <smeevil> true
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14:24 <smeevil> oh...https://github.com/VerbalExpressions/ElixirVerbalExpressions :D
14:28 <smeevil> seems only the simple parts are in there though
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14:29 <Ankhers> Siyo: It should show the same presences on all nodes.
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14:31 <Siyo> in that case it looks like a bug
14:32 <Siyo> it should send the whole crdt when they first connect, the way i understand it
14:34 <Ankhers> Do you have a project that can reproduce the issue?
14:35 <Siyo> yeah, I'm setting one up
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14:44 <Siyo> Ankhers https://github.com/szlend/tracker_test/
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14:44 <Siyo> check the readme for instructions
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15:11 <Siyo> let me know if anyone manages to reproduce the issue
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15:46 <hotpancakes> Phoenix question. If one wants to create a non-resource-backed controller (e.g. static_pages), is it best to create this manually, without a phoenix generator?
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15:54 <ljarvis> hotpancakes: imo the generators are just great for quick development, and eventually you'll almost always end up manually writing them. That said; do whichever you want, if it gets you to the end result it's good
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15:55 <hotpancakes> ljarvis: hmm, it doesn't seem like there's a generator for controllers w/o ecto resource.
15:56 <ljarvis> hotpancakes: right, i guess not :)
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16:11 <vans163> is there a way to do a mix deps.get && mix deps.update --only-which-head-changed from a running project?
16:11 <vans163> (psuedo command)
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16:12 <Nicd-> what would --only-which-head-changed do?
16:12 <vans163> only update the dep if the mix.lock hash != to the latest hash on that branch
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16:13 <Nicd-> you mean for git deps?
16:14 <vans163> yea
16:14 <vans163> it seems like mix deps.update --all forces a recompile (unless i missed something)
16:15 <vans163> even if deps didnt change
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16:17 <asonge> vans163: i think this might be more of a consequence of git than anything mix is doing.
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16:19 <vans163> running Mix.Tasks.Deps.Get.run [] after adding a new dep to mix.exs doesnt do anything. maybe theres a command to tell elixir the mix.exs updated?
16:20 <vans163> asonge: im not sure how git is involved here
16:20 <vans163> if pulling in git and the HEAD commit hash == the hash in mix.lock, it means the dep did not change
16:21 <asonge> but that's now how elixir figures out what to compile.
16:21 <asonge> it uses timestamps of the files on disk
16:21 <asonge> not how*
16:22 <ciawal> you need to restart the app when you change mix.exs anyway
16:22 <vans163> asonge: ohh that would make sense, yea checking out the same commit hash would updte all the timestamps
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16:22 <asonge> vans163: and if you think about it, you can totally hand-edit and commit a dep, and things kinda work until someone cleans the deps and rebuilds :)
16:22 <vans163> i really think they should use hashing of files, its pretty cheap, docker does it and they hash a crapload more files then a elixir project woudl ever
16:23 <asonge> i think so too, and i think a PR request would be welcome.
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16:24 <asonge> though it might also work pretty weirdly.
16:24 wong2 joined
16:25 <asonge> there's an n:m relationship between files and modules. a module can depend on many files, and a file can generate many resources...
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16:31 <cresten> Does anyone in here have any experience with RAML? http://raml.org/
16:32 <cresten> We've got a very complicated and robust Phoenix application, and we went-down a bad path in terms of writing our tests, and we're trying to pivot to something more structured.
16:32 <cresten> Also, our authorization schema stuff has hit some walls.
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16:39 <aeliton> Hi everyone, I'd like to know if there's a better way to change hour format from "HHMMSS" to "HH:MM:SS". I'm using now Regex.split(~r{[0-9][0-9]}, "081614", include_captures: true, trim: true) |> Enum.join(":")
16:42 <havenwood> aeliton: Hmm, here's one non-Regexp solution: "HHMMSS" |> Stream.unfold(&String.split_at(&1, 2)) |> Enum.take_while(&(&1 != "")) |> Enum.join(":")
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16:44 <aeliton> thanks havenwood
16:45 <havenwood> aeliton: Or for Regexp: Regex.scan(~r/\d\d/, "030209") |> Enum.join(":") #=> "03:02:09"
16:45 pchittum joined
16:46 <* ljarvis> was just writing that :(
16:46 <aeliton> this second option is cleaner =)
16:46 <aeliton> I'll stick to it
16:46 <aeliton> thanks guys
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16:59 <micmus> the simplest would be with pattern matching:
17:00 <micmus> <<h::binary-2, m::binary-2, s::binary-2>> = hhmmss; "#{h}:#{m}:#{s}"
17:01 <micmus> aeliton: ^
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17:42 <aeliton> micmus: thanks!
17:42 <asonge> TIL that you can put the size in a - segment
17:42 hotpancakes joined
17:43 <asonge> is there a name for each - segment in a binary match?
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17:56 <zealsham_> can someone send me "elixir in action " as a pdf
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17:56 <alisdair> zealsham_: sure, https://www.manning.com/books/elixir-in-action
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17:57 <zealsham_> alisdair: aint got $$ to spend tho
17:57 <josevalim> zealsham_: please don't ask for pdf of the books here, instead support the authors and publishers
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17:58 <josevalim> zealsham_: contact the publisher, i am almost sure what you are asking here is ilegal
17:58 <zealsham_> josevalim: i know i should do that. but the book is pretty expensive when converted to my country's currency
17:58 <zealsham_> thanks tho
18:03 <Nicd-> zealsham_: the book author needs a living too
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18:06 <asonge> so, i have a weird question. it seems that you cannot do `unquote(unquote(foo))`, but you can do `unquote(foo)` if foo is bound (i was defining a dynamic function name)...but like...why?
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18:21 <rl1> Is it possible to see the right hand matching when I receive a 'no function clause matching in' error?
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18:23 <Nicd-> shouldn't the next line tell you?
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18:26 <rl1> Nicd-: Got nothing. Is there a logger level issue?
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18:33 <Nicd-> I'm not sure
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18:39 <soud> Hi, I'm using the arc (and arc_ecto) library for file uploading in combination with Phoenix and I'm trying to upload audio files with it. The problem I'm facing is I want an audio file to be associated to the post model. However, when I use the `cast_attachments` function in my model, I can't use the `id` field in my folder name because it nil (because the model hasn't bene inserted yet). Any way around
18:39 <soud> this?
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19:03 <asonge> rl1: it should be part of the error?
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19:09 <rl1> asonge: yes and should appear at mix test
19:09 <asonge> oh, hrm.
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19:10 <rl1> asonge: I'm doing tdd and everytime I had to bind and inspect to check
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19:11 <asonge> well, to save your binding, you can pipe through IO.inspect, it returns the value you pass in
19:11 <rl1> It used to appear in a red line
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19:11 <asonge> but yeah, it sounds like your error is getting swallowed or something.
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19:28 <fckfreenode> how do I decide when to use SPA vs stand multi page archticture?
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19:30 <asonge> fckfreenode: i think that has to do with effort and the quality of result you want. multipage stuff is still faster and simpler to develop, and error propogation is nicely bounded (click a link, get a new page, everything starts from scratch)
19:30 <asonge> SPAs are nice, and are good for a lot of interactivity, but you've got a lot of state management woes in javascript to deal with.
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19:44 <fckfreenode> asonge: even after knowing that stuff i still can't decide
19:44 <fckfreenode> spa is no doubt harder, but maybe it's a better user experience
19:45 <fckfreenode> and i'm worried i might choose SPA later on down the road, so why not do it now?
19:46 <the_voice_> I am just jumping in - but I wouldn't jump into a SPA early
19:47 <the_voice_> unless I had an awful lot of dynamic data
19:47 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: what do you mean by "dynamic data" exactly?
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19:53 <the_voice_> dynamic data is probably the wrong description. I tend to use things like react when I have highly interactive/constantly changing data
19:53 <kronicdeth> Where it's a nicer user experience to refresh part of the UI with new data as opposed to having the user refresh the whole page
19:53 <the_voice_> So for instance a realtime comment feed would be a perfect use case
19:54 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: what about using multi page architecture and only using reactive when needed?
19:54 <the_voice_> Yes
19:54 <fckfreenode> maybe that's better?
19:54 <the_voice_> That is what I prefer to do these days
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19:54 <the_voice_> That is also what facebook does btw
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19:57 <the_voice_> as does github I believe
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19:59 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: maybe i
19:59 <fckfreenode> maybe ill do that
19:59 <fckfreenode> thanks
19:59 <the_voice_> Might be wrong about github.
20:00 <fckfreenode> honestly i don't even know if i need a SPA, i just want to because it's "new"
20:00 <rl1> anybody knows how to change repo timeout on test?
20:00 <the_voice_> launch early, that's more important :)
20:01 <the_voice_> You can always slowly move to a SPA app later on when/if you need to
20:04 <rl1> [self reply] ownership_timeout in repo config
20:06 <the_voice_> also fckfreenode some of the arguments you hear about SPA are also just incorrect - it does not lead to faster load times you just move most of the load time to the initial load which from a UX point of view is often one of the worst things you can do. It also increases the page size in significantly. If you want a good argument for not using a SPA app, take a look at hacker news where most pages come in at 12KB, then take a look at any spa
20:06 <the_voice_> app(without the images etc..) and the initial JS will come in at 20 times the entire hackernews page.
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20:13 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: to be fair the hacker news website is very minimal though
20:14 <the_voice_> Agreed, which is why it depends on what you are doing
20:15 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: yeah exactly
20:15 <fckfreenode> honestly the only part of my app where it would be good would be search functionality / filtering / ordering etc
20:15 <fckfreenode> but i could use algolia for that
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20:51 <cresten> the_voice_ if you're doing an SPA, you're going to need to implement a restful interface in order for your website to interact with the backend. For old apps, you can use elixir templates to inject variables into the rendered HTML.
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20:51 <cresten> the_voice_ I HIGHTLY recommend using something like the openapi spec when implementing your restful interface.
20:52 <the_voice_> I am not doing a SPA :)
20:53 <the_voice_> And when I do need things like a React component or Vue component I try to use phoenix channels
20:53 <cresten> the_voice_ that sounds reasonable.
20:53 <cresten> Seems like you're making the right decision based on your requirements :)
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20:54 <cresten> Though in the case of a personal project RDD (Resume Driven Development) is a reasonable decision
20:54 <the_voice_> Also true
20:55 <cresten> Or if you hate your coworkers XD
20:55 <the_voice_> If you want a job right now where I live you learn React and node TBH
20:56 <DeadTrickster> where you live?
20:56 <the_voice_> Israel
20:57 <the_voice_> Of course it depends what you are doing, but the startups seem to be moving to react and node. Big companies use things like c# and Java etc..
20:57 <DeadTrickster> I know guys from here. no one does node though )
20:57 <the_voice_> Where do you live?
20:57 <DeadTrickster> russia
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20:58 <the_voice_> It depends what the company is doing. I would say young startups (with young founders) seem to be using node/react. React has one of the most active communities in Israel
20:58 <the_voice_> when I workedin corporate it was all Java
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20:59 <the_voice_> We have started arranging Elixir meetups now. We have the second one in a week
20:59 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: one thing i forget to ask: do you recommend using bootstrap with phoenix, or pulling it out?
20:59 <DeadTrickster> thankfully I don't have to do any frontend
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21:00 <DeadTrickster> and I hope I never will
21:00 <the_voice_> Meh, it's a css framework - just use the one you already know
21:00 <the_voice_> I started using foundation recently and I actually really like it.
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21:02 <fckfreenode> the_voice_: hmm ok... guess i'll stick with flexboxgrid in that case
21:02 <fckfreenode> thanks
21:03 <the_voice_> DeadTrickster - I hear you
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22:04 <zealsham_> so i was reading programming elixir and came across where the author said the "=" operator is not an assignment operator but a matching operator. i dont understand that because it works a hell lot like assignment operator
22:05 <Uniaika> how can I put it
22:05 <Uniaika> x = 3 works because x wasn't associated with a previous value
22:05 <Uniaika> so, if you type x, you get 3
22:05 <Uniaika> and 3 = x works because it matches
22:07 <Uniaika> hmm
22:07 <Uniaika> nah I'm not satisfied with that explanation
22:07 <zealsham_> ohhh
22:07 <cmk_zzz> it also becomes more obvious when you match on other data structures such as tuples. {:ok, x} = {:ok, 3} or, [a, b, _] = [1, 2, 3].
22:08 <Uniaika> yeah cmk_zzz +1
22:09 <zealsham_> does that means that once a match is made it is immutable?
22:10 <zealsham_> a=5
22:10 <cmk_zzz> elixir allows to rebind a variable. In erlang it is even more obvious because something like. X = 1, X = 2 then second statement fails because X matched with 1 therefore X = 2 can't match and will fail. x = 1 x = 2 in elixir works becuase the variable is rebound but still immutable. In elixir you do: x = 1, ^x = 2 for failure
22:10 <zealsham_> a=30
22:10 <Uniaika> zealsham_: under the hood, it goes like a0 = 3 then a1 = 31 if you do a = a +1
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22:11 <zealsham_> its hard wrapping one's head around this
22:13 <micmus> zealsham_: a = 5; fun = fn -> a end; a = 30; a
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22:13 <micmus> and compare with fun.()
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22:13 <micmus> a changed, but the captured value didn't - it never will
22:13 <micmus> you can only rebind a variable, but never mutate it
22:14 <zealsham_> ahh, i think i get it now
22:15 <micmus> For me, it also makes sense to think about "=" as giving a task to the system: "Can you make things on the left and right the same?"
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22:18 <zealsham_> micmus: that analogy nailed it. i fully understand how it works. but what is the need or use of such
22:18 <micmus> zealsham_: first - it's handy with nested structures. I can unpack them in one go
22:19 <micmus> the other one - asserting types and shape of the data
22:20 <zealsham_> thanks man
22:20 <cmk_zzz> plus it enables pattern matching in function heads and case clauses. This is extremely powerful
22:24 <notriddle> Admittedly, pattern matching in function heads can be trivially desugared into a single big case clause.
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22:33 <trevoke> Hi all, I have a question about Elixir's Logger tool and Erlang's SASL. I have what might seem like a defect. Create a new normal Elixir app, add https://github.com/onkel-dirtus/logger_file_backend as a dependency and the basic configuration to redirect the log out to a file, and make sure you tell Logger to handle SASL reports. Then in the extra applications, start `:os_mon`. Since that requires `:sasl` that will start it too... And
22:33 <trevoke> the SASL reports will be sent to the terminal. To turn that off I need to pass in the option `config :sasl, :sasl_error_logger, false` and then the logs disappear again, but that might now be because they're not being logged at all.
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22:34 <trevoke> My expectation would be that Logger would handle all of the SASL reports, but it looks like maybe it's getting configured before SASL starts and when it does, it gets its own default logger anyway?
22:37 <trevoke> Should I open an issue on the Elixir repo about this?
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23:07 <zealsham_> if i precede a variable name with and underscore can i still use that variable?
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23:27 <Radar> trevoke: Yes, I think so. If anything it would provide a better place to discuss this than IRC :)
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23:29 <thurloat[m]> I'm writing a little plug app, and I'm working on handling some custom internal exceptions, but I'm running into a problem: here's the relevant code: https://hastebin.com/bategatove.ex
23:29 <thurloat[m]> 1. I've seen exceptions raised in both formats, my lack of elixir understanding isn't telling me which is right
23:29 <thurloat[m]> 2. no matter what status I return (404). the http client gets a 500 back.
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23:30 <thurloat[m]> am I missing something?
23:31 <thurloat[m]> (nevermind the obvious Envot/Envoy typo, fat fingered the pastebin)
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23:44 <ajjahn> bigD?
23:44 <bigD> ajjahn
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23:45 <merk> what
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