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00:07 <notriddle> I can't guess any more than that, sorry.
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00:43 <meh`> halp
00:44 <meh`> I'm having issues with UUID as ids in ecto
00:44 <meh`> Repo.get doesn't work
00:44 <meh`> I found a related question somewhere that says to add @foreign_key_type Ecto.UUID
00:44 <meh`> but that still doesn't fix it
00:45 <meh`> do I need to do anything else?
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01:14 <thurloat[m]> nhu: I'm not seeing a fetch_params in the docs, I do see https://hexdocs.pm/plug/Plug.Conn.html#fetch_query_params/2 . params should be a field on the conn after you've fetched them.
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04:06 <magicstapler> So, I'm running into a problem understanding GenServers and Agents.
04:06 <magicstapler> Regarding: http://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/mix-otp/genserver.html
04:07 <magicstapler> GenServer.start_link(__MODULE__, :ok, [])
04:07 <magicstapler> This lines results in a call to init(:ok)
04:07 <magicstapler> Which returns {:ok, %{}}
04:07 <magicstapler> Then you have: def handle_call({:lookup, name}, _from, names) do
04:07 <magicstapler> Which returns: {:reply, Map.fetch(names, name), names}
04:08 <magicstapler> I don't understand... How does Map refer to the map literal defined in init(:ok)?
04:08 <magicstapler> Does state, which is in this case %{} have to be a data structure?
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04:54 <Nicd-_> magicstapler: on the last line you posted Map is operating on the variable names
04:55 <Nicd-_> state can be any Erlang term, it is passed as the last argument to handle_call (here named "names")
04:57 <magicstapler> Hmm... I suppose I'm confused on how state is stored in GenServer. It's all very opaque magical.
04:58 <Nicd-_> you return the state at the end of a handling function (or init) and it is passed to the next call automatically
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04:58 <magicstapler> Nicd-_: So, is the first arg to Map.fetch/1 the pid of the map literal?
04:59 <Nicd-> no, it's a map in the variable 'names'
04:59 <Nicd-> it's also Map.fetch/2
04:59 <magicstapler> Nicd-: Right, sorry /2
05:00 <magicstapler> Nicd-: Wait, so the all the variables in the init() block are accessible from any of the methods defined?
05:00 <Nicd-> no
05:00 <Nicd-> init returns {:ok, state}
05:00 <Nicd-> in this case state is %{}
05:00 <magicstapler> Nicd-: right.
05:00 <Nicd-> that state is passed into the next callback automatically as the last argument
05:01 <Nicd-> each callback will alter the state and return it back at the end of the function
05:01 <Nicd-> then it is passed again to the next callback
05:01 <magicstapler> Nicd-: Whoa, so it's just magically added as the last arg?
05:02 <Nicd-> so in 'handle_call({:lookup, name}, _from, names)', the last argument 'names' will be the current stored state of the genserver
05:02 <Nicd-> well GenServer is an abstraction that you are using, it's not really magic :P but you don't have to do it yourself
05:02 <magicstapler> Nicd-: So GenServer.call(server, {:lookup, name}) gets transformed into that handle_call?
05:03 <Nicd-> no, it will send a message to that genserver process which will receive it and call handle_call
05:03 <magicstapler> Ohh........
05:03 <asonge> it doesn't get transformed. GenServer is a kind of "framework" that controls a lot of the flow. it does all the "receive" stuff for you in the process, and the client api wraps all the messages
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05:05 <asonge> like, when you make a genserver call, the module will set up all sorts of shit, like set up a "monitor" and listen for server shutdown while your "call" is in flight
05:07 <magicstapler> Hmm...
05:07 <magicstapler> I can usually pick up languages no problem, but Elixir is a different beast entirely.
05:08 <magicstapler> I've followed through the getting started guide, but still haven't grokked it yet.
05:08 <asonge> did you write your own server process yet that wasn't gen_server?
05:08 <magicstapler> Is there a place that talks through things like GenServer more?
05:08 <Nicd-> genserver is like a web framework. it offers you the functions to implement and saves you from writing the repetitive generic code
05:08 <Nicd-> so in that way it has "magic" but not a lot of it once you understand it
05:08 <asonge> otp can take a little time to get your mind around, but it's actually not that much magic. it's just different than what you're used to.
05:09 <asonge> but there's a few good books that describe it pretty well
05:09 <asonge> magicstapler: but if you wrote your own "server" process before, do you remember recursing around a receive block?
05:09 <magicstapler> asonge: I did the gen_tcp thing which was part os kv_server
05:10 <magicstapler> You mean the receive do block?
05:10 <asonge> yeah
05:10 <magicstapler> Yeah, the tail optimized recursion thing.
05:10 <magicstapler> That makes sense.
05:10 <magicstapler> A basic event loop, sorta.
05:10 <asonge> so, gen_server does the receive block itself, and it gives you a standard set of callbacks for common ways of doing things
05:11 <asonge> a "call" is a synchronous message, where you send some data and wait for a reply. the server side of a call takes the previous state, and then you return the reply (what to send) and the next state. a cast is an asynchronous message, and you return the next state.
05:12 <asonge> get it?
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05:12 <asonge> init is an opportunity to "block" the GenServer start call while you set things up. this can definitely help you fight race conditions
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05:13 <asonge> init takes an initial set of arguments that you passed in the start call, and it returns the starting state of the genserver
05:13 <asonge> but this is all about genserver managing a standard kind of process "lifecycle"
05:14 <magicstapler> ...thinking...
05:14 <asonge> so like, one thing that's more complicated, is that it provides hooks into "state transitions" between module versions on "hot code upgrades"...
05:15 <magicstapler> asonge: I'm a huge fan of the hot code reloading, but I don't fully understand it yet.
05:15 <asonge> if you were doing this all yourself, you'd have to sit there and write a receive do ... end block that's like 90% the same.
05:15 <magicstapler> I've been reading into the BEAM internals.
05:16 <magicstapler> Hmm... How does GenServer keep the state? I suppose it's similar to the processes with receive blocks, they just store it as a variable?
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05:16 <asonge> magicstapler: here's the important bits of almost all of OTP, btw: https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/master/lib/stdlib/src/gen.erl
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05:16 <asonge> so, when genserver starts, it invokes your module's callback functions. that's how it knows its state is there. it has the receive block.
05:18 <asonge> that's why Nicd- called it a framework above. rails controls the http lifecycle and methods are invoked on clases/objects when things happen. genservers start with a callback module that just returns the specific behavior, and it handles the general bookkeeping.
05:18 <magicstapler> This makes more sense.
05:20 <magicstapler> asonge: Thanks for the explanations. I have a second problem.
05:20 <asonge> go ahead
05:20 <magicstapler> I'm doing a # mix run and the app dies, do I need to call it with --no-halt?
05:21 <asonge> i think so? i almost always use `iex -S mix` myself.
05:21 <magicstapler> That seems dirty to start it like that for production.
05:21 <asonge> oh, for production you don't use mix
05:22 <asonge> you use a release
05:22 <magicstapler> Ok, but for development, I just use --no-halt?
05:22 <asonge> distillery is what you should be using when you want to deploy to production. it'll give you a tarball.
05:22 <magicstapler> Ok, I'll read up on that.
05:23 <asonge> you should be able to use that (you can also use releases in development, dev releases will leverage symlinks so that you can reload quickly without redoing the entire release)
05:23 <asonge> i don't tend to use dev releases.
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05:25 <magicstapler> Ah: " The reason for this is that by default mix run will exit once that callback has finished executing. In order for that not to happen you need to use mix run --no-halt - in this case the VM will not be stopped."
05:25 <magicstapler> I don't understand why that is the case, tho.
05:26 <magicstapler> asonge: One more issue, if you're game.
05:26 <asonge> shoot
05:27 <magicstapler> I'm trying to use https://github.com/MyMedsAndMe/spell/blob/master/lib/spell.ex
05:27 <asonge> oh, if you monitor some long-lived process and then monitor it and then receive the down message, you could "hang" the main process while waiting for the process to finish.
05:27 <magicstapler> I have GenServer.start_link(__MODULE__, {exchange_name, uri}, name: exchange_name) in my Worker.start_link()
05:27 <asonge> like, if you *needed* that.
05:28 <magicstapler> I'm not doing Process.monitor yet.
05:28 <magicstapler> Do I need to?
05:28 <asonge> no, i'm just saying, if you wanted mix run to "wait" for something to be complete before exiting.
05:28 <magicstapler> Ah.
05:29 <magicstapler> I'm calling it via the application supervisor generated code like this: worker(Ingestory.Worker, [{:poloniex, "asdf"}])
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05:30 <magicstapler> lemme put this in pastebin
05:31 <asonge> so earlier, you said you passed a tuple, but in the later one, you're passing a list of 1 tuple
05:31 <asonge> just wanted to point that out
05:31 <magicstapler> https://pastebin.com/6z9DXjH4
05:32 <magicstapler> # Starts a worker by calling: Ingestory.Worker.start_link(arg1, arg2, arg3)
05:32 <magicstapler> That takes care of the arg transformation
05:32 <asonge> so what's the problem, exactly?
05:33 <magicstapler> So the problem I'm having is that sometimes I'm getting {:error, timeout} but it eventually connects.
05:33 <magicstapler> It seems like a race condition.
05:33 <magicstapler> so I'm not getting the pid of the successful connection.
05:34 <magicstapler> ** (Mix) Could not start application ingestory: Ingestory.Application.start(:normal, []) returned an error: shutdown: failed to start child: Ingestory.Worker ** (EXIT) bad return value: {:error, :timeout}
05:34 <asonge> yeah, so
05:34 <asonge> remember how i said that init/1 blocks?
05:34 <magicstapler> But then debug messages of the connection start flowing.
05:34 <asonge> (it's not a race condition)
05:34 <asonge> so there's like 3 timeouts going on here.
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05:36 <asonge> GenServer.start_link() has a timeout of 5_000. if the websocket takes longer than 5s to connect, then start_link will return an error, and the GenServer aborts.
05:36 <magicstapler> Whoa
05:37 <magicstapler> Ok, so it's not taking 5 seconds.
05:37 <magicstapler> I counted.
05:38 <magicstapler> 05:37:01.636 [debug] Connecting to wss://api.poloniex.com:443/... 05:37:03.611 [debug] timeout problem lol: timeout
05:38 <magicstapler> So, 2 seconds.
05:39 <asonge> how are you counting?
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05:39 <magicstapler> I was counting in my head, but I realized the debug log has the time.
05:40 <asonge> did you just log out "timeout problem lol" or something?
05:40 <magicstapler> Yeah.
05:40 <magicstapler> It's in the pastebin
05:40 <asonge> so, that's a different timeout
05:41 <asonge> that's the Spell.connect timeout that triggered
05:41 <asonge> and when you return an error from init, the start_link fails and returns the error
05:41 <asonge> which the supervisor notices and should retry
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05:43 <magicstapler> Weird, it's having a consistent behavior now.
05:44 <asonge> welp *shrug*
05:45 <magicstapler> Ok, so when it died with the timeout error the supervisor wasn't retrying.
05:45 <magicstapler> Is there a setting I need to toggle?
05:46 <magicstapler> I have opts = [strategy: :one_for_one, name: Ingestory.Supervisor]
05:50 <asonge> i'm trying to remember the precise behavior here.
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05:56 <asonge> ah, i gotta go to bed, sorry magicstapler
05:57 <magicstapler> asonge: No worries, thanks for all of your help thusfar :)
05:59 <bitmod> what is the best authentication package out there?
05:59 <bitmod> seems to be guardian right?
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06:13 <Cloudflare> Do I miss out on anything by learning Elixir instead of learning Erlang first?
06:13 <Cloudflare> By not understanding the fundamentals?
06:14 <Nicd-> Cloudflare: you will necessarily have to learn the fundamentals anyway
06:15 <Nicd-> and you will learn Erlang during working with Elixir
06:15 <Nicd-> it won't hurt to read about Erlang and BEAM though
06:16 <Cloudflare> Nicd-: Oh okay I guess I'll go with Elixir then ;)
06:17 <Nicd-> I started with Elixir after a very cursory look at some Erlang tutorial. I have learned during the way
06:18 <bitmod> what is the best authentication package out there?
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07:06 <Radar> bitmod: I've heard good things about Guardian
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07:24 <ljarvis> I'm a fan of Guardian
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07:44 <sevenseacat> I'm a fan of Blind Guardian, does that count?
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08:41 <cmk_zzz> I can declare a map like this: %{"hello" => "world"}, or this: %{"hello": "world"}, but they are not equivalent. THe first gives you a map with key: "hello" whereas the second gives a key as :hello. I find it inconsistent
08:41 <cmk_zzz> My guess is that : is some sort of syntactic sugar? which turns whatever before it into an atom to be supported in keyword lists?
08:42 <cmk_zzz> or am I out flying again
08:42 <Nicd-> the latter is atom key syntax
08:42 <Nicd-> it's meant like %{hello: "world"}
08:42 <cmk_zzz> so whatever I put before : is converted to an atom?
08:43 <Nicd-> not really converted, it is an atom. :"hello" == :hello
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08:44 <cmk_zzz> well to me: %{"hello": "world"} and %{hello: "world"} are different
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08:44 <ljarvis> it's useful for atoms that might have syntactically complex names, e.g. :foo-bar is invalid, but :"foo-bar" is fine. So you might write: %{"foo-bar": "world"}
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08:45 <cmk_zzz> ok, I see. It is just a different way to specify an atmo
08:45 <cmk_zzz> atom
08:45 <Nicd-> %{hello: "world"} == %{:hello => "world"}
08:45 <ljarvis> right, I agree it's confusing. Ruby does the same thing and it's a bit annoying imo
08:45 <Nicd-> it's just an alternate syntax to make maps look nicer since usually you use atom keys
08:46 <cmk_zzz> yes, I am coming over into elixir from erlang and the amount of sugar here makes my liver throw up a little
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08:46 <cmk_zzz> but I am getting there
08:46 <ljarvis> you're coming from erlang then you can't have syntax squabbles :)
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08:47 <cmk_zzz> ljarvis: it is funny. I find elixir syntax much more verbose and hard to read for most use cases. But it is only syntax so I wont complain
08:48 <cmk_zzz> elixir has other strengths which I like
08:48 <ljarvis> sure, i can see why you would if you're used to erlang
08:48 <ljarvis> my face hurts when i read erlang, i've tried a few times to truly learn it, but i find the syntax incredibly difficult
08:50 <Nicd-> yeah, for me Elixir is much better
08:50 <cmk_zzz> have you done ruby before?
08:51 <ljarvis> I come from Ruby and write it in my day job
08:51 <ljarvis> so perhaps that's why (although i did try to learn erlang ~15 years ago before Ruby and failed)
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08:54 <cmk_zzz> anyway. I should have understood "hello": but lately I've been finding myself getting increasingly slow. A bit worrying actully
08:55 <Nicd-> I have never written ruby
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09:00 <nox> Nicd-: Liar,
09:00 <nox> you write Elixir code, which is just like Ruby,
09:00 <nox> so you can't say you never wrote Ruby code.
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09:05 <benwilson512> nox: :eyeroll:
09:06 <nox> benwilson512: Is that a Ruby library?
09:07 <Nicd-> nox: what an insult
09:07 <nox> Nicd-: LOL
09:07 <Nicd-> although the quality of my code is probably an insult to both Elixir AND Ruby
09:09 <nox> Meanwhile in my land, I just access for some committer access to mozilla-central.
09:09 <nox> asked access* English 2hard4me.
09:10 <nox> s/committer access/committer rights/
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09:41 <soud> hey all, trying to use exredis in my phoenix application, but getting this error every time I'm trying to launch my application: https://bpaste.net/show/88aa444b237a . tried all versions of exredis, same result
09:41 <soud> any idea how to fix this?
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09:47 <benwilson512> soud: I'm not sure about that specific error, but you may want to check out the Redix library
09:47 <benwilson512> it's pure elixir, so it won't require using rebar
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09:48 <whatyouhide> it's also supposed to perform a bit faster than eredis (exredis is built on top of that) :)
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10:29 <soud> redix looks good, thanks
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11:16 <bitmod> when is phoenix 1.3 released?
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11:37 <Nicd-> when it is done :)
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12:34 <bitmod> Nicd-: thanks mate :)
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12:35 <bitmod> also, has anyone here used sentinal?
12:35 <bitmod> *sentinel
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13:11 <snappy_> Hey everyone, I'd like to install a js/css dependency (bootstrap 4) in a phoenix app. What's the practical difference between adding to "devDependencies" vs "dependencies" in package.json?
13:12 <Nicd-> snappy_: that's really an npm question
13:12 <Nicd-> the semantic difference is that devDependencies are dependencies only needed for development
13:12 <Nicd-> personally I put into devDependencies tools and other stuff that does not end up in the final build
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13:15 <snappy_> Nicd-: Thanks. I was just confused as you can pass the `--production` flag to install devdependencies in production.
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13:16 <rom1504> devDependencies don't get installed by packages depending on your app
13:16 <rom1504> but I guess nothing will depend on your app ? so it doesn't matter too much
13:18 <snappy_> Ah ok. Do I need to require the css/js files after I add the deps to package.json and `npm install --save`?
13:18 <snappy_> ...or does brunch handle that automagically?
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14:08 <iFire> there's a compile all step
14:08 <iFire> I forget the exact term
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14:36 <Ankhers> skell
14:36 <Ankhers> miss
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14:46 <bitmod> i just lost my custom sass after installing exadmin, what's the cause?
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15:09 <bitmod> anyone use exadmin before?
15:10 <bitmod> for some reason it's broken my sass styles
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15:27 <bitmod> ok this is really strange, brunch is compiling my sass files but not writing them
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16:26 <iFire> bitmod: did you add the rules to the brunch config?
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16:30 <bitmod> iFire: yeah, followed all that
16:30 <bitmod> for some reason adding those rules prevents my compiled sass files from being written to app.css (i believe)
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16:31 <bitmod> iFire: if you create a new app, install sass-bruch, mdir /web/static/sass, then install exadmin, you'll get the same issue
16:31 <bitmod> realy weird
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16:43 <hexkey[m]> hey guys I have a question
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16:43 <iFire> bitmod: not using phoenix 1.3 right?
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16:44 <Ankhers> hexkey[m]: Feel free to ask.
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16:45 <hexkey[m]> am I doing this right?
16:45 <hexkey[m]> Enum.each(1..100, &(:math.pow(&1, 2))) |> IO.inspect(label: "result")
16:45 <hexkey[m]> the only thing being returned is the :ok atom, not the list
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16:47 <Nicd-> Enum.each runs the code for each element but doesn't return anything
16:47 <Nicd-> you probably want to Enum.map
16:47 <hexkey[m]> I did...might be lag? In any case, I was wondering why this snipped returns the :ok atom instead of the list I'm expecting: Enum.each(1..100, &(:math.pow(&1, 2))) |> IO.inspect(label: "result")
16:48 <ciawal> read what Nicd- said, hexkey[m]
16:48 <hexkey[m]> I'm still getting used to the $ syntax
16:48 <hexkey[m]> *&
16:48 <Ankhers> hexkey[m]: You Enum.map, not Enum.each
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16:48 <Ankhers> s/You/Use
16:49 <Nicd-> Ankhers: unterminated `s' command
16:49 <hexkey[m]> yup, that was it, thanks!
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16:50 <Ankhers> Nicd-: I'm bad at typing lately :(
16:50 <Nicd-> hexkey[m]: the documentation for Enum.each states, "returns :ok" :) also, if you are looking for a Matrix channel, we have one (unofficial) on #elixirlang:matrix.org
16:51 <hexkey[m]> Also: does anyone know of any good explanations of the & syntax online? Nothing I've found so far has made it really click.
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16:53 <Ankhers> hexkey[m]: http://elixir-lang.org/crash-course.html#partials-and-function-captures-in-elixir
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16:55 <Ankhers> I am finding myself avoiding using that syntax lately though. It is cool when you first learn it, but I find the expressiveness of `fn x -> ... end` to be better. People not knowing elixir can look at your code and know what is happening.
16:55 inoas joined
16:55 <Ankhers> Saving a few keystrokes is not worth it for me.
16:55 <bitmod> iFire: nope, 1.2
16:56 <OliverMT> Ankhers: function capture is a perl coders wet dream
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17:03 <Ankhers> ericmj: ping
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17:08 <havenwood> hexkey[m]: https://gist.github.com/havenwood/4738e57946e0af14e0f273bd833a7444
17:08 <pbj> anyone have sass working on the phoenix rc?
17:09 <Ankhers> yup
17:09 <Ankhers> One sec and I will gist my brunch config
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17:10 <pbj> tx
17:10 <pbj> *thx
17:11 <hexkey[m]> havenwood: thanks
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17:13 <Ankhers> pbj: https://gist.github.com/ankhers/89363cf7ffe9bfdb82e3b7d10bad07c8
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17:26 <bitmod> if i'm starting a new project should i do it with 1.3-rc or wait until the official comes out?
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17:28 <hexkey[m]> Generally, I'd use the latest stable release in any language.
17:28 <hexkey[m]> unless you really want to use some new bleeding edge feature, I suppose.
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17:29 <ivan> what do I put in the main function of an escript to keep a plug server running? I already have an Application with a plug child
17:30 <bitmod> hexkey[m]: as long as upgrading to 1.3 isn't too difficult
17:30 <Ankhers> It depends really.
17:30 <ivan> :timer.sleep(:infinity) I guess?
17:31 <hexkey[m]> https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/releases
17:31 <hexkey[m]> Looks like a lot of changes
17:33 <Ankhers> How long until you expect to be in production?
17:33 <hexkey[m]> the real question is if updating will be easier from 1.2.1 or 1.3.0-rc.0 to the next one will be easier
17:33 <Ankhers> I'm currently in the testing phase of an application and I upgraded to phoenix 1.3-rc.0 as soon as I noticed I could.
17:33 <Ankhers> Upgrading was actually really simple. So I wouldn't worrt about that
17:34 <hexkey[m]> related: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Release_candidate
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17:56 <peterpp> I'm looking for a way to iterate over a map and update its values
17:56 <benwilson512> peterpp: are you gonna be removing or adding keys?
17:56 <peterpp> no
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17:56 <peterpp> the keys remain the same
17:57 <peterpp> in principle I'd be able to loop over a map's keys
17:57 <peterpp> and update the corresponding value one-by-one
17:57 <peterpp> but I was wondering if there's a better way to go about it, perhaps with a better runtime performance
17:58 <Nicd-> you might want to consider if a map is the correct data structure for your case
17:58 <peterpp> I definitely need a way access values by keys
17:59 <peterpp> a keyword list would make it very convenient to iterate over its elements and update as necessary
17:59 <peterpp> but lookups are O(n), no?
18:00 <Nicd-> yes
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18:00 <Nicd-> how often are you doing each operation?
18:00 <peterpp> it's in the main loop of my server
18:00 <peterpp> quite often
18:01 <peterpp> I need to do both operations quite often
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18:09 <Ankhers> peterpp: You could do something like Enum.into. Unfortunately Enum.map when used on a Map returns a keyword list.
18:09 <peterpp> that would mean rebuilding the map from scratch every time, or am I wrong
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18:10 <peterpp> I have no idea what Elixir does under the hood, but I suspect the runtime performance will be quite low, no?
18:11 <peterpp> maybe I should just iterate over the keys and see what the performance is like
18:11 <Ankhers> Yeah. It would be possible to do something compbining Map.keys/1, Enum.map/2 and Map.get_and_update/3.
18:11 <Ankhers> I'm not sure the performance of something like that though.
18:12 <Ankhers> It is something you would need to test.
18:12 <peterpp> but is there a technical or ideological reason as to why there's no function in Map that lets me do what I want?
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18:14 <Ankhers> don't quote me on this, but maybe because most people don't need random access and to update the entire map in one go.
18:15 <Ankhers> I needed something like this once, and it was in golang. I essentially had a process that was running once every 15ish seconds that would update the map. Everything is just got a pointer to the map at that time.
18:16 <Ankhers> I don't know your requirements, but maybe have a GenServer that holds your map, have an operation to grab the current map, and an operation that can replace the entire map.
18:17 <Ankhers> But I don't know how frequently you need to update your map.
18:17 <peterpp> I'm writing a game server and the map currently holds the game state
18:17 <peterpp> part of the state anway
18:20 <Ankhers> Not that this part makes much of a difference. But hopefully you are using a struct and not just a map?
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18:21 <drewolson> peterpp do you know what keys you want to update as your update them? why would you iterate over the keys?
18:21 <Ankhers> So wouldn't you just want to update a mall portion of the state at any given time, not the entire thing?
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18:21 <Ankhers> s/mall/small/
18:21 <peterpp> to determine which values I need to update
18:21 <Ankhers> Wouldn't you know that based on an action from the client?
18:22 <peterpp> I could also loop over the values first and get the set of keys I need to update
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18:23 <drewolson> i'm sorry, i don't understand. wouldn't the client send both the key and the value to the server in order to specify the fields to update?
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18:25 <notriddle> A map can be treated as an Enum, so code like this works: `%{a: 1, b: 2} |> Map.new(fn {key, value} -> {key, value + 1})`
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18:26 <notriddle> I'm assuming your usecase is something like a %{ character_id => position } map?
18:26 <peterpp> drewolson, yes, I could, but I was hoping I could get away with the 'bruteforce' approach in a prototype
18:27 <Ankhers> peterpp: That sounds like more work to be honest.
18:27 <notriddle> Erm, `%{a: 1, b: 2} |> Map.new(fn {key, value} -> {key, value + 1} end)` is the correct snippet. I forgot the `end` part of the function.
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18:27 <drewolson> peterpp here's basically what i'd do https://gist.github.com/drewolson/5c03f689fe4e365dbc03d9fe399e59f8
18:27 <drewolson> but it assumes that the client sends both the keys and values to update
18:28 <drewolson> that would run in O(n) time where n is the number of k/v pairs you want to update
18:28 <Ankhers> I think I would hold the state in a GenServer, and have various operations on the GenServer to change different parts of the state.
18:30 <peterpp> drewolson, it wouldn't have occurred to me to use reduce like that, thank you for the snippet!
18:30 <drewolson> Ankhers yeah, sure, but the question was about maps
18:31 <drewolson> peterpp you could also just use `Map.put` directly
18:31 <Ankhers> Yes, but if the GenServer knows the state, and it has the logic to update the state, you don't really need to send kv pairs. You could just send an operation to do, maybe some values depending on the operation, and have the GenServer just know what to do.
18:32 <peterpp> somehow I'm hesitant to use separate processes because I'm not yet familiar with the runtime characteristics
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18:32 <Ankhers> wouldn't a prototype be a good place to learn them though?
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18:33 <peterpp> btw I'm very new to Elixir in case it wasn't obvious ;-)
18:33 <Ankhers> Also, Elixir and Erlang have very little overhead in terms of spawning and running processes.
18:33 <peterpp> well, I do have separate processes of course for such things as listening to the various client sockets etc
18:34 <Ankhers> And it is a very common thing to do to hold state.
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18:36 <drewolson> you could use an Agent if it is just state
18:38 <peterpp> an Agent? that's something I'm not yet familiar with apparently
18:39 <Ankhers> It is basically GenServer lite.
18:39 <peterpp> I think I've figured out what I'm going to do, though
18:39 <peterpp> thanks so much for picking up my question, Ankhers and drewolson
18:40 <drewolson> peterpp here's an agent example https://gist.github.com/drewolson/71a10de87f5e35db4f63a2ace1f82de8
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18:41 <andman> peterpp: btw, I believe the upcoming book https://pragprog.com/book/lhelph/functional-web-development-with-elixir-otp-and-phoenix (in beta now) builds a game server as an example, might be of interest
18:41 <peterpp> andman, oh wow, thanks for the pointer!
18:43 <* notriddle> isn't sure that the "use a process" suggestion is a good idea, but doesn't really know enough about the problem to tell for sure.
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19:23 <sorentwo> I think it will finally be possible to connect to running nodes on heroku with https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/heroku-exec
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19:38 <Ankhers> notriddle: Why not? You wouldn't want a bunch of processes modifying the game state at the same time.
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19:55 <notriddle> Right, you wouldn't want a bunch of processes modifying the game state at the same time, but that wasn't the question. The question was how to mutate all the values in a K/V map. You probably don't want a separate process for every Value.
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20:19 <Ankhers> notriddle: I know that. I never suggested each value should be in its own process. I suggested having a GenServer look after the entire state. Then any process could say "draw card" or whatever else needs to be done and the GenServer would handle all of the logic of updating the state.
20:23 <notriddle> Sure, but that doesn't actually answer the question. The question was about how to modify a map, not about what kind of control (if any) should be laid over the top of the map.
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20:25 <Ankhers> Yes, but the approach to the problem was incorrect. They admitted to not actually needed to update the entire map. It was only portions of it depending on the action that was done by the client.
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23:16 <rozap> bitwalker: is there a way to make distillery fail a build if there is dep missing from the app list?
23:17 <rozap> the warning is nice, but we're hoping to get our CI to just fail the build if there are any things in that warning list
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23:19 <bitwalker> there isn't, and that's primarily because Elixir 1.4 has already solved this problem moving forward (everything in deps is automatically in the applications list unless it's not available in the release env (because `only: [...]` was used, or `runtime: false` is set in it's options)
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