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00:21 <patientplatypus> ok
00:21 <patientplatypus> dumb question
00:21 <patientplatypus> on the standard hello world that mix phoenix.new gives
00:21 <patientplatypus> where and or how can i navigate to app.html?
00:21 <patientplatypus> i dont see this in the routes
00:21 <patientplatypus> like i must be dumb
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00:33 <Ankhers> app.html is a layout. You can find it in the templates/layout folder.
00:33 <patientplatypus> ok
00:34 <patientplatypus> i guess where im getting stuck is that if i navigate to that page
00:34 <Ankhers> You have this in websites because most pages look alike side from the main content.
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00:34 <Ankhers> There is no app.html page though.
00:34 <patientplatypus> so i made a page that navigates to there
00:35 <patientplatypus> through the routes as it appeared to be html
00:35 <patientplatypus> and it worked but this line
00:35 <patientplatypus> <%= render @view_module, @view_template, assigns %>
00:35 <patientplatypus> threw an error - no @view_module
00:35 <patientplatypus> which is like, of course not, there isnt one in there
00:36 <Ankhers> Yes, because that line is attempting to render the specific information for that page that you are wanting to load.
00:38 <patientplatypus> im not sure i follow - is the app.html.eex file being called from somewhere when the hello world file loads? it seems that instead that index.html.eex is being rendered
00:39 <Ankhers> app.html has a bunch of common information in it that you have across a bunch of pages. Things like which CSS file(s) to load, and the overall design of your application. Your index.html file and other page specific files will house just the information for that page.
00:40 <patientplatypus> ahhh
00:40 <patientplatypus> so its an example page that is not intended to be functional, but just provide naming conventions on how to link to things like your static css file for example
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00:43 <Ankhers> No. That layout file is called for every page load. It will house things like your navigation bar and whatever else is common through all of your pages.
00:43 <Ankhers> That way you do not have to duplicate everything across all pages.
00:45 <patientplatypus> what is the file one parent above it that calls it
00:45 <patientplatypus> ?
00:46 <Ankhers> I don't understand what you are asking.
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01:09 <Ankhers> It is just something in Phoenix that calls it. It is set automatically, but you can have different layouts for different actions or controllers.
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01:42 Topic for
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02:18 <patientplatypus> hi anyone still awake in here
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02:36 <hexkey[m]> Yep. And I have some questions if anyone can halp
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02:38 <hexkey[m]> I'm trying to time a function and am having a hard time getting good accuracy .it seems like the Time module might be...broken?
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02:39 <hexkey[m]> ...Or numbers maybe, because all my results usually are 0.0
02:40 <hexkey[m]> No matter how many times I've run this example code, I've never gotten a time besides 0:
02:40 <hexkey[m]> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29668635/how-can-we-easily-time-function-calls-in-elixir
02:41 <hexkey[m]> Any chance someone could try it themself and confirm or deny that it behaves that way?
02:44 <hexkey[m]> It's getting fairly frustrating
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03:29 <asonge> hexkey[m]: :timer.tc is the standard way to go, and there's a good benchmark library that does some statistical runs
03:30 <asonge> hexkey[m]: but timing is rather unpredictable because the VM is so scheduled. it makes individual runs, particularly on a noisy developer laptop, highly variable, but it's also what makes performance stable when the machine is under heavy load
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03:31 <hexkey[m]> yeah, I have noticed that timings of things here are extremely consistent
03:32 <asonge> like, a process might finish its reductions in your benchmark, and then another scheduler picks it up because of work-stealing
03:34 <asonge> in a lot of "big" erlang system benchmarks, you will notice that this helps keep that 99.9% latency figure very low while under load...but it makes the "best case scenario" slightly slower. but wasting resources while you have a lot to spare is not *that* bad of a performance property
03:34 <hexkey[m]> Makes sense. But I still can't replicate the results in the example.
03:34 <asonge> what results, exactly?
03:35 <patientplatypus> hi
03:35 <patientplatypus> im getting the following error
03:35 <asonge> hexkey[m]: if you can gist/pastebin something i could look at that you are testing, i'll see if i can reproduce/help
03:36 <patientplatypus> could not compile dependency :phoenix_ecto, "mix compile" failed. You can recompile this dependency with "mix deps.compile phoenix_ecto", update it with "mix deps.update phoenix_ecto" or clean it with "mix deps.clean phoenix_ecto"
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03:36 <hexkey[m]> Sure, in a sec. in the stackoverflow page I linked, the example benchmark is for (fn -> 123456*654321 end).
03:36 <patientplatypus> im not sure why
03:36 <hexkey[m]> My results have consistently been zero.
03:36 <patientplatypus> i added the comeonin: dependency and it seemed like it went in fine enough
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03:38 <asonge> hexkey[m]: i'm getting 3.0e-6 here, but the return value of :timer.tc is in microseconds (1 1millionth), and if you're formatting that badly, it'll round to 0.
03:38 <asonge> hexkey[m]: try just leaving off the division and using the microseconds?
03:39 <hexkey[m]> I have it in milliseconds right now, I'll try micro
03:39 <hexkey[m]> cls
03:39 <hexkey[m]> whups wrong place
03:40 <asonge> patientplatypus: mix deps.compile phoenix_ecto didn't work?
03:40 <patientplatypus> no i get the same error
03:40 <asonge> is there any other output that you can pastebin?
03:41 <patientplatypus> would you mimd taking a look at a repo?
03:41 <hexkey[m]> I'm still getting zero.
03:41 <asonge> patientplatypus: i don't mind, no
03:42 <asonge> hexkey[m]: what OS are you on? this might be a thing where you're on an OS that doesn't provide an accurate timing facility.
03:42 <asonge> (for some reason)
03:42 <hexkey[m]> Win10 is what I'm on at the moment
03:42 <* asonge> pulls up the erlang module docs to remind himself where to get this info...
03:44 <patientplatypus> here asonge https://github.com/patientplatypus/phoenixdepsnocompile
03:44 <asonge> hexkey[m]: can you paste what the result of :erlang.system_time() is?
03:45 <patientplatypus> i was supposed to get a return of an error if the password was more than 20 characters but that didnt seem to work either
03:46 <hexkey[m]> In iex or my project? also, sorry for unintentionally double-teaming you
03:46 <asonge> hexkey[m]: iex
03:46 <asonge> (either is fine)
03:46 <hexkey[m]> > 1529987894000640
03:47 <hexkey[m]> also, just found this on an erlang mailing list:
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03:47 <* hexkey[m]> sent a long message: hexkey[m]_2017-05-07_03:47:46.txt - https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/ZdZbrPBvdaibViVccdYHwAid
03:47 <asonge> hrm, seems to be fast enough.
03:48 <hexkey[m]> http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2011-May/058908.html
03:48 <asonge> oh, that's definitely changed since OTP 19.0
03:48 <hexkey[m]> ok yeah just noticed the timestamp on the email
03:48 <asonge> like, last year the native erlang time stuff changed a *lot*
03:48 <asonge> 2 years ago, and that would've still been right :)
03:49 <asonge> the fact that you get 0 is weird
03:49 <asonge> i wonder if windows is using a timestamp caching trick somewhere
03:49 <asonge> for performance reasons
03:50 <hexkey[m]> I'm going to try just storing start/stop values from system_time
03:50 <hexkey[m]> see what happens
03:50 <asonge> hexkey[m]: actually, 0 should be impossible. this is some kind of bug, i think.
03:51 <asonge> i just looked up the source of :timer.tc and it uses :erlang.monotonic_time/0
03:51 <asonge> oh, you know what. it's then converting that.
03:51 <hexkey[m]> rounding?
03:51 <asonge> hexkey[m]: https://github.com/erlang/otp/blob/master/lib/stdlib/src/timer.erl#L168
03:52 <hexkey[m]> hmmm...
03:52 <asonge> so if it's 0, it's less than a microsecond.
03:54 <hexkey[m]> so it might work if I call monotonic_time() myself? that's what it's sounding like
03:54 <asonge> oh yeah, you can easily convert that tc to elixir
03:55 <patientplatypus> hi asonge
03:56 <asonge> oh wait, i just got the compile error
03:56 <patientplatypus> ah
03:57 <asonge> well, phoenix_ecto, phoenix, and comeonin are somewhat out of date
03:57 <patientplatypus> hmmm
03:57 <asonge> i wonder if this might be some kind of version mismatch but of some kind
03:57 <patientplatypus> how do i update all my deps
03:57 <patientplatypus> ?
03:58 <asonge> run `mix hex.outdated` to see
03:58 <patientplatypus> is this possible
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03:58 <asonge> patientplatypus: oh, you need to bump the version requirements in mix.exs
03:58 <patientplatypus> ah? how do i do that
03:59 <asonge> yeah, some of these APIs are declared compatible that aren't.
03:59 <asonge> patientplatypus: look in deps() in mix.exs
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04:00 <asonge> they have the ~> stuff, bump those numbers up.
04:00 <asonge> ~> means 2.x, but not 3.x, for example
04:00 <asonge> the hex.outdated stuff will tell you what's farther out of date
04:01 <hexkey[m]> brb, trying this on by Xubuntu VM
04:02 <asonge> this stuff should run on windows or bash for windows just fine.
04:03 <patientplatypus> im sorry im still getting the same error although that was a good catchc
04:03 <asonge> well, after you bump the numbers, you have to deps.update and the mix.lock will change with the new versions
04:03 <asonge> phoenix_ecto isn't compatible with the version of ecto that's installed.
04:04 <asonge> ecto 1.x is really really old
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04:05 <asonge> phoenix_ecto is trying to use a field that's no longer in ecto.
04:05 <asonge> which is throwing a compile error
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04:08 <patientplatypus> um
04:08 <patientplatypus> how do i install the latest version of ecto then
04:08 <patientplatypus> ?
04:08 <patientplatypus> i thought i had it
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04:08 <patientplatypus> ive cleaned out all dependencies and run
04:09 <patientplatypus> mix deps.unlock --all
04:09 <patientplatypus> mix deps.get all
04:10 <patientplatypus> *mix deps.get --all
04:10 <patientplatypus> sorry
04:10 <patientplatypus> it was 1) mix deps.unlock --all
04:10 <patientplatypus> 2) mix deps.clean --all
04:10 <patientplatypus> 2) mix deps.get --all
04:10 <patientplatypus> and that didnt fix the compile error
04:17 <asonge> when you run mix hex.outdated, what pops up?
04:18 <asonge> is it the same kind of thing? i'm sure the mix.lock stuff changed.
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04:19 <patientplatypus> hold on one sec
04:25 <patientplatypus> thanks that fixed the problem on to the next error ;_;
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04:49 <asonge> np. now all the documentation should make more sense, btw.
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05:28 <hexkey[m]> oh. my. god.
05:28 <hexkey[m]> I was right.
05:29 <asonge> hexkey[m]: what was it?
05:30 <hexkey[m]> asonge[m]: Windows has been fucking my results up the whole time.
05:30 <asonge> been doing weird time things?
05:30 <asonge> time isn't real anyway
05:30 <* asonge> waves hand
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05:31 <hexkey[m]> one sec
05:34 <patientplatypus> step 1
05:34 <patientplatypus> uninstall windows
05:34 <patientplatypus> step 2
05:34 <patientplatypus> DO ANYTHING ELSE
05:35 <* hexkey[m]> uploaded an image: 2017-05-07 00_32_20-.png (6KB) - https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/qnPEHboBXpekWJJUPrbtceTN
05:35 <hexkey[m]> The carefull eye may notice a difference
05:36 <asonge> hexkey[m]: were you getting 0 from subtracting the raw calls to :erlang.monotonic_time()?
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05:37 <hexkey[m]> let's see how pasting this goes:
05:38 <* hexkey[m]> sent a long message: hexkey[m]_2017-05-07_05:38:01.txt - https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/nFCQFkAGneIooRkQYXGxruVb
05:38 <hexkey[m]> close enough
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05:38 <asonge> *that* returns 0?
05:38 <hexkey[m]> on Windows.
05:38 <asonge> this is some kind of bug, if i'm not mistaken.
05:39 <asonge> monotonic_time() is never supposed to return the same value twice as a safety guaratee, iirc
05:39 <hexkey[m]> At least I have one OS that knows what time is
05:40 <asonge> the word monotonic means that even if the OS provides the same time, erlang is supposed to increase it by 1.
05:40 <asonge> no matter what.
05:41 <asonge> can you give me the output of :erlang.system_info(:os_monotonic_time_source)?
05:41 <hexkey[m]> I'm gonna see what the other impl w/ :timer gets
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05:42 <asonge> oh wait, that's only for "strictly monotonic"
05:42 <asonge> okay, it *can* return the same value
05:42 <hexkey[m]> (on my linux box this time?)
05:42 <asonge> on windows
05:42 <asonge> i'm just curious as hell now
05:43 <hexkey[m]> > [function: :GetTickCount64, resolution: 100, extended: :no, parallel: :yes,
05:43 <hexkey[m]> time: 24675375104]
05:43 <asonge> ahhhhhhhhh
05:43 <asonge> you have a very low resolution clock.
05:43 <hexkey[m]> :/
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05:44 <hexkey[m]> ...and my VM has a high enough one. Neat.
05:45 <hexkey[m]> I had suspected a hardware thing, really
05:45 <asonge> obviously your vm is faking it.
05:45 <asonge> (time is always fake though)
05:46 <asonge> yeah, i'm reading this right. the resolution on this clock source is 10ms. there is probably a higher resolution clock source for windows, but erlang's using this one.
05:46 <hexkey[m]> hm.
05:46 <hexkey[m]> trying it in the VM just cuz...
05:46 <asonge> erlang only guarantees timer accuracy to like, a few milliseconds, so if this function is cheapest, that might be best.
05:46 <hexkey[m]> ...aaaand...
05:47 <hexkey[m]> ...damn son.
05:47 <hexkey[m]> > [function: :clock_gettime, clock_id: :CLOCK_MONOTONIC, resolution: 1000000000,
05:47 <hexkey[m]> extended: :no, parallel: :yes, time: 6444348116872]
05:47 <asonge> yeah, os x has an extra 0.
05:48 <asonge> ew, high resolution timers on windows are CPU-dependent. "it could be the number of clock cycles" ooph.
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05:48 <asonge> yeah, i wouldn't want to figure out how to code a high resolution timer on windows.
05:49 <asonge> on linux, it'd just be a system call.
05:49 <hexkey[m]> also: any reason the result list has more items on the VM?
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05:49 <asonge> slight difference in erlang version?
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05:51 <asonge> hexkey[m]: ah, from the manual: "{clock_id, ClockId} This tuple only exists if Function can be used with different clocks. ClockId corresponds to the clock identifier used when calling Function."
05:51 <hexkey[m]> windows isn't telling me the clock id
05:51 <hexkey[m]> which I kind of would like to know
05:51 <hexkey[m]> This is both of them side by side:
05:51 <hexkey[m]> [function: :clock_gettime, clock_id: :CLOCK_MONOTONIC, resolution: 1000000000, extended: :no, parallel: :yes, time: 6444348116872]
05:51 <hexkey[m]> [function: :GetTickCount64, resolution: 100, extended: :no, parallel: :yes, time: 24675375104]
05:51 <hexkey[m]> one sec
05:51 <asonge> so, there's nothing else to "choose" as the clock for the clock function
05:52 <hexkey[m]> spose I'm stuck with it on Windows then?
05:53 <asonge> contribute a patch that uses a high resolution timer?
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05:53 <hexkey[m]> If I can figure out how to, sure
05:54 <hexkey[m]> also I'm just now discovering that erl -v doesnt seem to work on windows
05:54 <hexkey[m]> it brings up eshell right away
05:55 <asonge> windows stuff isn't a high priority for most of the core erlang contributors, but beam development is increasing. erlang's getting more popular, along with elixir growing beam usage by others. many patches have come from the elixir community now
05:55 <hexkey[m]> wait
05:55 <hexkey[m]> elixir -v does work
05:55 <asonge> the erl command on windows is kinda...weird. elixir stuff mostly works the same, but the elixir/iex/etc commands are all wrapper shell scripts, and so is the erl command
05:56 <hexkey[m]> Found a difference between the installs.
05:56 <hexkey[m]> xubuntu:
05:56 <hexkey[m]> > Erlang/OTP 19 [erts-8.3] [source-d5c06c6] [64-bit] [async-threads:10] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]
05:56 <asonge> it's not the installs, though. i found it in the manual. that tuple only appears if you can select another clock for that function on that OS.
05:57 <hexkey[m]> Right. but I found one interesting other difference.
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05:58 <hexkey[m]> (and here's the windows one):
05:58 <hexkey[m]> > Erlang/OTP 19 [erts-8.2] [64-bit] [smp:8:8] [async-threads:10]
05:59 <hexkey[m]> Windows is under-hipeing itself!
05:59 <asonge> lol
05:59 <hexkey[m]> (there's a correct version of that joke in there somewhere)
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06:00 <hexkey[m]> I'd enable it on windows (I think I've done it before), but w/o the extra time percision, It's not going to help me rn
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06:02 <hexkey[m]> Would you suspect that a baremetal linux install would have any different resolution?
06:03 <hexkey[m]> (In my case it's be Xubuntu for both, if that matters)
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06:10 <hexkey[m]> I'd assume not if it's hardware only, but still..
06:10 <asonge> hexkey[m]: it's entirely possible that the vm uses a high resolution timer in order to emulate the hardware that linux needs to talk to
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06:11 <asonge> it's just a lot more bookkeeping to do.
06:12 <hexkey[m]> I just tried the same thing with Process.sleep(333) and got 334263952.
06:13 <hexkey[m]> and on windows: 351232
06:14 <asonge> msdn said that accuracy of the getticks function is 10-16ms.
06:16 <hexkey[m]> any way I can specify the unit? (:msec) aint it
06:16 <hexkey[m]> think i got it
06:17 <hexkey[m]> (:millisecond)
06:17 <hexkey[m]> much better
06:17 <hexkey[m]> now I can be platform-agnostic!
06:18 <hexkey[m]> It'll still be fundementally broken on Windows, but hey, Interoperabillity! :DDDD
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06:22 <asonge> hexkey[m]: you know how to read erlang docs?
06:23 <asonge> http://erlang.org/doc/apps/erts/time_correction.html is the time stuff, and the erlang module itself has most of the raw functions
06:24 <hexkey[m]> I remember some things about Time Warp from Learn You Some Erlang
06:25 <asonge> ah, well, there you go.
06:26 <hexkey[m]> It's a good thing I don't have to write this on windows.
06:26 <hexkey[m]> Also did you say earlier that you thought the VM was faking the accuracy?
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06:32 <asonge> it isn't faking the accuracy
06:33 <asonge> it's keeping track in a giant number, but that number is getting recalculated with very little accuracy
06:33 <hexkey[m]> Good.
06:33 <asonge> precision and accuracy being different and all
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06:34 <hexkey[m]> that'd be the diff in resolution?
06:35 <hexkey[m]> and one billion being different from ten.
06:35 <asonge> pretty much
06:35 <asonge> it was 100, iirc
06:35 <asonge> .1 is tenths, .01 is hundredths, .001 is thousandths (milliseconds)
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06:38 <hexkey[m]> Just tried checking, and:
06:38 <hexkey[m]> > iex(16)> :erlang.monotonic_time(:microsecond)
06:38 <hexkey[m]> -576460670582752
06:39 <hexkey[m]> that's a new one
06:39 <hexkey[m]> (on the linux vm)
06:40 <hexkey[m]> huh. :os.system_time counts up
06:40 <hexkey[m]> > iex(25)> :os.system_time
06:40 <hexkey[m]> 1494139184350159376
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06:40 <hexkey[m]> something to sort out later.
06:41 <hexkey[m]> for now I need to either sleep or faint, whichever comes first.
06:41 <asonge> it's kinda described in the docs. but basically, the value of monotonic time is just an internal detail, all you know is that you get an integer.
06:42 <hexkey[m]> Choosing an negative one is still a weird decision
06:44 <hexkey[m]> I probably gotta sleep for now. Thanks for your help!
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08:49 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14426 (master - 5ab8c6e : José Valim): The build was broken.
08:49 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/f6f4bad18ae4...5ab8c6e93ad6
08:49 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/229622600
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09:25 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/14e69109696b...ed58508dfef5
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13:00 <dimitarvp> hexkey[m]: did you manage to fix your problem with timing a function?
13:00 <dimitarvp> if not, could you provide a gist?
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13:30 <Ankhers> Does anyone know how to guarantee a port is closed after your program finishes running? https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Port.html#module-zombie-processes doesn't seem to work for me.
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14:29 <benwilson512> @Ankhers it's up to the other program to terminate itself
14:29 <benwilson512> there's nothing the BEAM can do to force that
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14:35 <Ankhers> That's fair. Would you by chance know of any reasons why the zombie processes part didn't help?
14:35 <Ankhers> benwilson512: ^^
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14:41 <benwilson512> Ankhers: well, what exactly are you doing from that section?
14:41 <benwilson512> you've got a wrapper script?
14:42 <Ankhers> Yes. I'm calling the wrapper script, I can see that it is called using ps. When my tests finish though, the wrapper and my program are still running.
14:43 <benwilson512> how are you spawning it? same as is written?
14:43 <Ankhers> Let me quickly gist what I have. But yes.
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14:44 <Ankhers> https://gist.github.com/ankhers/3717943dcb439cdea597d87c44b13ad5 -- I tried with and without the spawn_link/1. I was told to look at https://github.com/hexpm/hex/blob/master/test/support/hexpm.ex#L56-L99 for how to do something like this.
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14:46 <benwilson512> hm so
14:46 <benwilson512> the first thing I would do
14:46 <benwilson512> is in your wrapper script add something after the `while` loop that indicates that it knows the stdin / stdout is closed
14:46 <benwilson512> so for example
14:48 <benwilson512> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/j3K7zeZO/
14:48 <benwilson512> note there on line 7
14:48 <benwilson512> so after you run your elixir stuff
14:48 <benwilson512> see if you have a ~/foo file
14:48 <benwilson512> if you don't, for some reason the script thinks that stdin / stdout is still alive
14:49 <benwilson512> from there
14:49 <benwilson512> I'd do a similar echo after line 2
14:49 <benwilson512> to make sure you actually START the while loop, maybe something about how the other executable is started is actually blocking
14:49 <benwilson512> I'm not really an sh expert
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14:53 <Ankhers> benwilson512: Thanks. I'll do that.
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15:52 <patientplatypus> hi
15:53 <markw_> Hi patientplatypus
15:53 <patientplatypus> so....
15:53 <patientplatypus> im getting an error -
15:54 <patientplatypus> in a phoenix tutorial im working on
15:54 <patientplatypus> ERROR 42703 (undefined_column): column v0.url does not exist
15:54 <patientplatypus> in this def
15:54 <patientplatypus> def index(conn, _params) do
15:54 <patientplatypus> 7 videos = Repo.all(Video)
15:54 <patientplatypus> 8 render(conn, "index.html", videos: videos)
15:54 <patientplatypus> 9 end
15:55 <patientplatypus> it highlights line 7
15:55 <Nicd-> have you run all migrations?
15:55 <patientplatypus> (this lives in controllers/video_controller.ex)
15:55 <Nicd-> it seems the column url was not created into the database
15:55 <patientplatypus> whats the command for outputting whats currently living in the psql database?
15:56 <patientplatypus> also, i am not sure why it would not be getting created, so that's annoyinng
15:56 <Nicd-> you can check with psql if you are familiar with it
15:57 <Nicd-> \d tablename
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15:57 <Nicd-> or use something like pgadmin
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15:58 <patientplatypus> whats the terminal command? psql \d videos?
15:58 <patientplatypus> *'psql \d videos'?
15:58 <Nicd-> no
15:59 <Nicd-> psql -W dbname username
15:59 <Nicd-> then inside psql \d tablename
16:04 <patientplatypus> would someone be willing to look at a repo?
16:05 <patientplatypus> im still getting a broken psql and i just cant figure it out
16:05 <patientplatypus> https://github.com/patientplatypus/tableissuephoenix
16:06 <Nicd-> did you check that the column exists?
16:06 <patientplatypus> it doesnt but it should
16:07 <patientplatypus> im running this mix phoenix.gen.html Video videos user_id:references:users \
16:07 <patientplatypus> url:string title:string description:text
16:07 <patientplatypus> and it says that url doesnt exist
16:07 <patientplatypus> straight copy/paste from the programming phoenix book
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16:07 <patientplatypus> so....confused
16:07 <patientplatypus> also after i did ecto.migrate
16:07 <Nicd-> and you ran that migration and not a previous version of the same migration?
16:08 <patientplatypus> ive been trying to make it work again, so ive been running it over again after minor changes, HOWEVER, I do delete the migration file and repopulate when i run
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16:09 <Nicd-> you clear the whole db?
16:10 <patientplatypus> i just delete the migrations file in my file tree - how do i clear the whole db? im unfamiliar with that command
16:10 <patientplatypus> i would think it would just overwrite it anyway
16:10 <Nicd-> it works for me
16:10 <Nicd-> it won't overwrite the b
16:10 <Nicd-> db*
16:11 <patientplatypus> how do i clear the db then?
16:11 <Nicd-> the db will contain a migrations table and will contain info that it has already run the migrations
16:11 <patientplatypus> like whats the psql command for that
16:12 <Nicd-> it's easier to drop the whole database
16:12 <patientplatypus> ok so mix ecto.drop
16:12 <patientplatypus> one sec
16:12 <Nicd-> but you can do this also in psql: `drop schema public cascade; create schema public;`
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16:16 <bitmod> Anyone here deployed an elixir/phoenix app to digital ocean (using docker)?
16:23 <patientplatypus> thanks for the help Nicd I got it up again
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17:34 <Nicd-> hey Uniaika, did you watch hockey tonight? :D
17:35 <Uniaika> Nicd-: check your queries
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17:58 <bitmod> Nicd-, does this docker image work? https://hub.docker.com/r/marcelocg/phoenix/
17:59 <Nicd-> I don't know, I don't use docker
17:59 <bitmod> ok
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18:23 <asonge> bitmod: define "work"
18:23 <asonge> bitmod: bitwalker's docker images are pretty solid in general, just btw.
18:24 <asonge> that docker file looks like a dev-focused docker file. a production one wouldn't have the phoenix mix archive in it or anything like that
18:28 <bitmod> asonge: this is what i get: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24532115/
18:28 <bitmod> asonge: ah so does that command create a working application?
18:30 <asonge> bitmod: are you trying to have a docker-based dev environment or a docker-based deploy? because those are 2 entirely different kinds of things, and what you're running there is creating a new app.
18:31 <bitmod> asonge: basically i want to start a phoenix app (new) on my DO droplet
18:32 <asonge> bitmod: so, usually, you take an existing app that's outside of docker and you run it in a docker container to dev on *or* make an erlang release (via distillery) and put it in a docker container to deploy it to production
18:33 <asonge> you can make the release itself inside of a docker container you make for that task, but like...your use case is just weird.
18:33 <asonge> particularly since your command auto-deletes the phoenix app when the application ends, and it's also not running in the background.
18:33 <bitmod> asonge: is there a post that goes over deploying a phoenix app to production?
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18:34 <asonge> bitmod: a few, and i've used docker to push to production as well as other things
18:35 <bitmod> asonge: also as an aside, what do you think of https://nanobox.io/? Do you think its benefits outway the costs?
18:37 <asonge> dunno, some of that "depends". deploying to production is kinda in a weird space where it's so trivially easy to just shell script it in most cases, that no one's made a strategy that works for a super-wide range of use-cases (if that makes sense)
18:38 <asonge> the reason i like to use docker is that docker is probably the best way to have deployable artifacts that can run on any provider.
18:39 <asonge> bitmod: i will say that erlang/elixir deal a lot better with load and are a lot more efficient, and so auto-scaling is not quite as common as just getting a bigger server.
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18:43 <bitmod> asonge: maybe i'll stick with docker then
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18:44 <bitmod> asonge: also would you suggest this (http://www.phoenixframework.org/v0.6.2/docs/deployment) as a starting point for deploying a new phoenix app to DO?
18:44 <bitmod> i just want to get used to the process
18:44 <bitmod> right now it's all very abstract and nebulous, not really sure where i stand
18:45 <asonge> bitmod: i'd use the newest version of those docs if anything.
18:45 <bitmod> asonge: also do you have the url for a post on using phoenix with docker?
18:45 <asonge> bitmod: http://www.phoenixframework.org/v1.2.0/docs/deployment
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18:45 <bitmod> asonge: ah thanks, didn't realize that was an old version
18:46 <asonge> bitmod: no url/post, but the hardest part is actually getting a release running. if you can run a release locally using distillery (which has instructions for setting up everything you need), the "docker" bits are very thin.
18:46 <asonge> does that make sense?
18:46 <asonge> and the author of distllery does maintain some docker images
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18:47 <asonge> bitmod: here's one, https://hub.docker.com/r/bitwalker/alpine-elixir-phoenix/
18:48 <asonge> bitmod: see readme here: https://github.com/bitwalker/alpine-elixir
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18:48 <patientplatypus> hi
18:48 <bitmod> asonge: could you briefly described how docker comes into using distillary, just so i know im on the right path?
18:49 <patientplatypus> is there a good resource/tutorial out there on building an ember front end and a phoenix backend? ive looked around and most of the tutorials are out of date.
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18:50 <bitmod> asonge: oh yeah, i saw that image before. Is that a production or dev image?
18:50 <tristan__> if you build a target system from the release with erts included you just need a base docker image that can run that erts
18:50 <asonge> bitmod: basically, the path is that you mount some dir on your local filesystem to a docker container that you run to build the release. then you build a new docker image that copies that release file (docker actually auto-extracts tar.gz files with the copy and add commands)
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18:51 <asonge> and yes, you should make sure that the erlang runtime system (the OTP versions) match really exactly if you don't build an "embedded" release (saves space not to)
18:51 <tristan__> meaning nothing special installed (except maybe openssl), just compatible libc. so if you want to run on alpine you have to build with muscl
18:52 <patientplatypus> bueller
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18:52 <bitmod> tristan__: sorry what is muscl?
18:53 <bitmod> also is there a post on running phoenix on alpine?
18:54 <tristan__> sorry, musl. the C lib used by alpine
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18:55 <asonge> bitmod: there's nothing special about phoenix, btw. you can just use the word "elixir" only about 80% of the time, unless it's in the phoenix API
18:55 <asonge> bitmod: but don't worry about running a release on alpine if you build it on another alpine image (if that makes sense)
18:57 <bitmod> asonge: er not exactly...
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18:58 <asonge> bitmod: so, you have a docker image that you have around, that its only job is (when you run it) to mount a directory, build your application and then store the release .tar.gz file in the mounted directory.
18:59 <asonge> when that happens, you have a .tar.gz file that is on your host system that can run in alpine
18:59 <asonge> then you run another docker command to copy the release and make an image with your app ready to go with 1 command
19:00 <asonge> that's what's in bitwalker's readme on bitwalker/alpine-elixir. the tar extraction part.
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19:02 <asonge> in a few months, there's going to be a new kind of dockerfile directive for multi-stage images that allows you to separate build and production steps, and it drops the build artifacts from the image (leaving just production stuff)
19:02 <asonge> but right now, you have to do this 2-step
19:03 <bitmod> asonge: ah ok, i think i've got it: 1) use distillery to compile(?) your elixir app to binaries (or .tar.gz), 2) unpack the application and run it
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19:12 <patientplatypus> hi
19:12 <patientplatypus> is there any particular reason someone would use ember in the front end and phoenix in the back as opposed to just doing the whole thing in phoenix?
19:13 <patientplatypus> and also are there any decent tutorials on ember/phoenix that are recent enough not to have errors on deprecated packages
19:13 <Nicd-> if they wanted to make an SPA?
19:13 <patientplatypus> phoenix doesnt do spa?
19:13 <Nicd-> Phoenix runs on the backend
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19:13 <Nicd-> you need a frontend to do SPA
19:14 <patientplatypus> do you really?
19:14 <patientplatypus> like as a necessity?
19:14 <Nicd-> err
19:14 <Nicd-> you need JavaScript to run in the browser
19:15 <Nicd-> to do a single-page app
19:15 <Nicd-> you can render HTML in Phoenix and send it to the browser. that's just a normal website then
19:16 <patientplatypus> so i can have a subpart of the webpage that gets routed new information but its main layout doesnt change, so the whole page wouldnt reload right? or am i not thinking this through correctly
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19:16 <patientplatypus> so if i have a page that contains a messaging app and a weather app, and when new information comes in the router sends it to the messaging component the whole page wouldnt refresh no?
19:17 <patientplatypus> anyway
19:17 <patientplatypus> do you have a good resource for learning a stack of ember and phoenix together?
19:17 <patientplatypus> front/back
19:19 <Nicd-> yes that is the main advantage of single-page apps
19:19 <Nicd-> I don't know any. I would read how to write an Ember application that connects to a hypothetical backend. then connect it to Phoenix
19:19 <tristan__> and yes you need frontend logic for that
19:19 <Nicd-> the methods for connecting (AJAX and JSON) are the same anyway
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19:37 <Lokathor> guys
19:37 <Lokathor> i just started reading about Elixir this week
19:38 <Lokathor> and I'm pretty impressed
19:38 <Uniaika> Lokathor: welcome aboard
19:38 <Lokathor> I used Erlang a while back, just enough to write a mini-IRC bot, but it had a supervisor and stuff
19:39 <Uniaika> :)
19:39 <Lokathor> Elixir feels like a fresh coat of paint on an industrial grade fridge that was just chipping on the outside
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19:49 <ivan> I would really like to be able to put a @doc on a defp to avoid having to convert things from comments to @doc or the reverse
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19:49 <ivan> especially given that defp in Elixir doesn't mean private so much as "not called from any other module or test"
19:49 <Uniaika> ivan: so… public documentation on a function that's not going to appear in the documentation?
19:49 <ivan> sure
19:50 <Uniaika> ex_doc is going to have a hard time understanding to which function it belongs if it's a private one
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20:20 <Lokathor> the IDE might still be able to just parse the file itself and show the doc in a tooltip, even if it's private, I guess
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20:58 <OliverMT> is there a syntax to bind a match in the middle of a map?
20:58 <OliverMT> %{data = data: %{"url" => url}} this doesnt work
20:59 <asonge> OliverMT: %{data: data=%{"url"=>url}}
20:59 <asonge> OliverMT: that syntax would try to match data to the "pair", which is weird.
20:59 <OliverMT> ah ofc :D
20:59 <OliverMT> thanks asonge
20:59 <OliverMT> do you code in vscode these days asonge ?
20:59 <OliverMT> its become pretty good
20:59 <asonge> yeah
21:00 <OliverMT> orders of magnitude faster than atom at least
21:00 <asonge> you had me switch for a day and i never looked back
21:00 <OliverMT> do you also have this annoying thing where the do-end filler gives you defoverride instead?
21:00 <OliverMT> it came in last update to vscode-elixir
21:00 <asonge> i actually patched the plugin so that if you use vscode to run mix build, the "problems" will actually link you off to the right line of code
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21:00 <asonge> oh yeah, the selection on that is bad.
21:00 <asonge> that needs to be fixed somehow
21:00 <OliverMT> it had the same thing in atom
21:01 <OliverMT> then got fixed, but I dont think intellisense orders stuff the same way
21:01 <OliverMT> or even expose it in the api
21:01 <OliverMT> I use mix build in a terminal at the bottom
21:01 <asonge> you still have to map cmd+b in the task runners, but you can now reference the task filters that i registered
21:01 <hexkey[m]> does vscode have a handy keyboard shortcut for pulling up docs?
21:02 <ciawal> vscode has elixir support?
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21:03 <Uniaika> ciawal: not built-in but there's at least 1 plugin
21:04 <OliverMT> ciawal: vscode-elixir
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21:04 <OliverMT> alchemist backed thing almost identical to atom
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21:05 <asonge> hexkey[m]: here's the features, it kinda comes up the intellisense, but i don't know how to make it show up large or anything: https://github.com/fr1zle/vscode-elixir
21:06 <asonge> OliverMT: look at the new .vscode/tasks.json in the readme for the plugin, with that, you can just hit cmd+B
21:06 <asonge> to run the build
21:07 <ciawal> might try it out
21:10 <OliverMT> I am sorting a list of tuples {action, l} by doing
21:10 <OliverMT> |> Enum.sort(fn {_action, %{organization: %{id: oid1}, inserted_at: i1}}, {_action, %{organization: %{id: oid2}, inserted_at: i2}} -> {oid1, i1} < {oid2, i2} end)
21:10 <OliverMT> is there something inherently wrong there?
21:11 <OliverMT> i am getting a match error where it shows me two items that should clearly match that
21:11 <OliverMT> both are 2tuples, both have organization.id and inserted_at keys in the 2nd item
21:11 <asonge> and the second item is a map?
21:11 <asonge> oh, _action
21:11 <ciawal> wouldn't Enun.sort_by read nicer
21:11 <asonge> needs to be _action1, _action2
21:12 <OliverMT> ah, ofc it re-matches even if the variable is unbound
21:12 <asonge> yeah, it's not quite "unbound", it just silences warnings
21:12 <asonge> you can actually still use it >_>
21:12 <asonge> _ is truly unbound though
21:12 <asonge> you can reuse _
21:12 <OliverMT> ah ok
21:12 <OliverMT> I almost have a style guide disallowing _
21:13 <OliverMT> unless its incredibly trivial
21:13 <OliverMT> it costs so little to say what you're ignoring
21:13 <asonge> yeah, it doesn't cost anything, really
21:13 <OliverMT> I meant effort wise
21:13 <OliverMT> code wise I am expecting 100% elimination :p
21:13 <asonge> i meant vm-wise
21:14 <asonge> i think it might get cleaned up later in the compiler
21:14 <asonge> like, if you didn't use a variable, it'll emit a warning, and then clean up unused variables in a later stage of compilation
21:15 <asonge> but if you reuse _foo, it won't clean up _foo in that later stage
21:15 <asonge> this is nice if you're keeping a variable around for debugging reasons, but have some kind of macro that compiles out a debug statement
21:16 <asonge> if you built with "prod" on, you'd get the warning during a production build that it was unused, so you prefix the variable with _ anyway
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21:20 <asonge> hexkey[m]: if you hit ctrl+space multiple times in vscode intellisense, you toggle between docs and autocomplete menu
21:20 <* asonge> just figured that out
21:20 <hexkey[m]> nice. I'll give it a look sometime.
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21:24 <patientplatypus> i have an ember.js question
21:25 <patientplatypus> in ember it appears that {{outlet}}, if it is at the end of the page does not render anything, but if it is at the top of the page it renders any js file that has an {{outlet}} call above it. Is this the case?
21:26 <Ankhers> patientplatypus: That may be better suited to a different channel.
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21:26 <patientplatypus> ah?
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21:26 <ciawal> a channel about ember.js, for example
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21:27 <patientplatypus> currently that channel has one person in it and that is me
21:27 <Ankhers> This channel is specific to Elixir. While people here may know ember.js, you may get a better / faster response from a ember.js channel, or at the very least, a javascript one.
21:27 <patientplatypus> ah
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21:27 <Ankhers> Did you go to @emberjs?
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21:27 <Ankhers> That is what their website suggests for IRC.
21:27 <Uniaika> more like #EmberJS, no?
21:27 <Ankhers> Doesn't matter.
21:28 <Ankhers> channel names are case insensitive I believe.
21:28 <patientplatypus> sorry thanks
21:28 <Uniaika> 23:28:05 [Users #@emberjs]
21:28 <Uniaika> 23:28:05 [@patientplatypus] [ Uniaika]
21:28 <Uniaika> Ankhers: sorry, I wasn't pointing out the case (^_^)
21:28 <Ankhers> Oh. Yes. I did mean #emberjs... Sorry for the stupidity :P
21:29 <Uniaika> no, it's not stupidity
21:29 <Uniaika> don't be sorry
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22:08 <patientplatypus> hi
22:09 <patientplatypus> im interested if anyone has a good resource on how to do a simple call to a third party api (get request ie ajax) in phoenix
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22:12 <patientplatypus> anyone here?
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22:12 <bambanx> i am me
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22:13 <hexkey[m]> I am, but I'm busy trying to get something to work atm
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22:17 <asonge> patientplatypus: check hex.pm for an existing library for what you want to do, if not, there are libraries for doing http requests like httpoison or httpotion
22:18 <asonge> hackney is good, but is straight erlang and some elixir folks struggle with using erlang libs early on.
22:18 <OliverMT> HTTPoison is simple and easy
22:19 <OliverMT> its a thin thin wrapper around hackney
22:19 <OliverMT> with saner (easier at least) syntax
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22:21 <patientplatypus> thanks --- do you guys have any phoenix examples for the slow kids in the class?
22:22 <patientplatypus> just looking for a get request, console response pattern to get me started
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22:35 <Radar> patientplatypus: I would suggest checking out httpotion or httpoison for doing that sort of thing
22:35 <Radar> I don't understand what you mean by "console response pattern"
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22:48 <zealsham_> is jose valim the same guy from ruby community?
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22:49 <Radar> yes
22:50 <zealsham_> the f, how did he create such an elegant knowledge without former c.s background
22:50 <zealsham_> elegant language i meant
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23:23 <bitmod> anyone here?
23:24 <PeregrinePDX> There are people around.
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23:27 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: ah great, just wondering why i might be getting this error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24533573/
23:28 <bitmod> i'm trying to run a container on a DO droplet, but can't connect to postgres for some reason (it is installed)
23:29 <PeregrinePDX> Well, I don't know much elixir but I suspect it's one of 1) Your postgres isn't set to listen on port 5432 on localhost. 2) Your pg_hba.conf isn't set to allow whatever user you're trying to connect as to use a password to connect. Or 3) you didn't specify a user or password
23:31 <patientplatypus> hi
23:31 <patientplatypus> are there any good tutorials on how to get audio streaming working on phoenix?
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23:42 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: i don't think it's 1) because the default port is 5432, 2) i haven't altered, that should work too, could be 3), but my config/prod.secret.exs matches my postgres instance
23:45 <PeregrinePDX> can you connect to postgres using psql with the same user, password, host and port?
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23:47 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: i can connect with "sudo -i -u postgres"
23:48 <PeregrinePDX> Well that's the postgres user. Is that the user you're trying to use in your elixir app?
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23:48 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: what's strange is that there's no password prompt, which i assume means there is no password, and in my config/prod.exs the password should be "postgres", so i tried changing the password for "postgres" user on postgresql to "postgres", but it made no difference
23:48 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: yeah, except with the password "postgres"
23:49 <PeregrinePDX> Ok so you do sudo -i -u postgres.
23:49 <bitmod> tried changing it with \password and ALTER USER ..., not sure if either worked
23:49 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: that gets me into postgres@machine
23:49 <PeregrinePDX> what is the command line you use to connect to postgres? psql ....
23:49 <bitmod> then i run psql and i get access to postgres shell
23:50 <bitmod> so i can run \d, create databases, etc
23:50 <bitmod> does this mean the password wasn't changed?
23:50 <PeregrinePDX> That connects using a unix domain socket. Not via tcp.
23:50 <PeregrinePDX> try psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -W
23:51 <PeregrinePDX> that says to connect using a hostname of localhost port 5432 with USer postgres and to prompt for a password
23:51 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: ok that gives me a password prompt, "postgres" works and i can log in
23:52 <bitmod> so it's not 3) i guess?
23:52 <PeregrinePDX> Ok so that says it's not 1 or 2.
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23:52 <PeregrinePDX> Is this a phoenix app or is it just using postgrex directly?
23:53 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: a phoenix app
23:53 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: following this guide: http://teamon.eu/2017/deploying-phoenix-to-production-using-docker/
23:54 <bitmod> also i created a "test_prod" database manually, not sure if that's significant or not
23:55 <patientplatypus> hi
23:55 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: and this is my config/prod.exs file: http://sprunge.us/bPYb
23:56 <patientplatypus> is there a good way to connect phoenix and ember that doesnt use the ja-serializer package? im looking for a good way to take advantage of phoenix's stateful streaming/socketing
23:56 <PeregrinePDX> What's in prod.secret.exs minus the password of course.
23:56 <patientplatypus> but pipe that to ember.js
23:56 <patientplatypus> and im having a fair amount of trouble finding resources
23:58 <patientplatypus> bueller
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23:58 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: config/prod.secret.exs -> http://sprunge.us/OiKg
23:59 <PeregrinePDX> I'm not positive about this but it looks like you're configuring for test in your production files and I think that might be the problem.