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00:01 <PeregrinePDX> Hmm no nevermind your app is named Test it looks like.
00:01 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: test is the name of my application
00:01 <bitmod> yeah sorry it's a little confusing
00:01 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: could it be a docker issue?
00:01 <bitmod> i.e. accessing postgres from inside docker is having issues?
00:01 <PeregrinePDX> Yeah, sorry you're beyond my phoenix, elixir knowledge and I don't use docker so I have no clue on the docker side of things.
00:02 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: ok no worries man, appreciate the help regardless
00:02 <PeregrinePDX> So your postgres server is not inside docker container?
00:02 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: no postgres is outside of docker (won't it lose its data if its in a container?)
00:03 <* PeregrinePDX> shrugs.
00:03 <PeregrinePDX> I don't know docker.
00:03 <PeregrinePDX> I found this maybe it helps. https://gist.github.com/averagehuman/fcabcd0847a36ced38a9
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00:09 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: didn't work unfortunately, but thanks ;)
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00:09 <bitmod> ill check in #docker
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04:42 <dysfigured> fiddling around with elixir a bit, any good vim plugins i should check out?
04:52 <NightMonkey> dysfigured: syntastic has definitions for elixir, and there is vim-elixir, but I've not playwed with that too much yet.
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04:54 <dysfigured> ah i've ditched syntastic for https://github.com/w0rp/ale it's async, so i can lint errors and such as i create them
04:54 <dysfigured> https://github.com/slashmili/alchemist.vim looks pretty sweet
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05:25 <NightMonkey> dysfigured: Hey, Ale looks neat, thanks.
05:26 <dysfigured> it's super neat, i think having a tight feedback loop with your linter helps you write better [styled] code as a habit, rather than just because your linter made you clean it up later
05:26 <dysfigured> if it yells at you that xyz is bad as soon as you do it, you learn quicker that xyz is bad
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05:28 <NightMonkey> dysfigured: Yes, I could see how that could be helpful to have such a tight feedback loop. Plus, it is the first Vim plugin I've seen that has a section on reducing laptop power usage! ;)
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08:15 <Douman> Hello, started diving into elixir and im curious where to start with HTTP servering in Elixir?
08:16 <gazler> Douman: phoenix is the most popular framework.
08:16 <gazler> http://www.phoenixframework.org/
08:18 <Douman> hm... seems very high level, but thanks i'll take a look
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08:19 <PaReeOhNos> Douman: If you want lower level then you could look at plug https://github.com/elixir-lang/plug That's what Phoenix uses internally
08:19 <gazler> Douman: If you just want a webserver then you have a few options in Erlang. Cowboy and Elli off the top of my head. There are others.
08:21 <Douman> aha thanks. I'm thinking to just play a bit with Elixir for now. It is a bit difficult to get used to used concepts
08:22 <Douman> something high level might hide lots of stuff i guess
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08:45 <Douman> can i specify cache location for Hex?
08:48 <gazler> Douman: I think you can use HEX_HOME to change from ~/.hex
08:48 <Douman> cool thanks
08:49 <gazler> It's not documented though, so not sure if it is officially supported.
08:49 <Douman> i'm surprised as usually such tools have something like that
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08:52 <gazler> Douman: https://github.com/hexpm/hex is the repo. The docs from the site (https://hex.pm/docs/tasks) are at https://github.com/hexpm/hexpm/blob/master/lib/hexpm/web/templates/docs/tasks.html.eex if you want to PR it in.
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08:57 <Douman> gazler: The problem is that i'm not sure it is suitable here as it is just mix interface to hex. Hex just doesn't have something like configuration docs
09:01 <Douman> what is strange i cannot find occurances of `HEX_HOME` in hexpm code
09:01 <gazler> Douman: check in hexpm/hex
09:02 <Douman> ah... tools is separated
09:02 <gazler> hex is the client, hexpm is the web application.
09:04 <Douman> found yeah... Well, i'm not sure where to put HEX_HOME when they got no docs for hex itself :D
09:04 <gazler> Douman: Right, so the docs for hex are on this page I think. https://hex.pm/docs/tasks
09:05 <gazler> HEX_API_URL is documented.
09:05 <Douman> yeah but it is for mix. The same need to be dobule-documented for rebar3
09:05 <gazler> I'd guess HEX_HOME would be documented in https://hex.pm/docs/tasks#hex_config if you were supposed to use it. I'd check with one of the maintainers.
09:06 <ericmj> Looks like the docs for HEX_HOME was lost when some docs were moved
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09:06 <Douman> I'd think it would be better to have just list of environment variables that can affect hex tool
09:07 <Douman> since it is common for both mix and rebar3
09:07 <gazler> I don't think it applies for rebar.
09:07 <Douman> but rebar3 uses hex right?
09:07 <ericmj> yes, but they are different tools
09:08 <ericmj> so they might have different configs
09:08 <gazler> rebar3 uses hex.pm, but not the hex client.
09:08 <Douman> ah... rebar3 access hex.pm directly
09:08 <Douman> while mix uses hex cli
09:08 <Douman> rebar3 even have separate docs
09:10 <Douman> Why not to add mention of where hex stores its configuration here?
09:10 <Douman> https://hex.pm/docs/usage
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09:20 <cmk_zzz> What is elixir's equivalent of a proplists? You still use proplists for erlang proplists?
09:21 <cmk_zzz> I tried Keyword but it doens't recognise single atom entities in the proplists
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09:27 <josevalim> cmk_zzz: we don't have an equivalent per se. if you literally have proplists, then i would recomend using the proplists module
09:29 <gazler> cmk_zzz: You can still do things like [:foo, bar: :baz] though, as long as the keyword list is last.
09:31 <cmk_zzz> josevalim: ok, thanks. I have some code in erlang library I want to use which uses proplists so perhaps I'll change that instead to return {:key, :true} values instead
09:31 <Douman> it seems dialyzer gets wrong deps path when you set MIX_HOME
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09:32 <Douman> HEX_HOME*
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09:33 <cmk_zzz> gazler: yes, but if I do things like Keywork.keys it crashes on those lists
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09:37 <gazler> cmk_zzz: The downside of the proplist api is that it takes the list as the 2nd argument, so it doesn't pipe well.
09:38 <cmk_zzz> gazler: yes, that is one of its downsides:) that's why I was hoping for an elixir compatible improvement
09:39 <gazler> https://github.com/knrz/proplist "Is it any good? Yes."
09:40 <cmk_zzz> actually I can do proplists:unfold before returning to elixir and I have a Keyword compatible list
09:41 <cmk_zzz> gazler: except it doesn't actually support single atom values :)
09:42 <gazler> Heh, I didn't actually look at the code.
09:43 <cmk_zzz> yes, with a name like that you would think it would work
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10:44 <Douman> is there any tips on how to creates applications? i mostly seeing people using Supervisor.start_link
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11:03 <nyaray> Douman: what do you mean?
11:04 <Douman> Well, i'm unsure how to organize application(not a library) code. All executables run in processes and there are many abstractions for this purpose (Task, GenServer and etc)
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11:05 <Douman> i'm searching examples of applications and most of them uses Supervisor.start_link for Application.start()
11:06 <Douman> In some cases these applications do not even have child processes to monitor
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11:19 <nyaray> what do you mean by executables?
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11:20 <nyaray> and.. re: the childless applications, could it be that they are just boilerplate from a generator that haven't been removed?
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11:30 <Douman> nyaray: by executables i mean code that is supposed to run on its own
11:30 <Douman> ah... mix new has several flags which includes --sup/--app
11:30 <Douman> maybe it is template
11:32 <nyaray> if there actually aren't children, it sounds like sloppy scaffolding, unless I'm unaware of a convention of spawning supervisors for the lulz :P
11:35 <Douman> yeah i was just surprised by that
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11:48 <nyaray> re: supervision trees... I think a good start is to try to encode your requirements/guarantees as supervisions as it, in part, will drive the design of your processes
11:48 <nyaray> like, if you have database workers, do you want them to always be able to connect on init or just to potentially hold a database connection?
11:49 <nyaray> if they're allowed to crash the whole system it means that you can't start when the database is not reachable
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11:49 <nyaray> which, depending on what guarantees/definition of availability you want to provide, might be good or bad.
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11:52 <Douman> nyaray: well for now i want to make simple static file web server. Which basically is just on worker :)
11:52 <Douman> i'm noob at Elixir/Erlang stuff so anything more complex would be difficult :D
11:52 <Nicd-> you may want to look at how Plug.Static is made
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11:53 <benwilson512> Douman: are you trying to implement this from scratch? or use existing libraries?
11:53 <Douman> i want to use some low level http libraries
11:53 <Douman> e.g. cowboy
11:53 <Douman> though it turns out there is builtin static file serve
11:53 <benwilson512> yeah
11:54 <gazler> https://github.com/IdahoEv/cowboy-elixir-example/blob/master/lib/cowboy_elixir_example.ex uses it from Elixir.
11:54 <nyaray> Nicd-, benwilson512 just swooped in and mentioned what I was going to point at, hah.
11:55 <nyaray> ... and gazler
11:55 <* nyaray> goes away
11:55 <gazler> nyaray: If you didn't take the time to type out that you were beaten by benwilson512 You'd have probably linked it faster. :)
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11:56 <Nicd-> nyaray: please don't go. the drones need you. they look up to you
11:56 <benwilson512> lol
11:59 <nyaray> hahah
11:59 <nyaray> dafuq? :P
11:59 <Nicd-> nyaray: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FZNPxmTB4o
12:00 <nyaray> gonna have to check it later, no headphones on ATM
12:01 <Nicd-> it's just a voice clip from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri saying the same thing
12:02 <Douman> btw erlang VM is usually utilizying all CPU cores?
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12:03 <Nicd-> by default it starts one scheduler for each core
12:03 <Nicd-> for each virtual core that is
12:05 <Douman> umm... by default it can use all cores if it would need?
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12:06 <Douman> it is just not clear when you say it starts one scheduler for each core :)
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12:07 <Nicd-> Erlang processes are distributed to all the schedulers automatically
12:08 <Nicd-> so each scheduler runs a process for a while and then switches to another
12:08 <Nicd-> simplified: processes will be evenly distributed across all cores automatically
12:09 <Nicd-> so your code won't be automatically distributed but if you start several processes they will run in parallel
12:09 <Douman> i see. then it means it will try to utilize all cores
12:09 <Douman> unless i'll use only few processes
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13:20 <Ankhers> Is it currently possible for an ecto adapter to create its own opts for the Ecto.Schema.field/3 macro?
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13:28 <bitmod> has anyone managed to get elixir working in a docker container? i tried for hours yesterday, but every time i tried to run the container i got a "connection refused" Postgrex error, had no idea why
13:29 <Ankhers> bitmod: Can you post your docker file?
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13:29 <bitmod> Ankhers: there's no dockerfile per say, that is to say i'm not sure where it's located, but i followed this guide: http://teamon.eu/2017/deploying-phoenix-to-production-using-docker/
13:31 <benwilson512> bitmod: I'm not sure I would follow that guide
13:31 <benwilson512> I don't see any value in hiding the actual docker file behind a mix command
13:31 <benwilson512> it sounds like a great way to have no idea what's going on
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13:32 <bitmod> benwilson512: could you suggest a guide? i also tried this one (https://shovik.com/blog/8-deploying-phoenix-apps-with-docker) but got the some postgrex connection refused error
13:32 <benwilson512> ah ok i see what it's doing
13:32 <benwilson512> it looks like it handles having separate build and release images
13:32 <benwilson512> which is rather nice
13:33 <benwilson512> bitmod: are you trying to connect to postgres on the hsot machine?
13:33 <benwilson512> you'll need to bind the ports if so
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13:33 <patientplatypus> hi
13:33 <bitmod> benwilson512: yeah so i've got a DO droplet with docker and postgresql installed, and i want to connect my docker container to my postgres instance (which runs outside of dockere)
13:34 <benwilson512> bitmod: then yea your docker run command needs to include the `-p` stuff necessary to bind the external postgres port to the container port
13:34 <bitmod> benwilson512: how can i bind my ports?
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13:34 <benwilson512> check the docker run docs, this is all 100% docker stuff
13:34 <benwilson512> nothing phoenix or elixir specific
13:35 <bitmod> ah ok
13:36 <bitmod> benwilson512: just to be clear, my app is in the container and postgres is running on my host machine
13:36 <benwilson512> yup
13:36 <benwilson512> no docker container has access to stuff on the host machine by default
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13:37 <Ankhers> bitmod: This is going to be a dumb question, but can you connect using that configuration on the command line or running the app on that machine outside of docker?
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13:38 <bitmod> Ankhers: yeah, i can connect to postgres without issue from the host machine, it's only when trying to from within my phoenix container that the problem occurs
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13:40 <Ankhers> bitmod: Is that using the psql command line tool, or by running the app?
13:40 <benwilson512> something as simple as doing -p 5432:5432 may be enough
13:41 <Ankhers> That exposts that port though.
13:41 <Ankhers> s/exposts/exposes/
13:41 <bitmod> benwilson512: that gives "Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use."
13:41 <benwilson512> ah right
13:41 <Ankhers> I
13:42 <benwilson512> that means the container will try to get to 5432
13:42 <benwilson512> bitmod: thanks for pointing out that library, it looks pretty cool actually, having the customize task gives you the actual dockerfiles
13:42 <Ankhers> I'm wondering if it is something with out postgres is setup. Presumably all requests from a docker container on the same host would come from, but I wonder if they don't?
13:42 <Ankhers> s/with out/with how/
13:42 <Ankhers> I am so bad at typing today...
13:43 <bitmod> benwilson512: my pleasure, it certainly makes the process a whole lot easier
13:43 <bitmod> Ankhers: honestly i'm not too sure, haven't used docker a whole lot
13:44 <Ankhers> Might be worth asking in #docker.
13:45 <Ankhers> bitmod: What is your postgres config?
13:45 <Ankhers> From elixir.
13:45 <Ankhers> Are you trying to contact localhost?
13:45 <Ankhers> I feel like you need to use instead.
13:46 <bitmod> Ankhers: is that in config/prod.exs under the url: or http: variables?
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13:46 <Ankhers> Are you using ecto?
13:46 <Ankhers> Or raw postgrex?
13:47 <bitmod> Ankhers: ecto i assume, as i just created a new phoenix project
13:47 <bitmod> but the error is thrown by postgrex
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13:47 <bitmod> "13:40:53.898 [error] Postgrex.Protocol (#PID<0.1207.0>) failed to connect: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp connect (localhost:5432): connection refused - :econnrefused"
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13:48 <PeregrinePDX> bitmod, I think you need to tell postgres to listen on the docker bridge interface. Right now it only listens on lo
13:48 <PeregrinePDX> if at the command line on the host side if you run ifconfig what interfaces do you have?
13:48 cevado_ joined
13:49 <bitmod> docker0, eth0 and l0
13:49 <bitmod> *lo
13:50 <Ankhers> You are also telling postgrex to connect to localhost which means the container.
13:50 <PeregrinePDX> ah so yeah, you would need to tell postgres to listen on the docker0 ip address.
13:50 <Ankhers> bitmod: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24319662/from-inside-of-a-docker-container-how-do-i-connect-to-the-localhost-of-the-mach might be useful.
13:51 <PeregrinePDX> and then you would tell your elixir app to use that same ip address for the database address
13:51 <PeregrinePDX> not localhost
13:51 <PeregrinePDX> I believe
13:51 <PeregrinePDX> And now to drive to work.
13:51 <Ankhers> PeregrinePDX: Hopefully it won't be as bad as mine.
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13:55 <bitmod> guys i think i'll just run a postgres container as well, that should take all the difficulty out of solving this problem
13:55 <bitmod> don't know why i didn't just do that in the first place
13:56 <Ankhers> Just make sure you connect it to the host platform for storage.
13:56 <Ankhers> Don't want to accidentally lose your DB.
13:58 <scrmpy> how would you structure a "self-contained" ecto project? so other apps that use require it as a dependency, don't need to concern themselves with knowing or configuring ecto for that dependency?
13:58 ZippoWeb joined
13:58 <bitmod> Ankhers: will do ;)
13:58 <Ankhers> scrmpy: Put the configuration in the project. I currently have a couple of these.
13:58 tuacker1 joined
13:59 <Ankhers> Then the other project(s) don't even need a dep on ecto.
13:59 <scrmpy> yeh currently I've had to copy the config over, but it's not nice. so I can just initialise the config in the project itself, how do you do that?
14:00 <Ankhers> Just have a dev and prod config files, just like you would any other project.
14:01 <scrmpy> but they're not used by the parent project, unless I specifically import them into its own config
14:02 <Ankhers> You don't need to. When they are compiled, they are compiled with that configuration.
14:02 <scrmpy> are you building them as separate releases?
14:03 <scrmpy> since I just have it as a mix dependency, and the depedencies complain about not being configured if I simply compile them
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14:04 <Ankhers> No. It is a single release.
14:04 <scrmpy> also what do you do for starting the adapter and migrations. since I asked another question regarding that before, and was told it could lead to issues (regarding distribution) if you handle it in the application itself.
14:06 <Ankhers> I just run the migrations before deploying the app.
14:06 <Ankhers> Admittedly, this is on a greenfield project. So I am only adding tables / columns right now.
14:06 <scrmpy> I was hoping I could keep all of that hidden from the parent app requiring this project.
14:07 patientplatypus joined
14:07 <Ankhers> If you do not control the parent app, what benefit are you trying to get from this? I don't necessarily want someone to tell me what user and password I should set in my database.
14:07 <Ankhers> I should be configuring those things.
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14:09 <Ankhers> Based on what you have said, I think you should pass the repo into the functions that need it.
14:09 <scrmpy> I own both, I'm just trying to workout a simpler way of structuring all of this. since if I change the datastore or were to do something as stop using elixir altogether for the project, I'd still like the projects that depend on it to be able to work regardless (just left with simple elixir API dependency), etc.
14:10 <scrmpy> instead of having to update all those other projects too
14:11 <Ankhers> So then I don't understand what issue you are having. For each database, you only have to migrate once before release.
14:12 <scrmpy> I have to include all of that in any projects that want to test with one of the dependencies
14:12 <scrmpy> whereas I'd rather just having to start the dependency and that be it
14:12 <Ankhers> That is all you have to do. But at some point when you upgrade your dep, you still need up migrate your app.
14:13 <Ankhers> http://blog.plataformatec.com.br/2016/04/running-migration-in-an-exrm-release/ -- There was this.
14:13 <Ankhers> I haven't done it. Nor do I care to with how easy migration is.
14:14 <scrmpy> I'm not using releases atm, which might be the problem?
14:14 <Ankhers> What are you currently doing for deployment?
14:14 <Ankhers> build + deployment?
14:14 <scrmpy> not deploying at all. simply development on my local machine and testing on same machine
14:15 <scrmpy> so I've just been using mix for everything
14:15 <Ankhers> Why don't you want to run `mix ecto.migrate` before deploying?
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14:16 <scrmpy> I still have to configure the dependency specifically/start its adapter etc. that's all the stuff I'm wanting to see if I can avoid?
14:17 <Ankhers> But you only do that in the dependency. You don't do it for each parent app.
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14:17 <scrmpy> but the parent doesn't use the dependencies config, I have to import it.
14:18 <Ankhers> No you don't. The config inside the dep will still be compiled.
14:18 <Ankhers> Checkout the default output of mix phx.new --umbrella name
14:18 <Ankhers> It does this for you.
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14:19 <Ankhers> Maybe it is only for umbrella apps though.
14:19 <scrmpy> but that's an umbrella. I'm meaning a completely separate dependency
14:19 <scrmpy> yeh umbrella apps can share the same configs
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14:20 <Ankhers> Then you might not be able to in an umbrella. Any reason not to use one?
14:20 <Ankhers> Rather, only be able to in an umbrella.
14:21 <scrmpy> I may switch, was wanting to try and manage things separately though
14:21 <Ankhers> You could also just do what the umbrella does and import the config files. That would be a single line per project.
14:21 <scrmpy> yeh that's what I'm currently doing
14:21 <Ankhers> import_config "../apps/*/config/config.exs"
14:22 <Ankhers> Just change the path to your dep(s)
14:22 <scrmpy> however my test_helper I still need to specifiy the Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.mode for the dependencies repo, start the adapter, migrate it, etc.
14:23 <scrmpy> ideally was hoping I could have it so my parent project that wants to test with a given dep, simply adds the dependency. and then in my test_helper I just ensure it was started.
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14:25 <Ankhers> You may be able to provide a module / function that does that for you.
14:25 <scrmpy> one idea I have currently is maybe to just add some init code in my dep for when it's run in a test. and then that could handle the things I don't want to explicitly have to handle in my parent project
14:25 <scrmpy> you think that's the best option for this?
14:26 <Ankhers> Can't say for certain. I am using an umbrella for this because of the direct relationship.
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14:27 <scrmpy> ah ok.
14:27 <scrmpy> I'll give it a try anyway and see what else comes up haha, cheers :)
14:28 <Ankhers> One thing to keep in mind, Elixir favours being a little bit more explicit instead of being magical.
14:28 <Ankhers> So you will write a little bit more code, but it is also usually very understandable what is happening within the system.
14:29 <scrmpy> yeh, I don't mind that when it comes to a release build/configuration. just wanting to avoid it for tests
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17:19 <bitmod> where is everyone?
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17:22 <LastWhisper____> ./wave
17:22 <Nicd-> bitmod: if you have a question, just ask
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17:31 <bitmod> do we have some better documentation/guides on deploying phoenix using docker? having a lot of trouble, and there's hardly anything on the subject out there
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17:44 <steffkes> bitmod: what did you try and how exactly does the trouble look like?
17:44 <steffkes> i didn't look for any tutorials, but i did sucessfully deployed a few plug based applications on docker already
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17:53 <bitmod> steffkes: tried following this guide, put the container in my DO droplet but then i get "connection refused" errors from Postgrex
17:53 <bitmod> and i've got no idea why, spent like a day trying to get this working
17:53 <bitmod> driving me nuts
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17:55 <PeregrinePDX> bitmod did you change your postgres to listen on the ip address for the docker interface?
17:55 <PeregrinePDX> and then restart your postgres?
17:56 <PeregrinePDX> You would also need to update you pg_hba.conf to allow connections from that network as well.
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17:59 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: i gave up trying to do that, and instead tried to use a postgres container, which i hoped would sovle the networking issue, but it didn't
17:59 <PeregrinePDX> You have to tell docker to allow the 2 containers to talk to each other
17:59 <PeregrinePDX> Unless you put postgres in the same container as the elixir app
18:01 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: should --link on one container be enough?
18:01 <* PeregrinePDX> shrugs.
18:01 <PeregrinePDX> I don't know much about docker.
18:01 <PeregrinePDX> Plus after you tell docker they can talk
18:02 <LastWhisper____> Do a lot of folks just use Elixir & Plug without all the overhead of Phoenix?
18:02 <PeregrinePDX> You'll also probably have to tell elixir to talk to something besides localhost
18:02 <asonge> LastWhisper____: some do. phoenix overhead is mostly conceptual, though.
18:02 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: has no one written a guide on how to do this?
18:03 <PeregrinePDX> I wouldn't know. I don't use docker and I barely know elixir.
18:03 <LastWhisper____> true. Not dissing phoenix at all I am just taking it one step at a time. I just finished the David Thomas book on Programming in Elixir... trying to go one lib at a time :)
18:04 <asonge> LastWhisper____: phoenix is not that complicated either. by the time you add in a set of templates, and then add in ecto to do some database stuff, you're like, a lot of the way there.
18:05 <asonge> phoenix's router is slightly nicer, with plug you'd kinda have to reinvent what a controller is, and then if you wanted a view layer and/or a template layer, that's what phoenix gives you...though you *can* wire up EEx yourself (but you also need to make it escape html stuff)
18:05 <asonge> but if you need to do a small API, just do it in plug
18:05 <PeregrinePDX> bitmod maybe this https://semaphoreci.com/community/tutorials/dockerizing-elixir-and-phoenix-applications it looks sane to me but then again see the I don't know docker or elixir disclaimer.
18:05 <LastWhisper____> yeah right now I'm trying to write a small wrapper to touch my td ameritrade api endpoint
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18:06 <asonge> plug's abstraction is just beautifully simple, imho.
18:06 <sorentwo> asonge: You work with Absinthe a lot, right? Any chance you've upgraded to 1.3?
18:07 <asonge> i don't
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18:07 <asonge> i was interested in graphql very early on, but i don't work much with SPAs right now
18:07 <sorentwo> Hmm. Was it just GraphQL? I could swear I've seen you discuss it.
18:07 <sorentwo> That would be it then.
18:07 <asonge> i wrote an early parser for it, but absinthe is like, the whole thing.
18:08 <bitmod> PeregrinePDX: thanks, i'll check it out
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18:27 <LastWhisper____> Do any of you guys work on strictly elixir full time? besides josevalim of course xD
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18:43 <ciawal> on or with, LastWhisper____
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18:48 <LastWhisper____> sorry, mostly with
18:48 <LastWhisper____> ciawal
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18:51 <ciawal> I believe there are plenty of people here using elixir fulltime, yes
18:52 <adamkittelson> glancing over the members list of the channel I think there are 4 or 5 of us just in the names that start with A
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18:59 <alisdair> did you count me? i do elixir full time now
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19:41 <tonyc> adamkittelson: HI
19:41 <tonyc> =]
19:45 <adamkittelson> hi tony, and yep I included you alisdair, not that i know where you're at specifically but I figured it'd be pretty likely
19:46 <tonyc> adamkittelson: booked for elixirconf?
19:47 <adamkittelson> nah not yet, planning on it though, we have an office in seattle so going to try to arrange it so we have work week there that week or the week after so those of us who want to go are more or less already in town
19:50 <tonyc> ahh yes yes
19:50 <tonyc> i am super close to pulling the trigger and booking stuff
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19:53 <adamkittelson> cool, should be good, they have been so far
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19:55 <tonyc> haven't been to a conf in a while
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20:10 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14487 (master - fe8b277 : José Valim): The build passed.
20:10 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/7f3f33d1004e...fe8b277435ca
20:10 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/230099195
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20:13 <OliverMT> getting a lot of
20:13 <OliverMT> .22:13:21.869 [error] Postgrex.Protocol (#PID<0.322.0>) disconnected: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) owner #PID<0.491.0> exited while client #PID<0.493.0> is still running with: shutdown
20:14 <OliverMT> while doing async audit logging with a supervised task using start_child
20:14 <OliverMT> "Note that the spawned process is not linked to the caller, but only to the supervisor. "
20:14 <OliverMT> anyone got a clue whats going on?
20:15 <OliverMT> this is in the test phase btw, is it because the test itself shuts down the whole sandboxed thing?
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21:05 <benwilson512> OliverMT: fishcakez mentioned this at elixirconf, IIRC it's when you've got some process other than the test process that has a connection, and then the test process (which is the owner) dies
21:05 <benwilson512> buuut I don't recall the solution, other than explicitly killing or waiting on that other process
21:05 <benwilson512> before your test terminates
21:05 <OliverMT> the test passes
21:05 <OliverMT> so its just console noise
21:06 <OliverMT> so I dont really care
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21:40 <jer> is there a really good way of appending to a file on disk in large chunks (few kilobytes) where i'm not constantly opening and closing the file all the time, and where i don't have all the data ahead of time? (It's coming in off a socket)
21:41 asabil joined
21:41 <jer> basically data comes in off a socket in chunks, i want to write that chunk to a file efficiently
21:41 <ivan> keep the handle open in an Agent?
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21:48 <fishcakez> OliverMT: wait for client to exit :)
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21:54 <jer> ivan, yeah that does work, just wasn't sure if there was a better way using File.stream! or something (given my data is actually a stream)
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