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03:47 <chatter29> hey guys
03:47 <chatter29> allah is doing
03:47 <chatter29> sun is not doing allah is doing
03:47 <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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03:58 <nhooyr> I have the following in my router https://gist.github.com/anonymous/8e0ef9af25a1a642f2905e95701d8f78
03:59 <nhooyr> I am following the phoenix guide. It says I should get a "warning: this clause cannot match because a previous clause at line 1 always matches" when compiling, but I don't
03:59 <nhooyr> if I move the `get "/", RootController, :index` to right under `get "/", PageController, :index` then I get the warning. Is this a bug?
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04:09 <asonge> nhooyr: you mind linking me to what you're looking at in the guide?
04:09 <asonge> nhooyr: basically, the first "/" will always match, so the one on line 7 never will.
04:09 <nhooyr> asonge: http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/routing#section-resources
04:09 <nhooyr> i know
04:09 <nhooyr> but i don't get a warning for it
04:09 <nhooyr> unless they are right after each other
04:10 <nhooyr> asonge: my bad, wrong link, http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/routing#section-examining-routes scroll slightly up
04:10 <asonge> oh, the guide says to put the PageController inside the scope block.
04:10 <asonge> the root controller goes outside the scope block
04:11 <asonge> hrm. i wonder if this is some editing weirdness in the instructions
04:12 <asonge> oh, you're *not* seeing the warning and you're expecting to.
04:12 <asonge> blah.
04:12 <Radar> bingo.
04:12 <asonge> well, you should. try saving the file again and recompiling?
04:14 <nhooyr> i have, multiple times
04:14 <Radar> Going to try to replicate this myself.
04:16 <Radar> nhooyr: I can't replicate this in a new app. Could you please add this app to GitHub? Then I can try cloning + running it myself locally.
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04:16 <Radar> nhooyr: Also: what version of Elixir are you using?
04:16 <nhooyr> ok, just a sec
04:17 <nhooyr> 1.4.2 for elixir and 1.3 for phoenix
04:17 <nhooyr> might be phoenix 1.3?
04:18 <Radar> I'll know when I see the app :)
04:18 <asonge> i think phoenix 1.3 added some annotations to suppress unused variable warnings because they were opaque
04:19 <asonge> but i'm not sure at all.
04:19 <Radar> I tried replicating it under Elixir 1.4.2 + Phoenix 1.3 but I can't.]
04:19 <asonge> Radar: oh, it emits warnings for you? then nevermind.
04:19 <asonge> nhooyr: what version of erlang/OTP?
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04:19 <nhooyr> my bad guys
04:19 <Radar> asonge: Correct
04:19 <nhooyr> mix was caching the build
04:19 <asonge> did you have a weird time change?
04:19 <Radar> There it is :)
04:20 <nhooyr> i had a phoenix server running in the background
04:20 <nhooyr> it was building it for me
04:20 <asonge> ohhhh
04:20 <nhooyr> and i noticed warnings sometimes and sometimes not
04:20 <asonge> so it was never actually rebuilding
04:20 <nhooyr> so i got confused
04:20 <nhooyr> thanks for clearing it up for me :)
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04:20 <Radar> That'd do it. Each time I was restarting my phoenix server.
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10:08 <elixir007> new to elixir. can someone recommend a auth library for phoenix
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10:11 <cbarratt> This is one lib ive seen used highly before - https://github.com/ueberauth/guardian
10:12 <elixir007> thanx
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10:26 <vood> Hi guys. Is there any ui library for elixir to use in software development?
10:29 <Nicd-> with UI do you mean GUI or web frontend or something else?
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10:33 <vood> ye gui not for web but for desktop application
10:35 <vood> i'm looking for something that use native system gui instead of "webish" interfaces
10:39 <bigkevmcd> vood: I'd start by looking at the wx erlang library
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10:41 <vood> ok that sounds good. Thanks bigkevmcd
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10:43 <bigkevmcd> vood: if you want to see it in action, try :observer.start in an Elixir console
10:46 <vood> thanks
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11:24 <OliverMT> {:secure_random, "~> 0.5.1"}
11:24 <OliverMT> err, wrong window
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11:28 <gazler> josevalim: could we support something like setup [&AuthTestHelpers.login_user/1, &BlogFixture.create_posts/1] or setup [{AuthTestHelpers, :login_user}, [BlogFixture, :create_posts}] for describe in ExUnit?
11:29 <gazler> It can be handled using imports at the moment.
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11:55 <kansi> hi, can anyone explain how does render function in phoenix know which view module to call ?
11:55 <gazler> kansi: You mean from a controller?
11:55 <kansi> yes\
11:56 <gazler> By default, Controllers render templates in a view with a similar name to the controller. For example, MyApp.UserController will render templates inside the MyApp.UserView. This information can be changed any time by using render/3, render/4 or the put_view/2 function
11:56 <gazler> From the docs https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Controller.html#render/2
12:00 <gazler> The place in code where this is actually set is https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/aeccae9658ed3d85d8af8f28ce2584d407b43d6b/lib/phoenix/controller.ex#L171 if you were curious
12:00 <gazler> Which is derived using the code here https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/aeccae9658ed3d85d8af8f28ce2584d407b43d6b/lib/phoenix/controller.ex#L1343
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12:06 <kansi> gazler: thx, that helped :)
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12:58 <tuacker> vood: inside iex/elixir console you can also do :wx.demo for some wx examples
12:58 <tuacker> they are all in erlang though IIRC
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13:36 <dimitarvp> tuacker: Damn! Thanks, never heard of that.
13:36 <dimitarvp> So useful
13:37 <Ghouli> whoa
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14:03 <kronicdeth> I added `@dialyzer :unmatched_returns` to https://github.com/C-S-D/calcinator/blob/master/lib/calcinator/controller.ex, but dialyzer isn't flagging that my `case` statements are missing clauses. Is `unmatched_returns` not the right options to flag missing case clauses?
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14:32 <nonninz> Hi. I am having a problem using distillery for releasing an app to our staging server. Basically distillery refuses to include a dependency unless it's listed in mix.exs' applications or included_applications
14:33 <nonninz> Which is fine, but this dependency I'm using doesn't define any application, it's just a stand-alone module
14:34 <nonninz> So i'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Include it into _included_applications_, even if there is no Application?
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15:00 <benwilson512> nonninz: it's just a git repo with some modules?
15:00 <benwilson512> can you link to it?
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15:10 <nonninz> benwilson512: https://github.com/mschae/cors_plug
15:10 <nonninz> it is deployed to hex.pm
15:11 <fishcakez> kronicdeth: unmatched returns means when you have MyMod.fun() that can return different values and all values are ignored, it means explicitly doing _ = MyMod.fun() to ignore it
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15:12 <fishcakez> s/to ignore it/to remove the warning
15:12 <kronicdeth> fishcakez: So is there anyway to get dialyzer to mark a case doesn't have totality?
15:12 <fishcakez> what warnings do you have on?
15:12 <fishcakez> dialyzer shouldnt complain that all cases arent handled
15:13 <fishcakez> only if patterns can never match
15:13 <kronicdeth> I'm using your `dialyze`, so whatever is default for `mix dialyze`
15:13 <fishcakez> which version?
15:13 <kronicdeth> 0.2.1 and elixir 1.5.0-deve
15:13 <fishcakez> can you show the warning?
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16:04 <kronicdeth> fishcakez: my point is that there wasn't a warning. I want a warning that `case Calcinator.show` is missing `{:error, :timeout}` and it's not
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16:06 <fishcakez> kronicdeth: thats not how success typing works, it will only show when it something is definitely wrong, whereas {:error, :timeout} may not occur, so not including that clause is not definitely wrong, and so no error
16:06 <jer> if i'm opening a file, and multiple processes are trying to write to it, is there possibility if process A is writing "aaaa" to the file, and B is writing "bbbb" that i could end up with data in the file like "aababbba" ?
16:06 <kronicdeth> ok, I was hoping there was a way to force it to do that when I listed it in the @spec (it can't infer the type since it calls a callback implentation module)
16:07 <kronicdeth> jer: it depends on your flush settings and how your OS works
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16:07 <jer> hrmm ok
16:08 <kronicdeth> Like if the message size exceeds the chunk size when a flush would occur it could intermingle
16:08 <kronicdeth> I doubt it can happen with something as sort as your example though
16:09 <jer> yeah i'll be writing tens of kilobytes at a time though
16:09 <kronicdeth> You'd have to read up on Linux and POSIX rules for the atomicness of `write` and `writev`
16:09 <jer> i mean i could break it up into chunks and write them out according to the block size
16:09 <jer> the filesystem block size rather
16:09 <jer> kronicdeth, gotcha thanks
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16:12 <kronicdeth> The underlying erlang open/2 (http://erlang.org/doc/man/file.html#open-2) has a bunch of settings like read and write buffer and compression that means there's probably a lot of indirection between the message you send to the File pid and what is written to the OS calls
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16:20 <jer> kronicdeth, yep got some good info out of there as to options; just perusing write/writev specifics
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16:48 <kronicdeth> fishcakez: have there been any reports of dialyzer working weird with 1.5.0-dev related to Application.start or Supervisor.start_link? I get `test/support/calcinator/application.ex:8: Function start/2 has no local return`, but that doesn't happen on 1.4.2.
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17:13 <elixir1298> Hey everyone, I have a question. I'm using Phoenix 1.3.rc.1. Is there any explanation for the different subdirectories in "/assets"? For instance, when would js go into "/assets/js" vs "/assets/static" vs "/assets/vendor"?
17:13 <duane> Using Timex on production in a Heroku app and Timex.DateTime.now is returning the same time...it seems to be set when the server started and never updated. What config am I missing that updates that time value?
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17:17 <Nicd-> duane: can you show how you are using it?
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17:21 <duane> Nicd-: field :date, Timex.Ecto.DateTime, default: Timex.DateTime.now
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17:29 <Nicd-> I think the default is evaluated once at compile time
17:29 <Nicd-> so the result of Timex.DateTime.now() is used as the default
17:31 <Nicd-> "The default value is calculated at compilation time, so don’t use expressions like DateTime.utc_now or Ecto.UUID.generate as they would then be the same for all records"
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17:39 <duane> Nicd-: thats what i was figuring. is there way around that? like whats the preferred pattern to have a value like that as a default value?
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17:40 <Nicd-> you can create the default in the SQL level
17:40 <Nicd-> then when you create a new struct the datetime will be null but when you store and retrieve it, it will be there
17:41 <duane> yeah - makes sense
17:41 <duane> thanks Nicd-
17:41 <Nicd-> or you can write a utility function / changeset to add the current datetime manually
17:41 <Nicd-> then always use that
17:42 <Nicd-> maybe there's a better way but I don't know it
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17:58 <iFire> a changeset option seems proper
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18:12 <the_voice_> Hi All,
18:13 <the_voice_> We have our second elixir meetup tomorrow, and the second topic is going to be "fun with observer" I have downloaded chrismccord phoenixchat application for a demo of this. One of things we are going to demo is how supervisor automatically restarts processes etc..
18:14 <the_voice_> Works great with websockets, but when I kill the Elixir Chat Endpoint server everything blows up and it doesn't restart
18:14 <the_voice_> Which we are thinking maybe do to the fact that the endpoint port is still occupied, but I just wanted to confirm
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18:24 <Siyo> yeah that happened to me too
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18:24 <Siyo> i asked the same question here a few months ago
18:25 <Siyo> if i remember correctly, something inside cowboy blew up and left entries in ets
18:25 <Siyo> which prevented it from starting again
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18:32 <Siyo> the_voice_ https://botbot.me/freenode/elixir-lang/2016-10-25/?msg=75458760&page=8
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18:44 <the_voice_> Thanks
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18:54 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14520 (master - 5319756 : Aleksei Magusev): The build passed.
18:54 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/e47914cc3983...531975610fce
18:54 <travis-ci> Build details : https://travis-ci.org/elixir-lang/elixir/builds/230472060
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19:55 <travis-ci> elixir-lang/elixir#14523 (v1.4 - 16ea29d : Andrea Leopardi): The build passed.
19:55 <travis-ci> Change view : https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/compare/16a90cedda90...16ea29d51875
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21:35 <Zarathu> hi everyone. I'm designing an API; does elixir feature the :except option in function calls often? I found it's accepted by import(), but that's it
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21:44 <elixir1298> Hey everyone, I have a question. I'm using Phoenix 1.3.rc.1. Is there any explanation for the different subdirectories in "/assets"? For instance, when would js go into "/assets/js" vs "/assets/static" vs "/assets/vendor"?
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22:19 <Ilyes512> Is there a nicer fix for getting records out of a .erl file (made by erlsome) that have record name starting with a uppercased letter?
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22:20 <Ilyes512> it seems I would need to excess it by using unquote(:UppercasedRecord)
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22:21 <Ilyes512> It was mentioned no where that I couldn't use uppercased named records the normal way. The only thing I found was here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/elixir-lang-talk/2UNUVbM83kw
22:24 <benwilson512> Ilyes512: you can just do `:UppercasedRecord
22:24 <benwilson512> why do you need to unquote?
22:25 <Ilyes512> does not work
22:25 <benwilson512> in what contexts?
22:25 <benwilson512> oh as a function call?
22:25 <benwilson512> or rather the macros?
22:25 <Ilyes512> so the erl file has multiple records defined.
22:25 <Ilyes512> got these two macro's: Record.defrecord :AuthenticationType, Record.extract(:AuthenticationType, from: @hrl)
22:25 <Ilyes512> Record.defrecord :qname, Record.extract(:qname, from: @hrl)
22:25 <Ilyes512> the first one does not work, the second does
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22:26 <Ilyes512> if i define a function like def foo, do: unquote(:AuthenticationType). Then I does return the record
22:28 <benwilson512> interesting, you may want to make a forum post, I haven't used records very much
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22:29 <Ilyes512> it's late so I will be doing that tomorrow :)
22:30 <Ilyes512> btw also my first time using records. Only using them because I am using erlsome to parse an xml (with xsd).
22:30 <icecreamcohen> Ilyes512: this seems familiar;
22:30 <icecreamcohen> I think the problem with the first is that it starts with a capital
22:30 <Ilyes512> erlsome can auto generate erl file (records) by looking at the xsd
22:31 <Ilyes512> icecreamcohen correct
22:31 <icecreamcohen> these macros generate functions, and I don’t think they can start with a capital letter
22:31 <icecreamcohen> it’s been along time since I played with records, tbh.
22:32 <Ilyes512> that is what I got out from: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/elixir-lang-talk/2UNUVbM83kw
22:33 <icecreamcohen> Do you want the record name to start with a capital?
22:33 <icecreamcohen> like {:AuthenticationType, val, val, val} ?
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22:34 <fishcakez> a few erlang libs do all caps record tags
22:34 <Ilyes512> no it's not that I want that but it's the ersome library that auto-generates records based on the given XSD file (xml schema defination file)
22:34 <icecreamcohen> fishcakez: yes ;)
22:35 <icecreamcohen> Ilyes512: what outcome do you want?
22:35 <icecreamcohen> MyRecordModule.MyRecord(arg, arg) ?
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22:35 <Ilyes512> yes, the same as I get with lowercased record's
22:35 <icecreamcohen> you can’t have the above, unfortunately.
22:36 <icecreamcohen> the best you can get is MyRecordModule.myRecord(arg, arg)
22:36 <icecreamcohen> but that will still interoperate with erlang correctly.
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22:37 <Ilyes512> if MyModule.authenticationType() would work then that is fine as well
22:37 <Ilyes512> as long as it still uses the erlang record named 'AuthenticationType'
22:38 <icecreamcohen> it should.
22:38 <icecreamcohen> proof: https://github.com/pinterest/riffed/blob/master/lib/riffed/struct.ex#L169
22:38 <icecreamcohen> ^^ that’s interoperating with an erlang module. Note `record_name` is downcased and struct_module_name isn't.
22:38 <fishcakez> what about? Record.defrecord :authenticationType, :AuthenticationType, Record.extract(:AuthenticationType, from: @hrl)
22:39 <icecreamcohen> that’ll work
22:40 <fishcakez> maybe i messed up arg order :S, i am rusty on records
22:40 <Ilyes512> icecreamcohen it throwing me an error
22:40 <icecreamcohen> it’s name, tag, kv
22:40 <fishcakez> thanks, so should be right
22:40 <icecreamcohen> Ilyes512: did you try fishcakez’s solution?
22:41 <icecreamcohen> that allows you to munge the key
22:41 <* icecreamcohen> isn’t the biggest record fan.
22:41 <Ilyes512> when I type Ot.Poc.authenticationType() it says: do you mean any of the fallowing Ot.Poc.AuthenticationType/1, Ot.Poc.authenticationType/2, Ot.Poc.authenticationType/3. But when I try that: Ot.Poc.AuthenticationType() it throws an error: "iex:24: syntax error before: '('"
22:42 <Ilyes512> icecreamcohen i did that earlier, but I will try it again
22:42 <icecreamcohen> those functions build records
22:43 <fishcakez> missing require?
22:43 <Ilyes512> hmm... okey strange.
22:43 <icecreamcohen> do you need to require the record module?
22:43 <Ilyes512> so when I define it as: Record.defrecord :authenticationType, Record.extract(:AuthenticationType, from: @hrl)
22:43 <icecreamcohen> (yes)
22:43 <fishcakez> that first fun name looks dangerously like we have misdefined myrecord/0 macro
22:44 <Ilyes512> then it works ...hmm!?? I did exactly this a half an hour ago and it didn't work then :O
22:44 <icecreamcohen> Oh, Elixir doesn’t work between 15:00 and 15:45 PST
22:44 <icecreamcohen> (known bug)
22:45 <fishcakez> haha
22:45 <Ilyes512> haha lol
22:45 <icecreamcohen> Ilyes512: macros are a black art, you might have defined some and needed to restart iex. (just guessing)
22:46 <Ilyes512> i must be tired it's 0:45 :( I was planning on getting to bed early today *cry* failed again
22:46 <icecreamcohen> well, at least it works now.
22:46 <Ilyes512> i was doing "r module" and then "import module".... might done something wrong with that
22:47 <Ilyes512> guys thanks!
22:48 <icecreamcohen> np. credit goes to mr. fish.
22:48 <Ilyes512> I am off to bed :) Was a fun day with elixir and erlang
22:48 <Ilyes512> 0/
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