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00:20 <cipher> hey so I was wanting to write a mod_* handler for :httpd and then I was like def do(info): ... end and elixir was all like CompilationError ... missing terminator: end. :-(
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00:21 <icecreamcohen> makes sense
00:21 <cipher> so how do I write an httpd mod module in elixir?
00:22 <cipher> like this guy https://github.com/blackberry/Erlang-OTP/blob/master/lib/inets/src/http_server/mod_get.erl#L26
00:23 <icecreamcohen> do you want to serve http traffic?
00:23 <ivan> here is a programming secret
00:23 <ivan> github code search https://github.com/search?l=elixir&q=httpd+do&ref=searchresults&type=Code
00:23 <ivan> def unquote(:do)(data) do
00:26 <cipher> do you have to do that as a macro then because just s/def do(info) do/def unquote(:do)(info)/ didn't do the trick.
00:26 <cipher> tells me invalid syntax in def :do
00:27 <icecreamcohen> worked for me
00:28 <icecreamcohen> which elixir version?
00:28 <cipher> 1.4.2
00:29 <icecreamcohen> me too
00:30 <cipher> https://gist.github.com/anonymous/15f8de60737c28c8d7958ae3aca9678c
00:31 <icecreamcohen> def unquote(:do)(data)
00:31 <icecreamcohen> you didn’t specify the arglist
00:31 <cipher> oops!
00:31 <cipher> k that did it
00:32 <icecreamcohen> why not plug?
00:32 <cipher> thanks! next piece is how do i get :httpd to allow this ModGet2 as a mod module
00:32 <cipher> I was wanting a really stupid basic mocking mod module
00:32 <cipher> without any dependencies
00:35 <cipher> [:modules ModGet2] does the trick in the server config. woot easy enough. thanks again!
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00:45 <cipher> this seems to be a good document for the question I had for future ref https://github.com/seven1m/30-days-of-elixir/blob/master/20-inets.exs
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08:13 <pufuddled> @bitwalker : https://github.com/bitwalker/distillery/issues/117
08:14 <pufuddled> @bitwalker : The above was closed in November. I reproduced the issue and left a comment.
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08:20 <Ilyes512_> hey guys... how can I find out more about a specific plug that is used in phoenix? Like for instance "plug :accepts, ~w(html)"
08:20 <Ilyes512_> The plug is called :accepts? Where can I find the source and/or api doc?
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08:24 <Ilyes512_> << btw why is my name suffixed with a underscore :S
08:24 <Ilyes512_> ooh... wait I am probably also logged in at home :P
08:26 <Ilyes512_> Ah I found it at https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/master/lib/phoenix/controller.ex#L1059
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11:53 <gazler> josevalim ericmj I've found a potential bug with Mix.Dep.Umbrella.loaded() and File.cd I've created a repo that shows the issue https://github.com/Gazler/deps_test I need to shoot off just now. I'll raise a proper issue when I get back.
11:54 <josevalim> gazler: awesome, please do so, thank you D
11:54 <josevalim> *:D
11:54 <gazler> josevalim: If you want to see it you can clone the repo and run `mix run deps.exs`
11:55 <ericmj> josevalim: i think it’s not supposed to work if you change dirs
11:56 <ericmj> no idea where /private comes from though
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12:41 <jer> i maintain a large set of data in memory at the moment; roughly 2000 items in a mapset. when that processes crashes for some reason, it dumps the whole of that state out. now the contents of the mapset are not important, since those are tracked elsewhere and easy to find. any way to omit that part of the state from my logging?
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13:08 <soud> hi all, I have a model with a `parent_id` which refers to itself (for replying to a comment). I would like to embed this in the parent comment like so: https://bpaste.net/show/4b095d68808f . can't imagine how this would be achieved, anyoneone have any idea?
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13:09 <soud> actually, it should read `replies: [...]`, because it can have multiple replies
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13:11 <soud> using postgresql if that's relevant
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13:14 <gazler> ericmj: Was that message in response to what i was talking about?
13:15 <ericmj> gazler: yes, it was supposed to be to you, not jose
13:15 <ericmj> but please open an issue
13:15 <gazler> Ok. I have added an example that is perhaps a little more surprising.
13:16 <gazler> https://github.com/Gazler/deps_test/commit/cbd3c74d5086d29599f48d366da5716ec9e2c7e8
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13:17 <ericmj> gazler: keep in mind this is private API also :)
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13:18 <gazler> ericmj: Yeah, it's used by phoenix though, which is why I think it could be an issue.
13:18 <gazler> I'll add a way to replicate in phoenix in the issue.
13:18 <gazler> It could be fixed in phoenix too.
13:18 <ericmj> gazler: can you point me to the phoenix code?
13:18 <gazler> Ofc.
13:18 <gazler> https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/663d5f770ee490e05e444906d4eb23f5167e0cf1/lib/phoenix/code_reloader/server.ex#L111
13:19 <gazler> Maybe the deps should be cached on load?
13:20 <ericmj> code_reloader recompiles dependencies?
13:20 <ericmj> oh umbrella deps...
13:20 <ericmj> it should definitely be cached
13:21 <ericmj> calling loaded() can be pretty slow
13:21 <ericmj> loaded() traverses all deps and even runs Hex dependency resolution :)
13:22 <ericmj> gazler: so this can be an issue if the phoenix application changes cwd?
13:22 <ericmj> because phoenix itself doesn’t change cwd, right?
13:22 <gazler> So you can do this just now and it breaks. mix phx.new reloader_test --umbrella --no-ecto --no-brunch --no-html && cd reloader_test && iex -S mix phoenix.server && FIle.cd("/tmp")
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13:24 <ericmj> mix assumes no one changes directory :(
13:24 <ericmj> i dont know a good way to fix this
13:25 <gazler> I thought i'd be ok doing it inside a new process.
13:25 <gazler> I wasn't though.
13:25 <ericmj> gazler: because even if we “fixed” loaded() when you compile dependencies they will change directory
13:25 <ericmj> which will break the application if it assumes it is inside “/tmp"
13:25 <ericmj> because cwd is global for the VM
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13:26 <ericmj> to fix this we would need to redesign mix so it doesn’t depend on a specific cwd
13:26 <ericmj> like rebar3 does
13:27 <ericmj> i wish cwd was specific to the current process
13:28 <gazler> ericmj: So I guess my only option just now is to shell out?
13:29 <ericmj> or raise if cwd is not what we expect
13:29 <ericmj> we should discuss in an issue to get more inputs, i may be missing something
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13:30 <gazler> https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/issues/6104
13:30 <gazler> I guess this is kind of a big deal. If a dependency called File.cd then it could break stuff.
13:31 <gazler> I guess I could spawn a new vm dynamically for my use case.
13:38 <josevalim> ericmj: wouldn't it work if we use full paths?
13:38 <ericmj> josevalim: yes, but that’s a major code change
13:38 <josevalim> why?
13:38 <josevalim> for umbrella deps we can just call Path.expand no?
13:38 <ericmj> because almost everything is relative paths now
13:39 <ericmj> we will likely also break user mix tasks that make assumptions about cwd
13:39 <gazler> Caching in phoenix code reload server works btw
13:39 <ericmj> i think some hex stuff would break for example
13:39 <josevalim> apparently we do call Path.expand
13:40 <josevalim> oh, I see the issue
13:40 <ericmj> stuff will definitely break if we stop doing File.cwd in Mix.Dep.in_dependency
13:40 <josevalim> that's now what i was proposing though
13:41 <josevalim> the issue is that Mix.Dep.Umbrella.loaded is not cached
13:41 <josevalim> so every time he calls it he gets a different result
13:41 <ericmj> that’s one of the issues
13:41 <josevalim> ericmj: if we fix that i assume everything else would work because we do File.cwd when compiling
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13:41 <ericmj> right, so you will break the user application
13:41 <ericmj> because the application called File.cwd for a reason
13:42 <ericmj> File.cd*
13:42 <josevalim> right
13:42 <josevalim> I think this is a Phoenix bug rather
13:42 <ericmj> yes, i agree
13:42 <josevalim> because Phoenix is the one using Mix per request
13:42 <gazler> josevalim: I am pushing a fix.
13:42 <ericmj> but is there a fix for the phoenix issue?
13:43 <ericmj> i think phoenix should just raise if cwd is wrong
13:43 <ericmj> because there’s no good way of fixing it
13:43 <ericmj> until Elixir 2.0
13:43 <josevalim> gazler: does it work if you call Mix.Dep.Umbrella.cached() on the Phoenix side?
13:44 <gazler> josevalim: Yes.
13:44 <josevalim> gazler: keep in mind though .cached is on 1.4.0 only
13:45 <josevalim> so you will need to use function_exported? to check for it and fallback to loaded. and please leave a TODO so we remove the conditional logic once we depend on 1.4 only
13:45 <gazler> josevalim: Fetching the deps on load also works.
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13:46 <josevalim> gazler: don't fetch on load because it has consequences when serving multiple umbrellas
13:46 <josevalim> *mulitple apps in the umbrella
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13:47 <gazler> Github is sloooow
13:47 <ericmj> it may “work” but it will break the user code
13:47 <gazler> josevalim: So something like this won't do the trick? https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/compare/master...Gazler:fix/cache-deps-reload-server?expand=1
13:47 <josevalim> ericmj: agreed. it will break any mix task or compiler that expects to be on CWD
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13:48 <ericmj> i dont think it will break the tasks or compiler but rather break user code
13:48 <josevalim> gazler: it may fix this issue but i am almost certain it will introduce others
13:48 <josevalim> ericmj: which user code?
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13:48 <josevalim> user code mostly don't assume directory structures because of _build
13:49 <ericmj> the code that changed cwd
13:49 <ericmj> this issue about users calling File.cd
13:49 <josevalim> gazler: https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/compare/master...Gazler:fix/cache-deps-reload-server?expand=1#diff-627d49076c03a65473151dfc710d2d2eL111
13:49 <josevalim> that's the line that should change
13:49 <josevalim> you should call ".cached" instead of ".loaded"
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13:49 <josevalim> but because .cached is v1.4.0 only, you need the function_exported? check
13:49 <gazler> josevalim: I know. I had just pushed up the other change so that you could tell me why it wouldn't work. :)
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13:50 <josevalim> oh, awesome :)
13:50 <josevalim> gazler: we weere used to do it on init afaik but we had to change it, i don't exactly recall the details
13:50 <ericmj> josevalim: user calls File.cd, phoenix reloader runs, in_dependency calls File.cd, user code breaks
13:50 <josevalim> ericmj: we always revert back to the previous dir
13:50 <ericmj> do we stop the application when code reloader runs?
13:50 <josevalim> we stop reqs
13:51 <josevalim> but this issue happens today
13:51 <josevalim> regardless of those changes
13:51 <ericmj> yes, that’s what i am saying. we cant fully fix it
13:53 <jschneck> Do doc tests default to running async? or is there a way to clean up after each one?
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13:56 <jschneck> hurm, yeah it seems I am getting a race between two doc tests which talk to the same registry
13:56 <sevenseacat> I think doctests are only meant for simple little stuff, examples on how to use the code
13:56 <ericmj> jschneck: i would guess it follow the rules in the case where you call `doctest`
13:57 <jschneck> if I have use ExUnit.Case, async: false it seems to still async them
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13:59 <ericmj> jschneck: that’s weird, i dont see any code that would indicate that
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14:03 <gazler> josevalim: https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/master/installer/templates/new/mix.exs#L11
14:03 <josevalim> for new apps only
14:03 <josevalim> phoenix as a runtime still supports 1.3
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14:04 <josevalim> that's how nice we are :)
14:04 <gazler> Haha, it makes testing a 1.3 umbrella trickier. I'll have to do it the old fashioned way.
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14:06 <gazler> I say that, I can just change the applications list from a 1.4 generated applicatiom.
14:08 <jschneck> if I have use ExUnit.Case, async: false it seems to still async them
14:08 <jschneck> whops
14:08 <jschneck> up arrow'ed in the wrong window
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14:10 <gazler> josevalim ericmj interestingly, the Phoenix issue doesn't happen if I use the old mix.exs structure (with the applications list)
14:12 <gazler> Oh wait, false alarm. It still does. Just not on version 1.3
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14:25 <jschneck> another Q, How do I illustrate the use of the flush() helper in a doctest?
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14:27 <jschneck> ah ha, nm, found it in the phoenix pubsub tests Process.info(self())[:messages]
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15:35 <Guest38907> test 123
15:35 <Guest38907> ?
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16:33 <notriddle> Given that rebar3 compiles all dependencies in prod mode, whether my main application is being built in prod or dev mode, how does Mix make sure that my deps are built without debug info when my app is built in prod but that they do have it in dev?
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16:35 <tristan__> notriddle: why do you want to compile without debug info
16:35 <tristan__> you can just strip it afterwards
16:36 <notriddle> Do distillery and relx do that?
16:36 <tristan__> relx has the option to
16:36 <tristan__> {debug_info, strip}
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16:42 <nox> MFW I go here to see what's going on in Elixir land,
16:42 <nox> and all I see is tristan__ from Erlang and notriddle from Rust. :P
16:42 <tristan__> haha
16:43 <notriddle> I've been writing way more Elixir code than Rust code lately.
16:43 <nox> notriddle: Nice!
16:43 <nox> josevalim: Ever thought of including shippai in the Elixir compiler directly btw?
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16:44 <notriddle> What's shippai?
16:44 <josevalim> i want to avoid changing core if we can
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16:44 <notriddle> Oh, this. https://github.com/nox/shippai
16:44 <nox> notriddle: One of the few Core transforms that are useful, by yours truly. :)
16:44 <josevalim> nox: it was backwards incompatible right?
16:44 <nox> josevalim: How so?
16:44 <josevalim> for erlang
16:45 <josevalim> oh, it isn't
16:45 <nox> josevalim: I think farting in the wrong direction is considered backwards-incompatible by Ericsson, so...
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16:45 <josevalim> nox: did you try adding it to erlang?
16:45 <nox> josevalim: The only issue that can arise is if you want to trigger an explicit GC,
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16:45 <nox> the function arguments, even if unused at this point in your code,
16:46 <* notriddle> guesses it's because farting in the wrong direction is considered backwards-incompatible by Ericsson.
16:46 <nox> they may be marked as live, because they may be passed to a subsequent raise call.
16:46 <cristianR_> Hi
16:46 <* notriddle> summarizes all this as "performance."
16:46 <nox> notriddle: I'm a bit fed up at them for reasons and I couldn't resist saying nonsensical things.
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16:47 <nox> josevalim: No, I am probably never going to try to add anything else to Erlang.
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16:49 <notriddle> Adding the function arguments to Elixir's backtraces would be pretty nice. At least in debug mode.
16:52 <notriddle> Could we override `raise` instead? So that the function arguments show up even when the error is produced by a direct raise call?
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16:55 <nox> notriddle: I chose not to do it for some reason.
16:56 <nox> notriddle: https://github.com/nox/shippai/blob/master/src/shippai_transform.erl#L54-L78
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16:56 <nox> I transform only erlang:error({badrecord,_}),
16:57 <nox> because that call is most often generated by erlc and not user code.
16:57 <nox> (Because records don't even have their own opcode for raising on match failure, contrary to all the other erlc-generated raises.)
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17:03 <notriddle> That would be because match failure is one of the oldest erlc-generated raises?
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17:05 <nox> notriddle: Yeah.
17:05 <nox> notriddle: I think they all were there since the beginning, or almost at least.
17:05 <nox> rvirding could confirm or infirm.
17:05 <nox> notriddle: And yeah you guessed it right, records landed way after that at least.
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17:07 <notriddle> s/infirm/deny/ | https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/infirm
17:07 <nox> notriddle: Thanks.
17:08 <nox> notriddle: I was thinking "that looks weird" but got lazy.
17:08 <notriddle> Meh. English is weird.
17:09 <notriddle> Though, in this case, having the opposite words (confirm or deny) sound and look nothing alike is probably for the best.
17:09 <notriddle> Same reason military radio always use "afirmative" and "negative" instead of "yes" and "no." They can tell them apart by just counting syllables.
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17:11 <notriddle> It's the same reason I wish Elixirc had a warning for `{ "this is not a string": some_value }`
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17:13 <notriddle> Since atoms conventionally use single-quotes as in `{ 'this is not a string': some_value }`, it should probably suggest the version you probably intended: `{ "this is a string" -> some_value }`
17:13 <notriddle> s/->/=>/
17:14 <notriddle> ... and I forgot the percent sign at the beginning of all those map literals.
17:16 <nox> notriddle: I somewhat remember discussing this for hours with josevalim.
17:17 <nox> notriddle: Where do atoms use single-quotes in Elixir?
17:17 <nox> notriddle: I'm pretty sure I see :"foo" more often.
17:18 <notriddle> Maybe I'm reading the wrong code.
17:18 <notriddle> iex(1)> :"foo" == :'foo'
17:18 <notriddle> true
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17:31 <nox> notriddle: Yeah both works,
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17:31 <nox> I just mean that AFAIK, most code out there uses double quotes.
17:32 <nox> notriddle: I think the rationale is that "foo": looks like :"foo" and so it's ok.
17:32 <notriddle> I understand why the syntax is the way it is.
17:34 <notriddle> I'm just bitter about spending hours trying to figure out why I was decoding some JSON with Poison, but it wasn't matching the pattern I had set up for it. Admittedly, the fact that my brain was still thinking in JSON didn't help...
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19:05 <benwilson512> ok, so I have a list of DNS names as an environment variable, and I want these to be used as sync_nodes_optional
19:07 <benwilson512> trying to figure out how to set config in vm.args or something
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19:10 <benwilson512> I suppose I could have a .config file and use sed but that seems... dirty
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19:13 <tristan__> benwilson512: that is what we do in the start script that comes with relx
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19:23 <micmus> benwilson512: with distillery you could use REPLACE_OS_VARS
19:28 <benwilson512> micmus: what OS var can I put?
19:29 <tristan__> benwilson512: any
19:29 <tristan__> the release start scripts will replace os vars like ${VAR} in your configs
19:30 <micmus> it works both in vm.args and sys.config
19:31 <benwilson512> sorry what I mean is
19:31 <asonge> micmus: this is nice.
19:31 <asonge> TIL
19:31 <benwilson512> at the moment I have sync_nodes_optional: [:"sensetra@ip-172-31-37-78.ec2.internal", :"sensetra@ip-172-31-37-79.ec2.internal"],
19:31 <benwilson512> if I do sync_nodes_optional: "${blah}" that'l work?
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19:32 <tristan__> no, you'll get a string
19:32 <micmus> benwilson512: it's a simple textual substitution, so you could make it work
19:32 <benwilson512> oh cool
19:33 <benwilson512> so I could do
19:33 <benwilson512> sync_nodes_optional: [:"${blah}"]
19:33 <tristan__> yes
19:33 <benwilson512> nice
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19:35 <tristan__> though, I've used it to put integers in vm.args...
19:35 <tristan__> so actually the list might work
19:36 <tristan__> but you aren't doing sys.config, so not sure
19:36 <tristan__> in sys.config it would not, in vm.args it would. this is an issue with systools
19:36 <micmus> the mix configs are translated to sys.config later on for the release
19:36 <tristan__> so depends on how distillery packages the config you are using
19:37 <tristan__> micmus: at run time? if so then it may work
19:37 <tristan__> sync_nodes_optional: ${blah}
19:37 <micmus> no, when it builds the release
19:37 <tristan__> that is, not with quotes
19:37 <tristan__> oh
19:37 <tristan__> then nevermind
19:37 <micmus> yeah, you'd probably need to add that manually to sys.config
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19:53 <benwilson512> is there something like `-config kernel sync_nodes_optional ${blah}`
19:53 <benwilson512> cause then that'd be perfect
19:53 <benwilson512> I'm having trouble finding a reference on vm.args syntax
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19:54 <asonge> benwilson512: it's a string that's just appended to the virtual machine args
19:54 <benwilson512> ah handy
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20:13 <tristan__> benwilson512: you can configure any application config var from vm.args
20:14 <tristan__> -appname varname value
20:14 <benwilson512> ah nice, got a .config file i'm trying out at the moment, will do that if it doesn't work
20:14 <benwilson512> so in my case I could do like `-kernel sync_nodes_optiona 'foo', 'bar'` ?
20:15 <rvirding> nox notriddle : you have to be very careful making changes deep in the compiler. In some places it just "knows" what the machine expects and if you get it wrong the machine can behave strangely.
20:15 <tristan__> benwilson512: sort of:
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20:15 <tristan__> erl -kernel sync_nodes_optional "[a, b]"
20:15 <tristan__> 1> application:get_env(kernel, sync_nodes_optional).
20:15 <tristan__> {ok,[a,b]}
20:15 <benwilson512> ahh nice that's perfect
20:16 <rvirding> I had some trouble with LFE in getting a match to generate a function clause error and not a case clause error.
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20:17 <rvirding> Seems you needed the right annotations for it to do that.
20:17 <rvirding> It still generated an error but not the right one.
20:17 <rvirding> Took a while to find that.
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20:42 <stuck_> I have a pattern matching error trying to call a phoenix controller from a test
20:42 <stuck_> https://pastebin.com/MuJz7wGf
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20:48 <asonge> stuck_: can you post more of the stuff in the test in a gist? that info isn't quite enough. but i'm guessing the problem is probably in your controller. the single test itself is probably good with the controller action/function as well.
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20:57 <stuck_> asonge: https://gist.github.com/codestorm1/ecdb584f616cd7c83a196e04db96b59e
20:58 <asonge> stuck_: gist supports multiple files, btw (just waiting on the test now)
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20:59 <stuck_> ok, one minute
21:04 <stuck_> ok, asonge, updated
21:05 <asonge> oh, you're not using exunit, i'm gonna have to read some docs :)
21:05 <asonge> i think line 65 of the test might be your issue
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21:06 <stuck_> what do you see there?
21:07 <asonge> so, the pattern matching error might be the user_path pattern matching error, if you run phoenix.route, you'll see that the update action for user_path takes an id in the url
21:09 <asonge> even if the user_path matches and emits a url to request, the route in the router isn't going to match because there's no id in the url
21:09 <stuck_> ah, thanks, i think i get what you mean
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21:31 <stuck_> hmm i figured the problem was that ID would be coming in via the URL, not params, but other verbs like delete have it as a param, so no idea what's up. I can't find anywhere user_path is actually created, just usages, maybe it's some phoneix magic?
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21:44 <asonge> stuck_: so, it depends on if the verb takes a body or not.
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22:07 <Ankhers> stuck_: The user_path and other *_path functions come from your router. The router is a bunch of macros that, on compile, will create a module called MyApp.Web.Router.Helpers that will house the various *_path and *_url functions.
22:07 <Ankhers> And I missed that they left.
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22:09 <asonge> np :)
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22:49 <antipax> hey all, does anyone know if the :build_per_environment option for apps in umbrellas is supposed to result in a build-per-environment when compiling from the umbrella?
22:50 <antipax> I suppose that option probably only applies when the project is the one you are building, since config could change compilation for dependencies
22:51 <antipax> would be nice to mark mix projects as build per environment to say they are safe to reuse amongst mix envs
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22:54 <antipax> also I guess protocol consolidation could be affected? nm, sounds like it's probably a bad idea :)
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