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00:18 <bitmod> asonge, what's the difference between User and %User in a controller? (where user is also a model)
00:19 <Ankhers> bitmod: User will refer to the module. %User{} refers to schema defined in the User module.
00:20 <Ankhers> %User{} is the struct.
00:20 <bitmod> Ankhers: ah ok, thanks!
00:20 <asonge> so, User is an alias that refers to some atom based on what you alias earlier, usually :Elixir.User, there is a module that has the name User, and %User{} is a struct
00:20 <asonge> Ankhers: i'd say the schema is actually the module
00:20 <asonge> though i'd have to go rtfm to see what the actual nomenclature is
00:21 <Ankhers> asonge: Yeah, that is why I changed it to be struct.
00:24 <asonge> bitmod: just to be clear, you use `defstruct` to make a struct, and the ecto schema autogenerates a struct based on how you define the schema part. also, model is no longer really the right name for it, because people have bad expectations about models.
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00:26 <bitmod> asonge: can you give me a brief overview of how data is stored and interacted with using ecto?
00:26 <bitmod> i don't think i really grok it yet
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00:27 <asonge> bitmod: so, changesets allow you to define declaratively how to transform a map of raw data into the appropriate struct. when you send the changeset to the repository (which represents the database connection), it can expand into inserts and updates and such.
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00:30 <bitmod> asonge: oh ok, so changeset are basically a medium of exchange between the database and phoenix?
00:30 <asonge> not database and phoenix, per se.
00:31 <bitmod> s/medium of exchange/medium
00:31 <asonge> but between arbitrary input generally, and possibly combined with an existing struct (that represents the data in the database, like in the update case), and the database repo knows how to turn that into storage
00:33 <asonge> bitmod: go ahead and try to inspect a changeset, for instance
00:35 <bitmod> asonge: done
00:35 <asonge> the nice thing about changesets is that they're just normal data, and they are made to "compose", so if your restrictions on creating and updating a piece of data are different, you have different changesets
00:35 <asonge> you can also have a different changeset for changing the password, and the default changeset doesn't include password in the changeset at all, so it's impossible to change the password with a default update
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00:38 <bitmod> asonge: ok tell me if this is right: a changeset is a way of storing (and updating) data (that is defined in the database, e.g. a "user" table) which add conditions to any actions it makes (e.g. inserting, updating, etc)
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00:38 <bitmod> or is there an analogy that might make the concept easier?
00:39 <asonge> bitmod: that's close
00:39 <asonge> but everything is more about "transformation"
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00:39 <asonge> the changeset doesn't actually do any input or output or side effects
00:40 <asonge> (there are a couple kinda exceptions to this*)
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00:52 <alisdair> speaking of changesets, is there an idiomatic way to go from params like `{ "name" : "joe armstrong" }` to a schema with `first_name` and `last_name` fields? right now i just munge the params before handing them to the changeset, but it seems like there should be a `cast_to` function
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02:06 <gaeta_> Does the elixr doc system use readthedocs stuff?
02:13 <asonge> no
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02:40 <scrmpy> Is there anyway to have two projects specify eachother as dependencies but on for testing? Otherwise if not would it make more sense to just restrict the tests to testing the individual projects (without the external functionality) and then my third project that brings everything together should then handle those types of tests (making everything is working correctly with each other)?
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02:41 <asonge> your app dependencies should probably be acyclic.
02:41 <asonge> you can have a third app bring the two together to test them together.
02:41 <scrmpy> ok
02:41 <asonge> or just declare the dependency 1 way.
02:42 <scrmpy> neither of the projects depend on each other in the project itself, it's just in the tests. but yeh I'll just do it with the third project
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05:03 <fishythefish> I'm trying to get started with Elixir and mix new keeps complaining that I have invalid characters in my application name. Can anyone help?
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05:05 <fishythefish> e.g. if I run `mix new hello_world`, I get "** (Mix) Application name must start with a letter and have only lowercase letters, numbers and underscore, got: "hello_world"."
05:06 <fishythefish> I looked at the elixir source, and it appears to be doing a simple regex match, so I don't know why it's failing.
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05:14 <Nicd-> what elixir version?
05:14 <Nicd-> it seems to work fine for me
05:16 <fishythefish> Erlang/OTP 20 [erts-9.0] [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [ds:4:4:10] [async-threads:10] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]
05:17 <fishythefish> Although then it gives me a crash dump due to "init terminating in do_boot" (I'm only running elixir -v)
05:17 <micmus> fishythefish: OTP 20 release candidate is not yet officially supported
05:17 <micmus> you'll need a stable version of OTP
05:17 <fishythefish> Ah, okay. I'm using whatever pacman provides on Arch, so figures
05:17 <micmus> or compile elixir master manually
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05:17 <fishythefish> Okay, thanks for the help!
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11:18 <Siyo> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7869592/how-to-do-an-update-join-in-postgresql
11:18 <Siyo> is this possible with Ecto update_all?
11:19 <Siyo> I don't see a way to specify a different table in UPDATE and FROM, so I'm thinking no. But maybe I'm not seeing something
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11:21 <zealsham_> its gonna take me time before i become productive with elixir
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11:28 <zealsham_> how do you work with database in elixir
11:29 <Siyo> nevermind, I can use joins in ecto
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12:11 <Nicd-> zealsham_: Ecto is the usual DB library
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13:25 <juan_> hey guys I'm thinking of starting a new project and want to use phoenix instead of rails for it
13:25 <juan_> which version should I use 1.3 or 1.2?
13:26 <juan_> will it be a pain to upgrade to 1.3 if I just use 1.2 now?
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13:51 <iFire> juan_: I personally used 1.3 rc becaus it was a prototype project
13:51 <iFire> but in other projects I had to revert back
13:51 <iFire> because I had problems with exadmin at that point
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13:52 <asonge> juan_: the pain is mostly up to you. upgrading to 1.3 in a project won't require changing from 1.2 to 1.3 project structure *but* the generators will be different, and you'll probably want to move it over to 1.3 structure
13:53 <juan_> asonge: ok I guess I'll just go with 1.3 then
13:53 <juan_> thanks guys
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13:54 <asonge> juan_: there is probably still some 1.3-rc internal changes, but i think most of these are around how umbrellas work in the new generators
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14:23 <guest093842> Hello. I'm trying to use the link function within a template to generate a form that uses the delete method. However, I need the form to be inside a pair of <p> tags. Normally, the link function handles this fine, but when I use the method option to turn it into a form, it won't generate HTML within the tags. Any ideas?
14:23 <guest093842> Hope that makes sense.
14:28 <guest093842> To clarify - I need to generate html like: <p> <form> stuff </form </p>, but when I use an HTTP method other than GET, the html output looks like: <p></p> <form> stuff </form> <p></p>
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14:43 <embik> quick question, how do I print an Ecto.DateTime more beautiful in a (Phoenix) template?
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15:06 <benwilson512> guest093842: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1022041/why-doesnt-form-nested-in-p-validate-as-xhtml
15:06 <benwilson512> if you're looking at your inspector, it's likely your browser that is rewriting the dom not phoenix
15:07 <benwilson512> if you do view source you'll see how it comes raw from phoenix
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15:09 <guest093842> Thank you benwilson512, I'll take a look now
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15:10 <benwilson512> guest093842: basically, it's invalid HTML, so don't do that ;)
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15:28 <nox> What is?
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15:32 <nox> benwilson512: The invalid part is the </p>. :)
15:32 <benwilson512> form is a block element and from the link at least p doesn't permit block element children
15:33 <nox> That's just author requirements, and has no influence on what the hell is happening in the page.
15:33 <nox> When parsing <form> in <p><form>..., <form> closes the <p> element.
15:33 <nox> That's legal syntax.
15:34 <benwilson512> fair, I suppose then my point is that the closing p tag is expected given the location of form?
15:35 <nox> See 'A start tag whose tag name is "form"' in https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/syntax.html#parsing-main-inbody
15:35 <nox> benwilson512: The </p> in the source in SO is a parse error, because the current element isn't a <p> anymore at this point.
15:37 <nox> https://irccloud.mozilla.com/pastebin/mUwKxtNa/
15:37 <nox> ^ This is valid.
15:37 <nox> But <form> follows <p>, it's not its child.
15:38 <benwilson512> I'm very glad I'm not in the business of parsing html
15:39 <iFire> if I Was using riak would be recommended to integrate the server in the app
15:39 <iFire> or run it seperate
15:39 <iFire> That forces my app to be ran in 3+ (odd number) mode though
15:39 <nox> benwilson512: Ah ah.
15:40 <nox> benwilson512: It's quite boring, just transcribe the spec into code and you are done.
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15:54 <elixir1298> Hi everyone, is there a particular way one is supposed to learn what behaviors/protocols are implemented for a particular module?
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16:05 <iFire> elixir1298: do you have a specific use?
16:06 <zodiak__> is compile time settings still the "best way" to do testing of external api calls inside a function ? I am so used to mock it's not even funny (python has probably warped my mind for good :)
16:06 <zodiak__> when switching between dev/test and prod obv
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16:07 <elixir1298> iFire: I was just reading the elixir "Getting Started" guide and it mentioned the Size protocol, but I can't seem to find the protocol defined anywhere.
16:08 <elixir1298> iFire: the api docs only list 5 total protocols.
16:09 <iFire> elixir1298: https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/v1.0.5/lib/elixir/lib/dict.ex#L328
16:09 <iFire> reading through it
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16:11 <iFire> https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/blob/531975610fce41be29f8d177baf3034fe8064c2b/lib/elixir/lib/kernel.ex#L3897
16:12 <iFire> found some documentation
16:13 <iFire> https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Kernel.html#defprotocol/2 same version of that page
16:13 <iFire> elixir1298: directly mentions size protocol example
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16:15 <elixir1298> iFire: Ah, okay. I didn't read the guide closely enough: "The protocol definition would look like this"...
16:16 <elixir1298> elixir1298: it's just a hypothetical implementation.
16:16 <elixir1298> iFire: ack. replied to myself.
16:16 <elixir1298> iFire: Thanks for your help.
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16:27 <returntrip> anyone available for some help with installing erlang/elixir via asdf on arch linux?
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17:21 <Nicd-> returntrip: if you have a problem, you should state it so people can help if they are around
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17:24 <michaelwla> hi everybody! I have trouble testing my applications logic in phoenix 1.2.3. If my logic lives in /lib/myapplication, where should i put the test modules? In /test/myapplication or in /lib/test? how do I load them in then?
17:25 <returntrip> sure, sorry: I have the following problem: On Arch Linuxm. When I try to install erlang 19.3 using asdf, while erlang is compiled, I get this error: " CC ../priv/obj/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/crypto.o
17:25 <returntrip> crypto.c:131:28: fatal error: openssl/chacha.h: No such file or directory
17:25 <returntrip> #include <openssl/chacha.h>". I have openssl installed (AFAIK the dev files are contained in the openssl package). I am wondering if someone else has had a similar issue and managed to fix it.
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17:33 <Nicd-> michaelwla: mix new creates the standard project structure and tests, that should show you where stuff is
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17:35 <michaelwla> Nicd: but it didn't create any test directory for my application modules, only for the things under /web
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17:36 <Nicd-> mix new does not create a /web :)
17:36 <Nicd-> that's phoenix
17:37 <michaelwla> o.0 I see your point now.
17:37 <Nicd-> anyway you should be able to reference your files in lib in tests just like normal
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17:38 <Nicd-> like in any other code
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19:15 <Ankhers> Does anyone have experience in Phoenix with sending the locale as part of the route? I need example.com/en/foo and example.com/foo to go to the same page. Basically, the locale is optional and it will default if one is not provided.
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20:06 <Ioyrie> Ankhers: can't you just have them all defined and have the same controller method to govern both routes?
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22:42 <iFire> reem: install openssl
22:42 <iFire> returnthis:
22:42 <iFire> hmm
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22:57 <zealsham_> how do you recomend going about learning elixir
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22:59 <iFire> zealsham_: I have a very hard time reading manuals without a goal. I would recommend either starting a small bit on a project or using exerism's examples
22:59 <iFire> like either toy problems or an actual usecase
23:00 <zealsham_> do you mind giving a small project to tackle cuz i find it hard defining what is small in elixir land
23:01 <iFire> zealsham_: what's your usecase?
23:01 <iFire> why write whatever you are doing in elixir rather ruby
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23:02 <zealsham_> iFire: was asked to learn elixir in my job
23:02 <zealsham_> ave never dabled with functional languages before
23:03 <iFire> zealsham_: can you talk about work's reason for wanting to use elixir
23:03 <zealsham_> to build concurrent web apps
23:04 <iFire> that's not a reason
23:04 <iFire> web apps that perform over large loads is a reason
23:04 <iFire> web apps that handle latency over blah blah range is a reason
23:04 <iFire> web apps that have high reliability is a reason
23:05 <zealsham_> iFire: like i said am quite new to elixir , but i think the reason you gave above is the same thing my boss says
23:06 <iFire> zealsham_: what's the closest thing to your work problem I would try to make a really small version of it. You don't have to tell me.
23:08 <zealsham_> i get it
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23:12 <gausby> zealsham_: You can start out by getting comfortable with pattern matching and recursion. I made this task for my local user group a while back, perhaps it can help you https://github.com/cphex/enum_workshop
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23:28 <iFire> scrogson: do you know what the orginal usecase for jabba is? I'm looking for webinterfaces with elixir on xmpp.
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