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00:27 <hexkey[m]> I have a question: are there any docs about the automatic multithreading/optimization that BEAM does?
00:29 <hexkey[m]> I'm trying to compare the speed of a program (I have single/multithreaded versions of it), and there's very little difference
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00:33 <dimitarvp> hexkey[m]: That's a pretty generic question. Speaking of multitasking, Erlang/Elixir are chosen for fault tolerance and transparent distribution of work.
00:33 <dimitarvp> What do you compare, and with what?
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00:35 <asonge> hexkey[m]: what kind of docs do you want? details on how the current versions of schedulers work to schedule and run a process?
00:35 <hexkey[m]> I have two implementations of mergesort. The first is the really basic one that googling 'elixir mergesort' turns up, the second one uses the Task module/ Task.await. I timed them with a timer that nabs the current montonic time.
00:35 <hexkey[m]> (Also I can toss them up on a paste if needed)
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00:37 <hexkey[m]> My working theory is that It's already being optimized/multithreaded, and the multithreaded version I wrote just adds overhead
00:38 <hexkey[m]> But I'm looking into other possibilities too
00:39 <asonge> hexkey[m]: it helps to not think of this as multithreading, but you're just making it schedulable in chunks. but yeah, all parallel algorithms make tradeoffs between communication overhead or coordination over shared memory/resources, and efficient (in terms of heat) vs latency and such
00:39 <asonge> and efficiency vs latency*
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00:45 <hexkey[m]> Right, thanks. I'm just trying to mess around and see exactly how much control I have over the scheduling.
00:47 <asonge> the best way to quickly understand it that i can remember, is that there's some talks
00:47 <benwilson512> well so keep in mind that with all CPU bound tasks you aren't gonna get any more speed up than there are CPU cores
00:47 <asonge> ^^^ that too.
00:47 <benwilson512> so if you're spawning far more tasks than CPu cores
00:47 <asonge> also the coordination step at the end with await() is going to be costly
00:48 <benwilson512> it's just adding overhead
00:48 <asonge> not costly per se, but you might be waiting on 1 process more than another
00:49 <asonge> (this is kinda why flow exists, to try to flexibly minimize multi-stage parallel process latency on medium-sized heterogenous workloads)
00:50 <hexkey[m]> flow as in pipeing? I'm not sure I've heard of that before
00:50 <asonge> https://hexdocs.pm/flow/Flow.html
00:51 <hexkey[m]> Ah.
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00:51 <asonge> and heterogenous here means io and cpu bound stuff kinda mixed together
00:53 <asonge> flow might not be the most efficient for something CPU bound, but you might be in the ball park, and you can easily refactor a flow workflow into any custom algorithm you come up with if you make all your flow functions into private functions
00:53 <tristan__> hexkey[m]: it is not "already multithreaded", code will be sequential if you write it sequential
00:53 <asonge> ^^^ also that.
00:53 <tristan__> but just because you spawn processes doesn't mean it'll be faster than sequential version. it adds overhead
00:57 <benwilson512> yeah my favorite is
00:57 <benwilson512> stream |> Stream.map(&Task.async(&blah)) |> Stream.map(&Task.await)
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00:59 <asonge> some days i wonder if the elixir docs might benefit from some kind of way to make warning boxes and tip boxes in the docs. the "you should probably use yield" clause in Task.await could be more prominent.
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01:40 <cfreeze> Is it true that GenServer is actually two processes?
01:43 <asonge> cfreeze: iirc, no?
01:44 <cfreeze> I didn't think so
01:44 <asonge> cfreeze: sometimes there are middleman processes depending
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01:46 <alisdair> gen_statem uses an insterstitial process to mediate client timeouts
01:46 <alisdair> there was talk of doing the same for gen_server but i don't think that has happened
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01:47 <cfreeze> I'm trying to think of a situation where you wouldn't use a genserver but you want your process to maintain state and receive messages to transform your state.
01:48 <asonge> gen_server is a larger mental model, so at least for teaching reasons, writing your own server isn't horribad.
01:49 <cfreeze> As in, is there ever a situation where you forgo the use of a genserver and instead spawn a process to loop over a receive do block
01:49 <asonge> also, if you really really want high performance where you *know* where all the time is spent, you can make your own thing kinda like gen_server
01:49 <cfreeze> That would be the case then
01:49 <asonge> cfreeze: selective receive stuff, which gen_statem kinda does
01:50 <asonge> gen_statem is way way more complicated than gen_server, but it does amazing things
01:51 <cfreeze> Well, would there be any difference between a process and a genserver if you had your receive statement call handle_info on a module stored in state?
01:51 <cfreeze> (in your process)
01:51 <asonge> you could reimplement parts of the API for your own gen_server-ish implementation, sure.
01:51 <cfreeze> Is it slower than a case statement? I wouldn't think so but I'm unsure.
01:52 <asonge> it's another function call, so kinda/sorta slower i think, but the speed difference is probably negligible
01:52 <cfreeze> I see
01:52 <cfreeze> Thanks for the info
01:52 <asonge> the speed stuff i was talking about was more like gen_server starting synchronously for init(), so if you're spawning a ton of short-lived processes, that's a synchronous coordination thing
01:53 <cfreeze> Oh, so there's no reason to use a GenServer if you stop it soon after?
01:53 <asonge> that's why cowboy might not use a gen_server to represent an http connection, for instance.
01:53 <cfreeze> That does happen to be what I'm trying to understand haha
01:53 <cfreeze> I'm looking at cowboy's http module
01:54 <asonge> (this is also why cowboy isn't easy to hot code upgrade, possibly...but you could use the proc_lib module to make something close)
01:54 <asonge> cfreeze: you understand what i'm saying that gen_server.start() and the init callback are synchronous?
01:54 <cfreeze> Yes, they block
01:55 <asonge> right, so that ups the latency to a round trip to the process
01:55 <cfreeze> Yeah I gotcha
01:55 <asonge> spawn -> message -> init process acks when it completes -> spawn returns
01:55 <cfreeze> its two extra function calls, but could make a difference if you're min maxing
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01:56 <asonge> well, it's not just a function call
01:56 <asonge> it's also two context switches to a new process
01:56 <cfreeze> Oh and those are synchronous too
01:56 <cfreeze> vs just spawn
01:56 <cfreeze> which is not
01:57 <asonge> right
01:57 <cfreeze> So why not just spawn a task to start your genservers? haha
01:57 <asonge> but in the general case, a ton of stuff that can go wrong if you just spawn and the process dies right off the bat. it's really simple to have a place for you to initialize the state, and if that can't happen, to return an error.
01:58 <asonge> gen_server is all about the general case
01:58 <cfreeze> But in cowboy's case if that happens you don't care because it's HTTP
01:58 <asonge> well, it spawns a process to handle each connection from an acceptor pool
01:58 <asonge> it wants to return to the pool ASAP
01:58 <cfreeze> yes, ranch does that
01:58 <cfreeze> at least I believe so
01:58 <asonge> yes
01:59 <cfreeze> So still though, if you care about returning to the pool ASAP why couldn't you use genservers and but start them asynchronously using a task or process?
01:59 <cfreeze> Or is the reason why they don't do that just because it's pointless overhead?
01:59 <asonge> well, you pay for the abstraction later
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02:00 <asonge> so you're trading using a gen_server for total capacity (since you spawn 2 pids instead of 1)
02:00 <cfreeze> though one pid will usually die very quickly becuase it's just waiting for the genserver to start, sending the genserver pid to the appropriate place, and stopping
02:01 <asonge> i'd also say that the lifecycle of an http request that is spent in a gen_server isn't exactly relevant for cowboy.
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02:01 <cfreeze> What about HTTP's keepalive feature? Would that make more sense for a genserver?
02:01 <asonge> if you were doing something rather special-purpose, sure.
02:02 <asonge> that kind of stuff are where cowboy's early bugs were from
02:02 <cfreeze> Ah
02:02 <cfreeze> hmm
02:02 <cfreeze> Good stuff to know
02:02 <asonge> it's all a system of tradeoffs
02:03 <asonge> but the time you waste in rewriting something to be a gen_server, and then you decide for it not to be and rewrite it...that time difference is nothing
02:03 <asonge> but i'd say have fun writing your own replacement for fun. it's good to learn. also the source for it isn't that complicated.
02:03 <cfreeze> No it's really not
02:03 <cfreeze> Just tedious when it comes to reading the http parsing stuff haha
02:04 <cfreeze> Thanks for your wisdom!
02:05 <tristan__> I like mochiweb/elli's method better. spawn a new acceptor instead of passing the connection off to a new process
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02:21 <asonge> tristan__: are there any obvious performance differences between the two methods?
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02:22 <asonge> i'd imagine the elli way has lower latency in the case where you always have enough acceptors
02:27 <tristan__> yea, that is it
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05:44 <zlf> help
05:45 <asonge> zlf: what's up?
05:45 <zlf> sorry,i'm new
05:45 <asonge> no problem. what are you having issues with?
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05:49 <zlf> I don't know how to find phoenix's defination in alchemist
05:49 <asonge> what do you mean?
05:52 <asonge> if you're trying to jump to definition, i don't know much about emacs + alchemist stuff, though there is a slack channel specifically for that, iirc
06:02 <zlf> thank you
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08:10 <dmilith> IMHO adding dependency on gettext was a mistake. It basically crashes every deploy on every system,.. cause no system has it by default.. except linuxes maybe
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08:15 <asonge> dmilith: the elixir gettext library is in elixir.
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08:34 <dmilith> could not compile dependency :gettext, "mix compile" failed. You can recompile this dependency with "mix deps.compile gettext", update it with "mix deps.update gettext" or clean it with "mix deps.clean gettext"
08:34 <dmilith> yea, that's why I can't build it for sure ;)
08:34 <asonge> dmilith: there is no dependency on gettext, the system library. it doesn't interface with C.
08:34 <* sevenseacat> gets popcorn
08:34 <asonge> you can read the source.
08:36 <dmilith> anyway, after deps.update and stuff on latest OTP - http://s.verknowsys.com/fb7d7bd3e04c35c29c07e6000d69f98d.png
08:36 <asonge> latest OTP being 20.0-rc1?
08:36 <dmilith> no, latest production ready OTP.
08:36 <sevenseacat> I've seen other people posting issues about erlang 20 rc
08:37 <sevenseacat> and what version is that?
08:37 <OliverMT> otp20 is not supported
08:37 <dmilith> at least one of latest then erts-8.2.2 ;)
08:37 <asonge> well, that's 19.x, i think
08:38 <asonge> something must've broken with yecc
08:38 <asonge> the parser erlang module is generated by the yecc compiler (which is part of erlang)
08:40 <dmilith> well.. I couldn't compile it with first version of phoenix.. I can't compile it now.. That's why I'm saying ;)
08:42 <sevenseacat> ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
08:42 <asonge> that's erlang 19.2.3, i should see if i can grab that real quick
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08:48 <asonge> ahrm, it all compiled fine here.
08:48 <asonge> dmilith: how'd you install erlang?
08:48 <dmilith> built from source
08:49 <asonge> can you try to gist the file with the compile error?
08:49 <asonge> i'm interested in what possibly went wrong
08:49 <asonge> since i can't reproduce
08:49 <dmilith> exactly like this: --enable-threads --with-dynamic-trace=dtrace --enable-fp-exceptions --enable-hipe --enable-kernel-poll --enable-smp-support --enable-sctp --with-ssl=${PREFIX} --disable-debug --enable-vm-probes --with-odbc=${PREFIX} --enable-native-libs --with-libatomic_ops=${PREFIX}
08:50 <dmilith> sure
08:50 <asonge> it should be deps/gettext/src/gettext_po_parser.erl
08:50 <dmilith> this is weird part: lib/erlang/lib/parsetools-2.1.4/include/yeccpre.hrl:84: function yeccpars2/7 undefined
08:51 <asonge> where does that happen?
08:51 <dmilith> on compilation of gettext dependency
08:51 <dmilith> right after parse errors
08:51 <asonge> because that sounds like it's something wrong
08:51 <asonge> with your erlang install
08:52 <dmilith> https://gist.github.com/dmilith/8c9364c41fcd2aa99802717778f1204d
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08:52 <dmilith> yea, everything works, except gettext. Using this build since 2012
08:52 <dmilith> on 20+ productions too ;)
08:53 <asonge> i wonder if you ran out of memory or something weird.
08:53 <dmilith> 32GiB RAM on local workstation
08:53 <dmilith> 61% in use
08:53 <asonge> well, this output is corrupted in some way
08:53 <josevalim> dmilith: can you consistently reproduce it?
08:53 <josevalim> if you nuke "rm -rf deps/gettext", does the error come back?
08:54 <dmilith> josevalim: yea, it happens since first version of phoenix with gettext support.. I removed these from my projects cause of it
08:54 <dmilith> but some are not from my hand, so not yet done
08:54 <asonge> there's just a bunch of blank lines where there should be more text
08:55 <dmilith> that's why I thought it's some external C module I'm missing.. but if it's native.. then I have no clue wtf
08:55 <josevalim> dmilith: it is really weird. i have never heard about it before
08:55 <dmilith> asonge: just opened what mix deps.update gettext gave me
08:55 <dmilith> the only thing different is PREFIX set not to /usr/local mess
08:56 <dmilith> build options are the same since OTP 17
08:56 <dmilith> I'm using own builds cause other couldn't be trusted, that's why
08:56 <asonge> you're either triggering a bug in erlang, or you've got some kind of mixed set of erlang modules in your path and the wrong beam files are running
08:56 <asonge> or something like that
08:56 <dmilith> but it's exactly the same process
08:56 <dmilith> well.. I'm walking bug trigger. That wouldn't be surprise :D
08:57 <dmilith> ok, but jokes aside. If you have any ideas what might be wrong here.. with just normal build.. then I'd be happy to test it out :)
08:57 <asonge> yeah, the yecc compiler takes .yrl and spits out .erl, and that output is what's corrupted.
08:57 <dmilith> or maybe rebuild it with some explicit options or stuff like that..
08:58 <dmilith> asonge: but other extensions build just fine, except that gettext one
08:58 <dmilith> I mean both mix/ rebar/ rebar3 deps
08:58 <asonge> dmilith: do other extensions use the yecc compiler?
08:58 <asonge> yecc usage is usually rather limited
08:58 <dmilith> this is a very good question ;>
08:58 <dmilith> no clue tbh
08:58 <sammers> hi all
08:59 <dmilith> I don't know Erlang build system too much (yet)
08:59 <dmilith> so please excuse my lack of knowledge in that matter
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08:59 <asonge> see if you can compile erlydtl https://github.com/erlydtl/erlydtl
08:59 <josevalim> elixir also has a .yrl file. can you clone elixir and compile it from source?
09:03 <dmilith> josevalim: when I build Elixir bundle, I'm actually building each dependency of OTP, then OTP, then Elixir from source.
09:03 <dmilith> each with closed dependencies (from PREFIX/lib + libs from OS)
09:04 <dmilith> I'm starting to think that compile options that crash Erlang like -ftrapv might be the reason
09:04 <dmilith> I'm using more compiler switches than default builds
09:05 <dmilith> will try to rebuild it without any special compiler options later and let You know if that problem happens
09:05 <sevenseacat> less winky faces now, funny
09:05 <dmilith> (just to be clear - passing -ftrapv to compiler while building OTP will cause int overflow and SIGABRT on workstation sleep)
09:06 <dmilith> since Erlang doesn't care about bug reports (switched to Jira) I'm unable to give them info about that too..
09:07 <asonge> dmilith: they do accept PRs if you have a patch
09:09 <dmilith> I guess Erlang masters would know that it's about :timer making integer overflow while machine being in sleep.. Since ftrapv prevents from integer overflows by switching handler to ABRT (instead of SEGV for example), that's why i got SIGABRT on each wakeup. I did launchd script to just restart it but still I have no clue how to fix it in BEAM ;)
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09:10 <dmilith> I guess I might be completely wrong in guessing too.. and there's other reason why BEAM is throwing ABRT when built with hardening options
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09:13 <asonge> there's probably many reasons, tbqh
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09:50 <dmilith> the worst of all is that every clean project is trying to get that gettext by force :sigh:
09:50 <dmilith> even in project where I see no gettext even used
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10:05 <asonge> That doesn't make much sense
10:06 <asonge> deps.lock should get a specific version for all, and there are no global deps
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10:59 <dmilith> yea, it's dependency of a dependency of a dependency.
10:59 <dmilith> do You maybe know any other project using yacc?
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11:00 <dmilith> (to test that trouble case)
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11:48 <dmilith> anyone remembers how to convert {1, 2, 3, 4} to an IP without parsing it manually?
11:49 <dmilith> :inet.parse_address for making to {} form.. but the other direction?
11:50 <inoas> I am a newb but this may help http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20829348/how-to-join-strings-in-elixir
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11:50 <inoas> to_string/1 and to_charlist/1 something you can look into
11:51 <josevalim> dmilith: {a, b, c, d} = ip; "#{a}.#{b}.#{c}.#{d}"
11:51 <dmilith> oh dear
11:51 <dmilith> I tried "#{a}.#{b}.#{c}.#{d}" = {46, 101, 118, 71}
11:51 <josevalim> or ip |> Tuple.to_list |> Enum.join(".")
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11:52 <dmilith> thx
11:53 <inoas> I like the latter :) (as that's the way my brain works :p) - but the first one is pretty pattern matchy <3
11:53 <gazler> benwilson512: Does ExAWS have any support built in for uploading directories to s3?
11:53 <inoas> maybe those examples should be in the string chapter ?
11:53 <dmilith> yea, I was just curious if Elixir already have that :)
11:53 <dmilith> so I was looking in API ;)
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11:56 <inoas> I wish I had more time learning into Elixir + Phoenix :(
11:56 <inoas> seems I also missed http://www.elixirconf.eu/
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11:57 <josevalim> there is elixirldn in august and elixirconf.us in september :)
11:58 Topic for
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12:09 <ciawal> oh cool, a london one
12:09 <ciawal> hopefully I can go
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12:12 <m00dy> Hi guys
12:12 <m00dy> how's going
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12:18 <dimitarvp> <insert Griffin's voice> Going? How it's going? For me personally, good, things are good. Except if we're in the possible future when... <insert 5 minutes of speech>
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13:03 <benwilson512> gazler: not really no, although it should be easy enough to stitch together with Path.expand |> Flow/Task.async_stream(upload)
13:06 <josevalim> Elixir v1.4.3 is out. if anyone can update Elixir on archlinux, it will be very appreciated
13:06 <josevalim> (and homebrew etc)
13:07 <gazler> benwilson512: Yeah, I did something like that. Just wanted to check there was nothing built in I was missing.
13:07 <dimitarvp> josevalim: thanks!
13:07 <gazler> benwilson512: Did you fix your websocket issue btw?
13:08 <benwilson512> yup yeah I accidentally had an older version of my nginx guy in staging :(
13:08 <benwilson512> user error....
13:09 <Nicd-> josevalim: not on homebrew yet
13:18 <Nicd-> josevalim: make test passes on arch linux with erlang 20 rc1
13:18 <Nicd-> anything I should try?
13:18 <fishcakez> Nicd-: the maintener of package should update the package 😀
13:18 <linduxed> hey guys! let's say that i've got some high-res source image that gets run through rmagick, or something like that. over on whatever storage solution one uses, there are now at least two files: "thumb.png" and "full.png"
13:18 <fishcakez> You probably don't want to use otp 20 RC yet
13:18 <fishcakez> Rather wait for otp 20 final
13:19 <linduxed> one way of storing links to these images would be to have a database column that is called "thumbnail_url" and one called "full_image_url"
13:19 <ljarvis> linduxed: same thing applies :)
13:19 <linduxed> ljarvis: no harm in getting the opinion of multiple channels ;-)
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13:19 <Nicd-> fishcakez: too late! :D
13:19 <linduxed> an alternative would be to generate links that have hardcoded suffixes, such as "thumb.png", "full.png" and so on
13:20 <linduxed> ljarvis thinks that the alternative is fine, what do you guys think?
13:20 <Nicd-> just have to make sure I don't reboot my production phoenix :P
13:20 <fishcakez> Nicd-: yeah the person doing arch Linux package should have a word with themselves
13:21 <Nicd-> I wonder why they pushed rc1 to arch
13:21 <Nicd-> but I run production stuff on arch so I can't really complain
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13:46 <drewolson> josevalim: installed via asdf on mac. all it working. scrivener / scrivener_ecto test suites all pass. thanks for the release.
13:46 <josevalim> thanks for checking!
13:48 <josevalim> Nicd-: i have heard that's their philosphy, which is understandable, but i was surprised that they also include RCs
13:48 <Nicd-> yeah usually they don't add RCs
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13:57 <Nicd-> josevalim: I'm guessing the reason for the RC is that they got rid of a few thousand lines of OpenSSL patches
13:57 <Nicd-> josevalim: https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/community.git/commit/trunk?h=packages/erlang&id=fd4dd0ddaf8674047ce9b0cad893f66125c5e66f
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14:24 <josevalim> there is a bug in v1.4.3 pease hold updating packages until v1.4.4 is out
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14:24 <Nicd-> oh noo
14:24 <Nicd-> :D
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14:29 <sevenseacat> ah noo
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15:05 <josevalim> ok, v1.4.4 is out. if you updated any package manager, please let them know there is a new version out
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15:28 <Ankhers> If I call GenServer.stop(pid) and it just hangs, is there anything I can do to debug it?
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16:46 <chrismccord> Ankhers : by default it will use timeout: :infinity
16:46 <chrismccord> Ankhers : likely the process is busy working through a message backlog
16:47 <chrismccord> you can use Process.info to see what its mailbox looks like
16:47 <Ankhers> chrismccord: Thanks. I'll look into that.
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18:57 <patientplatypus_> hi
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18:57 <patientplatypus> hi
18:58 <patientplatypus> i was wondering if there were a good service that people used to deploy phoenix projects
18:58 <patientplatypus> i was trying to follow this guide https://content.nanobox.io/phoenix-vue-js-running-in-minutes/, however it doesnt seem to work
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19:05 <tonyc> what "doesn't work"
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19:20 <kornelgora> Hi is good to start learning elixir as first language??
19:24 <asonge> kornelgora: it's probably not bad because it's a really small language, but there probably aren't as many beginner-friendly resources so it's a tossup.
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19:28 <mspo> the environment is a bit complex too
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19:42 <alisdair> josevalim/micmus: would you consider a pr for ecto that added named bindings (rather than indexed)?
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20:00 <micmus> alisdair: the primary issue is backwards compatibility
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20:00 <micmus> We could break some things and release ecto 3, but there are probably some more things to do when doing so, besides just the query syntax changes
20:01 <benwilson512> micmus I wonder if it could be done via an additional library
20:01 <benwilson512> at the end of the day you're just creating a struct
20:01 <alisdair> yeah, i wrote a lib that does it
20:01 <benwilson512> alisdair: public?
20:01 <alisdair> no
20:01 <alisdair> it's not very robust
20:01 <alisdair> it does just enough for what i need
20:01 <benwilson512> ah yea
20:01 <alisdair> but i'd prefer if it was part of ecto so i don't need to worry about updating it
20:04 <alisdair> i'm doing queries with dynamic numbers of joins
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20:04 <micmus> to be honest, ideally I would like to write a simpler low-level lib for building queries and base ecto on top of that. The current implementation is really complex and hard to extend
20:04 <alisdair> yeah
20:05 <alisdair> i thought i could support multiple selects relatively easily
20:05 <micmus> That requires time, though :(
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20:05 <alisdair> but there's no real intermediate layer between the select macro dsl and the ast
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20:06 <alisdair> so it requires i join tables, track my binding index, then generate the ast directly myself after all joins are performed
20:07 <asonge> alisdair: this is exactly my use-case
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