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00:19 <seaword> With ecto, is it possible to issue a delete statement without performing a select? So basically this statement: DELETE FROM post WHERE id = 1;
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00:41 <asonge> seaword: yes
00:41 <seaword> asonge: I figured it out: `Repo.delete_all(from s in Session, where: s.id == ^id and s.user_id == ^current_user.id)`
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00:56 <Radar> Don't think you need the user_id part of that query... except seaword is now gone :(
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00:59 <asonge> Radar: it might be a good extra measure
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01:22 <mmonkeyking> Is there a way to use Phoenix Channels with vanilla JS/jQuery? App was started with --no-brunch and no other build tool is being used.
01:25 <bitmod> is bitwalker ever on this channel?
01:30 <meh`> is there a way to log rescued errors? Logger.error doesn't like the rescued value
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01:51 <bitwalker> bitmod: I'm always passively here, sometimes actively
01:52 <bitwalker> meh`: I would just use Exception.message, which returns the error as a formatted string
01:52 <meh`> bitwalker, nah, I wanted Exception.format/3
01:53 <bitmod> bitwalker: ah ok great! i've seen a lot of the tools you've developed for deploying phoenix, and am just wondering if you're working on an actual deploy tool that massively simplifies the process
01:54 <meh`> also how would I go about doing a `Foo.unquote(name)`?
01:54 <meh`> as in, I want the macro to call `Foo.bar` if `name = :bar`
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01:55 <bitmod> i think it would add a huge amount of value to the ecosystem, as a the moment deployment seems to be quite tricky. I would do it myself, but i figured you've got a huge amount of experience in this area and might have started something already
01:55 <meh`> I can't use apply because bar might be another macro
01:55 <meh`> (it is)
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01:56 <bitwalker> bitmod: be right back and I'll answer your question :)
01:57 <bitmod> bitwalker: no worries ;)
01:59 <benwilson512> meh`: you could probably just build the AST of a function / macro call
01:59 <benwilson512> and then call Macro.expand
02:00 <meh`> benwilson512, no unquote fragment magic available?
02:00 <benwilson512> meh`: not that I can think of for that syntax
02:00 <meh`> :(
02:01 <benwilson512> I feel like dynamic macro calling may be something to avoid but
02:01 <benwilson512> dunno about the use case
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02:11 <bitwalker> bitmod: there are already some efforts in that area, namely edeliver and gatling, there is one based on capistrano as well but I can't recall the name off the top of my head, they are all efforts which build on top of distillery as the packaging tool and underlying release handler, but layer on automation for the deploy bits
02:12 <bitwalker> I personally don't have a need for those tools, so I don't think I'm the right person to tackle the development of them, distillery keeps me pretty busy as it is ;)
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02:24 <bitmod> bitwalker: oh nice, didn't know about those tools. and yeah, i guess all your projects keep you busy enough xP i was trying to deploy a new phoenix project to DO the other day and had a lot of trouble, eventually i gave up after a couple of days trying to get it to work, and just used nanobox, which is a cool tool. But i thought it would be great if there was a tool like nanobox (maybe not so polished)
02:24 <bitmod> elixir devs could use to easily deploy their apps to the cloud
02:25 <bitmod> maybe that's something i could work on if i get the time
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02:47 <ssswitch> i had some success deploying to heroku with my elixir app
02:47 <Zarathu> oh, good
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02:48 <ssswitch> very basic stuff though
02:48 <ssswitch> i used the buildpack on the phoenix docs site
02:49 <Zarathu> meh`: I just did this, sec
02:50 <Zarathu> meh`: rescue e ->; e |> Exception.message |> IO.inspect
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06:56 <m1dnight1> Hey guys, my slack bot has a dodgy dependency (Elixir_Slack) and I want my entire app to shut down when the connection fails, so systemd can restart it for me, does that sound reasonable?
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06:57 <m1dnight1> I don't know why it doesn't crash entirely, though.
06:57 <m1dnight1> I see this in my output: "21:02:16.419 [info] Application ohai_irc exited: shutdown", but I don't think the entire VM is actually shutting down, eventhough Im running with the prod environment.
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06:58 <m1dnight1> I recall reading that the prod environment will just kill the entire VM if anything fails
06:58 <m1dnight1> (fails to restart the root supervisor, that is)
06:59 <m1dnight1> https://github.com/m1dnight/slackbot/blob/master/lib/supervisor/connection.ex for reference, this is my root supervisor
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08:09 <ariejan> Hi. I'm new to Elixir and currently in the process of writing an Elixir app to connect to slack, process messages and send back responses. There may be outside triggers (like webhooks) that send message to Slack. I've found elixir-slack and I'm able to connect/send/receive messages. The question is, what would be a good way to model this architecturally? A new GenServer to handle Slack interactions? What about callbacks for incoming messages?
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09:22 <soud> hey guys, in phoenix, I'm trying to make a route like this: `/posts/:id.wav`, but it fails with ":identifier in routes must be made of letters, numbers and underscores". is there a way to make a route like that?
09:23 <gazler> soud: No, but you can probably use /posts/:id in combination with https://github.com/mschae/trailing_format_plug for the desired effect.
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09:32 <soud> gazler: thanks, that works for now
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10:54 <gazler> micmus: Great blog post on contexts http://michal.muskala.eu/2017/05/16/puting-contexts-in-context.html
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10:54 <micmus> gazler: thanks!
10:57 <Nicd-> typo in title? puting?
10:58 <micmus> ah! that's terrible :( Thank you, Nicd-
10:59 <PaReeOhNos> micmus: Also noticed a possible missing word? "it might be a good to keep"
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11:02 <micmus> PaReeOhNos: thanks!
11:02 <PaReeOhNos> great post otherwise :)
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12:57 <Ankhers> micmus: Is there anything that I can do to help get that ecto-2 branch merged?
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13:06 <OliverMT> anyone using phoenix_swagger
13:06 <OliverMT> it looks very good on paper
13:06 <OliverMT> but it might be a bit clunky to double-maintain in your controller
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13:20 <ciawal> OliverMT: I've been looking at it but I have the same concern, I wanted to find a way to remove the duplicate work
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13:30 <OliverMT> I am getting a warning that params is unsafe.. wut?
13:30 <OliverMT> query = if Map.has_key?(params, "x_data_type") do
13:30 <OliverMT> query <> "#{measurement}x.value"
13:30 <OliverMT> end
13:30 <OliverMT> "params is set outside blabla"
13:31 <OliverMT> oh, it *is* actually set inside an if somehwere else in the function, was looking at wrong line.. lol
13:31 <* OliverMT> scuttles back into the corner
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13:33 <Nicd-> hee hee
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13:34 <OliverMT> cleaning up a 750 lines long SQL generator that produces sql strings
13:34 <OliverMT> that I wrote on elixir 1.1
13:34 <OliverMT> the pain is real
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13:35 <Nicd-> I have some code from Elixir 0.1x or something
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14:14 <iFire> OliverMT: why no ecto?
14:14 <iFire> OliverMT: I should cleanup my repo SQL generator build on ecto D:. I got sidetracked at some point.
14:15 <iFire> I got a bit sad that I couldn't find people to test it.
14:15 <iFire> OliverMT: is phoenix swagger usable now?
14:17 <shuaybi> I am writing a web app in elixir that connects to phoenix via websocket client library https://github.com/Aircloak/phoenix_gen_socket_client. Question: the client loses connectivity every 60 seconds and has to reconnect. Is there a way to ping the server to prevent disconnect? Does Phoenix server have a channel topic for heartbeat. I see in the phoenix code a topic called "phoenix" and event called "heartbeat". But when I try t
14:18 <shuaybi> join error on the topic phoenix: %{"reason" => "unmatched topic"}
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14:20 <Nicd-> it's not a topic
14:20 <Nicd-> it's the automatic heartbeat that should be handled by the client
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14:22 <dimitarvp> didn't Phoenix support websockets? (which imply automatic reconnect from the client side?)
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14:24 <Nicd-> yes
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14:50 <chrismccord> shuaybi the client is responsible for sending the heartbeats
14:51 <chrismccord> it does so with a "phoenix" topic and "heartbeat" event
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15:04 <sasajuric> shuaybi: when starting the client, you should include `transport_opts: [keepalive: interval_in_milliseconds]`in the 4th argument of GenSocketClient.start_link
15:05 <sasajuric> I guess it's our bad this isn't documented.
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15:14 <shuaybi> chrismccord - I tried doing that by invoking GenSocketClient.push(transport, "phoenix", "heartbeat", state) every 20 seconds through a timer. However I still disconnect in 60 seconds. Is there any pre-requisite to being able to make that call? Do you have to join some channel first?
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15:16 <chrismccord> shuaybi : no, it is a special event as far as phoenix is concerned
15:20 <sasajuric> shuaybi: See my answer above. You don't need to push heartbeat messages manually. Just provide the keepalive option, which will under the hood use WS ping-pong frames. That definitely works for us, as we have some idle connections running for months without problems.
15:22 <shuaybi> sasajuric - your suggestion worked! thanks so much!! Added the following as 4th argument to the GenSocketClient.start_link method: [transport_opts: [keepalive: 20000]]
15:22 <shuaybi> sasajuric - please document it!
15:22 <sasajuric> Will do, or maybe even make it a default, so you don't need to worry about it.
15:24 <shuaybi> sasajuric - yes default it to 30s since I think default timeout on phoenix is 60s
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15:25 <shuaybi> sasajuric - just for my understanding, why did chris's suggestion not work with your framework? I made a call to GenSocketClient.push(transport, "phoenix", "heartbeat", state) every 20 seconds through a timer.
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15:27 <sasajuric> shuaybi: not really sure, I'd need to debug this. Regardless, normally you shouldn't need to send "phoenix" messages anyway.
15:28 <shuaybi> ok got it. thanks again!
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15:44 <OliverMT> iFire: define usable :p
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17:31 <the_voice_> In an umbrella application I understand how to use phoenix to run a short lived microservice that sends a single response using Task.async. What I am trying to figure out to do now though is how to have a long lived microservice update the phoenix application on certain events. Would I use pubsub?
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17:32 <benwilson512> the_voice_: Task.async is a process, you can call it a microservice I guess
17:32 <benwilson512> but as far as googling your question goes, long lived process is gonna get you more answers
17:32 <benwilson512> and a long lived process is a genserver
17:32 <the_voice_> yes I am using genserver
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17:32 <the_voice_> but you have genserver.call, genserver.cast etc.. where the phoenix application would request information
17:33 <benwilson512> well generally you hide GenServer.call/cast function calls inside functions of the genserver module
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17:33 <the_voice_> I don't see the reverse, where the genserver would continueously update the phoenix application on events that happen
17:33 <benwilson512> well
17:33 <benwilson512> what does "update the phoenix application" mean?
17:34 <benwilson512> you've got clients connected via websocket?
17:34 <benwilson512> if you've got events happening in a genserver and you want to let clients know in real time you'll want to use channels yea
17:34 <benwilson512> and you'd broadcast to a topic from within the genserve
17:34 <the_voice_> Channels I get, that's not waht I am talking abotu
17:35 <the_voice_> I have an umbrella application and insdie my apps directory I have the phoenix app, let
17:35 <the_voice_> s call it frontend
17:36 <the_voice_> and then I have a genserver for instance, facebook_webhooks, which has one job, to accepts webhooks from facebook
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17:42 <the_voice_> facebook_webhooks has it's own supervision tree, with each child having :simple_one_for_one strategy as they can be dynamically generated
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17:43 <the_voice_> and from the phoenix server I can call FacebookWebhook.start(%Config{}) which will create a long lived genserver whose one job is to listen for webhooks. teh problem is I need that genserver to update the phoenix app when those webhooks come in
17:44 <the_voice_> I use gproc to create unique names for each one etc..
17:44 <the_voice_> Does that make sense?
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18:02 <the_voice_> hmm, I see that I don't actually need to use gproc
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18:24 <Ankhers> the_voice_: Is there a reason you don't just handle the web hooks within the phoenix application?
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18:32 <the_voice_> Yah, I have many services, it's not just facebook, so I want to split it up into many small applications
18:33 <the_voice_> That's the idea, I may resort back to what you say if I don't find a relatively simple solution to what I am dealing with now :D
18:35 <Ankhers> the_voice_: Can you give an example of what you mean by "I need that genserver to update the phoenix app"?
18:35 <Ankhers> What kind of update are you trying to do?
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18:37 <the_voice_> so for instance if I want to broadcast to a channel
18:37 <the_voice_> or update a repo on certain events that happen inside the genserver
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18:42 <Ankhers> And you would rather do what?
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19:22 <superherointj> Hi. I have made a Phoenix App and it works when I direct access it. But when I proxy requests from NGINX to it it shows 404. I have seen the logs and there are some differences regarding the ¨host¨ field. I wonder causes it to not work for requests from Phoenix.
19:22 <superherointj> *from NGINX. Sorry.
19:22 <superherointj> I use NGINX to easy SSL.
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19:28 <superherointj> The location is same ¨/¨, difference is just source ¨host¨.
19:28 <superherointj> host: "www.domainname.com" vs host: ""
19:29 <superherointj> Got this info from IO.inspect conn (Plug connection)
19:29 <superherointj> Both requests show as ¨[info] GET /¨
19:29 <superherointj> Which is supposed to be same location.
19:30 <Ankhers> Did you follow http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/serving-your-application-behind-a-proxy?
19:30 <superherointj> Thanks!
19:30 <superherointj> I have not seen this page before.
19:31 <Ankhers> I presume that should work. I haven't followed it before though.
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20:53 <superherointj> Ankhers, I have tried several combinations so far no luck. I can access other resources in other paths that aren´t root GET ¨/¨. That is the weird part.
20:53 <superherointj> This problem seems to affect only the ¨/¨ PATH.
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20:58 <Ankhers> Unfortunately I cannot lend much help here. It has been a number of years since I setup NGINX.
20:59 <superherointj> Do you use SSL in Phoenix?
20:59 <Ankhers> Yes.
20:59 <superherointj> I could drop NGINX and do this.
20:59 <superherointj> I only use NGINX for SSL atm.
20:59 <Ankhers> But I am currently deploying to AWS EC2 Container Service.
21:00 <superherointj> I deploy to a local DockerHost that has a Valid IP.
21:00 <Uniaika> I never use Phoenix for SSL
21:00 <Uniaika> I think it's too risky
21:00 <superherointj> Humm...
21:00 <superherointj> Uniaika, what do you do?
21:00 <Uniaika> that, and allowing beam.smp to open port 80
21:00 <Uniaika> Nginx
21:01 <Uniaika> nginx with hardened SSL configuration, such as the one in https://bettercrypto.org/static/applied-crypto-hardening.pdf
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21:01 <Uniaika> and I trust nginx for that kinda shit way more than phoenix, or the BEAM
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21:02 <Ankhers> Sorry, I misunderstood. My AWS load balancer is the thing that handles SSL. I have my phoenix app force SSL though.
21:03 <superherointj> This my current config for NGINX that doesnt work with Phoenix when using the domain name. https://gist.github.com/superherointj/1ae1bcaacfd3242bf52f1f8c3d1bba65
21:03 <superherointj> I also pasted Phoenix log there. IO.inspect conn
21:03 <Uniaika> Ankhers: oh, well, if your app is on AWS' internal network I guess it's better if you do SSL with it as well
21:04 <Uniaika> but then again
21:04 <superherointj> I am using a local server running Docker Host.
21:05 <Uniaika> I don't use AWS, but if your application is on the same host as your load balancer, just drop SSL between them
21:05 <Uniaika> if someone start spying on lo0, you've got worse problems :P
21:05 <Ankhers> It isn't a huge problem right now. It is just in staging.
21:06 <superherointj> Only I have access to this server.
21:08 <superherointj> I use a docker container for NGINX and another docker container for Phoenix App.
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21:40 <meh`> is there a way with the console Logger backend to ignore a specific level?
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22:23 <gvaughn> who remembers the name of that web framework José worked on before Phoenix? Not Chicago Boss, that was/is an Erlang framework.
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22:24 <Uniaika> gvaughn: I only know of CB, Zotonic and Cowboy
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22:24 <asonge> gvaughn: dynamo?
22:24 <asonge> though that was in elixir
22:24 <gvaughn> asonge: Yes! That's what I was trying to remember. Thanks!
22:25 <asonge> i remember using it :D
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22:26 <gvaughn> you deserve a medal for actually using it :-D
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22:33 <asonge> i didn't use it any real products, i just played with it...but the experience wasn't any worse than wiring up erlydtl and mochiweb.
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22:51 <sorentwo> I've walked by the "Chicago Boss" bar for 8 years and it just struck me last month that it must have been the namesake that inspired Evan Miller.
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22:59 <gvaughn> sorentwo: That's a real place?!? :-)
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