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00:39 <patientplatypus> hi
00:39 <havenwood> patientplatypus: hi
00:39 <patientplatypus> im trying to get a phoenix websocket connection off the ground and im running into some difficulties and hoped that someone could help
00:39 <patientplatypus> hi havenwood
00:40 <patientplatypus> whats happening
00:40 <patientplatypus> my error code is Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 403
00:40 <havenwood> patientplatypus: that's Forbidden
00:41 <patientplatypus> whats Forbidden?
00:41 <patientplatypus> error 403?
00:41 <havenwood> patientplatypus: the 403 status code means Forbidden
00:42 <patientplatypus> oh ok
00:42 <patientplatypus> well
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00:42 <patientplatypus> i was trying to pass the following
00:42 <patientplatypus> var token = Date.now();
00:42 <patientplatypus> let socket = new Socket("/socket", {params: {token: token}})
00:42 <patientplatypus> and that's what im pretty sure is throwing the error
00:43 <havenwood> are you limiting the transport to certain origins?
00:43 <patientplatypus> i basically want to open a socket for any user to the app without a token, but i dont really know how to get around the necessity of one so i just threw that in there
00:43 <patientplatypus> im not sure how i would know where i would be limiting the trasport
00:44 <patientplatypus> *or where in what file
00:44 <havenwood> patientplatypus: for example: web/channels/user_socket.ex
00:45 <patientplatypus> oh right of course; so my user_socket file is pretty standard https://hastebin.com/owafefonad.rb
00:46 <patientplatypus> def connect(_params, socket) do
00:46 <patientplatypus> {:ok, socket}
00:46 <patientplatypus> end
00:46 <patientplatypus> ^ should seemingly ok all socket connection. I thought anyway
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02:36 <bitmod> anyone here?
02:39 <asonge> maybe.
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02:44 <bitmod> asonge: all good, figured it out ;)
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06:17 <ivan> this is going to be a pretty dumb question. how do I `receive` in the context of another process?
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06:18 <asonge> ivan: you mean how the receive statement works?
06:18 <ivan> I guess I need to send the process and a message and then wait for a reply?
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06:18 <ivan> I mean, calling Module.method that has a `receive` is going to try to receive in the current process, not whatever process is running Module
06:19 <ivan> I guess I should look at how genserver works and stuff
06:19 <asonge> right, this isn't OOP
06:19 <asonge> when you call a function, you don't magically jump processes
06:19 <asonge> there's a send function to send a message
06:19 <ivan> ok
06:20 <asonge> that should be covered here: http://elixir-lang.org/getting-started/processes.html
06:24 <ivan> the thing I actually want is promises so I'm looking at whether https://github.com/codegram/pinky is useful
06:24 <ivan> I have a bunch of messages coming in over a websocket and sometimes need to wait for a particular message
06:31 <asonge> you don't *really* want promises
06:31 <asonge> they're not very elixir idiomatic, and there are much better control flow and error resolution concepts
06:31 <asonge> if you want to do things asynchronously, you can use the Task module
06:32 <ivan> I don't have a blocking function to put inside the Task, though
06:33 <asonge> but you want something to happen after the completion of a bunch of tasks, right?
06:33 <ivan> my task is to turn some asynchronous callback stuff back into synchronous waiting
06:33 <asonge> so, Elixir stuff is usually synchronous, and you spawn a process if you want asynchronicity.
06:34 <asonge> (under the hood, it's still asynchronous, but you have synchronous sematnics, which makes things look a lot nicer than asynchronous code does)
06:34 <asonge> synchronous semantics*
06:34 <asonge> what particular thing are you doing?
06:35 <ivan> inside a handle_frame callback called by websockex I want to fulfill a promise :-) that something else is waiting on
06:35 <asonge> you're speaking in an abstraction you want to use, not the thing you really want to do
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06:36 <ivan> <ivan> I have a bunch of messages coming in over a websocket and sometimes need to wait for a particular message
06:36 <asonge> so, wait how?
06:36 <asonge> you have a bunch of messages coming in, and you need to collect them until a message arrives?
06:36 <ivan> sure
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06:38 <asonge> so, you launch a genserver (if you follow the tutorials or a book), and then call a function that "casts" the messages in. the genserver holds on to the state. when a certain message comes in to take action on, you do that at that time.
06:38 <asonge> there are things like state machines for more complicated kinds of things, like if you were implementing some kind of protocol that had to switch modes or something
06:38 <ivan> alright I'll give that a shot
06:38 <ivan> thanks
06:39 <asonge> ivan: just realize that you're in a world with different primitives...you can implement promises and such, but if you do it wrongly or badly, performance can be hurt or even worse, you might introduce a deadlock or something.
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06:40 <asonge> if you use the patterns that the rest of the ecosystem uses, you won't really have to worry about that. if you start with some kind of lock and promise system to coordinate stuff, screwing up is going to be confusing and hard to debug.
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06:42 <asonge> yeah, this promises library could pause forever on error.
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06:48 <ivan> 'you should never call your own “receive” inside the GenServer callbacks as doing so will cause the GenServer to misbehave'
06:49 <ivan> this includes calling some other module's genserver method that does a receive, right?
06:50 <ivan> I am kind of sad genserver chops everything up into little callbacks instead of letting me write a big async/await-style event loop
06:50 <Nicd-> depends on if you are calling it with GenServer.call/cast or directly?
06:50 <ivan> ok
06:50 <Nicd-> you don't have to use GenServer, you can write your own process with receive loop. then you'll learn why people use abstractions :)
06:51 <asonge> if you're writing a bit async/await style event loop, you're using the wrong language.
06:51 <asonge> you can totally do that
06:51 <asonge> but why make your code more confusing in general?
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06:53 <asonge> but if you find yourself implementing a scheduler when the one in the VM works fine, you're probably trying to solve problems the VM solves in other ways.
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07:03 <micmus> ivan: that is not true. pretty much everything has a receive inside
07:03 <micmus> GenServer.call has a receive
07:03 <micmus> IO.puts has a receive
07:03 <ivan> thanks
07:03 <micmus> Logger calls have a receive
07:04 <ivan> I think I made my thing work by just forwading messages from the websockex genserver to my own process
07:04 <micmus> What you need to be aware, though is that the GenServer can do only one thing at a time
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07:04 <ivan> ok
07:07 <micmus> A common patter for high load gen servers is for each call to start a process to handle the request and reply from there using GenServer.reply
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07:26 <OliverMT> micmus: with a task supervisor or simply a linked process?
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07:29 <asonge> just a linked process if it's important enough to want to mirror crashing code in the new process vs in the genserver
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07:36 <micmus> OliverMT: yeah, a simple linked process allows you to retain guarantee that if the code fails, the gen server will fail as well, so it's good in that way. Especially if you're only extracting code to apply this pattern to an otherwise functional gen server
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07:45 <asonge> who was it that gave the talk on handling gen_servers with high load recently?
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08:32 <Nicd-> my service has its first spammer :(
08:32 <Nicd-> hammering the API with fake data for themselves
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09:39 <asonge> you gonna play with them any?
09:39 <asonge> or just do a rate-limit thing?
09:40 <Nicd-> sent them an email, deleted the fake data, regenerated their API key
09:41 <Nicd-> trying to avoid rate limits in my case since they can impact real users. hopefully in the future after some changes they can mess up their own account with the API if they want and I don't have to care about it
09:41 <Nicd-> (unless it leads to performance issues)
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09:51 <manukall> Nicd-: what's your service?
09:51 <Nicd-> manukall: https://codestats.net/
09:52 <manukall> that's a nice idea
09:53 <Nicd-> the problem with fake API calls is that it messes up the front page numbers
09:54 <Nicd-> in the future I will have a different front page and then they can mess up their own page if they want to
09:55 <asonge> Nicd-: something like a shadowban?
09:57 <manukall> how do you know the data is fake?
09:57 <manukall> just unrealistic?
09:59 <Nicd-> manukall: I don't, really. but in this case the user had accumulated 7 times the XP of our most prolific user but in one day. typing 15 million characters in one day is hardly realistic in my opinion :)
10:00 <Nicd-> asonge: just going to remove those kind of numbers from the front page and have different graphs
10:00 <manukall> hmm. would you be able to detect those unrealistic values and drop/ignore them automatically?
10:01 <Nicd-> possibly, but I want to avoid that as it's effort I can put somewhere else. my development speed has been too slow anyways
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10:09 <m00dy> Hi
10:10 <Nicd-> hello m00dy, hope you are doing well
10:10 <m00dy> hey Nicd- how's going ?
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10:14 <Nicd-> very well, thanks! because it's friday :)
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10:29 <m00dy> Nicd-: like friday bar ?
10:29 <m00dy> ;)
10:30 <Nicd-> heh, not today. but looking forward to the weekend and next week
10:30 <m00dy> Niceeee
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10:32 <Nicd-> m00dy: you seem to be having connection problems?
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11:09 <ciawal> anyone tried this out? https://pryin.io/
11:10 <ciawal> "PryIn is the first application performance monitoring service built completely in and for Elixir and Phoenix"
11:11 <gazler> The author appears to be manukall who is here.
11:12 <manukall> hello :-)
11:12 <manukall> i've tried it. it's quite good ;-)
11:12 <gazler> Haha, I thought you might give it a positive review.
11:12 <asonge> lol
11:13 <ciawal> I was going to try it, signed up, added a project
11:13 <ciawal> then it asked me to put in card info before I could see anything else and I closed the tab
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11:15 <manukall> i figured that might happen quite a lot. but to be honest i'm building that by myself without any funding, so it's hard to support a lot of free users. there's a trial period, though. so you wouldn't be charged if you didn't like it and cancelled.
11:15 <sevenseacat> looks shiny
11:15 <sevenseacat> be awesome if there was like a demo to see
11:15 <ciawal> manukall: I don't mind paying if I like it, and a free trial is fine
11:15 <ciawal> but it’s a barrier to entry to using the trial and looking around the app
11:16 <ciawal> yeah that would be an ok alternative
11:16 <manukall> demo as in screencast?
11:17 <ciawal> as in an example app with data that you can browse
11:17 <ciawal> to see what's actually on offer
11:17 <sevenseacat> demo as in like a demo project you could click around in and see what kind of stuff gets reported
11:17 <manukall> sevenseacat: thanks. i find it so incredibly hard to make things look ok :-)
11:17 <manukall> that's a pretty good idea
11:18 <manukall> i need to figure out how much work that would involve, though. i would need to lock down a few things. the page with the payment details is what comes to mind first :-)
11:18 <ciawal> that would be a great to have, but I'd really consider moving the card input to later as well
11:18 <ciawal> it’s more important to get people to try it and then hope they want to pay after I think
11:19 <sevenseacat> yeah fair enough. definitely going to keep my eye on it
11:20 <manukall> i'm using the production environment to monitor the staging env and the other way round, too. maybe i could make that public
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11:22 <craigp> hmm, anyone know how to use mock to only mock one function, but passthough the others, or even if that's possible?
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11:35 <manukall> craigp: there's a "passthrough" options. does it not do what you need?
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11:36 <craigp> manukall: the minute i specify :passthrough it ignores any mocks and passes everything through
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11:36 <craigp> and all the docs show passthrough with an empty list of mocks
11:37 <craigp> which is why I'm not sure if you can selectively mock functions
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11:44 <m00dy> I believe Europe is sunny today :)
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11:48 <manukall> m00dy: berlin certainly is
11:49 <m00dy> so as Copenhagen
11:54 <nox> Won't last.
12:00 <josevalim> nox: half-empty glass? :P
12:00 <nox> josevalim: No,
12:00 <nox> josevalim: AFAIK it came from the West,
12:00 <nox> josevalim: and it had been sunny half the week here in Paris,
12:00 <Nicd-> it won't last, because next winter it will be cold and dark again.
12:01 <nox> josevalim: and both Berlin and Copenhagen are in the East of France,
12:01 <craigp> in the end I just moved the function in question into another module and mocked it there
12:01 <craigp> I needed it from multiple places anyway
12:01 <nox> so it will probably stop being sunny in a couple of days.
12:01 <nox> But Summer is coming, so shrug.
12:01 <josevalim> but it is May :P i can't do this anymore. like 2 weeks ago we still had snow :'(
12:01 <craigp> josevalim: that data purge with :replace_all happened in our staging environment as well, so I wasn't imagining things on my local machine
12:02 <nox> josevalim: 26°C here 2 days ago.
12:02 <craigp> I've moved away from using insert_all for the sake of safety, but I cannot reliably replicate it
12:02 <josevalim> anyone on windows can please check if the installer is working as expected? https://github.com/elixir-lang/elixir/issues/6122#issuecomment-302679489
12:05 <OliverMT> I am doing this in my plug: https://gist.github.com/olivermt/e4419b3f7d0a48fedcd366c4cdb9de18
12:06 <asonge> OliverMT: pipe to halt.
12:06 <sevenseacat> you're not storing the updated conn
12:06 <OliverMT> err, that was a copy paste error
12:06 <OliverMT> I am piping to the halt
12:06 <Nicd-> json is crashing? json() is from Phoenix I think
12:06 <OliverMT> or rather that was me just trying various things
12:06 <asonge> well, just fyi, you're passing it too
12:06 <OliverMT> the problem was in my plug itself
12:07 <OliverMT> I was thinking it was invoked agian later, but I was invoking it myself
12:07 <nicholasruunu> You were invoking the plug OliverMT?
12:07 <OliverMT> this part is a token consume stage
12:07 <OliverMT> which I was piping to a check roles
12:07 <OliverMT> I was going like "huh why is my action being invoked when I am hating"
12:08 <OliverMT> but I was doing it inside the plug itself
12:10 <Nicd-> but Elixir cannot know when you are hating. the human emotion interpreter has not been implemented yet
12:10 <OliverMT> I hate so hard
12:11 <OliverMT> I have a macro if code == String.uppercase(code) do hate(conn) end
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12:13 <Nicd-> conn |> halt(:hammerzeit)
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12:14 <OliverMT> soon we can do 🔨 in the code
12:14 <OliverMT> when josevalim is done with his utf8 shenanigans
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12:15 <nox> It's not done yet?
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12:24 <OliverMT> it is? even better
12:24 <OliverMT> I thought there was work to do to merge it with otp20
12:24 <OliverMT> or wherever the erlang utf8 stuf is happening
12:24 <asonge> utf8 atoms in beam files
12:24 <asonge> i think that's merged in
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12:29 <micmus> Yeah, it's there in OTP 20
12:29 <micmus> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ni2ni5res20kasf/Screenshot%202017-05-19%2014.29.49.png?dl=0
12:30 <sevenseacat> nice
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12:31 <micmus> And it can be used in function names (not modules or applications)
12:31 <micmus> https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6fs9e5uuo7i5cp/Screenshot%202017-05-19%2014.31.15.png?dl=0
12:33 <OliverMT> how do I use cast_assoc(:bar) from Foo if Foo has bar_id?
12:33 <OliverMT> I am getting bar_id not set
12:33 <OliverMT> is that maybe an embed?
12:33 <OliverMT> I guess cast_assoc(:bar) is for when Bar has a foo_id?
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12:34 <OliverMT> at least it seems so from the samples of street addresses
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12:52 <m1dnight1> Helper functions for ecto, e.g., "insert a person", do you guys put those somewhere special? Or just ni the model module?
12:52 <m1dnight1> Seems like the appropriate place to put htem
12:58 <manukall> m1dnight1: i think with phoenix 1.3 you would put that into the context module. the model/schema is probably not the right place.
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13:26 <m1dnight1> I'm not using Phoenix, just ecto. Also unaware what the context module is?
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13:46 <Nicd-> it's a Phoenix thing
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14:03 <jesse__> hello, I'm having trouble getting going with the Phoenix framework.
14:04 <jesse__> It uses PostgreSQL by default, so I'm trying that
14:04 <jesse__> But it says the password is wrong
14:04 <jesse__> I found the dev.exs file which seems to contain some kind of postgres username and password
14:05 <jesse__> But I don't really know how to configure PostgreSQL either
14:06 <Ankhers> jesse__: Do you have a database you would prefer to use?
14:07 <tonyc> adding users in postgres is pretty easy
14:07 <jesse__> I'm more used to MySQL, but I don't mind learning postgreSQL either
14:07 <jesse__> I figured that would be a safer bet since it is the default
14:07 <jesse__> more tested and fitting with the features offered by phoenix?
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14:08 <jesse__> tonyc, are there any configured by default?
14:09 <tonyc> jesse__: it depends on the platform you're using, what OS are you on>
14:09 <jesse__> Debian 8
14:10 <jesse__> I installed PostgreSQL through the standard packages
14:10 <asonge> jesse__: pg_hba.conf is usually something you have to touch to connect to Postgres easily
14:10 <tonyc> ah
14:10 <jesse__> although now I'm wondering if I should switch to FreeBSD...
14:10 <tonyc> not locally
14:10 <asonge> ecto only connects over tcp, not unix domain sockets
14:11 <jesse__> eventually I might offer hosting services on it...
14:11 <tonyc> for postgres, you have a "createuser" and "dropuser" commands
14:11 <tonyc> likewise createdb and dropdb
14:11 <tonyc> their manpages are well written
14:12 <jesse__> is there any way to see which users might already exist?
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14:17 <tonyc> you might be able to do it with an existing account in sql
14:17 <tonyc> jesse__: chances are you now have a "postgres" unix user account, if you sudo to that user, then you should be able to run "psql" and connect
14:18 <jesse__> hm, well that seems to be the account the phoenix app is trying to use and failing
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14:19 <tonyc> jesse__: what's the full error message you're getting back?
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14:20 <tonyc> what asonge said makes me wonder if postgres on debian doesn't allow TCP connections by default
14:21 <asonge> It allows them, but the auth level is paranoid by default. It is not specific to Debian.
14:22 <tonyc> ah
14:22 <jesse__> tonyc, [error] Postgrex.Protocol (#PID<0.3229.0>) failed to connect: ** (Postgrex.Error) FATAL 28P01 (invalid_password): password authentication failed for user "postgres"
14:22 <jesse__> so I guess I'm using the wrong password?
14:22 <asonge> I think the default is that you have to use a user with a password over tcp. Unix socket trusts the username for the process
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14:23 <tonyc> I'm not sure how postgres sets up the password for the default postgres user
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14:24 <tonyc> jesse__: i think your best bet is to sudo to postgres, then use "createuser" and "createdb" to create a separate user and database for your app
14:24 <tonyc> something like: createuser -P yourUserName
14:24 <Nicd-> there's no password for the default postgresuser, it uses ident auth by default I think
14:25 <asonge> there is no password for Postgres user by default
14:25 <tonyc> right.. but the connections have to come from the postgres user account
14:25 <asonge> yeah what Nicd- said
14:25 <tonyc> yep
14:26 <jesse__> hm, if I run `su postgress` it asks for a password
14:27 <Nicd-> you need to `sudo su postgres`
14:27 <Ankhers> Why not just use mysql if you are more comfortable with it? http://www.phoenixframework.org/docs/using-mysql
14:28 <Ankhers> I beleive the mysql ecto adapter is first class. So there should not be (m)any problems.
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14:28 <tonyc> also that :)
14:29 <Ankhers> Then, if you are so inclined, you can learn about postgres another time.
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14:30 <jesse__> I would still have to figure out how to connect to it though. I'm used to using MySQL, but not setting it up and configuring users
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14:32 <Ankhers> How have you setup your databases for development before if you have never done it?
14:33 akeating joined
14:33 <asonge> i'm so used to muscle memory to get my postgresql db up, lol.
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14:33 <tonyc> ansible provisions my dev vm and sets up a db user
14:33 <tonyc> heh
14:34 <asonge> jesse__: on your local dev machine, you can put in "host all all trust" in pg_hba.conf (modifying the line with, and you can just create a user and any other user can log in as them by just like...claiming to be them.
14:34 <asonge> no passwords needed.
14:34 <jesse__> well I did have to do a little configuration I guess, but I still would prefer to userstand the user config stuff on a deeper level
14:34 <asonge> the pg_hba.conf is how postgres likes to do some slightly automagic authentication stuff depending on how the connection comes in.
14:35 <tonyc> yeah
14:35 <tonyc> i hate fiddling with pg_hba heh
14:35 <Ankhers> Which is why I don't anymore.
14:35 <sevenseacat> neither do i
14:35 <tonyc> jesse__: if you want help getting a separate postgres user setup I can help you in a PM
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14:36 <Ankhers> You should probably ask postgres questions in #postgresql though. People there may know more than people here.
14:36 <tonyc> that would also be a good resource!
14:36 <jesse__> ok thanks
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14:49 <tonyc> I forgot I was on freenode, heh
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14:56 <Ilyes512_> hey guys is it possible to limit phoenix responses to a certain type? ie if I make a post request and set a header Accept: application/xml , but I put json in the body then it will still be parsed
14:57 m00dy joined
14:57 <Ilyes512_> I havent made a Plug.Parser.XML yet but I will tackle that next. Just wondering if I could force it to never return any other type then xml
14:57 <benwilson512> Ilyes512_: who puts json in the body, the client?
14:57 <benwilson512> or the server
14:58 <Ilyes512_> client
14:58 <Ilyes512_> so I send a request to a endpoint that only should except xml
14:58 <benwilson512> accept header is about the response
14:58 <benwilson512> not the request
14:58 <Ilyes512_> ah
14:58 <benwilson512> content type is about the request
14:58 <benwilson512> if you set the content type as xml and you put json, it should have issues
15:00 <Ilyes512_> well I am not parsing the body yet (I will extend it so it will validate it with a xsd file using erlsom)
15:00 <benwilson512> sure but i guess my point is, the accept header has nothing to do with the request body
15:00 <Ilyes512_> is it true that if i set plug :accepts, ~w(xml) that i would only accept xml content type?
15:00 <benwilson512> that isn't what that means
15:00 <Ilyes512_> yes that was a mistake and I replaced it with the content-type header
15:01 <Ilyes512_> i am switching http headers for content negotiation
15:01 <Ilyes512_> need to read some more about them
15:01 <benwilson512> https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Controller.html#accepts/2
15:02 <benwilson512> the accept header is about the CLIENT specifying the RESPONSE format
15:02 <benwilson512> `accepts` plug says "hey, I can return this kind of data"
15:02 <benwilson512> if you want to say "hey, I can only parse X kind of data"
15:02 <Ilyes512_> yes i only want to return xml and nothing else
15:02 <Ilyes512_> yes thats what i want
15:02 <benwilson512> cool, do you also want to only receive xml?
15:03 <Ilyes512_> yes so i should only receive xml and i will only respond with xml.
15:03 <benwilson512> then move the plug parser out of the endpoint.ex file, and put it in particular pipelines in your router
15:03 <benwilson512> or remove everything but xml from the plug parser in the endpoint if you want your whole app to only do xml
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15:04 <Ilyes512_> no i just want certain endpoints (in this case it only one). I made new scope and new pipeline for that
15:04 <Ilyes512_> plug Plug.Parsers,
15:04 <Ilyes512_> parsers: [:urlencoded, :multipart, :json],
15:04 <Ilyes512_> pass: ["*/*"],
15:04 <Ilyes512_> json_decoder: Poison
15:05 <benwilson512> then yeah you'd want to remove those other parsers for pipelines that only can receive xml
15:05 <Ilyes512_> i think you mean that one? so it passes/allows every type at the moment i guess
15:05 <benwilson512> it will allow any type it doesn't know about, and if it's one of urlencoded, multipart, or json, it'll get parse
15:06 <Ilyes512_> so i can move that plug as is inside a pipeline group?
15:07 <Ilyes512_> in the end i want to serve html, json and xml. So html and json scopes should both have those parsers. Is there a nice (clean) way of applying those to both of them without duplicating code?
15:08 <benwilson512> put it in a pipeline that you pipe_through in both your html and json scopes
15:08 <Ilyes512_> ah like a common pipeline group
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15:10 <benwilson512> yup
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15:18 <Ilyes512_> btw tnx benwilson512 :)
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15:24 <psmmr> I was not trying to setup an phonix & coherence app
15:24 <psmmr> and coherence blows up with a undefined App.User.rememberable?/0 error
15:25 <psmmr> does anyone know how to go around this?
15:28 <Ilyes512_> psmmr never worked with coherence but if anyone wants to help you you should provide some more details. I would also suggest just going through the readme/doc of coherence
15:29 <psmmr> I just used the default settings and this error is appearing
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15:59 <Ilyes512_> it still doesn't respect requested type :/ I removed the plug Plug.Parsers from endpoint.ex and added it to a specific pipeline
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16:19 <benwilson512> Ilyes512: what exactly happens?
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17:24 <meh`> how do I set a :map value with Ecto.Query.update?
17:25 <meh`> or access a map value
17:25 PaReeOhNos joined
17:25 <meh`> http://sprunge.us/WPgc?ex I'm trying to make this migration work
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17:30 <Ilyes512> i am back home (same user as Ilyes512_)
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17:35 <Ilyes512> benwilson512 still on ?
17:42 <Ankhers> meh`: You need to use the :json or :jsonb (assmuing postgres) in the migration. You use :map in the schema.
17:43 <meh`> Ankhers, where? I've used :map in the other migrations too
17:43 <meh`> and it works, the issue is with the access and updating
17:43 <meh`> the down is easily fixed with a fragment
17:43 <Ankhers> Are you getting an error?
17:43 <meh`> but I don't know how to fix the up
17:44 <meh`> Ankhers, yeah, %{} is not accepted for the update, but if I use ^%{} then I can't access e
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17:47 <Ankhers> Oh, interesting. Using :map will default it to :jsonb for postgres.
17:47 <meh`> Ankhers, yeah, the issue is on line 13
17:47 <meh`> I don't know how to update it to a map
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17:55 <Ilyes512> if I define plug Plug.Parsers, parsers: [], pass: [] I expect every request to raise like it says in the documentation https://hexdocs.pm/plug/1.3.5/Plug.Parsers.html but it wont raise anything if I dont provider a valid Content-Type header
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17:56 <Ilyes512> if I define Content-Type: blabla it will not raise but if I change that to Content-Type: application/json it does raise
17:56 <Ilyes512> why is this?
17:57 <Ankhers> meh`: I'm not sure you can do that. Someone else may know more, but I would suggest using 2 different queries. One to get the information, one to set it again. I know this is less than ideal, but it is only for a migration, so it should only need to run once.
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18:14 <Ilyes512> is there a way to stop IEx.pry?
18:14 <Ilyes512> like a "continue" sort of thing
18:14 <josevalim> respawn
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18:15 <Ilyes512> hey josevalim :)
18:16 <Ilyes512> could I ask you a quick plug Plug.Parsers related question?
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18:18 <Ilyes512> I have set this in a pipeline plug Plug.Parsers, parsers: [], pass: [] and removed the one thats added by default in the endpoint.ex file. Problem is that it wont raise when I use Content-Type header values like: "", "foobar" or "xml"
18:20 <Ilyes512> My endgoal is to only allow xml so I plan on doing something like plug Plug.Parsers, parsers: [:xml], pass: ["xml"], xml_decoder: :Erlsom (i created Plug.Parsers.XML based on Plug.Parsers.JSON)
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19:31 <barttenbrinke> I'm having a weird issue with my update to phoenix 1.3: tzdata is working fine, but in my test suite I get:
19:32 <barttenbrinke> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/fwfy2C3v/
19:32 <barttenbrinke> Which is super weird as running it in iex works fine..
19:32 <barttenbrinke> Any thoughts about the core issue are much appreciated :)
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19:46 <laut> barttenbrinke: upgrade to the newest version of tzdata
19:46 <laut> 0.5.12
19:46 <barttenbrinke> @laut I am on 0.5.12
19:47 <laut> OK, that's not it then.
19:47 <barttenbrinke> :)
19:50 <barttenbrinke> I'll try rolling back to 0.5.11
19:51 <zodiak__> question) how do I start an umbrella app but NOT run one of the apps on startup ? other an by editing the apps application.exs and removing the children spinning up I mean
19:54 <OliverMT> micmus: that should work without the qoutes is the one I was talking about
19:54 <OliverMT> just :æøå
19:55 <OliverMT> unless I misunderstood how it works
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20:06 <laut> @barttenbrinke which version of hackney do you use?
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20:10 <Ilyes512> Anyone know why plug :accepts, ["xml"] still alows Content-Type: "" or Content-Type: "random". But it will return 415 Unsupported media type as soon as I use Content-Type: "foobar/asd"
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20:15 <Ilyes512> I am really stuck on this... :/
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20:35 <Ilyes512> https://elixirforum.com/t/only-allowing-xml-requests/5153
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21:00 <Ove_> Using hot upgrades exrm tells me the upgrade is done, however it takes a restart until new code comes into play.
21:01 <Ove_> Do I need to apply more stuff to have it restarted? (There's no states in this application)
21:01 <Ove_> s/exrm/distillery/
21:02 <Ankhers> Ove_: Can you explain the steps you took?
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21:07 <Ove_> MIX_ENV=prod mix do deps.get, compile ,release --env=production --upgrade (copy result release to production box, do hot upgrade with bin/project_name upgrade "0.1.4")
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21:24 <OliverMT> anyone see what I'm doing wrong?
21:24 <OliverMT> https://gist.github.com/olivermt/ab15392da313fed1723330f5d6945a2f
21:24 <OliverMT> I dont get why it isnt matching
21:24 <centip3de> Hey y'all, anybody know if it's possible to run a funciton after ExUnit tests have run? I'd like to test some methods for populatiing my DB, but I don't want those records to exist in my DB after the tests run.
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21:28 <notriddle> OliverMT: I get a 404 when I try to open your link.
21:28 <OliverMT> I deleted it in shame
21:28 <OliverMT> too late at night
21:28 <OliverMT> I was doing {foo, acc} instead of foo, acc
21:28 <OliverMT> in the fn heads
21:28 <OliverMT> :<
21:28 <notriddle> I see.
21:33 <centip3de> Anyone?
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21:36 <Ilyes512> centip3de there is an option to run the test within a transaction
21:37 <Ilyes512> at the end it will just be auto rollback
21:39 <centip3de> Hm, interesting
21:45 <centip3de> It looks like there's also an `on_exit` callback. That might work.
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21:58 <hahuang65> centip3de: https://hexdocs.pm/ecto/Ecto.Adapters.SQL.Sandbox.html
21:59 <xsrsx> Hi all, when I run a migration with a reference to another table, I get the undefined_table error. I check in psql and the table I try to reference does exist under the exact name
21:59 <xsrsx> Any idea where I can find the error?
22:00 <xsrsx> create table(:account_postingtypes) -> add :postingtypes_id, references(:account_postingtypes, on_delete: :nothing) -> create index(:account_postings, [:postingtypes_id])
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22:01 <hahuang65> xsrsx: looks like you're referencing the table you're trying to create?
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22:02 <xsrsx> The first comment is an earlier migration
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22:10 <hahuang65> xsrsx: can you post the code and the error in a pastebin?
22:13 <xsrsx> Sure: https://bpaste.net/show/bddd779f1933
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22:21 <hahuang65> xsrsx: notice that the table it's attempting to access is `accounts_postingtypes` and you have `account_postingtypes`... one with plural accounts and one with singular account
22:21 <hahuang65> not sure what is causing that, but that's the issue
22:22 <xsrsx> Can that be caused by a relation in the schema or are they not used in the migration?
22:25 <xsrsx> I see that I used accounts_postingtypes in the generator
22:28 <hahuang65> not sure, i haven't used ecto for a couple of releases so I couldn't give you any accurate information
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22:32 <xsrsx> Thanks for pointing out the error. I know where to look now
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22:40 <hahuang65> xsrsx: good luck
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22:57 <xsrsx> So I used a clean app and ran the same migrations and it work without any issue. Really strange
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